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visoN, Phinn'ey, Blakeman & Co. 




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^aibatti €oUtst librars 


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chiT uid proTnKl J iLLnsniiixD, not embellished with Wood Cuts, iiulicbiglmtiuuimbly 
'- ■' - •"-■■'on of Uic wonli under which Uicy occur. 

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A CHART of 62 pages on one roller, designed to hang in Clafls-Rooms. An 

exposition of the Constitution ; making it one of the most interesting 

as it is the most important study for our young men. 


A TEXT-BOOK TO acoompaht thb 







Science of Common Things. 
Natural Philosophy. 

Principles of Chemistr}'. 
First Principles of Geology. 


By ASA GRAY, Fisher Professor of Natural Science in Ilaryard Unirersity. The 
leading Botanist ia America. They have no equal. 

««How Plants Grow." 

Lessons in Botany. 

Manual of Botany (New Edition). 

Gray's Lessons and Manual in i vol. 

Gray's Field, Forest and Garden Botany. 

Gray's School and Fielci Book of Botany. 

[Consisting of Gray's Lessons, and Field, 
Forest and (iarden Botany, bound in 1 vol. J 

Manual, with Mosses. 

Structural and Systematic Botany. 


The best TEXT-BOOKS ever prepared on this sutifect. 
Common School Edition. High School Edition. Counting-House Edition. 


Primary American History. American History, School Edition. 

History of the United States. Outlines of General History. 

Parley's Universal History. 

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Crlerttr %txmu Beahr: 














IBcr fctmht S^xa^ xA^i ttmt, mii nid(t4 9oit feiner eignen. 


CHICAGO: S. 0. GRIGGS & 00. 

V-^ Y-^.^^o .^S'o 

EiiTBBiD, aecording to Act of OongrMi^ in the vnr ^MS» If 

ii Um Gtofk*! OAm of tbe Diitriet Court of tbe United Sutee t^ tbe 

Difltrict of Nbw-Yoes. 



For those who desire no farther knowledge of German 
than may be required in business transactions, as also for 
those who, being already well skilled in the principles of 
general grammar, desire nothing more than a plain state- 
ment of the points peculiar to the German, ample provi- 
sion is made in the course of study given in the author's 
grammatical works. 

But another class, larger than either of the others, con- 
sists of those who occupy an intermediate ix)sitidn. They 
want a course at once brief and comprehensivQ. They 
have not the time, or perhaps, the means to justify them 
in entering immediately upon the perusal of entire works 
of standard authors. And yet while acquiring the principles 
of German Grammar, they desire to find the application 
of those principles, in the writings of those who have 
adorned the language by their genius. 

For this class the present work is mainly designed. It 
is, therefore. Eclectic ; that is, it is upon the plan 04 
that ancient philosophical system, which drew professedly 
from every quarter that which was best in its kind. Ge- 
nius in almost every line of composition, literary excellence 
of every grade and nature, is here more or less represented: 

the whole forming a kind of Sketch-book, which, whether 



for occasional reading, or the higher purpose of educational 
training, cannot fail to be highly interesting and profitable. 
That the way of the student may be readily cleared of 
obstacles, and the habit of reading with perpetual regard 
to the principles of granunatical structure, may be formed 
and established in the mind, references are all along made 
at the foot of the page, to the author's Grammars, where 
difficulties of construction or idiom, that may occur, are 
explained and illustrated. The careful use of these refer- 
ences is, therefore, earnestly recommended. 

That the book may be yet more complete in itself, a full 
vocabulary has been added; in which, besides what might 
be properly expected in a mere dictionary, the student 
will find many remarks and illustrations explanatory of 
the text. 

As a preliminary to the course of reading presented m 
this book, the author takes occasion to say, that he has in 
preparation another volume, more progressive in plan and 
easy in style, which is designed for pupils less advanced. 

Meantime the present volume is sent forth with the hope 
of affording one more pleasing and appropriate channel, 
through which the wealth of the German language may 
be more widely diffused. 

New-York, June 14, 1852. 



tlntreA* 3* O. 

Die 9Di{fenf(taft • • 
Sittige ©Dttt^c • 

Die e^Iai^t bel Siegttii^ 

Der 8rei^tit e^Iac^trttf 

DerSerbrufU^e* • 

Stecfer, 91. 3. 


Olumancr, 9. 

Die beiben gYesf^engrSfftt 

Da« Sieb Mm bra^ctt WtMMi • 

Gaffoai, 3. 9* 

9l{(^t< nnb 6t»a« • • • 

a;ra0if^e (9ff(^i4t< • • - • 

9rei« ber ©tanb^afHgfett • • 

Gruncgfr 3* 9* »• 

9n bie Saute • • • • 

ensci, 3. 3. 

9Ber lidb ber (Bere^Hgfeit an- 
nimmt, ri<^tet ba< ««ttb auf; 
leer fiib ibr entsiebt, ifi Ci^utb 
«n fetnent Serberben 

Der SDein in irbenen (9ef5f en . 

9mtt, 3 ®- 

Die StfHmmnng be« aienf^en • 

%ouqui, 9. be la fOtotte. 

9rattS# ^gneft. 

Die Gc^tDingen bel Sebenl • • 

9rcilf0ratl^, 9* 

Der Slnmen fllta^e • • • 

9riebri<f) ber ®rofte. 

9lnrebe an bie OenerSle nnb bBbC" 
ren (Dffiiiere, am 4. Deiember 
1757, Mr ber e<^U^t bei £eu- 

etfiett, e. 9* 

Der£an}b&r • • • • 
DieinngeCnte . • • • 

















9lttetmann, 3- CT. ^. 

SBorte bel Olanbeni • • 

eUin, 3. OB. €. 

Dal Sieb ]»om braoen Stanne • 50 

DerSieg 51 

Die iuei (ej^ten Olide SHebri^l . 51 

ttnglaube nnb Vberglanbc . . 52 

9tl 9on Dei^oten gefproi^en tonrbe 52 

e)>rtt(^e 99 

&lit^i, 3. 3B. o. 

®efang ber (Beificr fiber ben 8Daf- 
fern ,••••• 

®ottfd)a(f, §t^ 9* 

jhinafi • • « * • 

9o1i, 3. 9t. 

Son ber Srenbe • • • • 

Der Sergnfigfame • • • * 

Die Sebenlidt « • • • 

®fint()er, 9* 

Dal v. 9. ft- . • • « 

eut^-mntff*, 3- ®. 9* 

Der SirfniJKr Gee • • • 

^ebcl, 3. P» 

Unoerbofftel aOieberfeben • 
Der 6taar »9n Gegringen • • 

9ta(t J|^eb(I. 

Der jtirfcbbanm • • • • 

4^e0tter, U. 

®ebanlen, aReinnngettrUrtbeilc • 

^e<nc, ^ 

Die Orenabierc « • • • 
Berber, 3* ^- <>• 

Zn felne Ainber anf feincr flicife 

m^ dtatien • 
Drei greunbe • • « 

Dal Geetreffen bei 9la4t . • 

3acob«, 9. 

Dal Derlorene jtinb • • • 

stiimtt, 9 ^* 

Qetracbtungen nnb Ofbasfea * 
Stlvpftvti. 9. ®. 

etittben aul feinen IDerfen, 165, 166, 167 

tteber ben ttmgang mlt M ^^^' 19& 

157, Ido, IDJ, IMI 














itodf, fftofallt. 

@4on 9imn^m • • . . 22 
Jtdrner, S^. 

®e6et »2(renb bcr G^ta^t • 56 

Sunbe«Iieb»orter64Ia4t. . 91 

Hofegarten, £. X. 

2)a« Srob be« (emacs 3obofii« . 60 

ftriimmadl^er, 9. 9. 

Rafael 12 

Die eHmmen bc« <BcH(|U • • 15 

Z>cr 9ienenflanb . • . • 28 

J^iOel unb aRfttmon ... 30 

2)ur(^manta . « • . 33 

Z)a«Aro!obU • • • . 41 

Z)er9ln9etag • • • , 46 

Z)fr £ob (Ee(on< • ... 48 

2)er 9orn ber Oencfnng • 66 

SBinterlieb 75 

£an0beiit, 91. 9- <& 

T>ai bltnbe 8log . . • • 174 

£(fff 110, ®. e. 

Der grSgte aRanit • • .131 

Die etfirfe be« 9Beiit« • • . 132 

. 2)er eonberling • • • • 132 

£ob ber ^anl^eit . • . • 132 

Sntwort einetf truntntn Di^teri • 133 
£id)tcttl^erg, ®. e. 

^p)t9tiimtn • • • • 42 

2)ie9ie^e 147 

£icb(rrul)ti, ^. 3. 

8De(^feI ber ^a^re^ieilot • • 18 

garnet unb 9laf4ib • • • 52 

Die SDittioe in dc^m • • . 70 
flS^alti^, 91. »• 

DerSlttt^ 151 

SBcnsel, 9B. 

Hut ber ^(Beft^i^tc bcr Dcntfi^eii* 138 

Der SDeife unb ber jRarr • • 145 

®(attben«frei(elt . • • • 146 

Diettfiileditfcl • • • • 86 
1|»f^ff el, O. IT. 

Die eittfoOdltr • • • • IS 

• • 19 

• • 112 


• 150 


Der Kditber • « 

nabenev, ®. SB. 

it(eiber ma^ea Settle • 
midftet, 3. 9. 


pie 9{euiabr<na4t dtt(« ttnglSfT- 

Stobert, £. 

9ublifum • • 

Der^anbf(^u^ .... 

9Lttt ber .Oefi^i^te be« brd|iai£^ 
rigen ^riege< . ; • . 133 

DieaRacfett « • , .14 
Simroif , ft. 

Dic6(tra(^t»e{diUM4 . . M 
ei^itta, «. 3. ^b. 

Der Sngel bet Ocbnlb • . 140 
etolbcrs. 9.£. ». 

«ieb eine« alteit f^MOifto ftitter* 
an feinen eobii .... 85 


Die flebcn Orafen bon itnearing . 168 

zua, s. 

3u»erf!c(t 142 

Uhlanh, S. 

Der blinbe JtSnfg 
De4 6inaer< gln^ . 

aBefbmanit, ^ 

Der alterant . . . 
9Befr(nbrr0, 3. ^. ». 

DietBoIfen . . 
9Bf(Ianb, Gl^. SOT. 

Slutben and feinen fBHtttw • 

CbHftlic^er ^elbenmat^ . . 181 
Bpit anon^mcti Berfaffertt. 

Dabib nnb fein eo^tt • * . 73 

Der JtSbler nnb bie Diebe • .118 

Die engHfii^e Dogge nab ber jtor- 
Bet .24 

£rcn nnb ateblii^rrit * • . 16 

ttsterrAieb itvtr^ea 6|Nitfa»ldt 
w^ veil 17 

• • • vo 

• • • 116 

f 163 

. 144 

• 121 


SU i»ott %>t€pottn gefpro^en teurbe, Q)Irim 

Q[n tie Saute, dvcnt^t . . » 

tLnxttt %victxiiii be« (9ro§en an frine DffUicrt 

Untnort eined trunfenen X)i(ttcrf, Sefjlng 

Kptioridmen, Sid^tenberg . • 

9(u« ^linger^ Qetrad^tungen «nb Oebanleit 

|[u« «,meine Sefreiung,'' 9t. 3* Se(fer . 

9tt« aRen^eU „&t^^i^tt ber Deutf^en" 

Ilu0 e(^iarr» „(9ef(^{(ite bc4 breiiigjfi^rigeit JtHc|C« 

eittt^ett and 9BieIaitb« SDerlen 

)Ounbe«Iteb »or ber Sitlaitl, itorner . 

C^rifllii^er ^elbenmut^, dimmcrmantt 

S)a« 9. 8 ft , ®uttt^er 

2>a« blinbc 8tof, Sangbein, 

Z)a« Srob be« beiligen dobofttt, Aofegartoi 

Z)a« ^otobil, ilrummai^er . • 

t>at £ieb bom braoen SRanne, 85rger 

t>ai Sieb »om braven 9Ra»nc, (BIcim • 

X)a« Seetreffen bet 9la4t, •^outtolb • 

Z)a« serlorene jttnb, %» ^anH • 

Daoib unb fein @9^ii . • * 

X)er alte ^ant • • • 

Der Qienenflanb, jtrummail^er • 

Der blinbe ^Snig, VL\iiant . • 

2)er 9Iumen Sfta^e, 8 Sreiligrat^ • 

Z)er Sorn ber ®enefung. Antmnia^er • 

Z)er eirfnit^er eee, (SttttrSRut^* • 

2)er Sngel ber ®ebulb, 6pitta . • 

Der grei^eit B^ladittVLl 9mbt • 

Z)er gr6§te Slann, fieffing • • 

Z)er J^anbfd^ut. @4>iaer . 

S)er ^irfi^baum, na(^ ^ebe( • • 

2)eT ^b^Ier unb bie X)iebe, ttngettOMt • 

2>er aRonb, 8ti(^ter 

t>tt ^utti, 9. p. Vftaltil^ : • • 

2)er Siauber, 9i. S. 9ru|) . . • 

Der giu^etag, ^rumntac^er • ' • 

2)er @{eg, ®Ieim . . . • 

Dcr @onberCing, Sejfing . • 

2)er Btaar oon @egringeti, •^eitf 

Ser 2:an)b5r, (SeOert . • ' 

jDer 2:0b Sglonf, ftrumma(^cr . • 

jOer ®erbrtegl{(^c, Sed^ftein 

2)er Sergnugfame, ®ot^ . 

Z)er SDein In frbenen ®ef5gen, Sngel . 

t>tt SBeife unb ber ftart, Wtota^ 

Z)e< @5nger< 8Iu4, Ubianb 

Die beiben aRenf^engrSgen. Otumauer . 

^e Seflimmung be< aRenft^en, Sit^re . 

Die engnfti^e Dogge unb ber Sornet 

Die (Srenabiere, .^eine . 

Die Junar dntt, Ocllert 























































Die Scienlidt CEI9<| 

Die ^ailtn, @^mib 

Z>ie 9{euift(r«p<i4t tint* Unglfida^ot, 9* 9* fti^ter 

S>{e 9te^e, £i(^ttoer 

2)ie ©d^Ia^t 6ei fiiegntt), Vr^etil^olt . 

Die €cbla(^t bei Sulfi^r ©iotrot! 

Die @^»>ingen bed itUnt, 9(gne« SrAiti 

Die f.eben (Srafen oon Auenring, Sfi^abuf^tttii 

Die BtMt be« lEDeind, Sefflng . 

Die (SHntmin bed ©eridbtd/ ftrumma^cr 

Die ©tufenleiter, |)feffel . 

Die 9Biffenf(^aft, $[nbre& 

Die 3Bittwe ju 3ebra, Siebeefinb 

Die SBoIfen, SBeffenberg . 

Die ttufie ^nfel, ^almblStter . 

Diesaei le^tett Slide 3riebri((«, Otrin 

Drei greunbe, Berber 

Duft^manta, jtrumma^er .. 

(Einige @)»ru^e, $[nbre5 . 

®ebet lo&brenb ber @^Ia^t, JtSrtier 

(Sebanfen, SNeinungen, Urti>eile, ^egner 

®efang ber ®tifitx uber ben SBaffern, 09t|c 

©laubendfrei^eit, O^it^ . 

J^amet unb 9)af(^ib, £iebe<Iinb . 

Rafael, ^rumma4>er 

Berber an feine ^inber anf feiner 9ldfe na^ :gftene« 

J^iflel unb STlainion, tftrnmmacber 

^(eiber madb^n Seute, 9tabener . 

St^naft, ®ottfcbaIf 

£ieb eine« o(ten fcbw^bif^en 9titter« an fcinen 6o9tt 

£ob ber ^aul^eit, £effing . 

Snogart^d iSrief .... 

9lid)t« unb attoai, SafteQi 

9rei« ber Stanbbaftigfeit, ^. 3. ». (KoQis 

^ttblilnm, SRpbert 

9tebe an bie Dfftciere. 9riebr{<^ . ' • 

B^in 9enn(!ben> Stofalie Aodb • 

6ettten)en and ^lopftodd SDerfes 

Bptudtt, ®Ieim .... 

2!ragif(^e (Sefdbi^te, CbamifTo . 

2:reu unb SHebHi^reit . 

Zto^ gojKjne . . . 

Ueber ben Umgang m\t fidb ft'ber, jhtiggc 

Unglaube nnb $[berg(aube, ®(eim 

Unterfdbteb )»if(^en @))arfamfeit unb Oc^ 

Unt)ef^i>ffted SQBieberfe^en, ^cbel 

93on ber Slreube, ®9( *. 

SBedbfel ber ^abredjeiten, Sieberffi^n . 

9Der ^Oi ber ®ered)tigfeit annintmt, ti^Ht bftl £a»b 

@(^ulb an frinem Serberben, (Sngel 
QBinterlieb. Arumma^er 
SDorte bed (Slaubend, ®itterman» 
dn»erfi(^t, ^ied . 

mf ; »er f{4 


. 141 

. 14 

. 54 

. 147 

. 100 

. 08 

. 153 

. 168 

. 132 

. 15 

. 13 

. 130 

. 70 

. 144 

. 36 

. 51 

. 57 

. 33 

. 130 

. 56 

. 43 

, 83 

. 146 

. 53 

. 12 

. 26 

. 30 

. 112 

. 105 

. 85 

. 132 

. 178 

. 151 

. 64 

. 150 

. 88 

. 22 

. 165 

* yy 

. 43 

. 16 

. 142 

. 156 

. 52 

. 17 

. 58 

. 140 

. 18 




Qidtttit (ietman ^ta^tt^ 

1. Jliis "iBflttf |ltfreittng\ 

JTo^tetbera UnftcrHlc^Wtl Siipc ^offnung I bu fiarfcfl ben 
®efunbcn,b erquWcji ben J^ranfen, unb ewarmjt noc^ ba8 ^^erj 
bc§ ©terbenben, loenn f^on bie falte *&anb beS 3!obe0 feinen $ul6« 
fc^Iag l^cmmet.c JDu etleucfctefl ben Jterfcr bcS ©efangcnen unb 
mlfc^cjt in bag melanc^oHfc^e ©craffd fciner Jtettcn immer cinige 
Xbne tion Srel^eit, fo'^ oft bie eiferne il^iirc flint unb bcr Su§tritt 
beg J^erfermeijIerS i3om« ©eirSlbe tt?icber^atlt. 3!)u ocrfu^eji ben 
®c^tt?eig beS 8anbmanneS burc^ ben aJorfcl;ma(! be0 fro^llc^en 
SKa^leS, ba0f am 5(benb feiner-' toartet. 

5tuf beinen ©c^ttjingen tiertraut ber f ii^ne ©terblld^e'* fein SeBen 
ben icilben SWeereSmogen unb fliegt iiber $Bolfen em^orJ 2)u 
fl&^ljl ben aJiut^ beg itriegere im ®ett?u^l bcr ©c^(ad;t, unb trocfs 
nefl bie 3:^rdnen feiner SieBen burc^ bie ^anb beg griebeng, ber'" i^n 
i^ren 5lrmen aicbergibt. So laffejt bu ung alleg ®uteJ taufenbfad^ 
geniegen, nod^ el^e toir eg em^fangen, unb veidjejl ung fiir jeber 
Sebengfummcr einen 2aBetrun!; big bu ung enblic^ ju bet QueCic 
aug ber bu entfprungen U%^ jur Unfterbli^feit ^iniiber leitefl. 

Qtuc^ mir reic^tefl bu, «&otbe, oft ben 33alfam einer beffern' 3"- 
funft, ttjenn bie >Jeiben ber ©egenttjart mein ^erj jerrijfen: nun 
mug i<i) afcer beinen tJiufc^enben ^^roftungen'" entfagen; au^" ber 
lejte ©tab, an bem bu mid) aufrecl^t ^iettep, entjinft meiner »&anb. 
3(j^ mug in ben {ld;erern ^rmen beiner ©c^toefler/ ber (Srgebung, 

3up[u*t fu^ett.« JR. 3. ©etfer. 

If. «L.42.1. 
l« L. 58. 6. 
o $ 158. 5. 

b S 84. 5. c L. 53. 1. 
iL.51.4. jL.88.2. 

k L. 48. 2. 

eL. 20.4. fL.89. 1. 
1 82. 4. m L. 64. b. 

PS 125. 
« L. 69. 5. 

a aL.4e. 1 
J> L. 89. 6. 
oI^26 4. 

L.28.6. cL.28.6. 
L. 87. 4. j L. 2& a. 


e L. 16. 4. f L. 28. 7. 
IL.22.8. mL.50.2. 


* M. refers to Woodbury's New Method with German. 

• C refers to Woodbuey's Shobteb CotTRSB with German. 



,r' ^^ 2. Da fat I. 

•Rafael, ber ©o^n cincifii mor0cnlanblfcl;cn Sfurjien, Moax In ^cm 
$^al ber SBeifm erjogcn unt) cin 3ungUng geworbcn. » !Da fanbte 
i^in fein QSatcr nac^ ^cxfim, t)a§ cr bafclbfl feinc 35ilt)ung toli* 
cnt)en unb bie @itten unb SBcifc ber»» aWenfc^cn crforfc^en m&(t)tc. 
2)cm Sungling toarb « ode ffwi^cit cerflattct ; ahtx ^cimUc^ he* 
adpu ©eruia^, fcln oltcr ficl^rct, beg Siinglingd fflege unb 

2lla nun «&afael angefommend tear in 3Jerj!en, reijten ibn bie 
Sreuben bet ©tabt unb bag ©ettJii^I beg fi^)Vigen Meng, baf er 
felner 33eflimmunge betgaj unb gebanfcnlog feiut&erj ben fiiiflen 
^^ingab. 9lIfo gebac^te er uid;t me^r feineg furjllic^en SBerufeg. 

2llg et nun eineg *Iagegf in ben gujIgSrten oon 3ft)o^an toan« 
belte, glng @eruja^ bci i^m toriijer, in ber ®t\ialt eineg $ilgerg, 
eincn ©tab in fciner 9lec^tcn. .,^- 
^ >> «&afael aber erf annte ©eruja^ unb fprac^ ju i^m : 93on tvannen 
fommji bu, unb too^ine gel^et bein 5Beg ? ©eruja^i anttoortete 
unb fprad^ : 3)ag trei§ ic^ nid^t. 2)a erflaunte ber 3ungling unb 
fagte: ^ie^bu ^ajl bie<&eimat^ berlaffen unb bifl' ^inaug gen?ans 
belt^i unb toeigt ni^t, too^Inl — ©crujai^ antwortete : 3c^ f^aV eg 
bergeffcn ; fo toanbl* ic^ l^in unb ^er unb welc^cr ton jtreen ffiegen 
mir ber treitejie' unb lieblid^fle biinfet, ben enra^f ic^. — Unb 
tuo^^in tolrb fol^ irreg ffianbernJ bic^ fii^ren? fragte erjiaunt ber 
3ungling. ©eruja^ antn^ortcte : ^a^ mi^ id; nicl^t ; n?ie foUt' eg 
nuc^ fiimmem? 

3>a n^anbte f!(^ >&afaer gu ben anbern, bie urn i^n n^aren^ unb 

fprac^: Diefer SRann »ar ber 8ei^rer njeiner 3iigenb unb, toottk 

fflBeig^eit, aber fe^et, n ijl jiim" SRarrert genjorb'en unb entbe^ret 

beg QSerfianbeg.e %^, koie ijl er oertvanbelt unb ein anberer ^t* 
trorben i 

3)a trat ©eruja^ |u bem 3ungling; unb iparf feinen {Reifebunbel 

jur @rbe unb f^)ra<^ : Du fagejl eg, ^gafael — mein ffiefen f)at 

fld^ bern^anbelt gleic^toie bag beintge. @^emalg mar id; bcir 

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8u()rer imb bu fotgtejl mir" auf bcui fflegc, ben ic^ bit jelgte. 
fflun ahcx, fcit ic^ aufge^Srt" bein gii^rer ju fein, ^|ab' ic^ mid^ 
aufgfmad^t bir }u folgen. &k^t, mctn UBanbet^ kvobe^ ic^ bed 
3Begc^ unb 3*^1^3 bergeffc, iji ber bclne,p unb fo toit mix, fo ifl 
auc^ bir^ ber ®eifl enttric^ctu SBer ift bet jQtJJerc S^^ot; bu obe« 
ic^; unb rner manbelt ben fc^Itmmeren Srrtpeg ? • • * 

^Ifo rebete Seruiai^. S)a erfannte «^afae( feine @unbe, unb 
f e^rte ^nxhd auf ben SBeg bet SBeid^eit; ben @etuia^ il^n gele^« 
td ^atte, . _ 

^ ^ Itnitttta^cr. 

^ ^« 8« fit StiffHlritrr. 

(Sin ©^etling fing auf einent 9{l 
Die fettfle SfUege. ffiebet ©ttebena 
9io^ 3qmmern l^alf; fie toax't)^ gefaf t. 
3(c^ I tief fie fle^enb, laf mic^ leben 1 
iReiU; fprad^ bet 3Kotbet, bu 6 ifl mein^ 
S)enn i^ bin grof unb bu bt{l Hetn. 

(Sin ©^etbet fanb i^n M bem ®c^mau0* 
@o leic^t wtrb !aum ein gflol^ gefangen 
9110 3unfet ®pa^. ®ib, tief et au0, 
SRic^ ftei I xoa^ f)ah' ic^ benn begangen? 
WeiU; fptad; bet 3W9tbet, bu bijl mein, 
S)enn ici^ bin gtofi unb bu bi{l flein. 

(Sin 9(blet fai^i ben ®auc^, unb fc^o^ 
Sluf ii^n ^erab, unb ti§ ben 9fiitcfen 
Sf^nv auf. «&ett <Konig/ la^ mic^ lod, 
Olief et; bu ^adfl midb ift*^ iJi ©tiid en. 
9leln, fptac^ bet SRotbet, bu bifl mein, 
Denn id; bin gto^ unb bu bift flein. 

■II I • ■ !■ 

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(Sr f^maujle « nod}, ba f ant im Sin 
Ctn ^eil i^m burc^ bie f&xnft d^06^' 
3!ftann, rief et bem Sagcr ju, 
KBatum etmorbet mtc^ bein ^ogen ? 
(Si; ^pxad) bet 9R9rber, bu (ifl mcin, 
Senn id^ bin grop unb bu ii^ Utin. 

/y"^ 4. fie ^aikrtt. 

(Sin (Sbelmann gaB einigen ©Sflen eine ))rSc^t{ge ^Smbmal^U 
)cit. 9B&l^rcnb man^ an ber ^afel fa§, famen jtvei ^adf en in ben 
@aal, bie ntc^t gr&^er toaxtn, aid Jttnbetr oon fitnf 6id fec^d 3a^s 
ten, unb tinm ootne^men «&ertn unb eine ootnei^me ^tan bot* 
fteUten.b !Det «&ett ^atte ein fc^atlad^rot^ied ^leib mit golbenen 
SBorten an ; feine tt?ol!i^te ^Jeniide toat fc^neetrei^ ge^ubett, unb 
in bete «ganb i^ielt et einen Borbitten ^ut. Die jjtau i»at in 
golbgelben ilaffet mit jlIBetncn Slittctn gefleibet unb i^atte ein niebs 
licked 'Siitd^en* mit ^o^en Sebetn auf bem Jto^fc unb einen gadl;ct 
in bet <&anb. 

33eibe tanjten fe^it jietlicH; unb marten oftet fel^t funflli(]^e 
©ptiinge. 3ebctmann fagte, man Wnne e bie ®ef^ic!lic^!eit biefet 
attigen ,itinbet nic^t genug betounbetn. 2)a na^m ein altet Offis 
jiet, bet mit ju $lifd?e fa§, einen 3lpfel jjottbet 3!afel unb toatf if^n 
IXBx^^tn bad tan^enbe $aat« 

$I6^nc^ fittt^ten <&ett unb Dame auf ben ^fe( lod, fintten unb 
jettten flc^ batum, toie toiit^enb, tiffen f!c^ a^adfcn unb ,^opf^)uJ 
ob^unb — anftatt bed ^aated gefc^icftet ^inbet !am ein ^aat 
gatfliget 9lffen jum aSotf^ein. SlUe an bet 3:afel et^oben ein 
lauteS®eIac^tet; bet afteDffijiet abet \)pxa(i) fe^t etnjl^aft: 5lffen 
unb flatten mogen flcl^ immetl^in Vi^ad;tig i^etaud^uften ; ed fommt 
bo^ balb an ben Sag, mx fte ftnb. // :s. 


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/K 6* 9it SUmmtu iti 0rrtil|ti 

(Sin ret(^ei Wtann, Stantend S^ryfed; gc^ot feincn Jtnec^tett^ eine 
amte ^tttlve fammt i^ren Atnbem aud etncm feinev <&aufcr gu 
oertreiben, toeil flc ben ia^rticl;cn QM nicbt ju ja^lcn toermod^tc^ 
3(te bie 2)tener nun famen, fpta^ bad SeiB : ^c^, berjie^et em 
tt^enig ; mMdjt, bafi euer ^txx f!(^ uiifet et^arme ; tc^ tuid gu i^m 
gei^n unb t^n Bitten. 

IDarauf ging bie SBtttive )u bem reic^en Sl^ann mit i^ten i}{er 
.ftinbern; benn eind lag !ran! bamieber, unb atit fle:^eten inbrun« 
ftiQ, fie nic^t ju oerjlo§en. S^rpfel abet fpra^ : SReine 93efc^Ie 
fann ic^ ni(]^t Snbetn, ed fei benn/^ ba$ i^r cure @c^ulb foglcic^ 

IDa tvcinte bie3^utter bitterU^ unb fagte: ^c^, bie $f(ege eined 
ftanfen Ainbed ](;at att mein Sierbienfl bcr^e^rt unb meine Arbeit 
ge^lnbcrt. Unb bie Jtinber fle^eten mit ber aWutter, jlc nic^t ju 

3(6er S^t^fed loanbte flc^ it^intoeg bon il^^nen, unb ging in fein 
©arten^aud unb legte fid& auf ben helper, ^n ru^en, wie et pflegte^ 
(Sd trar aber ein fd^n^uler ^ag, unb bid^t am ®artcnfaa( flog ein 
Strom, ber terbrcitete ^ii^lung, unb e^^ tear eine ©tide, bag fein 
8iiftcl)en flc^ regte». v r 
//^ ^a ^i)rete S^ifyfeS ba3 ©elifpct be« ©c^ilfl am Ufer, aber e« 
t9nte i^m glei^ bem ©en^infel ber Jtinber ber armen SBittire ; 
unb er n^arb unru^ig auf feinem $oIfier. 

S)amac^ ^orc^te er auf bad dtaufd;en bed @tromed unb ed 
b&uc^te ii^m, aU^ xuf^i' er an bem ©cflabe eincd unenblic^en S^ee* 
red, unb er uj&t^te fi^ auf feinem $fu^le. 

.^11 er nun tcieber ^ord^tc, erfc^oU an§ ber {(erne ber 3)onner 
tint& auffleigcnben ©eaitterd ; ba tt)ar i^m, aid tjema^m' er bie 
®timme bed ©eric^td. 

iflun fianb er. Vlo^^i^ ^^^ ^il^^ n^^ ^aufe unb gebot feinen 
Jtned^ten, ber armen 9Bittn?e bad ^au^ ^u i^ffnen. Qlber, fie toar 
fammt i^ren ^inbem in ben SBalb gegangen unb nirgenb }u 
finben.d Unterbef toar bad ISBetter ^inaufgejogen, unb ed bonnerte 

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unb flel cftt 9C»aItl9cr flflegen. (S^ryfeS aUx wax tooH Unmut^l 
unb toanbclte uml^er. 

5Im anbcm Jlage® cema^m G^rpfeS, bo0 franfe Jtlnb feif im 
SSalbe ge^orben unb bie Sl^utter mit ben anbern (^intvegge^ogen. 
S)a tt?arb ti^nt fetn ©arten, fammt bent ®aal unb $oI{ler ^un^tber, k 
unl) er gen'ofi ntc^t mei^r bet J^iii^tog M roufcf^enben ®trome£. 

f&alt> bamac^ fie( Si^r^fed iK tint Stranft^it, unb immct in bcr 
«gi^e bed Steberd Dema^m er bed ®(^ilfed ®elid))el unb ben rau« 
f^enben ®trom unb bad bum))fe Scfen bed auffleigenbeu SBetterd. 
Sllfo betfc^ieb er. 

6. Crrs' iii» Vrkli^krit 

1. UeB* immer Sreu' unb StebUc^feit bid an bein fueled ®ra(, 
unb mei^e feinen finger breit t}on ©otted SBegen ab.<^ 

2« S)ann wirfi 2)u, trie auf griinen 9u'n, burc^d ^ (Srbenleben 
gel^'n ; bann tvirfl 2)u o^ne ^urc^t unb ®rau*n bent ^ob ind 
Sluge fe^n^. 

3. Dann n?irb bie <Sx^tl unb ber $flug in beiner <6anb fo 
Uidit; bann jlngfl 2)u fro^ bcint fflafferfrug, aid tear' bit ffleir 

4. 3)em 336fett3itif^t toirb Slfled f c^tocr, er t^ue, toad er tf}u' ; « 
bad Safier tretbt il^^n l^^in unb ^er, unb (&§t i^m !eine StuV- 

5. 3)er f^one 9rii^(ing lac^t i^m nic^t, i^nt la^t !ein9e^ren« 
fetb ; er iji auf gift unb llrug er|)ic^t, unb toiinfcf^t jl(^ nie^td aid 

6. 3)er 9Uinb im «&ain, bad Saub am Q9aum faufl i^m (Sntfe^en 
ju; er flnbet nac^ bed Scbcnd Jlraum im ©rabc feine ^nf)\ 

7. JDrunt iibe 3:teu' unb dleblic^feit bid an bein fii^led ©rab, 
unb toeic^e feinen finger breit don ©otted ffiegen ah. 

8. S)ann fegnen @nfcl beine ©ruft unb toeinen 3!^raiien brauf, 
wtb ®ommerb(umen cotter "^ S)uft blili^'n aud ben ^l^r&nen auf. 


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GERMAN READE^^ ^'* ]7 

3 Intrrfdjiti jvifdiet /Sptrfamkrit in) tfrij. 

3n einer flelnen @tabt tourten uon bet Dbrlgf eit e inige g^f s^ / 
benfcnbe Siirger »on »gau8 gu «&au0 umi^ergcfc^itft; urn* cine ^eU 
ftcuer f iir bic toerormtcn (StniDof^ner bet Stabt einjufammeln. ©ie 
f amen unter anbcm friii^morgeng auf ben «&of cincS wo^I^abenben 
93aucr0. ©ie fahbenti^n toor bem ©taUe, unb ^firten, aid |ie j!^»> 
i^m nS^erten, i»ie er e3 bem Jlned^te eifrig toertoicg, ba§ er bie 
©tride, tooran bie ^erbe gef^annt getocfen njaren, u6er Slad^t ini 
Wegen gelaffen; unb nid^t inii 3!rocfene gebrad;t l^atte. 

„0 tvtfi I ber SWann ifl genau I" fprac^^ ®iner jum 2tnbem, 
„l^icr toirb efi nic^t isiel geben !" SBir tootten n?cnigflen0 d e r« 
f u cl^ e n , fagte ein 2lnberer, unb jie gingen na^er. 

Der «6frr emppng bie Sremben fe^r frcunblic^, unb inbe^ et 
tnit i^nen in fein «&au8 ging, fcrac^ten f!e lijx Sege^ren an. 3Bie 
grog ttjar i^re SSertrunbetung, ale er i^nen fel)r Bcreittoiflig ein 
anfei^nltc^eS ©cfd^cnf an ®clbe gat, unb nocfe i>erfpra(i^, er tootle 
otte 3a^re um bie^ 3eit ebcn fo toicl geben. ^ ^ie ©iirger fonnlen 
in i^rer banfbaren aiul^rung f!d) nidji ent^alten, bem tvo\)ltf^iti* 
gen aWann ju geflcl^en, bag feine SKilbt^atigfeit i^nen ganj unet* 
toartet fei, inbcm ber 93ert»ei«, ben er corner bem Jtnec^te njegen 
einer fo untebeutenbcn Jtlcinigfeit gegetcn i^otte, f!e auf ben 9lrgs 
too^in gebrac^t tabe, bag er tooy«J fel^r genau fein muffe.« 

,,fiiebc Sreunbe/' tear feine ^ntaort, „thtn baburc^i, bag ic^ 
ba0 3)icinige fjeber 2^\t gu (Rat^e ^ielt, !am i^ in ben glii(!li(^en 
3uftanb, tool^lt^fitig fein ju f onnen''.^ . / 

©d?ame bic^ nic^t ber ©parfanifeitg unb l^alte fie nic^t fut 

^N^eij, nur bed ©eigeS mugt bu bic^ fcl?Sm<»n I SBeigere bid; nic^t, 

^^^ tooljlt^atig ju fein, inbem bu bie 3Bo^lt^Stig!eit falfcf^lirf^ filr 

^ a>crfc^»enbung l^alt . ^hn fei aud^ am reci^ten Drte 

too^lt^atig, unb gel^e borum bei beinem SBol^lt^un ^ mit Sorfic^t 

luffierfe. K^\s ^ ; ^t '-^ '- 

i ^ 

' T. 

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8« Hedlfel )rr ^adresjeites. 

^ aBie fc^Jtt ijl ber fficc^fel bcr Sdtcn, 
SBIe Mirln1)ct mit i^ncn t)o5 3a^r I 
SBie ^|crrlicl;e 8rreu\>en bmiten 
Unb 6ietcn ben SKcnfc^^cn fie bar. 

a)er Srii^nnfl fc^cnft 9lnmuti^ unb «ctoi 
3)er toiebor erttjad^ten S^atur ; 
Cd «* griincn bic 33aume, bie fflcfccn, 
2)ie ©aatcn, bic aSicfcn, bie Slur I 

S)cr ©ommer mit ^ei^eren %(k^m 
Sleift, toa« i^m ber'grii^Unfl gebar ; 
Unb bout, ircnn ermattet.»ir flagcn^ 
3n ^itcl^ten ^rquicf ung un^ bar 1 

iWic^t minber erfrculidicn ®egen 
©etoa^rt un§ bie ^^erbflUc^e 3eit ; 
Dann reift un« bic S^raube entgegeit;** 
!Dcn geflen ber Sreunbfc^aft getoci^t I 

Unb fc^uttelt'^ bom falten ©eflebet 
S)er SBintcr unS Sconce auf bie glut ; 
©0 W&Qt unS fein ©tiirmen nid^t nicbet^ 
®ein @i0lauf eigSlet un^nur. 

3a, fc^Sn iji ber See^fel ber Sciten ; 
3^r Jlrei^Iauf *}er!Jir jel ba8 Sal^r ; 
Un'gdi^Iise greuben berciten 
Unb bieten ben 2Kenfti^en fie bar I 


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gehman reader. 19 

9. 9rr CaiijMr. 

Sin a35t, bet lartgc 3eit fein SBrot « ertan jen mu jfm, 
(Ritrann, wnb tt?a:^(tc jl^ \im erficn Slufcnt^alt. 
5)ic 93aren 9rugten i^n mit 6rtoerlic^cn Jluffeu, 
Unb Brummtcn frcubig burc^ ben SBalb^ 
Unb too citt f&ax ben anbetn fa^, 
®o ^|ie§^» eg : 5Pe^ ifl kulcbet bolj 
^^3)er 93aT ergi^Ite brauf , ujag ^ et in frembcn Sonbcn 
8fur 3(6enteue¥ audgcflanben, 
SBa« er gefe^n, ae^Btt; get^an, <> 
Unb flng, ba er bom S^angen reb'te. 
Site gtn9'« er noc^ an feiner Stettt, 
3luf j)oInifc^ f d;5n ^u tan^en an I ^ 

Die ©ruber, bie i^n tan^en fa^'n, 
SetDunbertcn bie SBenbung feiner ®Uebei> 
Unb gleic^ »erf ud^ten e0 bie 35rubcr; 
SWein an^att, ttjieg er, ju ge^n,^ 
®o fonnten fie taum aufrec^t fte:^n, 
Unb manc^er ftet ber £ange na^ banieber* 
Um bcflo metjx Ilef * fid; ber %an\n fe^n; 
Doc^ feine Jtunfl berbrpfi ben ganjen «&aufeiu 
#/Sort," f^rieen atte, „fort mit birl 
„5)u 9larr toittfl niifjer fein, aU toir V 
StonJ {koang ben $e^, babon ^u laufen. 

10* Per Vinbrr. 

?Iuf bem 6ben ©c^eibenjege; 
<>interma ^o^en Sruciflje, 

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®tan)> bet 9i5u(et Hflig lauetnb, 
3n bet «&anb ben Uanttn ®SbeI, 
Unb bie SBiic^fe fc^atf 9elabcn, 
S)enn ben Jtaufmonn tcodt* et fangeii^ 
S)et mit ®elbeg tei^et S^uae, 
SRit ©etvSnbetn, eblen Seinen, 
Son bem 9Rat!te ^eut' autMfe^tt* 
©ti^on l^inuntet fanf bie Sonne, 
Unb bet 3»onb ttitt butc^ bie aBotten, 
Unb bet Slaubet fttf)t etn^attenb 
«&intenn ^o^en Studfise. 

<6otc^I ba tSnt'd, trie (Sngelftimnieii; 
«eife ©eufjet, laute S3itten 
Jtommen H^eQ toie ^XBenbgloden 
5)ut4 bie ftille fiuft ^tixaQtn ; ' 
@itf mit ungetvol^nten ^onen 
©tic^lt ®tUt flc^ in fein D% 
Unb et flel^t unb laufd^t begietig : 

^ ,,D bu ©c^itmbogt bet QSetlaf nen I 
D bu «&iitet bet 98etIotnen I 
MelQ, ncig' bein ^(mmlifc^b %Mli% 
©onncn^cUe, felig tad^etnb, 
Sliebet auf unS atme ^letne 1 
©teif, fctcit' bie tieficn 9ttme, 
^k bu auSgefpanntc am J^teuje, 
fflie gtoeen Sfiiglein urn ben SSatet^ 
S)a5 fein ©tunnben ^fab jettoii^fe,*! 
JDafI fein gu'teg aio| nic^t fttauti^Ie, ' 
Sli(i)t bet WauBet, jiumm unb lauetnb, 
3n bet aSalbfc^luc^t i^n entbetfe. 

' D bli ©c^itmbogt bet SSetla^nen I 
D bu, »&iitet bet 93etlotnen I 
gii^t' urt« ^leim ben guten ^atn I" — 

M. bL.84.8. c J 160 Note. ^ § 143. 4. 

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Unb ber 0l&u6er ^3tt ed ailed 
^Itttet'm i^o^cn SruclflKe. 
S)'rauf bcr Jtlein^e, fl^ Bcfreujeirt), 
Sromm bie gatteti «&anbe faltenb x 
,fm^ S^tific, laat cr f Inbliti^^ 
3((]^; t^ meif , bu (tfl aamSd^tie, 
^ ®i|}enb auf bed «gimmeld kronen 
Unter Stemett; glangenb golbnen, 
Uttter englein, lieblic^ riifTeen, 
SBie bie 3(mme mtr'd et^i^It :^at, 
©iB ben flflSutem, ben jjettoegnen^* 
»rob gib i^nen, Srob in jjutte, 
2)af fie nic^t ^u ))Iunbem (tauten, 
8toti^ 3U ntorben unfem a$atet I 
SBuft* f ic^; too ein Sftaubet u^Sre, 
©oflt' \^ i^m bica Jtettlein geBen, 
JDiefed .Rreuj unb biefen ©iirtel, 
®^xt^tv^ : 8ie6cr, licber fllduBet, 
9limm ^ier Jtcttlein, Jtreu) unb ©fittel, 
S)a$ bu ni^t ^u :)}Iitnbem btau^efl, 
9to^ ju ntorben unfem aSater l" 

Unb ber (R&uBer ^&rt ed atled 
•ginter'm ^o^en Erucifee, 
Unb bon.feme l^ort er'd na^en : 
{Roffe f ^nauBeU; dtSber rotten ; 
Sangfam greift er nad^ bem ®46el, 
Sangfam fa^t er na^ ber Siic^fe, 
Unb fo ftel^t er lange jlnnenb 
^inter'm l^ol^en Sruciflse. 
Slleberfnieen noc^ bie Jlinber: 
,^ bu ®c^imtbogt ber SJerla^nen I 
D bu «&uter ber SSerlomcn I 
g%' undJ^eim ben guten SSater I" 

M. <L.15.4. fr.446Notd. O. e l. aS 11. ' L. 42. 2. 


Unb ber Siater fomntt gefal^rett^i 
SBo^lbe^alten, ungefa^rbet, 
©cj^Iief t bie .Stitber an ben ^ufen — 
@diQ Stamnieltt, fiige ,Ruflfe I 
Unb Uia StcLubtx toarb gefe^i'n, 
9l\ix ben t^Ianfen ®a6el fanb man, 
i^anb bte ^iic^fe fd^arf gelaben, • 

^intttm ^o^en Grucipse : 
iBetbe toaxtn^ if)m cntfunfcn. 

— I ■* ^ 

/ am a ^tatc fc^leic^t, blebgocfen toe{p^ 
IBon 5t^t au ^^ur etn bitnber ®xH9, 
3m fc^U^ten biirftigcn ©ettjanb, 
SDod^ einen (Sngel an bet ^anb* 

(Sin SRSbc^en ifl ed, sart unb fleto, 
JDiecmuJ beg SSaterS Sii^irer fcin; 
ma letfem ^on fc^Sn ^ennti^en {fngt 
2)a5 tief ed In bic «6erjen brtngt, 

@te fingt beg alten SBaterd £etb 
3n etncm i&icb oott^i S'taurigfeit ; 
Unb manc^er ®ute,e mtlb (etpegt, 
Citt ®c3^arfCcin In bie «6anb i^^ Icgt 

^ud einem @^Io$, gegtert mlt ®olb, 
®d^aut eine £)ame UeB unb ^oO), 
a)ie freunblid^ ju ber illeinen f))ric^t : 
Uebfi bu jle gem, bie fc^toere ^^fllic^t? 

S)a ^eBt bie ^euglein, ^eQ unb £Iatt, 
®(^&n ^lenn^en lu bet l^o^en Sfrau, 
Unb fftt^ert n^ai^ri^aft fromm gejinnt : 
max' i4 too^ls fonit ein guteg Jtinb? 

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5)ie Dame btauf mit naffem ©IM 

9lid;)t fi>afl bu fcrner UtUln ge^n,* 
®o(lfl Jtletber tragen, (unt unb fc^Sn. 

Sntd^t fc^ioere %6ett batffi bu t^tm, 
SBetc^ foOfl bu nun auf $oI{lern nti(|'n, 
Unb tetc^Ud^ ^a6en (Spetf uub ^ran!; 
S)ein einfa^ Siebc^en feU mein 3)an{* 

Unb meincn aSatcr ? — SicBcfi Jlteb, 
S)ein Si^ater tfl f^on alt unb BItnb, 
(Er metrte •« riur bcr Dicnet 3«H 
Unb ^a^te nid^t gum golbnen @aaL 

Z)i>(i), ^o|l bu i^in fo i^txiU^ liti, 
3^m einen 3^^eH ber ®))eifc gict; 
©e^olfen {ft tool^l feinct S^ot^i, «> 
©d&icfji bu bem 2lmcn tSalic^i Srob. 

©tia foafl bu u^en bcine $|Ki^t, 
3)0^ 6ei i^m iDCtlen barffi bu ni^t, 
9luf baf bie SBelt c3 » silb bergipt, 
3)a5 bu bc8 QJettletS Xo^in tifi. 

2)a glit^t ®c^9n ^ennc^end ^olb' Sefb^ 
SSoU «&ol^cit jle jur IDanic f))rid^t : 
ffiie bcnft i^r bod^ yjon mtr fo fleln, 
S)a^ ic^ berlcrnte, ^inb ju fcini 

93iel liefier fud^' ic^ l&ngor mlr 
SRcin frSrli^ " «wb ijon XW »u X^&V 
3tld ba^ im Sletd^ti^um unb ©enuf 
3ti^ bor mir feKft etr^tl^en mu$» 

3)a }ie^t bie 3)ame f!e mit Sufi 
Unb untet Si^ranen an bie $ni{t : 
®^toer ttyax bie ^Jrufung, boc^ bet iof^n 
f rtoartet bic^, bu ®ute, f^on I // ^' 

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(Sin Wiener ffi^rt auf lf)x ®e:^et$ 
3n ben $ala{t ben Minben ®retd, 
3eidt i^m ein ©tiific^en p nett unb Cteht, 
a)ort |ie^ er mit ber 3!od^ter ein. 

(Sd<i Vf^^dt' ii)n fetned ^ennti^end «6(mb, ( 
Si^ er bad £lc^|t beg «eimmett fanb, - ? * ^ 
Unb feinen ©egen Ueg et ii^r, , 
Der ft^ itto&ffttt^ fiir unb fur. ' ' ^ 

SDie 5)ame brauf an Jlinbcdflatt ^-^^ 

©ie ffialf e angenommen f^at : ^ . «:^^ 

JDenn gieb' unb 3^reue, fromm unb reln^ ^"^ 
^at ffiffttn flStxti), ate (Sbelfiein* 

12« 9ie mgUf^e 90gge tn) ter (C0rirt 
!Ra(]& ber @6;ila^t »on 3ena (am 14ten DftoBer 1806) i»urb# 
ein pxm^i^dicx Jtomet mft bier Sleftem bon feiner Strmee ab9e« 
fc^nitten^ ®ie famen nad^ laufjem Uml^erirren in tin JDorf unb 
fiicgen mot bem ^farr^ajife, aid bent anfel^nlic^flen ®e1>&ube, ah. 
(S3 ti?ar gegen 5(benb unb bie ^audt^iire ijerfc^Ioffen. ,,3luf9ea 
ma^t I"a rief ber hornet, toelc^er bie fonberfiare SKeinung l^atte, 
bte Suc^ttgfeit etned Solbaten offenbare^) ftd^ burc^ @c^tm4)fen 
unb 3;o6en, ober burc^ aWi^i^anblung ber Sfirger/ /^aufgemac^t; 
ober i^ l&aue bie X^xt in ©tude I" 

,,ffier ijt ba 7" fra9te ber $ajior. — ^^Sufgematl^t, ^gerr, obej 
14 fti^Iage eu(i^c ^)ie JJcnfler ein I" rief ber junge Wtann no^ bro« 
l^enber. @dnt Segleiter oer^ielten ftc^ ru^ig. (Sin ^e^t mac^te 
enbli^ auf; ber ac^t^e^nial^rige *@elb trat ein unb bemied auc^ im 
^aufe burd^ fein grobeS SSetragen, toie toenlg er auf ben 0lamen 
elned ^ebilbeten Dffljierd Qtnfprud^ mac^en f8nne. 2)en Stnt(i)t 
beg $farrerg em^Srte biefe ©robi^eit um fo^ mel^r/ ba fein «&err 
gaflfrei unb liebreiti^ gegen 3eben n?ar, tveg^alb er i^n «)on «ger)en 

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liebtc unt) tnlt ganjer ®ecle an i^m ^Ing. @r Befc^Iofi ba^er, ben 

Jim^en Dffijicr fiir fein unartigee 33etragcn ein to^fg gu liid^tu 

. 0cn, imb fii[;rte bicfeg auf folgenbc- ffieife au^. / 

)^ 2)cr $aftor, ein grower greunb bon »&unbrn, ^atte ton eincm 

f( burc^reifcnbcn unb jum Qflegimcnt ^uriKf !e(;renben ffierbeoffijier 

cincn fc^r gro^en unb fc^Snen <&unb dou cnglifc^cr 3wc^t (eine 

3)ogge) gefauft. 3)icfer roar fritter baju f a6geric^tct trorbcti, r bie 

ongettJorBcnen 9{e!ruten, ivmn flc uBer Sanb gc6ra(i;t trurben, ju 
l6ett»acl)cn. <Sd\\ ^nx burfte H>m ben 8lefruten nur mit ben ^Bor* 
Un geigen : ^Sultan, cin Olchut I" unb tt fonnte flc^er fetn, bajj 
ber Oleftut nid^t entlief. 33efpnber8 Ueg bet »&unb 0liemanb aud 
ber ©tube, luenn nuv bag toarnenbe $Bort : ,>®ultan, ein Wefrut l" 
liber ii)n au^gefproct^en t»ar. SBoUte ein folc^er, i^m antiertraus 
terh Wlm^(i) gur 5'^ure l^inaud, fo jog U)n juerfl .f ein ^uffe^cr 
beim Biod\^o^ fanft juriicf ; roieber^otte er ben 33crfuc(), fo ttJicg 
i(;>n ber »&unb fd^on ernji^after ^uriicf ; braud?te jener ©ettjalt, fo 
a^arf biefer i^n ju 35oben, txat i^m » auf bie ©rufi unb rief burc^ 
^rftigeg ^ellenJ fcinen \&errn^ ©o mu§te mand^i^r Slefrut licgen 
ober fle^cn blciben, ^hiQ ber Dfpjier Uin, unb i^m burd^ bie ffiorte: 
„Sa§ pafjtrerr !" bie Srei(;eit gab. /> \| 

2)er ^Jaftor panb bei ben Steitern auf bem »&of e ; ber trcue $es 
ter (fo ^k^ ber .^nec(;t) ' tear allein in ber ©tube mit bem ,^ornet, 
ber jld; gemdcl;lic^ in bag Soip^a irarf unb icartete, U^ bie 5Pferbe 
borgefii^rt toaren, ©ultan lag ganj ru^ig Winter bem Dfen. 3)a 
ging 5^eter ju ii;m, jelgte, o^nc ba§ ber hornet eg bemerfte, auf 
biefen ^in, fagte gang leife : „©ultan, ein 0lefrut l" unb ging 
bann l^inaug. ©ultan flanb bebdd)tlic^ auf, jirecfte jld; einige« 
male unb nabm nun ganj emfllic^ feincn ^Poflen cor feinem 
©c^iillinge ein. 

^a rief einer ber 9leiter torn »6ofe in'8 Senfter l^inein : „nun, 
.&err'" hornet, tvenn ©ie mit iroUen, fo fommen ©iel" — 
„®leic(; !" war bie '2(ntirort beg Offijitrg. JDiefer natjxn »&ut unb 
©tocf (ben man bamalg nod; in ber.^:reu^ifd;en 9Irmee trug), unb 

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24 . V \ ECLECTIC 

etn 2)ienet ffi^tt auf i^t ®e^et j 
3n ben $ala{l \>tn bitnben ®reid, 
3eigt i^m ein @tuBc^en p nett unb Kefai, 
S)ort jle^t er mit ber Soc^ter etn. 

(Sd<i vP^d^* i^n feined 9(ennc^end «&mlk, 
9U er b«d £i(^t bed *6tmmett fanb, ' * 
Unb feinen ®egen Ite^ er i^r, 
S>er |!c^ Betofi^rte^ fur unb fur. 

3)ie S)ame brauf an Atnbcdflatt 
3>ie Saife angenommen f^at : 
5)entt IBieb' unb 3!reue, fromm unb rein, ^ 
4^at ffif^ttti nSntf), aid (Sbelftein. 





12. 9ie engUf^e ydgge ink krr Cf rtrt 

!Rac^ ber Sti^la^t toon 3ena (am 14ten DftoBer 1806) toutbf 
ein ))reu^tfd^er Jtornet mit Dior Sleitem toon feiner Srmee abge« 
fc^nitten. @te famen nad^ langem Uml^erirren in m 3)orf unb 
fliegen bor bem ^farr^aitfe^ aU bem anfe^nlic^fien ®ebaube, aS. 
(i§ toot gegen ^6enb unb bie <&audt^ure toerfc^loffen. „^ufges 
mac^^t r'a ricf ber Stoxntt, ml^tx bie fonberfiare SBeinung ^atte, 
bie ^uc^tigfett eined Solbaten offenbare^ {Ic^ burc^ ®{^im))fen 
unb Xoitn, ober burd^ SRi^^anblung ber burger, ,,aufgemac^t, 
obcr i^ ^aue bie Xf)VLXt in Stiide I" 

,;9Ber iji ba V fragte ber ^Jajlor. — ,;2[ufgemac^t; »&err, obe> 
!4 fc^Iage euc^<^ bie S^enfler ein V rief ber iunge 9)tann noc^ bro« 
l^enber. ®eine ^egleiter toer^ielten fi(^ rul^ig. (Ein Anec^t macl^te 
enblic^ auf ; ber ac^t^cj^ni&^rige t^elb trat ein unb betoied auc^ im 
«&aufe burti^ fcin grobel ©etragen, toie toenig er auf ben Slamen 
eined gebilbeten Offlgierd 9(nfpruc^ mat^en ftnne. S)en ^ec^t 
bed $farrerd em))5rte biefe ©rob^eit um fo(> mel^r, ba fein «&err 
gaflfrei unb liebretc^ gegen 3eben wax, tved^alb er i^n toon «&er}en 

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fiebte unt) mit ganjer ©cele an if)m t)i\\Q, Gr Befc^Iofj bo^er, ben 

Jungen Offt^icr fur fein unartige^ SBetragcn cin to^fg ju jiid^ti* 

. 0cn, imb fii[;vte bicfeS auf folgmbc- ifficife aud. / 

y"^ ^cr ^aftor, cin grower ffreuub toon »&unben, ^atte i?on eincm 

ff burc^rcifcnbcn unb ium flUegimcnt jurii(f!e^tenbcn IBetbeoffijlcr 

cincn fe^r grogcn unb fc^iJnen ^unb con .cnglifc^et ^udji (eine 

^ogge) gefauft. 2)icf ernjat frii^er bagu f afcgeric^tct trorben, k bie 

ongettjorbenen Mcfruten, tocnn jlc u6cr fiaub gc6ra(l;t tcurben, ju 
bctrad^m. Sein »&crr burfte i^>m ben 9lefruten nur mit ben 9Bors 
ten jeigen : ^Saltan, ein Stcfrut 1" unb et fonnte jlc^er fein, baji 
ber SRefrut nid^t entlief. 93cfonberS lie§ ber «&unb SRiemanb au0 
ber ©tube, lucnn nuv baS toarnenbe Sort : „®ultan, ein 9lefrut I" 
liber i^n au^gcfproii^en toar. aBoUte ein folc^er, i^m anbertrau* 
ter»» Sienfd) jur 3!^iire ^inaud, fo jog i^n juerji .fcin ^uf fe^cr 
beini Olocffc^op fanft juriirf ; luieber^oUe er ben QScrfud?, fo n?ied 
i^n ber «&unb fd^on ernfl^after ^uriicf ; brauct)te iener ®e»alt, fo 
n:arf biefer ibn gu ^oben, trat i^m > auf bie 33rufl unb rief burc^ 
^eftigeg ^BellcnJ feinen ^^errn. @o mu^tc mand;"r iftefrut liegen 
ober fle^en bleiben, •< biS ber Df fijier f am, unb i^m burc^ bie SBorte: 
„Ca§ paffiren !" bie Srei^eit gab. /' M 

5)er ^aftor fianb bei ben Oieitern auf bem «&ofe; ber trcue $es 
ter (fo Uc^ ber ^ned^t) ' tuar allein in ber ©tube mit bem ,^ornet, 
ber jld; gemad)Ucb in ba6 (S^^p^a tt?arf unb irartete, bid bie $ferbe 
i>orgefii^rt ioaren* ©ultan lag ganj rut;ig Winter bem Dfen. 3)a 
ging ^Peter ju i^m, jetgtc, o^nc ba§ ber hornet eg bemerfte, auf 
biefen ^in, fagte ganj leife : „@nhan, ein Qtefrut I" unb ging 
bann ^inausf. Sultan flanb bebdd;tUc^ auf, jirecfte fld^ einigc* 
male unb nabm nun gang ernj^lid; feincn ^Pojlen tor feinem 
©cCiiftlinge ein. 

2)a rief einer ber Sleiter tom «&ofe in'S Senfler ^inein : „nun, 
&err'" hornet, luenn @ie mit tt?oUen, fo fommen ©id" — 
„®leid? l" tear bie »2(nttt?ort beg DffljirrS. 3)iefer nabm »&ut unb 
©to(f (ben man bamal^ nod; in ber .^reu^ifd^en 9lrmee trug), unb 

■■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■■■■-■ ■■-,■■■■ — ■ I ■■■ ■■ — I ^B^.^^^— ■^^^^■^^.^ 

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gog fcinc »ganbfc^ul^c an. ©ti^on legtc er t>ic elm »&ant> auf bif 
Xl^iirflinfc, aU pioi^liff) ®ultan jwifct^cn bie 3:^urc unb ben Jtor* 
net fprang unb ben lectern ganj unfanft jurucfwatf. 5)iefcr er* 
fc^racf, aU fa§e» i^m ein ffcinb auf ber Serf e, unb jjog fcinen 
@d6el ; boc^ noc^ e^e biefer gan^ auS ber @c^eibe war, lag fc^on 
ber «&.err .Jtornet auf bem 3Boben, Sultan jlanb auf i^m unb 
fcriiatc mit furc^terlic^er ©timnie- A* x" 

„%bn fo mac^en @ie boc^ fort I ®Iaubcn Sic |!^ benn fo 
jlc^er ^ier ?" rief toieber ber Sleiter braugen. „ „<So ^elft mrr 
boc^ l" " achate ber J^omet. 2)er $a|lor ^orte biefe Seufjer. ^it 
Oletter fitegen ai>, traten in bie ®tu'be unb lac^ten a\ie laut auf, 
aU fie fa^en, wit f)ifi\<i) unb befd^etben bet Jtomet gegen ben 
«&unb ttjar. 

„3Ba$ ^oben @le mit bem «&unbe ?" fragte @iner. — „ „2fci^ 
®ott, ic^ n?eig nic^t l" " \)pxa^ ber orme .^ornet, ber immer noc^ 
unter ben 33orberfiipen bed «&unbeS lag unb Icic^enblaf war- 

2)er $ajlor mertte gleid?, wad fein 5Pcter icieber angefangen 
f;aiU (ed trar ndmlid; nict;t bag erfle SKal, bap er Semanben bie* 
fen ©treici; fpielte), er rief bem «gunbe jU; aflein ♦jergebenS. £>enn 
jum Ungliicf oerfa^* ©ultan feinen 2)ienjl fo treu, baf er toon nics 
manben ©egenbefe^l annal^m, aU »on bem, ber i^m ben erfteii 
SBefe^l gegeben ^atte. Unfer Jtornet mupte alfo liegcn bleiben, 
bid man ben'* '{kter ](^olte, ber aud^ enblic^ !am, unb burc^ fein 
„gaf ^)afjlrenr' ben armen ©efangenen befreite, ber burc^ biefc 
Se^re gebeffert, unter oielen 5)anff agungen fe^r ^^jpic^f i)on bcui 
fl^aflor ^bfd^ieb na^m. 

18. Verier an feine tinier asf feiner Veifr nat^ ^talien> 

Q 1 en , ben 1. September 1788. 

9ln oOe meinc lieben J^inber : ©ottfrieb, ^tuguji, SBil^elm, 9tbel* 
bert, 8uidc^cn unb @mil. 

3c^ hin je^t na^ an ben- ©renjen 3!)eutfc^lanbd unb ^abe bad 
ato§e il^rolergebirge beina^e juriicfgelegt. @da jinb ^o^c 39ergc; 

M. « p. 446 Note, ogiaae. ^ 0. •> L. 89 Note, o L. 46. «. 

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an^ clnfQCti roar ijicl ®c^nee, unt) Vit fogcnannte $fortc ober Jtlaufe, 
burc^ tt?clc^e man nac^ ^^prot !ommt; ifl befonbetS ttjilb, fdjSn imb 
prac^tfg, 9tuc^ bic 33iartingttjanb flub xvix^ toortei gefommen, tuo 
bcr ^aifer aWajimilian fic^ &ct9icg, unb t^abm in 3ng6ru(f mitten 
in bcr ^ird^e ein fcl^r fc^5ne^ !l)enfmal auf i^n gefc^cn, ton bem 
ic^ cuc^ miinbli(^ erjd^len ti)erbt\<^ 3e^t bin ic^ in 33o^en, wo 
fftvLtt cine unfaglic^e aWcngc ^Jolfd ijl, njcit 19,000 J^inbct gcfir» 
melt mcrbcn fo(len,<i ba bcr 33if(^of in 4)ielen 3a^ren nid;t gcjtrmelt 
i)at 3)a ifl nun tor unfcrem ffiirt^^g^aufc jur Sonne cin folcljci 
Dbftmarft, tok if)x in curem ^cbcn nod^ fcinen gcfe^cn f)abt ; ba 
gibt c^e 93irncn, S^^J^tfci^gen, SBeinivauBcn, 9liiffe, gcigcn, benn 
^icr iract;fen fcijon ffcigcn; balb toerben tuir and) ba^in fommcn, 
n?o bic ^omcrdnjcns unb Kitronenbaumc tt)aci;fcn, D, ba$ i^r 
mit mir waret/ obcr ic^ euc^ eincn Stoxh folc^en DbjieS 5ufcl;icfen 
fonntc! *il6cr bag fct^&ncDbfi faultc« untortrcgS, tok ^unjeiienbie 
fct^oncn mcnfdjti^cn «&offnungcn ton inncn ^erauS tmvefen. — 
Qlud; gibt cS ^ier fc^on :pCattc 3)ad&cr, tt?ic e§ in Stalicn tide geben 
foU, '• too man n?cit umber fc^cn fann ; unb bie 8uft ifi gar fanft, 
trarm unb milb. 5luf ben S^vrolcrgebirgen ib^^ben njir auci^ 
©em^II fpringen fe^^en, au(^ cing in 3n5brucf flcgeffcn, unb ein ^a^- 
me3 i gcfe^cn, bad gar nieblic^ i»ar unb fcincr 9Jd^rerln; eincr 
QSaucrSfrau, iibcrall l^infolgtc. 

i^crnetnur flei§ig unb fii^rct cuc^ gut auf; lernt auc^ t^iibfc^ 
5ei^ncn,J bcnn bad bcflagc ic^ fcbr, bag i^'8 mcl;t fann. ^g jtnb 
gar ju fc^onc Oegcnbcn unb taufenb OBafferfdac jujifc^en ben ^43er» 
gen, bie cin reipenbcr Strom, bic ©tfct;, madjt SBir flnb tiele 
©tunben kcclt nebcn il^m gcfa^rcn; fucl;t mir"* pbfrf; auf ber 
^arte nac^, ba !6nnt {t)x unfcre ga^^rt finbcn. SWorgen fomme i^ 
md) ^rcnto, ba finbC i6) tictleic^t 0lac^ricf;t ton cu^. 

fiebt tijo^l, Ikbe Jliriber, f^abt mict? lieb •« unb Icbt mit eurcr 
abutter unb bem ganjcn ^aufe tooi&U @a Iji f^jfit, unb i^r tocrbct » 
fc^on meijicnS in curen S3cttc^cn fc^tafcn- Sc^laft too^I I 
— — ^ p- _ 

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14. per /Honb. 
3m Dfleu tx\}tib il(^a Itx Wlonl,^ xm\) fc^toamm, toic^ ein Iclc^« 
ter ^adjm, in t)em ffiicberfc^elne bc« 2(6eiibrot(;3. JI)lc Jlinfect 
gcigten i^n t>cm SSater. „9Bic fdjon unb jart Ip cr/' ^ fagtc ^lils 
ruin ; Jo fic^t er nic^t immet au^."*' „@r ifl In fcinet Stin^dt/' 
ertt?iet)erte t>er SBater. „2tttt jcbem S^agc tt)lrb et toaci^fcn, unb fein 
fitct)t tvirb )une^men,« 6td er imd bte gan^e boUe ®c^et6e §eigt. <* 
aSiellelc^t toerben if)n bidmeilen fflolfen bebccfen, unb er irirb feln 
Slngejlc^t cerl^uUen. 9lad^ einiger Qcii tt?h-b er toicbcr abne^s 
mcn,« unbflcincrtoerben,umK einboUfommene^SSilbbegh mmfc^s 
lichen J&cbenS ju tt?erben." „5^ oerjlcfce nicfet, woS bu meincjt/' 
fagtc ^^eobor. „D ia/ jiel 2(Umm ein; „ic^ ttjcip, maS bufagen 
toiUftl !Der SJi^cnfc^ nimmt aud^ }uunb ab;^ gldn^t eine B^itlang 
liber bcr @rbe, bann oerfc^winbet er, »» unb teirb im ®rabe t}erbor* 
gen." i „Unb bie iffiolfen, bie ben SWonb guweilcn um^iiUen ?" 
f agte ber SSater. „2)iefed rodp ic^ nid;t ju beuten," „@e •« flnb 
bie Unfdlle, bie bem^ SD^ienfc^enbegegnen/' • fu^r ber SSater fort ; 
„fein Men ijl>n no(j& glanjenb; unb (;eiter iiber bie (Srbe ^iniuegs 
gejogen, jebed f^at feine triiben 3!age gcbabt." 5lber an bem un* 
fcl;ulbigen unb guten 33ienfc^en jie^en bie SBoIfen ooriiber, unb bie 
flflu^e feiner Seele bleibt ungeflort. Unbtoenn er auc^o enblici^ 
bor unfern 9tugen berfc^toinbet, fo gel^tp er nic^t ju ©runbe, fon« 
bem flra^It in einer anbern ®egenb emig bouernb unb unberan* 
berlicJ^-" «i*tor. 


15« per 9ititftt/loii>. 
Stt einer ©tabt lebte ein ebler mcnfci^enfreunblic^er STOann^*, 

"bernh ging e3 ju «&erjen, baf ^ bie ^inbcr ber<* 5lrmutl^ fo blinb* 


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ring^e aufiruc^f en f unb i^rc S^agc in a)lu§i9gang oerlcBten.f Tia 
f^rac^ er« ju |!c^ fel6ct:»» 3c^ trtU fe^cn, t)a§ ic^ beni' ab^elfel 
©0 cerwenbctc cr^ feinc Jtcnntniffc uub fein SScrmSgcn, unu fcln 
fct^6ncg 33eg{nncn«« auSjuf listen J -Mn Vie avenge trar fo oer* 
berBt, bad Ucbel ju grog unb blc ^rSfte bc3 ©injclncnm )u 
goring, umi baa tro^lt^Stigc ®er! ju ijodcnben. (53 minlang. 

3)a fpotteten blc^ SWenfc^en^ bed to^^ltuoaenben 3)lanned" unb 
fiigten : fflie fein i)at ex fein ffier! ttoUenbet I 0lun i ji « er felb jl t^ ein 
Qlrmer'" gen?orben ! @inige aber fagten : (ixf)at (5^rc unb Oewiniv 
gef uc^t, p unb ©cfeim^f unb ©c^aben gefunben. ®o f:pract;cn flc » 
unb riimpften bie SRafe iiber i^n, 9luci^ Jjerlicpen i^n feinc 
Srcunbe. » 2)enn ea "^ n?aren 3^if(t)freunbe* . W » v. L». 

JDariiber a>arb>^ ber 9Wcnfcl;enfreunb betrubt in felnem *&erjen^ 
unb bcfd^Iog, bie 3J^enfd^cn ju ijerlaffcn, unb jid^ in eine einfame 
©egenb guriirfjujiel^en," So bauete er * fid? eine »&iitte unb vffanjtc 
cinen ®arten, fern i}on bem ©cirii^l ber ©tabt, in eincr flillen 
©egenb. «&ier befreunbete er** ftc^ mit ben ^JPlanjen bcS ®.birge0 
unb ben 3S6geln beg SBalbeS. aiber nod? fii^lte er fid? nid?t gliicf- 
lid?, dx forfc^te in ftc^ felber*^ unb fprac^ : 3c^ mug ettua^ nebcn 
mir ]^aben,p ba3 treulici^ mic^ IkU^ unb bie SBaljr^eil unb 3^reue 
mir jeigc/ bie jic^ bei ben^^ SKenfc^en fo felten finbet.|j, Daju gab 
unS ia" ber «6inimel ba3 treuejie unter ben 3!^ieren, -^.©r ging 
unb hxa(i)te einen «&unb in feine «&iitte, unb gab ibni einen Jl^men, . 
9^un ^atte er* einen 33cgleiter unb ©cnoffen in feiner @infain!eit^ 

9IU er nun eined SWorgena ^ in bcm na^cn ©ebiifd? tranbette, 
ba f^ra^ er ju fld^ felbfl: iehe ic^ boc^ im ©d^ooge ber^ 0latui 
— unb bennoci^ iji eine fieere in meinem ©emiit^e. UBaS fonnte 
mir no^ fei^len? — Subcm^ erforebete, aarb er eineS SSogleina^ 
geira^r, ^ baS feine 3ungen imSRefte t>ervffegte. — D, ricf er barauf, 
ein neuer 2Binf I ber «* a^cnfc^ mug etiuaS ^aben, baS er mit ©org* 
fait *}er^)flege.' 

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©0 legtc cr ^^ einen 99iencnjlant> an y nebcn feiner «&uttc. 

9lun fa$ ex ©tunbcn unb 3!agc laitf^ in feiner Q3ienen^uttc unD 
betuunberte f:pa^cnb bit dmjlgfeit unb ben gleif be5 fleinen QSSlfa 
c^ene ^ unb entbcciftc tdglid; neue SBuuber in biefem t^dtigeu »&au3s 
i)alt unb ©irfen,'^ unb bic 33eujunberung erfiillte feinc Seelc. 
5(6er er fc^auete urn |!c^, ttjem et feinc ®eban!cn uud ©mvpnbuna 
gen niitt^eilen m6c^te. Unb fein Ȥunb blicftc i^n fteunblic^ an, y 
abet er oerpanb ti)n nid^t. 3)a er^o^ » er fic^ unb ging, unb fud^te 
bie ©o^nungen ber ianbleute auf,y too *-8ienen^tten jlanben. 
Unb jte na^men i^n geme auf , ^6rten i^^m ju, y befucf^ten iftn unb 
lernten ton i^m. 3)enn er le^rte jie manc^eS »on ber 33ienens 
ind)i, xoa^ fte bidder nic^t gett?u§t fatten, « unb tvenn cr son ben 
Sienen auf^orte, fo rebetc cr* bon ber ^o^cn QScflimmung unb 
bem QkU Der ^ 2^enfti^^cit. 3)ie i^anbleutc aber glaubten i^m baS 
cine tcte bad anbere unb getrannen i^n ikh, unb ^^riefen i^n aid 
i^ren SlBo^lt^ater. 

<So fiibrtc bie<^ 9latur unb SBal^r^cit i^n toieber ju ben 2Wcn» 
fc^en auriid, Don melc^en Aitnjlelei unb Salfc^^cit if^n entfrembct 
l^attcn. 8 



16. fillet unb finimtn. 


Der toeife »6i(lel l^atte einen 3 finger, bc^ 0lanie tear SKaimon^ 
unb «&iUeI f rente ftc^ ber %tlagena bed Siinglingd unb feined gu< 
ten aSerjlanbed. 2(ber balb tema^m er, ba§ SRiatmon ber '» cigencn 
UBeid^cit ju fe^r bcrtraue unb bed ®ebetd» fic^ ganjlic^ entfc^lage. 

Denn ber 3ungling f^rad; in feinem «&erjen : ^JJojubad JBcten? 
©ebarf ber ^Hlmad^tige unfered 9Borted, » bag er l?elfe unb ge6e ? 
®o ii>5r' ^ er ein aJienfct^nf inb. ^ann mfnfcl;lirtjed 33itten unb 
©eufjen bie matl^fdjluffc bed (5tt?igen finbern? SDirb ber ©iitigc 
und nic^t ton fclbfl, toa& gut unb ^eilfam, '' getofi^ren ? — ®o 
toaren bed 3unglinge ©ebanten. 

9lber *&iUel irar befummert in feiner ©eele, ba§ S^aimon jlc^i 

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weifer bunfte, \imn t)a8 gSttlitfee fflort, unb cr nalfem flc^ bot; iftn 

9(IS nun aWaimon elne5 3:a9e« « ju i^m ging, faf ^gidcl in fcU 
ttcm Oatten in bem Sc^atten bcr $a(men, jlnncnb unb fcin Ǥau^t 
ouf bie 'Sanb gclc^nt^ 5)a fragtc SKaimon unb f^rac^ : SRciftcr, 
toem jinnefl bu nac^ ? 

^ 3)a cr^oB «&iC[eI fcin ^avopt unb rcbctc in biefcn ffiorten: 
"* ®ie^e, idi i^aht cinen ffrcunb; bet Ithet Don bem dxtxaQ fcine^ 
(5rbc8, baS cr Wf^et mit ©oVgfalt 6c6auctc, fo ba§ c3 i^m tcidjlid; 
bic aRii^e DcrgoUcn.d 2(Bcr jc^t f^at cr $flug unb ^arjl abges 
tf}an, unb toid ben Slier flc^ fclbp uScrlajfen, @o n?irb cr oer* 
ormcn unb SRotl^ Iciben. ja 

•&at jld^ cin ®eiji bc8 Unmutl^cg feiner bcmSc^tigt, obcr ifl cr 
ein S^arr QCitorbcn 7 fragtc bcr 3ungling. 

^cincg ton bcibcn/ anttt)ortete »6iUcl. @r ift too^lcrfa^rcn in 
Qottlic^cr unb menfc^lic^cr sfficiSl^cit unb frommcn @tinneg» SCbcr 
er fagt : JDcr-^crr ift allmad^tig, fo mag er niir IcidjtTic^ bic0la^s 
ri^ng t}e|rlct^cn, o^ne ba^ \^ mein <&aupt jur @rbe ncigc ; unb cr 
ijt giitig, fo toirb cr nicincn Slifc^ fcgncn unb fcine milbc «J^anb 
auft^un* — Unb tt?ie I5^t ftc^ bcm k ttjibcrfprct^enj, 

SBie — fagtc bcr 3ungling — ^eift^ baS nid^t, ®ott ben 4?cnn 
tocrfud^cn ? ^a^ bu i^m bad nic^t gefagt, dlabbunt ? 

Da lid^cltc .giael unb fvrac^ : 3c^ toiU eS i^m fagcn. 2)u, 
mein gcUc6tcr SRaimon, 6i{i bcr Srcunb, bon n^cici^cm ic^ rcbc. 

3(ft ? fagte bcr 3ungling unb entfc|te j!c^. J)er ©rciS a6cr • 
ontujortctc unb f^rad^ : aScrfud^eji bu nid;t auct; ben tgcrrn ? 3P 
ba^ ®ctct tocnigcr, benn bic 5(r6cit, unb bic gcifligc ®aht gcrins 
ger, aU bic grud^t beg SclbcS ? — Unb dx, bcr bic^ ^ci^et « bad 
«&auvt gur @rbe neigen bcr irbifd;cn grucl;t luiflcn, ifl cr ein axis 
bcrcr, aI8 bcr J bic^; i^cipct bcin »&aupt gen «&imnicl cr^cbcn, ben 

l^immlifd^cn ®cgcn ju enH)fa^n? D, mein ®o^n fcibcs 

mut^ig^ glaubc unb bete I 

aifo rcbctc »6illel unb fa^ auf gen ^immcL SKaimon afccr ging 
^in unb Setctc, unb fcin ?cbcn tear cin gottlic^fc^.'^ jirum««(^»r. // 

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17. 9rr Cirkni^rr Stt. 

9fm Supc t)ft julifc^eii ?K:pen Itegt in Strain "tn Betul^mtc Sirfr 
V '^tii^cr See, &on je^eV ba^ SBunber unb SlStl^fel t)cr ®egenb. Qcfl* 
lic^ bon %M9UxQ, ba too bie ©c^eimniffc ber Untertoclt in l^unbcri 
©ctoolScn bet ^alffelfen toerfc^loffen flnb, UciUi ^jlc^ « ^er tounber* 
f c^6nc See bon 6U!ni§ auS, *> toie ein Spiegel con brei Dimbrat* 
meilcn. 5luS ii^m ragen fimf 3nfcln ^ertjor,*' unb eine berfelBen 
hagt felbfl bag 2)5tfc^cn Dtto!. ^ gRe^rcre Sflu^c^cn fatten f)itit 
ein. @r ifl fe^r reic^ an Sifd^en unb iSBafTewiJgeln, unb bic 
gan^e ^^algegenb um^et ifi romamifc^ f(^9n. d^Srbltd^ er^ebt 
flc^a bag ®(l^ini$a ©ebirfje^ toefHid; unb fiiblic^ ber groJeSaijora 
ni!. SUeun 2)6rfer, jtoanjig Jlirc^en unb jtoei ©c^loffer rci^cn 
flc^ um ben @ee. 

33ei tjielem dlegen getoinnt er an Umfang^ aln M fe^r trode*- 
nem SBetter Derfc^toinbet fein ©etoajfer iinb ikf}t in ben- gc^eimen 
@c^of ber Unterwelt. S^ritt biefe (onbertiufe (Srf^einung ein, 
bann (auten bie 2)i>ffer um^cr unb fud^en -nod^ ^i/ fif^en fo toiel 
al0 mBglic^* ,93pn,@tunbe ^u ©tunbe finft tiefcr ber Spiegel; 
benn eine avenge bou iiJSc^ern im ®runbe beg <^eeg' ocrf c^lucft fein 
©ctoaffer. Untcrirbifd;e ^bf)Un bon unerme§lic^em Umfang, bic 
nie ein menfd^lici^eg 5tug^ gefc^aut,^ nc^oten eg auf. 

3c§t trodnet ber ©runb bcg'@ecg ai, unb ber riil^rl^c SWenfc^ 
mi^t ©rag, too cr fonjl fifd^tc; er toagt ju'fSeh unb ernbtct "girfe 
unb ©u^toeijen; er nimmt jlatte b'egS'le^eg'bag Seuerro^r unb 
• criegt ®ilb:pret. 

®o ifl ber tounberbare See ntit SSec^t in bem (Rufe; ba^ man 
barin fifci;en, jagen unb ernbten fann, ii& bie Qui fic^ toenbct, 
l^aufige Olegenguffe; jlarfe ©etoitter \i^ einpetlen, 3)ann tritt bag 
©etodffer aug ben ©runblbd^em getoaltfam l&erauf . (Sg ^ f:peiet 
bie Untertoclt ©etoaffer unb gifc^c l^erauf, fo bag binnen bier unb 
gtoanjig Stuuben ber @ee glei4)fam toieber neu gef^^affen ift.' — 
Sufammcn^ang biefeg (3eeg mit unterirbifci^efi S2>^ffer^d^fen, bic 
t^eilg unter i^m; tl^cilg ^o^er alg er liegen, gtbt bie @rflar«^'^ 

beg SKunberg. ©uts^imuti / 

. — — — i, 

M. '^Ii.29.10. bL.61. 4. c§i28. 6. <l § 160. Note, e L. 60. 1. f L. 28. 9. 
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^ ^ifdjonanta ioar bcr relc^flea untcr ben JtBnigm tion Snblcn, 
unb feine ^rad^t unb »&mlic(;!eit l^attcn fcin (5nbe. 2l6cr ct 
tourbc jlolj unb uSermiit^ig In fcincm Ucberflu^ unb ijcrfd^log f ein 
•&cr5 oor ben ©eringeren *» feineS 33olfcd, unb neigete nur feincn 
3e:|3ter ben ffiirllen iinb Ǥo^en, ^ bic uiu fcinen %\^x^\\ panben. c 

IDatiibcr betriibtc*' ftcl^ ^\\\ alter 33rame; « ber 2)ufc^manta'3 
Secret genjeto H3ar<^ ^tn ben ^^agen feiner 3ugenb. Unb er bcr= 
Iie§ feme ©in^cbclel,' jTreutc @taub auf fein ^aupt unb fleUte jlcf; 
jttjifd^en bic l^errlici^en Sautcn am^ ^ingang bc3 !i)uigUi1;cn 

2)a Bemcrfte i^n ber Mntg® unb lle§g bon 33ramen cor fid) 
fommen.h 5Barum, fragte er« i^n, erfrf;einfl Du in ben 3»^irtK« 
tieffler* ^rauer, unb @tau6 bebecft bein graucg 'Sauipt? — 33rame antroortete: %{^ id; bid) oerlief?, ba tvarefl bu^ 
ber^reic^flea aller ^JBe^enfc^er Snbieng, bie jemaB auf bcinem 
3!^ron fapcn. ^ 2)enn iBrama ^atte bi.-^ uborfd^mcngUd; gofegs 
net,h unb mit ffreuben berdeg \^^ baei ^m% meineS JtSnlgS unb 
t&erm. S^lun aber toerna^^m i(i^« In meiner @infamf eit, ba§ alle 
JencSuttebir' oetfd;njunben, unb bie tiefpc 5lrmut^ bein Spo3 

m^ — 

2)ufc^manta cerna^m biefe ffiortc mit SSerttjunberung unb Ia» 
d;elte : 2Beld;er ^feor , f^)rad; er, « ^at bir' fo(d;e Untt?al^rl;eit be* 
rld)tet?*» fie^e boti^ nur biefen ^allafi, bie Sujigorten, bie i^n urns 
geben, c feie 2)iener, bie meined ffilnfceJ barren, ^ — 

3)er ®rei3 antteortete : ^lUe^ biefe§ ifl nur 3:aufc^ung, bic urn-- 
fonfl bie ^ugen be^ SBeifen »> ju berblenben fudjt. ^ Snbiend ^Bcs 
l^errfcber ifl'« ton feiner 5utle in 5lrmut^ terfunfen I 

2)er Jtiinig erflaunte iiber bie SBorte bed ttjcifen 93raminfn, unb 
f^rac^» : HBer ift benn ber ©ema^remann unb SfUQ^; ber mel^r 
geltf ' alg ber ^licf meined 5Iuge3 unb baS ©efii^l meiner »&anbe ? 

3)a er^ob b:r ®rei0e feine ©timme unb fagte: bic (^onne, bad 


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®mn(»l(b bcr 5Ba^rt»eit unter bem 3^rone $rama*8, Vu Kegcn* 
XDoih u6cr unfern t^auvtcrn unb bcr S^ruc^tba|mi bor memcr «6utte 
fccrfujibcu unb jeugcn mtr bcinc 2lrmut^. '^V^ 

J^ufd^manta ticrPummtc — abcr bor ®rci3 ful^r fort : 2)afi 
39ra«ia bic J^Snigin be^'" «gijttnie(3 mit crolgcr SiiOie beg " 8icl)s 
tfg imb bcr'n ilBdrme fc^uiiicftc, fagm mir bic Strafilen," bie 
bon i^rcm 5lufgang biS jum Sflicbfri^ang auf jcbffl ^dlmc^cn, unb 
fo cjut auf mcinc «&utte, al0 auf bcincn ^allap i^r' entjiromcn, c 
unD in jibcm ^^^autrevfcn \vk in bcni Wlccxc fid) fpicgcln. — 2)ie 
SBoIfe, ttjcnn jlc coU ifi,*^ wanbclt flc iibcr .'$'(?a(fr unb «&ol?en, 
i()rcn @cgon ^crnicbcrfcnfcnb, unb tranfct mit i^rcm Oicic^t^um 
bie burftonbe ^cl;otlc unb basf ®ebirge. — 3)cr 3frucl;tbaum neigct 
bie giiUe feiner gcfegnetcn 2(eflc jur (Srbe t;inab. — ®o terfiins 
biget unb jeugt bie"* 0latur,« bag SBrama flc mit Olei(!)t^uni 
gefegnet f)(ihQ. — 2)u aber gleicl;fl cinem ffclfcn, ' beffen SBorn 
sertrocfnot \%^ — 

»&a jl bu " \)ictan noc^ nid)t genug, 3!)ufd;manta, fo frage aud^ 
nod; bic il(;rancn beineS 33oIfeg, unb bann bla^e bid; im 5lngc* 
fid;tc iBrama'g unb feiner @d;6pfung auf beinem 9tei."l)tl&um ! — 

®o fprad; ber (Sinfteb(er« unb fc^rtc ju feiner »&uttc ^uriicf. 
2)ufd;nianta abcr na^m bic ®ortc beS 53raminen ju »§erjen unb 
trarb ton dlcncm ber fflo^hl^ater unb ®cgen feincd 3Solfeg. 

2)arauf cineS 5:ageS" begab'' cr fid; in bic ©injicbclei beg "Bras 
minen, unb rief i^w auh feiner «&attc unb fvrac^ : 3d; barf ic^t 
toiebcr in ben ©tral^len beg ®onncnlid;teS unb tor bem *}lngcflii;t 
beiner fruc^tbelabcnen SSaumc crfc^eincn.h 2lber cgp fc^let nocb 

ffiaS f onnte, fiel ber Sraminc cin, q bem Siirflcn nod^ fe^lcn, 
bcr feineS ^antici Oegen unb bcS SSolfcS ^43ater iji?^ 

2>cn 2)anf mcinc3 ^^erjeng, anttrortetc 2)ufc^manta, e bcr HBeigs 
^?cii barjubringen q bic mid; auf ben rcd;ten 3Beg gefii^rfunb gc« 
Ic^ift ^at,<^ bag bag frS^Iic^e ^:ilntli| beS33olfeg ber cinjigcateic^. 
(f)\m feincS giirflcn unb gii^rerS ijl. '^ 3c^; ttjar arm gett?orben; »* 
b»f bajl mid^ aicb« uberfc^irenglid; rcid^ gcmad;t I ^ 

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So f^rac^ bcr Surfi.e 2)er ®rcW atcr umarmtc t^n mit 
Sicubentl^ranen, unt> [egnete it}n. 

19. 9ie 9e^tmmttng iti^ ^tiif^en. 

SBir ertlicffit au^er un0 einc ajcrBinbung, in tocIcJ^cr Jleinct fitt 
i!c^^ fcl6jl^ artelten !ann,c ^^nc fiir allc *flnWrc gu arbeiten/* 
Dl&nc jugleic^ fiir jlc^ fclbfl 3U ar6citcn,<^ inbcm bcr gluc!Hd;c Sort* 
gang eine« aRitglicbeg gliicf Hd^er gortgang fiir aUc ijt ; <^ cin 2(ns 
!6litf, bcr fc^on burd^ bic «&armonie, bic tDix in bcm *2mermannigs 
faltigjlcn« crblicfen,^ tnnig njo^lt^ut, unb unfem ©cijt mad^tig 
txf)cht.^ 3)a§ 3ntercffe fteigt, tucnn man^ clnen Q3U(f auf flc^ 
fclbfl t^ut unb {let; al^ '}Ritgltcb bicfcr gropcn innigcn ^crbinbung 
bctrac^tct, <^ Dad ©efii^l unfrcr ®iirbc unb unfrcr Jtraft ftcigt, 
tocnn »ir unS« fagcn,c ujaS 3cbcr untcr un3 jid; fagcn fonn:© 
„^dn 2)afcin ijl nic^t ocrgcbcnd unb jnjccflod ; ic^ bin cin not^s 
ttjcnbigcg ®Ucb bcr grogcn »^ettc, bic »on bcr ^ntwicfclung bed 
crjicn 3)^enfc^cn jum boUen SBetuu^tfein feincd iDafcind bid in ble 
@tt)ig!cit ^inaudge^t.c 

5lUf0, ttjad " icmald grof unb ttjcifc unb cbel untcr ben ^TOcnfc^cn 
Wat, c bicjcnlgcn HBol^lti^atcr bed aKcnfc^engefd;(cct)ted, beren ^a: 
men icf) in bcr 8Be(tgcfc^ic^tc aufgcjcid^nct ' jinbc, unb bic mcl^rcn, 
bercn SBerbicnflc o^nc i^rcn Xiamen loori^anbcn jlnb, — fic alle 
l^aben fiir mic^ gearbeitet ;J ic^ biTt"* in i^re @rntc gefommcn ;j ic^ 
betretc auf bcr @rbc, bic fic bcnjo^ntcn, ibrc Segcn tocrbrcitenben 
JSugfla^fen. 3c^ !ann, fobalbJ. ic^ toitl, bic cr^abcnc -^lufgabc, 
bic jlc flc^ aufgcgcbcn t;attcn,c ergrcifcn,J unfcr gcmcinfamed 
SBrubergefc^lcc^t immer treifcr unb gliicf (ic^er gu macl;en ; s ic^ 
fann bo fortbaucn, »o fIc auf ^5rcn muf ten ; «« ic^ f ann ben ^err* 
lid^cn Scmpcl, ben jie untooUcnbet laffcn muptcn,^ fciner ^Sollen? 

bungn nailer bringcnj „2tbcr ic^ tocrbc auf^8rcn miiffen/- 

* . 


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»ic" fit;" ^urften f!(^ 3emanT) faflen.q D, c8 ifl bcr er^abcnflc 

®cbanfc unter aUm : Ic^ wcrbe, rocnn idi jcnc cr^aBnc -Jlufgabe 

ufcernel^me, c nie tooCicnbet ^abcn;J l(^ fann alfo, fo' Qeiuig bie 

Ueberne^munfl bcrfelben mcine Seftimmung ijl, id^ fann nic auf« 

^Orcn ju tt?ir!cn, unb mit^in nic auf^orcn ju fein. 

3)aS, toa^h man 3^ob ncnnt,'^ fann mcin 2Bcr£ nlc^t abbrcs 

(]^cn;> benn meinSBcrf foil toollenbet wcrben/ mit^ln ifl meinem 

JDafein feine 3^it bcpimmtJ — unb id) bin eitig. 3ci^ babe nut 

bcr Unterne^mung jcncr gropen 5luf gabc bie* (Stvigfctt an mic^ 

geriffcnj 3c^ ^cbc mcin •gau^t fii^n cm^or ju bcm bro^cnbm 

^clfcngcbirge, unb §u bem tobcnben ©affcrjturjc unb ju ben fras 

cl?enben, in einem Seuermeer fc^toimmenben* 3BoIfen, unb fagc: 

„3c^ hin cajig, unb id? tro|e eurer SWac^t ! ' JBredjt alle ^erab 

auf mic^ ; unb bu @rbe unb bu »&immti, tocrmifd^t euc^^« im ttjilbcn 

3^umulte ! unb i^r ^Icmente aUe, fc^aumet unb tobet,unb ^erreibet 

im ttjilben ^amvfe bad lejte Sonnenjldubc^en bed Jt6rpcr§; ben 

ic^ mcin nennc I '^ mcin 3BiUe aUein mit [einem feflcn *4}(ane foU 

fiil^n unb triump^irenb iiber ben $riimmcrn bed liEBeltaUd fd^wcs 

ben ;J benn ic^ ^abe meine siBejiimmung ergriffen, unb bic" ifl 

bauember aid i^r ; fie ifl eu?ig, unb idf bin e»ig, n^ie jle/' 


// ^> 20. 9tr mifit ?nftl 

din xti^tx, gutt^otiget SP'^ann ttjoUte einen'fciner ®cla&en 
gliicflid^ madden ;» er fd^enfte i^m bic»» ffrei^oit unb lie§ i^m ein 
(Sc^iff mit toielen f 6jilid?en ffiaatcn audriiflen. c „®^^/' f «flte 
ct, ,;Unb fcgle bamit^ in ein frcmbed l^anb; wud^ere mit biefen 
SBaaren unb atler ©cannn foil bein feiu/'a 5)cr ©clatoc reijlc 
ab^^ aber faum njar cr einige ^cii auf bcr ®ce, aid ftc^f ein 
IjeftigcT Sturm er^ob» unb fein Sd;iff gegen cine ^lippe warf,« 
bafi ed fd^eiterte. 2)ic f«)ftUd;en 3Baaren terfanfen im SJieere, 

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ode feine ®cf%tcn famcn urn,® unb er felfcji crrcic^te mit ge- 
nouer ffloti) bie Ufer einer SnfeL ^gungtig, norft unb o:^ne «&ulfc 

• ging Af'» ticfer ing 8anb unb ttjeintc u6er fcinUngtuc!; aU n \^on 
feme einc grogc @tobt nhlidte, k aul bet l^m eine SDicnge ^Im 
ir^^ner' mit lautem Srmbengefc^rci entgegen fam:o „^ni urn 
ferm ^Bntge !" rtefen jte i^m ju,* fe|ten i^n auf einen ^)raci?tigen 
ffiagen unb f iil^nen i^n in bie ©tabt. (5r !ani in ben f6uigUcl;en 
^alajl, ttjo man) i^m einen ^Jur^urm ante! anlegte,^ ein 3)iabeni 
urn feine @tirn Banb k unb if)n einen golbnen 3^^ron kfleigen 
lieg.g 5)ie SSorne^men traten um i^n f)n, ficlen tjor i^ni nieber« 
unb f d^triiren i^m im fflamtn be3 ganjcn QSoIfd ben @ib ber •» 

2)er neue JtSnig glaufcte anfangS, >« aUe biefc »§errlid;!eit ,fei » 
ein fc^onet 3'raum, bid bie Jortbauer feineS ®lndi i^n nic^^t me^t 
jtoeifein lie§,B bag biefe tounberBate 93egcfcfli^eit wirflid; \vaf)x 
feiJ 3c^'begreife nid^t, f^rac^ er Ui fl^ felbfl, wa3 bie 5(ugcn 
biefcS tounberlid^en 33ol!8 be^aubett ^at,8 einen nacften Srrembling 
ju i^rem «^onigen»3u mact;cn.R @ie fennen mic^ nicl;t, n?ct ict) 
bin ; fie fragen nic^t, tt?o^er ic^ fomme, unb fe^en mid; auf il;ren 
%i}xon. aBag ift baSfiit" eine fonbetbare @ittej n biefem !iJanbe7jf^' 

^\\ ®o bad^te er'^ unb ttjurbe fo neugierig, biF5rfad;c feiner @r> 
^ebung ju n^iff en, » bag er fid^ ^ entf djlog, « einert oon ben il^orne^a 
men an feinem «&ofe;ber i^m ein toeifer Wlann ju fein« fd;ien,8 
um bie 5lufl6fung' biefeg 3?at^fele ju fragen, « ,,^>e3icr/' rcbete 
er** i^n an,« ^'^ttarum ^abt i^r mic^ benn ju ^urern »^&nigc"' ge» 
mac^t ?a aSic fomttet 3&r teiffen, bag id? auf Surer 3nfel ange* 
fommen fei ? ' unb tt?a0 trirb enblid; mit mir ttjerben ?" » „'&err/' 
antwortete ber $5ejier; ,;biefe 3nfe( :^elgt" baS i^anb ber^^rii* 
fung unb trirbi' ^jon- SBefen eigener 5(rt beiro^nt.* @ie l^aben 
bor langen S^'itcn ben 5(Umdd;tigen gebeten,** i^nen ja^rli^ einen 
©o^n 'iJlbam^ ju fenben,^ bag er fic regiere. ' 2)er 2lUmac^tige 
' ^at i^re 35ittc angenommen, « unb lagt alle 3a(;re an bem namli* 
d;en 3!age einen S^enfi^en an i^rcr 3nfel lanben, 2)ie (Sintro^« 
ncr eilen i^m, njie 2)u gcfe^en l^aft, freubig entgegen, unb erfen* 

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nen i^n fiir i^ten Dbcr^crrn; abet fcine Olcglcnmg baucrt nlc^t 
linger, al8 ciii 3a^r. 3ft ^ bicfc 3^ it onrfloiTcn unb t)er beftimmtc 
ilag iricbcr ctfcl;lcncn: fo toirbp er feiner ffiurbc^ cntfc^t, man J 
bcraubt i^n beg fonlgUct^en ©d^niudc^f unb (egt i^m fd^Ied^te 
Jtleiber an. e Seine 39eblenten tragen i^n mit ®ett?aU an§ « Ufor 
unb legen i^n in ein befonber^ baju gebauted^ ®c^iff/ bail t^n auf 
eine bcfonbere 3n[et bdngt.B 2)lefc 3nfel ift ttJiifte unb obe; ie« 
ber, ber noc^ *?or njentgen 3^agen ein mad;tiger .Konig wax, ^ f ommt 
l&ier nacft an,* unb flnbet toeber Untett^anen noc^ Jreunbe. ^ics 
manb nimmt an felnem Unglucfe ^^eil unb er mu^ in biefem u?iU 
pen £anbc ein traurigeg unb fummertoUe^ Seben fii^ren," wenn 
er fein 3a()r nid^t (lug angewenbet ^at.« ffla^ ber QSerbannung 
beg alten ^onigd gett, bod 33ol!*» bem neuen, " ben i^m bic ^Jors 
fe^ung beg QlUmadjtigen jebeg 3a^r o^ne 5(ugnaf?mc fenbet, r auf 
bie gett?6^nlidbe SBeife entgegen uub nimmt i^n mit gleic^er ffteube, 
trie ben ijorigen " auf. Died, ^err, ip bad ettjigc Oefeft biefed 
Sleic^g, bad tdn StbnxQ n.^d^rejtb feiner 9legierung auf^eben 
fann."K /^ ^ 

„@inb benn auc^ meinc 9Sorganger/' fragtc ber Jt6nig ^ tveiter, 
„ton b refer fur jen 2)auer i^rer »&T>T^eit unterric^tet gewefen?"'-* 
„Jteinem t>on i^nen/' antttjortete ber QSejier, ^tcar biefed ©efeg 
bcri^ 93ergSnglid?feit unbefannt; aber einlge licgen fid; ton bem 
©lanje, ber ibren ^^ron umgab, terblenbfln;^ jic- tergofcn bic 
traurige 3"^""?^ H"^ i?erlebten il^r 3a^r, ol^ne^ toeife ju fein. 
Qlubere, beraufd;t ton ber ©ii^igfeit i^red ©lucfed, getrauten 
fic^f nic^t, an bad ©nbe i:^rer 'terrfdjaf t unb i^ren fiinftigen siBBo^ns 
ort duf ber tuiiflen 3nfel ju benfen,^ oud 5urrf;t, bic 5lnne^mltc^s 
!eit bed gegeniuartigen ©enuff cd gu ijcrbittern ; -^ unb fo taumelteu 
fleh trie ilrunfene, an& einer Sreube in bie anbere, in^ il^rc 3fit 
um trar unb fie in bad ©itiiT getrorfen ttjurben.h QBenn ber un* 
gliidlidK S^ag fam, fo fingen atlch an,« fic^ f jubcflagen unb ii;re 
SSerblenbung gu befeufjen;* nun tt?ar ed ju f^^at unb jte tt?urbenp 
o^nc Sd}onung bem @lenb iibergeben,* bad fie enrartetcfe' unb 
bemw jie burc^ aSeid^eit nic^t fatten corbeugen iuoUen."* 

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2)ie ©r^dl^fuutj t)c3 SScjierS erfiiUtc ben JlJnIg mit Surcl^t; n 
(t1?aut)crte tor beni @cl;ictfale ber torigcn ,^onlge unb toiinfct^te 
i^rem Ungliicfewju entge^cn. @r fa^ mIt @{t;rcdcn, bap i^ni 
fd;on cinige ffioci^en ton bicfcm furjen Salute ijerflojfen traren, 
unb ba^ er eilen muf te, bic ubrlgen 3;agc feinet 0legicrung bejlo 
bcffer ju nii^cn, „$Bcifcr 93ejicr/' anticortetc er, „2)u l^ap mit 
mein fiinftigeS ®cl;icffal unb bie furje 2)auer meiner !6nigll(^cn 
SD^ad^t entbedt;a aber ic^; bittc SDic^, [age mir auc^, toaS id; t^un 
mu§,K ttjenn ic^ bag ©Icnb meiner SSorganger toermeiben \vi\i."s 

„@rlnnere 2)1^, f «6err/' antttortete ber QSejicr, „ba§ 2)u nacf t 
auf unfere 3nfel gefommen bift; benn eSen fo-tt?irfi 2)u tciebcr 
binau^gei^en unb nie tuicber juriicf fommen. @$ > iji alfo nur ein 

^r'^hijiged 3)ilttel moglict;, bcm ^Wangeb^ jjo^jujjeugen, ber 3)ir^ in 
Jenem JiJanbe ber ^ SBer6annung bro(;t : tuenn ©u ndmlid; bic 3afel 
fruc^tbar macftft unb mit Simro^nern bcfe^efi.s !Die§ ift 2)ir 
nac^ unfern ®efe§cn cergonnt, unb Deine Untcrt^anen finb 2)ir 
fo tjollfommen gel^orfam, bu^ fie ^inge^en, wofcin 2)u jie fenbeji.g 
©c^ide alfo cine fWenge 5lrbciter ' ^iniibcr unb la^ bie loiijlcn gcU 
ber in frud^tbare ?lec!er tertranbeln ;c baue ®tdbtc unb ^Sorrat^S* 
«6dufer unb cerfie^ jie mit alien not^biirftigen iJcbcn^mitteln. Wii 
einem ©orte: bereite 2)ir ein neueiS SReid;, bcffen ©innjoT;ner ^ic^ 
nac!^ :£)einer SScrbannung mit Sreuben aufncbmen. s 5lbcr eile, 
la^ fcinen 5lugenblic! unbenii^t borbeigel^en ; benn bie3eitifl furj, 
unb Jie mebr !I)u jum 5lnbau 3)eincr f iinftigen $BoI)nung t^uft, 
bejio gluitlic^er u?irb 3)ein 9luf ent^alt '» bort fein. IDcnfe, !Dein 
3ai^r feiJ morgen fd?on urn, unb niiftc 5)eine grei^eit, toie ein flu* 
ger 8lud;tling, ber bem^ 33crberben ^ cntgel^en toill.s 2Benn 2)u 

* meinen Otat^ oera^teji, ober janberfl imb fd;ldfrig tt»irp,K fo bijt 
S)u terloren unb langeg dlenb ip 2)ein )IJoo0." 

3)er Jtonig tear ein fluger Wlann unb bie Olebc bed SUiiniPerS 
gab feiner ©ntfc^lie^ung unb S^^atigfeit^ gliigel. iix fanbte eiue 
Sl^cnge ©introl^ner' ab; fie gingen mit greuben unb griffen bad 
ffierf mit (Sifer an. 2)ie Snfel fing an, iic^*"3u i3erfc^i>nern, unb 
e^e fe^d SRonben Dergangcn tearen, g fianben fd}on ©tabte auf 
i^ren blii(;enben Qluen. 3)emungead;tct licg ber ^onig in feinem 
©ifer "^ic^t naci^;^ er fanbte immer mel^r ©intro^ner ^iniiber ; unb 

M. y L. 28. 9. C. y L. 24. 17 


Vit folgrnben" trarcn noc^ freu^iger aU bie rrfleit, ba fie in tin 
fo \voi)i angcbautcd Sanb gingen^s bad i^re Sfreunbe unb 9ni>er« 
tvanbten bewo^nten. // ~ 

Unterbrffen !am vad (Snbeh bed Salted immer na^er. IDte 
toortgen Jtontge fatten mot btefem ^XugenbHd gejittert,'^ an bem fie 
i^re \}crganglic^e <6errlic^!ett ablegen mu§ten;8 biefer aUx fa$ 
i^m mit ®e^nfuc^t entgegm : benn n ging in em £anb, ti70 er 
fid; burd; fetne eigene ^^atigfeit eine bauernbe 9Bo^nung gebaut 
l;atte.s Der beflimmte $ag erfc^ten enblic^. iDer Jlonig n^urbe p 
in feincm ^alafle ergriffen, feined Diabemgf unb feiner fftnigli* 
c^en Jtleibung 6eranbt,» unb auf bad un&ermeiblic^e @c^iff ge^ 
htad)tf bad i^ nac^ feinem ^Jerbannungdorte fii^rte.s Jtaum 
wax er aber am Ufcr bcr neuen 3nfcl gclanbet,* aid i^m bie (Sins 
iro^ner frcubig cntgegeneilten, « i^n mit grower (if)xt em^fingen 
unb fein ^anpt ftatt icncd 3)labemd, beffen »&errlic^fcit nur Sin 
Sa^r waf^xUfi mit einem unt)etu)e(flid)en ^^(umenfranje fc^mudfs 
ten. ^er ^Um&ci^tige belo^nte feine ^eid^eit ; er gab i^m bie 
Unfierblic^feit feiner Untertl^anen, unb mac^te ibn gu i^rem eo?igen 

2)er xdd}e, tto^Itl^Stigc SWann ifi ®ott; ber ©claioe, ben fein 
t&en fortfenbet, ifi ber»» SWenfc^ f)ci feiner ©eburt; bie 3nfel, too 
er anianbet, ijt bie ffielt; bie ^inlrobner, toeld^e il^m freubig ents 
gcgenfommen, flnb bie &ttxn, bie fiir ben natften SBeinenben 
forgen. JDer QSegier, ber i^n tjon bem traurigen Sd^idfal^/ bad 
i(;m beoorfle^t, unterric^tet, ifl bie *> SBeid^eit. JDad 3abr feiner 
Olegicrung ifl ber 8auf bed** menfd^lid^en Sebend, unb bie iriijle 
Snfcl, too er l^ingefii:^rt »irb,p bie fiinftige ffielt. ^k 5(rbeiter, 
bie er ba^in f enbet, » ftnb bie guten ffierfe, bie er toa^rcnb feiner 
fiebend i3erric^tet. I)ie Jtbnige aber, toelc^c tor i^m babingegan* 
gen flnb,g o^ne^ iiber badUngliicf, bad i^nen^ bro^tc, nati^juben.- 
fen, finb ber grS^te 'Xi)ni ber •» SKenfc^en, bie fid; blod mit irbifc^ien 
greuben befc^oftigen,g o^ne^ an i^r ^^hm nac^ bem 3^obe ju ben« 
fcn;« fie toerbenp mit SWangel unb (Slenb gefiraft, toeilfiecorbem 
Jll^rone bed 9lUmad;tigen mit leeren «&anben erfc^einen. k 

@o febet ii^r nun, ba^ ber 2^enf<db burc^ bie SQBerfe ge rec^t toirb, 
nic^t burt^ ben ©lauben aQein* (Jas. 2. 24.) 

/ : 

<" L^'^^^ crir- 


21. ^as Urokotil 

1. 3n ^cr graum Urjeii ti)ant)elte cine <Sd}aax STOcnfc^en^ a\\9 
if^xm alien ffio^nffjcn unb jog ^etnicber in t)a0 8anb, tueldKd 
bcr 0lil burc^iftromt. ©ic frcuten flc^ bed ^etrli^en ©tromcd unb 
fetned liebltd^en ©ctcdfferd unb bauten SBcl^nfi^e an feinen ®cs 
^aben. 96er balb flieg dud feinen 8r(ut^cn bad getraltige Unt^ter, 
^rofobll Qcnannt, unb jermalmtc ailenfc^en unb 3!i^ierc mit furrf^t* 
Batent ®cbip. 3)a flc:^tcn bie iWenfc^en mit lauter Stimme ju 
i^rem ®ott Dfitid, unb batcn il^n, fie tjon bem Unge^euer ju be. 
freicn. *2l6er DjlriS antaortete burc^ ben ^unb bet njcifen ^rie* 
fler unb fprat^ : 3jl e« nicl;t genug, baf bie ©ottl^eit euti^ Jtraft 
unb SSerflanb toerliel^? fl&ex^ j!e um •giilfe antuft, o^ne^ bie 
eigene Jlraft anjutoenben, flei^et oergebend I 

2. 3flun ergriffen fie ©ci^werter unb ©tangen, unb beflurmten 
bad Unge^euer in feiner ©c^ilfwo^nung ; fie erric^teten ©c^ufe. 
tve^ren unb ^dmme, unb )30llenbeten in tcenig f^agen 9Ber!e, bie 
fie toor^cr flc^ nic^t jugetraut fatten, Unb fo tourben fie bcr inncm 
jjetborgenen ,Rraft flc^f betrugt, ^ »elc^|C in f:|)dtern 3^ iten bie ge. 
toaltigen ^^ramibcn unb ©pijfaulen griinbete, unb fie etfanben 
mand;e .ftunfl unb manc^ed ®mif)e, bie fie noc^ nicj^t gefannt 

3)cnn bet Jtamvf mit bem Sreinbfcligen totdt unb fldtfet bie 
fc^lummcmbeJtraftbed« SKcnf^en. 

3. SRoc^ fc^Ite edf ben 01ilantt?o:^nern an fficrfjcugen, um bad 
be^janjerte Unge^euet in feinen Slut^cn toSdig ju beflcgcn. ©ie 
f onnten ed nur auf furje 3^it sutiidbrangen; unb ^iemit begnfigtcn 
fie flc^. — 

Siamfi^Iig obex bctlle^ fie bcr @ifcr bed ©iberfianbed. ©ad 
Unt^ier ttjuc^d unb bcrmc^rte flc^ ; auc^ ttjurbc fcine ffiut^ je ISn» 
ger ie furc^tbarcr* 3)a bcfc^Io^ bad t^oric^tc unb erfc^laffenbe 
^oit, bad ^rofobil aid ©ott^eit ju oercl^ren. !Kan brac^te freis 
toittig i^m fette D^fer, unb bad Unge^cucr luarb mdc^tiger aid ie, 
aber bad aSolf Dcrfanf in ©tunt^fjlnn unb ffcig^eit. 

4. ©nblic^ brit^t ber iiberfpannte 93ogen, unb ben ^^^rannen 

M. »L.69. 8. i'L.40. 1. c L. 49. 5. d L. 61. 1. « L. 42. 1. a. f L. 67. 6. 
a » L. 47. a I' L. 28. 9. « L. 85. ». <i L. 48. 8. e«L. 46. f L. 44. 4. 


erreic^t bic JRac^c. Djlrid na^m fl(^ bcr Scrlaffenen an,e unb 
crmut^iQte jfeburd^ ben ^unb bed ireifen tPrtcPerfi ju neuem 
itam^fe. 99atb erfd^ott bad ©cflabe ton bent 8lufe bet ©treiter, 
unb bet ®trom ivarb rot^ Don bem $(ute bet (Frfc^Iagenen. ®ci;on 
begannen bie Stamp^ex ju ermiiben, ba pe^ete ber $rieflcr unb bad 
bebrSngte IBol! Dfirid urn «&filfc an, unb bie ©ott^ett er^orte if)x 
jjle^^en. — 

(Sin fletned 3!^ier, S^egerbal^ genannt, erfc^ien an bent Ufer bed 
iniljhomcd. @t% rief ber ^riefler, ^ier fenbet Dflrid cud? «&ulfe, 
— SBiel f^ottejl bu unfet?hrief l^ni bie ©c^aar bed a5olfcd 

3)a antttjortete ber ^Priefler unb ^pxad) : ^axxd bed -Mudgangd *> 
unb bertraut ber f)bf)exen SWaci^t.'* 3n l^rer «&anb toermag bad 
fleinfle 2^ittel bie gropte SRot^ ju enben I — 

5. 2)ie 3fl^I ber fc^retflid^en ^lilsUnge^euer na^m balb ^ditHx^ 
lic^ ab. JDad 95ol! ^at) mit ^eirunberung bem Heinen 3!^iere ju, 
trd^rerib ed in jtifler (Smjlgfelt ben diem unb ber 93rut bed JCro* 
fobild nact)f^3urte. 9Kfo jerflBrte ed in furjer Qcit bie ,^eime oon 
i^unbert fur(i;tbaren Dllltprannen unb befreite bad 8anb ton [einer 
$Iage; xoaB fo biele J^opfe unb <&anbe nic^t bermoc^t l^atten. 

(Se^t I fagte batauf ber toeife ^riejicr, woUet i^r ein Uebel toers 
nic^ten, fo greift ed tm Jteim unb in ber SBur^el an. S)ann mtrb 
ein !Ieined S^ittel leic^t betotrfen, wad f|}ater^in tin <&eer nidft 
bermag. — ttvimma^tv. 

22. ^|i||0riBmen. 

Die ©anbu^ren erinnem ni^t bloj an bie f^nelle Sluc^t ber * 
3eit, fonbem anti) an ben ©taub, in toelc^en toir bereinp jerfallen 

SKan muf feinem SWenfc^enc trauen,** ber bei feinen 9Serfld(|e* 
rungen bie® «6anb auf bad« «6erj legt** 

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SBic glucfUci^ tefitbe fWanc^ar Icim, tocnnf er fld^ urn anbrct 
£eutc @ac^cn fo toenig bcfummcrtc, aU um fcine eigcncn. 
3n iebem 3Jicnf(^en iji clwaS toon alien SJilcnfc^en. 

@8 gibtg toirflic^ fcl^r toiclc Wlm^ti)tn, ble BIoJ lefcn, bamit' |!e 
nid;t bcn!en \)urfen. 

3d^ i)nht butc^ mcin gan^cS Men gefimben,^ ba^^ jlc^ ber 
(S^araf ter cineS 3Kenfc^en au3 nic^td fo flc^er erfenncn Id^t, h njenit 
bie 3Wittel fc^lcn — al3 aud einem ©c^erj, ben et ubel nimmt.^ 

;, 3B i e g e ]^ 1 8 ? " fragte ein ©linber einen gasmen. * 3B i c 
@ i e f e 1^ c n , antn?ortetc ber iaf)\m, » ganj ^ffabel. 

(Sg f (ingt l&(f)nli^, ain e3 iji toaf)t : tt?enn man etirag ®nM J 
fc^reltjen iriOi/ fo mu^ man eine gutejjebcr ^aben/ ^auptfac^Iid^ 
efne, bie, o^ne ba§ man briitft, Icic^iweg fc^reibt. 

9Benn 3emanb ettraS fc^le^t mac^t, *• baS man gut eritjartete : ^ 
nun ia, fo !ann*«ic^3 aiiti).^ (53 gibts tocnigc Olcben^s 
orten, bie fo toicl -iBefd^eibenl^cit ijerrat^en,^ 

SBennf id^ dn beutfc^eg 33uc^ mit lateinifc^en S3ud?flaben ge« 
brudt lefe, fo' fommt eg mir immer fo toor,»» al8 mii^te" ic^ eS 
mit erp iiberfejen; eben fo hjennf ic^ bag Sud; berfe^rt in biee 
t&anb nc^me unb lefe — ein 33etoei3, toie fe^r unf ere SSegriffc felbji 
toon biefen Qd(i)tn ab^Sngen* 

23« 9tionktn, ^tinongen, Irtl^eilf. 

®ott braud^t aU Serfjeuge ju gro^en 2)ingen oft !Wenf^en, 
Dk fc^Iei^t jlnb, » unb ganj loaS ^InbercS im @innc ^tten, » al8 
lie bcttjirftcn. 

®ott :^ilft nut ba, too toir felbjt'' ni^t belfen fonnen;^ toir 
miijfen i^n nic^t anrufen, baf er ilatt unfer^ arbeite.^ ^bet too 
toir nic^tg me^r tietmSgen, unb eg boc^ noc^ beg SBeifianbes^ be* 


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IL. 29 6 





barf;* ba foil unb toitb tt ^iilfreid^e »§anb tleten; auc^ ung«» 
(etett; unb nod^ Ite6er, tcenn trir i^n glaubig barum bitten. & 

^u0 freiem SBiden ftnb tcix^ ade abgemid^en ; aud fretem SBil^ 
len muffen wit atle |utu({fe]^ren. 

^ud bents ©lauben entfprtngt ber ®ef)ox\am, unb au^ bem ©e- 
l^orfam bic jjrud^t ber guten SBerfe. 

SBenn tc^ (Sl^rif^um in ^:^iIofo^^ifc^en @v^cuIattonen t^erliere, « 
fo •' flnbc id) i^n »ieber im adtaglici^en gcbcn. 

Gl^rljlul brang banim' fo fe^r auf ben« ©lauBen, tocil uufcr 
SUerflanb ju furs if^/* ^i^ Defonomie unb SSorfe^ung ©otteS ju 

2)ie gottUc^e $Bei$^eit :^anbelt immer auf bo^peltc ffieife : ju* 
erjl im ^lUgemeinen nac^ ben Oefeften, bonn im ^Bcfonbern nac^ 
ber ©nabe, 

@in3rrt^um ijt edJ ju glauben, man f3nne'« mit funjlric^terlicijer 
SBitrbe gang grabitatifc^ t)om Unglauben ^um @^riflent^um iiber^ 
ge^en, 'unb *2lffectation ift eg,J menn @iner fagt: 3d^ l)aht nun 
billed g^pritft," fiir unb ttjiber, gar forgfaltig, unb finDe in 5olgc 
meiner mct^obifdjen Unterfuc^ungcn, ba^ bie ilBa^r^eit in bem 
•G^riflent^um ent^alten fei,'^ ba^er iciU ic^J dn (S^rifi feinj — 
0lein, fo tiorne^m Wmmt man' fc(;tt)erlic^ iiber bie Sct;irette be3 
@!oangcliumd fitr arme ®imber, n?eld;ed bad (S^riflent^um au^s 
mac^t. a^ triU ijon ^^eils unb ^ropbebiirftigen ™ geglaubt, unb 
nic^t tiom fritifc^en *&oc^gef^mac{ aud p^ilofopi^ifc^er ©nabe ans 
genomnien tuerben. ' 

(Sdjerj ifl nic^t felten, a6er ©efd^mai im ®ct;erj ifi felten. 

©efct)macf ifl : bie ^raft, bad ©c^one" tt?urbig ju be^anbelnj 

SWan mu^ ju »&aufe" feinemSorn feinen jiarfern Qlulbruc^ gcs 
flatten, aid man p in ber beflen ©efellfc^aft t^te ; q benn traruni 
foUte man teeniger '•llc(;tung gegen bie ©einigen,'' aid gegcn bic 
jjremben i^aben 7 

S3ift Du« im *-Bcgriff, cinen SWcnfc^en burc^ Spott la^exlid) gu 

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mac^en, fo bcnfc an bfc ©clttigen'^ ju '^aufe," wit l^n Vie^ Hcb'* 
f)ahm, un\> fid; Uebreid^ betriibcn, trcnn i^m toad iSeibed ^ tolbcr* 
fd^rt, fo luirt) t)ir'»^ t>tx $fcil be0 ®^otte8 aud ber «&anb fallen, 
unb bu totrjl erfennen, toenn auc^^ bed S^enfc^en ^^ot^ett @)fiott 
tetbient, fo berbienek bo^ bie £ie6eJ ber ®eintgenr ®^onung» 


24. morte irs (Blasbess. 

e«a ift ein®ottl 
©0 ^taf)lt ed*> ^oc^ oonic ©temcnl^fmmel; 
@o raufc^t e^^ burd^ bad SBeltgetummel ; 
®o fleet's »> tief in bed^ aWenfc^en ©ruji, 
Unb magnet ii^n In ©d^merj unb 8ujl : — 

(Sd*" {ft em ©ott I 

Unb ®ott tegicrt 
3)ad flanje gro^e SBeltgetrlebe 
5»it ^ttmac^t unb mit SSaterliete. 
D6« aSec^fcl aud;f ben^ SBec^fcI brongt, 
S)o^ billed an bent (Stnen l^angt, 

S)er ed regicrt.8 

5)erd a^enfc^ijl freil 
@c^ti3an!th unfet 2)afein auc^ unb SBotteH;* 
SBir toiffen bennoc^, toa^ toir — fottenJ 
Unb uteratt jira^lt und ^ ein Sic^t, »> 
3)er nie cerfc^njunbene ©tra^l ber<* $ili<3^t. — 

2)er3[Renfd^ ifl freil 

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Unb etvig leSt 

2)ort; tt?o t)ic ftaren SBolfen jte^en, 
2)a8 »&ecr bet ew'gen Sterne »inft^ 
Dort ifl'd b too, wenn bet Jt8r|)er jlnft, 
3)ie (Seek f^'bt* 

out eriMML 

25. 9fr li^ftai. 

SBo^u, f))rac^ ^amma ber Sungliug ^u feinem £e^rer, beburfte 
bcr ^mlge* be? IDicnpee^ ber'^ aiienfc^en? fflo^u bic Sfelct bc^ 
®ahhai^taQ^^ ? SRur bem ro^en aJ^enfc^en toarb ^ ffe jur 3urt?t gcs 
fcoten. 3P nic^t ber elne 3^aQ bem anbcrn gleid; l^ 3cbcn erlcud;* 
tet bad fiic^t ^ ber ®onne. 

2)er aiabbl aber antwortete unb frrad^ : 91(3 bic So^ne 3fracfa 
^uriicf gef e^rt roaren « aud bet*^ QSerbanmmginbaSSanbber^ 93er« 
^ci^ung, ba Icbte an ben ©rengen bed i^anbed SKcfovotamia '> eiit 
3fracUt; 0lamend ^oni, ein £eoit unb toetfer SKann, fammt SBcib 
unb t^inbern. 

Unb ber ^ngel bee «6crrn trat gu i^m, in ©eflalt eincd -SBoten 
beg .^oniQd *2lrt^afajia, unb fprac^ :. ^laiH^t bic^ auf, » bu unb bcin 
2Bei6 unb beine ^inber unb bcine ^nedjte unb bcinc SOiagbe, unb 
jic^ct ^in in bad 8anb eurer 5l3atet, auf ba^ bu beincm iJolfci 
rat^eflx unb tielfejl bie @tabt unb bad £anb toeidlici^ cins 
tic^ten. » 

^a anttoortete Soni unb f^jrac^: 2)er Mni^, mein <gcrr^ 
\rotte '" meinen ^ant gnabiglic^ anfe^en ; aber toie foil id} mit 
9Bci6 unb «^[nb bie ^iijle bur^manbem unb bin bed SBeged 
nid^t f unbig I » 2)er 33ote aber f^ra^ : SWac^e bic^ auf, » unb 

lerne bem ^onigJ toertrauenJ 


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JDatauf 309 3Boni'* auS/' tt?lc i^mJ bcr Gngcl bed ^^errn geSo* 
ten :^attc, r nut sffieib unb Jlinbctn in ber Srii^c bc0 SKorgeng. 
5lfcer 33om ^njiifeltc unb ^rac^ : 2Bae> irirb baS luerben? Uub 
pc jogcn burd^ bic SBiijic gegcn 5lbenb. 91(3 8 flc nun fec^d *4Jas 
rafangen gctuanbelt unb fei^r mube waxtn, fic^^c ba jianb an bcm 
5[Qegc ein ©ejelt, unb tin 3)^ann trat ^crauS unb ipxad) ju 53oni 
unb feinem a>olf : «6ier rajletl ba tul^cten jlc^ unb erquidten t^rc 
©eclen. Unb SBoni f^tac^ : 2)ad iji bcS «&errn ®ute, baf tvix 
ungo ]^ict erquicfcn.K 9lbcr iwer tt)irb un8 nun fcmcr unfercd 
SBegeap geleiten? 

2)a trat ber fWann ^cr^u, unb jeigte 99oni BeibeS, ben 5Beg unb 
bic ^Ibirege, unb jeic^netc jlc i^m fec^3 ^arafangen ireit auf tin 
^latt, batauf fiprad) er : S^lun jiel^et in i?rieben I 

2)a gog 93onif ttjeiter mit feinem ©efinbe auf bem $fabe,- foQ 
i^m bejeic^net toax,^ unb jle ertrugen mit (Sebulb bad Ungemad; 
bed 3Beged; benn j!e gebac^ten bed 3^rofled;'» foQ jle em^fangen 
fatten, g Unb aid fte fed^d ^^Jarafangen juriidgelegt/ et^oB flc^ « 
toon 9leuem ein ©ejelt. »&iefelbjl fanben fie*" irieber einen2)ienet 
bed t^onigd, ber trojlete fie unb geigte i^nen bon 0leuem ben 3Beg 
unb bie 2l6njege, fo fie meiben foUten.s 

Sllfo gefc^a^ t§f immer fort ad^tjig ^'agereifen, unb aid f!c 
folc^e' tooCienbet :^otten,R gelangte ^oni^ unb fein ©ejlnbe in bad 
8anb ber^ QSer^ei^ung. Unb 33oni erfannte, ba§ ber Sngel bed 
«&erm if)n gefii^rt ^atte, « unb er forgte mit @fra unb S^e^emia, 
baf ber ©abbat^ ge^eiliget toiirbe, ^ benn bad 93ol! mar iviifle ge« 

<3itf)t^ bu, ®amma, fagte barauf ber fiel^rer, bed^ iWenfd^en 
)&eben iji eine $ilgrimf(^aft, fed^d ^arafangen flnb fec^d 5:age, 
aber ber jlebente ijl tin Sinf)ttaQ, ba jle^et bed <6errn ©ejelt i^m 
offen, bag er feined JBanbeld ^ gebenfe unb bem *&ermJ bcrtraue. ^ 
3)er 9luc^lofe ac^tet bed ©ejelted ^ nid/t, unb fein $Beg berliert 
jld^« in ber aBiijle," aber ber ffieife^ flnbet (Srquicfung unb ge* 
langt in bad 8anb ber<^ SSeri^eipung. 


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26. 9 1 1 C d b C g t 11 1. 

3n bet <Si(Ct:t ®a^a, » bic am Wlctxt liegt, '» iro^nctc eln 3^ann c 
01amcn^ ^glon, bcr<* irar 0lici&ter in fcincm Solfe tide 3a^tP 
laug unb befa§ oiele ©liter, ^ber bad 93oI! ^ried me^r feine ®es 
rec^ttgfeit unb S^tlbe, benn fcinen &idd)if)\xm, unb bie ^llrmen 
nannten i^n ^eimU4 ben^ SSater (Sglon. 

Sll^f nun bcr XaQ feiued 3^obe3 i^eranna^etc, ba lub er<^ feinc 
Stcunbe unb sBruber fammt i^ren Jlinbern )u flcl^ unb fprad; ju 
i^'nen : <Sef)ct, ic^ icerbc nun flerbcn. 3)er ^ngel bed ilobcd Ifi -' 
niir in biefer S^^ac^t erf c^ienen, »• unb ic^ f)abt bad leife SBc^en > f ei* 
ned Sittid^d bernommen. ^arum freut euc^J mit mir unb [eiD 
fro^lid; I 

Da marb ed benen, bie urn i^n toaren, feUfant; unb f!e fallen 
einanber an;k unb fprac^en: Wl&Qt^ ^eute ^um erflen fSflak (Sgs 
lond Sote nici)t toa^r erfunben merben I «» 

dx ahcx ldd;elte unb \pxa(ii : Jlinblein," fernc feU bon euc^ bie 
ilrauer unb bad toergeblidje »&offen I » 3Kciner ^age Qkl ijlK nun 
gefommen ! 3c^ fe^e ie^t ben ^obedengel jum britten ^laU iit 
meincr fflaf)t, barum ijl mir fein Qtnblitf'^ nic^t fremb, 5(ber 
l^eute )um erflen SP^ale erfct;eint er<^ mir mIt freunblici;em ^nges 
j!c^t. De§^a(6 folge tcf^ ^ i^m gerne unb mit Sreuben. 

2)a fa^en i^n bie Sreunbe^" an"* mit Sefrembcn, unb ber* 

(ix obex mextte, bag ^ {ie i^n nic^t iserflanben, unb rebete alfo : 
itf) n?iil tvtd) bie «&auptfumme meined £ebend ersa^Ien,^ [o toerbet 
ii^r*^ meine QBorte begreifen.** 

S^eine 3ugenb {log ungetriibt ba^in, unb \6) erfannte nicl;t bie 
ernfle ©eftalt bed £cbend. ^Id ic^ ein S^^ann u?arb, ba fe|te 
mano mic^ ^uin p Siic^ter bon ©aja, unb trauete meinen ^uds 
fpriic^enq in ben 3!^oren. ^ain toarb' mir bie ^icbt eined SBeis 


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6c«, irctc^e bic Stlmmc bca 3>oI!3 al8 Vit fc^onfle imb ebelfleuntet 
ben 5!6c^tcrn bc3 8anbeg v^^i^^/ Jwlc^ aUt nanntc man <> ben gliitfa 
lid^jim 3)^ann auf @rben. 3)a fanbte mir ®ott einc fc^roere 
J^ranf^eit, baf ic^ monbcnlang barniebertaQ, unb afle SBeiS^eft 
mirfl nic^t 311 l^clfen tou§te.« 5)enn bie 2lerite fiprad^en: @r toirb 
flerten. — 2)a, jum ctflen SKale, crfdjien mir bet (Sngel^ beS 
3;obeg in fd^recflic^er ©efialt, unb id) fle^ete, bafi f n boruber» 
ge^en mdc^te* 

(5r ging tioriibet ; "^ ic^ gena^ unb bad Seben iratb mit fc^Snei: 
aU JemaU. 2)enn mein. 2Beib gebar mir jn>ei ,f Inbleln, fd;6n toic 
gttjei blii^enbe ©ranatbaumlein^ unb jeber 3^ag i^rer ^ntfaltung 
hjar mir tuie ein Benjtag. 2)a fprac^en allc im l^anbe : „®glott 
ijl ber ©liicf lic^pe im Sanbe I ilBa3 f Snntc feincm »SeiIe mangeln, 
unb fcinem <&aufc oon innen unb oon au^en I" 

©ie^e, ba fam bie @cucl;e S^hjraim^ iiOer bag ^cer, unb bie 
itinblein parben beibe, ber JlnaSe unb bad SDiagblcin. Unb bie 
2J?uttcr lag barnicber unb fprac^ : ;,5>ie ^inblcin jinb ba^in I 9le^, 
(JgloU; ed^ tt)irb fte cine anbere ^IBelt ung aufSctua^ren unb toieber* 
gcbcn I" @o fprac^ jle ; ba fiarb fie auc^. Unb ic^ ftanb ottein 
auf meinen 5!eppic^en unb mein i&aue biiufte mir ju ttjeit unb 3U 

^lun rief ic^ mit jiirnenber ©eberbc bem $obe0engel unb nannte 
i^n ben aSerbcrber, unb aU er bor mir boriiberujanbelte, ba f^ac^ 
id;: 3n ben 3^icfcn beS Wlcnt^ \vi\i id; ben ©raufamen auffuc^en, 
bag er mi^ ^ereinige mit ben aScrlorenen I 2Ba0foll" mir bie 
^rbe imb ba6 Mm I 

@o tuanbelte ic^ ^inauS in bie 3Rad?t an bad ©efiabe bed aWcered* 
— 'Wer auf bem JlBege tserna^m id; dn ©eufn^en* unb iffiims 
merni In etner »&utte unb trat ^inein, benn i6) gebac^te i^ier einen 
©cfeden mcincS Sammcrd in ftnben. 

3)a lag ein 3Beib an ber (Srbc unb raufte if)P^aax, unb fiinf 
^inblcin tt?einten urn jle ^er unb fle^eten um 33rob unb tin ®rei3 
ftanb gebiitft unb jitternb. 3c^ aber erfc^rad unb fragte: ,,$Beib, 
toaS fe^let bir ?" ^ 

3>a fprac^ ber ®vcis : 39ei bem (ejten Sturm ^at bad afieer 

K. • L. 49. T. t § 16» u § 83 18. C. « L. 85. 8. t L. 24. IT. " L. 81. 11. 


i^rcn Tlann, melncn &of^n, f ammt felncm Sd^lfffeiit uerfd^tungcn. 
2)cr rclc^c ^ann, bet i^m baS ®clt) baju gellc^cn, ^ forbert c0 nun 
^uritcf ; unb ba ^ n^ir nic^t i^atten if)m ju ja^dm, ];at er genommen 
^2(Ued tt?ad "^ er fanb, nnb morgen totrb er un^ aud bem tg>au^(etn 
treiben, toenn f ung nic^t c^er ber "gungcr erlBf et. — fDa f^Jrad^ ic^ : 
SBarum wcnbet i^r euc^i nic^t an (Sglon, ben 9itd;ter wn ®aial 
— Unb nun t^at bie !E^utter ben S^unb auf unb fvrac^ : (Jglon 
ttjo^et in einem $ala{le unb ifi ber ®lu(f lic^fte im Sanbe I — 
^a^n, fe^te ber ®retd ^tnju, ^ ifl bie ^d^ulb gereci;! unb (Sglon 
tfat {le aid gered^t anerfannt. 

^a rief ic^ : ©ott im «&tmme( I (Sglon, ifi bad beine ®erec]^> 
tigfeit I unb ic^ hlUh 6ei i^nen in ber ^tfc^erdittte, unb laBte fie, 
unb am anDem » ^Utorgen ft)ra^ i^ : ©ei^et, (Jglon, ben Olici^ter bot» 
®a)al ®o fommet benn in mein ^an^, auf bafi ic^ ®ered^tig8 
feit liBe I 

Se^et, meine fiieBen, feitbem i)aU ic^ mi^ fettfly unbbie^&iiti 
ten bed SSoIfed erfannt, unb bad dlec^t geii^t. 

®o l^abe ic^ auf ber (Srbe genoffen, gebulbet unb getoirft. 3m 
®enu5 erfdjien mir ber ^ob tuie ein SBiirgengel, in bem UnmutI; 
meincr fieiben irie ein iJrabant, ber ben Qcingeferferten ben ®ift* 
bcd^er reic^et — je^t aber er!e;ine ic^ in ii^m, toa^ er i% ben 
fjreunb; ber mic^ ju meiner Siebe geleitet I — 

Qllfo rebete ber ®reid. 2)arauf neigte er j!c^ ^inftber auf bad 
ifiiauvtfiffen unb oerfc^ieb. 

27. 90< fitl 9010 braoftt <^aiine* 

Der brabea SWann iji braver ^ Sl^ann 
3n allem, tuad^ er t^ut, 
2::^ut aW bad ®ute, bad er fann, 
aRit ftnmer gutem Wtnt^ 1 


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<^ U 23. la 


®c^t nid^t auf B5fcm»> ffie^c, gci^t 
®erat)e fefncn ®dng ; 
Unb |lngt, wcitn^ cr am ®nt)c fie^t,* 
2)cme «&imnicl SobgcfangK 

Unb ^angt an fetnent ®ott unb «&erm, 
®o lang« ct at^mcn fannl^ 
S)arum, toer irare^ njo^t nic^t gcme 
@in recbter Braver SISann ? 


28. prr Sirg. 

Die ia\tn Written, tocr ton it)nm 
%m cifrig|icn« gcrocf en fei;»> 
2)emc 356fen in ber 2Bett ju bicnen:<* 
Sen ®ieg er^ielt — bie^ «6euti^elei.« 


29. |lif }mi le^ten flUdie /rieUid^s. 

3ttci 93ntfe t:^at er* ^in auf feine ficBenSjeit, 
(g^' er ^iniiSerging in bie^ Unjierfclic^f eit : 

3)ie 3!obten aCier feinet Sd^lacl^tcn 

©a:^ er** rait feincm einen SSlid ; 

3»it feinem anbem aU' bag ®lud, 

I)a3 feine MenStage mac^ten. 
Der eine : furc^tbar, jiarr, erfiillt mit ®ram unb ®tau9^ 
5)er anbre : lofd^enb ganj bad 33ilb be3 erflen au0 ! ^ 

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U n g I a u ( e , bu (tfl nic^t fo fe^r ein Itnge^euer, 
9ag ^(6erg(au6e, bul 
5ur beinen 'Jlftcrgott f^e^fl btt« mit Sc^toett unb Seucr 
5luf fcinc 8ff inbe ju I 

®trf(f fi fte }u 8ot)en, trinffl i^r 8(ut au$ t^rem &^Xtd, 

^tfl graufam, bumm unb flol}, bunfft ta))fet btc^*> unb ebel 
©ei beinem ©(^abcUrunf I 

Unglaube fhettet nut tntt SBorten unb toirb m u b e ; 
5)lr, «^ Ungc^cuer, 6rennt 

2)ie ganjc 3cele ! 2)U Ijl nirgenbd 8luy unb Srfebe, 
Jtrieg ijl bcin Element I 

^ix ift, bu ^^t^ranu; bm «girtcn Bel ben S^afen 
(Srmotbcn,d feine $cin. 

®t>tt, ttJitt er« cine fflclt fur i^te ©unben ftxa\en, 
@o f fc^tdt er b t c^ l^inetn I q^uim. 

3)eft)oten manti^er 2(rt gibt'^** in bcr fleinflen SBeft; 
5)er 0T8§te abcr ift — unb »elc^et benn? — ba8 ®elb I 
®elb Icgt ben frciflen S^ann in JTetten, 
®iSt ®unbens(Sf(a»cn ©c^wanenbetten, 
Sftac^t !Iein ben gropten ®ei|l, unb fc^wac^ ben flarfflen «&elb I 

32. garnet sob Vafd|t>. 
@ine Brennenbe 2)urre toer^eerte fd)on lange bie ®cfilbe3nbtcn3, 
aid a jttjci t&irten, »&amet unb fllafc^ib, jlc^»» auf ber ®r5n§e il^rci 

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SJcIberBc^egnctett.* @le jlartcn Belnal^e \?ot 3)urp, unb fallen . 
l^rc i&cerben glcic^falW betfc^mac^tcn. Sic ^o6cn blc^ 5(ugcn 
gen «&lmmc(, unb fle^etcn i^n um «§ulfe ; jlc^c, ba cntfiant) auf 
einmal eine tiefc @tille;« bie SSJgel l^orten auff ju flngen; \)n9 
S3l8(fen8 «nb Sriiflen \>n ^cerbc ijcrpummte, unt) bic «&irten ^/ 
fa^cn im X^al eine cr^abne, ubwrtif^c ^Kenfti^engepalt ftd^ • l^nen ? • ^ 
ncitjcm* ^ @8 yrarTSeT l^ol^c ®eift ber (Stbe, t)er ©liicf unb Un* 
flliicf bm ©terblic^cn auSt^cilet : f in bcr einen t&anb ^ielt ex bic 
. ©arte bci8 Ueberfluffcd, unb in bcr anbcrn bic Sic^cl ber 35crtt?us 
ri fhing. Sic jitterten toot @^tc(fcn unb fuc^tcn jld; ju eerbergen ; 
^ abcr ber ®eijl ricf i:^nen mit fanftet (Siimrne ju, <" irie ber 3^^^9iJ 
ij lifpelt, luenn cr jlc^ 2ttenb8 ouf ben wo^Wedj^cnben ©eftraudjcn 
5 2traBien8 wicget. 

v.^ w^^ojet euc^^/' « frraci^ er, „©o^ne bc3 ©tautieS ; Picket euern 
^^ SBo^it^ater riic^t. 3c^ Bin gefommen, euc^i ein ®efti(;en( anju* 
^ bieten/ bad nur burd^ cure Jl^or^eiten uuniil unb tierbrrblic^ 
icerben !ann,c 3c^ njitt euer ®ebet eifiiucn unb end; ffiaffor ges 
hen, toenna if)t mir fagt, irie biel i^r ju eurer SBefricDigung 6es 
biirft. Uekreilt euc^» aber nid^t in curer 5lntn?ort, 33cben(t, 
bag a in alien menfc^lic^cn SBebiirfniffen baS Ucbermag e6en [d 
fc^oblid^ ifl, ate ber iP^angeL @v!Idret eud;, unb bu, garnet; 
tebe juerft." 

f/9 9"^i9^ ®^^ft ^" anttoortcte garnet, „tt?enn bu meine Jtii^n* 
l^eit ber^et^en ividfl, foJ bitte 16) um cinen flcinen f&a6), ber im 
.@ommer nic^t »ertro(!net; unb im SB inter nicl;t uberfc^memmet." 
S>VL fodfl ii)n ^abeU; antn?ortete ber ®eift, unb fc^Iug mit feiner 
©ic^el, bie je^t ein ffierfjeug ber ffio^)lt^dttg!eit tourbe,^ ben 
S9oben. 3)ie beiben**«&irtm fa^en ju i(>rcn 8ru§en eine ClueCie ^er* 
borfprubeln, unb j!ci^ iiber bie 5elber beg ^ garnet »erbreiten, 2>ie 
JBlumen I^auc^ten einen frifdjen $Bol^lgeructj, bie 93aume fc^mucf* 
ten f!d^ mit griinem Saube, unb bie Ǥeerben lof cl;ten in bem f ii^len 
©trom i^ren 2)urfi. 

3eftt toenbetc flc^ ' ber ®eifl ju bem gaeiten »&irten, unb gefcot 
i^m ju reben. 3c^ bitte blc^f, fprac^ Slafc^ib; bu woUejl ben 


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Sr fonntc el ni(t;t mc^r fcl^cn ; — n wr^ullte bal^ 2lugc ; -^ 
taufenb" ^ci§e 5'^rancn flr&mten berjfegenb In ben Sconce; — et 
feuf jte nur noc^ leife, irofilod unb finnlol : Jlomme toieber, Sugertb, 
fomme toieber. 

Unb fie !am toieber ; benn et f^aitt nur f o f urc^terlic^ ge« 

troumt.e (St tear no<3^ ein SungUng; nur feine aSerirrungcr 
»aren feln ^raunt getoefen.e 2l6er er banfte ®ott, baf er, noc]^ 
jiung, in ben fc^mu^tgen ©angen bel Safierl untfel^ren, unb f!c^ 
auf bie ©onncnSai^n ^urucfbegeSen fonnte^^ bie in bal 8anb ber > 
©rntcn leltet. <* 

Jtcl^re mit il^m um,8 SiingUng, toenn bu auf feinem 3m»ege 
pe^cp ! IDiefer fc^redenbe 3!raum toirb funftig bein iRIc^ter ttjer* 
ben ; aber ipenn bu einfl iammertooll rufen wurbejl : Jtomme mie* 
ber, fc^ftne 3ugcnbl — fo* tourbe jle nic^t wieber fommen I / 

^ rV 34. «etrt w^ttnl Ut Sdflad^t 

,h^^ ^ 98ater, ic^ rufe bi(^ I 

\ ©ruttenb umtoSIft mi^ ber 2)anH)f » ber ®efci^%, 
®i)ru^enb umjutf en mic^ raffelnbe 99(i^e* * 
8enfer ber** <Sc()Iac^ten, i^ rufc bi^ I 
93at'er bu, f ii^re mic^ I 

Cater bu, fu^remfc^I 
8fu^r' mlc^ 5um<^ ®iege, fii^r' ml<^ §um*> Jobe: 
«6err, i^ erfenne beine ®ebote; 

«eerr, tole bu toiaft, fo fui^re m^ I 

®ott, i6) erfenne bidf; I 

®ott, ic^ erfenne biel^ I 
®o im l&erSftlic^en flftaufc^en ber SBIitter, 
2110 im ©d^Iaci^tenbonnerttjetter, 

UrqueH ber ®nabe, erfenn' id)^ bic^l 
33ater bu, fegne mic^ ! 

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98ater bu, fegne mi^l 
in belnc «&anb befell' i^ me{n 8cBen. 
3)u fannfl c« nc:^men,<J bu ^afl e3 gegefien; 

Sum £e6en, )um ®terben « fegne mic^ I 

aSater, ic^ »)reife bic^ I 

Sater, {c^ pxti^t Vi^ I 
*« ifl ia !ein «ann>f fur ble ®utcr ber Srbe ; 
£)ad ^eiltgjle fc^il^en kotr mit bent ®c^mette : 

3)rum, fattenb unb fiegeub, preif tc^ bic^. 

®oti, bit ergeb' ic^ mid^ I 

®ott, bir ergeb' Ic^ mi^ I 
SBennf mit^ ble IDonner bed S'obed begtiif en, 
SBenn melne Slbern geSff net flie§en : 

3)ir, mein ®ott, bir ergeb' i^ mlc^ I 

aSater; «(^ rufe bic^ I 


35* f rri Jxnnit. 
Sraue fetnem8frettnbe,<» ivenn 3)u i^n nic^t gepruft i^afi; an 
ber ^afel bed ©afima^Id gtbt ed >> mell^r; aU an ber S^ure bed 
JJerf erd. — @in 2^ann l^atte brel greunbe. Qwei berfelben « Hcbte 
er** fei^r, ber britte war i^m gleic^gfiltig, wiewo^l® blefer e0 am 
reblid&jlenf mit i^m melnte. (Sinfl ttjarb er toor ®eriti^t geforbcrt, u 
v»o er unfc^ulbig, aber ^art, Derflagt aar.^ ^ffier untipr (Sud)/* 
f^rac^ er, „ttjill mit mir ge^cn unb fiir mic^ jeugen?"^ — 3ci)bin 
ibart toerflagt worben^J unb ber Jtonig siimet," 2)er erjle feiner 
Sreunbe entfc^ulbigte f!c^ fogleic^^ ba^ « er niti^t mit i^m ge^en 
fonnek wegen anberer ®efd[;ofte. 2)cr jwelte begleltete ii^n bid 
gur ^^iire bed dlat^^aufed; ba wanbte er W ^^'^ 8^ng ^uriid 
aud Surest \iOx bem jornigen dtid^ter. iDer britte, auf ben er am 

■ ■ ■ ^— ^^— ^^^^ — - - -■■■■■■II ■■■ ■ 

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irenigjlcr. ^ gftaut ^otte, »> ging ^inetn, rcbctc fur if^n, unb jfugte 
)?on femcr Unfc^ulb fo freubig, ba^^ bet Slic^ter t^n lodlie^ unb 

3)rei Srcunbcl^atber*" 9Wettf(]^<J in bicfet ffielt ; toic Betragen 
f!c jic]^ gegen il^n in ber ©tunbc be^ «» 3:obf3, »cnn ®ott i^n bor 
©crid&t forbert?** JDoS" ®elb, fein bejtct 5?reunb, tocrld^t i^n 
gucrft unb gel^et ni(^t mit i^m. @einc aSerttjanbten unb SJrcunbe 
Bogle Itcn if)n bi0 jur 3!^urc beg ®rabed, unb fcl^ren tolcbcr in i^re 
«&aufcr. 3)er brittc, ben et im Seben oft bergag, »' fmb feine toof^U 
t^atigen SBrrfc. ®ie aUein Begleiten i^n bid )um S^rone beg 
Olic^terg ; fie ge^en boran, f^jre^en fiit i^n, unb flnben ^axmfftv^ 
jigfeit unb ®nabe. 

Beige mix beinen @lauben mit beinen 9Berfen, fo koid i^ aud^ 
meinen ©lauben bit ^eigen mit meinen SBerfen. 3ac* 2, 18« 

Berber. . 

86. 1innttit$ffU$ VHtitxftiitu. 

3n 8falun in ©d^toeben !u{lte tot gutcn f unfjig 3a^ren unb mc^t 
ein iunger S5ergmann» feine jungc ^iibfc^e ^ant unb fagte ju i^r : 

„9luf ©anft 8ucid toitb unfere fiieU con bed iPrieflerd «&anb ge« 
fegnet. b Dann flnb** »ir SRann unb SBelB, unb Bauen^ un0 
einc eigened S^ejllein/ — ,,Unb Sriebe unb SieBe foil barin tool^s 
nen/' fagte bie fc^one 35raut mit l^olbem fiSc^eln, „benn bu Bifi 
mein (Sinjiged unb 5We6, unb ol^ne bic^ m6c^te i^* lieBer im ®raB 
fein,d aid an einem anbemDrt." 5ttd« fie aBer bor ®t. i&ud& 
ber ^farter jum Sn^^^tenmal in ber ^irc^e audgerufen f l^attc : 
,;®o nun 3emanb «&inbernif wiifteg anjujei* 
'•geit,h toarum biefe ^erfonen nic^t mi<i)ttn e^e* 
lid^ gufommen fommen/' ba melbete flc^ ber' J?ob* 
3)enn aid ^ ber 3iingling ben anbernJ SJJorgen in fciner fc^ttjarjen 
SBergmanMfleib an ii)xtm «6aud borBeiging, ber ^ergmann l^at 

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ffin 3!obtcnfrcit) immcr an, ba flo^ftcet* jtoar noc^ einmal an 
i^rcm Scnftcr, unb fa9tc i:^r gutm SWorgcn, aBer fctnm guten 
5lbenb me^r. (5r fam ntmmer aua bcm SBetgtocrf jururf, unb fie 
^aumtc toergebUc?^ fclBlgcn SV^orgen ciit fd^wargcg ^aUtudi mit 
roti^em 8lanb fur i^n jum •Soc^jeittag, fonbcm atee etnimmer 
fam, legtc flc* c0 tocg, unb toeintc urn if)n unb uergaf i^n nic. 
Untcrbeffen tourtek bic ®tat)t 8iffaBon In ^Portugal burc^ ein @rb« 
htUn gctjWrt, unb bcr flcbeni&^ige Jtrieg ging boriifccr, unb bet 
«Raifcr Sfrang bet (Srfle jlarB, unb "bet Sffuitcnotben tturbe auf« 
gei^ofcenf unb ^Polen get^eilt, unb bie J^aifetln SWana 3!^erejla 
jiar^, unb ber @trucnfee ttjurbe"* l^ingerici^tct, 5(merifa ujurbe 
frei, unb bie toereintgte franjftflfc^e unb fpanlfc^e S^ad^t fonnte 
©iBraltar ni(]^t erobem.^ 3)ie 3!urfen fc^loffen ben @enera( 
Stein in ber SBeteraner ^of)U in Ungarn dn, ' unb ber JJaif er 
3ofep^ {larb a\i^. 3)er Jti^nig ®u{iab bon @d^»eben eroberte ruf= 
fifc^ Sinnlanb, unb bie franjJjlfc^eOleDoIution unb ber lange Jlrieg 
nng an, ' unb ber Jtaifer ficoipolb ber S^citc ging au^ in'd ®rab. 
S^a^olcon eroberte ^reufen, unb bie @ngl&nber bomBarbirten 
Jto^cnl^agen, unb bie 5(cCerleute faeten unb fc^nitten, . 2)er SKiiUei 
nia^lte unb bie ©c^;miebe ^Smmerten, unb bie 33ergleute gruBen 
nac^ ben 3KctaUabem in i^rer unterirbifc^en SBerf patt, 2llge 
aber bie ^ergleute in {^alun im 3a^r ac^gci^n ^unbert unb neun 
etmad oor ober na(^ 3o^anni ^mifc^en jivei @c^ac^ten eine Deffs 
nung burc^graben kvodten, gute brei^unbert d^den tief unter bent 
S3oben, gruben fle^ aud bem @c^utt unb QSitrioImaffer ben ^eic^s 
nam eincd 3iing(ing^ ^erau0, ber gan^ mit @ifent}itrioI burets 
brungeU; fonjl aber unijertre^t unb untoeranbert tt?ar ; alfoba|i« 
man feine Oefl^tSjiige unb fein 5tlter no^.toSUig erfennen fonnte 
aid toenne er erfi toor einer ©tunbe gejlorben, ober tin luntig ein* 
flefc^^lafen toare, ™ an ber 5(r6eit. %l§ man « i^n aber ju Jlag 
auggeforbert fjatit,^ 93ater unb Wlntttx, ©efreunbete unb 33e« 
f annte waren fc^on lange tobt, fein SD'ienfc^ ttJoUte ben fc^Iafenben 
3ungling fennen ober ettt?a3 bon feinem Ungliicf toiffen, bid^ ^(g 
c^emalige aSerlobtco beS 35ergmanne fam,. ber eined Stages p auf 
bie @c^ic^t gegangen irar unb nimmer juriicffcbrte. ®rau unb 

M. k L. 68. 2* I L. 61. 4. m L.^. 2. " § 59. 2. • § »4. 5. § li.s. 

a k L. 4S. 1 L. 87. 4. "' L. 84. •• L. 80. 8. L. 2;i b. L. 4J. S. 


jufommcngef{j^rum^)ft lam flc* an e(net Xxudt an "tm ^laft unb 
erfannte il^rcn ^rauttgam ; unb nte^r mit freubigem (Snt^itden a(9 
ttilt ©c^merj fan! fle^ auf tic geliehe iBcic^c niebet; unt) crjl aW 
fie |!c^ t}on etner langen ^efttgen ^ewegung bed (Sentiit^d er^olt 
^atte,h „e6 ifl mem QJerlobtcr/'o fagte flc enblic^, „um ben ic^ 
funf^tg 3a^re lang gettauert ^atte, unb ben mt(^ ®ott nod^ eint 
mal fe^en Idfjt ^ toor melnem (5nbe. 9l^t Sage Dor ber «&oc^3eit 
ift" er untet bie ^rbe gegangen unb ntmmer ^etaufgefDmmen." 
S)a n^urben bie ©emut^et aUer Umfte^enben ton ^el^ntut^ unb 
S^^tanen ergtiffen, aU |!e fa^cn bie e^emaligc ^xant jc^t in bet 
®c|!alt beil ^ingenjclftcn fraftlofen SllterS unb ben Q5rautigam 
no^ in feinct jugenblid^en ®cl)6nc, unb »ie in i^ter 93rufl nad^ 
fiinf jlg 3a^ren bie Stanime ber jugenblidjen J&iebe nod^ einmal er^ 
ttac^te ; a6er er Sffnete ben Sl^unb nintmer )um Herein ober bie 
^ugen gum SBiebererfennen ; unb n^ie {ie if)n enblic^ \ion ben 
SSergleuten in ii)x ©tiiblein tragen licf^q aU bie^injige, bie il^m 
ange^iJre, unb ein flled^t an i^n ^abe, bid cin ®taf> geriiftet fci 
auf bent Jlirc^l^of. S)en anbern Sag, aid bad ®rab geritflet war 
auf bcm ^ird^^^of unb i^n bie S3ergleute ^oUen, f^lo^ fie cin 
^afllein auf, legte if)m bad fc^n?arsfeibene «&aldtuc^ mit rotten 
©trcifen um, unb fcegleitete i^n aldbann in i^rem @i?nntagds 
gen^anb, aid wenn ed ii^r ^ccl;^ctttag unb nid^t ber Sag feiner ^es 
erbigung m&re. ^enn aid man i^n auf bem Jtirc^^of in^ ®xah 
legte, fa^e fie : „©c^Iafe nun tto^I, noCi^ einen Sag ober je^en im 
fii^Ien ^o^idthtit, unb lag bir bie 3eit ni^t lange toerben. 3^ 
^abe nur nod^ krenig gu ti^un, unb fomme balb, unb balb nnrb'd 
toieber Sag." — ,;9Bad bie ®rbe (Sinmal trieber gegeben ^at, 
toirb flc 3um Sw'citenmal auc^ nic^t be^alten/' fagte flc, aid fie 
fortging, unb no(^ einmal umf(^aute. ^tbct. 


37. 9a5 9riit bts ^ftltgen j0)oiiiii. 

3u ^xix^tn feined 3)ienerd i&auterfeit, 
Stam einfl ber »&erra cor ®anct 3obofud S^ur 
3n irmlic^er ©eflalt unb bat um ^rot. 

M. q P. 888. [fiTote. 


M. >L.6I.& 


a qL.85. ft. 
0. >L.89.& 


„(Sib/' »> frrac^ 3ot)ofu«, ^^gtt i^m, guter ©d&affner I" 
z/'&ert/' f:|)ro^ ber ©c^affncr, „nur tin SBrot iji vAxIq: 
9Bad blelBt brnn S)ir unb mit unb unferm ^unbe V ^ 
„®ih immer," fijrac^ bet ^hU ,,Der •&err toirb fotgen/ 

3)er ®(]^affncr na^m ba8 SKeffer, jirfeltc 
SRit Sletfi unb f(^nttt genau bad eine<' $rot 
3n toier ganje gleic^^c ©tiicfe, teic^tc cinS^ 
2)em Settler ^in unb \pxa^ nidft ad^u freunbUc^ : 
,,(Sind iDtr, eind mir, beut '2lbt cind, emd bem <&ttnbe 1'' 
3obo!u8 lac^elt', unb bcr iBettlcr ging. 

dltc^t Tang*, unb in noc^ &rmlic^er ©eflalt 
Stam ahttmal ber «&err<^ unb hat urn ^rot* 
,,®icB/' fprac^ 3obofu«; ;,gib mein Stiicf lein i^m I 
3)er «&err tcirb forgcn.'' Unb ber ©c^affner gab'*. 

0li^t lang', unb no^ i3erl^ungerter erfc^ien 
3um britten aJKil ber «6crr unb bat urn 93rot 
,,®ib/' \pxa^ 3obofu3, ,,gib 2)ein ©tiicfleln i^tn I 
S)er «&err njirb forgen." Unb ber ©c^affner gab'*. 

9lic^t lang, unb la^^m, bltnb, nacft unb blop erf(^ien 
3um ijierten 3Kal ber »&err unb fle^t' um fSxoU 
3obo!u* f^rac^ : „gib t^m be* «&unbe* ©titctleittl 
S)er «6err i»irb forgen, ber ble Otaben ft)eifi."« 

Der ©c^affner gab ba* ©tiicf. 2)er 2trme*» gbig, 
Unb eine ©ttmm' erfc^oQ: „QXf>^ ifi ^ein ®lauBe, 
3)u, 3)eine* SReijier* Sdf^ter 3unger, grog ; 
Unb tole S)u glaubejl, fo fed 2)ir gefd^e^en/' 

3)er ©^affner trat an* enge genjier ; fc^au I 
3)a lanbeten im na^en J^Iup &ier ©d^ifflein, 
mt ©rot unb Dbft unb Del unb ^Bein befrati^tet. 

2)er ©c^affner eilte freubig an ben ©tranb. 
aSon SDi^enfc^en fanb er fetnen, fanb bafiir 
3lm Ufer eine toeige Slagge tue^n, 
!£Boran in ©olbfc^rift biefe ffiorte fliammten : 

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,,ajier Sc^ifflein fenbet, bet « bie StaUn fpeijl, 
S>em 9(Bt; ber l^eute btemtal ii^n gefpetfl : J 
3^m eind, bem @c^affner tin^, itnb etnd bent «&unbe ; 
S)ad ^erte Utiht bed @enberd 

)erd ormer @i|)|)fc^aft/'« ^X 

38« ]ltr 9l8tneii Vadir. 

Stuf bc$ gagerd toeic^cm Jtiflfcn 
flUu^t bic 3ungfrau,a fc(;lafbefan9en;^' ^ 
S^iefgcfcnft bic ^raune UBimiper, 
5Pur:|)ur auf ben ^eigen SBangen, 

©c^lmmernb auf bem ^Binfcnpu^le^ 
©tc^t ber Jtel^, bcr relc^gefc^mutfte, »» 
llnb im Rt\6!it ^rangen 33Iumen,* 
JDuft'ge; bunte, frlfc^gevftuclte. <i 

^riitenb ^ai f!(^ bum^fe ©^toiile* ' 
3)urci^ ba0 .^ammerlcin ergoffen, 
3)entt ber ©ommer fc^^euc^t bie Jtu6(e, 
Unb bic genjier finb berfcf^loffen. 

©tide ringg unb ttefeS ©c^wefgen t 
fpio^Iic^, l^ord) ! ein leifcS Sluj^ern Id 
3n ben 93(umcn, in ben Sw^ig^n 
glfvelt e§a unb rauf^t e^ liijlern. 

9lu3 ben 33lut^enfelcf>en fc^toefcen 
©ciflergleic^e 2)uftgebilbe;a 
3^re ^Iciber jarte dltld, 
kronen tragcn j!ea unb ©cS^ilbe. 

9tu3 bem ^ur^jurfd^oog ber 9lofe 
t&eBt flc^« eine fdjlanfe grau; 
3^re 8ocf en Pattern lof e, 
SJerlen fcli^en brin, trie X^wx. 

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%ud bem ^tlvx bed (Sifenl^uted 
S^it bent bunfclgritnen 8au6e 
Sititt etn dttttet, tedtn S^ut^ea ; 
©c^toert ergl&n^t unb $tcfell^au(e, 

2tuf bcr *&aube nrcft bic geber* 
9Bon bem {tlbergrauen Oiet^er. 
?lu3 ber »ilie [c^tt^anft ein 3»abc^en j 
2)unn, toie ©pinntoeb, ijl i^r Sc^lelet. 

9(u8 bem Jlelc^ bed 3!urfen6unbed 
J^ommt etn IReger flol^ ge^ogcn ; <* 
£t(j^t auf feinem griinen ^ut6an 
®lut)t bed «^aI6ntonbd golbner ^ogeit. 

^rangenb aud ber JTaiferfrone 
©(^^reitet f iii^n ein ®ce))tertrager ; 
2lud ber Wauen 3rid folgen 
©c^toerbetoaffnct feine 3ager. 

2lud ben SBIattem ber S'lareijfc 
S^toebt ein ^nab' mit biifiern 39Kden 
%xht and «ett, um« ^elge Jtuffe 
5luf bed 2Rdbc(;end a»unb gu briitfen. 

2)oc^ um'd Sagcr broi^n unb fc^toingett 
@ic^|e bie anbern toilb im ^reife, 
S)re^n unb fci^wingen fic^, unb fingen 
3)er (gntf^lafnen »> biefe SBeife : 

,,aRfibc^/en, SKabci^en I toon ber 6rbe 
<Oa{l bu graufant und gertffen, 
JDaf » toir in ber bunten ©ci^erbe 
@Ci^ma(i)ttn, tcelfcn, fierben miijfen I 

D, tolc ru^ten toir fo felig 
9tn ber @rbe SWutterbriijien, 
SBo, buret; griine aBi^}fel brec^enb, 
©onnenjira^len ^cif und fiigten ;j J 

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So und Senjedlufte (a^Iten, 
Itnfre f ^tvanfen Stengel beugenb ; 
SBo kcit 0lac^td ^ old (Slfen f))ieaen,J 
Itnferm ^latter^aud entfietgenb. 

«&e(l umflofi una X^an unb Slegen ; 
Se^t umflte§t und ttube U^t ; 
9Btr berMil^n, bod^ e^ koir flerien, 
9)2abc^en 1 trtfft bic^ unfre dlac^e 1" 

S)er ®ef ang berflummt ; fie neigen 
@i(^ ju ber ^ntfc^lafnen^ nieber. 
SD^tt bem alien, bum^fen Sd^tveigen 
J^e^rt baa leife Sliiftem* roieber, 

SBelc^ > ein Sflaufc^en, ^ todcf) ein Staunen I 
aSte bed 'mbc^ena OBangen glit^en 1 
98ie bte ©eiflet ea an^auc^en I 
9Bte bte Dufte mattenb sie^en I 

5)a Begrupt ber vSonne gunfeln 
^a^ ®tma^ ; bie @d^emen trei^en, 
Muf bea Sagera ,Kiffcn fc^lummert 
Stalt bie Ucblic^fte ber Seic^en. 

Sine wel!e 39lume fclber, ™ 
0lod^ bie SBange fanft gerot^et, 
Stuf)t jle 6ei ben toelfen @^t»ejlern, — 
93lumenbuf t ^at jle getSbtet I « y/ 

) ^— V 

f / t 

?9. yrtts Ux StanHafttaKeit 
^\Xi auf bomigen SBegen 
SBanbcltbera 3»enfc^.»» 
«&e6en jld^ ^ brSuenb ; 

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8eiben auf Jeibcn 
©turiiien ^etbcil 
aBolfcn scr^uClcn 
SRac^tlid^ ben ^u^gang. 

9lie boc^ kufi^ne^ bet flftenfc^ 
@ic^ t?on ®6ttern bertaffen I — 
J5fa§t er « nur aJiut^, 
3u toanbeln tie ^fabe, 
Sic^t er ben fiarocnf 
Jtu^n in bad ^Huge, 
Alimmt er auf .^(i^^en, 
IDttngt er® burci^ J)unfel 
©trebenb cm^)or : — 
D bann reid;en l^m ©Jtter 
«&elfenb ben« %xm; 
Unb er flnbet, entjiitfct; 
Sluf ber ©eligen 3nfe(, 
Unter'&eroen f!^c t^icber; 
9tvif)t burc^jlromet fein »&eri I 

3ebemf too^net bie Jlraft 
JDemh nur ge^ordjt f{e,»> 
Der oft unb ^errfc^enb if}x ruft. ^ 
SBelc^Ungenh fc^njinbet bie J^raft 
SBalb xm ©c^Iummer ba^in ; 
3)ann im .Jlam^fe — 
®in!en fle^ »» f)ti)m ff d^ c nitj^t I 
Unb eg irren bie ©ct^atten, 
SBon ben *&eroen gefonbert, 
Sraurig unb 6b' am bujieren Strom* 

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..^^ 40. 9fr $$tn >er (Sentftiig. 

4^ 3^1 I)ama8!u«, im 8ant)c Sfram, » Icfcte cin QRann, !Ramcn< 
©aruc^, ber»» tear im ganjcn Sanbc bcrii^mt iregen feincg Oleic^s 
t^umS, fo baf bic 8cutc fagtcn: ct ^el^t^ mil fllcc^t ^arud^, 
bag ijl tetbodmctfti^et, ber ©cfegnete ; bcnn er bcfa§ tie ©c^a^c 
Snbieng unb 5iraBicnfi, unb tuo^ntc in eincm ^errli^cn $alafl, 
bcr Sugboben toar'bon gUnjcnbcm SKarmor, bebecft mit ffijilic^em 
Itf^^id?, unb feineg 8flei(^t^unid ivar fein (Snbe. £)a)u l^atte t^m 
®ott cin cblcd 3Bci6 gegebcn, <* unb flcben blii^enbc Jtinber. — 
9l6er fle^c I ed « tear tocber Sricbc noc^ Srrcubc in fcincm «&er jcn. 
3)arum flrebtc er^ tfiglic^ ben Olanj fcine^ «&aufe6 ju me^ren, 
unb bag ©c^oncK mit bcm @d;6npen ju wcc^feln. 3tber bcnnoc^ 
fanb er nic^t ffriebc in feinem <&crjen unb toarb immcr mi§mut!^is 
ger, unb ber ©d^Iaf c|inr{^ ton fcinen ^tugcn. (XlL^>^<'•»^^ 

3)a f<)rac^ er^ in feinem «&erjen! toaS fott'» mir ba3» sJebcn? 
60 fann mir nic^tS 33effere«i unb «&6^eted toerben, ^ aid ic^ befl|c » 
bott 3ugcnb auf, unb ic^ toeig nun, ba^ •« 9iae3 eitel x\t unter ber 
^nne, unb meine ©cele l^at @!el an ^IQem. 
4.1 ff^ ^©0 ging ©aruc^ um^er in fc^tcermutjfgcn ©ebanfcn, unb be* 
triibte fein fficib unb fein ganjeS •gaud, fo baj man « fagte : eg « 
))lagct il^n ein bofer ®eiP; barum bac^te et fcincr^Sjjge ein 
®nbe ju maiS^en, bag er ber ^(age lofl tt?iirbe. <^ ^ ^-^ %, 

3)a cerno^m S3aruc^, ^ baf in ber ©tabt Ttemp^iQ, » im i&anbe 
SWijraim, ein toeifcr SKann tool^ne,^ ein ^ro^^et, bemp ®ott bic 
©eld^eit in bag ^gerj gegeben^q alfo, bag er p ratten ttjiffe^ in 
y^^tten 2)ingen. Unb SSaruct; befc^Ipg, jlc^ ^ auf jumac^en unb fei* 
nedOlat^gs gu begel^ren. Unb SBarud) rief ben treujlen feincr 
5)iener, S^iamenS fSkald^i, unb fprac^ : „tt?o^Ian, riijle mir jtoei 
Jtameele, unb belabc eing ' berfelbcn " mit ®o(b, ©ilber unb eblen 

, , , ♦ 


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©tcinen unb ben f ofllic^en ©ctrurjen Sfrailend I" Unb SWalc^fi 
t^at, toic '« if}m fein t&err gefcotcn ^atte. fflaruc^ ater fegncte 
fcin SBelb unb fcinc Jtmbcr, unb mac^tc .jlc^ f auf. er unb fcin 
3)iencr, unb jlc gogcn bon bannen ii^cr bad ®e^irgc, burd) bie 
ffiujlc nac^ aD^ijraim. — Qllfo jogen flc mit i^tcn ij^^iercn fiebcn 
S^ogcreifen, unb abermaW jteBen 3!agcreifen in ber SBiipe ; aber jte 
erreic^ten bod Sanb nrcf?t. 2)cnn ber @ngel be$ «6errn l^attc jle 
mit ^Blinbi&eit gefc^lagen, bap jte beS ®ege3» fel^lten, unb ttjufjtm 
nic^t Imfg ober rec^tS. Unb ed biirjletev jle unb i^re $^ierc gar 
fe^r. 3)enn eg® tear fein Ouefl noci^ 33runnen in ber ffiiijle tefit 
unb 6reit, unb jle f ammelten be3 Sftad^tS ^ ben Jl^au in i^ren 
aD'iantcIn, unb faugten baran, i(?re Si^^jen ju ne^en. Da feuf jte 
S3aruti^ unb f^ra^: „g&6e» id) nid;t gem aUe Sc^&^e, bie ba8 
^amcel fu^rct, unb i^rery noc^ toiel mf^r au3 meinen ®ew6(6en 
in 3)ama3f um einen S5ccl^er beS SBafferS, ba0 in meinen ©arten 
auS SKarmor unb $or^^i^r frrubelt, — unb atte meine Kjilic^en 
SBcine in meinen JteUern fiir ein 336rntein, bad unf ere 3unge laben 
m6c^te."o — 5(ifo feufjte 53aruci^, unb ber 3!ag tt?ar fei&r fc^toiil, 
unb bio. «&i|e na^m iiber^anb, unb ed biirflete jle immer me^r, fo 
bafi i^re ©eelen matt tourben. 3)a fci;lac^teten jle^ einS ber 
Jlameele, aBer ege njarb fc^ier fein UBajfer in i^m gefunben, tt?oran 
fie flc^ Ia6en ni6c^ten. — i)a t^at 33aru^ feinen TlmXi auf unb 
fVra^ ju Wlal^i : „a6), 2)u mein treuer Diener unb ®ef&^rte, 
^abe ic^ 2)ic^ ^ierl^in gefii^rt, baf bu meinettt?egen * jlertejll 
SO^einem <&aufe ba^eim u?ar ic^ eine $tage in meinem Unmut^; 
unb Dir nun, mein treuer S^alc^i, bin id; ein (Sngel be3 ' SSerber* 
t>ena in ber SBiifte I Unb benno^ bulbejl 2)u, toie tin fiamm, 
ba3 feinen Wlmti nid^t auft^ut bor feinem ^rtoiirger; unb mur* 
reji nid^t gegen Deinen QSerberbcr, ber fiir Deine Sreue ben Sluc^ 
fiber 3)ic^ bringt I 3lc^, ^a^i, wit fott id^ e5 3)ir bergel* 
ten ?" — 9llfo rebete SBaruc^. — 9(0er SKalc^i anttoortete unb 
ft)rac^: ;,trie fottt' icf} meinem «&errnp nid^t geme folgen bl8 
in ben' 2[ob? »&ab' i^ boc^ bon 3)einem iBrobe gegeffen, 
unb bon Deinem SBeine getrunfen bi0 auf biefen 3!ag. •&ab' 
i^ ber guten ilage genojfen, wit follt* ic^ mic^ benn ber 

^ .1 — — — — — ^^— ^— ^— — ^^^^— ^ 

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BBfm ttdQcrn?^ — SKSc^tc ber »6err nut ^i^ au3 bet 9lotl^ «• 
retten, unb mcinc ©eclt jum Sofegetb nel^men. 93in Ic^ boti^ bet 
f injctnc Wtann ; aber eg « traucm urn Did^ ein 9GBei6 uub flebcn 
Jtinbleln." — Unb al« •« «KaIc^i blcfc SBortc gcrebet ^atu, ba 
toermo^tc er ni^t fcmer* 2)cnn \dnt ®celc tourbc matt, unb ct 
fan! nicbcr auf blc ©rbc, 2)a 6ra(^ Saruc^*> baS ^tt^, unb cr 
flel auf fcin %ntli% in fclncm jammer unb ttcinte, unb f^)rac^ : 
^acf;, «&crr, «6err, ®ott «§immete unb ber (Srbcn, bcrbcrbc mi^ I 
bcnn i^ bin nit^t »erti& bcr ®nabc, bic !Du mix erjeigt l^afl, unb 
bie Saft meinor ©iinben ru^ct fci^toet auf meiner @ttk I S)arun\ 
toerbcrbc mid^, toic e0« mcinc Sl!^atcn toctt:^ j!nb." — (Skf^tf ba 
!ani ein dtaufd^en bon feme l^et aud bcm Selfen, glci^ n?ic ba6 
jRaufcl^en eincd $5m(cind. Unb 99aru^ er^ob fein Ȥauvt unb 
^orc^te, alfo cr^ob auci^ bad Jtameel fein <&au^t, unb neigtc bad 
D^x ju bem Otaufc^en, unb naivete flc^ bem Selfen. ^aru^ abet 
\)pxa^ : ^toirb ber ©ngel bed «&enn benn ein ffiunber tl^un unb 
mitten in ber 9Bujlc ben jjelfen Jffnen, ba^ er und oom Serberbcn 
errettc?" 9llfo fprati^ Saruc^i, unb ditt i^lnju, unb jle^e, an bem 
Supe bed Selfend, in bcr ^iefe; quod dn S38mlein mit Harem 
SBaffer, unb ed jlromtc fui^I unb reic^Uc^, unb feinc ©eftalt tear 

IDa fiel ^3aruc^ )}on 9leuem auf fein %ntli|, unb toeintc unb 
rief : „a^, «gerr ®ott, nun crfennc ic^J in ffiai^r^eit, bag™ 3)tt 
barmi&erjig bijl unb bon grower ®iite, unb ba§ 3)u SBunber t^ufl, 
obtoo^l ^ 16} 3)einer SBarm^erjigfeit nit^t toert^ bin l" aSaruc^ 
ober tran! nit^t uon bem 956tnlein, fonbern brac^tc eilenbd einc 
©c^aale unb fiillte fie, unb lief ^iniiber ju feinem 5)iener 9Walc^i, 
unb i»uf(^ i^mp bic ©c^lafc unb ne^te feinc ^i)p)ptn. 3)a fc^lug 
SWdld^i bic 2(u0cn auf unb fa:^ feinen «&errn an, 95aruc^ abet 
Pel i^mp um ben «&ald, unb tijcinte bor Sreuben unb rief: „o 
SWalc^l, 5)u Sreunb meined Ǥcrjend, nid^t mel^r mein 5)iencr I 

9lc^ 1 baf icf) Di(^ gefunben :^abc I ©ie^e, ber ©ngcl bed 

«&errn f)ai und dn 956mlein gcjcigt I barum trinP unb crquicfe 
3)eine Seelc, auf bag 2)u lebejl unb i^ and) lebe I" — Unb nad^j 
bem™ SKalc^i getrunfen ^atte, toarb feinc ®eele erguitft, unb ^a* 
ruc^ fii^rtc i^n ju bem S39mlcln, unb jle nai^mcn ®peife bon ben 
•Rameclen, bic {Ic mitgebrac^t fatten, unb fe^ten j^^ in bie Jtu^Iung 


bed S5rnleind, unb afcn unb tranfen, unb tourbett fatt. Xlfo 
tranften {le au^ t^r ^^tet; unb ru^ten au8 Don i^ren Sefc^mets 
ben, unb t^re ®ee(en tDurben etquicft unb geflSrft, Unb jle 6Uq^ 
Ben bafelbjl bie dladtjt M an ben anbern 3^ag» 

^U nun bie @onne aufging, fprac^ SRalc^i ^u Satuc^; fetnem 
«&erm : „jlel^e, bie Sonne ifl aufgegangen. ffiiOfl 2)u, fo fiitt' 
ici& bie ©c^Iauc^e, unb toit gie^en DorwSrtd ju bem ^rop^eten Im 
)&anbe 3)2()Taim gegen 5lbenb. SBir mJgen nic^t feme mc^r fein," 
^a Idt^elte ^aruc^ 3U felnem treuen IDienet ^ald)i, unb fagte 
feine ^anb unb f^radf; : „mein Sruber Wtal^i, nic^t alfo I ©ie^e, 
bet «&err ^at mir bie 3Bei3^eit gegeben, bie ic^ gefuc^t f^aU. fflo* 
lu beburfte^ca bed $rov^eten in a^ijraim? SBo^Ian, XDix moden 
gegen 3Korgen jie^en, be0 fflege0, ^ ^)en toir gefommen flnb." 

!r)arauf f iiUten jle bie ©c^I&ud^e mit ftifc^cm fflaffer, unb tranf« 
ten baS Jtameel, unb tranfen felbet, unb (egneten ^en Quetl, bet 
jle ijoni 3Setbetben getettet ^atte, unb jogen fri)^Iic^ i^te ©traf e. 
— Unb aU jie in bet «&eimat^ anlangtm ju 5)amaSf, fa§ 3!l^ttja, 
baS ®eib 3Baruc!;0, t>ot ben 3!^oten bed »&aufed fammt i^>ten fleben 
Jtinblein untet ben 5^atmen, unb jle erfc^racf ,• aid jle Sarucl^ fa^, 
unb feinen JDicnet Wtal^i. 93atuf!; abet ^^etjtc fein SBcib unb 
feine .^inblein, unb toeinte toot Steuben. 

3)a et^>ob 3!^itja ii^te ©timme unb \pxa<f) : „gefegnet fei mitP 
bet tteife 3Rann SJiijtaimd^ bet (Suc^ fo balb tolebet ^^eim fenbet, 
unb gcfegnet fei mit JBatuc^, mein ©cUebtet I 3)enn jlel^e, Deine 
©ejlalt ip eine anbete, unb ^dn Slntll^ leuc^tet mit, trie ein (Sngel 
bed JJricbend. 0lcnne mit bo(^ ben 3Jiann Sotted, bet ben gtie* 
ben in 5)eine ©eele jutiitfgetufen f)at, baf ic^ i^n fegnc I" — 2)a 
Idc^elte 58atuc^ unb fal^e fein ffleib an, unb etjSl^lte 5Wed, toie ed 
t^m unb SJ^alt^i begegnet tvat, t?om ^nfang hi^ in Snbe. X)atauf 
fytac^ et : /,jle^e, nic^t ein Wlm^d) unb $rov^et, fonbetn ®ott 
felbjl ^at mid; untettoeifet. 3n bet SBiijlc f^abt id^ 3)rmut^ ges 
letnt ; im 93otnlein f}aV id) bie ®nabe bed 5Wbatm^ctjigen unb 
feine ®ute etfannt, unb -in meinem !Dicnet eincn 9Wenfc^en nnb 
SJteunb gefunben I Unb nun fe^te ic^ etneut ju Suc^.^utiicf, unb 
ede wo^net bet^ fftiebe in meinem »&et5en, bet fSjlUc^et ijl, benn 
®oIb unb ©ilbet; unb ben mit meine ®iitet ni(^t ^u geben bet« 
moc^ten." — 


9flfo tuMe ^anxdi, unb feln SBanbcI toat freunMt^, unb 
fc^lcc^t unb rec^t Bid an bad (Snbe feincr 3!age, ^ber toon fclnen 

cba^cn t^at er koo^I tm gan^en Sanbe iDett uml^er, unb tuarb 
fcin >Hnncr Qcfunbcn, bcm er nic^t ^alf in fciner Strmut^. 2)a 
fagtcn bic 2Irmen, bcncn ct ^alf : ttjo^l mag er mit Sttcf^t Saru.^ 
geuannt irerben ; bcnn er- ifi tin (Befegnetcr bed «&erm, unb toon 
l^m felbcr fommt Segen. — (Sr aber fvtac^: „flel^e, auc^ bied ^at 
mid) bad SSBrnlein gcle^rt". — Unb aid ^ tin 3a^r toerfc^ttjunben 
hjar, jog er f)in ju bem Ouefl mit Wlal(i)i, feinem ffreunbe, unb 
QBcib unb Jtinbern, unb irei^ctc ben 59orn, unb Sauete bamefcen 
eine «&erbergc fur bie ^itger ber JBiifle. !Den Ciuefl aber nannte 
er ©oor 0lefa^, bad ^eigt:^ SSombcr ©cncfung* Sllfo 
^ei^t er bid auf ben ^eutigen $ag* 


41. 9ie Wittipr ji lefirt* 

I)er Jtabl ju S^^xa, ScnbSd^^ir, begegnete einer'* ffiitttoe, 
toelc^c einen ©fef toor fid^ ^cr trieb ^ unb tueinte. »» ,,9Barum n?cin|l 
JDu, armed ilBeib 7"* ,,5Bo^I ein armed ®eib/' antiuortctc jic, 
„biefor (Sfel, ber Iccre ®acf, loclc^er barauf *^ liegt, unb bk McU 
bung, loelc^c meinc i8Io§e becft,^ jlnb ber ganjc Ueberrejl meincr 
«&abe; atted Uebrige t)at mir** ber »KaIif genommen/'« ,,Unb 
ttjorin beflanb 2)eine iibrige ^aUT* fragte ^3enbad^ir*bertounbert. 
//3c^ befag eine fleinc 2Jieierei ; fie tear bad dxhtffeii ber QSorfa^* 
ren meined toerflorbenen ^ianned unb ber meinigen ; fie »ar und 
liber ^illlcd li^ ; »ir waren ^icr geboren unb erjogen, unfere ge* 
meinfc^aftlid^e ^kht nat)m l^ier i^ren ^nfang ; toir tourben ©atten, 
genoffen bie 3wftieben^eit tt?a^rer ^ki)t unb unermiibeter Arbeit* 
famfeit — noc^ auf bem Sterbebette hat mic^ mein guter SWann, f 
bafiirs ju forgen^bap unfer fleined ®ut, tt?clc^ed und unfere 33ater 
l^interlaffen l^atten,^ an 0licmanb anbcrd gelange, aid an unfem 
@o^n, ttjelc^er toieUeid^t in bem '2tugenb(i(fe im «6cere bed ^alifen 
fein iBlut fiir einen *&erm toergiept,** ujel^er fciner Sautter billed 

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tiimmt." „Unb au0 iwl^em ®runbe/' fragte bcr StM, „na1)m 
2)ir bet italif 2)citt ©runbjlutf ?" 

,,©r toill jic^ cin fiujigebaube ba^{n iamn laffen/'h antioortete 
bic ffiittme. — ©utcr ©ott, ba^tc ber ^abl bei fld^ felbp, er f)al^ 
fo t)iele $aldfle unb Su^gebdube, unb auf einen b(o$en @tnfaU^' 
no<^ em§ me^r ^u ^aben, tjertteibt e^^ etn armed SBeib aud i^rem 
@igent]^umc I -^ 

,,Unb toel(]^en (Srfa| gab ct 3)ir ?" ftagtc ©enbac^lr. „@rfaft ? 
^clnenr' antwortcte bie SBittive ; „tx Hf^h ntlr anfangllc^ einc 
Heine <Summe anbieten ; ba ic^ abet bag mit fo tbeuete « ®runbs 
Piid nic^t cerfaufen ttJoUte^ foJ na^ni et eS mit mit ©ctDalt." 

,,*&afl 2)u il^m !Deine ttautige Sage nid^t potgefletlt ?" ettoiebette 
bet Jtabi. — „3^ hJatf mlc^ Dot i^m niebet/' ant^rottete bic 
SBitttoe, „bene|te mit S^^t&nen feine 5ii§e, unb Hi unb flicl^te — 
Jc^ fagte i^m 9Weg, »a« mit @(^metj, .Jtummet unb 33cr jtoeiflung ' 
j.^u* A^^einQab." — @k fonnte &ot ©d^lud^sen^ nict)t fottfa^ten. — 
,,Unb 2)cin 93itten oetmocl^te nic^tg tpibet i^n?" ftagte 33en- 
bdc^it t^cilitel^menb, — ,,(St toiel mi^ mit aUet mSglid^en 
«&atte ab !"'" onttt?ottetc j!e toeinenb. — ©enbdc^it ^ob bie 5lugen 
gen »&immel. QtCimddjtiget I feufjtc et, 3Satet bet'" SWenfd^en I 
ct iieCit 2)ic^ ^iet auf (Stben m, imb fann bic" toon jld; ttjcis 
fen, bie nid^tS ioetlangen,^ alS tra§ ©erec^tigfeit unb SiUigfcit , 
feetj^ ; unb 3)u ii betfle ^ft mit Sangmut^ unb ©cbulb bie unbiU '^^ 
ligfien unb ungetedjteflcn 33itten bet™ ©tetblic^en? — ^ffleib,'^' 
fagte et entfc^Ioffen nac^ biefct fliflen ^^aufe, „ubet(af mit 5)einen 
©fel unb ben <Sad auf eine futje 3fi^ unb folge mit oon fetne. 
3c^ gelte etu?a3 M bem Jlalifen — njo ijl et ie|t ?" 

„^x befinbet flc^o eben ie|t/' antirortete bie ffiittttje, „auf 
bem ©tunbjiiicf, toelc^eS ic^ mcin naniito.^i -^Ibct tt>a3 mittfl 2)u 
mit bem ®fe( ?" — ,;@ei unSefotgt unb folge mit I" » betfeftte 
bet Jtabi* — SBenbdc^it nal^m ben @fel unb fucbte ben ^alifcn 
auf. — 3)et Aalif betoittfommte it)n fteuhblic^. ;,3ci^ ^a6e iDid^ 
fo lange nid^t gefc^en^e 95enbdd^it/' fagte et ju i^m, ,,unb toic 
fommt e3, bap p id^ eben je^t 2)ic^ fe^e 7" 

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4 < 



,,(Sr^at»ner «§etrfd&er t)er ®Kublgcn/' anttoottete ©enBSc^lt, 
^Id) ^abc fo e6en fin anne^ 2Bci6 gefpro^en, ^eli^em — ** f^^ 
errat^e, trad folgen toirb/' ^ unterbrac^ t^n bcr Jtalif ^ in cincin 
etnjl^aften 3'one, „unb toifl nic!?W ttjeitcr ^6ren.« 3>ie tgal^ftar* 
tigcq mag il^r iBettagen Sufcn !« Stc^t cS nicftt in.mciner ®i(ls 
fii^r, fiber SJemi&gm unb i^eSm meincr Untctt^ancn )u gebietcn V 
— „i£)einc iWad^t/' erroicberte ^enbac^ir, ,,ifl bier auf @rt)en un* 
bcgrenjt. 9luc^ )}erlangt ^ie arme SBitttce i^r el^emaligeS ^i^ens 
t^um nlc^t ttjie^er jurucf ; fie bcttelt bloS urn ein fletned *2lnbenfen, 
unt) wcnn 2)u e« eriaubfi, fo f fiflie ^ ic^ biefen ®acf, jufolge i^red 
aBunfd^cd," mit (5rt)e." 

t,^\t\ fann flc ^aben/' ertoieberte bcr Jtalif lac^rlnb, ,,iinb 
toenn jle ge^n Sacfe tooUte. — SBalb, 33cnb&(^ir, foUfl 2)u bie • 
®cgenb nlcijt me^r !ennen I f «&ier fofl dxi <)rac^tiger ?}alafl er* 
ric^tet njcrben, " bort ein SBaJTerf all bie ^ugffc^ t oerfc^onern, unb 
toeiter^in ein ^o^er l^^urm fic^ er^eben, bon kDel^em man bie 
ganje ®egenb iiberfc^en fann." 

„®o ?" erttjicberte Senb&clnr, ttelc^cr unterbcjTcn ben ®atf mit 
(Srbc angefiiat ^atte. — ,,3c]^ toerbc foglcid^ mein ©efc^aft toU* 
enbet ^aben, unb bann, er^abner 33c^errfc^cr bcr ©Idubigcn, er* 
laube mir noc^ eine ©itte, ofe ebcn fo unbebcutenb ifl, aid bie 
erfie." — ,,@ic fci 3)ir geitattet/' bcrfc^te ber Jlalif. ,,^er 
®a(f ifl gefiillt/' fu^r SBenbac^ir fort, „unb nun, eri^abner 93cs 
l^enfc^er bcr ©Idubigen, flel^' ic^ urn JDeincn 33eiflanb, xi^xi auf 
ben (Sfcl ju labcn/' 

„2Bclc^e bcfrcmbcnbe a3ittc 1" rief ber ^alif, ^toic fannjl 2)u 
bie^ i?on mir oerlangcn ? Wufe meincr ©claocn eincn, unb er foil 
2)ir ^clfcn." — „@rlaubc, 53c^crrf(]f;er bcr ®(aubigcn/' crttjics 
berte bcr Jtabt, „bag ic^ !Dic^ urn bicfc ®nabc bittc — ba^ ic^ 
5)id^ fle^cnb bittc, jle mir ni^t abjufc^tagcn/' — „3Ba^njinn{s 
ger," rief bcr Jtallf, „bic 8afi ijt ju fd^ttjcr fur mi^ I" — „3u 
fc^wcr V fagtc 33cnbdcf;ir, „bicfer ®acf ooU (Srbc, ein fo flcincr 
3:^cil bed ®runb|lu(fd, auf twclc^cui irir und bcfinben, fd^cint a)ir 
5U fc^tt?cr ? D »6crr ! unb 3)u fc^aubcrfl nic^t hn bcm ©cbanfcn 

an ben Sag, an ttjclc^cm 2)u toor 3)cincm unb unferm 3lid?tcr cr« 

___^ I » 

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\i f^etnen ti?uft? uu xel^m nic^t b(o5 bicfer @ad toofl (Stbe, 
^ fonbern bag ganjc ©runb^iicf mit attcn qjalajten unb 3:^ftrmrii, 
"V toelc^c iDu barauf crBauen ktillfl, mit attm 3::6ranfn, mIt hjcld^nij^.^^ 
J bic UnglMIjc^jAburc^ 2)cinc ajeranlafTuiiQ bcnejt ^abcn, jur 
toeit uitSt^^cren fiaji toerbcn burften ? — 2)u 6i|l l^fenlcben 
unBcfc^rSnftct »&errfd^^et ; ehi ©tnf bon 2)ir bcrf urjt bed «• aWcns 
I'd^en Seben, unb ein einjigc3 3Bort flurat ^^aufenbe in3 Unglutf ; 
afcer — eg ^ fommt eine Qeit, In njclc^er Du mit 3)einem ©claoen 
in glci^cm Slange fle^ft," — „Ttit meinem ©claben In glclc^em 
aflange ?" toieberl^olte bet Stalif. „5(i) im mic^/' <> f a^te ©en. 
bdc^ir toicber bad 2Bort. „3)ein gro^erer ^oqug ^ier toirb 2)ir 
gur grogeren Oual gereic^en, 2)u ^afl^^ier eincn unglcic^ grSgeren 
3Birfunggfreig, folglic^ auc^ ungleic^ met;t ju oerantttjorten. 3cbcr 
JDciner Untert^ancn ^at nut toon bem w Oleci^enfc^aft abjuleg^n, 
tuaS^ cr fur jld^ befap, unb 3)u to^n 2tacm, tra3 ttjir tnSgefammt 
Bcft^en. i&eb' too^ll toergei^c !E)einem Sclatoen bie 33erttjegenl^eit/' 
93enbac^ir ttoUte j!c^ entfemen. 2)er Jtalif ^iclt l^n jutiid, 
„2)ir beqel^en ?" fagtc er, ,,i(t; bin 2)ir 2)anf fdjulbig, ba^ 2)u 
mic^ toon einer gro^cn Ungerec^tigfeit juriicf^altfl, bic ic^ fc^on 
f)alh begangen ^abel — 9lufe bie SBitttrcl ®ie nci^mey if}t 
toaterlit^ed @5:bt^eil juriicf, unb urn j!e fiir bie J^irancn ju ents 
fd^abigen, bic i:^r meine «6drtc au8gepre§t i)ai, foil ifix ®runbfliitf 
toon mcincn ©arten, luelc^c angrengcn, um eben fo bid tocrgrftf ert 
tocrben, Unb 2)u tocrlaffejl nie ttjiebct meinen »6offlaat, um ®c« 
legenl^eit ju l^aben, ^i^ angemejfen ^u bejo^^nen. 2)ie Wegcnten 
Bebiitfen einen freunbfd^aftlici^en 93egleiter; ber ni^td fd^cut, ber 
8Ba:^r^eit ^u o^fern ; ber flc auf il^re gei^Itrittc aufmerffam mad^t 
unb batoon gurucf^alt ; 2)u foOfl ber meinigc in 3u!unft fein/' 


42. |la9t) Qitb frtn Sop. 

JDera iungc ©alomo fa^** bor ber %i^vix 
S)ct toSterlic^en 95urg, ein Jlorbc^cn gcigen*^ 

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Xuf feinem Sc^oof. SRit lu^emer Segiet 

%%tt^ '^G^'Q^Vi. (Sd tvat bem Jtnalben dgen, 

SBad er begahn, mit £ett)enf(^aft )u t^un, 

Unb feine Sfruc^t tear t^m fo (ie6, aid Sreigm. 

3nbetn er se^rte,^ 6at bcr" Heine 9hmd 

(Ein SBaifenfinb; um eine ®aie. 

%n fPtitt) burd^fu^t ben« 0lo({, bad« Unterftetb. 

,,a)u fle^ft/' ft)rac^ er, ,,ba5 i(]^ nic^^t« Bei mlr l^ak* 

*omm morgen toieber, ffreunb." — 2tttf bfefen «&of6ef(^efc 

STrat SRiut juru* . ^ ,,5Bie T rief be« gkter« Stimme, 

a)er auf bem @6ller flanb, « bem ^rtnjen ^u, <" — 

,,5)en 2(nncn,h ber 2)id? ffe^t, entfemefl SDu?" 

;,3c^ ^abe nic^td/' — SRit angenommnem* (Srtmmc 

Su^r Daoib fort : f ,,fo frri(^t nur ein SBariar ; . 

©leid^ t^eilc mit bem JlnaSen 3)eine gfrftc^tUli 

IDer (Sr(:prin) -^^M mit trauembem ©effd^te 

X)em ®c^mac^tenben ^ bie eine «&alfte bar, ^ 

Unb r&umt, foi laflig i^m ber 9Rac^tf|>ru(]^ mar, 

IDem Jtnaben einen Pa^ an feiner ®eite* 

J)cr arme S^un genofi bie fiipe Seute 

9Kit feltner «ufl. J)le SBalfamfruc^^t erquitft 

^en audgeborrten ®aumen, fliOt bie Cualen 

^ed <6ungerd i^m. ^ „<&eil ^ir }u taufenb SRaloi, 

aWein $rinj l" ruft er <» unb fuffet i^m^ entjftdt 

3)ie milbe «^anb; oie er mit ^^rfinen toei^et.i 

„®ott 3fraett; o fegne biefe »&anb I 

aSom «&ungertobe ^at fie mic^ befreiet." ' 

2)er $rinj ^erfiummte ; feine Srufl em^jf anb^ 

©as, feine «6arr im ^rm, ber SSater fii^lte, 

@enn er ein neuc6 8ieb Sei^oba fpielte. 

(Sr reic^t* ber Sruc^te dteft bem armen JCnaben ^in, 

@in!t aeinenb an [ein .&er$ unb fuffet i^n. 

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J)cr " 3Renf(]^ lernt jtoat bie «> Sugenb Um, » 
®cnn fefn QScrjlanb flc i^rn, aid ^fli^t, fleteut; 
3)0^ fu^It fcin ^erj^ erfi if)xt ©eliefeit, 
@o (emt er Solb att ^a^^ed ®ut fit litbm. 

^^3-7jr 43. Wittterlirk. 

v>^ ffilc tu^cft bu fo f«ae 
3n betner meifien <6uae, 
S)u mutterUc^ed £anb { 
SBo f!nb bie ^u^IingdUeber, 
S)e3 Sommerd Bunt Oefleber 
Unb betn Bebliimted Sreflgetoanb 1 

3)11 fd^tummerjl nun, entHcibet ; 
*cin gamm, fcin Sc^aflein tocibct 
9Iuf bcinen 5lu'n unb ^feo^'n ; 
a)er aJBglcln fiicb bcrjlmnmte ; 
Jtein ©icniein mc^r, ba3 fummte ; 
S)oc^ Bifi bu» auc^ tm SStntetr fd^fttu 

a)ie Stocie* unb Slejlc [(^immetn, 
Unb taufenb 8l(S(;ter fliimmcm, 
SBo^in bad ^uge Blicft. 
SBer f)at bein 53ett bercltct; »> 
a)lc Secf c bir geBrcitct 
Unb bl^ fo fc^Jnc mit flflelf eef^mfidtl 

JBer Qute SJater broBcn 
«6at bir bein ^leib gekroBen ; 
Cr fc^lSft unb fd^tummert niti^t. \ 
©0 fci^Iummre benn in Sfrleben I '1 ^ ■'^ 
2)cr aJatet toedt bie aKiiben - • ♦ 
3u neuer Jlraft unb ncuem gid^t* 

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aSaR) (ei M 8en)ed Sel^m 
SBirjl bu betiitngt etfle^eit 
3um itUn kDunbetbat* 
@etn Dbem f^tveSt^i ^emtebet; 
3)ann, (Srbe, pxan^ft bu iviebet 
axtit etnem tBlumenfraii) im« <Cfaar. 

44. Per Itirfidliitt. 

Sum gfru^Iing f^rac^ ber> Iie(e (Sott : 
„ee^; bed' bfm OBunnleinb feinen Xi\(if V 
S)atauf bet Jtufc^baum flatter trug, 
Siiel taufenb iSl&tter gtun unb frifc^* 

Unb'd ffiurmlcin — au9 bem di crtoad&t'^e 
9la4 langem @c^Iaf im ^intet^aud. 
(Ed {Itccft fl^, fperrt feiit iD^auI^en attf,^ 
Unb xtibt bie ilSben Sugen aud. 

Itnb btauf fo nagt'd mit ^illem Qa^n 
9m garten Slottletn ^ier unb bort, 
Unb f^ric^t : „Ste tjt'd ©emud fo gut, 
9Ran« fommt f^K^ ninimer tvteber fott 1'' 

Unbca&er f^ra^ bet<^ UeBe ®ott: 
,,S)ecf ieftt bem Sicnlein feinen Sifc^ l" 
S)arauf bet Jltrfc^baum ^litt^en trug, 
aSiel taufenb ^litt^en loeig unb frifc^. 

Unb (el bet ®onne SRorgenltc^t 
@(i^aut> Sienletn^c unb ed fltegt f^txatt, 
Unb benft : ],^a9 telrb mcin Jlaffee fein ;' 
@te ^aben fojiiiar ^orgedan ; 

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Unt) trinft unb fagt : ,;3Bie f(^wf«Jt'« fo fup; 
2)cr 3wcfft mu^ boc^ tooi^Ifeil fcin."« 

3um Sommer \pxa(i) bet liebc ®ott : 
„Dctf' auC^ bcm ©pfiftlcin fcinen 3:if(^ T' 
S>arauf ber Jttrfc^6aum ^itc^te tviQ, 
aSicI taufenb Jtirfd^en rot^ unb frif^. 

Unb @))a^Ieln fagt: ,,3ji'a fo gemeint? 
S)a nimmt man^ $(a^ unb fragt ni(^t lang, 
^ad gt(t mic Jtraft in SUtar! unb ^tin, 
Unb ftSrft bie Jtc^lc gum Ocfang/' 

3um @))atlin9 f^rad^ ber Ue6e ®ott : 
,,gfl5um' a6,d pc^aSen SWe jefttr' 
3)rauf f am bie f li^le SergeSluft, « 
Unb fc^on ^at'l Heincn 9leif gefcftt. 

5)ie ©latter toerben gcl6 imb rot^ 
Unb f aUcn bei bc0 aBinbeS SBe^ »» 
2)cnn toa^ tjom 95oben aufn\irtd * !ommt, 
S^uf au(^ gum ©oben abwartd gel^n. 

Sum SBinter fpra^ ®ott gum Sefc^Iufl : 
^,Ded' toatfcr gu^^ toaS u6rig tfl 1"J 
JDa flreut' er Sconce in Uebcrflu^* 


p^ 45, ^as ptrUrrnt llink. 

(Sin frangojlfti^er 8anbmann, Sefewe, i»ar« urn be0 ®Iauben« 
iDtUenb aud feinem SJatcrlanbe geflol^enc unb tvo^nte im nSrb* 
lichen Smerifa, o^ntoeita ber blauen SBcrge, auf einem ®runb« 
fiudi, bog cr fclbfl mit ben ©einigen^ urbqr gemac^t ^atte.® (St 



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^atte me^ere Jtinber ; ber SteBIing bet (SItem aitt wax bad iung* 
fie, ein Dteti&^riger Jtnobe, !Dert! ^enannt. @ined ^aged <^ ivirb s 
2)erif t>crmi§t. *> SRan> g(au6t {^n 6et ben SRac^^ant ; man fc^t(ft 
uberall ^erum ; umfonft. 3>(e ganje ©egenb trirb bur(!^fuc^t ; bte 
iRac^t 6ric^t ein,i unb bent SngflHc^en dlufen i^ bet @ltem anU 
ivortct ^ic^td, aid bet bum^fe SBiebet^aQ obet bie ®ttmmen bet 
ll^tete im ®alb, ble i^nen noc^ nte fo futc^tSat geflungen l^atten. 

SBa^tenb nun Sefct^te mtt alien ben Seinigen nac^ bent £te6ltng 
fuc^t, unb feine -^offnung immet ttefet flnft, fommt ein ^tlbet, 
llewefflna, mit 39ibetfeflen befaben, fn Sefeotc'd ^a\x9, too et U- 
fannt wat unb feine Sede oft a6gefr(t l^atte, unb bdtt bon etnet 
alten iRegettn, bte man aQein gu *&aufe> gelaffen 6atte,ben angjl^ 
lichen iPotfaCi unb bie S^et^toeiflung bet @ltetit. 9fuf btefe ^adfs 
ttc^t 6efie(;(t ^etoeffina bet Stegetin, unijetjugHc^ ind «&otn ju 
flo§en, unb babutd^ intern <&ettn bad 3^ic^c>i ^ut Sftucffe^t gu 
geben. dt mac^ei« ^c^ an^etf^ig, i^m fein Jlinb totebet ju 
fc^affen. ^ 

5lld nun gefeote bad gegebene Qddiien toetnlmmt, eilt et at^em* 
lod juturf ; benn et glaubte fc^on, bad Jtinb ^abe flc^ « toiebet ge* 
funben. „fflo(!i) tjl ed nic^t ba/' ettoiebette bet SBilbe auf fein 
l^aftiged Stagen ; „abet gib mit augenblicfliti^ bie @c^u^e unb 
@ttum^fe, bie bein Jtinb ^ule^t gettagen f)nt, unb l^ gc^e bit^mein 
SBott, bap i(i) ed toiebet flnbc"*o — Sefectc gBgettef'VtJaTilbe 
abet lie^ nic^t nac^, in ii)n in btingen. %d nun bie S^ul^e 
unb ©ttumpfe bed Jtnaben ^etbeigef^afft toaten, lief »» 3!cn>efjtna 
fie ton feinem «&unbe betiec^en, p unb f ii^tte biefen bann in einem 
toeiten Jtteife um bad <&aud, toie ein 3&get, bet feinen «&unb bie 
<S)pnx eined SBilbed fu^en I5^t. ShxH) f)attt et biefen Jttcid uic^t 
ganj boQenbet, aid bet <&unb einen ^on bon ffci^ gab, aud bent fein 
^ett abna^m, baf et auf bet @:|3ut bed .Jtinbcd fei. 3Kit unauf* 
^altfamet ^aft oetfolgte et feinen $Beg, btang in bad JDirfic^t bed 
SBalbed ein unb !e^tte na^ ISetlauf ton einet (alben ®tunbe mit 
einem folcl;en Sudbtud ton Steube gu feinem «&ettn sutiicf, baf 

ic. ffisa 




j$90. 92. 






p P. 888. Note. 

a rL.49. 












matt an bcr Sntbeiung bc« Jlinbc« ni^i giretfeltt burfte. Df> e0 
ahtt noc^ ItU, tvar un^emt^, unb man fann Iciest benfen, ba$ bte 
3eit, bie Big gur 5tufflarung biefer Ungciri^^eit oerfloj, fiir bie 
armen (gltetn nod^ })cinlic^er tear aU bie bor^cige^cnbc StngjI. 
S:etocfflna folgtc jeftt bcm ^gunbc auf bad ©c^nettpe q nac^ ; bie 9ln- 
bern, fp gut ' j!e fonnten ,• unb er f anb ben JlnaSen mitten im 
®cbufc^, am Sufle eine« gto^en 35aume«, bon fiaufen unb (Sr^i^ung 
erf^6))ft unb mel^r einem S^obten aU einem fieSenben gleic^^*' 
3)ettn ba fi^ bad Jtinb einmat in ben @alb getoagt l^atte, i^atte ed 
ben atudmeg bergeBend gefud^t unb tvar in feiner ^ngfl immer tie< 
fer in bie SBilbnip gefommcn. 

5^etoef{ina naf)m je^t bad Jtinb auf ben %cm unb flog ben it* 
fummetten (SItem bamit entgegen, kvai^renb ber treue «&unb mit 
audgelaffener Srcube neBen^er fptang. Dad ®IM ber (SItem 
benft p^ tooiil 3eber, aid jle bon fern fa^en, ba§ ber ermattete 
Stnaht bie 9(rme nac^ ii)mn audflredte. 5f)x S)ant ^atte fein 
(gnbe. 9lu^ ber «6unb ennjjing feinen Slnt^eil ; after biefer b^r« 
fro^ flc^ }tvif(^en bie $eine feined *&crm unb fc^ten krie ht\^imt 
ubtx aUe bie fDanfbarfeit, bie man i^m Retried. 

®oBaIb bie ffl(i^xi(i)t bon bent toicbergefunbenen Jlinbe in ber 
9la^6arfd^af t erf c^oll, flromte rifled ^ l^erbei — benn Sefe&re unb 
feine Samilie toar Bei 3ebermann BelieBt — unb bad "Oaud, fo 
geraumig ed au^ koar, fonnte boc^ !aum bte 3!2enge ber 9n!onu> 
menben fa{fen« ^a& bauerte bie gan^c 9lac^t, unb ed n^ar tt^ie ein 
groped Sfeft ; benn SRiemanb ging unBetrirt^et n?eg ; unb kra^renb 
biefer gangen 3cit lieg bie abutter bad Jtlnb nit^t toon bem Sc^oofie. 
j)er gute $Bi(be aBer l^atte jlc^ in einc @ci;eune berflecft — benn 
bad ©erSufd^ fo tieler aWenf^en unb bie 91ufmer!famfeit, bie matt 
i^m Bewied, toaren i^m jur ia% unb ed fojlete SKii^e, i^n toieber 
^ertoor^uBringen, nac^bem fld^ ber grB^te ^i^eil ber ©ajle berloren 
l^otte. tgicrauf berfammelte Sefebre alle bie ©einigcn unb toer 
fonji noc^^ sugcgen tear, umarmte feinen SBoT^It^ter »or i^ren 
9lugen unb erflarte if}n nac^ ben ®eBrauc^en ber SBilben fiir fei* 
rttn ®ruber. 

^,aBenn bu " einji alt Bifi/' f e|te er l^ini^u, . ,;Unb beine guf e 

H. q|88. r L. 69. 8. Note. •$181. tgfis. " $ 57. 

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ba9 ff&i^tige SDttb nic^t mf^r ein^olnt, bein Smt ben IBogen nf d^ 
mel^r fpanncn !ann, fo fomm ^ierl(^, ic^ toid bit eine 4^&ttt hauen, 
in ber bu nad^ beinn: ffleife Ie(en fannfl, tt}&^tenb i^ fur bic^ 
forgf. «&afl btt V ie Urfac^e gu S^Snen, fo toitt i(^ fie bit troifnen, 
loie bu bie melnigen getrodnet i^afl. Sbtc^ bem getreuer «&unb fod 
me ine iPjlege genief en, koenn er alt kcttb ; ic^ tvtd t^m Sutter unb 
(Ru^e gebeiv »enn er bir nic^t me^ folgen farm/' — JDann fefttc 
er ^inju, inbem er ben SBtlben (ei ber «6anb na^nt : ,,®e^t ^ter, 
9laci;6am unb Steunbe, meinen Sruber 1 S)er iflamt, ben mettt 
jtinb bidder fu^rte, fod t)on nun an oergeffen fein* (Sr fott f itnf^ 
tig, trie fein O^eim unb Wetter, Xettef jina ^eif en/' w 

9(Ue %imffenben ga6en biefem neuen Sunbe i^ren QSetfaK. 
aS&^renb aber 3eber feinen ®efu^len freien £auf Itep, faf Xt^ 
tveffina fiiH unb fa^ mit ber rauc^enben $feife int SRunbe flumnt 
tor fic^ ffin, toit bte SBilben 3U tl^un pfitQtn, ivenn fit in i^ren 
iSerfammlungen f^rec^en ivoQen. iUac^bem er flc^ nun ge^drig 
gefammelt fiattt, (efraftigte er na^ ber ®itte feine^ ianM ben 
angeSotenen 9unb unb fagte : „^ein Sruber, id^ l^abe ffli^t^ fur 
bi(^ get^an, toad bu nic^t auc^ fur mi(^ get^an ^&tte^.< dS toax 
ber SBide bed giiten (Seifted, ber uber und toad^t, ba$ i<^ aur red^s 
ten 3eit in bein <&aud fam, urn bir in ^elfen. ^i^ bu glu^td^, 
fo bin ic^ edx au^; freu ft bu bi^, fo freue ic^ mic^ nic^t weniger* 
— SSenn bu }u unfern <&utten fommfi, fo fodfi bu in feiner an^ 
bem wo^nen, aid in ber meinigen ; mein Seuer foQ bad beinige 
fein, bu foQfl auf meiner ^aren^aut ru^en unb an fetned 9(nbem 
@Htt fc^lafen, aid an ber ®eite beined ©ruberd 3:eioefflna.'' 

93on biefer Qeii an fii^rte ber Heine I>erif ben 0lamen fcined 
Oletterd ; unb aid biefer geflorben koar, (egab er fi(^ nati^ feiner 
9Boi^nung unb na^m eined ber Jtinber bed Skrftorbenen, bad auc^ 
ben !Ramen JletDcfgna f ii^rte, jum ©ruber an. So baucrte biefed 
IBitnbni^ ber Sanfbarfeit no^ lange fort, unb oft tarn ber junge 
SBilbe liter bie blaucn SBerge, feinen -53ruber ju befud^en, ber iin 
nic unbefc^enft entliefi unb auc^ toon i^m ficine ®ahtn em^jflng, fa 
koie ein SBilber f!e reicben fann. 


9t. SticoU. 

11 vP.44«. wL.84w «fl44. 7 L. 28. 8. 

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46« Iff Staor 901 Sfgriigri. 

®clbjl» cinem ®taar fann e«»» nu|Uc^ fein,* toenn er (Siwad 
gclernl ^ot ; ^ »ie bid me^r einem SWenfc^en ! — 3n einem re* 
f^ectabeln 2)orfe; i(^ toitt fa^cn ©egifngcn; e« ifl ahex ntc^t ^ott 
gcfcbc^en, font)em l^ier im Sanbe, unb betjenige, bem e« begegnet 
tft, • Iicft ee oledefc^t in bief em augenOHcfe, nic^t ber Staar, aber 
t)et a)lcnf(^. 3n ©egringen ^atte bcr 99arbift elnen ®taar, unb 
ber iro^lbefanntc Se^rjunge gab il^m Untctrid?t im S^jrcc^en, ' 
5Der @taar lernte nit^t nur ade SBorter, bie t^m fetn S^rad^meifler 
oufgab, fonbcm er affmtt jule^t au(^ fclScr na^, ttja0 er toon fel« 
nem «&errn ^6rte, jum (Sjcm^jel : „3cl; bin bcr ^Barbier toon @egs 
tingen''. ©cin ^gerr ^attc fonfl no(^ aUerlci* iRebendarten an 
flc^/bic er bei jcber ©elegen^eit toiebcrl;oUe, $um (S^emvel: „@o, 
fo, lala" ; ober : " par Compagnie" (bad l^eigt f oiel aid : in 
©cfcttfc^aft mit 2(nbem); ober: ,,toie ®ott ts>\\i'* ; ober: ,,bu 
S)oI^atf^''. @o titulirte er n&mlic^ indgemein ben £e^riungen, 
toenn er bad i^albe^ $flafler auf ben Xili^ ftric^, anfiatt auf « lud;, 
ober toenn er bad ©c^ccrmeffer am Sluctcn abjog, anftatt an bcr 
©ci^neibe, ober toenn er ein QCrjneiglae gerbrad^. ^Ule biefe [Res 
Jbendarten (emte nac^ unb na^ ber ©taar auct^. 3)a nun t&glicf; 
biele Seute im t&aufe toaren, toeit ber ^arbicr auc^ ^rannttocin 
audfti^enfte, fo gab'd > mancl^mal toiel ju luc^en, toenn bie ©Sfle 
mit einanber ein ®efprad^ f ii^rten, unb ber ®taar antf^ eind toon 
f einen 9B5rtem brein toarf, bad flc^ ba^u fd^idte, J aid toenn er ben 
SSerflanb batoon ^atte;>^ unb manc^mal, toenn i^m ber £e:^riunge 
jurief : ,,«&5nfel, toa^ mac^fl bu 7" anttoortete er : „bu 2)olpatf c^ I" 
unb ade £eute in .ber 9lacl;barfc^aft tougten toon bem ' <&anfel ju 
er^a^Ien. (Sined ^agcd^n aber, aid i^m" bie befc^nittenen gflilgel 
toieber getoqc^fen toaren, unb bad Senjter offen toar, unb bad 
aiJetter fc^on, ba bac!(>te ber Staar : ;,3c^ ^aU^ei^t fc^on fo toiel 
gelemt, ba$ id) in ber 8BeIt fortfommcn fann/' unb l^ufc^ I gum 
grenfler l^inaud. SBeg toar er. ®ein crfler glug ging in'd Selb, 


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too er f!(^ untcr eine SefcSfd^aft anberer Sogel mi\d^te, unb att 
fie auf flogcn, flog ft mit i^nen, benn er bac^^te : „ftt tvtffen bte 
©flfgen^eft ^ier gu ganbe Beffer aU id?". Slber fie flogert uus 
gliicfltc^ertreife aUe mit einanber in eiit ®am. S)er @taar fagte: 
„$Bte (Sott iviU''. 9M ber aJogelfleaeT fommt unb flel^t, toad » et' 
f iir einen gropen Sfang get^an ^at, nimmt er einen U^ogel na6) bent 
anbern Se^utfam ^eraud, bre^t i^m" ben ^aU um unb wirft t6n 
auf ben Qdoben. %(d er aber bie morbertfd^en finger tcteber naci^ 
etnem ®ffangenen p audfhecfte unb an 9lid?td bac^te, fd)rte ber ®es 
fangene: ,,3c^ hin ber ©arMer ton Segringen"; aU toenn er 
n?u§te, toad i^n retten mu§. 2)er ^ogelfieiler erfc^rad anfdngltc^, 
aid toenn ed ^ter nid^t mit rcc^ten 3)ingen juginge ; nac^^er aBer, 
aU er fic^ eri^olt ^atte, fonnte er !aum bor £ac^en )u ^t^em fom« 
men, unb aid er fagte : „(&{ <&&nfel, ^ier f^atU i^ bic^ nic^t ge^ 
fuc^t, toie fommfl bu in mcine @(^linge 7" 2)a anttoortete ber 
«&anfel : " par Compagnie"^ 9llvo Brac^te ttt 33ogelfle(ler bcii 
€taar feinem <&erm toieber unb befam ein guted Sfanggelb. S)cr 
SBarbier a6er ertoart fic^^ bamit einen guten Bnftjwc^; bcnn 
3eber tooUte ben merftoiirbigen «&anfel fe^en, unb toer je^t noc^ 
toeit unb (reit in ber ©egenb toiU ju ^2(ber laffen, gei^t ^um Warbler 
ton Segringen. 

9Ker!e: So etwad ^)afjlrt einem ©toar felten. 2lber fc^on 
manc^er lunge S^enfc^, ber auc^ Iteber l^erumflanfiren aid gu 
^aufe<i bleiben toodte, ifl ebenfatld par Compagnie in bie @(^Unge 
geratl^en unb nimmer l^eraud gefommen. ^aa. 

47. 9ie Jsiiae Cite. . 

Die <Senne fu^rt ber 3ungen S<f^aax, ^ 
2Borunter auc^ ein (Sntc^en toar^ 
S>a^ f!e ^ugleiti^ mit audgebrfitet. > 
Der 3ng follr4n ben ©arten ge^n ; 
3)ie 5llte gibt'd ber 93rut bur^ Soden ju fterfle^n ; 
Unb jebed folgt, fobalb»» fie nur gebietet, 
•Denn fie gebot mit 3artlic^feit. 

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S)te (Snte tvadelt mtt ; aMn ntc^t gar ^u meit* 
@te fiel^t ben Xeidi), ben {!e noc^ ntc^t gefe^en;^ 
®ie lauft l^inein, fie Babet j!(^, 

aSie, eietnefi 3:^ier I 3>u fc^»immfl ? ffler le^rt e^ bi(^ 1 
®er ^iep bid^ in ba« SBaffer 9e:^en ?« 
aBlrfl bu fo iung bad Sc^d?immend fc^on petftel^en 1 

^ie <£ienne lauft mit {tntpptgtem ©efleber 
S)ad Ufcr ge^nntal auf unb nieber, 
Unb will i^r Jtinb axiH ber ®efa^r Befrei'n ; 
®e^t je^nmal an unb fltegt bo^ ntc^t ^tnein ; 
S)enn bie 0latur ^elpt « fie ba« fflaff er fc^eu'n* 
^f>^ nidit^ erfd^redt ben Wtutf} ber (Snte ; 
®ie Wnjimmt bc^erat in i^itcm ©remente, 
Unb fragt bie «6enne gang erfreut, 
aBatum jle benn fo angflU^ fct^rcit ? 

^aS bir Sntfe^en bringt, fcringt lenem oft Sergnilflett ; 
S)cr e f attn mit 8ufl gu Selbe liegen, 
Unb bic^ erfifrecft ber blogc SRame, ^etb. 
2)er fc^ttjimmt be^erst auf offnen fWecren ; 
S)u jitterfl fd^on auf angebunbencn gfft^rcn, 
Unb jie^jl ben Untergang ber SBelt. 
S5efurc^te ni^tg fur beffcnf «e6en, 
5)er f ii^ne S^aten untcmimmt ; 
SBen bie 0latur gu ber ®efa1^r beflimmt^ 
i)em :^at fie au(i) ben 9Rut^ gu ber ®efa^r gegeBen* 

48. (Btfattg >fr (Srifler iter in Vfaffrttt. 

3)e8 a aWenfc^en Seele 

a$om «&immel fommt ed.« 

3um «&immel fleigt e0, 

^^-^— — ^— — ^^— ^^— - - — ^^— ^^-^— — — ^■^— ^— /• 

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g4 ECLECTld 

Unb tolcbet nicber 
3ut (Srbe niuj ^ t9, 
Cujig wcc^fclnb* 

StrBmt wtt ber l^o^ 
©tciten 5el0ii>anb\ / 
2)er rcine Stta^l, « - 
IDann fl&ubt er UcHldSf - 
3n ®ol!cnwcactt 
Sum Qlattcn 8fcW; 
Unb lelcfct ennjfangen, \ 
aBaOt et oetfc^lcicmb,^ 
3ur 2:tcfe niebet. 

5)em Sturj' entgegcn, ' 
@c^aumt cr unmut^ig, 
3um 5l6grunb. 

3m flacJ^m S8cttc 
©c^lci^t er \>a9 ffiicfcnt^al l^bl, 
Unt) In bem glattcn See 
aScibcn i^r ?lntlifc 
5lflc (Beflimc, 

SBlnb ifi bcr fficdc 
SicWic^er ©u^ler ; 
aBinb mifd?t toom ®runb aud 
Sct;&umen\)c 3C[Jogcn. 

Scelc be3 3Jlcnf(i^cn, 
SBie glctc^fl bu bcm ffiaffcr I 
©c^idfal bc0 a»cnfc^cn, 
SEBic glci^ii bu bcm OBinb I • 

M. <S88.12. e p. 446. Note. « § 91. 

a d L. 81. 11. • L. a>. Note. f L. 87. 


49*' ftrl^ "rinei oUtit fi^oSbifdiftt Vittrrs ti frfin Mt. 

®o^n \)a ^afl \)u meinen ©peer I 
fWcinem 9tnn ttirt) * er ju fti^toer. 
dlimm ben ®(^Ub unb bie^ ©ef^of ; 
Xummle bu fott^in mein Wof I 

(Stelae, bied nun toeife «&aaT 
Decftb ber «&clm \6)m funfjig 3a^ : 
3ebe« 3a^t ^at eine Sd^lac^t. 
©(i^toCTt uttb ©treltajt ^unH)f gcmad^t. 
^ ^ttm a^ubolp^ i^at bie| ©c^toett, 
; Sl^t unb JtolbcL mtr toere^rt, r '^ - "^. >- 
JDenn fc^ BlicB bem ^gerjog l^ofi) 
Unb »erf^ma^te «6eintid^3 ©olb, 
8fur bie gfrci^cit flop bad «Iut 
Seiner {Reti^tcn. Otubol^^e STOut^ 
3::^at mit f einer Ilnfen »&anb 
' 9loC^ ben- gr'anfen aBiberjianb. 

snimtp bie 3Be:^r unb w(H)^3ne blti^ I 
JJatfer Jtonrab riiftet jlc^, 
•@o^n, entlajie mic^ be! »6arm8 
/JDb<^ ber ©ti^aoc^e meineS 2lrm8l 
Nv^utfe nie umfonfl btc3 ©cfttoerf ' 
ijur ber SSater frelen »6eerb I ^^'-^ \ ^, 
©ei Be^utfam auf ber SBac^t ^ ^^ \ 
©ei ein ffleticyn ber ©c^^la^tK "^ 
j^ 3mmer fei gum Jtam^jf fccrciT; 
>y^©u'i^e flets ben toarmjlen ©treit I 
^ ^ ©c^one beg, ^ ber lue^rloS fle^t I 
t&aue ben, ber wiberfte^t I 

iffienn l)ein »&aufe toanfenb jiel^t, 
3^m umfonfl bad ga^nlcin ttje:^t, 
3:rofte bann, ein fej^er 5:^urm, 
5)el toereintcn Seinbe ©turm I 

M. a^lSL L b§18T.5. ' c5ii2.ll. djfl.HS. 

C. aL.7.3. '^.-26. ''L.*^- 


Seine Q?ruber frag ^ad ^c^toert, 
@ie6en Anaben, Deutfc^Iant)d« tvert^. 
JDeine STOutter'^armte fid), 
®tumm unb ftarrenb, unb isetdi^^^- V b/ 

(Sinfam 6tn id^ nun un\> fc^koac^. 
9(Ser, JtnaSe, betne @c^mac^ 
8B&r* ^ mtr Berber {lebenmal 
S)enn bet fleben Snbem Sa9. 

S)rum fo fc^eue nlc^t ben ^b, 
Unb bertraue beincm ®ott I 
®o bu fSmvfeft ritterUc^, 
Sreut bein alter ^ater fic^. 

-^ / 

50. 9rr j}att)f4i^. 

S>or feinem fion^engarten, 
3)ad Jtam^ffptel ^u ectDarten, 
®ag JtSnig 9ran$, 
Unb um i^n bte ©rof en ber Jtrone, 
Unb rtngd auf ^o^em Falcone 
S)ie !Damen in fc^Snem Jtranj. 

Unb kPie et koinft mit bem Singer, 
Stuf t^ut A {ld(| ber kpeite ^tcin^et, 
Unb ^inein mit beb&c^ti^^m ®c^ritt 
(&in iitot txitt, 
Unb fiel^t {i(^ ^umm 
flflingd uut; 
a){it (angem ©a^nen, 
Unb fc^iittclt bie m^nai, 
Unb <lre(ft bie ©liebcr, 
Unb legt flc^ nieber* 

Unb ber StoniQ toinft toieber, 
S)a Sffnct flc^ b be^enb 
^in gipeitcS S^or, 

» ». • 

M. •L.61.6. fflM-l. a •L.4a.8. rL.42.9. 





S)araug mint 

9Rtt tmlbem @))Tunge 

(Sin ^igct ^ertor. 

SBie ))er<^ ben Somen erfi^oittf 

iBruat er laut, 

@c^lagt mtt bem ®(3^tDeif 

@inen f urc^aten ateif,' 

Unb redct bie 3wn9«/ 

Unb tin Jtreife fc^eu 

Um'gei^t er ben 8cu^ 

©rtmmig f(]^nurrenb, 

S)riiuf ^tecft er {iti^ murrenb 

3wr Seite hiebcr. 

Unb ber *6nig tolnft »ieber, 
S)a f^eit bad bop^elt geiffnete «0au0 
3ioei to^arben auf elnmal and. 
S)te {iur)en mtt mut^tger Jtatn:))f(egier 
auf ba« Slgert^ier ; 

3)ad ^acft fie mtt fetnen grimmigj^en Zaijm, 
Unb blTfeeu mit ©ebriitt ■ -^^^'-'^ • >•;> 
aii^tet jlc^ auf, ba toirb'd jiia ; " 
Unb ^erum im StxciS, 
aJon 3Korbfuc^t ^eig, 
Sagem {ld(| bte grault(!^en Jla|cn« 

S)a fSat bon bed Sdtand dlanb 
(Sctn ^anbfc^u^ bon ((j^Sner <&anb 
Btt'if^en ben Stger unb ben £eun 
SRitten ^tnein. 

Unb in Witter Delorged, fi)ottenber tBeif, ^ 
SBenbet {!(^ i^aulein Jtunigunb : 
^^'Serr flUitter, ifi (Sure fiiebe« fo f)tx^, 
fflie 3^r mir'd f fdj|i»Srt ju jeber Stunb', 
(Si, fo :^ebt mir ben «&anbfct;u^ auf I" i 

M. c § 61. oL. 52. 6. e p. 446. Note. < L. 28. 9. 

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Unto ber fRitter, in fc^neaem Sauf, 
€teigt l^inah in ben fwcd^tbax'n Qtoin^tt 
9Rit feflem Sc^ritte, 
Itnb au9 ber Unge^euet Ttittt 
fflimmt er ben ^Oanbfc^u^ mit fecfem 8^tnger, 

Unb mit (Srflaunen unb mit ©rauen 
®e^en*0 bie Stttter unb (Sbelfrauen, 
Unb gelaffen 6ringt er ben <&anbfd(|u^ aurfitf. 
S)a fc^aat i^m fein ioh and iebem SKunbe, 
9((er mit j&rtlid^em StebedUid — 
Gr ber^ei^t i^m fein na^ed ®IM — 
Cbtpf&ngt i^n ^rauletn jtunigunbe* 
Unb ber Slitter fl(^ tief tjerbeugenb \pxi^t : 
„S)en ^anf, S)ame, bege^r* i(^ nici^t 1'' 
Unb t9er(fi$t fie )ur felben ©tunbe. 



51 « giuxth /riekrtd)! bei 0r0||rtt it Me •rierale in) i^ai|rni Vfjtjitrc, 
tm 4. yejtttkrr 1757, 9uv Itt S^fln^t bti gtuUitvi. 

5f)tim, meine »&erren;» ift ed befannt, bag eg bcm $rinjcn 

6arl wn Sot^ringen gelungen^ ift, @(]^tvetbni| $u erobern, ben 

«&ersog )3on QSetem gu fc^Iagen unb {i(^ 3um<^ SKetfler bon Q3red(au 

}u mac^en, m&^renb i^ gejmungen tear, ben 8fortf(^rttten ber 8frans 

Sofen unb 9leic^dd5Uer (Sin^alt ^u t^un. (Sin ^^eil bon @ct^le{!en, 

meine <&auptflabt unb ade meine barin befinblic^ geicefenen <i .^rieg^s 

^ bebiirfniflfe jlnb baburd^ oerlorcn gegangcn, « unb meine SBibertoar* 

tigfeiten toiirben aufd «&5c^fte gejiiegen fein, f e^^te ic^ <* nic^t ein 

unbebtngted QSertrauen in 3br^n S^ut^, 3^re Stanb^aftigfeit unb 

, 3^re 3Saterlanb5Uebe, bie @ie bei fo cieicn ©elegen^^eiten mir be» 

> toief en i^aUn. 5^ erfenne biefe, bem SSaterlanbe unb mir ge* 

leifletenK ^ienfle mit ber innigflen Slu^rung meined «&er)end* 

(S9»> ijl fajl feincr unter 3^ncn, ber jld^ nic^t burc^ eine groge, 

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f ^renoode tO^nblung au^gegeic^net ^fitte, unb i^ f^mei^Te mit < ba< 
l^et, ®(e iccrben bet loorf aflenbet ®elcgen^elt ni^ta an \>tm mangcin 
laffcn, toa^i ber Staat con 3^rcr 3!a^)ferfeit ju forbetn betecj^tlgt 
tfi. iDiefet 3^it^unft rucft ^eran ; id) tourbe glauben nic^tl get^att 
gu l^aBen, He J i(^ bic Defleteit^or im 35cjHc tjon ®(^lcflen. Saffcn 
@te ed fic^ alfS gefagt fetn : i^ kverbe gegen ade diegein bar Jtunfl 
bte Betnal^e bretmal flSrfere ^rmee bed ^rtnjen Sari angretfen, 
kiM> ic^ fie jinbe. (Sd ifl i^ter nic^t bte Stage oon ber 9n}a^( ber 
^einbe, no^ bon ber 9Btc^tig!eit t^red geu^&^Iten $oflend ; aUed 
btefed, ^offe tc^, trirb bie ^er^^aftigfeit meiner llrup^en unb bie 
ric^ttge ^efolgung meiner ^id|)of!tionen }u uberti^tnben fuc^en. 
3^ mug btefen ®c^rttt kpagen, ober ed ^ ifl 3(Ued terloren ; to i r 
mitffen ben Sfeinb fc^lagen, ober und alle bon 
feinen 35at terien Begraben laffen.* ®o benfe ic^, 
fo toerbe i(^ i^anbeln« SD^ac^en ®ie biefen meinen (Sntfc^Iug aQen 
Dfflcieren ber 3trmee befannt ; bereiten @ie ben gemeinen SRann 
gu ben 9luftritten oor,™ bie balb folgen merben, unb fiinbigen @ie 
i^m an, bag ic^ mid^ fur berec^ttgt ^a(te, unbebingten ®e:^orfani 
ioon i^m )u forbcrn. SBenn ©ic iibrigenS bebcnfcn, bag @ie 
$reugen pnb, fo toerben @ie gen?i§ biefed 93orjug3 j!c^ ni^t tin* 
koitrbig ma(^en. 3^ aber (Siner ober ber Snbere unter S^nen, ber 
{!c^ furc^tet, aUe ©efa^ren mit mir ju tl^eilen, ber fann no(^ ^eute 
feinen 9bfd(|ieb er^alten, o^ne" Don mir ben gering^en S^ortourf 
)u leiben. (SBir folgen (Suerer 9^aieflat in ben ^ob I Sut unb 
^(ut f jir unfem JtSnig 1 riefen bie berfammelten Officiere; unb 
ber StiniQ bemerfte mit Sfreuben bie Segei^erung, toelc^e feinen 
SBorten folgte ; bann f ul^r er fort :) 

@(^on im S^oraud l^ielt i^ mi(f) ftberseugt; bag Jleiner bon 
Ol^nen mid) t^erlaffen wurbe ; iti^ rec^ne alfo gan) auf 3^re treue 
•&ilfe unb auf ben geioiffen @ieg. SoUte id) blclben unb ®ie fitr 
3^re mir geleifleten ^ienfte nid^t belo^nen finnen, fo mug ed bad 
SSaterlanb t^un, ®e^en ®ie nun in bad Sager unb toieberl^olen 
3^ren 0legimentem, toad ®ie jie^t bon mir ge^ftrt l^aben. !Dad 
Qflegiment SaDaQerie^o )oe^ed nicl)t gleic^; toenn ed befo^len toirb, 

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{!(^ unauf^altfam in ben gfeinb ftur^t, laffe ic^ gteid^ na(fy bar 
&0a^i a6|!|m unb mac^e ed )u einem ©amifondTegimente; bal 
IBataiUon 3nfanterte, bad, e4 ttejfe, toorauf ed kootte, nur )u ^u|en 
anfangt, t)ernert bie Sra^nen unb bie ®a6e( unb ic^ (affe i^m ble 
IBortcn oon bet SRonttrung abf^neiben. J9(htn leben ®te »o^(, 
meine ^ettm; in Jtur^em l^aben mir bed Seinb 8e« 
f^Iagen, ober mir fel^en undp nie tDieber* 


52. yir •rrtiiMerr. J 

!Rai^ Bfranfreii^ jogen ^mei ©renabier*, 
S)te koaren in (Ru^Ianb gefangen, 
Unb att fie famen in*d beutfd^ie Quartter, 
®ie liepen bie* Jt8pfe ^angen. 

Da i^6rten jle S5eibe bie traurtge aW% : 
Da^ eShranfreid^ toerloren gegangen,** 
S^ejiegt unb erfc^Iagen baS tapfere ^geet — 
llnb bet Jlaifer, bet Jlaifer gcfangen. 

Da koeinten gufammen bie ©renabiet! 
SBo^l ob bet flSgilc^cn Jtunbe. 
Der (Sine \pxa^ : ?Bic ^ toirb mir, 
SBie brennt meine alte SBunbe. 

Der ^nbre f)}rac^ : bad Sieb ifl and, 
%uti(f i(^ m&c^t' mit bir flerSen, 
Doc^ ^ab' i^ Seib unb Jlinb an «&aud. 
Die ol^ne mic^ toetberben. 

Sad fcbeett mtc^ SBeib, toad fc^eert mid^ Jtlnb, 
3c^ trage toeit beffred 2Jeriangen ; 
£af fie bettein ge^n^c toenn fie ^ungrig {tnb, 
SRein Stai^ev, ntein Aaifer gefangen I 

©etiji^r mit; SBruber, eine 95itt' : 
fflenn id) je^t flcrben icetbe, 
( • ^ ' ©0 nimm meine fieid^e nac^ 5ranfrei<]^ mlt, 
Segrab' mid) in arronfreicl^d ®rbe. 

IL P|«0.' 0. PL.24.S. f 

62. / 

M. * L. 42. h. t. 5 160. 5. '=%IU, C » L. 46./. »• L. 28. IS. ^ L. 8B. 



S)ad (Si^renfreu) am rotl^cn 9anb 
SoUft*" ^u auf8 ^etj mlt* legen j 
S)ie SHnte gi( mtr in ^ie ^axCti, 
Unb gfirf mir um ben S)egen. 

@o,)rt(I id) Itegen unb i^OT(]^m ftid, 
aSte eine (S^iUiVoa^', im ®rabe, 
ffliS cinfl id& ^6rc J^anonengcbriia, 
Unb toiel^ernber flJoffc ©etrabe. 

S)ann rettet mein Aaifer wo^I fiber mein ®raB, 
SSiel Sc^werter fUrren unb (It^en ; 
JDann fleig' ic^i getoaffnet f^tvotx a\a bem ®ra6', — 
2)en Aaifer, ben Jtaifet gu fc^u^en. 



53. yiBkcilir) 90r )cr S^Udit 

(9m Stprgen it$ (3tft^U id Samtenbcrg.) 

^^nungdgrauenb, tobedmut^ig; 
ffirl^t bet groge SWorgen an ; 
Unb bie ®onne fait unb Blutig 
Seuc^tet unfrer fclut'fjen aSa^n. 
3n bet n&c^flen ®tunben @(j^oof e 
£{egt bad ®c^t(f fal einer SBelt; 
Una efia gittem fti^on bie Soofe, 
Unb ber el^rne SBiirfel fSat. 
©ruber I eu(a& mo^ne »» bie bSmmembe ®tunbe, 
SRa^ne euci^ emfl )u bem ^eiltgflen ©unbe : 
Sreu, fo sum ^obe, a(0 ^ebeU; gefedtl 

<&{nter und im ®raun ber ffla^it - 
Siegt bie @c^anbe, liegt bie ®^mac^f 
tiegt ber 8frci3el frember Jtnec^te, 
!Der bie beutfc^e (Sid^e brac^. 

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Unfre ©pta^c »art) gcf(^5n^et, 

Unfre Xempel flurjtm ehi ; 

Unfrc a^xt ift toervfanbct, 

S)eutrc^e ^xi(t>n, I5dt fie e{n I 

SBruber ! bie Sla^e jfammt I 9teid^t euc6« bie «6inbe, 

S)ag {!c^ ber 2f(uc^ ber «6tmm(if(^en kpenbel^' 

ii^t bad berlome $aaabium ein I 

Sor und liegt etn glM (tc^ «&o|f en, • 
2tegt ber Sufunft golbne Qdt, 
@te^t ein ganger <6immel offen, 
m^t ber Srei^ett ©eltafett. 
2)eutf(^e Stunft unb beutfc^e Sicber, 
Srauen^ulb unb SleSedglilct, 
^Qed ®ro§e fommt und mieber, 
MH ®ct}8ne fe^rt jurucf . 
3lber noc^ gilt e0 etn grafiU^ed Sagen, 
£e6en unb fBint in bie ©c^an^e gu fc^Iagen ; 
il^ur in bem Dpfertob reift and bad ®Iu(f . 

0htn mit ®ott 1 kvir tooUen^d wagen, 
ffefi toereint bem ©c^icf fal fle^n, 
Unfer «6era jum 5Utar trageU; 
Unb bem ^ob entgegenge^n. 
SSaterlanb, blr luod'n trir jlerten, 
SBie bein grof ed SBort gebeut I 
Unfre ^khm mSgen'd erben, 
SBad n:ir mit bem Slut befreit. 
SBac^fe, bu ^ei^eit ber beutfc^en (Sicken, 
aBad^fe em))or iiber unfre Seid^en I — 
aJaterlanb; ^6re ben l^eitigen (Sib I — 

Unb nun n^cnbet eure ^lide 
, 3lo^ einmal ber Siebe nad^ J 
©c^eibet oon bem SBliit^engliitfe, 
3)ad ber giftige ®uben ixad). 

IL c|60. <1|148. eSl^ C. eL.24.2. <iL.41. e L. 8S. 


SBirt) euc^f auc^ bad Hn^ts Uiifier — 
Jteine ^^rane bringt euc^ ®pott. 
gSetft ben lejjtcn jtuf ^inubcr, * 
5Dann befe^It fie eurem ®ott I 
9ae bte 2i4))>en, bie fur und beten, 
%ae bU «6er5en, bie wif sertreten, 
%xiftt unb fi^uj^e fe, etoiger ®ott 1 

Unb nun f rif (^ )ur @^Ia^t getvmbet, o 
3(ug' unb «&ers sum Sic^t l^inauf 1 
«ac« 3rb'fc^c lf[ boUcnbct, 
Unb bad <6immUf^e ge^t auf. 
9apt eu(^ an i^r beutf ci^en ^rubet I 
3eber SRerte fet ein «&elb 1 
^teue <&ersen fei^n {!c^ toiebei ; 
Mewo^I fur btefe SSelt 1 

«&ort i^r'd ? fc^on jau^jt ed und bonnemb tnt^t^m I 
Sritber I l^inein in ben Uilenben (Regen I 
UBieberfe^n in ber befferen SBelt I a:t ir9rMr. 

54. 9er /rei||eit S^lad^trir. 

£)er ®ott, ber (Sifen kvac^fen lie^, 
3)er>> modte feine if^ied^te I 
3)rum gab er @&6el, @(^n)ert unb ®t)ie$ 
S)^m 9Sann in feine Slec^te. 
Srum gab er i^m ben {ii^nen ^utff, 
Den 3om ber freien Webe^ 
Daf er befl&nbe ^ U^ aufd Slut, 
Sid in ben Sob bie gfe^be I 

®o tvoden toir; n;ad ® ott geu^oOt, ^ 
SRit re^ten Sreuen l^alten, 
Unb nimmer ia Syrannenfolb 
Die 9Renf c^enf(]^&bel fpaltcn ; 


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fDcn ^auen tvir in Sc^erBen, 
Der foa tm briltfc^en 8anbe nic^t 
9)Ht bcutfc^en 3^annem erben. 

O 3)cutfct^Iant), (eifged Siaterlanb, 
D beutfc^^e ^W unb 3:rcuc I 
^u ^0^ed £anb, t>u fd^Sned Saitb, 
^tt fd^iD&ren iptr aufd lt)Reue : 
fDem SBuSeiv unb bem ^nec^t bie %<a(^t ! 
IDen fpetfen Stxaf)'n unb (Raben I 
@o )ic^n toir aud ^ur <&errmanndf^Iac^t^ 
Unb tvoUen dia(^e ^aben. 

f^a^t braufcn, n>ad nur braufen fann, 
3n ^ellcn, Itd^tcn 8(animm ! 
'3^r IDeutfc^rn aUe, 'l^ann fur Wtam, 
gfitr^d SSaterUnb ^ufammen ! 
Unb ^ebt bie ^^crjen ^immelan, 
Unb l^immelan bie <&anbe, 
Unb ruf et aUt, 9Rann f itr ^ann : 
„^it Ane(^tfd;aft ifat tin (Snbe I'' 

i^a^t flingen, tocA nur flingen fann, 
S)ie S^rommeln unb bie gfldten ! 
aBit tvoHm f^tnte, ^am fitr 9Rann, 
9Rit Q9(ut bad (Sifen rSt^en, 
Kit gcinbelblut — mit geinbe«blttt^ 
D fupet Sag bet Sflac^e ! 
3)ad flinget alien S)eutfc^en gut, 
S)ad ifl bie gto^e @ac^e I 

£af t u>e^en, tvad nut mel^en fann, 
®tanbatten toe^n unb gfai^nen 1 
88it tooaen ^eut* und, S^ann fftt SRann 
3um <6eIbentobe mai^nen. 
Xuf, ffiege, f)o^t9 (SiegSt'aniet 
Sotan ben fu^nen Otei^en I 
8Bit fiegen obet {letben l^iet 
S)en fu^en Sob bet Sfteien I c m trrmt 


55. 9er ItttitifUl^t. 

SBeil i^ teettrfif Itdlf bin, 

Sin ic^ ber)>tu$U(^. 

Sonne fc^etnt gar )u l^d, 

aSogel S^ttit gar in greQ, 

®ein tft )tt fauer mit, 

Qu bitter ift bad Sier, 

^onig )u fuf li^i 1 

SBeil nic^td nac^ meinem ®biti,« 

ffieU i(^ toerMtflid^ bin, 

Sin i<!^ berbr&f lic^* • 

S)ort toirb SH^ufif gemac^^t, 

3)ort toirb getanjt, gelac^t,^ 

S)prt toirft man gar ben ^vA, 

ffiie mic^ bad &rgern t^utl 

39 ni(!6t erf))rie§a(^, 

3{l ni(^t nac^ meinem ®imi, 

KBeil i(^ toerbrit§lid^ bin, 

SBin id) oerbritf li^ I 

So i^ auc^e ge^* unb {leV# 

5^ meinen ©c^atten feV, 

3mmer betfolgt er mtc^; 

3|l bad ni(^t argerlic^ ? 

Unb mm ber «&immel trub,* 

3fl ed mir au^ nid(|t Iteb* 

SBinter iji mir ju fait, 

Sftu^Itng fommt mir ^u balb, 

@onne ifl mir gu koarm, 

•Oerbfi bring! ben 9Ru(fenf(!^ioarm, 

!Wu(fen auf jeber «6anb, 

SKitcfen auf jeber SBanb, 

D, toie mid) bad berflimmtl 

D, kvie mid) bad ergrimmtl 


U. •P.ilfi.Note. b|84 CL.69.S. O. »L.8&1& LL.46.& cL.6&6 


S)eine S3ruber frag ba8 ©c^toctt, 
@ie6en JtnaBen, Deutfc^lant0« toert^. 
5)cine abutter '^armtc ffc^, 
©tumm unb flarrmb, unb berWi^^iy?. / { / 

(Sinfam bin i^ nun unb j^toati). 
%htx, StnaU, bclnc Sc^mad^ 
SBar' f mir Berber flcbcnmal 
2)enn bet fleben Unbent Sa9. 

Drum fo fescue ni^t ben 3>)b, 
Unb bertraue beincm ®ott I 
@o btt !am:))fefl rttterlic^, 
Sreut bein alter Siater fl^. 


50« Per ||anbfil)ii(|. 

9>or feinent fiokvengarten, 
S)ad Jtam^ffptel )u erkcarten, 
®af ASnig Sfran), 
Unb urn if)n bie ©rogen ber Jtrone, 
Unb ringd auf ^o^em Falcone 
S)te Damen in fc^dnem Jtranj. 

Unb toit er tvinft mit bem 9ittQtx, 
9[uf t^ut ^ {!d(| ber tt?eite Su^in^er, 
Unb ^inetn mit beb&c^tigcm ®c^ritt 
(gin S8»e tritt, 
Unb fiel^t f^ ^umm 
Olingd um, 
9^it langem ©al^nen, 
Unb [c^iittclt bie ms^nai, 
Unb flrecft bte ©lieber, 
Unb legt flc^ nieber* 

Unb ber StiniQ n^inft tvieber, 
S>a Jffnet flc^ »> be^enD 
fiin jtreiteg 3:^or, 

« ^. • 

M. eL.«l.«. f|144.1. a •L.48.8. fh.42.%, 

U. *^W. b{86. a »L«T. bL.4«. 


2)araud rennt 

^it toUbem ®^tunge 

(Sin 'Xi^tx ^eri3or. 

9Bie ber<^ ben i^Smen nfd^oiit^ 

^rjiat er laut, 

©c^Iagt mit bent @(^n?eif 

Sinen f urc^aren StdfJ 

Unb redet bie 3"tt9^/ 

Unb iin Areife fci^eu 

Unrgei^t er ben ien, 

©rtmmtg fc^nurrcnb; 

3)rauf jirecft er flti^ murrenb 

Bur ®ette hieber. 

Unb ber JtSnig tofnft tt?ieber, 
3)a freit bad bo^^pelt geSffncte «&au^ 
3u)et ii^eo^arben auf einmal and. 
3)te fiitr^en mit mutl^tger Jtam:))f6egier 
/ / auf bad ^igert^ier ; 

!Dad pa(ft fie mit feinen grimmigi^en S^aj^en, 

Unb b^erTjeu mit ©efcriiU '^^^ ^^'^J 

aHic^tct j!^ auf, ba toirb*^ jiitt ; ' 

Unb l^erum im Jtreid, 

aSon 2)^orbfu(^t ^ei^, 

fiagem {i(^ bie graulic^en Jta^cn. 

S)a faat bon bed ^tand dlanb 
(Sin t^anbfc^u^ bon f^oner <&anb 
Btoifc^en ben Siger unb ben £eun 
SKitten ^inein. 

Unb 5u Slitter Delorged, ftjottenber ffieif , * 
3Benbet {Id^ Sraulein ^unigunb : 
,,»&err Slitter; ifl Sure ^ieU^ fo f)ti% 
aSie 3^r mir'd f fc^njBrt su jeber Stunb', 
Si, fo iebt mir ben .ganbfc^u:^ auf I" j 

M. c § 61. u L. 52. 6. e P. 446. Note. « L. 28. 9. 

C. cL. 80. dL. 88. 7. « L. 89. Note. fL.S4.17 

98 ECLECTric 

Unb ti?le)>er tpirb ed ^iH um^er, 
3)ci: Jtfinifl fle^t unt) lanf^t ; 
„ffia8 ^8r' i^ f ommcn iiScr'd 2»eer 1 
(gg rubert unb e^ raufc^t." — 
„@k f ommcn angcf a^ren, » 
3)cin ®o^n mit ©ci^ircrt unb ©c^ilb, 
3n fonncn^cUcn «&aaren 
S)cin SSc^tcriein ©unilb.'' 

„5Biflfommcn i" — ruft ijom ^ol^cn ©tetii 
2)cr bllnbc ®rei5 ^inab — 
„dlnn kctrb metn ^(ter tvonnig fetn 
Unb c^renioott mein ®rab, 

. 3)ad ©c^kvert bon gutem ^lang, 
©unilbe, bw ©efrcite, 
©tnaft mU ben ©rabacfana." 

8. WanU 

57. 9it S^ladit bet |ilpii^. 

Sblobetctg ber gftanfenfontg fa^ in Sulvid;^ ^eiflet ©d)Iac^t 
^af bte ^Uemannen {legten burc^ ber SSolfdja^I Uebermac^t. 
$Id(Ii^ au^ bed ^amvfd ©ebrange ^ebt er ^(^ auf fiol^em Slop 
Unb man fal^ i^n ^^errlic^ ragen cor ben (Sbein, bor bem SlroJ. 
SSeibe 5(rme. beibe «&anbe :^alt er ^oc^ empor jum ©c^»ur, 
9luft mit fein?r @'fenflimme/ba§ ed burc^ bie 9tei^en fubr : 
„®ott ber (Sl^ri jlen, ®ott am ^reuje, ®ott, ben mein ®ema^I tjerel^rt, 
®o bu biji ein ®ott ber ©c^Iac^ten, ber im ©d^recfen nieberfd^rt, 
»&i(f mir biefeS aJolt bejtomgen, gib ben ©ieg in meine «6anb, 
S)a§ ber Sranfen fl^at^v erfrnnen mu^ bed Ol^eind, bed 9le(farl 

©tranb : 
@ie^, fo toid i^ an bic^ glaubon^ Jtirc^en unb JtapeQen bau'n 
Unb bie eblen Sranfen (e^ren. feinem ®ott aU bir certraun," 
©prad? ed, unb and 2BoUen leud^tenb brac^ ber ©onnc ©tra^I, 
Srifc^er 9Kut^ belebt bie ^^er^en, f iidt bed fc^ujac^en «&aufleind3»iW« 

li. i § 149. 8. j § 142. 2. k S 86. 1. G. L. 86. ». j L. 86. 6. t L. 50. Z 


©^lobtoig fcttji er^rlff ba^ ^Banner, trwg t9 in bet gfcinbe dieii^'n, 
Unb bic granfen jlegeSmut^ig flurjtcn jauc^jcnb l^interbrein. 
@c^re(f crgriff bcr Scinbc {Rotten, fctge njenbcn fie unb flic^n, 
W i^r Jtneggru^m ifl erlofc^ien; i^re a»a(^t unb Srci^elt ^in. 
.^Snig (S^lobttjig Ue^ |!d^ taufen unb fcin ebleS 23oIf suglcic^. 
Unb ob aQen beutrd;en @tSmmen m&c^ttg marb ber i^ranfen 9iet(^« 
®enn fie cinfl ben ®ott berlaffen, ber bcl Sulpic^ ®i^9 oerlie^, 
3{l ben 3((lemannen tvtebet Sfftac^t gegeben itber {ie. 

It eivroil. 

58. Syridir. 

!• ©era eineg SKenfc^en greube ji8rt, 
JDet^ aWenfc^ ift feinet Steube wert^ I 

2. 2)er<^ ift ein S^tenmann, bet*^ eineS Qlnbern S^l^fer 
a^e6r ate bie »* eigenen entfct;ulbigt unb oerfc^mefgt, 
Unb 9(nb'rer 3!ugenben njie recite ^^rensSKaler 
2)cm,*^ ber*^ jle red^t nic^t flc^t, ipi rec^ten fiic^te )eigU 

3. ©pric^ nlc^t gu btel bon bcinen jpflid^ten ; 
SBir ^aben furje 8eben3jeit ! 

S)ie 3cit ju iiben unb oerrl^ten 
SScrff^teinbet unterbc^ in§ Wltn bet Swigfeit I 

4. „@r!cnne, fuc^c, lieb' unb el^re, 
SBaS gut unb fc^6n i% unb toermel^re 
mati) aRogli^feit mit ttjeifer ^a% 
2)ee ®uten unb beS ©c^oncn ^a^l l" 
3)a3 ifl bie gauge ©ittenlel^re I 

6, 0lic^t mel^r ju Hagen, tat^' i(]^ bir, 

Ungliicflid[;fier auf Srbcn ; 

Ungliicf ttjirb ®l}xd, totnn toix 

2)urc3^ Unglu(f beffer toerben I 
6. Srgfeinb i?on aflem »&cuc^e(fci^ein, 

@ei iebem 5Cuge, teaa bu U^^ ; 

SWan mu§ in atten 9lugen fein^ 

Saei man in ®otte$ ^ugen ifl. 


M. a §65. 6. 

»> S 61. 

c L. 44. 8. 89. i: 

C. *L. 28. 9. 

»• L. 80. 

c L. 29 80. 

d L. 46./ 


7. SnaBotten ni(^i9, infflerfcn toicl, 
^ringt am ©efc^toinbeflen ^unt S^^l ( 

8. JDarf id) xatf)tn, gutcr SJ^ann ? 
^ad bidtl qu&It, bad flage Jteinem, 
Wd t)em @tnen, 

S)er bir ^elfen !ann I 

9* aBer SBo^U^at bit emied, fel belned 2)anfd d^<§i 
®le <^ bu erwcifcft, bic toetgifi I 


59. Pie Sd^la^t bri fitgni^. 

S)en 15. !augu{l 1760 foate bad ^reuglf^e Sager 6et Siegnll 
angegriffcn tverben. 3)te Sage beffelben kvar ntc^t bottl^eil^aft 
unb ber felnbUc^e (Snttourf bortreffitc^. 3^an n?oUte Sriebrtd; mtt 
^age^anSruc^ an bier Drtm ^ugleic^ anfaden, unb too moglic^ ein 
@eltenjliicf ju •^oc^f irc^ Ucfem. 3)ic toeitere 2l6jld;t tear, i^m 
ben SBeg nad; ber Dber aSjufc^neiWn, 'ja felbfl ben SRMjug naCt) 
, ©logau ju toerf^erren. 9Wan tear im oflerrcic^ifc^en Sager ton 
bem glu(f(i(^en Srfolg jum SSoraud fo fe^r iiberjeugt, ba§ bie 
©olbaten bafelbjl [agten : ber @ad kvdre nun aufgemad^t, trorin 
man ben ,^onig ioon ^^reugen unb feine ganje %mee auffangen, 
unb il?n fobann jufc^niiren aiirbe. ^er JUnig er^ielt gufattig erji 
am ^benb oor ber 2lu6fu^rung con bicfem 33orI;a6en 0lac^ric3^t ; 
aud^ erfu^r er bie corgebac^te ^ral^lerei. (gr ergai^Ite jie felbjl Ui 
ber 3^afel, unb fiigte ^inju : „bie Dejlcneic^er ^aben nic^t gang 
unred^t, aSer id; bcnfe in ben ®a(! ein i*o^ ju mac^en, baS jle 
SKiii^e l^abcn ttjerben augjubeffcm". (5r war feiner liMen ©tedung 
]^aI6er,a beSUeberfaUS bd^od^tixcf) eingebenf,*' nic^t o^neSorge 
getoefen, atteln bennoc^ f)atit er toegen getciffer ^robiantsaWa^s 
regeln aufgefc^oBen, bad unbortl^eil^afte fiager ju tierlaffen. 3)ie 
ffla^t am 14. c ujar baju befiimmt. 2)cr englifd^e ©efanbte 
aJlitd^el, bott ber 33eforgni5 eined [cf;recflid;en ^Ingriffd, uerbrannte 
tinen 5!(;eil feiner ^^aipiere, woCite jtc^ aber nic^t entfernen, 
2tuf bie er^altene 0lad)ric^t bereitetc jlct; ffriebridj jur @6)la^t, 

M. • S 109. I- § 124 <- S 45. C. L. 48. 4. i^ L. 48. 8. c L. 51. 14 


un\) foglet^ mar fctn (Snhourf gemac^t. Wtit %ibruc^ ber 0lac^i 
ocrlic^ et mit bet 2lrmcc ba« ^ager, beffen ^ctd^tfcuer icbod^ burc^ 
^auern unterl^alten tcutben; be^gletd^en mugten^gufarm^^atrouKs 
(en aCicd 33ierte(ftunben baS n&d^tUc^e 8a9ers®cfc^rei fortfe^m, 
©Sen bicg Qefc^a^ aud^ Im fiager bcr Defierreic^er, urn i^rm 'iluf* 
fcrurf^ ju i)crbet9en ; auci^ tvurbe ber ©civol^ni^cit biefer ^^rup^cn ge * 
ma§« burc^ )uru(fgelaffene ^amboure urn i0{itternac^t bie v3c(;aars 
trad^e gefct)lagen ; fo bafi bcibe »6eerc ju glcic^er 3^i^ buret? bic 
ndmlic^en SWittcl i^rc ffcinbe ^n taufc^^en fuc^ten, uub belbe, burc^ 
einen fonbcrbaren 3«faU, mit Sc^attcn fdmpftcn, dlm\ jog fic^ 
gricbric^ auf bie '2ln^6^en bei Siegni^, unb flellte f!c^ al^bann ganj 
in ber ®tille in (Sct^lad^torbnung. @g ivar cine ungcmcin fct^otie 
@ommcrnaci;t. 2)er gcfiirnte t&immcl ^atte fciu ffiolfc^en, unb fein 
giiftc^en nje^ete. SRiemanb fc^Uef. 2)ie @o(batcn i^atten jic^ mit 
intern ®etuel>r im 5lrm gelagert^ odein fie traren munter, unb ba 
fie nic^t jingen burftcn, fo unter^icltcn jle flci; mit ^rjd^lungen* 
3)icDfficiere gingen fijajicren^f unb bie ©eneraCe ritten ^evum, 
urn atleS SRotl^igc ^u feeobad^ten. 2)er Jtonig [a§ auf einer 3:rom« 
mel, ganj nac^^ bem er^abencn 33ilbc eincd gropen !Did;ferd, bcr in 
ben :|}reupifd^en JlriegSliebern jtngt : 

„^luf eincr trommel fa^ ber «&elb 

Unb bac^te feiner ®^la^t, 

3)en «&immel iiber jlci^ jum 3^^^/ 

Unb um (Id^ ^tx bie 0laitt." 
©§ flng ebcn an gu bdmmern, aU jld? Saubon nd^erte, ber mit 
feiner 30,000 3Ranng parfen ?lrmee ben linfen gliigcl ber ^reu* 
fien im Sager angreifen foUte, bon toelc^em er, ber borigen ®tels 
lung nad^, noc^ entfernt ju fein glaubte. Salb aber irurbe er mit 
©rflaunen gcira^r, bag er bie ganje -^Irmee beS .Ronig^ tor jld^ 
^atte, beffen jmeiteg 3!reffen auf i^n fogleic^ loeiflel, unb i^n oon 
ciner in ber 9'Iac^t aufgef ii^rten ^ iBatterie begriigte. 3)ag erfte 
ilrcffen ^atte griebrid^ jur 33eobac^tung 2)aung bejiimmt; ber fei* 
ncm rec^tcn gliigel gegeniiber fianb. i^aubon, ber jlc^ auf bie 
Unterjiii^ung feineS Dberfelb^errn oerticg, trid; bem .Rampf nictjt 
aud, fonbern bot ben *43reugen bic Spt^e, unb iiberlieg ben -lluogan^ 

M. dS58.8. eSlll. '§146. b: §128.1. b L. 84. 6. 

O. dL.62 eL.15. fL. 85. p L. 47. 6 »> l. 23. la 


bet 3'ai)ferf cit felnet 3!nH)))en, unb l5em {^n fo oft Beglcitcnbcn ' 
®(uc(. ^t liefi feinc SatiaCierlc auf bie ^rcu^ifc^c clnbrcc^ien, ble 
abet juriic! geworfen unb in S^or&fte getrteben tvurbe, tco fie flc^ 
ititr mit btcler ^u^e i^eraudarbeitcn fonnte ; unb nun xiidtt bie 
)>reugifc^e Snfantcrie t>or, unb fc^Iug aud^ nac^ einem ^artnadigen 
Jtanipf bie ofterrcic^ifc^e 3nfanterie au§ bcm Sdbe. 2)ie le|tcre 
mad^te jeboc^ nedtj einen QSerfuc^, mit einer ganjen Kolonne burc^ 
bag oor ber preuf ifc^en Sront liegenbe ^orf tauten ju ritcfen, 
oUein bie ^Jrcu^en jlecften eS burc^ «&aubi^=®ranaten in sgranb, 
unb gtrangen bie geinbe, bag ®efect;t auf ben linfen fffiigct einju* 
fc^ranfcn. 3)ie »&offnung bcr Scfttorn auf »&ulfe ttjurbe i5ereitelt ; 
benn 2)aun erfu^r erjl fpat ben ^Ingriff beg Jtonigg, ba bie, oB* 
too^I nur eine ^albe a^eile entfernte ofterreid^ifc^e «&au^)tarmee, 
toegen eincg eben entflanbenen tuibrigen ffiinbeg, nic^tg ijon bem 
JtnaUen beg ®efc^u|eg :^6ren fonnte ; iiberbem ttjugte xf)x ffelb^ert 
6ei feinet 5lnfunft ing ijerlaffene ^reu^ifd^e Ji^ager gar nic^t/njo bie 
Qlrmee, bie man fo gut alg gefci;Iagen glaubte, ^ingefommen toar, 
unb ba er fid; enblid) bem Jtampfplal nd^erte, fo fonnte er toegen 
beg 2!erraing nic^t anberg alg mit gro^em S^ad^t^eil bag i^n er* 
to?artenbe erpe 3^reffen ber ^reuflen angreifen. @r mac^te einige 
9Serfud;e torjubringen, allein fie ml§gludftcn. fiaubon, ber '2(Ueg 
getl^an, unb fid; ^erfonlid; ber grogten ©efa^r auggefejt ^atte, jog 
fic^ nun ^uriicf unb iiljcrlie§ D?m ,^5nig bag S.^f^ac^tfclb mit einem 
SSeriufl ton 10,000 aWann, brei unb jttjanjig Sa^nen, unb jwei 
unb ac^tjig ^anonen ; 0,000 Deflerreif^;er toaren gefangen, unb 
4,000 toaren tobt ober tcrtrunbet, S3ei Sriebric^g »&eere ^ingegen 
^dl^rte man 1,800 3:'obte unb ^Sertrunbete. 

Sg ttjar ein fel^r fdjoner 3)iorgen. !l)ie Sonne Befd^ien ben 
blutigen ffia^l^Ia^; bie i&eid;cn unb SterSenben ; allein fie beleuc^s 
tete auc^ eine angene^me rii^renbe Scene. 2)ag Olegiment toon 
©ernburg, bag 6ei 5)regben auggejeic^net l^erabgefe^t ttjar, ging 
mit bem QSorfa^ in bie ®1;Iact>t, bie oerlomc ©^re toieber ju er* 
fampfen, ober ftc^ bem ^rieggbdmon aufjuopfern. !Diefer (SnU 
fd;ru§, ber ot;ne Unterfd;icb teg Otangeg ober beg QUterg in jcbet 
QBiufi HBurjel fa^te, unb beffen Jtelme bie tiefgebeugten Dfflciere 
forgfditig entn?i(!e(ten, er^cugte eine bewunbrunggtpitrbige ^avfer« 
feit, gan^ beg ))reu^ifd;en 9lameng n^itrbig. £)em Jt5nig blieb fie 


vl^t un^emcrft. (Sx ritt nad^ ooflntbrter SBTutartcIt Bel bcnr Ste* 
giment tjorbei. Die Dffldere f^itjiegen; in ber fliflen ^ojfnimg 
auf bed SKonarc^en ®etec^tig!eit, toier alte ©olbatcn alber flelcn 
i^m in bie QuqqX, umfa^ten feine Janice, fceriefen (Ic^ auf i^re ge* 
t^ane ^fiidji, unb fle^ten urn bie ijcrlome ®nabe. 8frirbricl& ants 
ttjottete Qcrii^rt : „3a Jtinber ! 3^r fodt jle itjieber f»a6en, unb 
9iae3 foU tjcrgeffen fcin." fflo^ ben namlict;en 3:ag er^ielt bad 
{Regiment bie entjogenen militarifcfeen ffiaffcn unb S'^nrat^en, unb 
iJriebric^ mad^te felbjl 6ei ber $arabe ba« ta^jfere SSer^alten bed 
fflegimentd, unb bie tjSllige Segnabigung beffelben bei ber ganjen 
5(rmee Bcfannt. 

Diefe ^(tjla^i Bel Ciegtti| bauerte nur jtoei ©tunben. Um 
Junf U^r beg aWorgenS, ba bie feine SBelt in atten euro^j&ifcf^en 
^BSnbern noc^ im tiefen ©c^Iaf BegraBen lag, unb bie arBeitenben 
93oIfdtraffen j!(^ erfi toon IBrem 0lac^tlager er^oBen, toaren ^ier 
Bcreitd gro§e 3!^aten gefd^el^en unb bottenbet. SWan ^atte einen 
toic^tigen Sieg erfoc^;ten, ber bie DSercinigung ber flluffen unb 
Deflerrei^er i^inberte, unb allc i^rc auf bie fcl^lcpfd^cn gcflungen 
gemact/ten ©nttrurfe bercitelte. ffrlebric^ lief auf ber ©telle bon 
ber ganjen 9(rmee ein jjreubenfeuer madjen, unb fobann fe^te er 
flc^ fogleic!^ in SKarf^; ein SJiarfc^, ber burc^aud einjig in feiner 
9lrt unb erftaunendtoiirbig tear ; ber 5tuf ^eic^nung fo fel^r toertl^, 
tuie irgenb eine grofe 33egeBen]^cit bed gegentodrtigen Jtriegd ; benn 
biefc toon ber 33IutarBeit aBgemattcte unb toon ja^Ireic^en •geeren 
umringte ^Irmee mufie o^nc 0laft unb o^ne aUen 3^ itoerlufl fort* 
riirfen, unb baBei ailed eroBerte ®ef(^ii|, alle ©cfangene, unb aud^ 
olle 23erttjunbete mitne^^en. ^an ^adtt bie fie^tern auf Wti:^U 
unb ^3robn7agen ; aud^ anbre iKBagen unb (Si^aifen na^m man ba^ 
ju, jle mocl;ten ge^Sren loem fie ttJoUten ; felbfl ber Jtonig gaB bie 
feinigen f}n. 5luc^ bie «&anbpferbe bed STOonarc^en unb ber toori 
nel^men ©efel^ld^aBer tourben ^ergegeBen, um bie aSerttJunbeten, 
bie noc^ reiten fonnten, fortjuBringen. Die'lebigen aReBltoag''*' 
fc^lug man in (Stixde, unb fpannte bie $ferbe tor bie erBeuteten 
Jtanonen* a^on ben feinbllc^en @cn?et;rcn mufite ein icber Sfteitet 
unb ^adfne^t eind mitnel^men. 01icl}td tt^urbe ^uriicfgclaffen obei 
toergeffen, eri^eBUc^ ober uner^eBlic^ ; ed iuar Seute, Sluc^i nid)i 
nn eingiger SSertuunbeter BUeB juriitf, tt?eber toon ben ^reugen, 


not^ bon ben Oefieneii^em, fo baf urn 9 U:^r, btet ®tunben nac$ 
Qcenbigtcr Sdfiaci^t, W^ fo unborbctcttet ncu bclaftete «&ccr, mlt 
bem ganjen ungei^euem ^rof, [ci^on im boUen SO^arfc^ tear. 

60« 1185 jiliitgrrs "9ttrad|tiiitgeii mi]) Vrkanktn^ 

(1801 — 1805.) 

3^ toiinf c^c unb crtoatte, ba^ 39ona:j3arte f!c^, » f oBalb »» bcr 
Sriebc gefd^Ioffen® unb billed inffranfreic^ f^efe^lic^ J«9e^t, in bie 
(Sinfamfcit juriicf jie^c, ^ unb nur bann etfc^eine, tt?enn bag ^oiU 
tifcftc SOf^cer bro^enb ttJirb, uiu bic SBeOen ju befd^trSren. ^ ^^ut 
ere biefeg ni^t, fo tjerbunfclt er in jlc^ bag glanjcnbflef ©eftirn, 
baS au3 bcm bunfcin @c^oo^ be3 SJienfd^engefd^lecljtS l^croorges 
gangcn ifi, unb ftc^ a\i& cigenem i^ic^tjioff gebilbet l^at. Urn in 
eincm befc^eibenern unb einfa^ern 33ilbe ju reDen, — er jcrfc^Iagt 
in ^fi) bag fc^onpc moralifc^e ®anje, toddft^ jemalg ©liicf, Urn* 
fliinbc, 6^arafter unb ®enie in einem ®terSlic^>en, jur eblen 3Sotts 
enbung, uercinigt ^aben. 3e§t nod^ fiel^t er einjein an ber ®:pi^e 
bcr 3!obten unb fiebenben, ber ®cfcl?id^te unb ber gegenirartigen 
3eit — nein I er jie^t bor ber Sronte be3 ganjen 3)ienf d^engefc^Ied^tS 
— o^ne ba^ diner n?agen fonnte, jlc^ neben'i^n ju fiellen ober Jtc^ 
mit ibm ju bergleid^en. 2t6er er bergeffcK jlc^ nun — fo treten 
bie gropen 3!obten ou3 ber ©efc^ici^te unb bie gropen fiebenben ber 
3eit l^erbor, unb rufen i^m gu : — 2)u gleic^efi ung, teir treten 
mit bir bor ober bu trittfl mit ung juriid. SCBelc^ tin Sad teorc 
bie^ I 5Betc^ ein 3!rium))l^ fiir bie elenben ©eijler ber drbe, bic 
fo gcrn aUeg ©ro^e ju jlct/ in <Staiih l^erabjiel^cn I SBono^partC; 
i^ fiir^te nic^t ben 3Reuc^elmorb frember «&anbe an bir — beinc 
je^igc ©r6§e tiJbtet Uint& ©terblic^en »6anb — id) fiird^te nur 
ben SWcuc^elmorb; ben bu an beiner errungenen ein^igen ©ro^c be* 
ge^cn Unntcfi. 

ffienn bag ®d^6ne, ©ute unb »&errlic^e^ bag id) f)in unb toiebet 
liber 33ona^arte, befonberg in ben 3a^ren 1801 unb 1802, in biefcm 

21 a $86 I' L. 69. 8. Note, c § 160. Note. ^ § 148. 8. e p. 446. Note. r§84. 4 

f § 148. T. 
a aL.48. i'L.68.8. c L. 23. 18. d L. 41. c L. 89. 2. • L. 2T. 4. k L. 41. 8 


ffierfe gejagt ^a6e unb nod^ fo gern fagen mSc^tc, metftend fd;on 
gur^ bitterpen ©atlrc auf i^n geitjorbcn \% fo trifft ^lefc bittcrt 
Satire boc^ ni^t mic^. @d tear tro^I crlaubt, ju traumen, ju 
irinifc^en unb ju ^offen, bet berufenite gro^e S^ann, ber 3J2ann, 
bet bie btutlge aSeoolution cnbiQte unb bie tjon il^r erjfugten Uits 
gc(;euer toetnlc^tete, mb^te ouc^ eln moralifc^ QTo^er Wlann toetben 
tooCicn. 5ln ©elegen^eit baju f)at eS i^m geiri^ nict^t gefe^lt ; • tjon 
ber dltejlcn 3eit bid auf ^eutc irarb fie feinem Sterbiict^en fo bar* 
geboten, unb man fonnte fogar ooraudfcjcn; eln feinereg, rect^t rafs 
finirtee 3ntereffe ber ©elbflliebe, bed ^f^rgeijeg, beg Stoljcd, con 
ber .Klug^eit geleitet, miirbc if^n baju reijen unb ben Sinn fiir ein 
l^o^ereg 3beal, aU baS geir6^nli(!;ei ber ®lii(f(id?en feiner %xt, in 
i^;m ertoecfen. xIBenn biefc ^'r&ume, biefe S13iinfd;e jeigen, tva0 
feinc 3eitgenoffen toon i^m ermartereu; fo ^abe id; mit ben meini* 
gen feine moralifc^c ®efcl;id;te gefc^rieben, unb um fo wa^rer, ba 
ic^ micl^ nid^t uon bem Urt^eil ber 3Wenge Iciten ^ liep. 2)arum 
recl;nc id; mir biefc 3!raumc unb SBiinf^e ^u S^ren, unb ne^mc 
jie nid^t juriicf. 

61. iitjMfi. 

jJBcr Sc^IejlenS fv1j6ne 0latur noc^ nic^t erblidte, feined {Riefen* 
gebirged toilbe SKajfen — iiber loelc^en Oliibejal^l einp toaltete — 
noc^ nid?t burdj^ric^, bon ben ^o^en gelfen3innen biefer gigans 
tifdjen 39ergfette nod; nid;t l^erabfa^ auf Saubfc^afteU; welc^e uns 
befc^reiblic^ fc^one Oemalbe bilben, ber !ann aud; ni(i)t fagen, ba§ 
er bie fd;6n|len 3^^ei(e unferS immer f leiner trerbcnben 33aterlanbeg 
gefe^en ^ab^, *^er eg aber bereijle, ber bejiieg auc^ geujip bie 
fel;engtrert(;en Sluihen ber ^urg ^^naft, mit beren 35cfd;reibung 
unb ®efd;ic^te id; biefe ©aderie beutfc^er ^urgen erSffncn toill. 

Drei 33iertel Stunben oon bem betannten ^abeort SBarmbrunn 
liegt bag "bem ©rafen toon @d;afgotfd; ge^5rige 2)orf *&ermgborf. 
^g liegt bid;t unter bem 33erge, auf tuclc^em bie fltuinen beg Jt^a 
najl'g fleben ; unb t»er biefc bcflclgen wiU, ben fuf;rt ber 9Beg erfl 


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burc^ blefcd 3)orf. Vief>^ ^et 3 pr einefi »5aufc3 jlnbct man ^fei 
cine grogc 3!afel befcfltgt, mit ben fflorten : 

,,9Ber ben ^pnajl n?iC[ bcfcfiaucn, 
Jtann ^^ fjin mix anbertrauen," 
^er 33en?o^ner batoon if! namlid) ber ©eleit^mann ber Srentben 
auf bic alte 33urg, unb man mu§ fic^^ fftjon an i^n toenben, ba ei 
ben ©rfjliiffel ju bem »6au$c^^en tor ben Oluinen, fo trie ju bet 
©tube im e^emaligen ffiac^tt^urme ^at, unb juglcic^ ber ®lrt^ 
ber Oleifenben ouf ber *-8urg ifl. 2)ie^ -Zlemtcl^en gibt i^m in 
•&ermgborf ben glanjenben $itel eineg Jtommanbanten beg ^pnap'g. 

^tt i^m {le'gt man einen bequemen, eine ^aI6e ®tunbe langen 
5Bcg — ber im 3al^re ac^tje^n^unbert, wo bie Jtonigin oon ^reus 
§en ben Jt^naft befudjte, gemad;t tt?urbe — l^inan. SQBem er abei 
nod; nid;t Bequem genug toare, ber fann jld^ auc^ in ©effeln, bic 
ju bem (Snbe in »&ermgborf Oereit fle^en, l^inauftragen laffen. 

Unter ben bielen ©agen ton biefen Oluinen ifl aud; bie «on ber 
fd;6nen Jlunigunbc. 3m 3^afc^enbud;e fiir ffreunbc be6 {Riefen* 
gebirgeS finbet man jle fe^r anjie^enb bearbeitet, ttjoraus ic^ fie, 
im -JluSjuge, ^ier n?ieber erja^len tt?i(l. ^unlgunbe, bag einjigc 
Jtinb cineS ber frii^eren ^ejifeer beS Jtpnajla, ^atte toon i^rem 
^ater, ber mit bem «&immet ^aberte, ba^ er i^m feinen ©ol^n ge* 
geben ^atte, eine mannlidjc ©r^ie^ung genoffen. Iffienn fie red;t 
n?ilb um^ertobte, mit ben 2Baffen fpielte, ^ferbc bdnbigte, mit 
feinen Oteijigen jlc^ unterl;ielt, liebtof te er j!c am jartlid^^en. 
@ie liebtc i()n aber auc^ ^6d;fl innig, unb tt?ar ba^er ganj untroft^ 
lid), aU er in ber iTrunfen^cit mit bem $ferbc in einen 5(bgrunb 
jliir.jte, unb an ben gelfen ben ^o^f jerfd^edte, ©te lie^ ben ^nts 
[eelten an bem fap un^uganglic^en Drte, njo er gcfallen war, beers 
bigen unb mad;tc eg ftd? nun jur ©ewo^n^eit, taglic^ baS ®rab 
JU bcfuc^en. 3^rc corige ]&ebengart fejte jie fort, nur ba§ i^rc 
fflBilbbeit noti^ ranker unb biijierer war* 3^rc 35efud;c beim ©rabe 
beg 33aterg nd^rten i^rcn ^ap gegcn bic gclfen, trelc^e i^r, njie fie 
fagte, il^ren QSater geraubt fatten; unb boc^ tooUte fie bie S3orgs 
ttjo^nung nid;t tocrlaffcn, ob fie gleic^ mebrere Surgen in frud;ts 
barcn ^^dlern i^atk, <Sk fd;ien i(;rcn ^Jiufent^alt ju lieben, ireil 
fie mit i^m giirnen fonntc. 

ffladi i^rcg 93aterg 3:obc fanbcn fid) cine SWengc flattlidt;ex 


8Rltter ein, bic aHe urn bie »ganb be3 ref^en ffrSuletnS fu^Iten, 
Reiner cr^lelt aber einc cntfc^eibcnbc 'Jintwort, unb Jtfiner wu§te 
tooran cr tear, Bi3 jlc enbllc^ erflartc, ba^ ftc {!(^ 5lUc auf bert 
ndd}ften ©ertrubitag etnQnben mdc^tcn, urn bad Ulttmatunt a\i9 
ii^rem 3Kunbc ju l&Jren. 2)er 3!ag etfdjfen, unb auf ^pnaft tiJim* 
mclte cS toon Sreiwt, bcnn bie fonbcrBarc ?i8ejleC[ung 'MUer auf 
©ineit 3^ag Ijattc au^ SKanc^en au3 6lopcr 0ieugicr ^erbeigcfii^rt^ 
^n einer !6flU^ befe|ten fj'afct trurbc wacfcr gcjed;!, unb burcJ^ 
bad Del ber 3^rauBc bic 5famme ber «&offnung bci Allien Hesters 
lo^ er^alten. ®^on na^etc ber ^fcenb, unb noc^ ^atte ^unigunbe 
i^rer ©vflarung nic^t ettt?d^nt. 3Wanc^er, buret; ben ebeln SBeiu 
begeiflert, fturmte auf fie ein, a6er tiergeBend. (Snblic^ fu^r jle, 
n^»c au3 bem 3!raume ernjac^enb, »on Der $afel auf unb ricf: 
,,9^un ijl'd S^it, bic fo trofeig geforbcrten 93ebingungen mciner 
Sie6c unb mciner «6anb ju offen6aren. SBer jlc :^6rcn luid, folgc 

@ie lief :^inaB in ben 95urgl^of, unb bad ffreierl^eer folgte to6enb 
nac^. ©ie trat aud bem ©cblo^t^or, unb eilte nun, auf cinem 
neu ge'6a(;nten ®ege, Bei iJacfetfci^ein, jum ®raBc i^red 5>atcrd, 
iro^in i^r bic avenge nac^taumeltc. 5lfd jle angelangt trar, ri^ 
ftc bem filter bad Sruciftj aud be# »§anb, f)ob t^ in bic »&o^e, unb 
rief nun begeijlert aud : „«&ier ru^t ber ©injigc, ben id} liebte* 
t&ier fc^ttjor' Ic^'d, ,^einen ju liefcen, Jteinen ju e^elid^en, ber nic^t 
im rittcrlic^en «^arnifc^ ju Oloffc ft|enb, ben oSern Olanb ber 
SBurgmauer umrcitet, unb fo ben Self^^n troftt, bic mit meined ^at 
tcrd ®(utc gefdrbt jlnb l" 

@o fprad) ftc, toiinfc^tc ben ®djlen einc gutc fRacijt, unb liejl 
jle fluc^enb, lad^nb, murmelnb unb fc(;!oeigenb jlc^en. 

^a^ ®erurf;t oon ber fonberSaren *&eirat^d6ebingung tierOreitetc 
jlc^ ireit um^er. ©o gefa^n^oU ed at>er auc^ war jle einjuge^en, 
fo gab ed boc^ 3Bagel&d(fe, bic i^r ©liicf »erfud)en tooCiten. Uiu 
aber 'fclo^c S^eugierfgc uon jic^ abjw^alten, l^atte ^unigunbc am 
SBege auf ben *J3erg einc 2Bac!;c :pojlirt, njclc^e jeben Quitter t?on 
ber 33cbingung unb ber bamit oerfnupftcn ©efa^r untcrrid^ten 
mugte, aJBenn biefer nun bcrfprad;, ftc^ i^r ju f iigen, fo trurbc 
er ^inauf bid jurSBurg geleitet, bem Srdulein torgejledt, burfte in 
ii)xn ©efeUfc^aft eincn 3!ag audru^en, unb mu§t»' bann, untci 


folgciiben Gmmottfen, bag ?lbent^euer bejle^en. 3m «&ofc Ufi'wQ 
n, unter bcm ©c^aCie t)cr. 3)rommetc unb bcm 93ruUcn ein^er 
Donnerbiic^fcn, t>a3 9lo5 ; Jtunlgtihbc \af) au§ bem Stfcr auf i^n 
nicbct; irleberboltc il^tc Ser^c^erung, ijnb iPiinfc^te i^m ®rii<f. 
©r toerf^jrac^ l^r bic ^rfiillung ber ©ebingimg, unb nun ritt ex, 
son fctnem trcincnben ©efolge begleitet, uUx bie 3^fi^^^^<^^ w*^^ 
auf bic 3Rauer. 3)ic 2)rommcten blleben auf i^rm *4Jofien, bie 
93ud;fen ixjurben tt?iebet gelaben, urn ben 9littcr, welc^cr bie ^-Huf* 
gate gtiictUc^ I6fen merbe, glorreid^ ju em^fangen; aber nie ert5ns 
ten jle jum gtreiten SO'^oIe, benn in ben ^bgrunb ^inab ftiirjten attc 
bie Ungliicflic^en, bie f!c^ burc^ ^iteifeit ober «&abfuc^t ^u bem 
aBageftiicf entfc^Ioffcn (;atten. 

®ro5 war bie ^af^l berer, bie auf folc^e %xt if)xm 3!ob fanben 
unb ein traurige^ D^fer einet unmenfdjlic^en 39cbingung ttjurben. 
SBeit um^er oerbreitete j!(^ bie Jtunbe baoon, unb nac^ unb nac^ 
wurbe eg auf ^na\i flitl unb leer, benn 3eben fctjretfte baS 33eis 
fpiel feiner 3Sorganger juriid . ^unigunbeng 3But^ bariiber ftieg 
toon SQBoc^e ju ©oc^e, aber bie Sanbleutc um^cr freuten jlc^, ba§ 
bie Slitter enblict; einmal flug geu^crben n^aren, unb ftd^ nic^t me^r 
ll^tlic^* in if)x aSerberben jiurjtcn. 

@o oerglng eine lange, langc 3«t, aU plbi^lifi) ein jlattlic^ei 
9litter, toon einem einjigen jtna:|):pen begleitet, ben 35erg i^erauf 
gef^jrengt fam. S)ie fa^rldfflg gettoorbenen ,^nedl;te om Jffiege 
ful^ren ob ber ungenjo^nten @rfct)cinung erfd;roc!en burci^einanbcr, 
tooUten jld^ in (Sil orbnen unb ben ?ln!ommenben ^)rufen, aber dn 
tro^igeS : „8fort i^r .Rnec^tc V entn?affnete i^ren Wlutf). Sie lies 
fen i^n burd?, fa^en i^m berujunbert nad^, fa^cn jlc^ erjiaunt an, 
unb meinten, ba§ ba8 nidjt gut fitr jle ablaufen ircrbe. 

^unigunbe lad^te laut auf, al§ man i^r melbete, ba§ jld) h?ieber 
ein Olitter eingefunben l^abe, unb f^rang tooGi jlolger Sreube an<f 
genjler, *^ber eine nie gefu^^lte ^m^finbung bemac^tigte fic^ i^rer. 
aJiit fteigenber 5luf merffamfeil, mit einer i^r fojifl gar nid^t eigcncn 
aSerixjirrung, betrad^tet fie M fd^onen gremblingg maiefiatSooUen 
Stnjianb unb fein fd;8nefi blaueg *2luge, bag fefl unb jlc^cr ju i^i 
^inauf blidte. ^^e fie eg glaubte, trat er fd)on in i^r Simmer, 
griif te jle ^5flic^, unb jle toerneigte fic^ untoiUfiirlic^ tiefet ilg ie 
toor einem feineg ®leid;en. 


;;5?rSulcin/' fo rcbctc cr fie an, „i(^ !enne bie ^lufgaBe, b{e 3^r 
ber ganjen 0ittterfc^aft gemac^t ^a6t. 2Qenn mtr bad ©liiif tvo^l 
toiH, fo fcitt f(^^ ber Se^te, ber bad ^IBenteucr bejle^t I" 

(Sr Bettug f!c^ bon biefem ^ugenblicfe an mtt einer ebein Un« 
bcfangenl^cit, fprac^ iiber »iclerlei ©egenflanbe fo einbtingenb, fo 
rat^fcl^aft, fo entfc^ieben unb jutjerjlc^tltc^, bo§ Jtunigunbe ed 
gar nid^t toagte, if)n, fo mie anberc feiner ^orgfinger, auf ble ge* 
too^ntc aWanier ju t^e^anbeln. Qlflcd, teaS er fagte, flang i^r ueu 
unb reijcnb* @ein jloljer ^roj bcleibigte jle nic^t, fcine gefii^U 
»ollen @d;ilbcrungen toetften frembe ©cfii^le in ii)x, aUx feme 
gan^c QCrt, jlci^ ju Sene^men unb jie ju Se^anbeln, mac^te jle ter* 
legcn, unb lie^ fte fii^Icn, bap jie eine alberne (RoUe f:|)icle. 

.3nbcm jie bied entbedte, fiel i^r jugleic^ ein, ba^ Jie nod^ gar 
nid^t toijfe, tuer ber Srembe fei. ®ei»o^nt, :^iert30u immer fc^on 
bor ber^nfunft jebed flflitterd unterric^tet ju fein, ergrimmt jie^cfa 
tig liber bie 0lac^ldfjigfeit ii^rer Wiener. @ie oerlieg bad Binimer 
^)lB|nct|, iened ju erfragen unb biefe audjufd;elten. 9l6cr fein 
a)ienf(^ tou^te i^r befriebigenbe ^Introort ju ert^icilen, unb ber 
^nap:|)e bed fremben Olitterd war fo lafonifct; unb rat^fel^aft, ba§ 
jie i^m cotter 2lerger eine D^rfeige gab unb nac^ bem 3inimcr 
luriicfUef, urn bon bem Unbefannten fclbjl ben^S^lamen ju erfragen. 
@ie n?ottte bied mit ^mji unb Strenge t^un ; aber bed Otitterd 
neued 39ene]^men enticaffnete jie. @r f)attt njai^renb i^rer ^llbiuefens 
:^eit eine 8aute ergriffen, auf toeld;er er eben :p^anta}irte, aid jie 
^ajiig eintrat. ©ie fonftcn ^bnt, barc^ welc^e frembe, wof^U 
t^uenbe (Smpfinbungen auf fie einjirijmten, ernjeid^ten i^r gauged 
2Befen. 3)er 3orn tt?ici^ ijon i^rer ®tirn. ®ie fefete Jic^ mit 
niebergefenftem ®li(f bem flitter gegeniiber, ber i^r mit mannlic^ 
fd^iiner ©timme ein Sieb oorfang, bejfen Sn^alt fo mac^tig auf jie 
toirfte, ba§ jie bie 3!^rdnen nic^t oerbergen fonnte. 

@o merging ber 3^ag ; unb aid bie Sihc^t einbrac^, berlie§ ber 
SRitter bad Siinmer mit ber ^iad^ric^t, ba^ er morgen in atter 
Srii^e bie Surg auf ber SKauer umreiten merbe. a^it dngjilic^em 
^erjflo^fen i^orte ed ^^unigunbe, fuci;te ^uffd^ub ju betoirfen, unb 
iuiinfc^te, ba^ ber Olitter baron abjlel^en mi)cl&tc ; aber er blieb hii 
jeincm 33orfa^e. 

SKit bem ®efii^l einer ernjac^enben fiiebe unb ber Dual eine« 


gefcanlilgten ©toTjcS BlieB J^lnigunbe adein. <Sk irarf flc^ auf 
if}v imager ; ahn fein ©c^laf erquicfte fie, unb erjl narf; langfl gc* 
UlicfKni'r aJMtternac^t ijerfanf f!c in cincn ton lullben XrSumen Be* 
, gleiteten ®ct;Iummet. 

^eim crjlm ^nbrec^en bc6 3!age3 Iiefi f!c^ ber frembe Jlna^^c 
bag 3^^or Bffnen unb lief auf bie SWauer. Unb aU ber <&lmmel 
im Dften f!(^ rSt^ete, atle ©egenjlanbe bcutlict; ju erfennen iraren, 
ging er in ben 95urgl^of juriicf, unb ^og bie Oloffe au8 bem ©tatte. 
3)a fam ber frembe Skitter in leic^ter ^loibung bie 5're^^e ^eraB, 
umarmte ben Jtna^pen, fc^teang jtc^ auf fein ^ferb, unb ritt flolj 
jum Xf}et l^inau^. 

„0lun mad^e 5(0[e8 im ®cl;Ioffe teod^/' rief ber Jtna^^e bem jits 
ternben 3!^ortt?&dbter ju, „oBer lag 0liemanben ber aJlauer ^d) 

58i0 an ben Stufgang ber 3J^auer Begleitete ber Jtnap^je feinen 
t&errn. Wlit einem freunblidjen 33(icf auf i^n ritt biefer Bi"^"f/ 
^vb bie ?Jiige au8 ben 93iigeln, unb (ieg nacBlaffig auf ben ȤaU 
beS ^ferbee bie Qn^d ^dngen. (Sicl;er ging eS auf bem fcBmalcn 
?^"abe. 3Ru^ig Blicfte ber Olitter in baS graglid;e Xf^al, wo nccB 
jtnflere 0lac!;t tear. 3m Often fprang bie Sonne Berauf, bie >}ercBc 
er^oB ficB fingenb ; oter er faB treber Sonne nocB fierdje ; nur auf 
ben neBen ber SDiauer l^erge^enben Jtna^^jen Blirfte er juttjeilen 

freunblicB Bi"* 

Unterbeffen xoax 5tO[e3 im ScBIoffe n?acB gettjorbcn, unb lief 
fingPlicB unb bertrirrt burcBeinanber. ,^unigunbe Wax aucB er= 
toacBt. Jtaum B8rte jle, bag ber Slitter auf ber !Kauer fei, aU fie 

cin peBerBafter ®ct;auber ergriff. „^r i\t tobt 1" fcBrle fie, unb 
flog BinaB in ben SBurgBof . ,;$Bo ift fein .^eicBnam 7" S'liemanb 

anttoortete. ^Gie panben mit gefalteten ^finben. 

%i^ nun ba$ angftigenbe ®ef iiBl --ttller ben Bt>cBft^»^ ®rab erreicBt 

Batte, jteBe, ba fcBtieBte ber Splitter auf f einem mit Sd^ujeig Bes 

becften dioffe urn bie @cfe bes an baS anberc @nbc ber 3^auer jlo* 

genben Ocbaube^ unb nolierte jtdB bem @nbe be^ furdjtBaren ^fabed. 

^unigunbe tt?ar einer DBunxacBt naBe, aU er tooBlBeBalten bon 

ber Ttamx BeraBritt unb bom ^erbe flieg. 3)ic ,RnecBte ergriff 

tie lautejle Sreube ; ftc iuBelten^ fd^riecn unb tanjten* 9luf bem 


«6ofc fc^mcttcrten 3!rom^etcn, un^ bo0 ©ef^u^ bonnertc e0 fiber 
^ie ganje (Segcnb ^iit, ba$ ter Sleg erruiigen feu" 

„^ulbtgt eurem «&erm T' fd^rte ^unigunbe, unb toanfte auf ben 
fitter loa. „3^r ^abt bie ^BcbingunQen erfiiUt, ebler Witter/ 
fpraci^ jte ; „3^r l&abt ben ®eift melneS QSaterd oerfS^nt. id) 
iibergebe (Suc^ biefe ^urg unb i^r ©ebtet, unb bin bereit, (Suc^ 
Oema^l ju nennen." 9luf6 S^eue fd?metterten bie 3!rompeten. 

a^it «6o^eit unb Qlbel erwicberte ber flSitter in emjlem 3^one : 
„Srdulein, ber fc^recflic^e S^u^^r ijl gelofl, bcr fo oielen @be(n 
bag ^ebrn foflete. 3c^ freue mtc^, @urem Stolje unb (Surer ©rauc 
famfcit ©renjen gefc^t ju l^aben, unb banfe ®ott fiir fcinen mir 
gelcifleten @ct;u^ babei. 8f(ud^ unb eioige @d}anbe bent, ber 
nac^ mir bad ^IBagefliicf noc^mald beginnen n^oUte. S)ied laut )u 
erflaren, bag ea burc^ aUt fidnber fct^ade, tear ber einjigc S^ecf 
meiner (Srfc^einung auf biefcr ®urg. @eit einem 3a^re ifl biefeg 
9log geiibt tDorben, auf fdjmalen ^faben ju ge^en, unb eg mar 
nic^^t baS crfle Wtai, bag bag eble 3^^ier auf einem foIci;en 5^fabc 
ging ; aber eg trar bag le^te WlaL Unb !Dit, bie fDu mit mu 
mcnfc(;lic!jem »&cr3en bag !2oog beg 33erberbeug iiber fo tiele un* 
gliicf (ic^e Siinglinge tt?arf ft, fe^re ^uriicf, lag bag ©cfii^l ber 9latur 
unb ber aKcnfctjUdjfeit in beinem i&erjen ern?ai1;en. 5l^erab|il;euung 
unb Sluc^ ber fiol^en Jlunigunbe, (S^re unb Sreunbfc^aft ber fa^* 
lenben, ber freunblic^en. S^rfc^lage bie Otinbe, bie bein ^ni 
umgab, irecfe ©cfiil^le; bie bem 2Bcibe jiemen. SBerbe SBeib unb 
®attin, unb erfe^e ber ^Belt bie fieben, bie bcin ©tolj ovferte* 

„3c^ fann bcin ©atte nid;t teerben. 3c^ bin '2(balbert, fianb* 
graf oon ^i^iiringen, ben fd;on bag ebelftc. ©eib licbt ; aber ic^ 
befcl)U^6re @uc^, fd^enft @uc^ ber ^QBclt unb ber aWenfc^^eit iwieber, 
Unb woUt 3^r einen ©c^iilfcn in ©urem fcl;6nen ^Beginnen, fo rodljlt 
meinen Sreunb, biefen ^na^)ven, ben biebern »&ugo ocn Srbac^^, 

„3^r aber, bie 3br ooU Staunen mici^ umringt, i^r 3^1*9^" '^^^ 
graufamften gretjefg, feib auc^ 3^"gi*i^ ^^r ^^^^ wnb 33c|fcrung. 
®e^orcl;t eurer ©ebieterin ; aber bebenf t jlete, bag man ©ott me^r 
alg ben 3Jienfd;en ge^orc^en miiffe, 

„Unb nun lebt tuo^f, JJrdulein! 33erjci^t bie 2)emitt^igung, 
3^r ^abt jte aber oerbient, SBcnn bie Sid;el beg 3Dionbeg erfc^cint, 
fe^rt ntcin greunb juriid, urn 3euge unb bielleic^t 3:^eilne^mci 


Qutex tjcrinbcrten ©ejfnnungen ju fein. 8ebt iT?o^L" (Sx fc^trang 
flct? auf fein 9lo$, unb ritt mit fcinem Jlna^jpen ben Q3erg ^inab. 
Aunigunbe tDurbe o^nmad^tig in t^t ©emac^ getragen. ®ic lag 
ac^t 3^age franf batnteber ; bann betetc unb [ajiete jlc in bumvfer 
93ctaubung. 9lm (Snbc bet cicrten iffioc(;e crfc^ien Slitter 'Sugo 
ton ©rt>ac^ mit einem glanjenbcn ©efolge bot bem Xf)oxt ^^naji^ 
,^imigunbc wutbe fe ine ©attin. 2)ic IJiebe «&ugo'^ unb bie greunb* 
fc^aft -}(balbertd milberten ^unigunbend dteue, unb ii)x Ie(ted 
QBort an i^re .^tnber toax bie ^ittc, nic^t bur^ Xxoi^ gegen bie 
dlatux Slutfc^utben auf {l^ unb bie 3^enfc^^eit gu laben. 

62. Jllfibfr mad|fit I'eittf. 

3n biefen brei SBorten liegt eine unerfc^fi^jlic^e SBei^i^eit tjer* 
botgen. @ie jlnb ber @c^liiffel ju ben erftaunlic^jicn 33ege6ens 
l^eiten bed menfc^lic^en Sebeng, ircld^e fo 33ielen, unb ben ^feilos 
fov^cn am meijien, unbegreiflic^ oorfommen. ^ic ftnb bag «?a^re, 
einjige 3Witte(, alle biejenigen ©liicffeligfeiten ju erlangen, um 
luelc^e jld; ein grower $beil ber aJienfc^en bergebenS bemii(;et. 
il^orcn jtnb ed, ire(ct;e ftc^ unb anbcrn tveig mac^en, ba^ nur bie 
toa^ren ^Serbienfte, bie Ciebe ^um 3Sater(anbe, bie Oteblic^fcit, bap 
nurbie3!ugenb gliicffelig unb ung ju roa^r^aftig gto^en unb beriil^m* 
ten fieuten mad^t. SBie untierantit?ortIic^ unb graufam ftnb unferc 
SWoraliflcn jeit^er mit unS umgegangen I $Bad braucf;cn wix alle 
biefeangPlic^en33emii^ungen? Jtleiber, gliicf fclige @rjtnt)ung ! iflxix 
^(ciber madden bag, \r>a& 3!ugenb unb ^^erbienjie, Oteblid^fcit unb 
£icbe jum SSaterlanbe tergcbeng unteme^men. iUunme^r ift mir 
nidjtS fo laci^erlic^, aU ein e^rlic^er SD^ann in einem f ct;led?ien 'Mufs 
juge ; unb bag ifl mir ganj unertrciglid;, njenn ein folcljer 3J^annbar« 
um, toeil er ebrlic^^ ijl, angefe^en unb ben^uubert gu fein tertangt 
2Bie lange mu§ er jic^ burc^ «&unger unb 33eracl)tung ^inburd; ainbcn, 
e^>c er eg nur fo toeit bringt, bap er bon fieuten, i»eld;e i^re ^leiber 
borjuglic^ mac^en, einigerma^on gelitten trirb I @ine angjilic^e -i8e« 
mii^ung, feinen $p[id;ten ©eniige gu ti^nn, bringt i^n in breipig 3al^« 
ren ju ber »&oc^ac^tung nirt;t, ju treld^er er burc^ nn prad;tigeg jlleib 
!n bier unb stvanjig <8tunbeu gelangen fann. !0^an jleU^ fid^ etnen 


folc^^en SKantt tor, totl^n mlt fcincrt altt)5tctrf(^cn fJuacnbcn uiib 
einfStmigei: ^icibun9 jt^ in cine ©cfcUfd^aft oon tjonic^mcn SdcU 
tmi jum erftcn 3Malc njagt, (£r mu§ fc^r QliicfUcJ^ fcin, tuenn 
i^m ber 3:^urfle^cr nic^t ben erjlen @c(^ritt inS »&aud ijctuje^rt. 
2)rangt er ^ bid in bad SSor^tmnier, fo ^at er {Ic^ noc^ burc^ eine 
aWenge con ^iSebienten burc^^juarterten, mooon i^n bie meijlen la« 
c^erltc^ ftnben, biele gleid^guhtg anfe^en, unb bie bidigjlen ^(^ 
nic^t metfen. dt bcrlangt feiner ^jcellcnj aufgumartm. aUlan 
anttDortet i^m ntcj^t. @r Derlangt fetner @$ce(Ien} untert^dnig 
auf^uwarten. ®in Safai tociji i^^n an ben anbern, unb feiner 
mclbe^ i^n an. (Sr fiel^t befc^dmt am ^^amine, unb jie^t ^llen 
im ffiege. @r jle^t enblic^ ben Jtammerbiener. (Sr bittet ge^or* 
famjl, i^m bie l^o^e ©nabe gu cerfci^affen, ba§ er feiner (Sjceflenj 
feine gang untert^dnigjte %ufn?artung mac^en bitrfe. <$tomme ber 

«&err morgen icieber ; el ifl <^cut ©efcUfd^aft ini Siwimer I 

^ber todre ed nic^t miJglid^ Jturj, nein I Seine (SjceClenj 

^^dtten biel gu t^un, n?enn fie }ebe ^ettebiflte annel^men tcoQten ; 
ber «&err fann morgen luieberfommen. 2)a Pc^t ber tugenb^afte, 
ber el^rlic^e, ber gek^rte SSftann, ber ^Jiann oon gro§cn SSerbienjien, 
tt?elc^er jtd^ reblic^ unb mii^fam ndl^rt, feinem Surflcn treu bient, 
^unbert^eute burc^ feinen guten 9latJ^ gliicfUc^ gemad^t f)at, mit 
dngftlid^cr Sorgfalt bie {Recite gebriicfter SSitlwen unb JEBaifen 
fc!^it^t, iRiemanben nm bad ®einige bringt ; ba fle^t ber red^U 
fcJ^affenjlc ^Patriot, @ein fcJ^IecJ^ter 5injug briicf t atle SJerbicnfle 
nieber* dx \^Ui^t j!c^ befc^dmt gur ^^ixxe, um flc^ ber 3Serac^a 
tung bed Xorgimmerd gu entgie^en. !I^an {io§t i^n mit ©etralt 
son berfclben toeg, man rei^t beibe Siiigel mit einer e^rfur^tdooden 
iSBefd^dftigung auf, alle S3ebiente f ommen in 33etijegung, atle ric^ten 
fld^ in eine bemiit^ige Stellung, ber ,^ammerbiener fliegt ind 3iw» 
mer feined «&errn ; ed tvirb tin Sdrm barinnen, man irirft bie 
.Rarten ^in. 

(Seine (SjceUenj eilen entgegen, unb toem ? (Sinem ijergolbeten 
S'larren, toelci^er bie ^xt)p)pe ^inauf gefafelt !6mmt unb ben Sc^toeiJ 
feined betrogenen ©Idubigerd auf ber ©efle trdgt. ©ein Stop^, 
f leer er i% toirb betounbert, toeil er gut fri jlrt (ft ; f ein ® efd^macf 
bejlel^t in ber Xmi\t, jlc^ artig gu biicfen. »&dttc er 33erflanb, fo 
toiirbe er ode fec^gei^n %f)mxi befct^dmeu; unb nur aud finblic^et 


^oci^ac^tung g?Qcn fdnc SSorfa^rcn f)ai ex j!c^ In ?I(^t genommen, 
berftanblgcr ju trerbcn, aid jlc getcefen jtnb. <Se{n Ȥerj ift bo8s 
^aft, fo \}iel i^m fcinc oornel^me 3)umml^eit julafit. @r ^at bad 
©cringftc nicf;t gelernt, toomit cr t)cm SSatcrlanbe obcr i^m fclbfl 
bienen fonntc ; unb kromit er 5emonben blent, bae jtnb (ecrc ®nas 
bent)er|tcf)erungcn. @r Boi^t, er Betriigt, er fn^t, er ^feift, cr 
kd^t, fvielt gem unb unglucflid^, unb feine djceflenj freuen ffcfe 
mit'offencn ^Xrmcn iiSer bie @^re feined 3"fpnic^3. 

9^un ijl unfer reblic^cr SRann ganj tiergeffen, unb ed ifl ein 
©liicf fiir if)n, ba§ er nod^i ol^ne ®c^aben aud bem e^rfurc^tSooUm 
©cbrdnge entrinnen unb ble J^rcp^t l^inuntcr fommen !6nncn. (53 
gefc^iei^t i^m red^t. 3)er $l^or! ffiarum ^^at er nic^t Beffere 
jtleiber unb geringere SSerbienfie ? 5Wan t^ut ber ©clt Unrecf^t, 
toenn man fagt, bag flc bci ben 93erblenpen reci^tfc^affener SKanncr 
unempfinbfic^ unb Minb fef. ®ie (ft eS nlc^t ; aber man mug i^r 
bie 5lugenburc^ bie dugerlic^e ^rac^t Sffncn, unb fie burc^ ern i^ors 
nel^med ©eraufc^ aufwecf en. J^ann bie SBelt ctwad baf iir, bog flc^ 
ein grogf r ®ei jl in ein fc^Ie^ted .^(eib oerflecft ? 5)ie SBclt ijl 
eine (Sc^au6ii^ne, unb auf ber'SdjauSii^ne l^alten wir nur bicjcnis 
gen fiir ^rinjcn, twelc^e fiirfllic^ geflcibet jlnb. S^i^t aCie f)aUn 
bie ©ebulb, ben le^ten 9tuftritt unb bie @nt»icf clung bc^ ©picld 

2)a ipir tlog ben jtleibem ben cntf^eibenben SBert^ unfrerSSers 
bienjle ju banfen ^aben, fo fescue id) mid) nic^ft, ju geflel^en, bag 
id) toenig ^erfonen mit fo oiel @^rfurd;t anfe^e, old meinen 
©c^neiber. 3^ beTuc^e feine SBcrfftott oft, unb niemold ol^nc 
einen ^ciligen ©c^ouer, ttcnn ic^ fe^e, n?ie SSerbienjle, ^lugenben 
unb SSernunft unter feinen fc^offenben «&dnben ^ert?orn?o(3^fen, unb 
tl^cure SWonner aud bem ®tic^ feiner 0label aud bem 0lid}td ^cr* 
ijorf^jringen, fo toie bod erfte 9log an bem Ufer mutl^ig l^erDor* 
fprong, aid iReptun mit feinem gewaltigen IDrei^od in ben ®anb ^ 

a3or etlic^en Socmen ging ic^ ^u i^m, unb fanb i^n in einent 
66ood oon ©ommet unb reici^en ®toffen, oud njelc^en er@rlaud;tc 
dWdnner unb ©noben fd^uf. dt fc^nitt eben einen 2)om1)crrn ju, 
unb tear fe:^r unjufrieben, bag ber ©animet nid^t jureid^en tt?o(lte, 
otn ^oc^toiirbigcn Sei6 oudjubilben. Ueber bpm ©tul^l ^ingen 


gttjo (SxceHeniftt ol^ne aetmet. ^incr feinet ©cfrttcn axMUtt an 
eincm gcjirengen 3unfft, tt?el(^er fi^ ton feinein ^Jad^tor jn?ci 
Duartale ^attc torfc(;iegen laffen, urn fcine ^od;abcIigcn SScrblenftc 
in ber 6e»}orfle^enl)cn fKcffe fenntllrf) jii inaci^en. ^uf t)er *J3anf 
lagen noc^ etne gan^e SD^tenge lunger ®tu(er ; UfSenSn^urbtge junge 
»&crr(^en unt) feuf jenbe ^iebf^abn, ttselc^e mit Uhgcbulb auf i^re 
SBilbung, unb bie ©nttincfelung i^rcS ^Defend gu tuartcn fd^ienen. 
Untcr bcr SBanf flad ein 9x0^00 ^ad fd^lec^tcr ^iic^ier unb QcviQt 
fiir ©elc^rte; J^aufleute, Jtiinfller unb anberc niebcte ®cfcl)ovfc» 
3ti>ecn Sungcn, treld^e nod^ nid^t 0ffct?icft gcnug waren, fa^cn an 
ber "li^iire, unb u6ten jtd^ an bem ^(cibc eincS ^Joctcn.. 3ct; flunb 
Bel bem 3Kciflct, ^ielt bm ^ut unter bem 5(rme, unb hlkb langet 
aU eineStunbe in ebenber e^rfurct?t39oUen@tcUung, weld^c ici) an* 
ne^me, n>enn id) in ©cfeflfc^aft toornefcmer unb fltoper SKanncr 6in» 

aWein Sc^neiber ift in bergleic^en fallen (djon ^on mir ein foU 
(l^fg e^rerSietigeS Stiflfc^tweigen gewo^nt, ba§ et micft nic^t weiter 
urn bie Urfac^en befragt. (Sr tod^ bie «&od^ac^tung, melcl^e tc^ 
fiir bie wunberti^dtigen ^leiber f^aht, @ie ijl billig. S'iur bie 
^leiber jlnb eg, irclc^e ttjir an ben meiflen ©ro^en *}cre:^ren. Unb 
treil ung ber Stbx)pex, fo in biefen oerbienfloollen Jtleibern flerft, 
gleid;gii(tig unb Don !einer SBid^tigfeit fc^cint, fo tocrbinbet un3 
unfre $flid)t, aud; al^bann eine bemiil^lge 3Wienc an§une^men, 
tocnn tt)ir biefe itleiber o^ne i^re jufatligen J^orper fc^en. 

@o er^aben meinc ©ebanfen flnb, ttjenn id) ben erflaunenben 
SBirfungen meineS ©c^nciberd in felner $Berf|latt §ufe^e: fo flein* 
miit^^ig tt^erbe ic^ im Xiamen bed grbf ten 3!^ei(S meiner loorne^men 
ganbdleute, fo oft i^j bor einer 3!r6be(bube borbeigefjc* 5)iefe ijl 
in ?lnfei^ung ber ,R(ciber aber bag, njaS un8 SWenfd^en bie *3es 
grdbniffe flnb. «&ier ^i>rt aller Unterfd^ieb auf. Dftmalg fe^e 
i6f in ber 3!r6belbube ben abgetragenen Olocf eineg ixjijigen .ftopfg 
fe:^r toertraut neben bem ^leibe eineg rcidjen SBucl^ererS liegen, unb 
eg ijl too^I e^er gefc^e^en, bap bie ffiefle eineg 2)orffc^ulmeiperg 
iiber bem ©ammetfleibe feineS ^rdUten ge^angen f^aU SRocI^ bes 
triibter ijl eo, ttjenn bie i^jrdc^tigen ^leibcr bie «&od;ad;tung ber 
9Kenfd;enmafd?ine, bie in felbigen geftecft, iibcrleben. SWan f)at 
mir einen reic^geflldten Jlocf gejeigt, loeld^er bie SSetounberung ber 
gonjcn @tabt, unb ber bejlngungSaiirbige Oegcnjlanb oieler ^ung» 


riQcn SKufcn gcwefcn ; cnblic^ aBer boc^ tsor ber Uufcefc^cfcen^cjifL^ 
feiner ©lautiger in bic ^robclbubc fliic^ten raiiffcn* 

(S^c ic^ bicfen 5(rtifel fc^Uc§e, mug i(^ noc^ ettoaS ctinncrn. 
3c^ bin fo blCiig gcwefen, iinb f)a\>e getoicfcn, bag Jtlciber i&eutc 
unb Sierbicnfle ma^en ; ^ur SJergeltung biefer ^emit^ungen bets 
lange ic^ tt?iebcr*etn?ad, Dag cbcn fo biflig ijl* J^icicnigcn, bencn 
jum ^rofle ic^ biefed S^rilc^n^ott audgefu^tt unb befannter ge* 
maci^t ^abe, unb bic feinc QSerbicnfte tociter beji^en, aU irelc^c flc 
bem ^ilnfe^en if)xtx ^Iciber ju banfen ^abcn, tocrben fo gerec^t 
fein, unb bic ^^renbejcugungcn; tuelt^c biefcn ^leibcrn gemac^t 
tocrbm, niemalS auf i^re Qflec^nung annel^men» <3k gt'i^en jtc 
nic^tg an, unb eS ift mirflid^ ein unoerantti^ortlic^er diaub, loenn 
flc fid) bcr «&oc^aci^tung bemad^tigcn, bic man i^rcn ,^lcibem fci^uls 
big ifl. ^oUte tc^ tuibei: ^crmutl^cn erfal^ccn, bag man biefe 
meiuc QScrma^nung nic^t in ^c^t nd^mc, unb trie ed bci ben Wtn^ 
jlen gcfd^ei^cn, fortf iii&re, bic QSetbicnjlc ber Jtleiber Jl(3^ anjumagen; 
fo ttjcrbe id) unb mcine greunbc flc offcntlic^ bcmiit^lgCn. 5Bir 
ttjcrbcn bic S^radb^ bet Kom^limcntc anbern, unb luenn toix cincnt 
folc^cn 3^ann bcgcgncn, nicmal^ anbcrS ju i^m fagcn, alS : 5Weln 
t&crr, id} |»abc bic ©nabc, 3^rc ilBcjle meiucr untcrt^dnigficn 2)cs 
tootion 3U ijerjlc^crn. 3c^ cm:|jfe^lc mic^ 3(;rcm geplctten ^(eibe 
}u gndbigcr protection, 3)ag 33aterlanb bcwunbcrt bic 33erbicn|lc 
3^reg reid^cn 2tuff(^lag0. 2)er «&immcl er^^altc 3^rcn Sammct^ 
Stoi bet ^ixd^t unb unfetct @tabt jum ^cjlen noc^ bide 3a^rc. 


\\ 63« 9t$ Singers /Isd}. 

(58 fianb in altcn 3<*itcn tin Sc^Iog, fo T^od^ unb t)t1^ 
aBcit gidnjt' c0 iibct bic 8anbc hi^ an bag Uant Wtm, 
Unb rings »on buft*gcn ©drtcn ein bllit^cnreic^ct Jttan), 
ID'rin fprangen frifc^e ^runnen in Otegcnbogenglanj, 

^ort fag ein floljct Jtonig, an 8anb unb ©icgcn tcid^, 
dx fag auf feineni 3!^rone fo flnjier unb fo blcid) ; 
2)enn toa3 er jinnt, ijl <Bd)xcdcn, unb \va^ er bticft, ijl SJutl^, 
Unb \va^ er f^ridjt, ijl Oeigcl, unb irae er fd;rcibt, ijt Q31ut. 


(Sinfl jo<5 na^ bicfem ©d^foffe ein eblefi ®finger^)aar, 
Det @in' in golbnen Sodea, bet 9lnb're grau t>on «&aar ; 
2)er 9lltc mit bnr «&arfe; bct» fafi auf fc^mudem fllof; - 
@0*» fc^rftt i^m<^ fttfd^ 3ttr @eite ber bliil^enbc ®eno§. 

3)cr 9t(te fprac^ jum Sungen : „0lun fel betelt, mefn So^n ! 
2)enf unfrer tiefflen iBiebcr, flimm' an ben Dottflen 3:on, 
9ltmm afle Jtraft jufammen, bte iBufl unb auc^ ben ®c^mer) ! 
(Sd gilt und ^eut", gu ru^ten bed Jt&nigd fieinern ^exi.'* 

@d^on {le:^*n bie (etben^ Sanger tm l^o^en SSulenfaal, 
Unb auf bent ^^rone fi^en ber ^dntg unb fein ©entail ; 
S)er Jtonig, furc^tbar ^rac^tig, toie blut'ger fflox't>iid^t^^ein, 
5Die Jtontgtn fu$ unb milbe, aid blictte Soamonb « brein. 

S)a f^tug ber ®reid bte ®atten, er fd^Iug ]U irunberooQ, 
S)a$ retc^er, immer retc^er ber J^Iang jum O^re fc^moQ ; 
^ann {Ir5mte ^immnfci^ l^ede bed 3ungltngd @ttmme Dor,. 
S)ed 5Uten Sang ba5tijifc(;en, ttjie bum^fer ®eijlerd?or^ ; .| 

®{e flngen oon Senj unb f^kU, i?on ferger, golb'ner 3^u/ 
S5on ffrei^eit, 2Wannertt)urbe, ijon 3^reu unb tgelUgfeit, 
®ie flngen bon adeni Su^en, tt)ad t' fDtenfc^enbrufl burc^Sebt, 
®ie fingen Don allem '&o^en, mad SKenfc^^cn^eri er^ett. 

2)ie ^goRingdfc^aar im Jlreife berlernct Jeben (Spoit, 
3)ed ^onigd tro^'ge Jtri'eger, fie beugen flc^ toor ®ott, 
2)ie ^onigin, jerjfoffen in ffle^mut^ unb in ^vl% 
@ie ttjirft ben ©angem nieber bie iRofe oon i^rer Srufl* 

,,3^r ^abt mein 3Sot! toerfu^rt, loerlocft i^r nun mein 5Bei6?l* 
2)er ,^5nig fcl;reit ed tDut^^enb, er Mi am ganjen 8ei6, 
dv tt?irft fein ®d?ttjcrt, bad bllftenb bed aiinglingd 39rufl bur^bringt, 
5)'raud, fiatt ber golb'nen Sie^, ein Q3Iutfira^t ^oc^auf fvringt. 

Unb trie com Sturm jcrfloB^n l|i aU' ber ^8rer ©c^toarm^ 

Dcr 3ungling f)at berrSc^elt in feined aWeiflerd %m, 

5)er Wtagt urn if)ti ben SUiantel unb feftt i^n auf bad ^o% 

(gr binb't i^n aufrect;t fefle, uerlafit mit i^m bad ©epilog, 

__ _ 

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J)a fa§t cr feine «6arfe, fie aller «&arfen ^reil, 
•2ln einer SRarmorfciule; ba ^at cr jic jerfc^ellt, 
2)ann ruft evba§ eg fc^ourlg burc^ ®ct?lofi unb ©Srtcn gelU^ 

^^,^ „®e^' cud^, i^x floljjen tgatten ! nie tone fiiget Jttang ^ 
2)urc^ eure (Raume trieber, nie @aite, noc^ ©efang ! 
0lein I ©cufjer nur unb StSi^nen, unb fd^euer'Sclatoenfd^rltt^v^ , 
a3i§ euc^ gu ©c^utt unb a»ober ber Otad^egeljl acrtritt^*^'" ^ 

;V5Be^' eud^, i^r buft'gen ©arten im l^olben aj^aicnltci^t I 
uci^ idQ id; biefeg 3:obten entflcUteg ^Ingejlct^t, ' 
2)a^ i^r barob loerborret; bop jeDer Duell cerjlegt, 
3)a§ i^r in fiinft'gen fJagen oerjleint, oeriJbet lit^Jt^ 

„ffieV bir, berruc^ter 3R6rber ! bu g(uc^ bea ©angert^umfil 
Umfonfl fei aU' bein dlingen nac^ Jtranjen blut'gen dlu^md 1 
3)ein 9iamt fei »ergeffcn, in ew'ge ^a(i)t getauc^t, 
@ci, roie ein le^teS dio(f)dn, in leere Ji^uft toer^auc^t I" 

3)cr 5llte i^at'3 gerufen, ber ^immel ^at'3 gel^Brt, 
J)ie SWauern liegen nieber, bie tgallen jlnb jerjlort, 
DJod; eine l^ol^e Saule jeugt bon cerfd^trunb'ner ^Jrac^t, 
5(ucl; biefe, fc^on geborjlcn, !ann jiiirjen liBer 0lac^t. 

Unb rings, flatt buft'ger ®&rten, ein 6be8 «6oibelanb, 
Jtein 33aum toerfenbet Sc^atten, !ein Ouett burc^bringt J)cn @ant) 
2)ed Jtonigg stamen melbet fein Sieb, fein ^elbenbuc^^ / 
aSerfunf en unb cerge ff en I baS ip bed ©ingerd Slucbj^ 

.•..■■• — ^\ 

., ^ 

64. ftx $ai|lfr sob Mr 9itbf. 

(Sinfi toar eineni ^onig » fein ©olbfc^aft gejlo^Ien. 
(5r Ile$ feine ®e^er unb 2Ba^rfager ^olen.^ 
■ „3)reitaufenb 3)u!aten gelob* ic^ jum $rei3 
I)em, ber gu erfunben bie 0lauberbrut u>ei§." ^ 


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S)a gtngcn tieffinnig ^te @e^er wn \>annm, 
0ie fragten Orafel unb rtet^en unb fannen, 
Docb Reiner erfu^t wn bent ®c^a| nut tin 9&oft, 
3)a 3umte ber ^onig unb jiagte fie fort. 

Wta% ^elten; etn SVif)ltt, ben «&unger berjel^rte, 
9$etna^m ed an feinem erfalteten «&eetbe. 
(&x xMu bie ilRufte unb meinte : „(St, di I 
2)rei taufcnb Dufatenl 5tc^, ^tt'^ ic^ nut brei l" 

(Sr jlu|te ben Jto^f auf ben iftrm ein fletn aenig 
Unb rteb {lc^« bte ©time : „3c^ ge^e^ ^um Jt&ntg. 
2)e¥ ^ontg, fo ru^, tft gnabtg unb gro^; 
(Srfa^tt er mein ^lenb, fo laj^t er mic^ lod. 

aSergebeng jioar ^off' i(if auf feme 2)ufaten, 
S)od^ mag er mic^ fpetfen mit SBetn unb mtt ^raten 
3)rei ^age lang ; tobtct mtc^ bann fetn ®ebot,s 
3|i'8 beff er, oU Biff *> mlc^ ber «6ungertt)urm tobt." 

(5r fd^reitet jur «&of6urg am bammemben i02orgen. 
w*&wr, »ittji bu'K mic^ gn&big brel ^age tocrforgen, 
3eboc^| ettra3 xtitf^lidj, mit @^)eif' unb mit ^ranf, 
©0 nenn'f Ic^ barnac^ bir bie !Die6e ^um 2)anf.* — 

,,®att, 33urfc]^e, fc^on Bin id^ ber iiJugen « unb Slaufen ; 
S)oc^ foUfl bu brei S^age ^ier jec^en unb fc^maufen ; 
©ntberffi bu fie, iaf}V ic^ ben «Prei3 bir im 0lU; 
fflo nid;t, fc^niirt ben ^aU bir^ t&anS •§ammerling ju/' 

iDad l^orte ber Jtdi^ler mit :^eimlic^em ^angen, 
S)oc^ fiiUet er reid^Iic^ bed Sl^agend ^crlangen ; 
5118 2lbcnb8.J ber SIKonb fam mit fllbernem ®c^>ein, 
3)a Brac^t' ifim ein S)iener ben @c^laftrun! herein. 

„D/' feufjte ber St^Ut, „ba8 toar fc^on ber eine.'' 
2)er aSube, bod Sfur^t, bafi er i^n bamit meine, 
(Sct^leic^t jitternb ju feincn 2Jiitfc^elmcn :^inau8, 
„^^ a3ruber, ber Jto^ler, mic^ 6at er ^eraug.'' 

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%si 9Rorgett ema^U Wta^ Seltcn mlt 3a9«t ; 
3^m ttJoUtc ni^i SBein, ni^t $opete be^agcn, 
9(19 tt)teber bet !0{ont> fam mtt {i(6emem ®(i^etn, 
Da hta(!t)t' i^m cin 5)tencr ben ©c^Iaftrun! l^^ecein* 

;,9tc^ l" fia^ntc bcr ^o^Ier, ,M§ ijl fc^on ber stoctte l'' 
5)er Jtnc(^t, &oll Q^eforgni^, * baf i^n c« bebeute, 
SBanft gittemb unb Sleid^ gu ben ^nbern ^tnaud ; 
,,9luc^ mi(^, i^r 33ruber, mlc^ i^at ex ^erauS l" 

5)en britten Jlag Selten ertrad^tc mit ©taufen ; • 
aSergangcn wax ganjU^ bie Sufi i^m ju fc^maufen. 
9lt« enblic^ ber SWonb fam mit fllbernem ©c^eln, 
5)a fcrac^t' i^m ein 5)iener ben ©c^laftrunf herein* 

;,aBe^/' Hagte ber «6^ler, „ber britte unb lefete I'' 
2)er SBut)e baroB fld^ gewaltig entfe^te ; 
6r manft mit fc^Iotternben Jtnieen ^inaul : 
,,ffiaS ti^un U)ir ? @r H>at unS nun 'Mae ^erau5." 

Wlal^ ^dtcn bebac^te, tt7te t^iel er l^ter tvage, 
Unb mcintc bie @c^elmen ni^t, fonbem bie Xage ; 
2)er .^onig bejlimmte ja brei jum 3!ermin, 
SUiit if)ntn xoax ieglid^e »&offnung bai^in* 

^it ^^ranen na^m er fd^on ^6fc^ieb tjom Se(en ; 
JDa toirft fic^ i^m iplofeUc^ ju Sii^en mit 93eBen 
2)a0 bicbifc^e ^leeBIott : „3)u tteijt eS ja fc^on ; 
2lc^, liebjler «6err Rof)Ux, erbitt' und $orbon I" 

aSor ©taunen ganj ftarr flanb 5lnfangS Ttai^ ffielten. 
„®ut/" fvrac^ er gef a^t bann, „i6^ laff ed npii) gelten 1 
2)od& ttJoUt 'i^r nic^it ^fingen, fo fct?affet ben ©c^afe 
3ur Stunbe mir unangetajiet jum ^laj/' 

3)rauf fam er mit 3aud^jen jum jtonig gefprungett^*^ 
,,«&ier ^ajl bu bein ®oIb, «&err I e3 ijt mir gelungen. * 
2)ie 2)ie6e geflanben unb na^en i^ier fci;on, 
W\i mix bic^ ju bitten urn gndb'gen Carbon." 

H. k 1 149. 8. 1S88. 0. kL.8&8. l L. 44. 


S)cr JMnig etjlaunt' unb fcegc^rte au wiffen^ 
S&it er t)a3 ©c^eimnlfl ben a)icbcn entriffcn ; « 
i£)a fagt i^m 3Ra| SSelten ben lujligen ©c^toanf, 
Unb Ijat nun auc^ urn bic !Dufaten }uni ^ant 

3)e{| freutc bet Mni^ jl^ « ^erjlic^ unb la^te : 
„^m nimm bie breitaufenb 3)ufatcn ; ic^ a^tt, 
fflag biefe geflanben, tjon 3rrt^um gefc^^tecft, 
%l§ i^ait" ed ber <&tmmel bir fel6et entbecf t. 

„(5uc^ aber, bem rebUc^^en Jto^ler ^u Siebe, 
(gu^ fc^cnf ic^ fiir bie« mal bad »ebcn, l^r S)ieJe I 
3^m banft ed unb metner fitrflUc^en <&ulb : 
Do* toc^' euc^, emeuett i^r je eure ©c^^ulb I" 

65. 9litl|eB an$ VHtianls Wrrkts. 

£er 9R e n f (^ . beretpt aUe ^ugenblid e fetne Qie^&ngtgfeit bon 
O^otl, cergafft j!d^ am ©c^immer ber finnlict^en 2)inge, unb on 
einem Setriiglidjen SBilbc feiner eigncn ©rflalt, unb uberfle^t bar» 
iiber bte ewigen ©efe^e, auf bie er un^envanbt fein ^uge rid;ten 
foOte« 3)er (Sngel ifl gan^ mit ben ©ebanfen i}on ber ©ott^eit 
etfiiflt, uub brennet oor aSerlanfien, i^rc *-8cfc^lc mit fltegenbcr 
dile in taufenb SBelten ju t^oUbringen. ^er etoige ®o^n 
bed Q3aterd, unb ber Jtonig atter ©ef^Iec^ter ber UnflerblU 
^en, fagte bouflc^: @d fei feine ©peife, ben UBillen 
feinedSJalerd^ut^un. ®otfl immer ber 'Botlfommenfte 
berjenige, ber b«r (Sifrlgjle In ben ©efd^dften ©otted ip. ^ie« ijl 
bie groje Slegel, irelc^e ben ©cijlcrn i^ren gemcflfnen 8auf arts 
toeifet ; toon biefe** ijl eg unmoglic^ priinlegirt ju fein. Sreillc^ 
flnb gemeinc gornun, t^^orid^te ©ewo^n^eiten, unb bie engen Q3ea 
griffe, »onac^ fid; bie Unttjcifcn ntobein, nic^t fiir eblere ©eelenl 
9ber Drbnung unb ^al^r^eit unb ©iite; bad $e{le bed ©an^en 
unb bie SBer^errlic^ung beH ewigen ©eijlee, ber 5tllod fc^uf unb 
beujegt unb befeelt, — ble§ finb bie ©efe^e berfclben ; unb tin tjer* 
niinftiged ©efd;o^f, bad toou biefen ahtvndjt, ijl ein ^Slanet, bei 

IL m S 160. &. ■ S »2(). C. «" L. 28. 13. « L. 49. 3. 


au« f cinet ©a^n getreten 1% unb in fcinen cignen Untcrgang att4 
biejenigcn uettoicfclt, ble er In fctnem toilben escentrifci^en Saufr 

SBad {^ btefed Men aid ein @tanb ber 9rfifunf^ 
unb 93orSereitung, worin flc^ Sided auf eine anbte 
^elt bejte^et, toortn tcir audfden, urn in einer nuc^ unbefannten 
Sufunft ju emten, »orin bad SDBo^l ober ^lenb unferct eirfgen 
5)auer ton einer jeben @tunbe ab^angt ? Ǥ i e r mup cntfd^icben 
fein, toad »ir b or.t toetben fSunen 1 i^ I e r miiffen ttjir und ge* 
tt>6^nen, ^immtifci^ ju benfcn, um bort an ben ©efc^often 
unb -Srreuben bet «6lmmlifd^en ©efc^mad ju flnben; l^ier muj 
unfre ®cele bon ben «&efen ber ©innlic^feit unb Sclbp^eit gereU 
nigt werben, menu und bie lautern @tt6me bed Qlet^erd nic^t toit 
©c^aum toon flc^ audtoerfen foUen* %btt auc^ f)i^v, fc^on f^iet, 
fann unfre ©eligfeit wngei^en, b{e bort toollenbet 
n^erben mirb ; f^on ^ier tank unfer ®ti%tDit <&enod^, mtt 
®ott lefcen, ujelc^en er ju fti^auen gefc^affen ifl. 

«&audHc^e ©litcffeligfett ifl bte etn^tge %t glucflic^ au 
fcln, bie bem 9Jienfc^en ^tenieben befilmmt i% 3c^ ^a6e no(^ nie 
einen SUicnfc^en mit feinem 3)afein un3ufrieben, neibifc^ fiber 9ln« 
bercr ®lu(f , Bod^aft unb untl^dtig gcfei^en, ber in feinem JtaBinct 
in feiner JtinberjIuBe unb in feinem Sc^laf^immer gludlic^ War. 
Qlud^ f^aV tc^ nie ge^ort noc^ gelefen, bafi ein folc^er ^ann tint 
ajerrdt^erei gegen ben @taat angejettelt, ober einen Slufrui^r er« 
regt, ober flc^ jum ^an)pt einer ©efte aufgettjorfen, ober an bie 
®^i^e einer Slduberbanbe obei ©d^mdrmerrotte gejlellt unb Unveil 
auf ©ctted ^oben angerici^tet ^dtte. @in 9Kann, ber in feinem 
«&aufe gludUd^ i% i{l immer aud^ ein guter burger, ein guter 
©cfeUfc^after. ein guter SMenfc^^ 

*&offe nic^t 
9luf aJienfci^en; beren Jlraft tin ©d^atten i% 
(Sin Slraum i^r fiefcen I »&offe nici^t 
9luf ©tuften, bie com fc^wdcbjlen ©toje fallen ; 


J)ort uSer nn9 -— f(^au bur(^ bic ®oIfcn auf^ 
Die unfcrm ^Blicf W fcrge SluStjlc^t ttjel^ten I — 
3)ort wol^nt, toon (gngein, blc il^r SBinf beiuegt, 
Umringt, b o tt too^nt bic SWac^t, bic un0 evrettcn fann I 
®ie fc^aut auf und ^erab 1 ®te lenft, fie orbnet SUled I 
9lur ber ©ebanf an fie — l^alt mcine Seel' tuc^ox, 
3>a6 fie nic^t gang erflnft I 

S)ie fugenb 
$tatlt ni(^t toot jebem 9Stberf}anb guritde, 
©cfa^ren flnb fiir fie nur jl&rfre flleije, 
S)ie Arafte gu toevbo)))}eIn« 

3)ie meiflcn SKenfc^en flnb toon Gm^jflnbungen i^red elgenen 
SBertl^eS aufgeblafen, »cil fie nic^t iriffen, kcaS ber toa^re DBert^ 
beg 3)ienfc^en ifi. ®ie fennen flc^ fclbfl nici^t, tocber waS fie flnb, 
noc^ was fie fein foCien. (Sine ttjeife ©eele toerglgt nie, bag ii)x 
toa^rcr ^ntf) toon ®ott felbfl abgewogen njirb, unb ba§ auf ber 
SBage beg ®crid^t3 weber ®(^6nt;cit no^ ffli^, tt?eber Otcid^ttjum 
nod; «&o!^eit dn ®en?ic^t mac^t. 2)er SWenfc^ ifl audi? ^ler fc^on 
nidjt mel^r tt?ert^, aU er fein wirb, toenn er, toom fieiS entblogt, 
entn^eber mit feiner ^ugenb ober mit bent ^ewugtfein cincd iibel 
gefii^rten Mens, in bie unflc^tbare 3Belt einge^en wirb. 

^aeg ®ntt lofetflc^in 9)ergnitgen auf, aUed^Sfe in 
©d^merj. 9fber ber l&oc^flc ©comers ifl baS ©efii^I. 
flcb felbfl ungliicfUc^ gemac^t ju l^aben, unb bie ^ 5 c^ fl e fi u fl 
bag l^eitre 3wu(f fe^en in ein njo^l getrauc^teg^, toon feiner 8leue 
beflecfteg 8eben^ 

©efunb^jcit ifl ber natiirlid^e Suflanb beg pl^^flfc^en, Unfd^utb 
ber ©itten bie ®efunb:^eit beg moralifc^en SRenfc^en, unb ®liicf« 
feligfeit bie gemeinfdtfaftlic^e JJrud&t toon beiben. 

S)ag ®efe^ ifl tin fc^lafenber iitvt, Bel bem man, fo 
lang* er nid^t aufgeu^edt tvirb, fo flc^er alg bei einem Samme toor« 
beifc^Ieici^en faun. 


66. 9u Sretrrffrn bti Vtd^t. 

(Cine imorif^e etiue.) 

Urn i^ren audgebtetteten «6anbel frafttgn ^u fc^u^en, ruflete bU 
oflinbifd^e Sompagnie in (godatt)) im 5af)xt 1615 tint 8f(otte bon 
7 ®c^tffm an^, unb untergab fie bem ^cfe^l eined fel^r geitlBten 
®eemanned; bed 3orid isan @pieI6ergen. 

!Der fontglic^ fpantfc^e 9lat^ in $eru i^attt jeboc^ faunt l^ier* 
bon 9lac^ric^t er^alten, aid er btefe Slotte, bie i^m tro^ i^rer ges 
rtngen Sd^iffdja^l bennoci^ ^Sc^ft gefa^rlic^ fc^i^^/ auf iebe mSg^ 
lic^e ffleife )u oemic^ten befcl^Iol unb, weil er ben gei'tSten «&oUans 
bem auf offner ®ee nic^t )u 6egegnen wagte, t^^ Dot^og, i^nen in 
ben <&afen auf^ulauern, um fie bort Don ber 2anbs unb Seefeite 
gu gleic^er Qtit angreifen ^u fdnnen. 

S^ur ber fpanifc^e ^bmiral, ^on dlobrigo, ein Sertvanbter bed 
9Sice!8nigd in $eru, fegte biefcm Bebac^ten $lanc felnen jugenbs 
lici^en Ucbermut^ entgegen unb berftd^erte, bafi er (fo Uuttttn feinc 
eignen 3Borte) biefe iungen ^oOanbifc^en <&unbe unb berjagten 
99rut^u^ner 6lod mit ^wci @c^|iffen cin^uf angen flc^ getraue, ^ jus 
mal fie, flc^em 0^a(^ric^ten jufolge, hti ber IDurc^fa^rt in ber 
SD^agellanifc^en @tra§e einen fc^weren Sturm audgel^alten l^atten, 
unb ^terbur^, Bid aufd ^eugerfie abgemattet, fic^ t^m gettig oI;ne 
@c^u§ ergeben toiirbcn. 

2)em 9Sice!i5nig gejlel biefe ftolje SBermeffenl^eit ; er tjertrautc 
bem 3)on atobrigo unb gab i^m eine ^(otte bon ad^t @ci^iffen, um 
bie ^^oflanber tcirflid^ in offner See aufjufuc^cn. ^a§ 9lbmirals 
©c^iff, 3efu aWaria genannt, toax mit 460 SJiann? unb 24 Stanoc 
nen befefet ; bad 2Sice=5tbmiralfdjiff, Santa Slnna, mit 300 3Rann 
unb 14 Jtanonen ; bad britte ®c(?iff, be Karmed, fii^^rte 200 aKann 
uub 8 Stiirfc an 99orb : bad toierte @c^;iff, St. 2)iego, eine glcic^e 
Stnjal^l Don £euten unb ®efc^u^ ; bad fitnfte Scf^iff, Sftaria bel 
Otofario, 150 SKann unb 4 Stiicfe, unb bie brei lectern Sc^iffe 
traren o^ne fc^tvered ©cfc^ii^, nur mit Solbaten Semannt. 

5)cr ^ottdnbifd^e 3lbmiral can Splelbcrgen erfuf r strar feincr 
Seitd auc^ balb genug, bag biefe feinblic^e Slotte ^u feiner Sin* 

nid^tung in See gefloc^en fei, er fiieg aber ni^td beftokueniger mit 

^— ^^-^^^^ I ■■ ■ . ^— »»^— ^1— ^ 

M. a L. '28. 9- *' 8 86. «= L. 26. 10. 0. » L. 24. 17. b L. 4a c L. 47. 6. 


fcittcr iWannf^aft auf bem (SIfanbc Santa 2»ar!a onS ian\>, ma(^te 
in \)cn l)ort befinblic^cn fponifc^en 9Ziet)crlaffunQen-0rof e 33eute 
unt) erobcrte, al8 cr faum ton bort toieber abgcfc^ifft mat; eln mit 
Olioen unb baarem ®elbe retc^belabened f^anifd^cd @d^iff, t»el« 
d)ed et, nac^bem bte gefangene Sl^annfc^aft w\\> t>te £abung gebor* 
gen trorbcn, <* terfcnfcn lie^. 

^aum tt^ar jeboc^ biefe 8cute enrungen, aid man toon fern auc^ 
fc^on Vie SBimpet ber feinblic^en fyanifc^en glotte erblicfte, bic 
mit boUen ®ege(n auf bte <&o(lanber antrieb, fo, ba^ am ^benb 
beibe Sflotten fc^on einanber bic^t gegeniiber lagen. 3)cr fpanifc^e 
23ices5(bmiral, 2)on ^^ebro Sllearc^ be $iger, einer bet erfa^renjlen 
©eeleute iener Qtit, licp feinen jugenbUdjen 5lbniiral loarnen, ben 
5tngriff hd einbred^enber 0lad;t nic^t ju loagcn. 3(Uein ber ^eidjU 
flnnige, a(l§u^i^ige dlobtigo blieb taub f iir jcben terflanbigen Olat^, 
fegelte breip auf ba0 ^oUdnbifc^e 5lbmiralfc^lff, bie Sonne genannt, 
lod, unb fam i^m in ber je^nten ^(benbjiunbe fo na^e, bag er i^m 
bie jlolge Qlufforberung, fic^ o:^ne 3Bcitcre3 gu ergeben, felbjl ju* 
rufen fonnte. — @^)ielbergen aber beannrortete biefeS ©cbot \tiii 
einer bollen Sabe au$ grobem unb fleinem ©efc^ii^, unb fo bes 
gann benn koirfUc^ unter bem Sc^atten ber einbred^enben ffla6;)t 
baS Seetreffen, — 3)er «6immel ttjar jtoar atlent^alben mit jinflern 
SBolfen iiber(;angen, alo l^abe auci^ er« jlci^ jum .^ampfe genjaffs 
net ; bennoci^ abet ru:^ten bie Qlemente unb toottten flummeB^ugen 
fein, unb bie tiefe ©inbjliae lieg bad 3!oben bed unjld^tbaren 
menfc^lic^en Jtam^fed nur bepo graufen^after Jjerne^jmen. JTrom* 
meln mirbelten, Srompeten fc^metterten, ber 9luf bet 35ef e^ld^abet 
ettonte ; — abet bie fflati^t ©er^iiUte rifled, irad gefc^ai^, feine 
©(^iffdtateme tear angejunbet, um bem geinbe nic^t jum QitU 
^unfte $u bienen, unb nur in ben bldulid^en iBUften bed frac^enben 
©efc^iifeed erfannten flc^ bie JJeinbe f iir ben 5tugenb(i(f unb l^Srten, 
nac^bem bad f(it(i^tige ^id^t oon bet 0lati^t n^iebet betfc^Iungen 
teotben »at, nut bad 3ammetgefc^rei ber SSertounbeten unb ©ter* 
benben, bie ber leuc^tenbe ®c^u§ getroffen §atte. Selbjl bie 
greunbe fuc^ten flc^ f oft tergebend ; fie burftcn trofe ber 3?eforg« 
tti|i, Pc^ einanber felbjl ju oemic^iten, bie ilBut^ bed ^amvfi^d nidjt 

M. <« S 160. 6. e p. 44«. Note. /§ 60. 2. 

C. dL.2ai& eL.3d. 2. fL.24. 5. 


l^emmeit, unb ber 3ufa(I tvur))e (efc^tooren, bie Jtugein nut auf 
ffeinbcdl^erjen ju If itcn. 

IDie «|^oUant)er fatten etne f)lu(fli(^e @teQung genommen, unb 
trafen faft mit iebem ©d^uffe, berge^alt, ba| ^(i) bad fpanifci^e 
^bmlralfc^iff, fe^r befc^abigt, enbUc^ an9 bem ^ampfe ^uritdC )Us 
^ie^en t^nrfud^te; alletn bU g&n)Uc^e ^tnbfltde :^iclt ed feft, ed 
mu^te @tanb ^alten, unb mitrbe tva^rfct^emUc^ in ben ©runb gcs 
bot^rt tvorbcn fein, ujenn nic^t ein anbered fpanifc^edSc^iff gufaUig 
bem ^^oUdnbifcften -2(bmiral in bic 9Ian!e gerat^cn nmrc. — S^ieU 
bergen menbete nunme^t ben J^ampf auf btefe @eite; unb fe^te auc^ 
bem j»eitcn feinbUd^en @ci;iffe fo ju, ba§ ed )u jlnfen begonn* 
3n btefer ^ot^ trteb ed auf eine ^oUdnbtfct^e 9)ac^t, an beren ^orb 
eg flc^ in ber 3!obcgangft feflflammem unb fo feine SWaunf^aft 
rctten tooilte. ^Uein ed tt>urbe auc^ ^ter abgefd^Iagen, unb fo 
oerfan! ed bann balb barauf mtt ^llUem in ber 31ut^* 

^aum ^atte bie ^oQdnbifct^e 3)ac^t ^ier gefiegt, aid ber fpanifd^e 
Stbiniral, aufd S'leue bie JJlud^t berfui^enD, ebenfadd auf biefelbc 
jlie§ unb gcjtvungen^^uci^ ben Jtampf mit i^r befle^en mu^te. ^ei 
ben ^duftgen $uberbii$en bcmerfte man aUbaib auf bem i^ofldns 
bifct^en 33ices*Mbmira[fe^itfe bie grope liBebrdngnip, in ttelc^er flc^ 
bie g)ac^t befanb, unb ein Dfficierauf bemfclben, tin alter bertrau* 
ter ^af enbruber bed 6a))itaind b«>r S)ac^t, hat ben 9$ices2(bmirat, 
feinem Srreunbe }u «&iilfe eilen )u Diirfen. @r beflieg in fitbner 
«&aft mit bewaffneter ^Dhnnfc^aft tin ^oot unb fleuerte jubelnb 
mit ®iegedgefc^rei auf bie i^ad^t led, um i^r k dlettung )u bringen* 
^Uein ber Sapitain, ton bem j^euer bed ®efd;ii^ed geblenbet, ^ielt 
auc^ biefed ^Boot fiir na^cnbe Sfeinbe, unb wdbrenb er ben ^^ngriff 
bed feinblicf^en %mirald tapfer abfi1;lug, fd^og er bad Sa^r^eug 
feined treuejlen rettenben greunbed in ben ©runb. 

%Id ber S^orgen enblic^ na^ biefer fct^auber&oUen 0la(]^t aufs 
bdmmerte unb ^(led iiberfe^en lie^, flrebten me^rere Scl^iffe, tvel^e 
in ber 8in{lerni$ abgetrieben ttorben kuaren, ben S^rigen mieber 
}u «&ulfe ju eilen. 2)on Oflobrigo ^atte fic^ Winter bad faft noc^ 
unbefc^dbigte ®c(;iff feined 33ice=-ilbmirald gelegt, »o er 8d;u^ gu 
pnb' I glaubte, aUein tian Spielbergen griff beibe aufd ^eue an, 
unV d fam janfc^en ben ^bmiraU unb 33ices^2lbmiralfc^iffcn beibet 

■ ■! ^ ■ ■■ I I ■ ■ ■■ ■ I ■ ■ » — — ^— ^— ^B— — ^1»W^— i^ 

M. «S129. C. vL.50. 


%f)tilt §tt elncm ncuen mStberift^en Jtampfe^ bet fo lange wient* 
fc^ieben blieb, M bad ^ottfinbifc^c ©c^lff, 5tc*lu0, auc^ i^nUieilte, 
unb bte Spanier bergeflalt Befc^te^cn ^alf, ba§ fie enblid^ i^re 
betben @c^tffe an einanber trieben, unb ^orb an Sorb legten, urn 
aud einem berfelben fic^ in bad anberc fluc^ten ju fftnnen* S)a8 
S^tces^Xbmtraffc^tff tear jie^t am :(^artef}en getroffen trorben, ed 
bro^te auerft 3U flnfen; ^M fiof) ba^et auf bad Vbmhalfc^ijf 
f^innhn. 3(Qein bied Befonb fic^ in einem nic^t minber elenben 
3uflanbe; bet getinge ^l^eil bet Sftannf^aft, ipelc^e no(^ am £c6cn 
tear, eilte auf bad SSorbertl^eil bed @(^iffed, tvo einige bie koeife 
9al(^ne aufflecften, anbere fie kcieber l^efabrtffen unb (teber ^u fler* 
ben, aid flc^ gu ergeben befc^Ioffen. 93et}mciflung fampfte ^ier 
gegen ^ersweiflung, Sfeig^eit gegen SKut^, Sebendlufi gegen ^obeds 
berad^tung, unb fo ben Stamps gegen bie ffeinbe ijergeffenb, trieben 
flc]^ bie ®panier, taub gegen bie @timme ber Q3efe:^ld^abet, felbft 
aud einem ber beiben @c^iffe in bad anbere* S)a ^atte fic^ enblic^ 
ber ®tnb er^oben, unb bie Seden »arfen ben l^oQ&nbifc^en SBice> 
^bmtral koie einen Sc^icbdric^ter jtvifc^en bie Seiben fpanifc^en 
®(^if e ; bied gab ben @^anitm bie Sefinnuhg toieber, fie flam* 
merten flc^ nun fofort an ben Sorb bed feinblic^en @c^iffcd, um ed 
ftegenb gu erfleigen, tourben a6er aud^ ^ter abgefc^Iagen, unb ber 
fpanif<^e ^bmiral berfuc^te nun, mit boUen @egeln unb bom 
SBinbe begiinfligt; enblid; feine le|te Stettung in ber &u^t. Qrvd 
l^oa&nbifc^e ®c^iffe berfolgten ii^n, hi^ bie 9la^t i^n koieber ber« 
barg, — mon bat aber niemald toieber ettrad bon il^m erfa^ren. 
®&brenb beflfen ^atte ban ©pielbergen bad f<)anifc^e 98ice*2lb« 
miroIs®c^iff nad; langem, ^artnacfigem QBiberjlanbe enblic^ bo(^ 
erobert unb bie SWannfc^aft beffelben ju ©efangenen gemacl^t. @le 
follte mi)^ i^rem Sefe^Id^aber, bem 3Bices5lbmlral, 3)on ^ebro 
Qlbarej be *4Jiger, nunme^r tor bem Sieger erfdjcinen. Sldein 2)on 
$cbro bejlanb barauf, fein ©d^iff nid^t e^er, aid nac^ aSerlauf ber 
nac^flen Sladft, berlaffen ju ttJoUen, inbcm er bedi&albein ©cliibbe 
get^on ju baben borgab. @d toarb i^m jugejlanben, unb \ian 
@^)iel6ergen, ber Sieger, oermoc^tc ed iibcr flc^, ben i^elbenmiit^igen 
©ejlegtcn auf feinem ^alBsertriimmerten ®d?iffc felbfl ju bcfuc^en. 
^ier fanb er 3)on ^cbro mit bem Oiejie fciner Dfflcicre ru^ig 
beim 9lbenbbrob. S^ei jlattli^c Sunglinge, feine @»^ne, fajen 


i^m^' jur ©cite. 2)cr altc aSiccs^lbmiral crl^oB flc^ latigfam tion 
feittcm ©i^e, aU can &)pklbexQtn in 'Dk ^aiiitc trat ; feinc grauen, 
«&aare b^arett nod) boU ^lut, unb fetne ^ttternbe «&anb tetci^te bent 
©leger einen 33e(i^er ?lBcin entgegen. 

,,@eib mir toiflfommen, «&err 9lbmiral I" ricf er au5. „3^t 
f^aU tin boiled Olec^t, mein ®ajl ju fein. Sf^el^mt ben ©ecfcerl 
toir Itinfen fo Itid^t nid^t toieber jufammcn I" 

©^telbergen tranf, unb aid ex toteber gel^en tootUe unb, er bent 
®ef angenen bie «&anb hot, ^pta^ 2)on ^cbro : „3c^ toitnfci^' (guc^ 
!5on ^^erjen ^eut' einc gute ^a^t, benn 3^r f^abt fie berbicnt, mJgt 
3^r mir ntorgen friii^ bafitr bod^ aud^ i}on «&ersen toieber einen 
guten fWorgen ttjiinfdjen I" fo fci^ieben jle. 

^(0 aber ber nac^fie S^otgen aufging, kcar bad eroberte ©c^iff 
Derfc^tcunben. 3)on ^cbro l^atte namlic^ tto^l bered&net, baf ed 
flci^, feiner grofien ©efd^abigungcn »egen, nur noc^ menige ©tuns 
ben liber bent ffiaffer werbe i^otten Wnnen, unb entf^^Ioffen, lieber 
ben Jlob aid bie ©efangenfc^aft ju trS^^len, l^atte er bie ©einigen 
bermod^t; ^ier ben Untergang :^elbenmiitbig su ermarten. ®o 
toaren fie benn afle im tiefflen ©c^weigen, bamit fein Saut i^re 
Slud^t nac^ bem ©runbe bed 2Jieered tjerratl^e, unb gei^eimnifiood 
tod^renb ber 3)un!el]^eit ber 0lac^t in ber Slut^ berfunfen. 

©:|)ielbergen flanb betroffen auf bem QSerbetf , blicfte luel^muti^ig 
auf bie aBim)>el bed berfunfenen ©d^iffed ^in, bie no(^ oben auf 
ber S^eeredflac^e fd^toammen, unb bie <&anb nac^ ben SBoIfen em« 
toor^redenb, rief er aud : *„S)o(^ guten SWorgen I Don ^ebro I" 

67* 9ie bfiben finfifnixiftn 

SWenfc^engr6§en gibt ed atoei l^ienieben, 
®ine iebe fleibet i^ren SRann. 
3)ad ajerbienfl ttjebt beibe, bod^ berfd&ieben 
©inb bie ffaben unb bie Sarben bran. 
(Sine l^uttet jld^ in eitel gic^t, 
ffio bie anbre fanfte garben bric^t. 

M. h § 129. a a t L. 60. T. 


?Ble bic ®onnc gtSnjt unb fhra^t blc efne, 
fficlten »armt unb Brennet i^rc ®lut ; 
Unb bie anbrc gleid^t bem aWonbmfc^eine, 
^er nur 0lac^td ^ tni <Btittcn ®nM tf^uU 
3cnc blenbet mlt ^u &ielcm i&ic^t, 
2)icfe leuci^tct, abet bleiibet nic^t. 

9Blc ein SSergfhom Wer Sclfcnflucfe, 
(Raufc^ec iene, laut unb futc^terlic^ ; 
JDiefc tt)inbet, unbemerft bem ^lide, 
SBic cin QSac^ burc^ bie ©ejlrauc^e flc^.^ 
3ene braufet unb oer^eert bie fflur, 
3)iefe tranfet unb erquicft fie nur. 

3ene 6aut jii^ (S^renmaufolaen 
9IuS ben Jlriimmern einer i^cdbcn ffielt ; 
JDiefe fii^lt jlcl^ reic^et an Jrop^aen, 
aBenn jle $^ranen regen 3)anfeg ja^It. 
3ene iauet i^ren iRnt^m in Stein, 
S)iefe Qtaht i^n in bie »&erjen eim 

3ene lagt^ mit lautem Slu^m |l^ lol^ncn, 
Unb ii)x 2lufent^alt jtnb il^ronen nut ; 
2)iefe jie^t man auc^ in «&utten krol^nen, 
Unb i^r fio^n ip @egen bet 9^atur. 
3ene fann ein Jtinb be^ ©liicfe^ fein, 
Diefe banft if)x Dafein flc^ allein. 

®r5ge lauten JRu^nieii ! belner ©d^wingen 
58reite<J glei^t bem ^immelgflrmament ; 
Stber beinen ©tanbort ju erringen 
3ft nur trenig @ter6lid;en toergonnt. 
Stiae OrS^e I bid? nur 6cf i^ an, 
3)ic^ nur, benn bu biji fiir iebermann. 




§ 128. 

'• § 86. 

t § 74. Note. 

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d L. 6. 2. 


68. 9if mirfeiif^aft 

I)ic ©rammattfet fatten gc^Srt, baf Vie S9utg bcr ®iffenfc]^af< 
oten auf bem ®i|)fel clnc« ©crflfS ftel^c ; too ftgcnb fie alfo cin 
«&audc^en auf einem t^iigel wa^tna^inen, ba et(ten fie mit gro^em 
©fraufc^ ^in unb Sege^rten eingelaffm ju werbcn. 

2Ble fe^r betrogen fie flc^ I 3)cr ©eg jur toa^ren Surg ^ebct 
flc^ nur aUmS^lig ; et f ii^rt burci^ me^rcre uerfc^loffcne ^forten, 
nnXi f}at manege 9{u^e:^Ia|e nSt^ig. 

Unten, faum.iiber bem 8fu§ be3 35erge8, ifl bie erfle «&er6erge; 
ba toirb ben JtnaSen* jucrfl bfeSun^e gelofet unb fie ettua ju brei 
©praci^en gewB^nt. ^bijex ^inauf lerncn fie biefe @prad?cn foiner, 
attiger reben.** S^Iun (ommt man an ein l^B^ered ®cl;lo^, too ber 
ganje Seib gleic^fam, mit aUcn feinen ©licbcrn geiibt, anatomirt, 
bc^icnbe unb fct;lanf gemad^t tolrb. 3c^t toanbcrn fie i)if)n f)itis 
auf, um flc^ an Wtaa^, 3»i^l unb ©etoidjt ju scrfuc^en unb ju 
jebcm ©efc^aft tiic^tig ju tocrbcn. dint i)bf)nt 58urg iibt in wic^s 
tigeren 2)ingen: fie gibt alien Stdnben" bcS ©taatg i^re ^orflc(»er, 
lt;re ^\xi)xn. @nbli^ unb jule§t erreic^t man ben toai^rcn ^^ailafl 
ber SBtffenfc^aft ; er liegt bem »&immcl na^e, unb fc^aut bie toeite 
@rbe tief unter fld^, 2)iefe betrac^tcn, c ^(e na^ere »&armonie bc8 
«6immeU l^Jren,^ mit reinem ©emiitl? ben Umgang ber er^aben* 
fien ©eifler, ©otteS felljfl, genie§cn, « ba0 ifl ber ©i^fel ber ffiif« 
fenfc^aft auf @rben, 

SBeit cntfernt con il^m flnb bie, bie auf einem fleinen «6ugcl 
flc^ ein X^urmc^en erfUmmt f^abm, »on ba fie eben nur auf bie 
®i))fel ber Saume ^inabfe^en, unb fic^ im Olympud biinfen. 


69. Citttjie Sptiiit. 

SBer fl(]^ bemitt^iget bor ®ott, 
2)er aWenfd^ getoifl aud^ ®aUn ^at ; 
m^t& @iteler« al8 eigen df^x, 
2)er Stolj ifl getoi^ auc^ leer. 


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®or treife jSJmet fcinen 9htn>, 
3)em SKcnfc^en ifl feln »&ctj gefunb ; 
9lic6ta ®€6n5berd aid SSort o^ne $^at, 
@efc^tDa| ifl bet ^^or^ett ^otrat^. 

aBcr f!c^ mUU ^u ®ottc3 3)(enjl, 
S)eT SRenfc^ ^at tmmer, tcad er tounfc^t ; 
SUc^td ^ermmd aid ber llBca» fein^ i^olb, 
Unl)an{ unb Sc^anbe tft t^t ®oIb. 

SBer flc^ Detgnugt mit fcinen ®aSen, 
S)er aJienfc^ mufi ciele ®abcn l^aben ; 
Sfli^td ©c^rcienberd att leete 3:6pr, 
Sudden c^nc Stttcd mac^t ®c^toinbeH8))f\ 

70. 9fr gra^tr ^ans. 

8a^t unS ben fPriefier Drgon fragen: 
fflBer'ijlbet grffiteaRann? 
STOit jloljen aWienen trirb er fagen : 
9Ber {!c^ )um fleinllen madden !ann. 

ia^t un« ben ©ic^tet i^riton ^6rcn: 
fflct ift bcr gro§te Wtam ? 
@r wirb e3 und in SSetfcn fd^to6ren : 
8Ber o^ne S^iil^e reimen !ann« 

ia^i und ben «&ofmann £)amid fragen : 
ffier ift ber grogte 3»ann7 
(Sr hMi {!c^ lac^elnb ; bad wiH fagen : 
aBer la^eln unb jlc^ tiiicfen !ann, 

SBolIt i^r oom $^iIofo^)^en tijiffen, 
©er ift ber grogte SKann 7 
^ud bunf ein dleben miigt i^r fc^Iiepen : 
SBcr i^n oerfte^n unb griibeln fann. 


M. » § 181. b 1 146. , a » I* 60. b L; 85. 4. 


SBaS barf id) icben Zf)oxtn fragen, 
ffier ijl ber flrSf te 3»ann ? 
3^r fe^t, bie 2:^orcn aHe fagcn : 
SBer mix am n&c^^en fommen fann« 

7L 9ie Stirkf iff Wriiis. 

ffiein ift jiarfer aft t)a3 3Baffer : 
JDIcS gefte^n auc^ feinc «6aJTct. 
fflBaffcr rcigt tro^I @ic^en urn, 
Unb i)at t&aufcr umgeriffen : 
Unb ii)x tounbert eu^ barum, » 
2)af bcr SBcin mic^ umgeriffcn ?«> 


72. 9tr Sonierliiiji. 
@ebalb bcr 9Wenfd& j!c6 fennt 
©ic^t er, cr fcl cin fflaxx ; 
Unb 9lcic^tt?o^( jiirnt ber 0lorr, 
SBenn man i^n olfo ncnnt, 

©oBalb ber aWcnfc^ ^(^ fennt, 
®ie:^t er, er fei nic^t f lug; 
S)od^ tfi'S t^m UeO genug, 
SBenn mon if)n rteifc ncnnt. 

73. gtb btr /anllirtt. 

Saul^cit, iefto tria Ic^ bir 
2lud^ ein Hefner fioblieb bringcn. — 
D s s toic s s fau s s cr toirb eg mir, • « 
2)ic^ s s nac^ c s SBurben s s ju bejlngen I 
2)oc^, {c^ ttjiU mein f&e^ed t^un, 
S^ad^ ber SfrBeit ifl gut rul^n. 

M. » L. 68. 6. »• p. 44«. Note. C. * L. 89. 6. ^ L. 2a 18. 


<69^fled ®ut ! ton bid^ nut l^at, 

5)effcn unQcflBrtcfi Scben 

%c^ 1 8 s ic^ s s g&^n' s s [^ s s toerbe matt • « 
9htn c s fo s s ma(){t1>u.s < mir^d t>ergeben, 
IDaf i(^ bt(^ nidit fingen fann ; 
S)u bcrl^inberfl mic^ ja bran. 


74. ^otoort tines trnnkeneii 9iil|tfrs. 
(Sin tvunfener 2)ic^tcr leertc 
Sein ®Iad auf jeben 3u9 ; 
3^n toarnte fein ©efd^rtc : 
«&3r' auf I IDu ^afl genug. 

Setcit, ♦jom ®tu^I ju jlnfcn, 
Spxad) ber : 2)u 6tfl nid^t Hug ; 
3u biel !ann man iro^I trinfen, 
S)oc^ nie trtnft man genug. 


75. ^QS SdjilUrs '*tfcfd|iil^te ht$ brfiDigjaiirigrir ILrifgs". 

©ufloto 3Ibol^^ »ar o^ne SBiberfpruc^ ber erpe Selbl^en 
fclne6 3a^r^unbcrtd unb ber tapfcrfte Solbat in feincm Ǥcere, ba3 
er j!c^ fettfi erfl gcfd^affcn :^atte. mt ber 3:afti! ber ©ricd^en 
unb 9l5mer uertraut, ^otte er eine beffere Jtriegfifunjl erfunben, 
toelc^e ben gro^ten Selb^^erren ber folgenben 3eiten jum SWujIcra 
biente. Die unbe^iilfltd^en gro§en ^dcabrond ocrrtngerte er, um 
bie SBcroegungen ber JReiterei leie^ter unb fc^nefler §u mac^en ; ju 
eBen bemStt^f^J^ tiirfte er bie ^ataiCiond in tueitere ^ntfemung aud 
einanber. ^ flellte feine 5trmee, ujelc^e getrS^nlic^i nur eine ein« 
jigc Sinie einna^m, in einer gebov^elten 8lnie in ©d^lac^torbnung, 
baf bie jtoeite anriicfen fonnte, luenn bie erfle jum SBeic^en gc« 
brad^t toar. 3)en SKangel an 9leiterei njugte^ er baburc^<^ gu er* 
fe|en, ba^ er 8fu§g5nger jtolfd^en bie {Rciter fteUte, ioelc^eS fel^r 
oft ben @ieg entfd^ieb: bie SBid^tigfcit bed Sugoolfg in @d^Iac^|ten 

M. a 1142.1./ 1^^49.7. cjios. C. ' L 46. rf. '• L. .S5. 8. <• ». Rjl. 9. 


fernte @un)))a itft ton l^m. ®an§ Deutfc^ranb f}cit Vit 9Wann§« 
juctjt 6ftt?un^en, burc^ wdd^e f!c^ W fc^iDcbifd^en t&ecre auf beut* 
fctjnu ^ot)cn in ben erflen Qciten fo rii^mlic^ untctfd^icbcn. ^Uc 
Qludfc^)vctfungen tDurben aufd ©trengflc* gca^nbet; am jlrengften 
©ottedlaftfrung, Sianh, Spiel unb 5)ueUe. 3n ben fc^webifc^en 
JtriegSgefefen tcutbe bie SRagigfeit Befo^len ; aui1> erblicfte man in 
bem fc^webifc^en imager, baS ©ejelt bed i^SnigS nic^t ouSgenomnien, 
n?fber @ilber noc^ ®olb. 5)ad 9(uge bed ffelb^errn tt?ac^te mit 
cben ber Sorgfalt iiber bie Sitten bet ©olbaten, mie iiber bie fries 
gerifc^e ^apferfeit. 3ebed Slegiment mu§te ^um WtoxQen^ unb 
^(benbgebet einen StxHi um feinen *Prebtger fc^lie^en unb untet 
freiem «&tmme( feine 5(nbac^t ^alten. 3n aHem biefcm wax ber 
©effjgeber juglei(^ SRujIer. (Sine ungefiinfleltc lebenbige ©otters 
furrt;t er^iS^te ben ^ntf), ber fein grogcg »&erj befcelte. ®Ieic^ frei 
jjon bem rolb^n Unglauben, ber ben njilben iBcglerbcnc bedSarbaren 
i^ren not^trenbigen 3ugel nimmt, unb toon ber fricc^enbon *tos 
bac^telei eineg fferbinonb, f bie jlc^ toor ber ©ott^eit ^um $Burm 
erniebrigt unb auf bem 9Jacfen ber aD'?enfd;(Kit. twfeig ein^erirans 
belt, btieb er aud; in ber 3^runfen^eit feineS ©liicfd noc^ SO'^enfc^ 
unb no^ 6^rifl, aber audb ^^ ^^'^^^^ 2lnbaci^t nod^ »&elb unb noc^ 
J^i)nig. ^Ued Ungemac^ bed Jtriegd ertrug er gleic^ bem ©ering^ 
flen aud bem »&eere, mitten in bem fd^ir&r jeften Dunfel ber ©ci^Iac^t 
war ed lic^t in feinem ©eifle ; adgegentrartig mit feinem 93Iicfe, 
toerga^ er ben ^ob, ber i^n umringte ; fletd f anb man i^n auf bem 
$Bege ber furc^tbarften ©efa^r. ©eine natiirlic^e ^^erj^ftigfeit 
lieg i^n nur alljuoft oergeflfen^ toad er bem Selbl^errn fc^ulbig toar^ 
unb biefed fSniglic^e £eben enbigte ber ^ob eined ©emeinen. Sber 
einem folt^en ffii^rer folgte ber Selge wie ber.9Kut^ige jum @ieg, 
unb feinem beleuc^tenbcn5lblerblic! entging feine »&elbent^ar, bie fein 
33eifpicl getoecft l^atte, 2)er Olul^m i^red 93eberrf(!;erd entjiinbetc 
in ber Elation ein begeiftembed @elbffgefu^l ; {I0I3 auf biefen 
Jtonig, gab ber 8auer in grinnlanb unb ©ot^lanb freubig feine 
5lrmut^ ^in, toerfpri|te ber Solbat freubig fein 93(ut; unb ber l^o^e 
®d;toung, ben ber ©eift biefed einjigen a)^anned ber 9latiou ge< 
geben, « iiberlebte nod^ lange Qtit feinen ®c^6pfer» 

M. d $ 88. 1. eg 129. t S 28. s § 16<>. 5. 

C. dL.28.T. «L.fia TL. 21. 9. 7 L. 2& IS. 


®o tomig man nbtx bie ^tot^menbigfett bed <Rrieg6 in Qmi^d 
mar, fo fc^r tvat man eg iiber bie 2lrt, ujie er gefii^rt toerbcn 
fo(Ite» din angreifcnber <$trteg fc^ten felbfl bem mut^ooden JTan^s 
ler Di^enfiierna )u getvagt, bie «Srafte« feined gelbarmen unb ge« 
ivipn^aften Adnigd ju ungleic^ ben unermefilic^en >&u(fdmitteln 
emed Def:poten, ber mit gan^ Dcutfc^Ianb ane mit feinem (Sigen^ 
t^um fc^altete, ^iefe furc^tfamen ^ebenflict;!eiten bed S^inif^erd 
teiberlegte bie toeiterfe^enbe ^(ugl^eit bed »&elbcn. 

,,(5rnjarten i»ir'' ben Seinb in ©c^weben/ fagte ©uflab, „fo ijl 
9lUed uerloren, wenn cine @c^|lac^t berioren ifl ; billed ijl gedjon* 
nen, ujenn tt?ir in 2)eutfct?lanb einen gliicflic^en -^Infang mac^en, 
^a^ ^eer ift gro§, unb toit l^aBen in ®c^tt7eben n^eitlaufige Stix\Un 
ju :6et»a(]^en, (Snt»ifc^te und bie feinblic^e Slotte, ^ ober toiirbe 
bie unfrige gef(]^lagen, fo toSre* ed . bann umfonfl, bie feinblic^e 
ganbung )u ber^inbern. 3tn bet ©r^altung Stralfunbd mu^ und 
2lUed liegen. @o lange biefer "Safen und offen fte^t, werben xoh 
unfer ^nfel^cn auf ber Dflfee be^au^ten, unb einen freien ^nUt)t 
mit 2)eutft^lanb unter^alten. 2l6er urn Stralfunb ju bcfct^iiftcn, 
biirfen tvix und nici^t in ©c^tceben berfriec^en, fonbern miiffen mit 
einer *2lrmee na^ ^ommem t;inii6etge^en. flfiebet mir olfo nic^td 
me^r tjon einem 93ert^eibigungdfriege, bur^ ben teir unfere l^err* 
lid^fien aSortl^eile berfci?erjen. ©c^toeben felbfl barf !einc feinb* 
lic^;e ga^ne fel^en ; unb werben roir in Deutfc^lanb bejlegt, fo ifl 
ed aldbann noc^ Qcit, euern ^Plan ju befolgen." 

QJefd^loffen tt?urbe alfo ber Uebergang nad^ 3)eutfd^Ianb unb ber 
Slngriff bed Jtaiferd. 3)ie Snrnilnngen ttjurben aufd :&e6^aftefle 
betrieben, unb bie SSorfel^rungen, ujelc^e ©ufiao traf, cerriet^en 
nid^t loeniger ^orflc^t, aid ber (Sntfci)(u§ Jtit^n^eit unb ®roge 
geigtc. 93or 9Wem tear ed nSt^ig, in einem fo tt?eit entlegenen 
^riege ©c^meben felbjl gegen bie gweibeutigen ©eflnnungen ber 
SUaci^barn in ©ic^er^eit ju feften. 5luf einer V^fonlicl^en 3ufain« 
mentunft mit bem if Snige con ^anemarf su 2)iar!ar6b bcrflc^erte 
jlc^ Oujlai) ber Sreunofc^aft blefed SIKonar^cn; gegen SWoefau 
aurben bie ©ranjen gebecft ; $olen fonnte man toon 2)tutfc^(anb 
aud in Sfur^t er^aCten, mnn ed £u{l befommen foQte, ben ^afs 

IL 1' P 446. Note. i $ 144. 1. C. 1 L. 89. 2. ' L. 42. 2 


fenfitdflanb }u berle|en. (Stn fc^mebifc^er Untert^SnUer, oon 
Sfalfenbetg, weld^er ^^oQanb unb bic beutfc^en ^of c berciftc, 
mac^te fetnrnt <&emt; Don @eifen me^rerer ^rotefiantilc^en gfurfteir, 
Vit fc^meid^el^aftr^en «&offnungen, obgletc^ noc^ fetner ^ntl) unb 
IBerlaugnung genug l^atte, ein fSmtUd^ed ^iinbnig mit i^m etn^us 
ge^en. 2)tc @tSbte SiibectJ unD<&am6urg )etgten fl(^ betetttuidtg, 
®elb toorjufc^icgcn unb an 3«^I«W9^fl*>tt fcl;mebifcl;c« Jtu^fer an* 
juncl^men. 5luc^ an ben Siirjlen oon ©iebenburgcn tourbcn ocr« 
trautc ^frfonen abgcfc^irft; blcfen untjerfb^nlic^en Scinb Oejlers 
refers gegen ben .Itaifet in ®affen ju bringen. 

Unterbeffen wurben in ben S^iebnrlanben unb 3)eutfc^Ianb fd^n?cs 
bifc^e SBerbungen erSffnet, bte 0tegtmenter t}oQ}a^Iig gemac^t, 
noue err'c^tct, @^ijfe l^erbeigefc^ajft, bie glotte ge^Srig auSgeruflct; 
ficben^mittel, JtrtegSbcburfniffe unb ®ctb fo ml^ nur moglic^ 
!^erbeigetrie6en. 3)reipig JlriegSfc^ijfe ttjaren in furjcr S^it juai 
2(u6laufcn fertig, eine %xmte bon f iinf je^ntaufenb ^hnn • ftanb 
bereit, unb jmei^unbert 3!rangportfc^iffe tt?aren bejllmmt, fie iiber* 
jufejen. @ine gti^^ere SD^ac^t wollte ©uflao ^(bolp^ nic^t nad^ 
2)eutfc^Ianb ^iniiberfii^ren, unb ber Unter^alt berfelben ^iute aud^ 
bis ie^t bie Jtrafte feineS Jti^nigrcic^d iiberfliegen. ^^(ber fo flein 
biefe 5lrmee ttjar, fo oortrefflirt; ujor bie Studwa^l feiner 3^ru^^pcn 
in 2)idci^Un, friegerifc^em SWutl^ unb (Jrfa^rung, bie eincn fcftcn 
^ern ju einer grSpem ^riegemac^t abgebcn fonnte, tpenn er ben 
beutfe^en 33oben erfl erreic^t unb bag ®Iiic! feinen erjlen Qlnfang 
begiinfligt ^aben »iirbe* Dxenfliema, jugleic^ ©eneral unb ^an^^ 
In, llanb mit tttoa jel^ntaufcnb Wtann in ^reugcn, biefe iProoinj 
gegen $oIen ju bert^eibigen. (Sinige reguldre Xrup^en unb tin 
anfe^nlic^ed 6ori)8 Sanbiuili3,J tuelc^eg ber »&auptarmcc juc 
^Jflanjfc^ule blente, blieb in ©c^tueben juriic!, bamit ein bunbbru* 
(S^iger S'^ac^bar Ui einem fc^ncUen Ueberfade baS JtSnigreic^ nic^t 
untiorbeteitet ffinbe, 

2)aburd& tear fiir bie SSertl^eibigung beS 3lclc^3 fieforgt, S^lic^t 
tveniger ©orgfalt betoieS ®uftat5 9(boIp^ Ui Slnorbnung ber innem 
Olegierung, 3)ie jRegentfc^aft »urbe bem 3leic^0rat^, baS ginanj* 
wefen bem $f al jgrafcn 3o^ann ©aflmir, bem ©c^ttjager beg JtiJnigS^ 

11 j 1 12a. «. k L. 69. 8. JJote. : L. 26. 10. a j L. 47. k L. 68. 8. 1 L. 47. f>. 


aSftrtragen; fetne ©emal^Itn, fo i&xtl\^ er fie lkiU,^on aSen 
Sftegierungdgefci^&ften entfernt; t>enen t^re etngefc^ranften S^a^ig* 
!etten nt(^t getvad^fcn toaxm. ®Ui^ einem ®terbenben bcfieUte 
et fein ^a\t». %m 20{len Wtai 1630, nac^bem er aUe a}or!e(^< 
rungen getroffen, s unb ^^Ued ^itr ^Sfa^rt in ^ereitfc^aft toax, ex* 
Wen bet <^ontg in Stoct^olm in ber Steid^dDcrfammlung, ben 
Stdnben ein feicrliti^eS SeBctool^l ju fagen. @r na^m <;ier feine 
bieria^rige ^od^ter Qi^rtfiina, bie in ber SBiegc fc^on )u feiner 
9lac^folgerin erflSrt toax, auf bie %xme, geigte jle ben @tanben aU 
itjxe fixnftige -33€^ertf cretin, Ucfl i^r® auf ben gall, bag et felbfl 
nimmer njieberfe^rte, ben (Sib ber Srcue erncucrn, «» unb barauf 
bie aJerorbnung aBIcfen, tvit e0 »a6renb feiner 5l6iycfen^eit obcr 
ber 2J^inberia^rig!eit feiner Sod^ter mit berjRegentfdjaftbesatei^d 
ge^^alten merben foUte. 3n il^rancn jerflog bie ganje 33erfamma 
lung, unb ber JtSnig felSjl Srauc^te ^eit, um §u feiner flbfc^iebg* 
(Hebe an bie @tanbe bie nSti^ige gaffung ^u er^alten. 

„ffli(i)t leic^tjlnniger SBeife," « flng er an, „flurje id} mi(^ unb 
euc^ in biefen neuen gcfa^roollen Jtrieg. STOein ^tn^t ijl ber alia 
ma^tige ®ott, bofj id) nid)t au3 SScrgniigen fec^te* !Der Jtaifer 
i)at mid) in ber ^erfon meiner ©cfanbten auf3 ©raufamjie belei* 
bigt, er ^at meine Seinbe unterjliiftt, er oerfolgt meine greunbe unb 
^riiber, tritt meine Religion in ben Staub, unb flrctft bie «6anb 
aug nac^ meiner Jtrone. 5)ringenb Pe^en unS bie unterbriidten 
®tanbe !Deutfc^lanbd um <&itlfe, unb menu ed ©ott gefadt, fo 
troHen mir {!e i^nen geben. 

^3c^ fenne bie ©efai^ren, benen mein Men au5gefe|t fein ujirb» 
0lie ^abe id) fie gemieben, unb fc^njerlic^ roerbe id) i^nen ganj 
cntgel^en* S3i3 jejt itvax ^at mic^ bie *2(llmac^t tounbcrbar be« 
f)htQt ; abcr id) tocrbe boc^ enblic^; flerben in ber SSert^eibigung 
meineS SSaterlanbeS* 3c^ ubergebe euc^ bem ©c^ufe bel ^immtU. 
®eib gerec^t, feib getoiffen^aft, toanbelt unj^raRic^, fo merben loir 
unS in ber @toig!eit toieber begegnen, 

3^ ^"^/ w^cine giei^grat^e, menbe id) mid) juerfl. ®ott er« 
leud^te eud^ unb erfiide euc^ mit ^ei^l^ett, meinem JtSnigreid^e 
ftct^ bag Q3efle |u rati^en* ^nd), ta^)ferer 5(bel, em^jfe^le ic^ bem 

M. «. p. 888. Note. "$128. a «« L. 86. 8. « L. 88. 7 


gdttlt^en @c^u|. Sfal^ret fort, eu(^ aid ti7ur))ige ffla^fommen 
jener ^elbcnmiitl^igeti ©oilmen ^u ertoeifen, bcren 3!avferf eit baS altc 
{Rom in ben @tau6 ftiirjtc. ^uc^, 2)iener ber ^irc^c, ermal^nc 
ic^ jur SScrtraglic^/fcit unb (gintrac^t ; fcib f elbjl SWujler bcr 3:u= 
Qcnben, ble if)x ipxtVi^t, unb mt§brarm^t nie eure *&errfc^aft iiber 
bie *6er)en metned QSoIfd. duc^, ^e:putirte bed ^urger^ unb 
93auem^anbc«, toiinfc^c Itib ben ®cgen bed »&immeld, eurem ^iei^t 
etne crfreuenbc Qtvntt, SiiCle euren ©c^eunen, Ue6erflu§ an alien 
©iitern bed i^ebend. ^itr eud^ aUe, '^Ibkoefenbe unb ©cgentearttge; 
fc^tcfe {(f) aufrtc^tige Sitnfd^e )um <&immel. }c^ fage euc^ a\ltn 
metn }&rtUd^ed Sebemol^L 3c^ fage ed lotedetd^tauf etuig/' 

^a^ bcm 3^obe bed ta^fem ^Banner gtaubte bod faifcrlic^e 
•gau^t^eer unter (Srj^erjog 8eo:|3oIb unb ^Jiccolomini um fo leid^ter 
in flegen, aid ®uebriant unb bie beutfc^en J'ruppen, befonberd bie 
SBranbenburger untcr ^^lijing, uneind toaren. Sldein tro^ ber 
Uebermac!)t lieg ber elenbe ^iccolomlni bei iffiolfenbuttel jlc^ 
fc^Iagen. » 

©c^n?eben fanbte SSerfiarfungen unb einen neuen »&€lben aud 
©ujiasd grower ©t^ule, Seon^arb 3!orflenfon erl^ob jlc^ oon 
feinem ,^ranfenlager in ©c^tt?eben, um unjlerblic^e S^aten ju 
tjoflbringen. @r trar fo l^eftig uom ^obagra ge:^lagt; ba^ er nic^t 
auf ben ffiifen fie^en fonnte, unb befldnbig in einer ©dnfte getras 
gen irerben mugte, boc^ tear fein ffctb^err fo bliftedfc^ned^ toie er» 
2)ad mugte er frcilic^ fein, ttjeil bie 5!ru^ven in ben berl^eerten 
Sdnbern feine S'la^rung fanben. ©c^on feit 1634 njaren bie ras 
fci^en ©urc^ffuge ber "^eere jur 0lot^toenbigfeit ^ gctoorben* 3)ief| 
fteigerte jlc^ aber mit jebem 3a^re mel^r. S'lur ttjenige, noc^ nic^t 
audgefogene ©egenben tuaren nod^ iibrig; ba^ln, njie nac^ Dafen 
in ber 3Biifle, jogen nun bie ^eere. ^^orflenfon burc^iffog ©c^Ie* 
jten, too er ben «&er$og Sranj 5nbreci^t toon gauenburg 
untertoegd fc^Iug unb tobtete, unb eilte nac^ ^d^ren, bad lange 

M. p. 836. Note. '- L. 42. l.J. C. => L. 85. 6. ' L. 46. d. 


fcinen Sfeinb gefe^en ffatte, unb mo er nod^ xd(i)t Scute unb 9la^s 
rung fanb. aJon Olmit^ Iteg^ tt unge^eute fi(6erne Jttrc^enfc^&f^e 
tiac^ <3^tDeben brtngen, tuo nod; je^t ^and^ed baoon er^alten ifl. 
@r kDodte Sid SBien Dorbringen, aber Otagoqp in Ungam faumte, 
i^m Beijufle^en, . JDlcfer fc^laue Siirfl bcbicntc jle^^ ^pie 33et^lm 
©abor bet $roteflantm nur, um oom Jtatfer Dott^eid^afte Sebins 
gungen fur {!c^ )u erpreffen, o^ne ba^ er felbfi etwad fur fie t^un 
tcoUte. 2(19 nun ^^orflenfon auc^ Sriinn nic^t erobcm f onnte, unb 
oad faiferlic^e t&au^t^eer i^n beunru^igte^ jog er flc^ rafd; mit 
feiner Seute ivieber burc^ ®d^lej!en luxixd, jog QSerfl&rfungcn an 
flc^ unt) ging toor Seivsifi/ bad er belagerte. 2)ie ^aifcrlicl;cn 
jogen ibm immer na^, unb ^|ier, auf bcnfelben Sfclbern, wo jle 
fcbonjioetmannbtefenJtriegen blutige iD^ieberlagen erlittcU; brac^te 
tl^ncn itorflenfon bie britte bet. S)te @c^Iac^t war mSrberifd^, lange 
fod^t man $ife an ^itt, bcm'^ 3!orjlenfon« wurbc bcr 9tod burets 
f d^offcn unb bad 3Jferb untcr bem ^tihc. S^cben i^m jeic^netc flc^ 
bcfonberS Jtart Ouftato, $faljgraf tjon bcr i>lfbcnlinic ©irfens 
f e(b au0, bcr in ^o^em ®rabe bie ^kU bed fc^wcbifc^en 25olfed ju 
gcwinnen tou^te. 5luc^ i^^me ipurbe bad 3Jfcrb crfcl;ofTcn. 3)a 
bie ©c^Iac^t tm Dctober borficl, jog 3^orfienfon, nadjbcm if)m itips 
gig bie 3^^ore gcBffnet/ ben flie^^enbcn Jtaiferlic^cn fogleid^ na^ 
unb nal^m in ^a^ren fein SBintcrquarttcr. 

3m folgenben 3abre jog er in geraber £inie aud Waf)xm na(Sf 
JDanemarf, um bie 2)anen, bie flc^ wicber feinblid^ gegen ©c^weben 
bena^men, ju jiic^tigen unb juglcic^ fiir [cine ©olbaten cine fette 
Scute ju ftnbcn. dx na^m bad ganje banifc^ Sfcjllanb ein, w&^s 
renb bon Sc^weben aud ©ufta)} ^orn bie bfinifc^en 3nfeln blofirte. 
KSnig S^rifiian IV. war in grower S^otb- ^(i9 faifcrlid^e ^au^ts 
"^ecr, bad bid ic^t wieber ©allad bef e^Ugtc, bcr aber cbcn cin^ fo er* 
barmlid^cr Sclbi^crr war, tt»ie ^iccolomini, unb mit biefem nur In 
Slicbcrtagcn wetteifcrtC; ging ben ©c^weben nadb »8olflein nac^ unb 
brobte 3!orjicnfon einju[cl?Iic§cn. 3)iefcr abcr enttoifc^te il^m mit 
feiner gctoo^ntcn Jlunft unb jog gcrabe fiibwSrtd nac^ ©ac^fcn, 
burd) Jtonigdmarf0 3^ru^)^3cn bcrftdrft, bie untcrbcfl bie 9lorbfeea 
Jtiijle bcwac^t :^attcn. ®allad fud^te il^m ben fflcg ju ttcrtrcten^ 

M. 'c J 126. d 1 120./. ' e f 129. f S 160. 6. t § 1 20. A. 

C. c L.49. 8. d L. 46. «. e L. 60. 7. f L. 28. 18. i? L. 4f ^. 


aber ^torflenfott fc^Iug if)n M 3uterborf unb 9Ka9beburg; rieb fcin 
«&cer fa|l tSCiig auf, unb ftanb^ e^e man j!d^ c^ toerfa^^, « tuicber tti 
SBB^mcn. »&lct trat i^m enblic^ ber Jtaifet felbfl entgegen; urn 
mit eincm neuen anfel^nlic^en »&eer ben furd^tbatcn Scinb ju cnta 
ferncn, 51bcr bci 3an!au f^Iug i^n S^orflcnfon in einer grolicn 
©c^Iad^t, toobei »&a|fclb In feine «&anbe fiel. ^uc^ ^iet jeic^netc 
fid^ ,$tarl ©uflat} burc^ grof e ^avferfcit aul; unb burc^ bad ®IM, 
baj^ er ntci^t bertcunbet trurbC; obgleid^ i^m<^ «&ut, 9lo(f unb «&emb 
Durd^fc^ofTen ttjaren. ^orflenfond fc^one (Sema^Iin gcrietl^ einc 
fuqe 3^tt in bie ©etvalt bed Sfeinbed, abet bet galante ^obagtifl 
tettete fie unb fc^tug ben ffeinb ma fo enetgifc^et. 3ejt flanb bem 
fii^nen @ieget ganj Dejletteic^ offen, unb unauf^altfam btang et 
bid t?ot ^ien. 3)a {lanben bie ®ci;ii?cben nac^ fec^je^njd^tigem 
^am^jfe jum etjien aO^at bot ben Jl^iitmen bet ^aifetflabt, 2lbet 
l^let tvax and) i^x 3'i^L ^lotfienfon »ermod^te bicfe fejle Stabf 
nic^t )u geannnen, unb Siagoc^^, bet a\x& Ungatn l^etanjog, lie^ 
jld^ bom Jtaifet butc^ ®c(b toicbet jum ^bjug bewegcn, SBie einp 
bie 936^men, fo toutben ieftt bie ©c^tueben butc^ 2WangeI genSt^tgt, 
ttjiebet umjufel^ten. <Sk gingen nac^ aKobten jutiirf, unb nac^ 
einet betgeblic^en ©elagetung bet ®tabt 33tunn betliefcn jle bie 
i&anbet bed Jtaiferd toiebet. 5)et .Jtutfutjl bon ©ad^fen fa^ fi^ 
abet gejtoungen, bem ^taget Stieben ju entfagen, unb 
mit ben Sci^ttjeben jld^ gu betttagen, (gt "f^atte futc^tbat fiit fcinen 
iTteubtud^ bii^en muffen, benn ^annet unb 3!otflenfon l^attcn fein 
£anb bdQtg betdbet. ^otflenfon abet ttat bom @(^aupla|, toeil 
feine Jttanf^eit flc^ • betfc^Iimmette, «&intet {!c^ liefl et audges 
fiotbene ©egenbett, ^Itummet unb £eic!^en; mit f{c^ nal^m et uns 
ftetblic^e Sotbeetn* 

77, yon ber Jttuit. 
©age, fptac^ i^, ^olbe Steubcl 
©age boc^, toa§ « flie^)fl bu fo ? 
«&at man bic^, fo jlie^ft bu toiebet 1 
S^iemald »itb man beinet ^ fto^. 

ML a§67.8. b§124.1. - 0. aL.10.5. »• L. 48. 8. 


S>anU, \pxa^ fie, bem Serl^Sngnip t 
Sae ®&tter lieben mic^ ; 
Senn i(^ o^ne Sliigel to&re, 
Sic be^ieltmc mi* fur jlc^. 

78. 9(r yrrgtiirtme. 

@ett mic^ bte <&ulb bed ®ef(^ided 
a»it toeifer (Sinf alt oerfe^n, * 
£ief ic^ t)te ^ugel bed ©litcted, 
®o toie fie rottcte, gc^n. 

I@et f (etner ©utei: ^ ©enuffe 
Serfc^mai^t* tc^, tvad mir gebtad^, 
Unb fa^ bem eilenben 8ftuffe 
S)et Sugenbtage ntc^t nad). 

2ftei torn jjcrjei^renben fWelbe, 
aJon Ungenugfamfelt frci, 
SBu§t* t^, ba§ l^ieuttge ^reube 
(Sin Ouefl bet moraenben fei. 

79. Slie frbtiisjeit. 

©ie 3eit entfRett toie biefer »a^, 
SBie bied ®miit entflie^t bie Beit. 
@in 3:^or fle^t i^r mit aBc^mut^ na^ ; 
(gin ®eifet, ber fiir ^eut' 
Unb nic^t fiir morgen Icbt, 
^ann, etlet fle^ gleic^ mit ben SBinben, 
3^r^ tiod), foe fc^r jte ujciter flrett, 
2)ie regen gliigel binben. — 
3fl unfer 2Seg nur tin furjer SQBcg, 
®o lagt und biefen furjcn SBeg, 

M. c 1 144.1. 0. cU4%.% 

M, « f 160. 5. b L. 9. 1. C. a L. 28. 18. i> L. a. 2. 

M. P. 446. Note. '8129.8. §86.4. 0. ^ L. 39 2. 'L. 50.7. -^^ L. 68. & 


®o range c toix if)n ge^m, 
mt aiofen uberf&en 1 

80. Crofl. 

SBenn ^ded e6en fame, 
9Bie bu gctvoat ed ^aft, 
Unb ®ott bir» gar n(^t8 nSl&me, 
Unb gafc' Ux felne 2afl, 
3Bie wor'd'* ba urn bein ©terten^ 
2)u SWenfd^cnfinb, bejIcUt? 
S)u mii^tejl »» f afl oerbcrben; 
®o lith nm ^ bir bie fflelt. 

IRun f&at — find nac^ bem anbern 
a^anc^ fugcd IBanb bir ai, 
Unb ^citer fannfl bu tvanbem 
®en «6immel burd; bad ®xai. 
2)cin ^aQcn ift gcbroc^cn, 
Unb beine ®eele ^ojft ; — 
!Dted tvarb fd^on oft gefproc^en, 
2)0^ f))nc^t man*d nie ju oft. 

* 81. Iiotrft^l^* 
SBo^Iauf I ed* ruft bet ©onnenfc^ete 
«^inaud in ®otM freie SBelt I 
®e^t munter in bad Sanb ^inetn 
Unb wanbflt uber ^erg unb Selb 1 

@d hltiU ber @troni nid^t ru^ig flel^n, 
®ar lujiig raufd^t er fort ; 
«&3r{l bu bed $Binbce muntred SBe^n 1 
(Sx raufcl^t oon Ort gu Drt« 

M. »S129. bL.C6. 9. a <^L.50. i> L 49 S. 

M. a|iw. O. >L. 24. 17. 


(Sd retfi bet 3)^onb mo^( tin imb ^er, 
^U Sonne aS unb auf, 
®u(ft itbem i8erg unb ge^t ind SReef, 
9{ie matt in t^rem £auf. • 

Unb SD^enf c^, bu ff^efl {let^ ba^eim, . 
Unb fe^nfl bic^ nac^ ber Sem' ; 
®et frifc^ unb tcanble burc^ ben ^aln, 
Unb jle^ ble jjrcmbe getn : 

9Ber mi%, m btr bein ©lude 6lu^tl 
®o ge^* unb f u^' ed nur ; 
3)er 2lbenb fommt, ber 3Korgen flle^t — 
Setrete 6alb bie @pnx. . 

£a| <Sorgen fein unb ^angigfetti 
3fl boc^ ber «&tmmel b(au ; 
(g« toed^felt Sreube pet3 mlt 2eib — 
S)em ®Iu(fe nur bertraul 

®o \Dt\i \ix<ii fc^ltef t ber «&tmmel ein, 
®erat^ ber fiicbe grud^t, 
Unb jeglld^ «& bad Seitt',^ 
8Benn ed nur emfig fud^t. 


82. Cratif4r (Brr^ittte* 
d toQx (Siner, bein*0 }u «&er)en ging, 
S)a$ il^m ber 3opf fo ^tnten ^ing ; 

(Sr tt?oQt* ed anberd ^aben. 
®o bcnft er benn : toie f ang^ idf^ an ? 
3c^ breV mlc^ urn, fo ijl'a geti^an — 

JDer 3ovf/ ber ^dngt l^m ^inten* 
2)a i^at er flinf jlc^ umgebrei^t, 
Unb toie ed ftunb, eg annoct^ fie^t — 

S)er 3opf/ ber ^dngt t^m l^inten* 
3)a bre:^t er fc^nell jlc^ anberS 'rum, 
'« toirb aBer noct) nic^t beffer brum — 

3)er 3opf/ ber i&ngt i^m :^intea. 

M. I* L. 85. a. a i^^ L. 25. 8. 


Ct brc^t flc^ linfd, er btel&t fl^ rec^tS, 

(5$ tl^ut nic^tg ®ut'«, eg tl&ut nic^ts ©c^let^fl 

5^er 3o^3f, ber ^angt ii^m ^inten. 
(Sr Ijrcfct fl^ toif eln Arcifcl fort, 
63 ^ilftau nic^tS, in eincm Sort — 

2)et 3opf; ber ^angt i^^m liinten. 
Unt) fc^t, er bre^t jlc^ immer noc^ 
Unb benft : e« ^ilft am ©nbe boc^; — 

2)er 3o»>f. ^er ^Sngt i^m *inten. 

83. 9tt WolKto. 

(Sine SBolfe frrac^; sur anbem, 
9luf bcm ffiege i^r be^egncnb : 
„mof}in sie^fl bu 7 ffia^ beginnft bu V 
emjl toerfeftt barauf bie anbre : 
„ffiei§ ic^'8 felSer bcnn 1 Sum ®))ielc 
jbiencn ia toir armcn SBolfen 
SWcn Sauncn ber fterCorenen, 
©c^nellen, toanbclrcic^en aBinbe." 

„9llfo [ft e«/' nimmt bic crfle 
SBoK' aufg Sflcu ba3 SCBort; „ie|t irr'» td^ 
©anjc 3Ronbe fc^on, balb bort^iU; 
^itxlin Balb toom SBinb getrietien, 
Ueber cinem fdjBnen Sanbc, 
J)a6 im ©onnenSranb oerfc^^mac^tct. 
3:aglic^ t6nt jA mir beraJ^enfcben 
^lag' em^or : ba^ Ic^ jle taufc^e, 
Docl; fo oft ic^ tola bc5 aftegenS 
eage gabung nicbertrSufeln, 
Jtommt ber ^Binb unb trelBt rnid^ wcltet** 
Unb bte anbre SBolP ertrlebert : 

„3»lr auc^ lad&elte baS 8oo5 nic^t ; ^ 
aKit Qcnauer 0lot^ nur fonnt* id^ 

M. a L. 88. 1.6. O. a L. 26.1. 


(Sinen Sc^emen mctned !Dafetnd 

Q3or bem fc^tpiiieu ®ubu?tnt) xttUn, 

IDer mic^ monbcnlang gejwungcn,'* 

9luf fd^on libcrfc^tDemmtcn glurcii 

^id) in @tr&men ^u ergie^en. 

aSie, aud 9)^ttletb fur bte a^enfc^ett, 

3c!^ nut letfe mic^ bcmegte, 

3(ud bent SBeg )u ge^n ber @onne, 

SRSt^igtc be8 <Subirinbg $eitfc^c 

^i^, bic Sonne |u toerfln|iertt. 

Jtcnnfl bu, ®ct;ire(lcr, benn !cin SRittd^ 

©olc^er J^icd^tfc^aft ju cntgc^cn?" 

„0lcinl" crn?iebert brauf bic crfle; 

„3)entt fo f^at ed ber gcnjalt'ge 

®eifl, ber 5iac3 lenft, berorbnet, 

2)a5 ben fflinben ttjir unS fiigen/ ^ 

w^Uin fo mSgen/' fagt bic anbre 
aBoIfc ieftt, „a\i^ nur bic ffiinbe, 
2)cnen iji ®cn?alt oerlie^en, 
S)em QScrtci^cr flflec^nung geben : 
£)h )um ®egen, oS ^um <((ucf^e 
®ie i^r gro^eS 2lmt i3eriraltet I" ^ 

aBad ben ilBolfen jinb bic OBinbe 
®inb bie «&enfc^er ben ©efe^en* 


84. 9rr Weife nttb Itx Xttr. 

(Sin aBeifcr fa^ mit innigem QBergnixgen^ 
SRit 5l^nung ber UnjierSlic^fcit 
Sein 806 burc^ taufenb ©tSbtc flicgen. 
„^fixtoai}x, ic^ bin ber ^^onij unfrer Qcit ; 
2)ic aSorirelt fetbji fa^ meineg ®lcirt;cn felten ; 
®ea)i^ irerb' id^, unb id^ aflein, ben Solgctoelten 
gilr eincn Stern ber erflen ©ro^e gelten." 


®o ^xa^ bcr ^P^ilofo)):^ ; bod^, mctft' eg, nut f fir fl(^ ; 
3)cnn fcjt Ocfd^citocn toar er au§erlic^ ; 
dx f^lcn fo9ar t)ic 2)unfcl^eit ju Hcben, 
Xer6at jtc^ iebed ^ob unb ^te§ ed iiSertrteben* 
(5in|i fling er in cin 0larren^au0. — 
®a^ fann cin fficifer ^icr eriangcn ? 
2&ad 1 OBetg^eit. OBarte boc^ ben !Karft nur aud, 
®o irirft bu fe^n, baf er nic^t fe^I gegangen. 

5)er SRarren einer ftcflt flc^i bor i^n ^in : 
Jtnit nieber/' fangt er an, „unb lerne trer idft bin I 
3)cn grS^tcn fflcifen, ben bie SBelt gefe^^en, 
®ie^{t bu leib^aftig t)or bir fle^en. 
3c^ bin ber ^^onij, ba3 Drafel meiner 3eil, 
Die ajormelt fclbjl fa^ meineS ©leic^^en felten ; 
5luc]^ fi^ie§' ic^ fct^on auf funft'ge ffielten 
3)ie ©tra^len ber Unjlerblid^feit I" 
2)er aScife, welc^er nur mit ^albem S^unbe la^t, 
®eben!t an flc^ unb feufjt : „%x biefem eflen Drtc 
©Iftt bicfcr 0larr urn ba8, i»a3 id) fofl ffiort fur ffiorte 
3n meinem «&crjen oft gebad^t. 
2Bie? »&at oon und benn jeber einen ©barren 
3u biel ? 3c^ glaub' eg f ajl. 3)er ganje Unterfc^ieb 
3fi bief er : %M fagen 0larren, 
2)ie ffleifcn benfen'^ nur, unb f^d^tn brum gefcl^eibt." 


85. (Slatbeitsfrei(|r!t 

9Bad mac^t bod^ t^r ^prannen 1 
ffiaS ^ilft, iraS nuftet eucj^ ba8 ai^artem, ba3 SSerbannen, 
@ci^irert, geuer, ©algen, 9lab ? ©ejnjungen ffierf jerbric&t, 
®enjalt*ma(^t fcincn fromm, mac^t f einen (S^riflen ni^t,* 
@3 Ifl Ja ni(^t3 fo frei, nic^^tS alfo ungebrungen, 
QtlS iro^l ber OottegblenjI: fobalb er tuirb erjwungen, 
@o ifl er nur ein Sd^cin, tin ^o^ler falfd^er %on : 
®ut ton ^(f) felber t^un,^ ba3 f^ei^t dlcUgion, 

M. a L. 69. 22. >' { 14«. C. a L. 66. 1. >' L. 85. 4. 


!!)al if) ®ott angenel^m. fia%t ^(|er Stel^tx iUiUn, 
Unb filaubct i^r^ fiit cuci^^; bege^rt^^ flc nici^^t ju treltcn. 
©e^etgen iriUtg fein,t> ift ^(o^ltcf) umgeivanbt, 
^reu; bie au9 ^ilfc^te fommt, ^at migltcj^en ^efianb, 
din 9){enf(]^ fann feinen ®tnn too^I filr ben anbem fc^Iief m« 
^er ®lau6e Ueget ttef. ®ott fennet bie ©etviffen, 
@u(]^t aUc S^icrctt burc^, fle^t aUcr •^crjend Statf^, 
Uiib mei§; toad id(f; unb bu, unb bet detfc^ulbet ^at. 

86. 9\t tttft. 

„3Kcin *inb, bu toagefl bic^ fo !a^nll(3^ In ben ffialb, 
9Ud 06 !etn $iger um und toof^nt, 
(grjlc^t ct bic^, fo biji bu fait I" 
@o fagt' ein Utei) ju feinem Sc^nc. 

,,,,®o^I/' " fprac^ bcr Mc^Sod, ,, ;,fa9Ct mit; 
SBad ifi bcr 3:i0cr fur cin Xf^itt V " 

„D ®o^n I ba8 ijl cin Ungc^eucr, 
@tn @d^cufal t)on ©eftalt ; fein bli^cnb Sngcflc^t 
SSerrat^ ben SRSrbcr ^lt\^, fein dla^en raucj^t bon 93Iute ; 
3)er 55ar i^ fo erfc^redlic^ ni(^t, 
Unb bci bcm SJmcn iji mir nic^t fo fc^limm ju aSutl^e/' — 

r ,/® ut/' " unterbrac^ bcr @o^n, „ „nun f cnn' [6^ bicfent&crrn." ' 
@r ghtg l^inweg ; fein Unglu(f dftern 
3!ric6 i^n jum Xiger ^in, ber ixi bem ®rafe ru^tc. 
3)er Slc^bod finite jttjar ; boc^ er cr^oltc fl(3^ 
Unb fprac^ : 2)ad ifl er nic^t ; ber ^iger rauci^t t}on f&hAt, 
Unb ip abfc^culi^, furc^tcrlic^. 
«&ingcgcn biefeg 5!^icr ifl fc^Sn gc))uftt unb freunblic^, 
@ein 8Ud ^ar feurig, boc!^ nid^ft feinblid^ ; 
P folti^cn 5^igcm gc^ it^ na^, 
«&uB er mit M^nidi an ju fd^reien ; 
2)oc^| moc^t' ed i^n ju fipSt gereuen, 
51U i^m bad ^igert^ier brauf bad ®cnitfe brac^. 

11 c|l45. dL.9. 1. C. <^L.86. 7. ^i,. (X.a. 


9Ran t^ut gar tvo^I, bap man ber 3ugenb 
3)et Salter »&agUcl?feU cntbcdt ; 
3ebo€^ man irarne {ie auc^ \iOx bem @c^ein Don 5$!ugenb, 
ilnb bor bem fiigen ®ift, bad in ben 8ajlem jietft ; 
®on{l mad^t ber falfc^e ®Ian) iDon biefen, 
S)ap f!e bie Safter oft fitr ^ugenben erftefen. ^u^mm, 

87. Jin bif ;t8tf. 
2)u flngfi, iRac^tigaa I aikia 
^et fc^auerooUer ^lac^t : 
Detn l^ieb ertSnt tm bunfeln ^ain, 
9Bo nur bie ®d^tvermut^ toad^t. 

2)ein 8ieb erfrifd^t beg fflanbrerd «&erj, 
3)er tlef Im SBalb oerirrt, 
SSon manc^er Surest, bon manc^em ®d^mer) 
©ejlurmt unb trojtloe toirb. 

dx ^ort ben ftSglic^ fiigcn Son 
3J?it e^rfurc^tootter 8ujt : 
3)ie ^goffnung, bie f^on fafl entjlo^n, 
(Eraac^t in feiner 35ru|l. 

9lun gel^t er burc^ bie bun!(e ^a^tt 
Wtit jlc^em ©c^ritten ^in, 
(Sin S^u^getfl ge^et {lia boran ; 
5)er 9'lac^te ©c^recfen fliel^n. 

SBenn auf bed Sebend bunfelm $fab 
3)ie @eeCe trojIloS (rrt, 
Unb o^ne @(K)u^ unb ol^ne 9lat^ 
3)er ©c^n?ermut^ Seute irirb ; ' 

D fanftc iiJaute I tSne bu 
fBd fliaer a^itternad^t 
aWir «&offnun9, 3:rofl unb 0lu^e ju^ 
Die *irten eliidtlic^ mac^t 

^tfernt bon ^rfic^t'gtr S^oren •pol^ 
itf)i^ bu mic^ rul^ig fcin. 
Tltin Men fci, fo iuie bein Zon, 
Still, anmut^bod unb rein. 


2)eT ijracj^tigen 3:roiiU)Ctett StUn% 
3ft fc^ott, boc^ f urc^tcrlic^ : 
Oanj Icife tBnct iiitin ©cfang 
Unb xti^ttCt) nut fur mic^. 

(So fci meinJectcn jWa fccaliwft, 
©anft, abet unbcfannt, 
SKit flitten Xugenbcn gcfc^mudt, 
3m ffc^em 3RUtelHanb. 

(gin f^immernb ©liid bcge^r' Ic^ nlc : 
Dtoiit' t)ie3Bei«beitmeinl 
(Sxf)aVnt SBorflc^t, gib mir fie, 
®o tocrV i* gliicf lic^ fein I 

5)er Sorbeer bleibt bcjidnt)ig gtun, 
2)cn unS bie SWuf c xd^t, 
aBcnn auc^ bic Seitcn fc^nett ent{lic^n, 
2)er 3ugcnt) ©c^crj cntmeic^t. 

ai^cin 3(ltct fei nic^t freubcniccr, 
SHi^t o^ne ©c^etj unb Sicb I 
5)er 3:0b iji nur bem S^orcn fe^weiP, 
SDcm flcrbcnb 2iac^ flic^t. 

88. 9er Cngel krr «e>ilK 

JDutc^ bicfeg (grbenlanb ; 
3unt ilrojl fur ^tbcnmangcl 
»6at i^n ber »&crr gcfanbt, 
3n fcinem SBlic! ijl gricbcn 
Unb milbc, fanftc «&ulb ; 
D folg' t^m jlctS :^icnicben, 
JDem ffingel bcr ©ebulb. 

dx fii^rt bic^ immet trcullc^ 
JDutc^ attc* Srbcnlcib, 
Unb tebct fo crfrculic^ 
aSon cincT fc^Sncm QtiU . 


3)enn tviafi bu ganj ber^ageit, 
«6at er boc^ guten S^ut^ ; 
(5r ^ilft bag Jtreuj bir tragen, 
Unb mac^t noc^ 3(aed gut 

(Sr tnac^t gu Itnber *4Q8e^mitt6 
JDen ^ctlbficn ©celcnfc^mcra^ 
Unb tauct;t in fliae ^emm^ 
3)a3 ungeflume «&crs. 
dx mac^t bie pnjlrc ©tunbe 
aama^ltg toteber ^ea ; 
(5r ^cilct jcbc SBunbe 
®ctoi^, toenn au(^ nid;t fc^neli. 

<Sr jiitnt nic^t belncn X^xantn, 
SBenn er bid^ trojien tola ; 
(5t tabelt nit^t bein ©c^ncn, 
^ur mac^t er'S fromm unb flid. 
Unb toenn in ©turmeg 3^oben 
S)u murrcnb fragji; toacum ? 
©0 bcutet er nad; obcn, 
SWilb l&c(;elnb, aber jtunim. 

(5r ^at fiir iebe grage 
0lic]&t 2lnttoort gleid; fcercit ; . 
©ein 3Ba^Ifi}ru(t; ^ei§t : ertrage, 
3)ie fflu^flatt ift nid^t toelt I 
©0 ge^t er bir gur @tit^, 
Unb rebet gar nic^t biel, 
Unb benft nur in bie fBHU, 
2ln'0 fc^^ Jne, .grope 3iel. ertntw 

89. yiliUkiim 
S)a§ fPuBlifum, ba6 l|l eIn SWann. 
3)er SWeg toeifl unb gar nlcl^td fann. 
S)ad ^ublifum, bad ifl ein 9Bei6, 
2)ae nid^td oerfangt, aU 3«ttoertrei6. 
S)ad ^^uSlifum; bag ifl ein Jtinb, 
»&eut fo unb morgen fo gejlnnt. 


S)ad $u6nfum tfl eine ^Ragb, 
S)te fletd 06 t^rer ^txx\^aU Hagt 
S)ad ^ubUfum, bad tft ein Jtne(!^t, 
S)er, toad fein «&enr t^ut, finbet xt^U 
S)ali $u6lifttm finb aae £eut*; 
3)rum i^ ed bumm unb auc^ gef^eut 
3(^ i^offe, bted nimmt j^etner frumm, 
S)enn ^inet tfl fein $ubUfum« iu«m. 

^. Per |ll8t^ 

SDer SRutl^ ifl gar cin ftitted a^efen, 
@o fiiae f afl tvte bte ©ebulb ; 
9li^t <&e(m, ntd^t @c^tcert i^at er erlefen, 
Unb BraufI ntc^t mU bed Sieged tgulb. 
a)2ut^ ^at bie ^raut, bie jum QlUare 
9Rit tiefgefenften 9Btm^em tsoaUt ; 
^vitf) Ut bie SRutter an ber ^a^re, 
SBorauf i^r @atte fc^lummert fait. 

S)er Sorbeer lolfent bem iRaufc^ ber ®(i^Ia(^tett; 
2)ie ^alme !u^lt ben tta^ren fftut^ ; 
3)er i^dc^^e Sc^mer) tfl ein 93erfc^mad^ten, 
S)em l^od&jlen ©c^merj entftrSmt fein SBlut. 
2)er i^ ein Olitter, ift ein .^rieger, 
S)cr in bed JJam^fed ©c^ranf en f&ttt ; 
3)oc^ ttjer nid^t flaget^ ifl ein Sieger; 
Unb wer nic^t feuf^et, i^ tin «&elb« «.». viiUii. 

91« Vid|t5 Hn) (Stuas. 

SBenn id; ein £iebc^en mac^' auf 91 i ^ t d , 
©0 mac^' id^ benn bod; immer (5 1 to a d , — 

®o manc^ ®ebi*t ent^ad la in i c^ t d , 
Unb boti^ fc^reit man ed aud f itr (S t tv a d ; 

93on anbern wieber fagt man Hfli^t^, 
DlBfd^on baraud ju lernen @ t w a d , 

5)'rum gilt mir JBoS unb 3:abel ffli^t^, 
Unb aae ^age bic^t' i^b <S t to a d. 

162 ECLECTir 

S)er iJWftltd^ fommt toon S^id^t^ ju ® t w? a 3. — 
S)er @ine ma^t aud (St»ad 01 1 c^ t d , 

S)er 9nt)re mac^t and il'llci^td f c^neO (S t ir a «« 
3»an fir^ert oft flc^ fiber SR i c^^ t d , 

SBirb teieber gut auc^ o^ne @ t tc a d. 
<9ott fc^uf bie 9an)c ®e(t aud 9R t c^ t d , 

Unt — 3Kcnfc^ I.— 2)u glaubfl, t>u fciefl (Sttoa0? 

QBifi arm 5)u unb Beflftefl fni^t$, 
®o gtBt Dir f einc Seclc (S t ir a 8 ; 

3m ©cgcnt^eil, bcbarf fl 2)u 0i i c^ t « , 
©0 bictet aOe ®clt 3)ir (5 1 » a « ; — 

3)'rum ^offc &on ben ffreunbcn fl'l i c^ 1 8 ^ 
Unb lege 2)ir 6ei ©eite (S t n? a ; 

3c^ meine ®e(b nic^t, ba^ tfl 9li(fji9, 
2)oc^ 9BlfTcnfdjaften, bte flnb (5 1 w a 8. 

$Ber atteS ^Tnbre ^alt fur 'Jlid^t^, 
!Dic ^ugcnb nur adein fur © t n? a S , 

2^en f iimmcrt unb bem fc^abrt 0U c^ 1 8 , 
3n feinem ©ufcn ffiiftert 6 1 » a 8 : 

2)u t^atefl Ijier bc8 ^6f en dlid)t§, 
!Doct; t^atefl bu be8 Outen ® 1 1» a 8 , 

Unb mxft bu etnften8 ^ier ju 01 ( ^ 1 8 , 
®o l;offe, ienfeit8 ift ein (S t » a 8. 

92. 'Vrr |i(^ kr (Brrrd^ttDkrit annimmt, ridittt bas fanb aaf; oti 
fid) tl)r tntjtrjit, \ft Sd^ui'b an frfttrm VfrbrrlieQ.'* 

Siahhi 9tff! tear franf, lag auf bem ^(tit, eon feinen Sc^ulem 
umgeben, bercikte fid; jum $obe. Scin 0lcffe trat ^u i^m herein 
unb fanb, bag er toeinte. — aBa8 mclnjt bu, Olabbi ? fragte cr 
9Jhi§ nid;t Icber 3Bli(f in bein too(lbrac^te8 fii'Un bit Sreube brin» 
gen ? »gaji bu etwa ba8 ^ellfge ®efe| nlei^t genug gelemt, n((^ 
genug gele^rt ? ®ie:^e, beine ©d^iilcr l^ler flnb ^eweife bow 
©cgcnt^eil. *©aji bu etma terfaumt, tffierfe ber ©ottfeligfeit au8 
juiiben ? 3ebermann ijl einc8 59:ffern iiberfii^rt. Unb ble S)e 


mut^ tear W Stxom atlet beiner S^u^enben ! 0licmatt woOltell bu 
erlaubeu, bag man bid) §um Oltci^tcr bet ©emcinbe toa^lte, fo fc^t 
aud) bic ©pmeinbe eg n?unfd;te. 

@ben ba«, meln ®o^n, anttuortete Otaljbi *«fft, Setriibt mid) ieftt. 
3c^ fonntc 8led)t unb ©ere^ti^feit unter ben Sl^ettfc^enfinbern 
l^anb^aben, unb aud mi§oer{ianbener 2)emut^ ^ab' id) ed unter« 
laffen. „aBer Pd) ber ®ered)ti9feit entjie^t, ijl @.1)ulb an bem 
QJerberbcn be8 fianbcd." nn^tu 

93« |lrr Weitt in trbrnrn Vrfdfien. 

3e me^r bte Jtaifertod^tcr mit bem dlabbl 3ofua {!c^ unter* 
l^ielt, bejio mel^r crgSftte jlc fein <Sc^)arfflnn, erfreuten fie feine 
Jlenntniffe, erbauten fie feine ^ugenble^ren. 3)od) entf^lu^fte ibr 
einfi, glei(jbfam unn?itt!u^rlicb, baa SBort : ^elc^e fd)Bne ®ee(e 
unb kvel^e n?ibrige ^^uUel J^onnten fo Ueblicbe ^ugenben nic^t 
in einem fc^Bneren JlBr^er tool^nen ? — ©age mir, groge ffiirflcns 
$ocbter, fragte fie ber ^ahhi nac^ einer 5BeiIe : SBorin ttjirb bei 
{Rebenfaff beineS eblen QSaterS aufbenja^rt ? — 3n irbenen ®cs 
f a§en. — UnmBglicb I Sarin beiua^rt ja ben feinigen jeber 39urger . 
aRan foUtc boc^) bed Jtaiferd SBeine in golbencn unb fllbernen auf* 
be^alten. — 3)u ^aji nic^t Unrecbt,- ertciebcrte bie Surfiin : bal 
toare fcbidtic^er, unb bag fod bon nun gefc^e^en* 

2)er ffiein Derbarb ; fein ®ei(l entflol^. — Du ^afi mi^ iibel 
berat^en, fagte nad^ einiger ^dt bie Surflentoc^ter. 3n ben 
$rad)tgefagen ift ber SBein meineS SSaterg berborben* — ®e^t 
mSgli^ I erteieberte 3ofua : auc^ ^ugenb unb Jlenntniffe gebei^en 
am beflen in menig gIdnjenDen Sthptvn, Sngeu 

94. 9ie SdjQiingeit Its gtitns. 

9tl8 bie @c^6:pfung ber^rbe beenbigt »ar unb ber SMcnfti^; toon 
ber 3)ammerung tiefen ©c^IummerS umfangen, bie {Jreuben beg 
JDafeing in feligen 3!raumen jum erflen !KaIe begru§te : ba tratcn 
brei i^o^e (Sngel, fo bem ©c^Bipfer gefolgt toarcn, urn bag SBerf 
feiner ^Qmac^t }u fc^auen, bor bie iSagerfiatte beg oc^lummerns 
ben, ben «&erm ber ©c^Bpfung begriigcnb, im ©efiii^l ber 8iebe 
unb Sreube. 


Unb aU fie jlc^ ju bcmfclSen ^crabbeugtcn, irarcn flc u6crraf(^t 
bon ber ®ct;6n]^cit unb bcr tjodcnbetcn ©cjlalt bc3 ©rfc^affcnen, 
unb flc fvractjcn ju elnanber: SDBa^rli^ bet SKenfc^ jlc^t ben 
(SnQcln fe^^r na^e, ujenn feinc ®ccle bcr Wcin^cit unb '^o^cit fci« 
ncr 3«9^ cntfpric^t. 

5lber, bcgann bcr @inc, bcffcn ®tim crnfler unb ^Si^cr flra^Itc, 
aU bic bcr Uebrlgcn: din ©c^^mud bcr •gimmclSbctoo^ner luurbe 
bcnnod) bcm ®o^nc bcr Srbc ccrfagt, jtc^c, i^m fc^It bag S^'icbcn 
bcr Srei^cit, ba3 fc^immcrnbc Sliigcl^aar I 

$raucmb fa^cn bic (Sngcl bic ©ntbccf ung bc0 crnjlcrn 93rubcr3 
bcjiatigt, unb flc fliijlcrtcn lci3 : ffiofltc bcr gottlic^c ^JRcijIcr ^icr^ 
burd) anbcutcn, ba§ bcS ®tau6cg Jtinb noc^ nicl;t aiirbig fci bed 
frcicn 5(uffc^tt?ung3 unb bcr fcligcn Srcubcn im @McU beg Sic^tg ? 

5)a j^icg aug bcm nal^cn ©cSiifcf^ cin 5tblcr cm^jor unb burets 
fc^nitt mit breitcn ®d;iringcn bic 8uft, unb ccrfc^ttjanb bann in 
bcr fonnigen «&o]^c. Unb bic dngct crblitftcn i^n unb bcgannen 
toon 01cucm : <S{tf)t ben SSogcl bc8 ©ebirgcS I 3|l cr nidjt frcicr 
unb bcgiinfiigter benn bcr *&crr bcr dvbc ? Unb toirb biefcr bcm 
©litcflic^cn o^ne 0lcib nad^jublicfcn tocrmSgcn in bic fonnigcn 
aicgioncn? — 

l&a§t \in9, ricf @incr bcr ®ngcl, bcffcn Jntlift fo milb wit bcr 
«6lmmcl unb fc^6n toit bic 9?iorgcnr6t:^c Icuci^tctc : Sa§t ung toor 
3e^otoa^ trcten unb fur ben 9Kcnfdjcn bitten, ba^ cr glcic^ ung bad 
©cfcftcn! bcr ffrci^cit erratic unb nid;t an ben SBoben gefcjfelt fci, 
glcicj^ ben 3!^icrcn bed 3Balbed unb bcm nicbern ©ctoiirm ! 

3a, toir ujoUen ju bcm gottlic^cn S^cifter, er toirb und er^Brcnl 
ricf bcr britte, bad fclige 5tugc cr^cbcnb, unb ba^ln fc^webtcn bie 
(Sngcl auf ben Jittigen bed SKorgcnlic^td. 

2lld aber 3e^otoa:^ bcr ^gcl 5'urbittc tocrnommen, rul^te fein 
gJttlic^cd 5(ugc mit ©o^Igcfaflcn auf ben freunblic^en JJi^tgejlats 
ten, bie alfo in licbenber Sorge erglii^ten fiir ben iungen, unmiins 
bigcn aoiicnfc^cn. — 3^r begc^rt fiir ben ®o^n bed ®taubcd bcr 
£ic^tbett?o^ncr feligcd iiJood ? fiprac^ 3c:^otoa^ : 5lbcr noc^ Uegt ber 
Srei^eit ©liitf auger ben ©renjen feincr Jlraft* 

3^n fiir bicfed jU erjie^cn, fein «&crj fiir cure jjreuben ju bila 
ben, ijl bie Stufgabe feined 3)afcind, unb bie ®e^nfuc^t nac^ biefcm, 
l^m nod(f jpcrfagtcn ©liidE, bad 8anb, weldf^cd i^n an bie ©eifter* 


tocit fnu)3ft» 9t6et tiJodet i^x, bic i^r bed 9lcuetf(^affcnen mit fo 
forgenber 8ie6c gcbenfet, il^m, tt?cnn fcinc Jtraft ennattet, cure 
jittigc lei^en, fo fei cS fortan in eurc SKac^t 0e9ebcn, bc3 ®tcrS« 
lichen 8doS ^u ctlcici^tcm. ®e:^et ^inab unb itjerbet feinc gii^ret 
auf bem 5Pfabc beg 8c6en8, unb gebet i^m bur(3^ eure SRa^c ben 
aSorfcbmad f iinftiger ©onnen I 

Unb alfobalb jauc^jten bie @ngel toott ^o^er Sfreube unb urn* 
fc^Iangen jl^ inniger, unb fcf)ttJcBten bereinigt jur ®rbe f)inah, unb 
traten bor beg ©c^lummcrnben v^ager. ffreubent^ranen im ^(uge^ 
legten jlc if}xe Ǥdnbc auf beg 3Wenf^cn 33rufl, toie ju einent ftillen 
©eliibbe. D bu, bcr bu ie^t noc^ In ben Qlrmen beg ©d^lummerg 
liegjl, begann ber iiingfle ber @ngel: ®ebenfe, tocnn bu einji auf 
beinem $fabe manc^cm Ungemac^, mand^er Jtli^^c Segegnejl, ges 
benfe meineg ffiorteg I tgebc beinc fSiiit getrofl ju mir, unb ic^ 
toerbe bir mcine ©c^teingen lei^cn, benn leic^t tragen bi^ bic Sits 
tige ber *&bffnung iiSer bie SDornen beg ^tugenblitfe unb f listen bld^ 
in lic^terc ©efllbe. 

Unb ttjenn einfl bie gap beg 3!ageg ju fcJ^wer beinen S^acfen 
batnieberfceugt, Segann ber ^xotitt mit milbem 5tntliJ : fo !omm* 
ju mir, ic^ aiU beine 93iirbe erleic^tem I JDer SieBe jiarfe, mus 
t^ige ©c^ttjingen ioerben bein geben mit tounberBarer Jlraft burets 
ftrftmen, unb unermiiblic^ toirjt bu bag ®ute f^affcn unb forbern 
unb tocit me^r boUBringen, alg bie fc^roac^e «ganb beg ©terblic^en 
SU i)erf))re(i?en tocrmag. 

Unb tocnn einjI ©tunben bir na^en, fo Begann ber britte (Sngel 
in leut^tcnber *&o^eit : too irbifc^er ©c^merj ober fclbji tocrf^ul* 
beteg Ungliic! bic^ im ©enuffe beg ffriebeng, beg ©liitfeg ju jlSren 
bro^t, toenn bu bi^ toon 95anben eingeengt fii^leji, bie bu nic^t 
in lofen oermagfl, unb tiefijcrirrt in ben ^a^rintl^cn beg )Bei6eng 
nac!^ «&iilfe unb Oiettung tocrtangfl : bann nimm, o ©terblicfKr, 
getrojl beine 3«Puci^t ju mir I !Deg ©laubeng bcilige {Jittige iiber* 
toinben iebe (Srbengetoalt unb tragen bici^ aug 0lad^t unb 2)un!el 
fnH)or in beg ctoigen 3Saterg liebenber 33rufl, SKein »&immef foCl 
Jn biefem 2(ugenbli(f ber beine, meinc felige ,^raft bie beinige fein, 
unb bu toirfl gelautert unb berul^igt l^eimfc^ren ju bem S3ufen ber 
miitterlic^en @rbe. 

9ltfo fprac^en bie (Sngel unb reic^tcn jlc^ bte ^anbe gum bauern* 


ben 93uttb€. 3e^oba^ aUx Uidtt mit BcU auf bie SSetctelgter 
tmb tvei^te fie ^u ben ®(!^u^get{lem ber SRenfc^eiu 

95« Vrkrr >ri Imgavg mit fii(| felbtn 


3)ie fPflid^^tcn gegcn un0 felbfl flnb bic tuiti^tigpen unb erflcit, 
unb alfo ber Umgang mit unferer eigenen ^erfon gettji§ irebcr bet 
unnuftefie, nocJ^ unintereffantejte. ©d ift ba^er nic^t ju ber* 
jei^en,a ircnn man pc^ immer unter anbem !Wenfc^en um^ertreibt, 
uhn ben Umgang mit fWenfd^en feine eigene ©cfedfd^aft oetnac^s 
* Iflfi^gt, gleic^fam tjor jlc^ felber ^u flie^en fc^eint, fein eigenel 3d^ 
niti&t cuUibitt, unb flc^ boc^ flet^ um frembe «&Snbel Befummert. 
ffiBer tSglic^ :^erumrennt, toirb fremb in feinem eigenen «&aufe. Set 
immer in Serjireuungen leBt, toirb fremb in feinem eigenen «&erjen, 
mu^ im ©ebr&nge mii^iger Seute f eine innere l^angeroeile ju tobten 
trad^ten, bii^t bad 3«trauen ju fid? felber ein, unb iji toerlegeU; 
hjenn er j!c^ einmal vis a vis de soi meme beflnbet. $Ber nur 
folci^e 3itfel fucf^t, in njelc^en er gefc^meic^elt toirb, toerliert fo fel^r 
ben ©efd^macf an ber @timme ber ffia^r^eit, ba§ er biefe <Stimme 
gule^t nic^t einmal me^r auS jlc^ felber ^5ren mag ; er remit bann 
lieber, toenn bad ©enjiffen i^m bennoc^ unangenel^me Dinge fagt, 
fort; in bad ©ctiimmel ^inein, too biefe n^o^lt^&tige @timme libera 
fc^rieen ttjirb, 


«5ilte bid^ alfo, beinen bejien Sreunb, bic^ felber, fo ju ^ittnad)* 
laffigen, ba§ biefer treue Sreunb bir ben StMtn fe^re, toenn bu 
feiner** am njt^igflen bebarfjll 

2lc^ ! ed fommen 5tugenblic!e, in bcnen bu bic^ felbji nic^t oer* 
laffen barf jl, toenn bici^ auc^ 3ebermann ijerla^t ; 2lugenblicfe, in 
toeld^en ber Umgang mit beinem 3c^ ber einjige trSjHid^e iji. ^a^ 
toirb ober in folc^en ^lugenblicfen aud bir ioerben, ttjenn bu mit 
beinem eigenen ^crjen nic^t in ffrieben lebft, unb^aud^ bon biefer 
<Bdie aller ^roft, aUe »&ulfe bir oerfagt wirb. 

M. •1146.4 i'$125. 0. L.35.6. »'L.49; 



ffiiajl bu abn im Umgattge mit feir « Jlrofl, ®lud unb fllu^c 
Pnbcn ; fo mujt bu eficn fo Doriic^tig, tebllc^, fcin unb gcred^t mit 
bit felbcr umgci^cn, toic mit Slnbern, alfo baj bu bic^^ n,ebcr burd^ 
Sl'^t^^anblungen er^itterfl unb nieberbrucfefl, no^ buT(!^ 3Serna^« 
Idgigung juritcffe^e^, no(^ burti^ Sfc^meic^elei )3erber6e{l. 


©orgc fiir bic ®efunbl^eit beined MUi unb bclner SecIC; aSer 
Jjerj&rtlc fceibc nicftt I 9Ber<i auf fcincn JlSr^ct to^fliirmt, bcr^ 
Derfc^toenbet ein ®ut, tt?elc^eg oft oUein ^inreiti^t, i^n iibtx aWcn* 
fcl;cn unb ©ci^itffal ^u txf)tUn, unb o^^nc tocIc^eS atte @c^5^e ber 
(5rbc eitle ^Bettelnjaatc j!nb. ©» a^cr icbc0 »iift(^cn fiirc^tet 
unb jebc Stnfircngung unb Uebung fcinet ©licbet fc^cuet, ber Icbt 
cin fingflUt^cft, nerticnlofe^ SlufternsMcn, unb tjerfuci^t €0® toetgeb* 
lic^, bic toerro^lcten Scbern in ben ©ang ju tringcn, toenn ct in 
ben Sail fSmmt, feiner natiirlid^en Jtrafte ju bebiirfen.^ fflBer fein 
®emut^ o^ne Unterla§ bem Sturm bet Seibcnfc^aften pxd^Qiht, 
©bet bie Segel feineS ®ei|le3 uuauf^Brlict? frannt : ber rennt auf 
ben ©tranb, ober mu§ mit aBgenii|tem So^rjeuge naci^ »&aufe 
laoiren, trenn gerabe bie Bejie 3a^re0jeit ju neuen @ntbecfungen 
eintritt. ffier a6er bie ffafultciten feineg 33er|lanbe3 unb ®eDac^ts 
nijfed immer fdjlummcm Idf t, ober toor Jebem Keinen J^am^fe, bor 
jeber 2trt toon minber angene^mer ?(njtrcngung inxMMt, ber ^at 
nic^t nur toenig iwa^ren ®enu§, fonbem ifi auc^ ol^ne 9lettung 
terloren, ba, too e6 auf Jtraft, a^ut:^ unb ®ntfc^Io|fen:^eit anfommt. 

t&iite bic^ bor eingeBilbeten Seiben be0 8ei6eg unb ber ©eele I 
Saf bi^ nic^t gleid^ nieberbeugen* bon Jebem toibrigen aSorfatle, 
loon ieber Wr^erlic^en Unbe^aglid^feit I gaffefWut^l ®ei ge* 
troft I 5iae0 in ber SBelt gel^t boriiber ; 5iae« lagt j!dl? iibertoinben 
burc^ ®tanb^aftig!eit, Sided la§t flc^ uergeffen, toenn man feine 
9lufmer!famfeit auf einen anbern ®egenjlanb ^eftet. 

fllefvectire bic^ felbfl, toenn bu toidfl, ba§ 5lnbere bic^ ref>)ectiren 
foUen I %f)m nic^tS im SSerborgenen, beffen f bu bic^ f cl;dmen 
miijteft, toenn ed ein grember fd^c I «&anble tecr^tget ^Zlnberu « 

M. ^ § 60. 4. «' § 65. 5. 6. e L. 28. 9. f § 126. s L W 1 * 

0. = Lu 24. 2. '1 L. 2S 9. • L. 24. 17. f L. 49. 1. p L. 50. X. 


ju gcfatlen, aU um bcinc cigene -Xc^tung nic^t ju bcrfc^erjen, gut 

unb anji&nbig I ®cl6ji in beincni ^ileujcrn, in beiner Jtlcibung, 

ftc^ bit nic^t nact^, tcenn bu aQein btfi t ®ef)c nic^t f(^mu^tg, 

nic^t lum^icl^t; nid^t unretnlid^, ntc^t frumm, nic^t mtt gro6en 

SRaniercn um^er, trcnn bic^ 0llemanb beobati^tct 1 SKipfennc bcis 

ncn cigencn ffictt^ nld^t 1 Serliere nic bic Sn^crfic^t gu bit fclber, 

bag 33cmu§tfein bciner SWenfdjcniciirbe, bad ©ffii^l, lucnn nid^t 

e^en fo ti^eife unb gefc^icft aid manege ^nbere gu fein, boc^ tuebct 

an (5ifcr, ede gu »crbcn, ne^ an Wcblic^feit bed «&erjend; irgcnb 

3emanb nac^3ufiei^en I 


QSet)weif[e ni{i>t, tverbe nid^t mifimut^tg, n^enn bu nici^t bie mos 
ralifc^e ober intedeftuede «&d^e erreid^en fannfl, auf weld^er ein 
^nberer fte^t, unb fei nic^t fo unbiUig, anbere guie <Seittn an bit 
gu iibctfe^cn, bic bu bicCicid^t bot 3enem ootaud^aben magji ! — 
Unb wm bad auc^ nid;t bet ^aHl SD^itffen u?it benn ^2lUe gto§ fein? 

<3timme bic^ auc^ l^etalt »ot bet ©egictbe gu ^ettfc^en, eine 
glongenbe <&au^tto(le gu f^ielen 1 ^c^, mit^tefl bu, kvie ti^euet 
man bad oft etfaufen mufi I 3c^ begtcife ed iroi^l, biefe ®ud^t, ein 
gto^et ^ann gu fein, ijl Bei bem innetn ®efii:^lc oon J^taft unb 
mai^tent SBett^e fd;tvct abgulegen. ^enn man fo untet mittel> 
magigcn ©efd^ii^fcn Uht, unb fie^t, toie tt»enig biefe etfenncn unb 
fc^a^en, n^ad in und ift, mie tvenig man u6et jle betmag, mt bie 
elenbejlen ^infel, bie 2Wed im ©c^lafe etlangen, aud i^tet »6etts 
Uc^feit ^etuntetbli(!en. 3a ed ifl tt?o^l fteilic^ i^att : bu betfuc^fl 
ed in aden S&c^etn : 3m ®taate ge^t ed nid^t ; bu iridfl in beinem 
«&aufe gtop fein, abet ed fe^It bit am ©elbe, an bem ©eijiant) 
beinee 3Beibed ; beine fiaune toitb oon ^udlic^en ©otgen niebcta 
gebtiidft ; unb fo ge^t benn SlUed ben 2Betf eltagdgang ; bu ems 
pfinbefl tief, n^ie fo ^ded in bit gu ®tunbe ge^t ; bu fannfi bic^ 
butd^aud nic^t entfc^Iiegen, ein gemeinet .^etl ju toetben, in 
bet Su^tmanndgleife fottjujiel^en ; bad aded fii^le id^ mit bit ; 
adein betliete bod^ batum nic^t ben Tlnti^, ben @Iauben an 
bid^ felbet unb an bie SSotfe^ung I ®ott benja^te bic^ oot biefem 
setnic^tenben Ungliidfel (5d gibt eine ®to§e, unb toet bie*> et« 
teidften fann, bet fle^t ^od? iibet Wt I 3)iefe ®t6§e ijl unab* 

M. »'§63. 0. feL.80. 


I^Sngtg bon SRenfid^en, ®^{dfalen unb 5u§erer @^S^ung. Sit 
btTuf)t auf innerem QBeirugtfcin, unb l^t ®cfu^l bcrllSrft flc^, ie 
iveniger jie berfannt u?ub. 


®ci blr fcl6er cin angenci^mcr ©cfeUfcjj^after I SRad^c blr fcine 
iSangemeile 1 S)ad l^etgt : ®et nie gang mit^lg I inm bic^ felbfl 
nid;t gu fe^^r auewenbtg ; fonbcm fammie aud ^uc^ern unb SJitens 
fc^en ncue Sbeen I a^an glauBt ed gar nic^t, tve^* cin eintintged 
9Befen man ivirb; tcenn man {ic^ immer in bem QixM fetner 
etgenen Steblingdbegriffe ^erumbre^t, unb tuie man bann ^dcd 
ttjegttJirft, irad nid;t unfer © bcr @tim trSgt, 

5)et langroelligjlc ©cfeflfc^after fiir fle^ fetter (fl man o^ne 
3n?eifel bann, ttjenn man mit feinem «&erjen, mit feinem ©eiuiffcn 
in nad^t^etliger ^Ored^nung fle^t. @er ^^ babon iiSerseugen 
toitt, ber geBe 2t^t auf bie SSerfc^ieben^eit feiner 8aunc I ©ie 
tocrbrieglic^, teie s^rfheut, ttie fc^r jlc^ fettfl jur 8ajl ip man nac^ 
einer (Rci^e jtoetfloS, toicllcic^t gar fc^&bli(3^ ^ingebra(^ter ©tun* 
ben ; unb tuie inciter, fld^ fettp mit feinen ©ebanfen untcr^altenb, 
bagegen am ^&enb eined nu^Iid^ berlebten ^aged I 


(SS ifl a(er ntcl;t genug, ba§ bu btr ein lieber, angenei^mer unb 
untcrbaltenber ©efellfc^after feifl, bu fotljl bid^ auc^, fern con 
©c^meic^clci, alSbcinen eigenen, treueftenunb aufrid&tigftenffreunb 
geigen, unb tcenn bu eben fo biele ©efadtgfett gegen betne $erfon, 
aid gegen Steunbe :^a(en tvidfl, fo ifl ed aud^ $fli(^t, eben fo ftrenge 
gegen bic^, aU gegen ^nbere gu fein« ©en^S^nUc^ erlaubt man 
fid^ ^aed, dergei^t fic^ MtH, unb '2lnbem ntc^td ; gtbt 6ei etgenen 
Sel^ltritten, menn man fie auc!^ bafiir anerfennt, bem ©c^icffale 
ober unaiberjlel^lid^en 3!rie6en bie ©d^ulb, ijt aber tueniger tolerant 
gegen bie aSerirrung feiner ©ruber. 2)a« ijl nic^t gut get:^an. 

aWiJ avL0:i bein aSerbienji nic^t bamad^ ai, bag bu fageji : „{c^ 
bin beffer ate 2)iefer unb 3ener; bon gleic^em 5Uter, ®tanbe'' unb 
fo f emer ; fonbern nad^ ben ©raben beiner Sa:^igf eiten, 3lnlagen, 
(Srjie^ung, unb ber ®elegen:^eit, bie bu ge^abt f^aft, toeifer unb 
beffer ju tt?erben, ate SSietcl «&alte ^ieriiber oft in einfamen 
@tunben Sbred^nung mit bir fetter unb frage bic^, n^ie ein {hens 


get Slidfttt, oB bu alle biefe SBinfe gu t}i1fntt SJmoOfommnung 
Senu^t ^a6efl I jtBtggf. 

96. 9t5 l^iek 9im bniQrt /Mast. 

<Cio(l^ Hingt bad £ieb born (taben Stann, 
SBie Orgelton unb ®(o(!ennang. 
8Ber l^oi^en SDtut^d « {!c^ ru^men f ann, 
S)enb lo^nt ni^t ®oIb, ben lo^nt ®efang« 
@[ott iBob I ba$ ic^ flngen unb ))Teifen fann, 
3u {Ingen unb )>retfen ben brazen SRann, 

S)er ^^auttinb fam bom 9)^ittag$meet 
Unb fc^nob burc^ Selft^lanb ttiib unb feuc^t* 
SBie SBoIfen flogen wx if)m f)ex, 
9S[e wenn ber SBolf bie ^^eerbe f^eitd^t, 
(5r fegte bie Selber, serbrac^ ben gorfi ; 
!Huf @een unb @tt5men bad ©runbeid (orfl. 

9tm «&oc^9cbirge fc^^mola ber ©c^nee ; 
3)ct @tur3 oon taufenb fflaffern fd^ott; 
S)ad SBiefent^al 6egrub ein ®ee ; 
S)ed iBanbed «&eet{trom muc^d unb fc^tooU; 
«&oc^ roUten bie Sogen entlang i^t ®Ieid 
Unb toOten getualtige Sclfen (ii§.^ 

2luf $fcilem unb auf Sogen fc^njer, 
%x9 Ouaberfleinen i?on unten auf, 
Sag eine 93riicfe briiber b^/ 
Unb mitten {lanb ein «&audc!^en brauf, 
«8ier too^nte ber QoUnn mit $Bcib unb JJinb. — 
„D 36C[ner I o 360iner I entfleuc^ gcfd^toinb I'' 

(Sd brol^nt' unb brS^nte bumpf ^eran; 
Saut ^eulten ®turm unb ^og* umd «&aud, 
S)er Boflner ft?rong jum Dac^ bi^i^n 
Unb bliift' in ben ^umuit ^Inaud* — 
^QBarml^crjiger »&immeU erbarme bici^ ! 
aSerloren I berloren I njcr rettet mic^ V — 
__ _ ~ 

M. ^ S 12ft. !• S 61. c s 128. 1. C. ' L. 49. 8. i L. 80. c L. 47. 8. 


S>it S^oden toUten @c^ug auf @^u§, 
IBon Betben Ufetn l^ier unb bort ; 
SSon Belben Ufern tif bet Slug 
Die $feilcr fammt ben Sogen fort. 
S)et BcBenbc BiHntt mit SBeib unb Ainb; 
(Sr ^eutte no(]^ lautet aid @tunn unb SBlnb. 

S)ie ®c]^oaen roaten, ®to$ auf ®tof , 
3(n Beiben Snben, ^ier unb bort ; 
Ser^oBen unb gertrftmrnert fc^o$ 
(Sin $feiler nadf bem anbem fort, 
fflalb nai^te ber aRitte'J bet Umflurj fld^.* — 
„^annBer)tger «6immell erbanne biti^l" — 

«6od^ auf ben femen Ufern jianb 
(Sin ®c^U7arm bon ©affem, grog unb Heln, 
Unb 3eber f^ric unb rang bie *&anb; 
S)oc^ mo^te 0liemanb Sletter fein ; 
£)er Bebenbe 3&aner mit SSeib unb Jtinb 
S)ur^l^eulte naci^ Stettung ben @trom unb tlBinb. 

SBann fltngfl bu, l^ieb oom brat)en S^ann, 
9Bie Orgelton unb ®Io(f enflang ? 
SBo^lan 1 fo nenn' il^n, nenn' ii^n bann I 
SBann nennfl bu i^n, mein f c^&nfler Sang ? 
$alb nal^te ber S^itte ber Umfiurs {!d^. 
O Braber SRannl Bra)}er ^annl ^eige bit^t 

Waft^ gaIo^))trt ein ®raf l^errjor 
3(uf :^oi^em 9tof , ein ebler ®raf« 
SBad i^ielt bed ®rafen «&anb em^or 1 
(Sin SBeutcI ti?ar tB, oott unb firaff. — 
„3ti>^i^unbert ^ijlolen jlnb jugefagt 
3)em, toel^er bie aUettung ber 5trmen toiigt/ 

aBer ifl ber S3rat?e7 3fl'a ber ®raf 1 
Sag' an, mein Brater Sang, fag* an I — 
S)er ®raf , Bei meiner @^r' I tear Brat) ; 
5)0^ toeif id; einen Bratiern 3ft ann. — 
D ]6rai3er aftann. Bracer 9ftann ! jeige bici^l 
@*on naBt bad ^SerbcrBen fiircl;terlic^, 

M. <^ S 129* *" S ^. 0. J L. 50. e L. 48. 


Unb immer l^&^er fc^tuotl bie S^Iut^, 
Unb intmet (auter f^nob ber SBinb, 
Unb inimet tiefcr fanf ber Sl^ut^. — 
D aictter I aUetter I fomm gefc^winb I — 
StM $feiler id ^etler aetbor^ unb brac^ ; 
8aut flut^ten unb hapten bte Sogm nac^* 

„*aao^ I f^am I friW flttf, getoagt I"' 
t^ot^ ^ielt ber ®raf ben $retd enq)or. 
mn 3eber Wtt'«/ bo(]^ 3eber ^a^t, 
^ud ^aufenben trttt Jtetner bor. 
. SBergebend burt^^eulte mit SBeib unb Jtinb 
S)er 3i^0[uer nad) flftettung ben iStrom unb SBinb 

@ie^*, fc^(e(^t unb re^t etn ^auerdmanu 
9Lm Sanber^abe fc^ritt ba^er, 
Sl^tt grobem Stitttl anget^an, 
9(n ^uc^d unb Sntl{| ^oc^ unb i^e^r* 
(Sr ^&rte ben ©rafen, \>ttna^m fetn Sort 
' Unb fc^aute ba§ na^^c aSerberben bort. 

Unb Ui)n, in ©otted 0^amen, f)>tang 
(Sr in ben ndd^fien ^ifc^erfa^n ; 
Sro^ Sirbel, @tumt unb Sogenbrang 
Stain ber (Srretter gliicf lic^ an ; 
S)o(i; toei^e I ber 9lac^en toar atl^u flein, 
Urn atetter t}on ^den sugleic^ gu fein* 

Unb breimal a»ang er feinen Jtal^n, 
Sro^ SBirbel, @turm unb SBogenbrang * 
Unb breimal fam er gliidlic^ an, 
Sid i^m bte Stettung ganj gelang. 
Jlaum famen bie iBe^ten in fic^em $ort, 
®o rottte bag leftte ©etrummer fort. 

ffler ift, toer ifi ber bratoe 3Bann 1 
@ag' an, fag' an, mecn braber @ang I 
2)er 95aucr wagt' ein fitUn bran ; 
2)oc^ t^^at er'^ too^l urn ©olbegftang 7 
3)enn f^enbctc nimmer ber ®raf g fein ®ut, 
®o toagtc ber SBauer tieUcic()t fein *43lut» — 

IL fS145.8. ff p. 446. Note. C. rL.86.5. k L. 39. 2. 


^/»6ier/' xief \>ex ®raf, „mtm toadrer Bfreunb I 
•&ict tjl bcin $re(8 1 fomm ^^et ! nimm l^in I" — 
Sag' an, toax bag niti^t brab gemclnt 1 — 
3)cr ®raf, ber ®raf ttug ^oi^cn ©inn. — 

®ae »6cra, bag bcr Sauer im J^ittel trug. 

3ttcin «c6ctt ift fiir ®oIb nid^t fetl. 
2(rm bin Ic^ jmar, bo^ eff i^ fatt. 
3)cm SSflncr toerb' (Su'r ®oIb ju Xfftll, 
3)et: «&a6' unb ®ut bcrlotcn ^at V 
®o ricf cr mit l^crjlic^cm SSicbctton 
Unb toanbtc ben dtitcfen unb gtng babon. — 

«&o^ tling^ bU; Sieb bom braoen SRann, 
SBie Drgelton unb ®Io(fenfIang 1 
SBcr folc^eg aWut^d flc^ riiljmen fann, 
S)en (o^nt !etn ®olb, ben loi^nt ®efang* 
®ott iBob 1 ba$ t^ fingen unb ^reifen fann, 
UnfletBIiti^ gu )}reifen ben (raben SRann* 

97« 9er alte ^ani. 

5)lc SBati^tfeuer lobem I Ui t^rem ®(3^eln 
@tel^t man rul^'n bie bSrttgen Jtrieger ; 
SBon «6anb )u «Oanb ge^t ber ^e^er mtt Sein 
Unb erfreut baS «&crj ber ©legcr. 
9bxx (Siner fE^t flumm — ein alter »&ufar, 
S>er fonft ber Sro^llc^jiena @iner tear, — 
5)er fprlc^t fein ®ort — er berMma^t ben ffleln : 
SBa3 mag bem Jtauj toiberfa^ren fein 1 

Unb ber gelb^err reitet in fliaer 9lad&t 
iDur^ bte ®a{fen oon trei^en ®egelten ; 
dx beflc^tigt bie ^ojien, befuc^t bie fflati^t, 
Unb i^r 3ubel bcgrii^et ben »&elben. 

M. a§12d. G. aL.e.2. 


S)a trifft ben alien <@ufaren fein S&M; 

dt Wi bad fc^aumenbe 9to$ luxM, 

Unb fie^et ben alten Arieger an, 

Unb fprt(f)t gar freunbltd) : „^aZ fe^It bem aRannf 

Serb fleUt fid^ gerabe in $ojitut 
Unb faluttrt : „ ,,<&a(ten gu ®naben I 
'® ijt fo ju fagen 'ne 2)umm^ett nut, 
Sdl f(^Sme mic^ f aft bot ben SamVaben 1 
KBit jogen l^eut uber bte tiptnW, 
S)a berfan! ic^ mit metnem $ferb in ben €fcl^nee; 
S^ toatb gerettet, bad 5Bferb ifl ^in, 
Unb bad liegt mtr aUeweil nun in bem <Sinn I'' '' 

„„'@ tDax nut ein J^^ier, bad toei§ i^ fc^on, 
S>a foQ man f!^ nid^t fo geberben I 
3)oc^, <&ert ®eneral, in ber gangen @^tDabtott, 
Untet aU' ben teacf eren> $ferben 
3fl !ein*d mie mein <&and ! fo ftomm icie ein Alnb^ 
©0 leic^t auf ben 5u§en; — ed lief njie bet SBinb. 
ffienn'd ,,g3ottofittd V ^ie§ untet Jttlegdgeft^tei, 
S)a toat J^einet fo f^nett toie mein «&and babei V '* 

„ „2)ut^ 3toan)ig (S^Iac^ten ttug mici^ bad Sffin, 
Sf)m ban!* i^ ^n^eimal mein Seben, 
Unb gleic^ einem «&unblein tvat ed mit 
€fo tteu unb ge^otfam etgeben. 
%i^ f^aV i^ oft, icenn im iBaget tvat 9lot^, 
9Rit bem ^an^ getl^eilet mein letted 8tob ; 
Unb f|)ta^ i^« mit i^m, fo bet^anb et mi(^ gon), 
3a, lac^ft mi(^ nut aud, fo wat mein «&and !" " 

// ff^% ^^nn tc^ atn a^oflen flant) in bet Slad^t, 
aSom eiflgen ©turme butc^f(i^aubett, 
S)a i)aV Don i}etgang*net ©efa^t unb ©c^lad^t 
3^ gctn mit bem 5^etbe ge<)laubett ; 
Unb ijet^anben ^at'd mi^, bad fc^toSt' i(^ l^iet, 
Gd fel^tte bic l^eden Qlugen na^ mit, 
Unb nid te fo fteunblic^ unb Hug, aid fci 
©cine 5Inttt?ott: 2)a wat iti^ [a auc^ babeil'"' 

M. I' S 61. G p 44«. Note. C. ' L. 80. ^L,3d.2. 


,, ,,Unb ^eute, aid in ben @d^nee fanf bad X^kt, 
Unb ivtr ed ntc^t tnel^r fonnten faffcn, 
5)a fal^ e« ^uriid, fo fci^mcralid^ nad^ mir, 
2Cte fprfic^' e« : 3)u fannfi mic^ toctlaflfcn ? 
(S« fti^nitt mir in'3 «get3, i^ ^aSc flctueint, 
9H3 tear' mir gcflorbcn ein SKcnfc^, cln S?reunb, 
Unb ie^t no&), f^)rec^' i^ bawn, ®ott mi% 
Jtommt'3 mir In bie alien ^ugen gan^ ^elf ♦'' '' — 

Unb nt^t oi^ne Slui^rung fc^auet ber «6elb 
3)e3 grclfen ^riegerS 33ett?e9un9, 
©tetg ]^at i^n ein menf^U^ed «&erj Bcfeelt, 
Unb er ac^tet bie menfd^li^e Stegung, 
S)e8 SttkQtx^ Xf^xant um'« treuc iPferb 
^at in feinen ^ugen ben SIT^ann nid^t ente^rt, 
(Sr trJflet ben 5llten mit giit'gem ffiort, 
Unb toenbet fein fllo^ unb toiU toicbcr fort* 

IDa fc^naiiSet unb feuci^t ed ^erbei burc^ bie ffla^, 
Unb ein lebigeS ^erb f ommt gcfprungcn ; 
3)er alte Ǥan8 ijl'd I ttjer ^it' e3 gebac^t, 
(Sr ^at aud bent @(^nee {!(^ gerungen. 
9la^ eilt bad $^ier fd^neU bem dlegiment, 
SSon 0liemanb (aft ed {!d^ fangen unb rennt 
©einem «&erm entgegen, unb iric^ert Dor in% 
Unb legt feinen Jlo))f an bed ©reifed 95rufi. 

3)er fteBet, unb fc^aut, unb tijeinet unb lac^t, 
Unb tDei§ taum, icie i^m gefd^^en I 
S!)oc^ ein ^uge glanjt burc^ bie Sternennat^t, 
S)od Slug' fann fein giil^Ien berfie^en. 
Unb ber Sfelbi^err blicfet i^n lieBreid^ an : 
„®ntt 0tad^t benn je^t, mein u^aderer Wtann I 
%nf bem S^Iati^tfelb brauflen, im SBaffenglanj, 
S)a feV i^ eud^ u^leber, unb euern «&and V^ 

9* C CDettmawu 

98« Sfiitettjtti ajts ^Up^oA's VHerkrit. 
fflitl einer irgenb einen 5Beg auf bem toeiten gelbe ber SBiffen* 
fc^aften ge^n, fo jie^' er suDor genauc (Srfunbigung tin bon biefed 


SBegeS 99ef(^affm^eit« @{nb if}n 9(nbcre \^on gegangen, unk 
{Inb b'efe auf bemfelbm Betu^mt koorben, fo ftag* er fic^ bretmal 
unt) bad ia nic^t mit £iflbfofung feiner felb^, 06 er auci^ o^ne 9lati^s 
a^mung ber S^org&nger, ia felBfi o^ne ben (Sc^etn berfelben, auf 
btefcm 'ffiege ge^en, unb gut gel^en fdnne? .ftann er nx^t, fo fel^r' 
er ftxad^ um unb meibe, fo lieb i^m feine unb feiner SO^itBurger 
Q\)xt i% jenen SBeg, aid w&t er unten l^o^l, unb aid froc^en oOen 
@ct;(angen ^erum. ffinbet er bann einen anbem 9Beg, ber bed 
Setretend icertB i% unb 3)org&nger barauf^ bed UeBertreffend wert:^; 
unb fann er i(^n ge^en, nid^t nur o^ne t)in unb ^er )u manfen^ 
fonbem mtt feflem ®ti^ritt : fo ftefe er i^n fic^ axi9, unb made auf 
bemfelBen frifc^ unb fro^Uc^ etn^er* 

^an finnte unfer SeBen in etgentlic^en ®c^Iaf, in ®c^lumniet 
unb in kcirnic^ed HBac^en eint^eilen. IDer ©c^Iummer ivare 
nic^t ^twa nur bad ^flanjenleBen, ober, lead noc^ fd;Iimmer tfl, 
badienige ti(|ierifc]^e itUn, u^o'bie ®eele um bed £eiBed toiQen ba 
gu fein fcBeint ; ben @c^Iummcr, ben idf meine, ^eBt aud; felBft 
unfre au§ere ©efci^aftigfeit nict;t auf, ^a& tDixUid^t QBac^en 
U'dre berimige glMlic^e Suflanb unfrer @eele, too xoix entroebcr 
®ott ben fen, ober etn^ad; bad ©ott geBoten l^at,unb ^toar kDei{ 
er cd geBoten i^at, t^un. 0lur )}on bem, ber mirflic^ koati^t, 
fann man fagen, ba^ er toirflic^ leBt. 

9Bir SO^enfc^en {!nb geBorene SSergrSf erer. SBenn kotr glMIii^ 
finb, fo Dergeffen n^ir faji ganj, bag ed auc^ Uiglild geBe ; unb 
toenn icir ungliidlid^ {!nb; fo bergeffen toir Beinai^e atler ®Iu(I« 
feligfelt, bie toir genoffen ^aBen,.unb toa1?rfc^elnliti§ funftlg no(^ 
genief en tverben, 

SBie bu bon bem, tvad ©ott t^ut, fo itrt^eilt bie ®)>inne torn 
99au ber «&atte ober bie (Su(e t^om «&ain, unb f^reit bar&Ber, ba$ 
ber 3)onner f elB^ ©id^en gerfplittert ^at. . 

9li^t bie SRenfc^en uBer^aupt finb geti)9^nltti^ oft unb lange 
ungludfU^, fonbem nur btejenigen unter ii^nen, bie enticeber ^n 
biel ©lucffeligfeit forbern, ober bie i^nen gegeBene burd^ truBe 
Sorflettungen fic^ iceniger genie^Bar madden. 


Sd fd^eint mir ein^ ison ben 6efonbem diSt^feln tn bet menf(^« 
Iid)en 0latur }u fein, baf bie «&offnunQ ^xofftt aU ber ®enu{|, unb 
bie Surest trauriget aU bad icirfUc^e (Slenb ifl* 

Sitrc^te^ bu, irbif^e Siort^eile }u «}etUeren? Serliete fie, unb 
geu^tnne etrige. — (Smiebrige bld^ bor ben 9(ugen ber SBelt, unb 
er^d^e btc^ bor ®ott. SBte fletn {!nb aae QSort^eile bet SBelt, 
njenn tolt u6et bet 9BeIt fle^nl Unb einmal, etnmal fommen mx 
a\it ba^tn, bap toix Stec^enfc^aft geben mitfTen, dteti^enfc^aft )}on 
nnfetm iBetd^tflnn, dtec^enfc^aft, baf toix etnen angenommenen 
9Ba^n :^5^et gea^tet })ahm aU bad Hate ©efe^ unfted ®otted* 

3(ut^ ®ott f))tt^t I aJon bet @^tad)e bed (Swtgen 
(Bt6li(tt bad 9(uge me^, tote bad D^t Don i^t 
«&Jtt ; unb nut leif ift feine ©timme, 
lB)enn und bie Staub' unb bie Slume laitt. 

Si^ nid^t tS^en, auc^ bann nic^t; toenn Sta^t ®eted^tigfeit to&te; 

!Dad ifl ebeL (St^afeen ifl'd, ben Seleibiget litim ; 

3^n in bet Slott^ mit i^etiotgnet SBo^It^at iaben, i^ ^immlifc^. 

3)ie ®&ttet betlaffen ben, bet feinen Sfteunb DetlSft. 

S)ie Sfteunbfd^aft unb lHe(e {!nb a^el ${{an^en aud (Sinet SBut^el* 
S)ie le^tete ^at nut einige ^lumen me^t* 

<SteiI ijl too^I bet SBeg 

3u ®ott ^inauf; boc^ unetfleiglic^ nid^t* 

3ft bie UnftetBItc^feit bed 9la(^tu^md eine S^imfite bed ®tol« 
ged; obet betbient fit, ba§ bet SBetnilnftige unb fllec^tfd^affene flc^ 
bemii^e, j!e ju erlangen 1 — 3d? ^alte ben S'lad^tu^m f itt tin 
Wtittd, und no^ gfteunbe nac^ unftem 3!obe )u ettoetben. ffiie 
fitp unb icie einem ^$etnunftigen anjISnbig ifl ed niti^t, auc^ noc^ 
bann {^eunbe gu :^aben I 

S)ie SBa^t^eit teift oft langfam, 

S)oti^ teif, btic^t i^te SBitfung fd^neO l^etDOt* 


Sin Sanj, bet in eincr muntem ©efcUfd^aft bur(3& blc. Steube, 
in bet man t^, unbemerh beranlafit wtrb; unb ein pxad^ti^tt ^aH, 
auf bent fo mantlet fleife Xaniex fc^immem toiQ, unb ber natuxli^t 
^idmetlen ntu§; finb jkvei e6en fo berfc^tebene ®ac^en, aU ber 
@^er3 unlet ^eunben unb unter ^efannten* 

2)e« -Sebeng 

3elt tfi flii^ttg unb furs, ift tin Zxanm, tin Slug, ein ©ebanfe* 

9Ran mup ein $^t(ofot)^ fetn unb flc^ toeber auf Sfurd^t no(& 
auf t^offnung berlaffen* 

SBer ni(!^t furc^tet, nid^t ^offt, nwc ber ifl ^luili^. 
2)er aSeif ertoartet ru^ig 
9Bad t^m fenben bie 9)orj!d^t 
SBerbe, 8freub' ober ©comers. 

aSergetend flicgct unfer Slut 
Wix^ Oiaterlanb, menu ber nid^t ^ilft, 
5Der 2iaeg augf u^rt I 
SJergebend flerben toix ben Sob 
9ur'9 QSaterlanb, tcenn ber nic^t l^ilft, 
3)er mt^ audfit^rt ! 

(Sd :^af t mein «&er) 

S)tn, ber fein aSaterlanb tterfennt. 

fBaS bulbet, »er ein Sttann i% ni^t icegen bed Saterlanbed 1 

Jtannfl bu ben einen Sprannen nennen, ber feine Sreunbe be< 
lo^nt unb; ble e$ nici^t fein foUen, mit ffieid^eit unb fanfter 
©trenge be^errf d^t ? 

SDiefed Men ifl ein @d^Iaf, aud bent ein letter un9 auftoedt 

99* 9ie ftekett tfrafcR O0K ^irsriBg. 

•Pen ®rneil im difcn jlftt gu ®eri(^t, 
Cin Urt^ieil ift jebeef ©ort, bad er fpri^t; 


S)er ^mUt ^arrt im rotten ®emqnb, 

(Sd*" au(!t i^mb gierig baS ®c^mert in \>tt ^ani. 

9Kanc^ «&auvt, fonfl fcurig unt) ungeflum, 
£iegt nun erbleic^t unb bl9b* oor it)m, 
Unb toer j!e^ im ©tiflcn bcr ©c^ulb^ betou§t,<> 
S)emb \^xt ed mtt ®<^auber ^eut burd^ bte SBxufL 

S)a tritt ber «^ah^ler mtt ^eimlic!^em ^of)n 
^tef ato&rtd QcbMt gu bed ^er^ogd il^ron: 
,;9ioc^ cine itiage — auf »&oc^tierratl^, 
2)ie ©rafcn ijon Jtuenring coUbrac^ten bie 3:^at/' 

;;3)ie ®rafen bon Jtucnring ? — ba liigji bu mitl'* 
„?5[uf $ergament f)aV idj'd berfc^rieben ^ict." 
gang lieft ber »6erjog mit flnflrer fllu^' : 
,,5luf, ©tafen toon ,^ucnring, wad fagt i^r baju/' 

5luS bem Jtreife trcten jleben an ber 3^% 
Wilt ben golbnen lilBavipen am ®ct;t(b and ®ta^l, 
Unb ber "Jleltejle nelgt jid; tief unb fprlc^t : 
,,9luf «&odjtoenat^ antwortet ein ^uenring nic^t I" 

„<Spxtdit immer 1 3» tein ifl nic^t @iner im ffid% 
®cm flfiic^ter ifl ®raf unb 33ettler gleic^, 
Unb 8flec^enfcljaft uncart nimmer bie Sreu'l" 
2)o€^ fte fc^weigen unb fc^iitteln ben Jtopf ba(eL 

,,S^un \vo% fo feib i^r gefidnbig ber Xf^at,^ 
(S3 a jeugen fiinf &reic auf ^god^cerrat^, 
Unb toer fo fc^rocre^ Seginnen tooUbrad^t,** 
SSerfaden ijl er beg «6enfer3 Wladjt. 

„^o^ bieroeil Un3 »> einmal in alter Qdt 
@in Jtuenring baS Mm gerettet im ®treit, 
©0 fei eucl;, bamit iffilr auf ewig quitt,** 
Slllen Jicben baci ^cbcn i]cfcl;cnft biermit." 




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„^n(ff eure Surgen (e^altet inmal, 
®^t»ef gt luflf g im ma^nenben S^nenfaol ; — 
0lur ba euc^ bte @^re gertng \m)i ^dl,^ 
3cr6re^e« bad fflap^en t)c« ^cnfcrS ^elU'' 

«&et)U tritt ^8l^nenb ber <&enferdinanii^ 
3erfcl^lagt bod @^lb mit bem 98a^))en bafdily 
Unb ohm i^oc^ am Stabenflein, 
^a [(^arrt er ed unter*m Stabe ein. 

Unb bie {!eben (S^pafen teiten fort, . 
@tia fc^tiuten {!e ^ unb f|}rac^en Uin 9Bart; 
9ltt' i^re ^urgen Wicben Iccr, 
$0n einem Xuenring bema^m man nic^td me^* 


- ^(uf ber *$eibe i^ S^la^t, SRann gegen S^ann 
@turmt wtlb mtt ge^qgenem @c^»erte l^eran, 
«&crjog (Smefl tnmmclt fein feurig (Ro§, 
§tc^t tiic^ttg; kcle bcr ©emctnf^e im ^ro$. 

@icbcn QUitter reitcn jur ®eite ii^m, »» ganj 
3n (Sifen betlu^pt, o^ne 5arbe unb (Slanj, 
Jtetn ^a^pen, fein ^ettlein an ®c^i(b unb ^xtx% 
5f)xtn 0lamcn f)at Jtcincr ju nennen gcnjuft.f 

Unb gel^t'df^ red^t toll tpo unb ungefliim; 
!Da ifl »&en (Srnjl unb bie @icben mit i^m, 
@in t^erje fcric^t auf jeben @^Iag, 
9tl3 ftiinbcn j!e« mit bem %o\> im OJettrag. 

I)a fa§t eS bie Sfeinbe mit grimmiger ^tin, 
Unb fie brangen toitb auf ben »&erjog ein, 
Die ©ieScn fampfen. — (Siner fSttt burc^6ol^tt^ 
9Wit bem «&eTjog reiten bie 2lnbern fort. — 

Unb ficBen Wtal fommt er in ficbenSnotl^, 
Unb fieben Wlal retten j!e i^n mit ®ott, 
3)od^ (Siner con benen im (gifcngekoanb 
@in!t atte Wlal tobt fiir i^n in ben ®anb. 

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Unb alS nwn ber Se^te ini SBIutc liegt, 
3)a ^at auc^ ^erjog (Srnejiud geftcgt ; 
aRilb lac^elt ber ?l6cnt) wm ^immelgjclt, 
%U qW cge nur gricbc unb Sieb' in bcr fficlt. 

„fficr jlnb J>{c ©icbcH; tt?er f ennt j!c ? fvrec^t I 
3c^ macS^' jlc im Sanbc jum erflcn ©efc^led^t I 
auf, auf I »cr mit fieben in @inem nodf mi% 
2)em fei,« tuaS fcin *crj at8 bag JtSplic^fle prciStl'^ 

5)ic Jbtap^en fprengcn, balb liegcn ^umal 
93or bem «&cr§og bic ©ieben im- blutigcn @ia% — 
*ein $Ba:pp€n, fcin Jtatlein gu 3ift unb iu% 
Xtin «&auc^ be3 2ebcn3 me^r in ber ©ruji I 

5)oc^ flc^' I ba i^cbt fld^ ia ^ner ^cttoor, 
5pref t matt ba0 fc^marje SSIfir cmi^JOf, — 
©in ta^)fre8 SlntUft, ein eblcr ®reid, 
3)ie SBangen betblid^en, baS '6am)t fc^ncetodj I 

,,llnb l^ajt bu, (SrncfiuS, una nimmcr etfannt, 
I)ic tocilanb bic ©rafcn bon Jtucnring gcnannt?** 
3)ic €l)te unb 5!rcuc ijl un0 nid?t fcil, 
Scrttad) au^ bag 5Bawn bcS «&cnfcrg Scil ;"» 

,,Unb licgt cuct SBappen ^crfc^tagcn »or mir^ 
@o ncl&mt nun mcin cigenc6 QBa^^)cn bafiir, 
Unb gkubt' ic^ beg »&oc^oeTtat^g fcfjulbig euc^, 
®o feib nun bic (Srftcn bafiir im 0leic^ I" 

3)a jurft toic in SSc^eln bcS 5lltcn SKunb : 
,,8a^t gut fcin ! bcr 8e^tc bcS ©tammd flirbt jur ®tunb*; 
Stdxi Jtuenring mag ®raf mc^r auf (Srben fcin I" 
'S)a flnft cr unb fd^laft ju ben 2lnbcm ein. 

100« 9 as ^. $. C 

jJJrinj SMori^ bon Dtanicn, ber jugcnbli^c ^eVt), 
®r ^ielt nut [einen ®*aaren 9flimtt?egen ^art umflctft. . 
®ein mu5 bic gcjlc wcrben, betoor beg SBintcrg 3dt 
2)em fii^nen 3iinglingg^er3en ben fernem Jtam^f tocrbeut. 


„%r ^Icr m^, ©treitgenoffcn, nur l^lir nod^ ^altet audi 
a)ann ff i ccrgBniit euci^ ^tlcn bie 3tuff nac^ langcm Straud I' 
IDa trangcn ^c!^ tm 3u6el urn i^n ber Jtrieger dlei^*n, 
Unb etnen SBoten fenbet er flugd jur ®tabt ^tnein. 

#/$tin) 9)tort^ t}on Dranien entbeut eud^f feinen ®ru$ 1 
9lo^ (^cute 3u tjerne^mm oerlangt et euem Sd^tu^. 
36r fodt" bad ^^or il^m 9ffitcn, abmerfen ®paniend 3b(^ 1 
aBo nic^t, — W ^dc^iflc SWaucr fei»> i^m bann nic^t ju i^od^." 

^nfe^n {!d^ <" 6(etc^ unb &ngft(ic^ bte weifen <&orm bet ®tabt 
Uub wiffen ntd^td )u fagen, bent Statue fe^It bet &iatf). 
93on Q(u§m bro^t Dranien mit feinet «&eere8mo(^t, 
Unb in ber ffefle felber ^Slt fc^arf ber Spanier ©ac^t. 

®ie fd^tveigen noc^, ba fc^reitet ber atte Sommanbant 
3n t^re SRttt' unb rebet, jum ^oten flo() getoanbt : 
„®ag' beinem «&errn, 9^imwegen fei »» eine ^o^c Sraut; 
2)ie »erbe*> nic^t fo elHg bem gfreier angetraut I" 

„^r miifT b e8 erjt bejcugen burc^ ritterlldjfcn SKutl^, 
aBie ea J bie Sitte ^eifc^e, baf er au8 eblem Q5Iut l« 
2tuc^ toag' ^ ein (Re6en6uHiIer mit i^m ben erflen Sianj, 
5)er fEd^ feit jtwanjig 3a^ren errungene manc^cn Aran) I" 

„3^ fotlte mic^ ergeten bem JhtaSen o^ne SSart ? 
S)em Jte^er? bem SteBeHen? S)a@ toax nit ®panlend 91ft 1 
Sag' i^m, id^ laff t^m ratten, baf er nad^ tgaufe ge^; 
Unb baj er erjl erierne ber itriegdfunjl 51. 95. S. l" 

Dranien mu^te lad^eln, aU i^m bie Jtunbe tt?arb»^ 
,,Du foCifl [fin fennen lernen, b^n JtnaBen o^ne 95art ! 
Unb foflp eg felSfl geflel^en, eV i^ nacti «&aufe ge^\ 
5)a§ id^ gar wo^I erlernte ber Jtrieggfunfl 5t. 93. S. V 

0^imtt)egeng f(^tt?5(^jle ®eite ^at fd^nell ber 5Jrinj erfannt; 
Stufroirft er i^ier toon (5rbe genuSer eine SBanb : 
Unb linger icirb unb ^B^er bie ffianb in jeber 0la(6t. 
Umfonfi, fie ju jerjioren, miit)t jlc^ beS geinbeg Wta^L 



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Unb trie man auS ber Scjie am funften aWorgcn \a^, 
<Stan\) f)ii)n aU bic aWauct bet aBatt bon ^rbc ba, — 
Unb fiinf unb jiranjig ^^iirmc ba^intcr wt)\)l t3erfd&anjt ; 
3)arauf fEnb fiinf unb jtoanjig Jlanonen aufgcjjjlanjt* 

Unb f^au', bu ftoljer ©panier I fton jebem X^urm ^ctab, 
2)eing f:()ottenb, toc^t etn 5S^nIe(n on cinem langen ©tab, 
mn grower fc^tearjcr ©uc^flab' auf jcbem gS^nlcin jle^t; 
(Sd <! tragt ein ^ bad erfte, bad leftte tragt etn 3. 

Unb auf bcr S^^iirmc l^Sc^flcn, bort M bcm gS^nlefn 91^ 
3nmiiten ber Jtanonen, fannfl bu Dranien W^ I 
J^annft ^3ren, ate er mad^ttg bie ©einen ^^ commanbirt 
Unb 21 m 3 al3 3ei*cn jum ©c^u§ bor6ud^jtabirt I — 

3)rel langc 3^agc fci^Ieubcrt bad briillenbc ®cfc^u|) 
^innhtx unb i^cruber ben SDonner unb ben ©lift : 
3)rei ^^age ^alt ber ©))anier bem ?5rinjcn tapper ©tanb, ^ 
@dd ip torn ©pott DranicnS fein 2)^ut^ jur 3But^ entfcrannt 

Qlm toierten ttjirb ed anberd. ©c^ira^ ijl bie ©egennjej^t/ 
5)le Jtugein fllegen felt ner, bie aWauern werben leer. 
5)a jleigt in ^iV Dranien ^craB i}on feinem $;^urm, 
Unb fliegt ju feinen Jtriegern unb fii^rt fie rafc^ gum ©tunm 

Unb too bie geinbe toici^en, legt er bie Seiter an 
Unb flimmt mit feinen ^apfern empor auf fci^toanfer 93a^n; 
Unb wie er ^at getoonnen ber SKauer fleile ^if)\ 
S)a toinft er nad; ben ^6urmen, ba fd^toeigt fein %, 19. QL 

(Sd^ tommen ®nabc flei^enb bie toeifen «&errn ber ©tabt, 
Unb ©panien firecft bic SSaffen, toon langem ,^ampfe matt 
2tuc]^ nal^t mit biiflcrm 35litfe ber alte Sommanbant, — 
5)en nimmt ber ^ring tei ©eite unb fafit bed ©reifed «&anb: 

w3i^^t frei aud biefer Sefte! bod^ el^' i^r euci^'entfemt, 
®epe^t, edd ^at Dranien fein %. ©. 6. gelerntl — 
Unb, alter «&elb, oerjeii^et bent Jlnaben ol^ne 35art, 
Der, ©pott mit ©pott bergeltcnb, ein 51. 39. (&©(3&iift toarb V 

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174 Et'LtCTIC 

101. 9d5 Mtnbr Viofi. 

„©a0 ragt bort fiir em* Olocfcn^au* 
3m aiing beg WlaxM t)moxl^ 
2)6n Slug bed SBinbeg em unb aud 
«&emmt tt?eber %f)ixxjio^ $^or. • 

a:ntt SSolfalup ober ©c^recf en tin, »» 
SBenn biefe ©lode fc^attt ? 
Unb toaQ 6efagt bad $tlb Don @tetii 
3n ^o^er mof gejialt V — 

3^r feib bet erfle Srrembling ni^t, 
JDet na^ ben 3)m0en fragt 
SBad unfre (S^ronif babon \px\^t, 
&ti tctdtg eu^ gefagt. 
3)e« Unbanfd dtugcnglode })d^t 
5Da« eble aitert^um, 
Unb unfrer toadem SBSter^ ®eijl 
Umfd^ttjebt eS noc^ mit aiu^m. 

Unban! tear f(^on gu i^rer 3^lt 
S)et fc^nSbe ^o^n bet ®ert : 
a)rum ^at ber atltcn 33icbcrfe{t 
3)ie« ©d^rednif aufgejiellt. 
aSJer iener ©c^Iangc^ @ti^ mnpfani, 
Dcm tear bie SWa*t oei^iel^n, 
Cr fonnte jlradd m(t eigner 'ganb 
3)ie atagenglode jie^n. 

3)a fam, tvmxCB au^ 6et 0lad^t 0efc^al|^^ 
5)ie DStlgfcit ^erSei, 
Unb fragt' unb forfc^te, l^Jrt' unb fa:^, * 
ffiad f^itx su fc^Iid^ten feL 
3)a gait nic^t Stang, ba gait nid^t ®oIb, 
SRod^t'S t&err fein ober JTneci^t : 
S)ie (Rid^ter fpract^en, ol&ne <SoIb; 
gut icbcn gleic^eg gflec^t. 

101. ^"^ 

M. > 66.4. b^98. CK9.1. G. bL.87. «L.6.«. 


5)a UW t)\n ein Wtam, 

SSicl ^ab' unb Out getoann. 

aSott Sftcic^l^um jcugtc [cine Sjati^t, 

®cln better unb fein «&cerb ; 

«u(^ l^ielt cr ^c^ Sur Suit ttttb $ra(]^ 

aitt toun\)crfc3^Bnc« 5Pfett). 

einjl ritt« cr In bet IDSmmmmg, 
S>a jlurgtcn au6 bcm »6atn, 
«0Jlt SRorbgcfc^tel nnb 3:i9crf^)icun9^ 
®e(!^0 aUSuBcr ouf i^n cin.^ 
®eln ficben, urn unb urn 6cbr5ut, 
Jging nur an clnem «&aat; 
3)ot^ fclneS 8lofTc8 ©c^ncaigfcU 
entrif i^n bet f ®cf a^t» 

6« btoc^tC; ^0^ mit ®(!^aum iAcSt, 
3^n iDinbcnfrci natt; 'gaul. 
(gr brcltcte; jum 2)an! mwctft, 
S)eS JPferbeg S^ugcnb au3. 
dr t^at eltt ^ciUgcS ®clu6b' : 
flKcitt ©tjflmmcl foil f ortati 
3)ctt fcejlcn ^afet, ben e3 gttt^ 
Sid att ben Siob em^fa'^n. 

•SWeln ba0 gute $i:^iet toatb fratff, • 
SBatb ^eif unb la^m unb fcllnb ; 
Unb ben l^m angeloBten 3)an! 
aSergaJ fein ^m gef^iuinb. 
(Sr 6ot eg feil, unb toarb nid^t rot^, 
Unb iagt' ee ^att unb ffatt; 
ffijeil 0liemanb einen .&eaet :6ot, 
gRit S^Wgen au8 bem ©tatt. ^^^^ 

If. dL.28.8. eL.5.2. » « 12»- 

C. dL.a4.1«. €1,7.8. 'I^W- 


69 ifaxxtt fieien ®tunben long, 
@efen!ten «&au))td, am ^^ot, 
Utib kvenn ein ^titt im «&aufe Hong, 
@o f|)i^' ed fro^ bad D^r* 
S)ocl^ glance fc^on ber (Sterne $ra{^ 
Unt) S^temanb rief*d ^inein, 
l!ln)> ed bur^fc^Iief bte folte SRati^t 
9luf frofltgem ©ei^m. 

Unb noc^ am anbetn ^oge blteb 
3)cr ormc ®aul bort iie^n,B 
$10 i^n bed «&ungerd ®ta^e( trie^, 
9la6) fflafixmQ fort }u ge^n. 
^te ®onne flra^Ite ^ed, boc^ i^it 
Um^iiUte Sfinflerni^, 
Itnb er, ber fonjl gepiigelt fc^leri, 
(Sing fac!^t unb ungen?t§. 

(Sr ^ob imb f<^ob oor jcbcm Srltt 
®en rcc^tcn gup ijoran, 
Unb ^rftfte taflenb, ©c^rttt bor ©^ritt, 
a)le ©ic^^er^clt bcr 53a:^n. 
S)urc^ ade ©affen ftretfte fo 
9lm $oben ^in fein ^unb, 
Unb tin oerflreuted «&&lm(^en Stroll' 
9Bar if)m ein werti^er i^unb. 

@d^on oon bed «&ungerd tvilber 3Rati^ 
aier^e^rt bid auf d ©ebein, 
@eriet^ er einft um 3^ittemad^t 
3n'd ®Io(fen]^aud ^inein. 
(Sr fu^te gierig @&ttigung, 
(Srgriff bcr ©locfe^ Strang^ 
Unb [e^te nagenb fie in ®c^»ung^ 
3)afi fie bie ffladit burd&flang. — 

Den dlic^terni fc^oQ ber ahtf ind Dl^ 
®ie famen eilig an 
Unb boben ii^re »ganb' enHJor, 
5Kd flc Dcn ^lagcr f a^n. 

tf. fS14«.a. h|i28.1. «S1».«. a hL.47.8. iL.60.T. 


®te fe^rten nid^t mtt &tf)tx^ unb @))ott 
QnxM in ii)x ©emad^ ; 
®ie rtefen ^aunenb : d^ mar ®ott, 
2)et burc^ bic ©lode f^rac^ 1 

Utib auf t)en SSatft ge(at>en toart) 
IDer rcic^c aWann [ofort. 
©ctoecft com SBoten, fvtacl; er ^art. 
3^r trSumt I ipaS fotti i(^ bort 7 
\Bo ging er tro|(g; bo^ er tlanb 
3ur 2)emut^ fdjncd bcfc^rt, 
3tt3 er ben Jtrei^ ber Olic^tcr fanb, 
Unb mitten brin fein $ferb^ 

Aennt i^r bied ^efen? — l^ob bad «6au)>t 
3)er cblen Slic^ter an. 
JDeg Mend mar't i^r»^ langjl bcraufct, 
•&att^d ntc^t fo Ua'Q get^an I 
Unb ttaS ijl feiner ^ugenb 8o^n 1 
3^r gebt'd; o ^ann tjon @td I 
2)em sBetterfturm, bem ^Ubcnf)oi)n, 
S)em «6ungertobe :preid I 

2)ie ffliigenglocfe i^at getSnt, 
S)er ^lager ftei^et i^ier, 
2)urci& nid^td rairb eure 3:^at 6ef<^|5nt, 
Unb [o gebieten tt?ir : 
2)af i^r foglci^ bad treuc $ferb 
3n euem »&audjlatt fiit^rt, 
Unb bid an^ d^be vftegt unb nS^rt, 
SBie euc^; aid (S^riji; gebii^rt I 

JDer aieic^c fal^ nid^t toenig fc^eel, 
SBeil i^n ber <Spxvi^ oerbrof; 
5)oc^ fii^It' er feined Unbanfd ffe^I 
Unb fu^rte ^eim bad mo§. 

M. j|88.18. kfiMll. 1 P. 446. Note. 

a kL.42.3. IL.89.2. 



®o melbet e1)xiitff fur) utib t)Ian 
a)ie e^rontf ben S^erlauf, 
llnb 3um ®ebfic^tntB fiedte man 
9lac^^et bad @tem6ilb auf. 

8t 9. e. SAttgMs. 

102. ^ol^ais €^x^f9ftmnt Wolfimtg Jlnahis ^ojtrf, 
flel ben 17. 3anuar 1756 )u ©aljburg; ®o^n einel »&ofmujlfu«, 
foh^onirt mit fiinf 3a^ren, fpiclt mit fec^d neficn feiner ©d^trcflet 
^Ltia 'Hnna tn !0{uncl^en unD ^ten Stla\iitt, glan^t 1763 aid 
93irtuofe (auc^ auf bcr Drgel) in ^arid unb aScrfaiUeS, unb 1764 
in £onbon, bebicirt aid ac^tja^riger Sompontfl fec^d ®onaten bet 
.Rofiigin iM)n (Snglanb ; fd^rctbt aid )ti7olfia^rigcr eine Dptt fut 
^aifer 3ofcpl?, birigirt in fflien ein Dffcrtorium uon flc^ 1768, 
unb tvirb in Stalien angeflaunt 1769, oom $avfi gum Slitter bed 
golbenen ®pomd ernannt, unb fe^rt aid a^itglieb ber -iUcab. ^^ils 
l^otmonica }u ^^ologna ind QSaterlanb inxnd 1771,Teirt abermald 
nac^ ^Jarid 1777, fe^rt na(^ ©aljburg :^eim, fc^reibt bic Dptx 
3tomeneo fur ben Sli^unc^ner Samebal un\) fe^t fld^ in SBien 1781 ; 
fc^reibt, im ©routigamdttanbe mit 6onflan|e SBebcr, feine „^ts 
fu^rung aud bem derail" 1782, unb fiir bie «6^men ben „Su 
garo" 1786, ben „3)on 3uan" 1787, bajwifc^^en gal^lreic^c ®os 
naten, Sonjerte unb @t|^m^)^?onien: "Cofi fan tutte" 1790, unb 
tva^renb feiner lejten ^ranf^eit bie „3au6erff6te" unb ben„5!itud'' 
1791. ®eft, angeblic^ itber feinem. dlequiem gu SBien ben 
5. £)ec. 1792, nac^bem er eine Sa^edmeifierfiede in $arid mii 
3000 il^alern audgefc^lagen, unb mit 800 ft. ©e^alt gu SBien, in 
biirftigen Umfl&nben, geblieben. ^er mitgeti^eilte iBrief li^t einen 
fBM in bie @c^5^fungdmeife bed ©eniud t^un. 

9rirf 0||Bf 9tAnm. 
— \lnb nun fomme id^ auf ben atterfd^toerflen flhinft in 3^em 
IBrief, unb ben ic^ lieber gar fallen lief, toeil mir bie Seber filr fo 
irad nic^t su SBillen i9. ^Ser i^ wid ed boc^ i}erfuc^en, unb 
foUten ®ie nur etn^ad gu lati^en barinnen finben. 9Bie nSmli^ 
meine ^rt ifl 6eim (S^xdUn unb SludarBeiten bon grofien unb 
berben ®a(^en7 — SRamlic^^ ic^ !ann baritSer tvai^rlid^; nic^t me^r 


nut) fann auf treiter ntd^td !ommen. SBenn i^ tec^t fitr mic^ bin, 
unb guter ^tnge, ettva auf Sfietfen im SBagen, ober nac^ gutet 
Q^ai^l^eit bcim <Spajlercn, unb in beri^ati^t, ipcnn i^ nic^t fd^lafcn 
fann, ba fommen mix bte ©ebanfen firomkoeid unb am beflen. 
S&o^n unb ane, bad toetg i(^ nic^t, fann aud^ ntti^td ba^u ; bie 
mix nun gefaden, bte bel^alte i^ im ^o^f unb fumfe fie wo^l an^ 
DOT mici& ^in, wie mir 5lnbere luenigflenS gefagt l^aben. «&alt Ic^ 
nun fejl, fo fSmmt mir balb @ind nac^ bent ^2(nbem hti, tooin fo 
ein ^rocfen ^u brau^en n^&re, urn eine ^aftttt baraud ju mac^en, 
nad^ Sontra^unft, nac^ StlatiQ ber berfci^iebenen 3nflrumente )c, 
S)ad er^i^^t mir nun bie ®ee(e, trenn id^ n&mlid^ nic^t geflSrt 
ujerbe ; ba toirb ed tmmer grower, unb ic^ breite ed immer n^eiter 
unb :^etler au8, unb baS SDing toirb im Sto^^ toa^rli^ fajl fertig, 
toenn ed auc^ lang i% fo ba^ ic^'d i^ernad^ mit einem ^licf) gleic^s 
fam trie ein fc^ined ^ilb, ober einen ^itbfc^en Sttenfc^en, itn ®eifl 
iiberfe^e/ unb ed auc^ gar nid^t nad^einanber, tvie ed l^ernac^ foms 
men mufi; in ber ^inbilbung ifht, fonbern trie gleic^ ^ded jus 
fammen. 2)ad ift nun ein (Sd^maud I ^ded bad {!f ihben unb 
SBac^en ge^t in mir nun luie in einem fd^Bnen jtarfen Jlraum cor. 
5lber bad Ucberi^6ren, fo 9Wed jufammen, ijl bo^ bad befle. SBad 
nun fo geirorben i% bad oergejfe ic^ nic^t fo leid^t ujieber, unb bad 
ijl toiefleidl;t bie befle ®abe, bie mir unfer «6err ®ott gefc^enft f^at. 
SBenn id^ ^ernacb einmal gum ©d^reiben fomme, fo ne^me id^ aud 
bem ®acf meined ©e^irnd, luad border, tuie gefagt, l^inein gefam* 
melt ijl. JDarum fommt ed l^emac^ aud^ jiemlic^ fc^ned aufd 
papier, benn ed ijl, aic gcfagt, eigentlid^ fd^on fertig, unb iDirb*^ 
and) felten biel anberd, aid ed corner im Jtopf get»efen ijl. 3)arum 
fann t<^ mic^ auc^'beim ©d^reiben jlSren lajfen unb mag um mid^ 
Iberum SKand^erlci Dorgel^en, ic^ fd^reibe bod^, fann auc^ babei 
<)Iaubem, nSmlid^ t3on «&ii^nern unb ®5nfen, ober tom ®retel 
uttb ©firbel u. bgl. ®ie nun aber fiber bem Strbeiten meine 
@ad^en fiberl^au^^t eben bie ®ejlalt ober SRanier anne^men, bafi 
flc a^ogartifc^ jlnb, unb nid^t in ber 9Uianier eined Unbern, bad 
toirb l^alt thtn fo guge^en, tt?ie bag meine 0lafe eben fo gro§ unb 
l^eraudgebogen, ba^ fie SJ^ogartifcb unb nic^t »ie bei anbern iBeuten 
getoorben ijl. 2)enn iCi) lege ed nic^t auf bie SBefonberl&eit ati^ 
b}figte bie meine anci) nic^t einmal nd^er gu befc^reiben ; ed ifl ia 


aber tDol^I bIo§ mtM\^, ba$ ^ie Scute, ^ie tDixtii^ tin ^udj^l^eit 
l^abrn, au(^ berfc^tcben bon einanber audfc^en tcte Don Su^m, fo 
Don 3nncn. SBentgfiend toet§ i^l/ ba$ iti^ mtr bad dint fo kcentg 
aid bad 'Knbere gegeben l^abe. 

fDamit laffcn @ie mic^ and fut immer itnb etvig, beflei: ^eunb^ 
unb glauben ®ie ia ni^t, ba$ td^ aud anbern Urfac^en obbred^e, 
aid tttil id) nic^td koetter tcetf. @te; ein ©ele^rter, bUben f!c^ 
nlc^t ein, wit fauer mir bad fc^on geirorben ijl. 5tnbern fteutcn 
tciirbe tc^ gar ntci^t gcantirortet ^aben, fonbem gebad^t . • « 

3n iDredben tfl ed mtr nic^t befonberd gegangen. ®ie glauben 
ba, {!e fatten no(^ ie|t ailed ®ute, toeil {!e oor 3^iten manc^ed 
®ute ge^abt f^aben. dtn t^aax gute £eutc^en abgerec^net, tougte 
man ton mtr faum lead, au^er ba$ tc^ )u $artd unb IBonbon in 
ber Jtiifberfap))e Son^crt gef:pielt f)aht. 2)ie O^er f^aht i^ nic^t 
gebSrt, ba ber «&of im @ommer auf bem Sanbc i% 3n ber Stix^t 
lit$ mit^ 01aumann eine feiner S^effen i^dren ; fie tt^ar fcb&n, rein 
gefii^rt unb breit, aber toie 3^r (5. f<)rlc]&t : „t bigli fu^lig/' etiua 
toie «&affe, aber o^ne «&affend Seuer unb mtt neuerer fiantilena* 
3^ ^abe ben «&enen »iel torgefpielt, aber toarm fonnte i^ i^nen 
ntcbt mac^en unb auger HBtfc^i SBafc^i l^aben ^e mir fein SBort 
gefagt. @ie batea mtc^ aucb Orgel }u f:|)ielen, (Sd finb uber bie 
SWagen i^enlic^e 3nflrumente ba. 3ci^ fagte, toie ed toa^r ifl : 
ic^ fei auf ber Orgel trenig geubt, ging aber boc^ mit il^nen 3ur 
itirc^e. IDa aeigte ed ffd^, bag fie einen anbern fremben J^unfller 
in $etto l^atten, beffen 3nflrument aber bie Drgel »ar, unb ber 
mi(^ tobt f^ielen foQte. 3(^ fannte ii^n nic^t gleic^, unb er f^telte 
ed fe^r gut, aber o^ne Diel Origineded unb $t>antafie, ^a legte 
ict;'d auf biefen an, ttnb na^m mtc^ titc^tig ^ufammen. ^tma09 
bef^Iog id? mit einer ^opptlfuQt, ganj flreng unb langfam ge« 
fptelt,bamtt tc^ aud!am, unb fie mir au^ genau burd^ atle@timmen 
folgen fonnten. 2)a toor'd aud. 9liemanb toollte mel^r baran* 
5)cr «&affler aber (bad aar ber Srembe, er ^at gute ®a(!^en in bed 
t&amburger 33a(^ aWanler gefc^rieben), ber tear ber 3!reul&erjigflc 
toon ^Qen, obgleic^ i(t)'^ eigentlici^ i^m berfe^t l^atte. (Sr f^rang 
toor Sreuben l^erum unb tiJoCite midj immet fa^tn. JDann Ueg er 
flc^'d bei mir tm ®afl:^aud u?o^I fein; bie Anbern bepre^irten 


abtx, all i^ fie freunblid^ Hi, tcorauf ber ntuntete •^SffTer ni^t9 
fagte, aU : 3:aufenbfa|)^crment I 

•&icr; befter fftcunb unb ©inner, iff bad 33Iatt balb oott; ble 
Slafc^e 3^re$ 5Bcinc8; blc ^eutc reic^cn muf, balb Icct ; fc^ ))aht 
aber fett bent ^n^altungdbrief um meine Srau Beim @cl^n7teget« 
^a}^a faum einen fo ungebeuer langen $rief gefd^rteben. 0lid;tl 
bcr ungut I 3c^ mu§ im dleben unb ®c^retben bletben tvie ic^ 
bin, ober bad Sl^aul l^alten unb bie 3^ber u^egaerfen. 9^etn le^s 
ted 3Bort fott fein : aSein atterbefiet Sreunb, bc^alten <Sie mid; 
Ikh. D ®ott, fonnte ic^ 3^nen boc^ nur einmal etne ^reube 
mat^en, nne @ie nut gemac^t 1 0lun, i^ fltnge mit ntir felbfl 
an ; SSioat mein guter, treuer • • • ^en. 

103. Cdrtftl^tr ||fUeHfliiit||. 

„®t^\ Victor, fu^T ben 53if^of m, 
(^ff fic^ bad 33olf a^fttcut ; 
3Serleugnen muf er SffentUc^ 
@ein K^tiftent^um noc^ i^eut I" 

2)er $Pr&tor rief d, ber Slctor ging; 
Unb ^olpcarV erfc^ien ; 
Unb n^anft, auf feinen @taf> ge^iij^t 
©ctroft sum JRit^tftu^l ^in* 

®ein ©ilbcr^aar, fein milber ^M, 
@ein «&tmme( im ©effect 
mf}xt bid lu 3:^ranen ©rcid unb Jtinb, 
mf)xt nur ben Orator ni^t. 

5)er *&eibe f^jri^t : „^tfagc laut 
aDem S^riftenglauben ^ier 1" 
/,*off' aaed fonji/' wfefet ber ©reld. 
^^^lur bad i^off' ni<^|t bon mir l" — 

„Unb fc^ttSrfl bu bic^ jur ©tctte nlci&t 
ajon beinem Sefud lod, 
@o fc^ii^et bi^ bein ^Iter ni^t, 
(So ift ber 3:ob bein £ood," 



93on 3efud, metnem <&erm ; 

Unb kvenn iti^ fur t^n fttxhm vx\x^, 
©0 ftert' ic^ fur i^fu gern." 

„93erblenbcter, crbllcf jl bu bort 
3)eii ©cf^citerbaufen nic^t V — 
„<$tetn ©ti^etterl^aufen fc^recft metn <6er}.. 
SBenn @ott gebeut unb $flt(^t/' 

;,®o biif c benn fur bcincn %x^^ 
3m Seuertobc bort. — 
®t\ff Victor; fc^le^^)' il^n ungefiumt 
Sum ©c^clter^aufcn fort." 

2)er £ictor ri$ i^n ungefaumt 
Bum ©c^citeri^aufm :^in, 
Unb banb i^n an ben 9^arter))fa^( 
Unb fc^lug mit Sfauflen t^n. 

0^0(1^ etnmal fc^^adt'd bom $rStorftu]^l : 
,,©c^a5r' bid& Don 3cfu Io3 1" 
if^tin V rief ber frommc "gerod laut, 
,;(g^'r fei bcr Sob mcln »oo3 1" — 

2)cr ^Jrator toinft, bn Sictor Icgt 
S)ie $a(fel l^afltg an, 
. Unb aud bem «&oI){lofl tobem f^ned 
S)te gflammen ^oc^ l^tnan. 

©titt bulbcnb, jie^t ber ®xd9 am 3)fa^l, 
Umfpru^t Don Slammenglutl^ ; 
©tia bulbenb, blicft er i^tmmttoartd 
Unb jiirbt doQ -^elbenmuti^* 














/. . 

feminine gender. 


imperfect tenae. 



masculine gender. 


neuter gender. 







V. a. 

V. a. 4 n. 
V. aux. 
o. wnpm 
V. tr. 
V. n. 

H. K. 

a. o. 

active verb, 
active k. neuter Ttrbk 
auxiliary verb, 
impersonal verb, 
irregular verb, 
neuter verb, 
reflezite verb. 
"New Metbod.** 
** Shorter Oourae.** 

gi^ Slb'falten, v n. tr. to fall oflf; de- 

sGrt r6Volt 

«b, adv- of, off, from, fro, down; s[^/gebeV v. a' tr. to deliver, give 

— unb ju, to and fro, off and ^p . represent ; be fit for ; fur- 

jon ; auf unb — , up and down. ^jgj^^ constitute. 

Slb'arbcitcn, ». a. to work off; wear 51^/gtunb, m. 'Zi,pl -griinbe, abyss, 

out ; V. r. to work one's self • • 


9(b'bred3en, v, a, ir. to break off, 
pull down. 

9libsc'fd)ufc m. abecedarian, prim- 

5lb^altenj v, a. 4* ^' *^' ^ ^^^^ 

off, keep oS, hinder, prevent. 
fRB'^angen, v. n. tr. to hang down ; 

— \>on . . ., to depend on. 
SCb'^dngen, v. a, ^. to take off. 

5l'oenb, m. -«, ;?Z. -e, evemng; eve; §ib/^angigfeit, /. -, pZ. -en, slope- 
west, Occident ; — ^btob, ». sup- jj^gg . declivitv ; dependence, 
per ; evening-meal ; — mal^licU, 5ij,'^elfen, «. a. ir. to help down ; 
/. supper ; —tot^; n. — rot^e;/. remedy; remove; correct. 

evening-red, evening-sky. 
Sl'bcnb6, adv. in the evening. 
Sl'benteuet,. n. -«, ;?/. -, adventure. 
§l'bcr, again, but, however. 
Sl'berglaube, m. -n«, superstition. 
Si'bermat & ^'bermal^, adv. again, 

once more, anew. 

Slb'laufen, v. a. 4- n. ir. to run off, 

obtain by running; depart; 

end; expire. 
9[b'legen, v. a. to lay aside, put 

down ; give ; cast off. 
Slb'lefen; v. a- ir. to gather, pick 

off, pluck off; recite; read 


ab'fal^tt,/. jdZ. -en, setting out, de- 5Cb'matten, v. a. to harass, weary, 
parture ; offing. tire out. 


184 3(6t * 3(ba 

Stb'mefTen, v. a, ir, to measure ofif ; SlB'tragen, o. a. tr. to wear out, 

survey; proportion, adjust; pay* 

judge by. ^ 5lb'tre!6en, v. a. tr. to drive off, 

$(b'ne^men, v. a. 4" '^^ *^- ^ take drive away, force off. 

off; pluck; perceive, observe ; Stb'trocfnen, v. a. cfn* to dry up; 

diminisb, decrease. wipe dry ; grow dry. 

Slb'nu^en, V. a. to use ; waste, wear Slb'ttdgen, v. a, ir. to weigh; level. 

out. ^Lh'tDaxUn, v. a. to wait for. 
Slb'rdumen, v. a. to remove, clear W)'rowcU, adv. downward, down- 
off, wards. 
Slb'recbneii, v. a. to abate, deduct ; %Vm%, m. -ti, pi. -e, by-way, by- 

except, settle. road, by-path. 

Slb^vechnung, /. pi. -en, discount ; Slb'iDeic^en, v. n. tr. to deviate ; 

settling accounts ; account. digress ; vary. 

Slb'reifen, v. n to depart, set out- Slb'ioetfen, v. a. tr. to refuse, re- 

Stb'reif en, t7. a. ir. to pull off, tear ject, dismiss. 

off; break off. 9U)'n)erfen, v. a. ir. to cast off, 

$lb'rtd)tenj^ v. a. to level, adjust ; throw off, knock off. 

dress, teach. 9(b'ioefenb, adj. absent. 

3lbfdicuUid), adj. abominable, de- S(b*tt)efen^eit,/. absence. 

testable. Slb'wiegen, see SLbtoagcn. 

5(bfd)i'cfcn, v. a. to send off, dis-' Slb'jie^cn, v. a. ir. to draw off, 

patch. pull off; 4istil ; strap or shar- 

?lb'fd)ieb, m. -ei^pl -e, dismission, pen. 

discharge ; departure ; fare- fXVpg, m. - 1€, pi. -gfige/ retiring, 

well ; leave. marching off ; deduction. 

5(b'fdMjfen, r. n. to set sail. Slcabcmic', /.^. -en, academy. 

$lb'fd)Iaden, v. a. ir. to beat off, $ld), int. ah f oh 1 — ia I alas ! 

cut off ; refuse. SldJt, adj. eight. 

9lb'fd)neiben, v. a. ir. to cut off, Stcifet,/. ban, outlawry ; In — ncl^* 

clip, pare ; amputate. men, to tJike care of; fid) tn — ^ 

Slb'fenben, v. a. to send away, dis- ne^men, to be on one's guard, 

patch. to be cautious. 

Slb'fe^en, v. a. to set down ; de- Slcd)t, adj. genuine, real, authen- 

pose, dismiss ; sell. tic ; lawful, legitimate. 

9lb'ji*t, f. pi. -en, view, design, Sld)'ten, v. a. to regard, attend to ; 

purpose, intention, aim. value, esteem. 

8lb'ji|en, v. a. 4* n. ir. to pay off 5ld)t'ung, f, esteem, regard, re- 

by imprisonment, alight, dis- * spect. 

mount. 9(d)t'jc^n, adj. eighteen. 

^h'\iii)cn, V. n. ir. to stand off; Sl&t'gc^njdljrtg, a^/.eighteen year^ 

desist ; yield up, resign. old. 

Slb'jielgen, v. n. ir. to descend, 9l*t'gig, adj. eighty. 

dismount, put up. 9[ed)'jen, v. n. to groan. 

Stb'ftreiden. v. a. ir. to strike level; 5lcf 'et. m. -«. pi. 2le(f er, field ; acre, 

wipe off; strap. -mann,see5lcfer0mann;-«mann, 

Slbt, m. -e0; pi. 3lcbte, abbot. - m. pi. 5l(fer«leute, tiller, hua- 

9(b'tbun, 17. a. ir. to take off, put bandman. 

off ; settle, arrange ; lay aside. Wt>am, m. Adam 

mxi XnB . 185 

Wt>tl, m. -i, nobility, nobleness. SH'itt, adv. too, too much. 

91 belbert, proper name (of a man). ^U, cony, than, but, when, as, 

Sl'beUber^, n. proper name. like ; except, besides ; namely. 

Sl'ber, /. yl, -n, vein, artery ; jur SlUbalb', adv, immediately, di- 

— laffin, to bleed, to let blood. rectly, forthwith. 

9(b'ler. m. -0, eagle. $l(dbami', adv. then. 

Stbmiral', m. -0, ;?/. >rdle, admiral. ^I'fo; adv. thus, so, in this man- 

$l'ocIp^. Adolphus. ner, so far ;. consequently, 

Slf'fe, m. -n, »/. -n, monkey, ape. therefore. 

Slf'fectation,/. affectation. Sll'febalb; see 9(l«balb. 

$lf'ter. m. -d, chiefly used in com- ^l\, adj. old, ancient, aged. 

position, inferior, not genuine, ^I'tatt, m. -^i, pi. -t, balcony, 

counterfeit, bastard. platform. 

9ll)u, m. pi. -en, ancestor, fore- 9lltat',Wtar,m.-e«,p/.-t&re, altar. 

father. %\'izx, n. -6, age ; old age ; anti- 

5l()u'ben, v. a. to resent. quity. 

81^'uen, V. a. to have a presenti- Sll'iertljum, n. -e#, pi. -t^flmer, 

ment of; ed a^iit mtr, I forebode. antiquity. 

Sll^'nung, /. ;i/. -en, foreboding, 9lll'frdnfifd», adj. old-fashioned. 

presentiment ; -d^raueub, pre- 9(U'tDtn, m. Alvin. 

sage-dreading. 9(U'mebifd), ^U'odterifd), see 9(11^ 

Sle^'re,/. jd/. -n, ear of com. frdnfifdj. 

Slc^tenfelb, n. harvest-field. 9lm, contraction of an bem. 

Slfabemie', /. pL -en, academy. Sl'meu, int. amen. 

9ll'bern, arf;. silly, awkward, 8lmc'cifa, n. America. 

foolish. 5lm'mc, /. pi. -n, nurse, wet nurse. 

9ll'brecl)t, proper name (of a man). Stmt, n. -e6, ;?/. Stemter, charge, 

9W, (aller, aUe, aUe«) «<(;. all, eve- office ; service. 

ry, any ; whole ; -ge'gentodrtici, SlemtAen, dim. of Stmt. 

adj. omnipresent ; -macbt, /. 9ln, pre. at, in, on, by, to, unto, 

omnipotence ; ~md(bti<), adj. al- with, up, about, against. 

mighty ; -tdglidJ, adj, daily, 9(natomi'rcn, anatomize. 

every day ; -gu, adv. too, very. Slu'bciu, m. -c«, pi. -e, cultivation,, 

^(lein , adv. alone, only; conj. but. culture, settlement 

SlUemal', adv. always ; ein fur — , Sln'baucn, v. a to cultivate, settle. 

. once for all. 5(n'beten, v. a. to adore, worship. 

SlUeman nen, an ancient people or 5ln'bietin, v. a. ir. to offer, proffer. 

tnbe in Germany, Allemani. ^n'bmben/ v. a. ir. to tie, fasten, 

Sll'lent^alben, adv. everywhere. bind. 

Sll'Ier, see 91U. Sln'blicf, m. -ti. pi. -c, look, view, 

SlU erl^aub, SlU'erlei, adv. of all sight, aspect 

sorts, of all kinds, various. $ln blicf en, %ya. to look at, glance at. 

SlUenjei'le, adv. just, now. Sln'brcAen, v. a. ir. to begin to 

SlUgemetu', adj. universal, gene- break ; v. n. ir. break forth ; 

ral ; generally, universally. dawn, begin. 

SlUmd^'uc^ & aUmd'Ug, adj, <^adv. Sln'bringen, v. a. ir. to bring in, 

by degrees, by little and little, bring on ; put forth, propose. 

gradually. Stn'brud), m. -ed, bresdc, aawn* 

^i'peu, high mountains, Alps. beginning. 

186 Sng 9nm 

%nfbad)tf. pi, -en, devotion. 9(n'gTi|f, m. -e0, pi. -e, ittack, as- 

9lubdd)telei',/ false devotion. sault; charge. 

^u'Deuffn, n. -«, pi. -. remem- Stmjft,/. ;?/. 9leiig|ic, alarm, anx- 

brance, memory ; keepsake. ietjr ; fear, 

ttn'oer (ter, bte, ba^ Slnbete), o^;. Sleng'i'tigen, v. a to alarm, torment. 

second, other ; tttoae Slnbered, ^engfl'lid), adj. anxious, timid, 

som^hing else. careful. 

Hcn'terii, v. a. to alter, change- fKn'^aben, v. n. ir. to have on, 

Clu'De i, adv. otherwise, else. wear. 

Slii'bcuten, V' a. to signify, notify ; $ln'^aUen, v. a. 4* n. tr. to hold 

intimate. to ; hold, halt, stop ; restrain ; 

Slii'crfeunen. v- a. if . to acknowl- persevere, continue ; solicit, 

edge, to own. petition, sue for, ask for. 

Slii'fatjren, v. a. ^ n. ir. to carry 5Cn'^altung, /. solicitation, peti- 

near, carry up ; land ; drive at, tion. 

arrive ; ride along. ^n'^auAen, v.a to breathe at or on. 

9(4i'faUen, v. a. ir. to attack, as- Sln'^eben, v. a. df n. ir. to lift up ; 

sault. begin. 

Slu'faitg, m. -e«, pi. -f&nge, begin- Sln'^cifd)!^, adj. bound by pro- 

ning, origin. mise, pledged. 

SCu'faiigcn, v. a* ir. df n. to begin, Stn'^o^e,/. pi. -n, rising ground, 

to go about, do. hill, elevation. 

9(n'fdngU(fo, adj. beginning, ori- 9(n'fltiigen, t?. n. to begin to sound, 

ginal ; adv. in the beginning, to touch the glasses {in drink' 

at first. ing healths). 

Stn'fangd, adv. in the beginning. Sln'fommen, v. n. ir. to arrive, ap- 

Stu'fajfeu. V, a. to lay hold of, seize; proach, advance ; e^ f ommt auf 

touch ; fid) — , to hold firmly, @ie an, it depends upon you. 

fig. be firm. ' 9ln'fitnbti|en, v. a. to announce, 

$(n'^eben, v a. to implore, be- declare. 

seech. . ^n'funft/. ar^val, coming. 

5ln'fuUen, v. a. ir. to fill up. Slu'lagc, /. pi. -n, capital, stock ; 

$lu'^eblid), adj. pretended, report-' talent, gift of nature ; dispo- 

ed, it is said. sition, nrst beginning ; design, 

^(n'ijc^en, v. a. ir. 4" n. to advance, plan. 

concern ; begin. 9(n'Ianben, v. n. to land, come to 

Stn'^c^ovcn, v. n. to belong. shore. 

Stn'geloben, t;. a. to vow, promise 9(n'(angeii, v. n. to arrive; concern. 

solemnly. Sln'Iegen, v. a. df n. to put to, put 

Sln'gemeffen, adj. conformable, on, put against ; place, found, 

suitable, agreeable, fit. establish ; attribute ; take aim. 

§lu'gene^m, adj. agreeable, plea- Sln'majen, v. r. to usurp, pretend, 

sant, acceptable ; sweet. presume. 

Slu'gcjicbt n. -e«, pi. -n, face, Sln'metbcn, v. a. to announce, in- 

countenance ; air, look. form of, give notice of. 
9(u'gretfen, v. a. ir. to touch, take ^n'mntf), f. pleasantness, grace- 
hold of, attack, assail. fulness, charm. 
$(n'9Tensen, v. n. to be contiguous, ^n'mutf}69oU, adj. graceful, 

border upon, adjoin. charming. 

Sfnjl ^xi 187 

^n'nmt^ooU, gee 9lnmttt^0))on. ^n'ifft'H, m. -etf, f/. -e, »aare, por- 
Slu'na,/. Anna. tion/part. 

$lenu'(l)en, (/i/n. q/'^inid. 9(n'tl)uii, v, a, tr. to put on; in- 
Slu^ie^nien, v. a. ir. to take, ac- flict, dress, do. 

cept, receive ; fig. ' assume. ^nt'U(^. n. -etf, pL -t, face, coun- 

suppose ; engage ; v. r. (eiiier tenance. 

^adir) to interest one's self in $(n'traufn, v. a. to marry. 

or for, care lur. Sln'trejfen, ». a. tr. to meet with, 
9ln'uc()mli*fcit /. pi, -en, accep- find. 

tableness; agreeableness, plea- Sln'treiben, v. a. 4* n* *^- ^^ drive 

santness, delight. on, push on ; urge on ; come 

$ln nod), adv, as yet. driving, drift. 

Slu'crbnunj^, /. yl, -en, ordering, Slnt'rwort /./»/. -en answer, reply. 

disposition, arrangement. Slnt'ivcrten, t;. a. to answer, reply. 

$ln'rebe, /. pL -n, address, ha- $ln'vertrauen, t;. a. to entrust to, 

rangue. confide to. 

Sln're^eu, v. a. to accost, address. S[ii'»eni>anbte, m. 4"/- pl» '^* rela- 
^n'riditen, v, a. to prepare ; dress; tion, kinsman, relative. 

make, do, cause. Slii'tueifen, v. a. ir, to show, ap- 
Sln'rucf en, v. a. df n. to bring near point, direct. 

to ; approach, draw near, ad- gin'wenben, v, a. ir. to employ, 

vance. make use of, lay out ; apply. 

Slii'rufc n, V. a. tr. to call to, in- Sin'werbcn, v, a. ir. to levy, enlist, 

voke, implore ; urn «6ulfe — , to recruit, woo. 

caU for help. Sln'roefenb, adj, present. 

Sln'faijen, v. a. to say, declare, sinrtoo^ner, m. J, next neighbor. 

notify. .■,,,. Sln'jaM./ number, Quantity. 

Sln'iel^en, t;. a. tr. to look at, be- ^tn/Jefgen, i,. a. to inform ; adver- 

hold, consider, regard ; n, -6, ^^g^ announce ; denounce ; in- 

reputation, authority. ^j^^^^ . g^ow. 

5ln'te9nli(b,.<wy. considerable, im- « , .^ * * 4^„^ «.^ 

portant. Sln'jctteln, t;. a. to contrive, pro- 

an'fe^ung,'/. consideration ; in —, ject, plan. 

in regard of, wiih respect to ^''^''^''''''''t' T^.^T^f^^^^^ 
r ° ' *^ put on, get on ; attract ; mter- 

an'feten,' v. a. 4 n. to set to ; fix, ^ ^s^' ^ interesting. 

appoint ; run for a leap ; begin. ^In'jug, m. -e«, pL -juge, drawing 

Sln'fpru*, m. -ed, «Z. -fvrucDe, claim, ^ near, approach ; dress, attire. 

pretension, title. ^n'jiinben, v. a. to hght, kindle. 

Sln'ftanb, m. -e«, pi -ftdnbe, gen- Slp'fel, m. -«, ;>/. 9le»fel apple. 

teel behaviour, deportment; Sl'p^ori«mu«, m. pi. ^i^ovimzn, 

hesitation. aphorism, 

gtn'jidnbig. adj. rtftcent, becoming, 5(ra'bien, n. Arabia. 

proper, agreeable. Sl'ram, proper name. 

Stnftatt', pre. insteaa, in heu of. Whtit, /. pi -en, work, labor, 
Sln'ftaunen, v. a. to gaze at. task ; performance ; trouble, 

an'fiimmen, v. a. to tune, sound. 5lr'bciter, m. -«, workman, laborer, 

Wn'jirengunQ, /. pi -en, exertion, Str'beitfamfcit / laboriousneM, 

efifort. ' industry. 

188 «ttf «uf 

Sler'jjer, m. -«, rexation, anger, 9luf^entJiaIt m. stay, sojourn ; 

provocation. sidence ; stop. 

5lei'ijf tUch, adj, vexatious, angry. Sluf'faljren, v. a. 4* «• if' to as- 

9(et gem, v. a. to vex ; v. r. tiber ft* cend, rise ; start up suddenly. 

tvad.tobe vexed at, offended at 9(uf'fangen, v. a, ir. to catch up^ 

^x^'wct}n, m. 'i6. suspicion. intercept 

9lrm, cuij. poor, indigent. Sluf'forbetuiig./. pi. -en, summons^ 

Slrm, m. -r^, pL -e. arm. challenge. 

3lrmfc'. /. pi. -ti, army. Stuff u^reu, t?. a, to raise, erect ; 

9lcr'mel. m. -^, sleeve. represent, perform ; v. r, be- 

9(fnn'U(b, adj, poor, miserable. have. 

SU'mutb,/. poverty, want. Sluf'gabe,/. o/. -n, problem, ques- 

9(r(,/. /)/. -rn, species, kind; pro- tion; task, theme. 

priety ; eiiijig in feiner — , uni- 9luf 'gang, m. -ed. pi. -gdnge, rising, 

que. ascent. 

$(rtl)ai"a|Va, proper name {of a Sluf'geben, v. a. ir. to give up ; set 

vwn). a task. 

Slr'tig flrf;. pretty ; clever, polite, Sluf'gc^cn, v. n. tr. to rise ; open. 

agreeable. Stuf'i^eben, v. a. ir. to raise up, pick 

^xti'td, m. -if article. up, take up ; save ; abolish, 

Slrj^enei', /. pi. -en, medicine, phy- cancel, annul; finish, conclude. 

sic. (Kuf i)oren, v. n. to cease, discon- 

%x\{, m. -ii, pL Slerjte, physician, tinue. 

doctor. 9luf 'f Idrung,/ pi, -en, clearing up ; 

Slf'jt, proper name, enlightening. 

9i% m. -ed, pi. ^^ejle, bough, arm ; Stuf iacl)en, v- n. to break or burst 

branch. out into a fit of laughter. 

Wti)im, m. 'i, breath, respuration ; 9(uf lauent, o. n. to lie in wait, lie 

-led, adj. breathless. in ambush, waylay. 

Sle't^er, m. -i, ether. 9(uf' (ofen, v. a. to dissolve, resolve, 

Slt^'men, v, a, dp n. to breathe, melt; analyze ; solve ; t;. r. dis- 

respire ; exhale. solve, melt 

S(uc^, conj. also, too, likewise, Stuf'lofung,/. pi. -en, dissolution, 

even. solution. - 

Slu'e,/. pi. -n, meadow. 9luf' mad)en, v. a. to open; v. r, to 

^uf, /7re. on, upon ; in, at, to, up. get up, arise ; set out. 

Sluf'beljalten, v. a. ir. to keep on, Sluf'metf fam, arf;. attentive, mind* 

reserve. fuL 

91uf'bcn)al)icn. v. a. to keep, lay up, §luf' merffamfeit /. pi -en, atten- 

save, preserve. tion, attentiveness, mindfiil- 

9(uf'blafen, v. a. ir- to blow up, in- ness. 

flate, open by blowing. $(uf'ne^men, v. a. ir. to take up : 

Sluf olu^eii, V. n. to begin to bloom, survey, measure ; receive ; e« 

blossom; flourish. mit einem — , to enter into a 

51uf'bveitcn, v. a. to spread upon, contest with one. 

stretch out Sluf'opfent, v. a- 4- y. to sacrifice. 

9liif'bru(b, m. -briidbe, break- immolate, fall a sacrifice. 

ing up ; setting out, departure. Stnf'pflan^en, v. a. to plant upon j 

SUif'Ddmmeni v. n. to dawn. mount ; to set up. 

9uf 9[ud 189 

Slupredbt, adv. upright, erect. 5(uf wedFcn, v. a. to wake, rouse. 

Stuf'rcibcn, v. a, ir. to rub open, 3luf'njerfcn, v, a. ir, to throw open; 

destroy. throw up ; Jig. to raise. 

Sluf'reifeu. v. a. <3f n. ir, to tear Sluf jei*ncu, t>. a. to draw ; note, 

open, throw open, pull up ; write down- 

burst. Sluf'jelibnung,/. note. 

Slut' i*^* if"' V. a, to raise, set up, 3luf'jUyV m. -i«, »/. -juge, show, 

erect ; w. r. to get up, rise. pomp ; act ; for '^'\l\^. dress. 

Slufrid^tig, adj, candid, genuine. 5lii'gc, n. -t, pL -n, eye ; bud ; * 
Sluf riUjr. m- -eef, uproar, insurrec- point ; -nblicf , m twinkling ; 

tion, rebellion. moment ; -nbllcfUcb, adj. in- 

Sluf'fcliaupn. v. n. to look up. stantaneous, instantly. 

9luf'f*icben, v. a. ir.fig. to defer, Sleu'ijelelu, Slpug'lein, dim. o/'Sluge. 

delay. Stii'gujl, m. August. 

5luf' fcljlac^ m. -e«. pi. -fcbldc^p, fa- 9(u«, pre. out, out of, from, of; 

cing ; rising in price, advance. by ; on, upon ; in ; adv. over, 
9(uf' (itlaoien. v. a. 4* ^* ^^* ^ P^^ out, at an end, finished, ended. 

up, turn up. Sfue'arbeiteu, v. a. to work out ; 
Sluf'iitliegen, v. a. tr. to unlock ; elaborate ; perfect, complete. 

disclose ; unfold. Slne'bejTcni, v. a. to mend, repair, 
Sliif' I'dnib, m. -e«, delay, adjourn- patch, refit. 

ment. Slue'bilten, v. a. to cultivate ; ac- 
5(uf'f(l)ti?uitg, m. -e«, p/. -frfjtrunge, complish, perfect ; improve. 

elevation. Slue'orechen. vt a. ir~ to break out, 
Sluf'fel)er, m. -^.pl. -, overseer, in- break loose, burst out 

spector, warden, guardian. 9lii6'oreiten, v. a. to spread, ex- 
5luf'fpcrveii, v. a. to open wide- tend ; enlarge, divulge. 

Sluf'llecfeii, v. a. to set up; to hoist. Slue'brucb, m. -e«, pi. -brfldje, 
5l)if'jleb^"' V, a. ir. to arise, get breaking out ; eruption. 

up ; be open. 5(u6'brutcn, v. a. to brood, hatch ; 
Slnf ftetc^en, v. n. ir. to mount, as- breed, contrive. 

cend, rise. 9(u6'ocrrcn, v. n. to dry up. 

Sluf'ftpUcn, v. a. to set up ; put up. 5lu^'i>vucf. m. -f«, pi. -briicfc, e7- 
Siuf fudjen, v. a. to seek out, look pression. 

for, search for. Slu^eiuaii'ber, adv. asunder, divid- 
$iuf'tl)uii, V. a. ir. to open. ed, separately ; apart. 

5iuf'tritt m. -e«, pi. -e, step (of a Slag'forbcrn, v. a. to bring or get 

coach) ; appearing, entering, up or out. 

scene. 9lu6'fiif)ren, t?. a. to lead out ; carry 
5luf' roadifen, v. n. ir, to grow up. out ; export : fig. to perform, 
Sluf'wavten, v. n, einem — , to wait execute. 

upon,to serve; to pay respects Slue'fu^vuttg,/. leading out, per- 

to one ; eincm mit et\va€ — , to formance, execution ; practice. 

help one to something. Slue'^^ang, m. -e^, pi. -gauge, exit. 
Sluf a>drt6, adv. upward, upwards, issue, event, result 

up. Slue'gelviffen, adj. extravagant, 
9luf tt^ariung,/. pi. -en, waiting, at- wanton. 

tendance ; visit ; fcinc — ma* 9(u^'gejeid)nei adj. djf adv. distin^ 

c^cu, to pay one's respects. guished, excellent, greatly. 

100 a[ufi 9ud 

9i\\^aUtn, V, a. 4- n- ir, to hold Sleu'f ere (brr, bte. hae) adj. out> 

out ; last, persevere ; suffer, ward, exterior, external ; n. 

endure. outside appearance ; exterior. 

Slue'fcmmcn, v. n. ir. to come out, 8lu'Rerl)alb, pre. 4" adv. abroad, 

get out, abroad ; have enough, without, out of, beyond. 

reach, make do. 9leu'Ser(id\ adj. exterior, external, 

^(ud'Lid^fn, V. a. to laugh at, outward. 

deride. 9ieu'$ertl. adj. utmost, extreme, 

IHue'laiifeii. r. n ir to run out ; exceeding, last ; auf bae — t, to 

set sail, get under sail. the utmost. 

IHue'lofdvn, v. a, to extinguish, 9(ue'fe|^en, v. a. to set out, put out, 

quench, expunge, efface ; v. n. expose ; appoint, determine. 

to be extinguished ;fig. to die. 9lud'tt(^t/. pi. -en, view, prospect. 

Slue'inaduMi, v. a. to make out ; put 9lue't>ainten, v. a. to stretch, 

out ; settle, determine. spread. 

Slue' .abme /./>/. -en exception. ^w'iipcitn, v. a. ir. to spit out; 

Sluc'nrbmeii, v. a. ir. to take out ; vomit. 

except. 9lud'|prf*en, v. a. 4* n. ir. to pro- 

91u0'piejfen, v. a. to press out, ex- nounce, utter ; express. 

tort. Slue'fpmd), m -f«, pi. -fprudie. sen- 

Slue'rr ibon. v. a. ir. to rub out, rub tence, judgment, verdict, de- 

away, wipe out. cision. 

Slui^'niKii, V. a. ir. ta call out, cry Slue'flf^'"» v. a. djcn. to stand out, 

out, exclaim, proclaim. endure, bear ; serve. 

Slur'ruben, v. m 6f r. to rest, re- Slutf'fterben, v. n. ir. to die away ; 

pose. become extinct. 

91 uo 'n't It en, v. a. to fit out, equip ; ^ud'i'trecfen, v. a. to stretch out ; 

furnish ; arm. extend. 

9lue'faen, v. a* to sow. Sluft'er, f. pi. -n, oyster. 

$lue'fauflpn, v. a. ir. to suck out ; Slud't^fcllen, v. a. to distribute, 

exhaust, drain ; fig. enervate. spend ; administer. 

^lue'fctH'Ueu, v. a. ir. to chide, 9(u6 itbeu, v. a. to exercise, prac- 

scold. tise ; execute. 

Slue'iduiifcn v. a. to pour out; 9lu6'n)al;l,/.^/. -en, choice, selec- 

retail, sell by retail. tion. 

9lu«'f(lHarten v. a. ir. to beat out, Slutf'warten, v. a. to wait to the 

strike out ; decline, reject. end. 

5lu*'fdnv»eifuHj^, /. jd. -ciu extra- Slu^'weid^en, v. n. ir. to give way, 

vagance, digression, debauch- turn aside ; evade, avoid. 

ery. Slue'roenbig, ado. by heart, by rote. 

9lu0'fc()f n. V. a. 4" n. ir. to see to Slutf'wetfen, v. a. ir. to cast out ; 

the end ; chose out ; appear, put aside, reject. 

look. 5lu«'i|ei(bnen, v. a. to mark out; 

Slu'pen, adv. out, on the outside, distinguish, signalize. 

«vithout, abroad ; »on — , from 5lu6'jie^en, v. a. 4" «• *V. to draw 

without. out ; extract ; march out ; set 

Ku'BvV, pre. df conj. out of, with- out ; v. r. tr.'to undress one^i 

out*; besides, beside ; except, self; pull off. 

unless, save. $(uei'ju j, m. -e6, pi. -jfige, march« 

fBax ^et> 191 

ing out ; removing, removal ; Sar'tig, adj. bearded. 

extract, epitome ; drawer. JBa'rudb, proper name' 

^t,f. pL %cxti, axe, hatchet ^ataittcu' n, -i, pi. -e, battalion. 

^ SBatteric', /. pL -en, battary. 

^* Sban, m. -t^.pl -e (SBauten), build- 

^aar, see Q3ar. ing ; fabric, construction ; edi« 

^vid), m. proper name. fice ; culture. 

Q3adi, m. -e^, pi, ^ad)e, brook, riv- Sau'en, v. a. 4* ^* ^ build ; cul- 

ulet. tivate, till ; work ; raise : rely. 

SBvib, n. -f«, pL 33dber, bath ; -ott, ©au'er. m. -6 (-n), pL -n, peasant, 

m. bathing-place, bath ; water- farmer ; ^mann, m. country- 

ing-place. man. 

93a'ben, v. a, < bathe. ©auiU; m. -ti, pi. S3dume, tree ; 

^a{)n,f.pL -en, pathway ; career, beam ; bar, pole. 

course. $ca(l)'ten, v. a. to mind, consid- 

IBa^'nen, v. a. to beat a path, make er, observe. 

level. SBeant'roortf n, answer, reply. 

©al)'te./. pi, -n, bier, hearse. ©cbau'en, v. a. to build upon, 

33alcou', m. -i, pi. -«, balcony. cultivate. 

^a(b. adv. soon, early, nearly ; Sdi^ben, v, n. to tremble, shake. 

almost ; now, then. ^eblu'men, v. a. to cover with 

©all'm. -c«, pi, SBdUe, ball. flowers, to flower, 

©al'f am, m, -«, pi, -e, balm, bal- 53e'cl)er, m -«, cup, goblet. 

sam. 33ebd(t)'ti3, 33ebd*t'lict), adj. con- 

Q)aub. 71. -ed, /)/. iBdnber^ ribband, siderafe, deliberate, circum- 

ribbon, string. spect. 

JBau'bc,/. pi, -11, gang, set, band. S3ebe'cfen, v. a. to cover, shelter. 

93viu'&igen, v. a. to tame, break. 53eben'fen, v. a. ir, to consider ; 

^au'ge; adj. df adv. anxious, reflect upon, mind, care for, 

afraid ; e^ tji mtt — urn ... tor think of. 

... I am afraid of . . . Q3f benf'licbfeit, /. pi, -en, doubt- 

^an'i^eu. v. imp. to be afraid. fulness, scrupulosity, nicety. 

JBan'gigteit, /. anxiousness, anx- ^Bebeu'ten, v. a. <5f n. to give to 

iety. understand, inform, set right ; 

Q3anf,y*.^/. S3dnfe, bench, seat; signify, forebode. 

(p/.$anfen) bank, public banks. 93ebie'ncn. t?. a. to serve, attend; 

53aii'uer. m. -«, pi. -, banner. v. r. to serve or help one's self; 

ftJan'ner, proper name {of a man). make use of. 

5Bar, adj. in cash, bare, naked ; QJebin'gung. /. pi, -en, condition, 

-e6 (^elb, ready money ; specie. stipulation, clause. 

S3dr, m. -en, pi. -en, bear. Sebrdn'gen, v, a. to press hard, 

5iarbar', m. -en, pi. -en, barbarian. distress, vex, afflict. 

58dt'bc(. dim. or nickname for S3ebrdng'uig, n. orf. -ffc«, pi. -ffc 

Barbara. grievance, affliction, distress 

S3arbicr', m. -ei. pi -e, barber. 93ebrdu'en, see ^Bebroljen. 

iBavmf)er'jig, adj. merciful, char- JBebur'fen, v. n. ir. to need, want, 

itable. 53€burf' nl$, n. -ffe^. pL -ffe, need, 
^arnU)er'jl9f eit, / mercy, charity. want, necessi ty, necessary, re- 
dact, m. -e0, pi. 50drte, beard. quisite 

192 8eg «e^ 

©fbfirf' tl(j. adj. wanting, indigent, Sege ^en^ctt / pL -en, adventure, 

destitute. event, occurrence. 

93ern>fn, JBeeii'btgen, v. a, to end, S3e9fn'nen, v. n. to meet ; happen, 

terminate. befall ; prevent, anticipate ; 

S.^€fV'biijeu, V. a. to inter, bury. treat. 

93fei'c«iiiung./. pL -en, interment, S3e9e'6en, r. to commit, per- 

burial. petrate, celebrate. 

IBi fan'()f II, adj, disconcerted, con- SSei^e^ ren, v. a. to desire, request, 

fused, embarassed, biassed; demand. 

oppressed. ^fBegei ^ern, v. a. to inspire (with) ; 

^lU'M'. m. -e^, pi. -t, command, animate. 

order, charge, injunction ; -<* S3cgei'jlerung,/.;>/. -en, inspiration^ 

baber m. commander. ecstasy, enthusiasm, 
il'ffil.'lfn, V. a. »r. to conunand, SBegier', /. 3Jegier'be, /. pL -n, de- 
order, charge, desire ; com- sire, concupiscence, eager > 

mil, commend. ness, greediness. 

Jbcfcl'l.i^eii, V. a, to command, ©e^le'ri^, adj. desirous, eager 

order. greedy. 

SBcfi'iiiijen, v. a. to fasten ; JBegiii'nen, v. a. 4- ». »r. to begin , 

strengthen ; fortify. do ; undertake. ^ 

JBcjiii'tcu, V. a. ir. to find ; think ; SBeglei'tcu, v. a. to accompany ; 

r. r. ir. to be. conduct, convoy. 

JBifiit 'Ikh, adj. being, to be found. SBeglei'ter, m. -«, pi. -, companion ; 

a3cfli'cfe«, V. a. to blot, stain; attendant, follower, guide. 

pollute. ©eglurft', adj. fortunate, happy. 

93.fd'^cn, V. a. to foUow, obey, OJegua'fcigung. /. pi. -eii, pardon. 

observe. - „ . grace, favor. 

JBiTcl'gung, / ;,/. -en, followmg, sBe^nfl-gen, ,;. r. to lie contented, 

obeymg, observance. satisfied 

a|cfvaA'reu, v. a. to freight, load. vBegva'beu. v. a. ir. to bury, inter, 

a^ma'j^en, t;. a. to ask, examme. sBegrab'nig. n. -iTe«. pi. -ffc, burial, 

©t'fici'eiw r. fl. to free, release, {y^nersl; tomb, grave. 


JBcfrd'utuv/. ;,/. -en. deUverance. ^^^''^'^'l' «• «• ^'-^ to understand, 

S3cfrcmben, v. imp, to appear apprehend, conceive 

strange, wonder at. SSegriff, m. -e*, pi. -c, conception, 

SBrfvem'&enb, a3ffrembnid), adj. notion ; idea ; im -e fein, 10 be 

strange, surprising. about, be upon the point. 

S3cfrciin'bcn, v. a. to befriend, S3egrii'6en, v. a. to greet, salute. 

make a friend. ^SegiinTtigen, v. a. to favor. 

SBefric'bigpnb, adj. satisfactory. ©egunjl'igt, adj. favored. 

S3efrie'bigung, /. pi. -en, content- S3e^a'gcii, v. imp. to please, like, 

ing, satisfaction ; appeasing. delight in, suit. 

JBefuvi'teii, v. a- to fear, appro- JBe^al'teii, t'. a. ir. to keep, retain. 

hend. liBe^an'beln, v. a. to treat, manage, 

93cgan'gen,/rom Q3ege^en. handle, use. 

SBege ben. v. r. to betake ; fid) feis 93c^aup'ten, v. a. <Sf r. to assert, 

lied Sted^ted — , to forego one's affirm ; maintain ; keep one's 

right. ground, keep the field. 

$ef SBer 198 

SSer^enb' or ©e^eii'be, adj, agile, ©cla'ben, v, a, ir. to load, burden. 

quick, nimble. 33ela'9eni, v. a. to besiege ; beset. 

^e^err'f*er, m. •?, pi -, ruler, Seta'gprunj^, /.;>/. -en, siege. 

governor ; master, lord. ©eKiTteii, v. a. to burden. 

53tl;eijt', adJ, courageous. ^ele'ben, r. a. to vivify, animate, 
93e^u'tcn, v, a, to guard, watch, enliven. 

keep. 93f Iclj'reu, r. « . to inform, instruct^ 
53et)ut'fam, adj. circumspect, cau- advise. 

tious, careful. S3elci'tigen, v, a. to offend, insult, 
93ei pre. at, near, beside, by, on, injure. 

upon, to, in; ui the presence of. S3elei'biger, m, pi. -, offender, in- 
^e.'t.ii^cn, V. a. ir. to bring near, suiter, injurer. 

bring forth, produce ; admi- 3:^eleud)'ten, v. a. to illuminate 

nister, apply ; to impart, sug- light at ; examine. 

gest. 93eliibf, adj. pleasing, in favor. 

93i rce, adj. both, two. ffierien, r. n. to bark. 

33ci'fatl, m. -cd, applause, appro- SSeluyuen, v, a, to reward, remu- 

bation, assent ; — gebeti/ to as- nerate. 

sent, applaud. ^emad)'tii^en, v. r. to seize, take 
53i'i'fi.mmcn, v. n. ir. to come at, possession of; usurp 

get near, get at ; equal. ^eman'neu, v. a to man, equip 

©I'll. n. -e^, pi. -c, hatchet, axe. 93emerleii^ v. a. to mark, observe, 
Q5eiu, n. -e^ pi. -t, leg; bone- perceive, note. 

©cina'l;e, adv. almost, near, near- S3eniu'^cn, v. a. to trouble ; v. r. 

ly. to give one's self trouble ; take 

S?ei'iviel, n. -e«. pL -e, example, pains ; endeavor, try. 

instance ; pattern ; jiini — , for 5BcnnVi)im(^,/. pi, -en, trouble. 

example, for instance. SBenbd'dnr, proper name. 

33ei'§en, v. a. cj- n. ir. to bite. 93ene^'men, v. a. ir. to take away ; 
33ei'ftanb, m. -ed, assistance, sue- deprive of ; v. r. ir. to behave 

cor ; assistant. one^s self, demean one's se'/; 

93ei'rtcben/ v. n. ir. to stand by ; n. -«, conduct, behavior. 

assist, help S3cne'^en, v. a. to wet, moisten. 

58ei'ftcuer,/. ;?/.-n, contribution. ©ec'bodUen, v. a. to observe, 
SBefannf, adj. known, acquainted watch. 

with, intimate, familiar. SBec'bacbtung, / pi. -en, observa- 
58ifann'te, m. 6f f -u, pi. -n, ac- tion, observance. 

quaintance. 93e\)an'jern, v. a. to dress in ar- 
©ffeu'reu, v- a. to convert. '■^ mour. 

JBcfla'v^en, v. a. to commiserate, ^^v^fx^V, adj. convenient, suit- 
lament, pity ; v. r. to complain. a?. #, fit, comfortable, easy. 

S3efom'men, v. a. ir. to get, ob- S3c^ c; %u, v. r. ir. to consult with, 

tain, receive. advise. 

33cfrdfti3cii, v. a. to strengthen, S3cr..u K?u, v- a. to rob, deprive. 

confirm. SBcvau fd>en, v. a. to intoxicate. 

aSefreuVn, v. a. <Sf r. to cfross. 5Bered/nen, v. a. to calculate, com- 
JBefum'mern. v. a to grieve, 'af- pute 

flict, trouble ; v. r. to meddle 33crccl)'tii;en, v. a. to entitle, giv0 

with. a right, authorize. 


194 Sef SBef 

©ererfen, v. a. to travel over, ©efcbei'bcii^elt /. modesty, dis 

journey over, frequent, visit. cretion. 

©ctfit', adj. ready, prompt, pre- 93ef(i)el'nen, v. a. ir, to shine upon, 

pared. • ^Bffdjcn'fen, v. a, to make a pre- 

I93erci'trn, v. a. to prepare, make sent of; cr befd>enfte t^n, he 

ready. made him a present. 

©rreild', adv. already. ©efdiie'^eu, v. a. ir. to shoot upon, 

Sbereit'fd)aft, /. readiness, prepa- cannonade, bombard, 

ration. ©efd)lie'f en, v, a, ir. to close, de- 

JBercit'roiUrg, adj. ready, willing. cree, determine. 

95erg, m. -e«, />/. -c, mountain ; S3efd>luS', m. -ffe«, /?/. -fcblujfe, 

-mann, m. pi. -leute, miner ; close, conclusion ; determina- 

-ttjcrf, n. mine. ' tion, decree, resolution. 

Sdn'^m, V. a. ir. to save ; conceal, ©cfdjnei'den, v.air. to clip, prune. 

SBcri*'ten, v. a. to relate, report. JBefcbo'iiigen or SBefc^o'ncu, v. a. to 

SBcrie'd>en, v. a. ir. to smell. color, palliate. 

Sicrn'burg, profer name (of a 93ef(bri i'ben, «. a. »>. to describe- 

place). SBcfdjrei'Oung, /. />/. -en, descrip- 

JBet'ften, v. n. ir. to burst, split. tion. 

ibevuf, m. -cd, pi. -c, call, cadling, 93ef Au'^en. v. a to shelter, pro- 
vocation ; office. tect, defend. 

SJcru'fen, v. a. ir. to call ; con- JBefdwev'bc /. pl.-n, trouble, hard- 

voke, summon ; appoint to an ship, grievance, 

office ; V. r. ir. auf etu>a6 — , 93ef(^n?6'ien, v. a. to take one's 

to appeal to. oath upon, confirm by oath. 

!Beni'l)eu; v. n. to rest, rest upon ; conjure, exorcise. 

depend on or upon. ©efee'len, v. a. to animate ; en- 

IBeru'l)ii^eu, v. a. to quiet, calm, liven. 

appease, comfort. ©efe'Jjen, v. a. to set with ; bor- 

©eru^mt', adj. famous, renowned. der, trim ; occupy, garrison. 

©efa'^en, v. a. to say, mention ; ©efeuf'jen, v. a. to sigh at, bemoan, 

prove. ©eftcb'tigcn, i?. a to inspect, sur- 

S3ef*a'bigcn, v. a. to damage, hurt. vey, examine- 

93f fd^d'bigung, /. pi. -en, damage, ©efie'cjcn, v. a. to overcome, van- 
hurt, (juish, subdue. 

SBcfdjaf'fentjeit, /. pi. -en, condi- Seitn'^en, v. a. ir. to sing, cele- 

tion, quality, state, nature. brate by song. 

©efd^df'ti^en, v. a. to employ, Seftn'nunf^, /. recollection ; con- 
busy, occupy. sideration; senses. 

SBefd^df'tigung. /. pi. -en, occupa- ©ejijj, m. -e^, possession, 

tion, business. ©eft'^en, v. a. ir. to possess ; en- 

93efd>d'men, v. a. to shame. joy. 

53cfd>au'eu, v. a. to look at, be- ©eji'^er, m. -d, pi. -, possessor, 

hold, view ; contemplate. S3efou'ber, adj. particular, pecu« 

JBefd^eib', m. -e^, pi. -e, answer, liar, special, 

rescript, return, order, infor- S3efon'bei()eit./. pi. -en, particu- 

mation ; sentence. larity, peculiarity. 

SBef*ei'bcn, adj. modest, discreet, ©efon'berd, adv. particularly, in 

moderate. particular 

Set 9eU9 195 

Scforg'niJ, f. pi -ffc, fear, appre- SBet^'etn ©abot, proper name [of a 

hension, care. man). 

©cpfer, adj, 4* <idv. better. JBcttacb'ten, ». a. to look uj)on ; 

53ef' forn, v. a, to better, improve ; behold, contemplate ; reflect, 

repair, amend. consider. 

JBeffiTuug. /. pi. -en. improve- QSetrad^'iung, /. pi -en, contem- 

ment, amendment ; recovery. plation, consideration; medita- 

©eftanb'. m. -ei3, pL -ftdnbe, con- tion. 

tinuance, duration ; stability, ^ctta'gen. v, a. tr. to amount to ; 

consistence * state. v, r. ir, to behave one^s self, 

93etld!i'oic?, ady. constant, conti- conduct one's self ; n, -i, be- 

nual, steady, durable. havior, conduct, demeanor. 

SBeiid'ti^cn, v. a. to confirm, cor- ^cttei'beu, v. a. ir. to drive upon ; 

roborate; ratify. urge; pursue; manage, carry 

Seftc (bet, bie, bad), adj, best : auf« on. 

— , best of all ; ju i^rem *:Bejlen, S3etrc'ten, v. a. ir, to tread upon, 

in your behalf; for your good ; s^®P upon. 

er \)ikt e« i^um iBcfteii be« vStaafc« 53etro]'feu,a4?'. struck, perplexed. 

gctjan, he did it for the public ®etiu'beii, v, a, to trouble ; afflict, 

good of the state. grieve. 

SBelU'oeu, t,. a. ^ n. ir. to under- ^^^^'^"i^^' ^^{- affliP^ed, grieved ; 

take, stand against; endure, me kncholy, sad. 

consist of, be composed of; in- «f "'f "' t; a tr. nncn urn etruad, 

sist, persist, stand. ^^ ^^^^^1 ^^^^^^^ «^» J^^^^^^^e J 

ca c^ t . ^ , V. r. tr. to be disappomted. 

SBeftei'geii, t;. a, xr, to ascend, q3ettfi9'(id).flrf;-.deceitful,de4usory. 

mount. J3^,jj ^ ,^.^5 . ^^ bedside ; 

*oe|tel'leu. ». a, to arrange, exe- channel ^ 

cute ;yf^. fein «au« — , to pre- $8ett'*en, j^m. o/Q3ett. 

pare for death. ^Qg^/j^i^ ^ .^ t^^j^ ^^^3 _,„^„„^ 

JBeitanuiig./. ;,/. -en, bespeaking; ^. beggar ; -ftab, m. beggary, 

order ; commission ; appoint- mendicity, poverty. 

ment. J8et'telii, ». ». to beg, ask alms. 

^el im'men, t, a to fix, determine.'ler, m. -d, pi- - beggar. 

SBcnmimt', arf^. fixed, appomted, ^^eu'gen, v, a, 6c r. to bend, bow; 

determined, positive, certain ; ^^ ^^ humble. 

precise. QSeun'ru^lgen, r. a. to disquiet, 

iBeftim'mung,/. pi. -en, determm- trouble 

ing, determination ; destiny $8^,,^, 3. * . ,w «rw. 0/ bictcn. 

IBeftur'men, t,. a, to storm, assault; ^,^ii,/pi .„, booty, prey. 

importune. sgeu'tel m, -«, ;e^/. -, bag, purse. 

53efud)', m. -e«, ;?/. -e visit ; fire- ibc'oering, proper name, 

quenting, company. JBetJor', adv. before, previous to. 

JBefu'chen, v. a. to visit, see ; fre- JBcoorTlei^en, v. n. ir. to impend, 

quent ; go to see. be imminent, be about to occui 

53ctdu'bung,/. pi. -en, deafening; or take place. 

stunning, astonishment, stupe- ^cn>a'(t)en, v, a. to watch, guard. 

faction. I^eroajf' ncn, v. a. to arm. 

©i^'ten, V. n. to say a prayer, pray, ^etoa^'ren, w. a, to keep, pro- 

196 33ie 9(a 

senre, guard from ; ®oti f>ts a shed or stand for bees, an 

irabre ! God forbid ! No such apiary ; -iiftocf^ m. bee-hive ; 

thing. -wjelle, /". cell ; -njud)t,/. ma- 

sBtivab'ren, v, a, to verify, prove ; nagement of bees. 

confirm. ©icii'lein, dim, o/J8iene. 

93c»c'j)eii, V, a, to move ; stir, 93ier, n. -c«, pi, -e, beer. 

raise, excite ; induce, touch. 93ie'ten, v. a. ir. to bid ; offer, prof- 
93cn); 'i^uiuj. /. pi. -rii, motion. fer ; bte @pi)^e — ^. to make head, 

iBftt»eie', tn. -fee. pL -fc, proof, evi- oppose. 

dence, argument. $ilb« n. -t^,pl. -er, image ; figure; 
SBeirei'iVii, v. a, eiitem rhoad, to portrait, painting, picture. 

prove, demonstrate ; show. Sil'^ett, v. a. to shape, form, 
93 1 w i U 'f cmtiinen, r . a. to welcome. fashion; cultivate, civilize, im- 
^cUMv'ren, v. a, to efifect ; efifec- prove. 

tuate, bring about. ^il'outig. /. pL -en, formation ; 
$3fn>ir't(;en; v. a. to entertain, treat culture, civilization ; learning; 
^mvct) nen, v. a. to inhabit. accomplishment. 

^nvclj'ner. m. -d, pi. -, inhabitant, Sil'lig. adj. equitable, just, right; 

lodger. cheap. 

93ptt)uu'betn, t?. a. to admire. ©il'li^fcit, /. equity, justness, 
iBe^Pun'terndwertt), ^eiruii'berntf^ fairness; cheapness. 

tvurbii), adj. admirable, won- ^iu'ceu, v. a. ir. to bind, tie, fas- 

derful. ten; unite, 

©oiinni'berung,/. pi. -en, admira- 93iu'iieu, pre. within. 

tion. Sdin'\e,f. pi. -n, rush. 

93eu>uiib'rung€tt>urbig, see ®ett)um ^tr'feufelb; proper name (of a 

beru^tt»urbii^. place). 

©m>upt', adj. known; conscious ©ir'ne,/. ;?/. -n, pear. 

of; -fcin, n. consciousness; 'Bid, a</t;. 4* ^''^y* till, until, up to, 

conscience. to ; — an, — auf, to, even to ; 

SBe)ai)'len, v. a. to pay. as far as. 

^rgau'beru; v. a. to charm, en- $id'd)en, n. -6, little bit, pittance ; 

chant. ein — , somewhat. 

lEBfj^eicb'nen, v. a. to mark, point ^ii'li, see $id(t)en. 

out, signify. JBi'fcbcf, m. -e«, pL -f*6fe, bishop, 

^egtu'c^eu, V. a. to bear witness, ^id^er', adv. hitherto, till now. 

attest, testify. 93iji, 2. pers. sing* of <Sem. 

©ejle'beu, v. a. ir. to cover ; take 93 ^wci'lcu, adv. sometimes. 

possession of; draw, receive ; ^it'te,/. pi. -«, request, entreaty, 

V. r. ir. to refer, allude. petition, suit, 

©ejujin'^en, v. a. ir. to overcome, 93iKten, v. a. ir. to beg, pray, re- 
vanquish, conquer. quest, entreat, solicit ; invite. 

93i'kr, m. -d. pi- -, beaver. 93it'tcr, adj. bitter, sharp. 

93if'ber, adj. upright, honest, S.t'tcrlid), adj. somewhat bitter, 

brave ; -fcit. /. honesty, up- bitterly, bitterish. 

rightness. 93ld'^en, v. r. to show pride, 
IBic'wteu, V. a. ir. to bend, bow, boast. 

curve ; decline. 93laut adj. blank, bright, polish« 
SBic'ne, /. jL -u, bee ; -upanb, m. ed ; naked, bare. 

mt) Sri 197 

©latt, n. -e«, ;»/. JBldtter, leaf; Q3o]^ ten, o. a. to bore, to drill ; in 

blado ; journal ; breath. ben ®runb — , to sink. 

lBldtt'*eiL *^ldtt'lein, dim.qp^{att 53ombarbi'ren, v. a. to bombard. 

Slau, adj. blue ; n. -6, blue. QSoiil, proper name (of a man,) 

©Idu'li*, adj. bluish. 93oot n. -e^, /?/. -c, 236 te, boat. 

SBlei'beii, r. n. tV. to remain, abide, ^erb, m. -e6, ;?/. -e, board ; shelf 

continue, persist, persevere ; - brim ; brink. 

be left ; perish, be lost ©crbitcn, v. a. to lace, trim, 

^(eid), adj. pale, wan ; faint,faded. ^crbi'rt, adj. embroidered, laced. 

SBlen'bcu. v. a. to blind ; blindfold; 53cr'9cn, v. a. to borrow. 

fig. to dazzle. Sdoxn, m. -ed, pi, -c, spring, well, 

f8i\S, m. -e^, pi. -e, look, glance. fountain. 

53U'(fen, w. n. to glance, gleam, ©orn'lein, rfim. o/'33orn. 

view, look. 5Bof te,/. pi, -n, border ; lace. 

93nnb, adj. blind. 936'fe, a/(;. <!ji'adv. bad, ill, wicked. 

S8Uub'l)eit,/. pi. -en, blindness. ©o'fewictit, m. -e«, ;>/. -er, villain. 

S31inb'i(n90,a^(7. blindly, blindfold, ^oaija^ adj, malicious, wicked, 

S3li^, m. -e«, j[>/. -e, lightning ; mischievous. 

flash of light, glance ; -fd)uell, S3o'tt\ m. -n, pi. -n. messenger. 

aif;. swift as lightning. ^lac^'te, see ^ringen. 

SBli'^en, v. n. to lighten ; flash. ^ra'uia, m. Brahma, 

©(erf i'len, V, a. to blockade. 93ra'me, m. priest of Brahma. 

S3lo'be, adj, dim-sighted ; weak- S3rami'ue, see 23rame. 

sighted ; bashful, shy. 93ranb, m. -e«, pi. ©rdnbe, burning, 

©(o'fcn, V. n. to bleat; low, bellow, ©ranbeuburger, Brandenburger. 

f&Ui & bled, adj, naked, bare ; ©rannt'iDein, m. -ed, pL -e, brandy. 

mere ; barely, only. 93ra'ten, v. a. ir. to roast, fry ; m 

93l6'f e, /. pL -u, nakedness, bare- -i, pi -, roast-meat. 

ness ; unprotected part. ©rau'd^cn, v. a. to want, need ; 

IBlu'^en, V. n. to bloom, blossom, require ; use, employ. 

flourish. 93rau'cr, m. -6, pi, -, brewer. 

S3lu me,/, -.pi, -n, flower : -nfran§, 93raun, adj. brown, dark*^- . 

m. wreath of flowers, garland. 93rau'fen, v, n, to rush, roar; snoct' 

S3litt, n. -c6, blood ; -glerig, adj. ferment. 

sanguinary, bloody-minded; 53raut, /.;>/. 33rdutc,bride, 

-f*ulb./. capital crime. SSrdut'igam, m. -^, pi. -e, bride- 

53lu'ten, v. n, to bleed \fig. to pay groom. 

for. $ra)>/ adj, brave, valiant, honest. 

S3lu't^e,/.-,jp/.-n, blossom, bloom; 5Bre'd)en, t7. a. 4" ^ t^* to break ; 

-rclc^, flowery, abounding in burst. 

flowers. ©celt adj. broad; large, wide 

S3(u tig, adj. bloody ; fig. cruel. fid) — mad)en, to strut, boast. 

93orf, m. -zi, pi. SBorfe, buck. Q3rei'te,/.;}/. -n, breadth ; latitude, 

©o'ben, m. -6, pi. ©oben, ground, ©rei'teii, v. a- to spread, extend. 

soil ; bottom ; loft, garret. 23ten'nen, v. a. 4* n. ir. to burn ; 

S3o'i)en, m. -i, pi. -, bow; vault; scorch, parch; distil; brand; 

sheet (of paper). sting, 

©o^'me, m, -w, Bohemian. S3rlef, m. -e«, pi. e, letter ; epistle, 

©ol^'men, n. -^^ Bohemia. ©rtu'geu; v. a. ir» to bring, carry, 

198 as fit Cla / 

convey; urn ettoai — , to deprive ^urg, /. jd, -tn, castle, citadel. 

of; an ben Xaij,— to bring to light. SJur'j^cr. m. -9, pi. -, citizen. 

JBrc'ffen. m. -d. pi -, crump ; mor- SSuffcfre, m. -n, pi. -n, fellow, 

sel, fragment, scrap. companion ; boy, lad, youth. 

93 ret n. -a, pi. -e, bread ; loaf. iSu'fen, m. -€, pi. -, bosom, breast; 

58 ret. see 'l^rct. bay, gulf. 

JBru'rff. / pi, -II, bridge ; shelves. IBH*"' »• <!. 4" '•• *o P^J ^or, atone 

tBru'tfr. m. -e, pi. !^ru^e^, brother. for, expiate, suffer ; fcine 2ttft-, 

53ru'cerlic^, arf;. brotherly, frater- to satisfy one's desire. 


SBtiil'len, V. n. to roar; bellow, low ^ • 

S^nnu'mca, v-n to law, hum; growl. SaBlnet', n. -f<, ;?/. -e, cabinet, clo- 

sBruji'ueii m. -^,p/.-, well, spring; set. 

fountain. Gamcrab', m. -en, pi. -en, comrade, 

* 93riuin, Brunn. fellow, 

©riift. /. pi. iBrujle, breast, chest, ^antile'na,/. song, ballad, music. 

bosom. (Sapel'Ie,/. -.pi. -n, chapel, 

©rut, /. brood, hatch; firy, ^opell'meifier, m. -«,/>/.-, director 

spawn ; in compounds , brood, of an orchestra. 

brooding, setting ; $rutvd9e(, @a))itatn, see (Scipitdn. 

setting birds. (Sapitdn, m. -i, pi. -d, captain. 

IBnVtou, V. n. to brood, hatch. (Sar'ne»al, n. -^, pi. -3, carnival, 

JJ3vut Ijeunc. /. pi. -^ii^ner, brood- carnaval. 

hen. ^atl, see Jiarl. 

5Bu'be, m. -n, pi, -n, boy, lad ; (Sa'iimtr, proper name {of a man.) 

knave, villain. 6a»aKerle'/ cavalry, horse. 

JBud\ n. -e«, pi. 33uAer, book. , (Seremonlc',/. pi. -en, ceremony. 

JBudi'fc. / pi, -n, box, case, pot, (Sf^aCfe,/ -, pi. -n, chaise. 

rifle-gun. 6^a'oJ, n. chaos. 

©ucb'ftabt*, m. -n^, pi -n, letter, Sf)araf ter, to. -«, p/. -tete, charac- 

character. ter ; title. 

93uAM"tabi'ren, v. a. to spell. (S^imd're,/ p/. -n, chimera. 

53ud>'n?eljen. m. buckwheat. G^lo'oewl^. m. proper name. 

Q3iVcfeii, V. r. to stoop, bow. 6^or, m. <}• n. -e«, pi. S^ore, cho- 

93iVj^cl. m. -d, ;?/. -, bow; stirrup. rus, choir. 

i8ul)'lcn, r. n. to court, woo ; co- @^rifl. m. -en, ;?/. -en. Christian. 

quet, sue. (S^ri'jlcnt^iim, n. -e«, Christianity, 

©ul)'ler, m. -«, pi, -, lover, par^ christiamsm. 

amour. G^ti'jllan, proper name (Chria- 

93uiib. m. -e0, tie ; league, confed- tian). 

eracy, treaty, covenant ; -brud)« ®^ri fti'na, /. Christina. 

ic^. adj. covenant - breaking, (J^riiVlidb. arf;. christian. 

faithless. ©^ri|Vu«, m. Christ. 

93uiib'ni§, n. '■^H,pl. -(fe, alliance, (S^ro'nif,/. pi, -en. chronicle. 

league, covenant. (5^n?'fe«, proper name {of a marCi, 

S5unt, flc?;'. variegated, colored ; @irf'ni^, n. proper name {of a 

checkered ; confused. place). 

©ur'be,/. pi. -en, burden, charge, 6itro'ne, /*. j»Z. -n, lemon, citron. 

load. (Slaf'fe,/ ;?/. -n, class. 

3) am 5) at 199 

(Icton'ne,/ pi -n, column, line. 35a'ml«, proper name (of a tnan), 
©ommanbant', m. -en, pi. -en, com- 5)amit', adv. <}• cori;. therewith, 
mander, governor. with it (this, that), by it, by 

Gommanbi'rcn, v. a„to command. that, in order ; — nicbt lest. 
Gompaguie'. / pi. -en, company ; 2)amm, m. -t«, pi . JDdmme, dam. 

partnership. dike, mound ; pier. 

GomvUment', n. -e^, pi. -t, com- JDdm'mern, v. a. to grow twilight, 

pliment. dawn, 

©cmponi'ren, v. a. to compose. $)dm'merung,/. twilight, dusk. 
SomponliV m. -en, pi. -en, com- 5)a'mon, m. -^, pi -o'nen, demon, 
poser. 2)anH>f, m. -e«, pi 2)dmpfe, steam, 

Concert', n. -ed, pi- -e, concert. vapor, smoke. 

Soujlan'jc 2Bebet, proper name {of 3)a'«a<b, 2)anac^', €tdv. after that, 
a woman). upon that, for that, for it ; ac- 

Sou'trapunft, m. counterpoint. cording to that, 

gongert', see Concert. 3)d'ue, m. -n. Dane, 

(icrnet', see itornet. 2)ane'bcn, adv. near it, next to it, 

(Sorp« (toffx) corps. besides, 

^rucijtr', n. -e«, ^. -e, crucifix. IDd'aematf, n. Denmark. 
(SulttoKren, v. a. to cultivate. ^ ^ante'Der, a</t;. on the ground, 
,xs * down ; — liegcn, to lie (sick) 

*'• in bed. 

l£)a, adv. 4" cory. there, present ; 3>d'nifd), adj. Danish. 

dien, at that time ; when, as ; JDanf, m. -ed, thanks ; reward, 
while, because, since- 5)anf'bar, adj. thankful, grateful 

JDabci', adv. by that, thereby, <£5auf'barfeit./. thankfulness, gra- 
therewith, thereat, near it, pre- titude. 

sent. 2)au'fen. v. a. <!jr n. eincm et»a«, 

3)a*, rL -e«, pi 2)d*er. roof. to thank. 

JDabut*', adv. by this, by that, by 3)an!'fagung,/. pi. -en, thanksgiv- 

it, through it. ing, thanks. 

JDaf&t', adv. for it, for that, in- <J)ann, adv. then ; thereupon, 
stead of that; id) faun ni(t)t« — , 3)an'nen, adv. ton — ; thence, 
I cannot help it. from thence, away. 

a)aflc'i^en, adv. df conj. against g^au'nenberg, proper name {of a 
this, for it, to it, in compan- place). 

son ; in return. IDarau', adv. thereon, thereat, on 

$)at)<nm', adv. at home. j^^ at it, by it» near it. 

IDa^ct', adv. <Sr adj. thence, from r^^^^^^^f^ ^^^ thereon, on it, after 

dUn ; gone, past ; - fei. to ^«S\,i^^^^ 

5)al)in'ter, adv behind it (that, this, of this^ 

this) ; after it. 35av'beut. see 15atbietcn. 

5)a'mal«, adv. then, at that time. JDat'bieten. v. a. 4' r. ir. to pre- 

JDamag!' or 5)ama«'fu«, n. Da- sent, offer. 

mascus. 2)ar'bringen, v. a. ir. emem enoM 

IDa'mc, /. pi -U; lady. — / to bring to, oflfer 

200 2)efl 2)e^ 

IDarem', adv, thereinto, therein^ ^eut (beiiier, betne, beined), pron. 

into it. thy ; bcr (bte, haij ^eine, thine. 

IDarin', o^/d. therein, in that, in ^ei'iiige (ber, bie,ba^), /iron, thine, 

this, in it, wherein. yours. 

IDariu'nen, see ^arin. ^tioi'^t^,pr<ypername {ofaman^ 

IDarnad^', see I>ana(^. ^em'ungead)tet see ^ejfenunge^ 

5Darne'ben, see ^anrben. ad)tet. 

^ariiie'brr, see Dantebet. ^e'mut^,/. humility, meekness. 

S)arcb^ adv. on that account, at ^emu't^ig, adj, humble, meek. 

it, on account of it. ^t'mvLii^i^zxi, v. a. to humble, sub- 

iDai'rci^en, v. a. einem ttwai — , due, mortify. 

to stretch out ; present, tender. ^e'mutl;tgung, /. pL -en, humilia^ 

^aru'bir. adv. over that, thereon, tion, mortification. 

thereof, beyond that, concern- ^enFmal, n. monument ; memo- 

ing that, on account of that ; rial. 

above, more. ^eii'fett, v. a, df n. ir- to imagine, 

IDa'rum, adv. around that, for fancy ; think of. 

that, for it, for that reason ; IDenn, conj. for, then, than ; ed fei 

therefore. — ba§, unless, if, provided, 

^ai'^dblcu, V. a. to count down ; JDtii'nodj, conj. yet, however, nev 

pay down. ertheless, notwithstanding. 

3)a'fein, n. -«, being there, pre- JDepre^i'ren, v. a. to decline, ex- 

sence ; existence. cuse one^s self. 

3)afelbft', adv. there, in that place. IDe^Jutir'te, m. -n, pL -n deputy. 

3)a§, conj. that ; — nidjt, lest. 3)er, ble, ba«, art. the ; proTi. this, 

iDdud^'teu, v. imp. to appear ; who, which, that. 

seem ; mir (mid)) bdud)t me- IDetb, adj. compact, firm ; solid, 

thinks. hard. 

5Dauer, /. duration. ^etetnjt', adv. once, in future. 

IDau'ern, v n. to last. S)et'gejlaU, adv. such, in such a 

JDaun, proper name (of a man). manner ; — baf, so that. 

5Dar>on'; a(/27. thereof; therefrom, ^erglei'd)en, adv. the like, such, 

from it, of it, by it, whereof; such as ; unb — , and such like, 

off, away ; -ge^en, to go away ; IDe'tif, proper name (of a man). 

-laufen. to run away. 3>et'j[enige, biejenige, ba^jcnigc^/won. 

^a\n', adv. thereto, to that, for he, she, that. 

that, for it, at that. JDerfel'be, biefcl'be, ba«fcl'bc, pron, 

IDwi^iDi'fdieii, adv. there between, the same, he, she, it; that, 

between them, among them ; eben — / the very same. 

mingled with it. ^edglei'dten, adj. df adv. the same 

^agroi'fditn, adv. there between, the like ; likewise, also. 

between them, among them, ^e^'^alb & ^e^'l^alb, adv. there 

3)ec. abhr. o/* ^December. fore, for this reason, on tha 

JDecem'ber, m. -6, December. account. 

^i'dz,f. pi. -n, cover, tegument ; 3>efpof, m. -en, pi. -en, despot, ty- 

coverlet ; ceiling ; mat. rant. 

5)e'(fen, v. a. to cover. JDeffenuu'geadJtet pre. notwith- 

35ebici'ren, v. a. to dedicate. standing, however, in spite of 

5)e'gen, m. -i, pi. -, sword. 3)e'jio, adv. the ; — beffet^ the bet 

Do» J)u 201 

ter ; so much the beiier ; — ^O^lptln, v. a. to double. 

ttjenigtr, see ^ilAt^bcftoweiii^er. 2)oiJ'))elt adj, double, twofold ; 
JDeu'tcn, v, a. to show, interpret ; adv. doubly, twice. 

V. n to point, indicate. 3)orf, n, -e«, pi. Xorfer, village, 
3)eut'Ud), adj.cleai, distinct, plain. hamlet. 

JDeurf (t), adj. German! JDorf cbeu, dim. of 3)ovf. 

JDeutfcb'lanD. n Germany. JDcrnig, adj. thorny, briery, spiny. 

3)c»j'fc,/. pi. -n, device, motto, 5)ort, adv. there, yonder ; -t;iu, 
3)ettotion,/. reverence, devotion. adj. thither, that way. 

5)iabcm', n. -f0, pi. -e, diadem. ^xaw, see 3)araih 

2)id)t, adj. tight, dense, close ; ^ranj), m. -cd, throng, pressure. 

solid, thick. IDrdn'gen, v. a. to press^ throng, 
2)ldi'teu V. a. 4* n- to write poe- crowd, urge. 

try, poetize. 3)vdu'eu, see 2)vo^en. 

3)id^'ter, m. -^, pi poet. JDvauf, see 3)arauf. 

3)icf'ld)t n -d, ;?/. -e, thick, thicket 3)rau«. see 2)arvUi^. 

JDie, ar^ the ; pron, that, which. 3)rau'§cn, arfy. without, out of 
5)ieb, m. -e^, pi. -c, thief. doors ; abroad. 

3>ie'bifd)/ arf;. 4" adv. thievish. JDre'^cu, w. a. to turn, ; wrest, 
5)lc'nen, v. n. to serve. twist ; v. r. to turn, revolve. 

JDie'ucr, m. -d, ;?/. -, servant, wai- ^vei. arf;. three ; -nial, adv. three 

ter ; minister. times, thrice ; -jacf, m. trident. 

JDIcnji, m. -e«, ;?/. -e, service ; 5)reiiw see ^arein. 

charge, office, employment ; JDveijl, arf;. bold ; audacious, cou- 

-bcte, m. servant, domestic. rageous. 

2)ieg & bief pron. this. 3)rin, see 2)arin. 

2)ie'fer, 3)ie'fe. 3)ie7ed, pron. this, 2)rln'neii, see iDarin. 

he, she, it, that, the latter. 2)rin'jien, v. a. 6f ir. to crowd, 
JDieivcil', conj. because, while. press ; urge, force, penetrate ; 

^in^, n. -ed, pi. -e, thing ; affair, in einen -, to urge one impor- 

matter ; guter -c, fcin, to be of tunately. 

good cheer, in good humor. 5)tin'genb, iDrlnglid), adj. pressing, 
JDirigi'ren, v. a. to direct, manage, urgent. 

rule. iDrit'tc, adj. third. 

JDidciptin',/ -. pi. -en, discipline. 3)ro'ben, adv. there, above, uf 
^i^)po\ition, f. pi. -en, disposition, there, on high. 

order. iDro'^em v. n. to tlireaten, menace. 

3)odb, conj. yet, however, never- 3)royncn, v. n. to roar, tremble. 

theless, but. 3)rommc'te,/. pi. -n, trumpet. 

^^9!^^f' pi' -''" bull-dog, mastiff. $)romme'ter, m. trumpeter. 

JDcU'patfd), see Xoilpat^da. 2)ru'ben, adv. on that side, yonder. 

2)cm, m. -e«, ;?/. c, dome, cupola ; 3)rii'ber, see 3)atuber. 

cathedral.; -fjerr, m. canon, JDrucf, m. -c3, />/. -e, pressure; 

prebendary ; parish-priest. compression. 

^onmx, m. -«, pi. -, thunder ; $)ru'cfen, v. a. to print, imprint. 

-biidbfe,/. blunderbuss; -nsetfer, 2)ru'cfen, v. a. to press* squeeze ; 

n. thunder-storm, tempest. oppress ; depress. 

JDon nern, v. n. to thunder. 2)rum, see 5)aruni. 

JDop^el'fugc,/. double fugue. ^\x, pron. thou. 

202 2)ut (E^e 

^uca ten, m. -i, pi, -. ducat. IDurdh'graBen, v. a. trr. to dig 

5>ue(l, n. -e^, />/. -e, duel. through. 

iDuft, m. -ed, j9/. !I)uf:e, perfume, iDuTd>^eu'Ien, v. n. to roar through, 

vapor, scent, fragrance cry through, 

^uf i\^, adj. vaporous, scenting, S!)nrd:)1affen,. v. a. ir. to let pass ; 

fragrant. to strain, to filter. 

^Durteu, V. a. to endure, sufifer, ^urcb'laufen, v. a 6f n. ir. to run 

tolerate. from one end to the other ;^^. 

ll>unim, adj, dull, stupid. to peruse. 

JTunim'^eU. / -. pL -en, stupidity. IDurch'relfen, JDurtbreffen, v. n. to 

3)u)nvf. adj. damp ; dull, hollow, travel through, to pass through. 

low. ^ 3)ur*f(bau'beni, i)ur(l"f*au'cru, v. 

T) H I /M ai;. dark; dusky, gloomy; a. to fill with shuddering, to 

(Urn; obscure ; n. -6, darkness ; chill all over. 

dimness, obscurity. JDurcb'f* ic^pn, v. a- ir. to shoot 

IDunfii. m. -0, conceitedness, self- through, to pierce. 

conceit ; presumption, arro- 25ur*f(Jinerben, v. a. ir. to cut 

gance. through; cross, intersect. 

JTunfelVit/. darkness, obscurity. 5)ur(b'rtvelclien, v. a. ir. to strike 

JT^iin'fen. v. n. to seem; appear; ' out, blot out,'*cancel ; bwrd^ftni'^ 

V. r. to fancy, imagine one^s (ben, v. n. to rdmble through, 

self roam over. 

^ unn, adj. thin, slender. JDurdifirc'mcn, v. a. 6fn. to stream 

5)urcl\ pre. through ; by means (through), pervade. 

of; throughout. 2)ur*»an'beln, 5)urAn?an'beni, v. 

JTurd^'arbciten, v. a. to work n. to wander*, through, pass 

through ; v. r. to go through, through. \ ^-^ , - 

to work one's way through. JDut'fcn, v. a. ir. tA be allowed, 

!Dur(baud% adv. throughout, tho- be permitted ; be able ; have a 

roughly, entirely ; absolutely. right ; need ; dare. 

3)ur*'bcben, v. a. to vibrate ©firf'tig, adj* indigent, needy, 

through, shake throughout, to poor. 

trill. JDfir're, /. aridity, dryness, 

JDurd^bc^'ren, v. a. to pierce, per- drought, sterility. 

forate. 5)urft, m. -e«, thirst. 

JDur(t)'brc*en, v. a. 6f n. ir. to 3>ufd)inan'ta, m. proper name. 

break through, pierce. 5£)it'jler, adj- gloomy, dark, dull. 

2)urd>'bringen. v. n. ir. to pene- ^ 

trate, prevail. ^* 

2)ur(l)brinc\'en, v. a. to penetrate, e, {vtdg.) abbreviation of tin. 

permeate. ©'ben, adj. df adv, even, level, 

JDurd^einan'bet, adv. confusedly, plain ; even, just, exactly, pre- 

pell-mell. cisely ; -faU^, adv. also, like- 

JDurd)'f*i^rt,/. -, pi. -en, passage ; wise, too. 

thoroughfare, gateway. ©rfe, f. pi -n, edge ; comer. 

.Tilird/iiiiegen, iDurAflie'gcn, ». @'bel, adj. 4* adv. noble, gene- 

to fly through. reus; precious ; -bame./. noble- 

JDurd)'f(u9, m. -e6, pi. -(luge, flying man's lady, lady ; -ftau, sea 

through. -borne; -mann, pi. -leute, m. 




nobleman ; -jlein, m. jewel, 
precious stone. 

@iV(on, proper name. 

©t)'e, adv. before 

(S'^ilid), adj. 4" adv. matrimonial, 
connubial, legitimate. 

©'bcUdjen, v. a. 4- r. to marry. 

@'l)Pinalig. adj- old, former. 

©'I)cmal6. adv. formerly. 

@'I)er, adv. sooner, rather ; |f — 
jc lieber, the sooner the better. 

Q'i)txn, adj. brazen, of brass. 

(Si)*te,f. pi. -n, honor, reputation. 

@(/renbegciijung. /. respect, reve- 
rence ; mark of honor ; -U^cni 
flung. see -bigeigung; -mat n. 
monument ; -»oU, adj. honor- 
abljB ; glorious. 

(5()r'erblet^, adj. reverent, re- 

d^r fiircbt. /. veneration, awe, 
reverence ; -6»oU. adj. respect- 

G^r'v^eiji, m. -c«, ambition. 

d^i'lid), adj. honest, fair, honor- 

(SI n. -ti, pi. -er, egg. 

@i ! int. eh I hey ! ay ! 

Si' die,/, pi. -n, oak ; gage. 

(Sib, m. -ecJ, pi. -e, oath 

di'fer, m. -6, zeal, ardor, eager- 

Sif rig, adj. zealous, warmly. 

©i'gen, adj. own ; self, proper, 
peculiar ; singular, strange ; 
accurate, exact, nice. 

@i'gcntl)um, n -e«, property, own. 

@i''gent^iimcr, m. -«. pi. -, owner, 

(Si'gtiUUd); adj. proper, exact, real, 

Qi'lanb, n. -c«. pi. -e, island. 

@i'lf or (Sil,f. haste, speed, hurry. 

Q['Un, V. n. to hasten, hiirry, 

Gt'lenb, adj. (S'lUnhi, adv. speedy, 
quick, in haste. 

(Si'lig, adj. hastv, speedy. 

©in (from the root ofin)^ in, cJUef" 
ly used in compounds. 

©in. eine, ein, art, a, an. 

©in (ciner), eine, ein (eine^/^ mi), 

©inan'ber, adv. one another, each 
other ; au^, asunder ; nad)-, 
one after another, siWedsively. 

©in'bilben, v. r. to imagine, fancy, 
think ; believe ; jtil; »iel — , to 
be conceited. 

©fu'bilbung f. pi. -en, imagination, 
fancy, conceit, thought. 

©in'bre*en, v. a. ir. to break 
down ; break open ; v. n. ir. 
to give way ; break in ; invade. 

©in'biifen, v. a. to lose, suffer 

©ii.'brdngen, v. a. to squeeze, 
force into ; «. r. to crowd in ; 
fig. to intrude. 

©iu'oriugen, v. n. ir. to enter by 
force, break in ; penetrate. 

©iu'engen, v. a. to straiten, con- 

©in'facb, adj. single, plain, simple. 

©in'fail, m. -ei, pi. -fdlle, falling 
in ; fall; invasion ; idea, fancy. 

©tn'fatlen, v. n. ir. to fall in or 
into, fall down ; invade ; hap- 
pen ; come into one's mind, 
occur ; ji* — laffin, to take into 
one's head ; interrupt, speak 
while another is speaking. 

©infalt,/. simplicity, silliness. 

©iu'fdltig, adj, simple, silly. 

©iu'fangen, v. a. ir. to catch, ap- 

©iu'finben, v. r* ir- to come, ap- 

©iii'formtg, adj. uniform, mono- 
tonous, without variety. 

©in'gang, m. -e«, pi -gdnge, en- 
trance, entry ; introduction. 

©in'geben, v. a. ir. to prompt; 
suggest ; deliver, present. 

©iu'geben!, adv. mindful, bearing 
in mind 

©in'ge^en^ v» n. ir. to enter, go in ; 

204 (Sin (Slf 

come in, arrive ; agree to, con- @iu'{lellen, v. a. to put into ; dis- 
sent to ; decay ; shrink. continue, delay; t?. r. to appear, 
din'gefcbronft adj. confined, li- make one's appearance. 

mited, narrow. ®iu'|ien«, see @inft. 

®ln'i)alt. m, -ti, stop, check, pro- ©In'jlromen, v, n. to flow in 

hibition ; — t^un, to stop, @tn't^urmen, v, ». to rush in ; fall 

check, prohibit on, assail. 

Ginger, adv. along, on, forth. diu'jluri^en, v. a. to break ; v, iu 

(Sin'^clen, v. a. to overtake, out- to fall down ; fall to ruin, rush 

run, gather, collect ; obtain, in upon. 

get. (Sih'tf)iiien, v. a. to divide, distri- 

(Ji'niger, chuQe, ehii^e^, pron. bute, class. 

some, any. diu'toni^. adj. monotonous. 

(Siniderma'pen, adv. in some de- @hi'tra*t/. unanimity; harmony. 

gree, in some measure. (Stu'treten, v. a. ir. to tread in, 

©iii'fcrfeni, v. a. to imprison, in- trample down ; v. n. ir. enter, 

carcerate. step in, commence ; happen. 

@iii'laf[cn, V. a. ir. to let in; ad- ©in'mc^fner, m. -^,pL -.inhabitant 

mit ; mortise. ©iu'^clu, adj. single ; individual ; 

@iu'i6fen, v. a. to redeem, dis- isolated ; alone. 

•mortgage, ransom. ®in'giet)cn, v. a. ir. to draw in, 

©iu'mal, (Sinmal', adv. once, one • call in ; absorb ; confiscate, 

time, some day, one day ; auf seize, imprison, arrest ; v. n, 

— / on a sudden, all at once ; ir. to enter a house ; soak in ; 

nod) — , again, once more. move in, march in. 

(Sin'ne^nien, v. a. ir. to take in ; ©it/jig, adj. only, single, alone ; 

take, receive ; take possession unique. 

of, occupy @i^, n. -fc6, ice ; ice-cream ; 

(5in'ri(bteu, v. a. 4" r. to set right; -fdJoUe,/. piece of ice. 

fig. to arrange, regulate. @id'lauf skating, 

©iu'fam, adj. solitary, lonely, re- @i'fcn, n. -«. iron ; -Ditrtol, m. 

tired. sulphate of iron. 

Cf in'famfeit,/. solitude, loneliness, (Si'fen^ut, m. (a plant) monks- 

Qin'fammelii, v. a. to gather in, hood. 

collect. Si'fern. adj. iron-, fig. strong, in- 

Q{in'fct)arren, v. a, to scratch in, sensible. 

bury. ®i'it<i. adj. cold as ice, icy. 

(Siu'fdilafen, v. n ir. to fall asleep ; @i':el, adj. void, mere, dry ; idle ; 

benumb ; die. vain, frivolous ; conceited. 

@iu'fcl}lagcn, v. a. ir. to strike in, @i'telfeit, /. -, vanity, idleness, 

drive, in ; knock down. self-conceitedness, conceit. 
®ln'f*ne§en, v. a. ir. to lock in, (J'fel, m. -«, nauseousness, loath- 
lock up ; include, enclose, sur- ing ; aversion, dislike ; adj. 

round ; block up. nauseous, disgusting. 

(5in'fd)rdnfen, v. a. to limit, con- Glement', n. -ti, pi. -e, element ; 

fine, restrain. rudiment. 

Ginfiebelei',/. pL -en, hermitage. @'lenb, adj. miserable, wretched 

©iu'fieblcr. m. -«. pi. -, hermit. @lf, adj. eleven ; -fad), eleven- 

Ginjl, adv. once, one day, one time fold. 

(gnt <Snt 206 

QVUJ- pi- -n, elf, fairy. dnfHoft', adj. destitute, deprived 

QVU f. -, pi, -n, eU, a measure, of. 

two feet. (SathxiXi'mn, ». n. ir. to inflame, 

GJl'tern, see Sleltctn. incense, kindle. 

@mll m. ;?ro;}er na?7»e. ©nl'^en, rfim. o/(5nte. 

@mpfa'^en, see Sm^fangen. @ntbc'cfen, v. a. to discover, de- 

@mvfan'^cn, v. a, it, (emtJfangft. ^ \®^^i ^i^close. 

emvitup; eni^fangeiO^to receive, @n]^£'rfw«9' / V^- '^^' discovery, 

take, accept. a. ,f ®5^**^^' j , 

«.-/,, • i' wc cf.'v - (su'te. /. p/. -n. duck, 

emweli'lcn, « * .r. (enn.|ic^til ,c.. @„,,^4„,^„. „. ^^ dishonor; de- 

cmvtar>l; cnHJtc^len), to recom- a g 

mend, commend ; v. to @„,?7' Jng, /*. «/. -eii, unfolding 

take leave, present one's re- filing, development. 

spects. ^ r 1 ©ntKv'ueii, i?. a. to remove ; «• r. 

@mvPnben, v. a. tr. to feel, per- ^j^hdraw ; turn from. 

ceive ; experience. (Sntferni', arf/ remote, distant, re- 

(Jmpfin'buiig, / ;?/. -en. feelmg, moved. 

perception, sensation. Quttcr'nunc^. /. pi -eii. distance, 
(Smpcr', adv. on high, upwards, removal, departure, withdraw- 
up, aloft. ing. . 
(Smpc'rcn, v. a to stir up, excite, ©nt'ffieben, v. n. ir. to flee, escape, 

agitate. get off*, 

(fm'ug, adj. assiduous, industri- ©utfreni'ben, v. a. to estrange, 

ous. alienate. 

(Sm'jivjfeit./. -. assiduity, industry. @ntfui>'runc; /*. pi. -en, elopement; 

@n'bc, n. -«, pi. -n, end ; aim ; kidnapping. 

' purpose. ©ntcie'v^eu, },re. 4" ^^^' against, 

@n'ben, v. a. iSf n. to end, finish ; opposite ; towards ; -Lileu. to 

terminate- haste to meet one ; -c^el)en, to 

€n'bi<^en, v. a. 4* r. to end, termi- go to meet ; -fommen. to come 

nate, cease. to meet ; -ff^en, lo oppose. 

Gnb'licb, adj. at last, finally, at (intai'l)en, v. n. ir. to escape, get 

length, off, fail, 

©ner'^tfd), adj. energetical, ener- (5ntl)al'ten, v. a. ir. to contain ; 

getic V. to abstain from, forbear. 

@u'ge, adj. narrow, close, strait, @ntf(ei'ben, v.a. <5f r. to undress. 

tight. @ntlanc|', adv. along. 

(Sn'j^el •m. -i, pi. -. angel. @ntlaf'fen, v. a. ir. to dismiss, 

©ng'lifi), adj. English. discharge ; release. 

©ngldnber, m. Englishman. (Sntla'ftcn, t?. a. to disburden, dis- 

©ng'lcin, dim. ©/"(^nc^el. encumber, relieve, 

^ng'lanb, n. England. (fntlau'fen. v. n. ir. to run away, 

©n'fel, m. -«. pi. -, grandchild, desert, escape. 

grandson. (fntlc'gen, adj. distant, remote, 

@ntbet)'r«n, v. a. to be in want of, far off. 

be without ; spare ; miss. (Jntrann', /rom cnttiunen, see 9lin» 

Qntbie'ten, v. a. ir. to bid, order ; nen, n- m. P. 184. 

summon. (5nttei'fen, v. a. ir. t(» snatch 

206 dtit Hxh 

' away ; deliver from, rescue (Sntfleden, v. a. to disfigure, de- 

from. face, 

©nhriii'nen, r. n. tr. to run away, Sntftrr'men. v. n. to stream, gush 

escape. down ( from) ;Jig. to issue Som, 

(i\u\a'^iii, V. n. to renounce, re- Q^ntivaff'iicn, v, a, to disarm. 

sign. ®nttpci'cl>en, t7. n. ir. to give way, 

Cliuia^a'biiten. v, a. to indemnify, withdraw, disappear, escape, 

compensate. run away. 

@nttd>.roen, t7. a. tr to decide, de- Qniwi'&^ni. from eiitn}etd)en, see 

termine, result. ffleid^en, irr. verbs- 

Qntidm'tx'ixh, adj. decisive, final. Clntiorcfedi, v, a, <!^r. to unfold, 

©utfa^Ia'feii, V- n. ir, to fall asleep ; develop ; display. 

fig. to expire. Gnttoi'cfclung,/. pL -en, unfolding, 

($i]tt(Ma'geti, r. r. ir. to get rid of, development. 

divest one^s self, cast away, (SntivrfM en, v. n. to escape, steal 

forbear. away, 

©ntfd^lic'fen, v. r. ir. to resolve diUwurf', m. -c«, pi. -tourfe, pro- 

upon, determine. ject, design, sketch, plan. 

©ntfd^lie'Bunj^. f. pi. -en, resolu- ®i;tn)ur'jelu, v. n. to root out, era- 

tion, determmation. dicate. 

GntfdUcf'l'cn, adj. determined, re- ©iitjit'tjen, v a. ir. to withdraw, 

solved, resolute. deprive of. 
(lHtfdUef'fenl)»i(, /. resoluteness, ©ntju'rfen, t?. a. to ravish, trans- 
determination, port, fill with ecstasy. 
Gntf(t)lup'fcn, V. n. to slip out of, @nt)uu'beii, v. a. to kindle ; in- 
escape, flame. 
®§', m. -ffei, -f*(uffe, reso- (ir, pron. he. 

lution, purpose. Gr bad), proper name (of a place). 

Gntfrtmrtii^en, v. a. 4- r. to ex- (irb'prinj, m. hereditary prince; 

cuse, exculpate, excuse one^s -tl^eil, n. hereditary portion. 

self, apologize for. drbafmen, v. r. to feel pity ; pity, 

@ntfeelt', adj. exanimated, lifeless. have mercy. 

diUfe'^eu, V. a. to dismiss ; v. r. ($Tbdrm'lid),a^'. pitiful, miserable, 

to be shocked, be horrified at ; wretched, paltry. 

n. -«. amazement, horror. ©rbau'cn, v. a. to build, erect ; 

©ntfiu'fen, v. n. ir. to drop from. Jig. to edify- 

sink away ; fail. Qx'bt, m. -n, pi -n, heir, inheri- 

©ntfpre'd^eiu v. n. ir. to answer, tor; n.--0, inheritance. 

correspond to or with. ©r'beii, v. a. to inherit. 

Qntfpvin'^en, v. n. ir. to spring (Srbeu'ten, v. a. to get as booty ; 

away ; escape ; take rise, arise, capture. 

issue from. (Jrbit'ten, v. a. ir. to obtain by en- 

©ntfprun'c^en, p. p. of entf\)rtngen, treaties ; request. 

see @^)ringen, n. m. P. 356. s. Grbit'tem, v. a. to exasperate, 

c. P. 186. provoke. 

®ntOe'()cn, v. r\. ir. to arise, ori- @rb(ei'd)en, v. n. ir. to grow pale ; 

ginate in ; break out. die. 

©ntflci'i^en, v. v.. ir. to rise from, CJrbli'ffen, v. a. to behold, per- 

come forth. ceive, see. 

(Sr^ CrI 207 

®vb1)eben, n. earthquake. Grl^ol'tong. / pi. -en, preserva- 

dt'te, f, pi. -n, earth, ground ; tion ; maintenance, sustenta- 

soil ; -nleben, n. life on earth, tion, support. 

life in this world. (Srl^e'ben, v. a. ir, to raise, set up ; 

^rfa^ren, v. a. ir. to learn, ex- ^' ^- *^- ^o rise, rebel. 

perience ; endure. Sn^eb'lid), adj. important, consi- 

@rfal)'iun9, /*. pL -en, experience, derable. 

knowledge, practice. Qrbe'bung,/. jp/.-en, rai^ng, ele- 

©tfed/tcn, V. a, ir. to get by fight- ^ vation. 

ing. ^^^ t^"' ^' «• to heat ; excite. 

@rfiu'ben, v. a ir. to find out, find, ^r^i't^wnfl' / pl^ -««. heating ; 

invent, devise. overheating one's self, 

©rjiu'bnnfi; /. p/. -en, invention, <5rt)6'^en, r. a. to raise, heighten ; 

contrivance. elevate, extol, 

©rfolt)', m. -e«; jp/. -e, conse- ^f^*^'!^"' v. r. to recover ; amuse 

quence ; result, issue; success. one's self, 

©rfor'fci^en, ». a. to investigate, <*^^^'ren, v. a. to hear ; give ear, 

explore discover. grant. 
@rfra>ii, v. a. to find out by in- ®>^i"'»"n< v. a. to remind ; men- 
quiring or asking. tion ; v. r. to remember, re- 
^rfrcu'eu, v, a. to rejoice, glad- ~ collect. 

den • enjoy ®^^^^ ^^*'' ^- ^' ^^ ^°*^^- 

erfri'fieii, t; a. to cool, refresh, ®^f^l'^«"' «• ^- to take cold, catch 

recreate coiu. 

©vful'len, r. fl. to fill ; fulfil, ac ®^^^":'f.T>»' ^' «• to obtain by 

complish. n,^^^^}^^' n^t 

erfunung, /. fulfiUing, accom- ®'^^^"^^V '^^ ®^^^"/^"v 

plishment. ©rfaun-te, tm;>. o/ etfennen, see 

(Srge'ben, v. r. ir. to surrender, «. f ^^?^"- ^ , , 

submit ; devote one's self to ; <5rfau jen, v. a. to buy, purchase ; 

prove ; adj. devoted, addicted, «. bribe. 

given (to) ©rfennen. v. a. tr. to perceive; 

a, .c i 1 1 discern, distinguish ; own ; re- 

ergcbung, / pi -en, surrender, cognise; acknowledge. 

subiTUssion, resignation. (g^-fer, m. -«. «/. -, bow, balcony, 

ergie^en. t;. a. tn to pour forth ; ©tfie'fen, r. a. to choose, elect, 

V. r. tr. to overflow; discharge. select, 

erglan'gcn, v. n. to shine forth. (Srfld'ren. v. a. <Sf n. to explain, 

^rglu t|en, v. a. <5f n. to kindle, interpret : define, declare. 

glow. ^rfld'rung,/. pi. -en, explanation, 

©vgo^cu, V. a. to delight ; amuse. interpretation , definition ; de- 

(Srgrei'fen, v, a. ir. to seize, catch, claration. 

take up.' erflct'tern, r. a. @rflim'men, v, a. 

©rgrtm'men, v. a. 4* n. to provoke, ir. to climb, climb up. 

irritate, grow, angry rage. QrHirn'men, see Qrflettcrn. 

©rl^a'ben, adj. elevated ; sublime, ©rfun'ben, v. a. to search, explore. 

augusti ©rfuu'biguug, / pi. -en, inquiry, 

©r^al ten, v. a. <J- n. ir. to keep, information, search ; — ein' 

maintain, receive. l^t^txi, to make inquirv 

208 Htq Crf 

drlait'c^fii, V. a. to reach ; attain, C^rqui'dhtng,/ pi. -nt, refreshment, 

acQuire, obtain. recreation. 

Grtau ben, v- a. to permit, allow. (Srra t^n, o. a. ir. to guess ; di- 

Grlaubf, ad;, permitted, allowed, vine. 

lawful. Qxxf^tn, v. a. to stir up ; excite, 

@rlaud^t', adj. illustrioua move, cause. 

<$rU't)en, v a. to pay down, de- (Srrei'cben, o. a. to reach ; attain, 

posit ; slay, kill. obtain. 

^lt'id>'tern, v. a. to lighten, ease, (SntHtn, v. a. to save, rescue 

facilitate. from, deliver, 

drlfi'ten, v, a. ir. to suffer, en- dntt'ttx, m. -«, jd. -, savior, de- 

dure. liverer. 

(Sr'Urucn, v. a. to learn. Clcrid^'ten, o. a. to erect, build; 

Grle'fen, v. a, ir. to select. establish. 

(Srleu(t)'ten, v. a- to illuminate, en- dlrriit'deii, v. a. tVv to gain or ob 

lighten. tain by exertion, obtain by ef- 

@ile fdjen, adj. extinct. fort. 

(^rlc'feu, V. a. to redeem, release. Qxxe't^tn, v. n. to redden, blush, 

^rmab'nen, v. a. to exhort, ad- color. 

monish. @rfa|^', m, -ed, compensation, 

(Srmartrii^ v. a. 4* ». to weary, amends. 

tire, fatigue. @rf(baffen, v. a. ir. to create, 

euncr'bfu, r. a. to murder. ®rfcl)al'len, v. n. ir. to sound; 

CJnnu'tcn, v. a. cf-n. to tire, weary. spread, 

(f imii'tl^igen. v. a. to encourage, (irf^au'en, v. a. to see, perceive, 

driib'ten, see drnttn. @tfc*^ci'nen, v. a. to appear, arrive. 

ecucn'nen, v. a. ir. to nominate, ©vfcbei'imng. /. pi. -en, appear- 

appoint, name. ance; apparition; phenomenon. 

(Srnefr, (Srncft'u.?, m. proper name. «tf*ie>u, y a. ir. to shoot to 

drneu'en.t,. a. to renew, renovate. death ; kill by shootmg. 

(Jnieu'ern, see Qnuufu. «rf(Maf ten, t;. a. 4- n. to slacken, 

^rnic'briflen, v. a. to lower; « r® , ^* . , , 

humble abase ©rfcbla gen, v. a. tr. to slay. 

QxnH, m -e«, seriousness ; stem- ®^l*^Plt'«, t;. a. to drain ; fig. to 

ness exhaust. 

eruft, *®mr^aft, adj. earnest, ^'[J'^^^' ^^ ®^J*«^^«; 

serious, grave, stern. ®^f*^^ *^"' «• «' ^ ^f?^*''^"'^''!;' 

/» rw> J- . . rify ; r. n. »r. to be terrified, 

emit (Id), adj. earnest, serious, be frightened. 

fervent, eager. @rfdiretfli(b, o^;". frightful, dread- 

Qrn'Uj. pi. -n, harvest, crop. ful, terrible, stupendous. 

Gru ten, v. a. to reap, gather. erfcbro'cfen, arf;. frightened, ter- 

©re'bern, v. a. to conquer, gain. rified. 

©roffnen, v. a. to open ; discover, @rfe't)cn, v. a. ir. to see ; descry ; 

disclose; publish. observe. 

(fr)}id^f , adj. bent upon, eager, Grfe'^eu, v. a. to retrieve, repair, 

greedy. compensate ; reimburse ; in- 

Grpreffeu, v. a. to exact, extort. demnify ; cine6 @teUe — , elnen 

Giqui'cfen, v. a. to refresh. — , to supply one^s place. 

(Sxi Sjc 209 

6v|>viiȤ'licb.flrf;.useful,profitable; -felub, m. sworn enemy, arch- 

— Kill, to avail. fiend ; -l^'vgc^. m. archduke. 

©vft adj. 4* (idv. first; prime; at @rial)'leu, v, a. to relate, narrate, 

first ; before ; only ; not till ; tell. 

fuiij \Sx}U\ in the first place. Qrjdl/lung, /. pL -en, narration, 
@rfiau':ien, v. ji. to be astonished, relation, tale, account. 

be surprised ; n. -i, astonish- @rjei'^eii, v. a to render, do ; con- 

ment, amazement. fer. 

aiiiau'.cinjwurbicj, adj. astonish- ©rgeu'^cn, v, a. to generate, pro- 

ing, marvellous. create ; produce. 

eiUaui/li(h.fl(/;.astonishing,ama- Srjic'iJC". «. a. tr. to bring up, 

zing, strange. nurse ; educate. 

eilh'oen, V. a. ir. to buy at an ©^ie'ljung, /.;>/. -en, bringing up, 

auction ; v. n. ir. to arise, rise. education, breeding. 

erftei'v^eu, v. a, ir, to climb up, "^i^go'gen, p, p, of erjieljeu, see jie;; 

mount scale. ^)^^V n. m. P. 358. s. c. 188. 

@rfteii^'(i(li, adj. accessible. Sc^wiu'^cn. r. a. ir, to force, en- 

GrtaiiVn, v, a. to obtain by dan- _ force, extort. 

cing. ®^' pron. it ; — giebt, there are ; 
@rtt)pi'Ien, ©.a. to impart; confer; ^^e^e is, — fei bcnn, unless, 

give. provided. 

(Srtd'nc'n, r. n. to sound, resound. @«cabrou', /.;?;.-«, or -en, squa- 
©I'trag, m. -c«, pL -trdgc, produce, ^^on (a body of cavalry,) 

return, income, revenue. ^'f^^' ^- "*' P^- '> ass, donkey. 

(f rtra'^en, v, a, ir, to bear, sup- ®[!5^' '^' ^="5^- ,,- « . 

port ; endure, suffer. ®^ f^»' \ «; 4" n- Offejl K. ; aij ; ge. 

erlua'dien, r. n. to av^ake, be ^^f^'"^' J? ®^^' ^^®^- 

roused. isuidjc, a^;. some, any, several, 

enrdb'len, v, a, to choose, elect, n^.f^^^^' - 

ggjg^j m\co,f. nameofartver, 

(5r»a^/nen,i;. a. to mention, allude ^^^^'' ^^^^r (Stvan\ adv, per- 
^ haps ; about, nearly ; some- 

(Stwdr'men, ». a. to warm, make «, ^^^%^^ » .i . 

warm heat ®n»a«, (5twa«, pron, something, 

etJuar'tcn; r. a. to expect, await. sojnewhat ; some, any ; a little, 

(5nt>ar'tung,/. pi, -en, expectation. «. , n', n 

enue'cfen, Va. to awaken, rouse ; |" f^' ®" J^^' ®"^^; P^^^ X^^' 

^^. to excite, raise. ®" fl/' Z'^' -"' «^1- 

(Sttt^ei'cben, t;. a. to soften, molhfy; eu,o,,a/er, m. European. 

Jig. to move. ®uro^)d'if*, adj, European, 

©rwei'fen. v, a, tr, to show, prove, erangc'lium, n, -^.pl -lien, gospel 

evince ; do, render. (Twig, arf/ eternal, everlasting. 

er»er/beii; i\ a. tr, to acquire, ©'njigfcit /. pi, -en, eternity, per- 

earn, gain petuity. 

©nvie'bcrn, v, a, to return, reply. SrceUenj',/./?/. -en., excellency, « 
@rtt)iir'ger, m. -i,pl. -, strangler. title it is frequently followed by 
(5rj n. -ed, /^/. -e, ore, brass. a plural verb, 

®^f (^dj, arch, arrant ; chief; @rccu'trif(t), adj. eccentrical 

210 »an 9ti 

QxfitDficl n. 't, pi, ; example; San^cn, v. a. ir, (fdngflic; fing; 

)um — , for example, for in- gefancieii), to catch, take, seize. 

stance. ?^CLx'bt.f. pi, -n, color ; complezioi^ 

^ Jdr'bea, v. a. to color, dye, tinge. 

«*• ga'ffl". V n, to talk foolishly, 

?a* n. -f«, ;>/. 8ad»er. compart^ trifle. 

me It, partition ; shelf ; drawer, Saffeii, v. a. to seize, take hold 

TOW J Jig, province, department. of; set, enchase ; hold, contain, 

j^d'*fr, m. -f^, pi, ', fan. include; conceive, comprehend, 

gacfel /. pi. -n, torch, flambeau ; SafTung. / pi, en, composure, 

-fd)fiu, m. torch-light. self-command. 

%unUcit\ f. pi -en, faculty. *^!\ ^'^^ almost, nearly, about. 

i^a'bcn.m.-<J.;?/.-,(3aben) thread. t5<i'm, pi [^si, fasUng, Lent; 

gd'^Kifeit. /. pi. -en, abiUty, ca- ^ \^' ^ '^s^' 

pacity, fitness ; faculty, talent.* 8^" fr^- 5- ^ ^?^ V^iT%(y. 

S/.A'..« r .1 « ^-.1^- Saul't^eit, /. lazmess, idleness, 

avj lie, /. / /. -n, colors, ensigtii a\QX\i 

» ^ wfll"^ • ^*^> cc«fc«. gdnl'iiii /. rottenness, putridity. 

8a^n lem, dim, o/mm. ^^^^^j J^ g-„^^ fist ; wrist ^ 

ga^rjcug, n. vessel, boat, ship; %tmtn, v, a, (ji^jlK.; fod)t ge* 

tt-?f r f r r u fccbtcu), tO fight, fonCC. 

gaj^re,/. ;,/. -n, ferry, ferry-boat, ged/tcr, m. -«, pi. -, fighter ; fen- 
Sat^ ren, v. a, tr. to dnve, carry, cer ; gladiator. 

cart, convey; v, n, tr. to gc'cer, /. pi, -u, feather; pen; 

move qmckly, run, shp ; rush; spring; -^art, adj, elastic as a 

go m a carnage ; start ; shoot. spring ; -me jfer, n. penknife, 

ga^rldf jtg, adj, innattentive, neg- ge'i^en, v. a, to sweep ; cleanse, 

ligent, careless. furbish, 

gat^rt, /. pi, -en, passage, turn ; ge^'be, /. pi, -n, feud, quarrel ; 

voyage, course ; load. contest, strife, 

gal'fenbetg, »on, proper name. g^^l- tuiv, wrong, amiss ; -tritt, m. 

gafl, m. -t€,pl -. gdlle, fall, de- false step \fig, fault. 

cay, decline ; case. ge^'len, v, n, to fail, miss ; err; 

gal'len, v, n. ir. to fall, tumble, mistake; ail; be wanting, want, 

decline ; fail. be deficient, 

galfd), adj, false, sham, wrong : ge^'Ier, m, -6, pi. -, fault, defect ; 

mock, counterfeit, spurious, error, mistake. 

treacherous. gfi'er,/. celebration ; festive day; 

galfcb'^eit, /. pi. -en, falsehood, -abenb, m. leaving off working; 

guile. time of rest, 

gdlfd^ltd), adv, falsely, deceit- gei'erUd>, adj, solemn ; festive. 

fully. geig, adj, coward, faint-hearted, 

gal'ten, v. a, to fold ; plait. gei'g«// pi- -n. fig. 

%alxir\. n, oropername.' geig'^eit, /". cowardice, pusilani- 

gamHie, j.vl. -n, family. mity. 

ganb, see ^inben. geil, adj. 4* adv. venal, to be sold; 

gang, m. -e«, pi, gange, catch, -bicten, to offer for sale, expose 

catching ; capture, draught ; to sale. 

fang, tusk ; talon ; haul. gcin, adj. fine, delicate ; pretty. 

Sin 910 211 

nice ; polite, elegant, refined ; gin'flptniS,/. pi. -n, -ffe, darknesSi 

cunning, sly. obscurity, gloom. 

S^tnb, adj. hostile, inimical ; -, Sir'mament, n. firmament. 

m. -eei, pL -e, enemy, foe. i^ir'meln, v. a to confirm. 

geinb'lidi, adj, hostile, inimical ; S'T*- w. -c«. jt?/. -c, fish. 

adverse ; belonging to the 8i'f*en, v. a, to fish. 

enemy. 8i'f*ct, m. -«, p/. fisher, fisher- 
gem ffdigf eit, adj. hostile, hateful. man ; -faljn, m. fisher-boat, 
gelb, n. -e«. ;?/. -er, field, plain; ginicb.giftif^.m. -e«.;>/. -e, pinion. 

-^err, m. commander-in-chief, S^- <>»• P- abbreviation o/gloren. 

general, captain. 8^^* <»<?;• flat, plain, level ; 

Sell, 71. -e« ;,/. -e, skin, hide. ctr®^-^^??^' , n 

-6. ;>/. -, rock, cliff; -tranb,/. ^}^^^^' f'P^' ""' ^^™®' ^^^^^^^ 

precipice, precipitous rock. nasn. 

gen'llet, n. -«, o/. -, window. l^"*"*'"*^!!' ^; ^' *2 ^^®' ^^*^®' 

Ser'biHQiib, m. Ferdinand. glan'fe, /.;>/. -n, flank. 

8crn, arf>. 4- arft,. far distant, re- Slanfi'ren, v, n. to flank, flanker; 

mote ; »cn — , afar, from afar. cki^?el^^r' 1 hilt • 1 

gci'uc, /. pi -n, distance, remote- »^^ '*^' /• ^' ""' ^^s*^' ^°^"®' ^'i^- 

ness. giat'tern, w. n. to flirt, flutter, 

gev'iier,' adj. 4- adv. further, far- 8lau'fe,/. pi. -n, juggle, chicane. 

ther, ulterior. gte'^en, r. a. to implore, beseech, 

gcr'fe,/. ;^/. -n, heel. entreat. 

8cft, fc'lle, arf;. .^ arfi;. fast, fixed ; ^^'}^' "*• "^f' dpgenoe, applica- 

firm; solid steady ; versed; ba« ^'^^^ assiduity, industry ; mit 

-c «aub, the continent, main -^ purposely, intenUonaQy. 

\2aid. o'^t'f 10/ a<(;- diligent, assiduous* 

gefl. n. -e«, p/. -c, feast, festival. industrious, 

ge' jie, /. pi -n, firmament, fortress, ghe'qe, /. ;?/. -« • Ay. 

castle ; prison. Stie'gen, ». n. ir. to fly ; ^oc^ — , 

ge'jiunfl./. ;?/. -en, fortress, citadel. ^ soar, 

gett, fli;. fat, greasy. gtle'^en, v. a. ^ n. ir. to flee, run 

geud)t, adj. moist, humid, damp. away ; shun, 

geu'er, n. -«, pi. -. fire ; -ro^t, n. glic'Jen, v. n. ir. to flow, run, blot 

fire-arm, fire-lock; -tob, m. (of paper). 

death by fire. glim'mern, v. n. to glitter, glisten, 

gcu'crti), adj. fiery, ardent. glimmer, sparkle, 

gie'ber, n. -€, pi. -, fever ; ~^a]t, gliuf, adj* brisk, alert, nimble. 

adj. feverish. glin'tc,/. pi. -n, gun, musket, 

gtel, see gallen, ir. verbs. gltt'tet, m. -d. pi -, spangle. 

ginaiij'iDefen, n. finances. glo^. m. -etf, ;i/. glo^e, flea, 

giu'beii, t7. fl. ir. to find, discover; gloren' m. -«, jp/. -e, florin, a com 

deem, think. originally made at Florence^ 

ginq. /rom fangen, ir. verbs. worth about forty cents. 

gin'gpt, m. -«,»/. -, finger. ^ g(of , see gUefcn, ir. verbs, 

ginn'lanb, n. Finnland. glo'te,/. ;?/. -en, flute, 

giii'jler, adj. dark, gloomy ; sad. glot'te,/. />/. -n, fleet 




%l}i6i, m. 't8, pL 9tfi<be, curse, 
execration, imprecation. 

Slu'dten, V. n, to curse, impre- 
cate, swear. 

%UuU. f. flight, escape, range. 

giu(b'ten; t7. a. to save, secure; 
V. n, 4" r. to flee, escape. 

%UiM\q, adj. flying, fugitive ; 

glucbt'lliiij. m. -i€, pL -t, fugitive, 

%lvi.\, m. -e^, pi l^luge. flight, soar- 
ing ; flock, swarm, covey. 

glfi^f 1. m. -«. pZ. -, wing ; harp- 
sichord ; folding-door. 

ghV/lcin, fi. dim. of glugel. 

^lui)^ adv. quickly, instantly. 

glur. /. pL -eii. field, plain ; floor, 
flooring; vestibule, entrance- 

gluf, m. -ffe«, pi. gluffe, river, 

glui'(t)€u/itm. o/Sluf. 

glu'tlcrn, V. n. to whisper. 

glut, %Uitf},f. pi. -en. flood ; de- 
lude, inundation ; high-water, 

gcl'ije,/. pi. -n, sequel, sequence, 
consequence ; -»elt posterity, 
future generation. 

%oVi\en, V, a. to obey ; v. n. to 
follow, succeed. 

Sclct'ltd), adv. of course, there- 
fore, consequently. 

Sor'bern, v. a. to demand, ask; 
require ; summon. 

gotm, /. pi. -en, form, figure, 
shape, fashion ; pattern, model. 

gorm'Ud), €u{j. formal, in due form, 

gor'f*eu, V. n. to inquire, search, 
investigate, scrutinize. 

gcrtl, m. -i^f pi. -e. forest. 

gort, adv. on, ofl*, away, forward, 
onwards, continually. 

gortan', etdv. henceforth, hence- 
forward, farther. 

gort'bciujcn, v. a. ir, to bring or 

carry away ; remove ; advance^ 

help on, support 
gort'tauer,/. continuation. 
gcct'i)aucrn. v. n. to continue, last, 
gcrt'fa^ren, v. a. ir. to carry off, 

carry away ; u. n. to drive off, 

set sail, depart; continue, go on. 

gcrt'f^ang, m. -e«, progress, ad- 
vance, advancement ; success. 

gon'cjf ^en. r. n. ir. to go away ; 
proceed; advance. 

gort^iii'. adv. henceforth, hence- 

gorl'tommen. v. n. ir to get away, 
get on ; escape ; grow , pros- 
per, get along. 

gorfmacben, v. r. to get away, go 
off, make one's escape. 

gort'reif en. v. a. ir. to carry away, 
carry along. 

gort'reiten, v. n. ir. to ride away, 
ride on. 

gert'vennen, v. n. tr. to run off. 

gort'rucfen, v. a. 6f n. to move 
away, edge ; move on ; ad- 

gort'fdllep^en. v. a. to drag away. 

gort'f*ritt, m. -e«, pi. -c, progress; 

goct'fe^en, v. a. to continue ; pur- 
sue ; set forward. 

goTt'gie^rn, v. n. ir. to depart, 
march on, remove. 

gra'ge,/. pi, -n, question, query, 

gra'gen, v. a. 6fn. to ask, ques- 
tion, ask a question, interro- 
gate, care for. 

gran'fc, m. -n, Frank. 

granf'reicb, n. France. 

gran J, m. Francis. 

grango'fe, m. Frenchman. 

granjo'iifd), adj. French. 

grau. /. pi. -en, woman ; wife ; 
lady, madam. 

grau'lcin, n. -i, pi. -, miss. 

gret, adj. free, exempt; disen- 
gaged ; vacant, independent; 

%xi gfur 213 

open, public ; -toittig; adj, vo- grcmm, adj. pious, religious^ 

luntary, spontaneous. Rodly, devout, innocent ; tame. 

Srci'cr, m. wooer, suitor. Rront Srcn'te,/. pL -en, -n, front, 

grei'^eit /. pi. -eii, liberty, free- face. 

dom ; privilege ; exemption ; Sroji'ig^ adj. frosty, chilly ; cold, 

franchise. frigid, insipid. 

grei'lld), adv. certainly, it is true, %xud)if. pi- iyrflcbte, fruit. 

to be sure, indeed. Sruc^t'bar, adj. fruitful, fertile, 

greiiib, adj. strange, foreign. productive. 

grem'be. m. -n, pi. -n. foreigner, S^^u^, adj. cj- adv. early in the 

. stranger ; /. foreign country. morning ; fru'^er, former; -mcr'^ 

gremD'ling, m. -e«, pi. -c, for- gend, early in the morning ; 

eigner, stranger. gcjiern — , yesterday morning ; 

gref fell, v. a. ir. to eat, devour ; §cute — , this morning ; morgea 

corrode. — , to-morrow-morning, 

greii'&e, /. pi. -n, joy, enjo3rment, gru'^c, /. prime, morning-time. 

pleasure, delight ; -ufeuer, n. gru(;'(iug. m. -cd, pi. -e, spring. 

bonfire ; -ngefd)rei, n. shout of Su'gf n, v. a. to join, unite ; or- 

joy, acclamation ; -nlo^, adj. dain, dispose, dispense ; v. r. 

joyless. to accommodate one's self to, 

greu'oig adj» glad, joyful, cheer- submit to. 

ful. gu^'len, V. a. 6f n. to feel, be sen- 

grcu'en, v. r. to rejoice, be glad ; sible of, perceive. 

e« freuet mid) fe^r, I am very gu^v'maun, m. pi -Icute, carrier, 

g\ad. cart-man, wagoner, driver, 

greuiib, m. -p«. />/. -e, friend. gu^'ren, v a. to carry; lead, 

grvunt 'lid), arf?. friendly, affable, guide, bear; wield; keep; 

kind; gracious; pleasant, pleas- hold ; conduct, carry on. 

ing. gu^'rer, m. -«, pi. -, leader, guide. 

greuni'Iicbfeit / pi. -en, friendli- giil'le, /. fulness, plenty, abun- 

ness, affability, kindness, cour- dance. 

teousness. gul'len, v. a. to fill, fill up. 

gteuub'f*aft,/ pi. -eii, friendship ; gunb, m. -eg, pi. -, finding ; found. 

relations; jt?/.. favor, kindness, gu.f, adj. five. 

grcuiib'jAaftlid), adj. friendly, gunf'te, adj. fifth. 

amicable. " giiuf'jig, adj. fifty. 

grc'Dcl, m. -«. pi. -, mischief, out- gun'feln, v. n. to sparkle ; glitter, 

rage, trespass, crime. twinkle. 

gvie'be, 771. -e, (grie'bcn, m. -t), gur, pre. for ; instead of; — unb 

peace. lolber, pro and con ; — imb — , 

giic'berid), m. Frederick. for ever and ever ; perpetual- 

giifcfj, adj. fresh, cool ; new, ly ; xoai — . . ., what kind 

green, raw ; brisk, lively, gay. of ... ; — fid), to one's self. 

• griji'ren, v. a. to dress the hair, gut'bitte, /. pi. -n, intercession, 

curl hair. mediation. 

grbb, adj. glad, joyful, joyous, gur'd)cn, v. a. to furrow ; fig. to 

grateful. wrinkle. 

giol)'lid), adj. joyful, joyous, gurd)t, /. fear, apprehension, 

cheerful., dread, terror. 

214 ®&n 9th 

SuTcbt'bar. adj. fearful, fonni- ®ax, adj- <f- adv, dressed, pr&i 

dable, dreadful, terrible. pared, sufficiently done ; quite, 

Burdi'teiu v. a, to fear, be afraid, entirely, very ; even ; i€ i^ gar 

apprehend ; v. r. to be in fear, gu fd;dn, it is' most beautiful. 

be afraid of. ®ax'be,f. pi. -n, sheaf; caraway. 

gurdi'trrlicb adj. frightful, tern- ®arn, n. -c«, pi. -e, yam, thread ; 

ble, horrible. net. 

8urdiffam, adj, timid, timorous, ©ariiifon',/. pi. -en, garrison. 

faint-hearted. ©ar'fiic) adj. dirty, ^thy, nasty, 

Surtl, m. -en. prince, sovereign. naughty ; indecent, 

^ur'illn./ pL -en, princess. ©ai'ten, m. -i^tpl. ©arten. garden; 

i^nrjl'lid^ adj. princely. -I|au«. n. summer house ; -faal, 

Surn>a^T'; adv. in truth, certainly, m. saloon in a summer-house. 

truly. ®af' fe,/. pi. -n, street; row ; alley, 

Sui, m. -e^, pi. y^ufc, foot, bottom, lane. 

base ; standard ; -bcben, m. ®a% m. -r^, pi ®dfie, guest ; 

bottom, floor; -^dnc^or. m. walk- stranger ; customer ; visitor ; 

er, pedestrian ; foot-soldier ; -fret, adj. hospitable ; -^aul, 

-ftApfe m track, trace-footstep; n. hotel ; -mabU n. banquet, 

tritt m. foot-step, step ; -oclf, feast, entertainment. 

n. infantry. ®at'te, m. -u, pi. -n, spouse, con- 

8uf ter, n. -6, pi. -, case ; lining, sort, husband. 

food, fodder, provender ; — ge? ®at'un. /. pi. -nen, spouse, wife, 

ben, — wcrfdmtten, to feed consort 

^ ®audi, m. -e«, pi. -e, fool, silly 

'^* fellow {applied also to several 

® vib, see ®f ben. n. m. 348. s. c. 180. kinds of birds ; as, owl, jack- 

@Ci^be,f. pi. "W, gift ; alms, chari- daw, ^c.) 

ty ; dose ; talent, faculty. ®au'men, m. -«, pi. -, palate. 

®af'fer, m. -tf. pi -, gazer, gaper. ®eb., abbreviation of geboren, bom, 

®di)'nen. v. n. to yawn, gape. see ®eb&ren. 

®alant', adj. gallant, poSte. ®ebar, see ®ebaren, tr. verbs. 

®al'i^cn, m. -^, pi. -, gallows, ©ebd'ren, v. a. ir. to bring forth, 

gibbet. bear. 

@aUa6 propername (of a man). ®ebdu'be, n. -<, pi. -,' building, 

©allcrit',/ /;/. -n. gallery. edifice, fabric. 

®alcvt)i'ven. v. n. to gallop. ®ebein', n. -t^.pl. -e, bones; body, 

®ang, m. -e«. pi. ®dnt^e, going, corpse. 

walking ; walk, gait, passage, ®eben, v. a. to give ; confer ; ren- 

gallery ; turn, direction ; pace; der ; exist ; e^ giebt, there is ; 

course ; passade ; in — biingcn, toad gtebt e0 ? what^s the matter? 

to set a-gning. I^ler tt?itb ed nid)t m\ geben, here 

®aK'»}e^, Ganges {river). we shall notget much, lit. there 

®an6,/. pi. ©dnfe, goose. will not be much. n. m. L. 37. 

®anj. adj. 6f adv. whole, all, en- 3. s. c. 44. 

tire, total ; full, perfect, com- ®cber't>e, /. pi. -n, gesture, pos- 

plete ; quite ; very. ture. 

©dnj'lic^, adj. ^adv. wholly, ut- ©ebcr'ben, c. r. to make gestures,* 

terly. behave, demean one's selfl 




®cbct', n. -^^, pi. -e, prayer. 

@ebeuf, see ©ebieteii, tr. werftj. 

©ebiet', n. -e«, ;?/. -c, district, ter- 
ritory; province. 

©ebie'ten, v. a. ir, to command, 
order, rule. 

©ebie'terin. /. pi. -nen, mistress. 

©ebil'bC; n. -^, />/. -, form, image ; 

©cbir'ge, n. -«, />/. -, chain of 
mountains, mountains, pi, 

®8big', n. -ffe^, jd/. -ffe, teeth. 

®ebcf , n. -c« jw/. -t. command- 
ment, precept, order ; offer. 

©ebof, from ©ebieten, see bteten. 

©ebrviucb', m. -ti.'pL -brauc^e, use, 
custom, usage, practice ; cere- 
mony, rite. 

@ebre'fl)en, v. n. 4" ^'^P- *''• to ^e 
wanting, be in want of, want. 

®cbriiir,n. -ed, roaring, bellowing. 

©ebu^'rcii, v. n. cj- r. to be due, 
belong to ; be fit, become. 

©eburf,/. ;?/. -en, birth, nativity, 

®ebufd)', n. -e«, ;?/. -c, thicket, 

@iba(t)'te, %mp. ©/"gcbenfen, see ben« 
fen. N. M. 346. s. c 178. 

®ebdc^fni§, n. -ffe«, memory, re- 
membrance, recollection. 

®etan'fe, m. -n«, ;?/. -n, thought, 
idea, notion, meaning ; pur- 
pose ; -nlod, adj. thoughtless. 

®eb€i'^>en, v. n. ir. to increase ; 
prosper, succeed. 

®ebcn'!en, v. n. ir. to think of, re- 
member, mention, intend. 

®ebi(bt% n. -ti.pL -e, poem, fictioa 

®ebrdn'ge, n. -6, throng, crowd, 
press ; fig. difficulty, dilemma. 

@ebulb', f. patience ; indulgence. 

®efat)t', /. pi. -in, danger, peril, 

©efdbt'licb, adj. dangerous. 

©efdbt'ie, m. -n, pi. -n, ®cfd§rttn, 
/. pi. -nen, companion, com- 
rade, mate. 

®efal'icn, v. n. ir, to please, like; 

toie gefdUt ed 3^nen i^Ux ? how 
do you like this place? jtc^ 
-laffen, to put up with, submit 
to, agree to ; m. -9, liking, 
pleasure ; favor, kindness. 

®efdl'(igfeit, /. pi. -en, kindness, 
obligingness, favor, 
'an'gene, m. ^f. -n, pL -n, pris 
oner, captive. 

©cfan'genfcbaft, /. captivity, im. 

®efdi', 71. -ed. pi. -c, vessel. 

©efajt', adj. ready, prepared . 

©efecbt', n. -e«, pi -e, fight, combat, 

©efie'bev; n. -tf, plumage. 

®efil'bc. n. -d, pi. -, fields, plains. 

©ejio'gen, see fliiegcn, ir. verbs, 

©ejiu'gcU, a«?;. winged. 

®efol'9e, n. -«, train, suite, atten- 
dance, followers, pi. 

®efrcun'bct adj. related. 

®efu^l', n. -ed, pi. -e, feeling, 
touch, sensation ; sensibility ; 
-»oU, adj. sensible, tender. 

®egan'gen, see @e^en, ir. verbs. 

©e'gcn, pre. towards, toward, to ; 
against ; for ; about, near ; in 
comparison with; -befel)l, m. 
counter order ; -llanb, m. sub- 
ject, object : -t()eil, n. contrary; 
im — i^txWf on the contrary; 
-ubet, pre, opposite ; -ujart,/. 
presence ; present time; -todr- 
tig, adj. present, on hand ; 
-wel^r,/. defence. 

©e'genb,/. ;?/. -en, region, country. 

©egef'fen, see @ffen. 

©e^alt', m. -ti, pi. -c, contents; 
pay, salary 

©cbeim', adj. secret ; clandestine ; 
private ; privy ; hidden. 

©el)clm'nif , n. -ffe«, pi -ffe, secret, 
mystery ; secrecy ; -»oU, adj 
mysterious; mystical. 

©etjeif', n. -e«, command, order. 

©e'^en. v. n. ir. to go, walk, pass * 
extend to; swell; fare; xaU 




ge^t e« 319 ncn ? or, tolc gc^t'^ ? 
how are you V e^ cje^t mir gut 
I am doing, getting along, 
well ; ed (^el^t mir ni*t bffcnber^, 
I am not getting along very 
(remarkably) weU. 

®il)il'|e, m. -II, pi. -R, assistant, 
mate, adjunct. 

®ol;irn', n. -ee.pL -f. brain, brains. 

®i'bcr'(ben; v. n. to obey. 

©fbc'reii, r. n. to belong, apper- 
tain to ; require. 

®il)o'rii;. adj. belonging to; ne- 
cessary ; due, proper, fit. 

©el^ei'iam. adj. obedient, dutiful; 
m. -d. obedience, duty. 

@d)ul'fe, see Qi^e^ilfe. 

©ci'f el, /. pi. -n, whip, scourge, 
lash, severe censure. 

©lift, m. -ed. pi. -er, ghost, spirit ; 
soul ; genius. 

®ii«er'i^lii(t), adj. ghost-like, spi- 
rii-like ; -(her, spirit chorus. 

©ei'ftii^. adj. 6f adv. spirituous ; 
immaterial, spiritual, intellec- 
tual, mental. 

®^\^. m-ii, avarice, covetousness. 

®eld(b'tcr, n. -i, laughter. 

©ilau'i^en, v. n. to come at or to, 
arrive, attain to. 

©eiaffen, adj. composed, calm ; 

®elD, n- -ed, yl- er, money ; -arm, 
adj. moneyless, poor in purse. 

©ele'geii^eit, /. pi. -en, occasion, 
opportunity, means ; convey- 
ance; arrangement, disposition. 

@clel)t'famfeit, /. learning, erudi- 
tion, scholarship. 

®d^i)xi', adj. learned, skilled, 

Oelei'tcu, v. a. to conduct, ac- 
company, convoy. 

©clfito'maiin, m. -eei, guide. 

®e(inb', adj. soft, mild, sweet, 
smooth, gentle, fair. 

©eliu'gen, v. n. ir- to succeed, 
prosper ; ed ijl mir gelungen, I 
have succeeded in it. 

®e(l6'j>e(; n. -9, continual lisping 
®el'Ien. v. n to sound loudly, yeli 
®elo'beii, V. a. to promise, vow. 
©el'ten, v. a. ir. to be worth, cost; 
be current ; prevail ; have in- 
fluence, pass for ; zi gilt metit 
£eben, or, ed gilt mtt ba^ £ebeit, 
my life is at stake ; ed gilt ^tet 
9)^uti), here courage is requir- 
ed ; e^ gtU un6 baiS }u i\)VL\\, it is 
our task (duty) to do that. 
®cliib't>e, n. -i, pi. -, vow. 
®emad/, n. -c«, pi. ®emdd)er, 

room, chamber, apartment. 
®cmd(t)'lid), adj. soft, gentle, con- 
venient, comfortable. 
®fmai^l', m. 4- n. -e^, pL -e, con- 
sort, spouse. 
®emal)'Un, /. pi. -nen, consort, 

spouse, wife. 
®emdl'5c, n. -0, vl. -e, picture, 

painting ; fig. description. 
®cmd§', adj. 4- adv. conformable, 
suitable, congruent, according 
®imdi\', adj. common, vulgar ; 

general ; public, familiar. 
®emeitt'be,/. pi. -n, commonalty, 

community, parish. 
®emeiu'fam; adj. common, joined. 
@emcin'fd)aftU(l), adj. common, 

®em'fe,/. pi. -n, chamois, 
©emd'li. dim. q/'®emfe. 
®omiVfc n. -^, vegetables, greens, 
©emiit^', n. -e«, pi. -er, mind, soul, 

heart, nature. 
®en, see ®irgen. 
®ena!mt', p. p. of nennen. 
®enau^ adj. close ; accurate, ex- 
act, strict ; intimate ; sparing, 
parsimonious; mit -er 9lot^, 
scarcely, with difficulty. 
®eneral', m. -e«, pi. ©enerdle, ge- 

aeral, commander. 
®enc'fen, v. n. ir. to recover, 

grow well. 
®ene'fiing, /. recovery, conva* 

9cr Ocf 217 

®eni(f', n. -e*, pL -e, nape, neck. "Cerjtn •— , with all my heart ; 

@enle', n. -d, pi. -6, genius, talent. — ^abcn, to like, be fond of. 

©enieff'bar, adj. capable of being ©ettru'tita^, St. Gertrude's day 

enjoyed, enjoyable ; eatable ; ©criidjt', n. -ee, pi. -e, report, ru- 

annkable. mor ; fame, reputation. 

©enie'Sen. v. a. ir. to enjoy, have ©efanb'te, m. -n, pi. -n, messen- 

the benefit of; taste ; eat ; re- ger ; ambassador. 

ceive. Oefang', m. -e<, /i/.-fd"9C, song, 

©e'liiug. m. pi. -len, genius. ©efcbdff, n. -e«. pi. -e. business, 

@encj'. see @eiue§en, ir. verbs. concern ; employment, occu- 

©enog^ m. -ffen, pi. -ffen, compan- pation, charge, function. 

ion, fellow, comrade, mate, ©efdidf Hg' odj. busy ; active. 

associate. ©efit^af'ticjfeit./. activity, occupa- 

©eniVbcr, see ©ec^em'tbcr. tion ; officiousness. 

©enurt', adv. sufficient, enough, ©efcbc'ljen, v. n. cj- imp. ir. to hap- 

©enu'j^f, /. sufficiency ; compe- pen, chance, take place , be 

tency ; satisfaction ; — t^un, done ; e« gefchie^t if)m re(^t it 

to do justice. is good enough for him, served 

©cllu$^ m. -ffe^/ pi. ©enitffe, en- him right ; er tvugte iiitbt, tote 

joyment, pleasure ; use. i^nt g^cba^, he did not know 

©era'be, adj. straight, right, di- what ailed him, he was con- 

rect ; upright, plain, honest. fused, 

©craf'fel, ». -^, clatter, rattling. ©efdjcibt', see ©efAeit. 

©erdtl)', n. -f6, pi. -c, tools, ves- ©efdieit', adj. prudent, judicious, 

sels, utensils, implements, fur- clever. 

niture. ©efd)c«f, n. -ed, pl.-e, present, 

©era't^en, r. n. ir. to fall in or gift. 

into ; prosper, succeed ; get. ©efc^euf , see @efdii it. 

©erdu'mig, adj. large, spacious, ©cfrijidi'te,/. pl,^i, history, story, 

©erdufd)', n. -ctf, pi. -z, noise, tale. 

bustle. ©efd^tcf, n. -ti, pi. -z, skill ; fate, 

©ered)t', adj. just, righteous ; me- destiny. 

rited. @ef*lcf'Ud)frrt; /. pi. -en, skilful-. 

©erp*'tlgfelt/. justice, righteous- ness, dexterity, address, clev- 

ness ; privilege, immunity. erness. 

©erei'dieii, v. n. to tend, turn to, ©efdncf t', adj. fit, apt, proper ; 

conduce ; succeed to. skilful, able, dexterous, clever, 

©ereu'en, v. imp. to repent ; c6 ©efd)(ed:)t', n. -ii. pi. -cr, sex ; ge- 

(^eteuot mid\ I repent it. nus, kind, race ; family, de- 

®eridU', n. -ed, pi. -e, tribunal ; scent ; gender. 

court of justice ; jurisdiction ; ®cf*macf m. -fi, taste ; savour ; 

judgment, sentence ; dish, relish, liking ; — an . .. finben, 

mess. to delight in, relish, 

©cring', adj. little, small ; mean, ©efd/Opf', n. -e«, pi. -c, creature. 

low, cheap ; of little value ; ©ef*c§', n. -f{ei, pi. -jfe, arrows 

humble. darts, 

©ern, adv. willingly, gladly, ©efdirei', n. -c6, cry, clamor. 

cheerfully ; with pleasure ; id) ©cfdifljj', n. -ed, pi. -e, artillery» 

moijU — , I would fain ; »on cannon. 

218 9efl «eto 

Offd^tpa^'. «. -ti, pi, -€» talk, duit- which see) placed before nameM 

tering, prating. or titles, as a mark of respect ; 

&i\&^vcu\t\ adj. swift, fast, quick, (S^eflrenger ^err, your Excellen- 

speedy, prompt cy, his honor, &c. 

<^fKU'. m. -«n, pi. >en, journey- ©efunb'. adj. sound, healthy. 

man ; companion, comrade. Q^^unb'f)tit, f. pL -en, health. 

(^i fft'ten r. a. 4- r. to associate, &ttta'ht, n. -6. trotting, trampling, 

accompany, join. (Hettau'en, t;. r. to dare, be bold to. 

<S^tM'iU'fd^aft, /. pi. -tn, society, Qhtttu'^adj. faithful, loyal, trusty, 

company, association. Q^txit'be, n. -d. machinery, wheels. 

^irKU'td^after. m.-d. p/.-, compan- @etrofi', adj. confident, courage- 
ion, associate, feUow, paitner. ous; of good cheer. 

@t fc^'. n. -etf. /./. -e, law ; -geber, @etTitm'mer, see llriimmer. 

m. lawgiver, legislator. ©ctum'mcl, n. -«, tumult, bustle. 

©oKl'Udv adj. lawful, legaL Oewadj'fen; adj. grown ; ciner 

(ft)t'U*r. fi. -e«, pi. -er (-e), sight, @ad)e— fein, to be a match for, 

eye -sight ; face ; countenance, equal to. 

look, mien; -^jug, m. linea- @e»a§r, 04/;. perceiving; — ti>er> 

ment, feature. ben, to see, perceive. 

©tfiutf, n. -», domestics, ser- @e»d^r«'mann, m. voucher, guar- 

vanis. antee bondsman 

©t jimir, a</> minded, disposed. ©ewaVKn, t>. a. to aflTord, «raiit, 

@eitn-nntij«. /. yl. -en, mind, opin- jUow, vouchsafe, 

ion ; sentiment. • ©ewalt',/ n/. -en, power, might ; 

©cUHiiif, n. -f«, pl.-n. ghost, force,Yiolence. 

spectre, appanuon. ®e»al'tig, o*. powerful, mighty, 

©eipia* , n. -f«, pi. -t, discourse, '^"*'''* "»' "?'* fr;_ *' ';„„i' 

conversation, dialogue. valiant ; forcible ; very great, 

©eft. <Mreviation of ©eftorben, @;;„'fi,-,f^ ^. ^^^^^ fo^jM^, 

ffli v^; . T > .h.r. h,„k ®«»»«k'' »• -'M- ®«»a«fc«r. gar- 
coast "' "«"'' '^'^P*^ ' ''I*'* ' *'^"'*^ ' 

®eS*M*e®eile^en.«„rf®.eljeB. ®^i' :^-'t^-,''' '^''''^'' 

©cftanbifl. «<0-. confessing; - ®S / H^^i-e, weight ; /^. 

fciu, to confess, own. ;«.rvrx^or»/.« b ' / s 

©eftat'teii, t;. a. to permit, allow, ^ importance. 

grant. ©ctinmi', m. -e«, pi. -c, gain, profit, 

®eue'l;f«, v. a. ir. to confess. interest, acquisiKon ; prize, 

©eftein', n. -c«, stones, /)/. ©croin'nen, v. a. 4- n. ir. to win, 

©cflirn', n. -e<5, pi. -e, star ; con- gain, profit, earn ; assume ; ben 

siellation. vj^xii^ — , to win the pnze ; lieo 

©cflicut , adj. starred, starry. — ^ to become fond of, like. 

©ffter'ben, see <gterben, ir. verbs, ©eroiu'fel n. -«, whimpenng. 

©eftrdud/, n. -e«, pi. -e, shrub, @ewl§', a((;. certain, sure. 

bushes, pi.; thicket. ©ewif feuf^aft. Ocrolf'fen^afflg, o^r 

iSJeftreu^', a</y. {obsolete for flreng, conscientious, scrupulous. 

®IS Sna . 219 

i&itoit'Ux, n. -0/ pi. -/ thunder- ®(ri(h, AMf/- 4* ^^* ^^^ y i^^U ^^' 

storm, tempest. mediately, presently. The farm 

©etDo^'iten, v. a. 4* ^> to accustom, gleidieii, or ^leict)en m o/ifrn 

inure, use ; acquire the habit tised with the genitive singular 

of, habituate ; wean. masc. of the possessive pro^ 

®en>cl)u^^ett, /*. pL -en, custom, rwuns and may refer to nouns 

yse, usage, habit, practice. of all genders in both numbers^ 

®eivc^u'lid),a^- customary, usual, meinc6gUtd)en, or metne^ ®Ui* 

common, ordinary. c^en, my equal or my equals, 

©etDc^nt', adj. used, accustomed. my like, the like of me, such 

®ew)cl'De. n^ -i, pi. -, vault, arch, as I ; -fltltig & glei*guUig, adj. 

cellar; shop. equivalent; indiffeient; ec i|l 

©eipclt', n. -eel; pi. -e, clouds. mir ^leid^guUig, I do not care 

©eroct'^en, see '^erben. n. m. L. for or about him. 

36. s. c. 32. ©(ei'cben, v, a. 4" «• »*•• to resem- 

©ewu^r, n. -e«, crowd, throng, ble, be like. 

tumult. ®lcid>'faa«, fl^i7. likewise, also. 

©eiDurm/, n. -e«. vermin, reptiles. @ieid)'|ani, adv. as it were, as if, 

(SJerourj', n. -e«, pi. -e, spice ; aro- ^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^j^^^g^^ 

matics. ©leicbwie', arft>. dr conj. as, even 

®cjeli', n. .e(J, pZ. -e, tent. ^ j^g^ as 

©cjo'gen, see gie^en, ir. verbs. ©Uiiic^K arfr. <}• con;', never 

@ib. see ©vben. theless, notwithstanding, yet 

®|braUar, Gibraltar. j^^^^^^r. ^ 

® leb, see ®cbeu. ^j^.^ ^ _^,^ ^ .^, ^^^^1^ ^^^ 

©letig, flrf^ eager, greedy. @lei/fe,/. sec ®(ei«. 

©Ill', n. -e«, d/. -c, poison, venom, nn la * u- v*.* 

©if'tig, arf;-. poisonous, venom- ®tei'ljen t. n. to shme, ghtter, 

ous;^/eiiraged. a.F^^^ ^^^^T'^'^r' u k 

'''^f^^^ «4;-. 'gigantic, giant- ^^ T S^^ ^^^^^^^ 

@ing, see ©e^en. n. m. P. 348. s. ^rl'^^"^' ""' ^^^^''^' r r i \ 

^ jgQ ® lo'vjau, proper name {of a place). 

®im, m. -«, pi. -. summit, top, ©("t'tei*. ©lot/murtig, a<i>. glo 

pgJ^l^ '^ "^ nous, illustnous. 

®lMj, m. -f«, lustre, brightness, «'¥' »• -'»• l"ck, fortune ; hap- 

splendor. pmess ; chance, hazard, ven- 

®Se' "•'^-^S^'^'' ^"^^^' ®Scb,arf/ happy, lucky, for- 

©la'd n.* -fea, i;/. ®lafet. glass. ^,V!?r^J?- ,. ,, ^ , 

®la'fcr, m. -ipl. -, glazier. ©luctfe'lig, adj. blessed, happy, 

®latt, arf>. smooth, even, sleek, ^J?'?,???7^!1^V. . i ^ u 

poUshed plain ©fucf'ieliQfcit/. blessedness, hap- 

®lau'bc, ml -end, 'faith ; belief. P^^^^s, felicity, bliss. 

©lau'ben, v. a. to believe ; trust ®lu't)en, v. a. df n. to make red- 
think, suppose. hot ; glow, be red-hot. 

®lau'bi9, adj. beUeving ; faithful, ®l«t^ & ®tut./. pi. -en, glowing 

devout. fir© 5 flame, ardor. 

®ldu'biger, m. -d, pi. -, creditor. ®na'be, f. pi. -en, grace, favoTi 

220 «ri 9rtt 

clemency ; mercj, pardon ; (ho. Qhai, n. -fctf, pi. Ordfer. gnus. 

-II, your ip-ace, your lordship. Ordtlid), adj. horrible, terrible 
Q^naU it), adj. gracious, merciful, hideous. 

propitious. (9ran, adj. gray, grey, gnzzled. 

(S^na'n^lidt, graciously, Idndly; 0ra«'fii, n. -d, horror, abhorrence, 

l^jltrii )ti @.iabfu, seel^aUrs. terror. 

&At. n, 'te, gold. <irdsli<ti, adj. shocking, honible, 

Q^ci'ttn. adj. golden, made of gold. terrible, heinous. 
(^cn'iiet. m. -9, pi. patron, favorer. &xautt, see &xantiL 
(i^cHift, m. Goth. <9rau4. m. -fe6, hom>r, dread. 

(^ett/laitt, n. Gothland. . Qhau'fam, adj. cruel,* barbarous, 

&ctt, m. 't$, pi. (hotter, God. The fierce, horrible. 

word &cH is often used in ex- (Sraiffamfett f. pi. -en, cruelty, 

clamations, where a literal barbarity, outrage- 

translation of it would be re- (Srait'fcn, v. n. imp. to awe, shud- 

garded as profane ; as, ad) Qioit\ der, make shudder ; Hf^f^' ^j* 

O dear ! O Lord ! adjectives awful, dreadfid, dismaying. 

are also often usedin connection ®iaftta'tifd), a</;. grave, solemn. 

with it which are omitted tn QhtV^tn, «. a. <|- n. to gripe, 

translating; ber liebr ®ctt loeii, grasp ; seize, lay hold oE 

God knows; — ich, — fei iDaiif, Qhti^, adj. gray, hoary ; tn. -ff «, 

thank God ; init — , with God's pi. -\t, an old man. 

assistance, by God's grace ; @reU, adj. glaring ; shrill, sharp. 

-frli}) adj. godly ; devout, pious; ®renabif t', m. -ed, pl.-t, grenadier. 

-filit)feit,/. godliness, devout^ ©rrn'^e, /. pi. -n, limit, border, 

ness ; piety. bound, boundary, frontier. 

®ci'ic€sadiv. m burying-place, ®xt'ttl, nickname of ^axQaxcie, 

church-yard; -Idjierung,/. bias- Margaret. 

phemy. (Shrie'ibe* m. Greek, Grecian. 

Q^ott'^xiet, m. proper name, . Orlmm, m. -ti, fury, rage, wrath. 

@ctt'ljeit,/jp/. -en, divinity, deity, ©rim'mig, adj. grim, fierce, en- 
&ott*ii&i, adj, divine; godly ; god- raged, furious, terrible. 

like. ®rob, adj coarse ; clumsy, gross, 

©Tab, n. -e0, pi. C^rdber, ffrave, thick, rough, dull, rude, un- 

tomb; -gcfang, m. funeral hymn. couth, 
©ra'beii, v. a. if n ir. to dig; en- ®rob'^ett,/. (pi. -en), coarseness, 

grave, cut. roughness, rudeness. 

® rab, m. -e0, pi. -t, degree. ®re$, adj. great, * large, vast^ 

®raf, m. -rn, pi. -en, earl, count. huge. 
®ram. m. -e6, grief^ sorrow, afilic- ®rc'fe, f. greatness, largeness; 

tion. size; grandeur. 

®ramma'tifer, m. -0, pi. -, gram- ©rti'belu, v. n. to meditate close- 

marian. ly, refine ; indulge in subtile 

®rauat', m. -ctf (-en), pL -en gar- inquiries. 

net ; pomegranate ; -baum, m, ®xn^t,f. pi. ©ruffe, grave, vault. 

pomegranate-tree. ©run, adj. green, verdant; fresh, 

©rana'te,/. pi. -n, grenade, bomb- ©runb, m. -ed, pi. ©rfinbe, ground, 

shell. bottom ; reason, motive, cause, 

©rduV/ see ©renje. argument ; gu -e rtd)fen, to ruin ; 

6ai {fan 221 

)tt -^ gel^en, to go to ruin ; sink ; Xoai (;aben ®ie ? what ails you ? 

-ei^, n. ground-ice, floating ice toad ^aben @ie mit i^m ? what 

or ice which is said to form at * (difficulty, trouble) have you 

the bottom of the water and with him ? 

then rise to the surface ; -ftud, •&ab'fu*t, /. avidity, covetous- 

n. piece of land, real estate. ness, greediness. 

©ruii'ten, v. a. to ground, lay the «&a'cfen, v. a. to hack, chop. 

foundation of, build, establish, ^ga'teni, v. n. to quarrel, brawl, 

®iiVi;eit, V, 10 to grow green, squabble, be displeased. 

thrive, flourish. 'Sa'fen, m. -e, pi. •&dfeii, harbo/, 

®ruf . m. -:€, pi, ®rufe, salute, haven, port ; pot. 

salutation. <&a7er. m, -i, oat, oats, pi. 

©ru'gcii. w. a. to greet, salute; — '&ai'be. see •fteibe. 

^ie i^n \>on mir, remember me •&ain, m. -e«, pi, -e, grove, wood, 

to him. thicket, 

©u'cfen, r. n, to look, peep. ^alb, adj. half. 

®\ie'bva\\t,propernameioJaman) -^arbcii, .&al'ber, pre. by reason 

©urbeu. m. -6, pi. -, florin. of, for rea.son of, on account 

©u'nito, proper name (of a wo- of, for the sake of. 

man). •&*.^lf/ see •&elfcn, ir. verbs. 

®hful m. -€, pL ', girdle, sash, ^alfti, / pi. -n, half, moiety, 

belt ; zone. middle, 

©uv'ten, V. a. 4* r. to gird, girdle. ^aVU.f. pi -n, hall ; porch. 

®u§; m. -ffe«, pL ©iiJTe, casting, ^allclj'. int. hallo ! 

founding ; gush, shower. ^alm. m. -ea, ;?/. -e, stalk, halm, 

®u|Va», m. Gustavus. straw. 

@ut adj. if* a<io. good, well, suf- $dlmMien, dim. o/*«&a(m. 

ficiently ; good-natured ; kind j ^aU, m. -fed, pi. «&dlfe, neck ; 

n. -cd, ;;/. ®utcr, gpod ; pos- throat ; -ftavrig. adj. head- 
session, property, estate. strong, stubborn, obstinate ; 
©ut'ibcnfcnb, adj. well-disposed : -tu*, n. neckcloth, necker- 

-^er;\ig, adj good-natured, good- chief ; cravat. 

hearted ; -t^dti^, adj. benefi- ^alt, m. -cd, pi. -e. hold, support ; 

cent, charitable. halt, stop ; provincial for t^alte 

u'te./. goodness, bounty, kind- id), I suppose, think ; er fann 

ness. ^alt tticbt ge^en, he cannot go, 1 

©u'tig, adj, kind, benevolent, suppose. 

gracious. «&al'teu, v. a. df n. ir. to hold; 

® ut'Ud), adj. amicable, friendly ; keep ; support ; contain ; stop ; 

jic^ — t^un, to indulge one's maintain ; manage ; deem, es- 

self. timate, think ; treat ; halt ; — - 

g. }u @naben (for Ijaltcn @ie ed mir 

•V* ju ®iiaben), I beg your pardon, 

$aar. n. -e«, ;?/. -e, hair ; wool. pardon me. 

^o!\it, /. property, goods, effects, ^am'bur^, n. Hamburg. 

feabcu. V. aux. <^ a. ir, to have, ^am'burgcr. m. Hamburger ; adj. 

possess ; gem — , to like ;, lieb belonging to Hamburg. 

— . to love ; te*t — , to be ^dm'merlinfl, m, -e«, pi, -e, merry 

right ; unrcd)t — , to be wrong ; Andrew ; hobgoblin. 




^dm'mfrn, r a. to hammer. 

t^anfc, / ;»/. 4?Anbe, hand ; -<)fcrb, 
n. led-horse ; -f(hu^, m. glove, 

•Oau'Dil m. -«. fl, '&dnbfC, com- 
raerci, trade, traffic ; bargain ; 
business, affair, quarrel. 

<&iUi'C(lii, V. n. to act ; trade. 

<&aiib'()abeii, v, a. to administer, 
exercise, manage. 

^aiit'luiict, f, pi. -en, action, deed, 
act ; lr?de, commerce. 

•&an'}^cu, V. n. in to hang, dangle ; 
stick to ; be attached. 

^du'^^eiu V. a. 4*^. to hang; attach 
to, fast'jn. 

<&vin0 Jiick, nickname for 3of)ann, 
John; — '&dm'merling. Jack 

^du'iVI. dim. of^^e. 

t&at'fc./. pi- -« harp. 

^Axm. m. -cfl. harm, grief, sorrow. 

^dv'mcii, V. r. to aSflict, grieve, 
pine for. 

J^annoiiit',/. pL -en, harmony. 

^av'iiifdi m. pL-t, harness, armor. 

«&ar'ipu, ». n. to stay, wait for, 

«&vivt, adj. hard ; severe, inflex- 
ible, rigorous ; -ndcfl^, adj, 
stubborn, headstrong, pertina- 

^dr'te. /■ vl -It, hardness ; severi- 
ty, mtiexibleness, roughness. 

«&a'faf I, m.proper name {of a man), 

«6a5 m. -fl[e^, hate, hatred. 

^af'K/ m. proper name. 

•&af'fen, v. a. to hate. 

^af'fcr, m. -«. pi. -, hater. 

«^df 'ler. m. proper name. 

«&d§'ll*feit,/.;?/. -en, ugliness, de- 
formity; badness. 

^aii.f. haste. 

•^aTtlj^. adj. hasty, in a hurry. 

•&a|'fc(b. oroper name (of a man), 

^avL'hc,f:pl -n. cap, crest, hood'. 

•feaubi'^e, /. pi. -n, howitzer, mor- 

^aud), m. -e^, pi, -e, breath. 

^au'c^en, v. n, to breathe ; aspi- 

^CM'tw, V, a. to hew, cut, chop ; 

t&au'fe, m. -n, heap; crowd, 
troop, multitude, 
au'fii), adj. abundant, copious, 
auf'lein, dim, ofJQauft. 
aulpt. n. -ed. ;?/. <9iu^te^ head ; 
chief; -^eer, n. main army; 
-rolle, /. principal part, prinr 
cipal character ; -fdd)ltcb, adj. 
df adv. chief, principal, essen- 
' tial ; especially ; -ftabt, f, ca- 
pital, metropolis ; -fumme, /. 
principal sum, sum total, prin- 
cipal items. 

<&au4, n. -fed. pi <&dufer, house, 
household, family; )u-e,home, 
at home ; nad) -e, home ; -flaU, 
m. stable, private stable; -* 
fd>netber, m. tailor to the fami- 
ly ; -t^ier, n. domestic animal. 

<&du0'd)en or <&due'lein, dim. of 

<&aud'^alt m. household, house- 

«&dnd'Ud), adj, domestic, home- 
bred, economical, thrifty. 

$auty. pi. <&dute, skin, hide. 

«&e'ben, v. a. ir. to lift, heave, raise, 
elevate, remove; v. r. ir, to 
rise, swell. 

«&eer, n, -ed, jd. -e, army, host ; >• 
ftrcm, m- chief or largest stream* 

^eerb, see «&erb. 

.&oer'be,/ ;?/. -n. herd, flock. 

^c'fen,/. ;?/. lees, dregs. 

•^ef ten, v. a. to fasten, attach ; fix. 

^^ef'tig, adj. vehement, violent; 
sharp ; eager, passionate. 

^ebr, adj* sublime, holy. 

^cl'ee, /. pi, -n. heath; wood, 

.&ei'be, m. -n, pi, -n, heathen, pa- 

•^eilrn. -ed, happiness, prosperi- 
ty, health, hail. 

^ei'len, v. a, 4- n. to heal, cure. 

^tt 4^tt £23 

^ePHc^, adj. holy, sacred, sancti- <&erab'fcmmen, t. h. ir. to come 

fied ; inviolable. down ; be reduced. 

•^ei'ligen, v- a. to hallow, sanctify. «&erab'fe^en, r. tu tr. to look down 
^ti'iiq^Uit, f. holiness, sanctify, upon. 

sacredness. «&erab'fe(en, v. a. to lower, de- 
^eil'fam, adj. wholesome, salu- grade, depreciate, undervalue. 

tary. «&erab'jlei9eu, v, n. ir. to descend. 

$f im, adv. home ; -fu^ren, to lead ^erab'ftimmen, v. a. to set lower 

home. <^etan, adv. on, near, near to ; up, 
"feei'mat^),/. pi. -en, home, native upwards. 

country. tferan'nal^cn, v. n. to draw near, 
<&eimU{d), adj. secret, private ; approach. 

^ snug. •&eran'riicfen, v. a. 4!jf n. to ad- 
<&ciu'rid), m. Henry. vance, draw near, march on. 

^ei'rat^,/. pi. -en, marriage. »&eTan'gle^cn, v. a. ^ n. to draw 
<&ei'f(t)en, v. a. to desire, require. near, approach, 

^elf . adj. hot, ardent, torrid. «&etauf' , adv. up, upwards. 

<&ei'Sen. v. a. <Sf n to call ; bid ; «^erau0^ adv^ out. 

be called, be said ; mean, sig- «^erau6'arbeiten, v. r. to get out, 

nify ; be considered ; e6 i^ei^t work out. 

it is said, they say ; bad ^eif t, <&eraud'puj^eiu v. a. 4- r. to dress 

that is to say, that is ; U)ie ^fi? out, embellish, set off. 

fen @le ? what is ybur name ? 'Serb, «6et'be, arf;. harsh, sour, bit- 
' \i%i ^eif t e« ; „»ortt)arW ! now ter. 

" forward" is the word. •&erbei', adv. hither, near, on. 

^ei'ter, adj. serene, clear, fair, «&erbfi'ffi^ren, v. a. to lead near, 

bright; cheerful. bring on, produce 

t&elb, 7w.-cn, pi. -en, hero. tgerbei'fommen, v. n. tr. to draw 
«^el'&fn;buct), n. book containing a near, approach. 

history of heroic deeds ;-nmt^, ^O^rbei^fcbaffen, v. a. to produce, 

m. heroism ; -mut^ig, adj. he- procure. 

roical, heroic; -t^at, /. hero- ^tx'btx^z, f- pL -n, harbor, shel- 

ism. ter, inn ; resting-place, 

^el'fcn, t;. a. df n. ir. to help, as- <&erbfi'Itd), adj. autumnal. 

sist, remedy, save. <&erb, m. -ed, pi. -e, hearth, fire- 
$eil. adj clear, bright, plain place, 

^el'lcr, m. -t. pi. -, a small cop- "^er'ter, m. Herder. 

per coin, farthing. «&creni', adv. in, into. 

«&elm, m. -e«. pi. -e, helmet. «&ev'geben, v. a. ir. to ^e\ deliver, 

^emb, n. -e«, pi. -e, shirt. ^cr'ge^cn, v. n. ir. . to go hither, \ 

<&em'men, v. a. to stop, hem. come hither; go or walk along; ! 

^en'ler, m. -«, pi. -, hangman, ex- e« ging lujtlg ^er, they were all 

ecutioner. very merry. 

^en'Ierdmann, see -©enfer. ^et'fommen. v. n. tr. to come here, 
^cu'ne./. pi. -n, (^uljner) hen. come hither, 

^e'nc*, m. Enoch. «&eT'fuuft, /. coming hither, arri- 
^^•, adv. hither, hitherward. val ; origin, descent, extrac /^ 

i&^ab', adv. down; downward; tion. J 

^wnwards- «&enmann^'fd)lad}t, a battle fought 

224 ^et 4(m 

A.D,9, tn which the Germans ^r^^aftfgfett,/ couragoousneas, 

under Hermann defeated the bravery, boldness. 

Romans under Varus, <&er)'Ud), adj. hearty, heartfelt, 

^ernad)', adv. afterwards, here- cordial, afiectionate. 

after, after that. ^^'i^^, m. -ii, pi. -t, duke, 

^frnic'ber, adv. dowB, down- ^ergu', adv. hither, near. 

wards, see ^XQ». ^eu*elei, /. pi. -en, hypocrisy, 

ifie'rcd, m. pi. ^zxe'tn, hero. dissembling, simulation, 

^err, m. -en, pi. -en, master ; ^euc^el'fdtein, m false appearance, 

gentleman ; lord ; sir ; n. m. hypocrisy. 

L. 17. 6. s. c. 68. «&eu'len, v. n. to howl, yell. 

^en'clHMi, n. -6, pi. -, little mas- •&eut, -fteu'te, adv. to-day ;. — SWor* 

ter, lordling. gen, this morning ; — gu Xage, 

•^en'lidi, adv. excellent, magnifi- now-a-days. 

cent. '^eu'tig, adj. of this day, of this 

^cn'lid'ff it, /.;?/. -en, excellency, date; present, modem ; -e< 

glory, magnificence, splendor. Xa^ee, now-a-days ; ber -e Sag, 

^cn'fd^aft, J. pi, -en, dominion ; this day. 

authority, command ; master ^ie, see <pier. 

and mistress. <^ielt, see <&aUen. 

^(Tv'fd^en, V n. to rule, reign, <&tenie'ben,a<ii7. here below, in this 

govern, sway ; rage. life, 

^cii'fdjer, m. -«, pi. ruler, gover- ^ier, adv. here ; -an', adv. hereon, 

nor, master, lord. at this, by this, of this ; -auf , 

«&criVber, adj. over, across to this adv. hereupon, upon this, at 

side. this, hereafter, after this ; 

<&erum'; adv. round, about. -burc^, adv. through this place, 

^erum'bre^en, v. a. to turn about. by this, by this means ; -^cr, 

«^ermrter, a</v. down, downward, adv. hither, . here, this way; 

downwards. -^in, adv. thither, in this di- 

<6er\)or', adv. forth, forward, out. rection ; -mit, adv. herewith, 

«&ej:»ot'brin9en, v. a. ir. to bring with this, with it ; -felbjl', adv, 

forth, bring out, produce, utter. here in this place ; -ubct; adv, 

«&er»or'9e^en, v. n. ir. to go forth ; over this place, over here ; 

fig. to proceed, follow. hereat, at this, on this account; 

<&ervcr'l)eben, v. n. ir. to raise ; -von, adv. hereof, from this, of 

render prominent. this, of it. 

^ervoc'ragen, v. n. to be promi- "glefelbft', see ^ierfelbfl. 

nent, project. •6il'ff//. pi' -n, aid, help, succor, 

^crvor'treten, v. n. ir. to step or assistance, relief/ 

come forward ; stand out. <&tlf reid), adj. helpM. 

$ett)OT'tDad)fen, v. n. ir. to shoot, <&i(ffi, *&i(ft, see «pelfen. 

grow up. <&iriel, m. proper name. 

«&erj. n. -en«, pi. -en, heart ; cour- -^irn'mel, m. -«, pi. -, heaven, hea- 

age ; -flc^fen, n. palpitation of vens, sky ; zone, climate ; uns 

the heart. ter freiem — , in the open air ; 

•Ser'ge, see -^erj. -an, adv. heavenward ; -todrt^, 

^er^gcn, v. a. ir. to press to the adv. towards heaven, heaven« 

heart, embrace, fondle. ward. 

.^In ^oOi 225 

^Immclfreiijelemeiit, vulg. an ex- ^i '"i f'men, v. a. »r. to take, re- 

clamation indicating peevish" ceive. 

ncjj, anger, •&lu'iticl)en, v, a. to reach, hand; 

«^inun'lifcl>, adj, celestial, heav- v. n. to suffice. 

enly ; celestial-being, divinity. •Siu'rcijen, i?. a. ir. to tear along ; 

•6in, adv. thither, away, gone, snatch away ; transport. 

lost ; on, along ; — unb ^er. to •&iu'rid^tt'n, v' a. to direct to- 

and fro ; — nub wiebpc. here wards ; execute ; put to death. 

and there ; now and then. «&iu'fct'liMd:)eu. t;. n. 4" *'*• to creep i 

•&inab', adv. down, down there ; ^o> steal to. 

-i^e^en, to go down ; -laffeu, to 'Si'^'ten. adv. behind, in the rear, 

lower ; -ft»?iBf "^ to descend. aft ; at the end. 

*inan', adv. up there ; up to (see *'"'/^'^ pre. <^ adv. hind, behind, 

^eiauf, ^iiiauf); -teW to after, back, backwards ; -breia, 

reach up ; -fteiflen, to ascend, ?^^l: ^/^^^ ' afterwards ; along, 

mount. behind, 

c,. ^ -/ J ^1 * ^intcrlaf'ien, r. a. ir. to leave be- 

«.uau, adv. up, up there, up to ; ^j^j bequeath. 

-jif (jen, tQ ascend, anse. ^iu»,„i6eu, v. a. ir. to drive to. 

|«-, adv. out, out there. ^M,bn, adv. over, across, be- 

•pinaue'ge^en, v. n. tr. to go out ; '^ ^^ ' ' 

surpass, ttanscend. ^inuu'tet, arfi;. down, down there. 

«n.a»«'l*leKbeu v n. «}• r. tr. to ^j„„ , ^^ „g., over. 

sneak out, steal away. ^i„,w4U». v. n. to fade away, 

^.u blirfen, V. n. to look to or to- ^^^^ ^^^y 

wards. fiiii'mfrfeii, c. a. ir. to throw to, 

^n-bMiigen, v. a. tr. to bring or throw down. 

carry to ; pass, spend. ^i„/,iel,en, t). a. ir. to draw to, 

^mttx .v.a.U> hinder, impede, j,^^ towards; t>. «. ir. to inarch 

prevent. along, repair to, remove to. 

«ui'bern,6, n. -ffc6, ;,/. -ffe, hm- ^i„^„,,^'^^/ ^^ ^^ards, near ; 

drance, impediment, obstacle. ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^. _f^^^,^^ ^ 

i&liibur*', arfu. through, through- ^dd. 

out; across ; during (see burcb). ^Iv'fc./. millet, hirse. 

^iiiv ilcii, v. n. to hasten to. ^i^;t, j^. -en, pi -en, herdsman, 

^ineln', adv. in, into. shepherd ; pastor, swain, 

^inein'^v^en, v. n. tr. to go in, en- ^ifto'rif*. adj. historical. 

ter- "fei'lc, /. heat ; ardor, fervency, 

^inein'treten, v. n. ir. to enter. passion, transport, 

^in'fu^ven. v. a. to lead to. ^(/^ig. adj. ardent, fervent ; paa- 

•^iug, see '^vinqen, ir. verbs. sionate. 

^in'^ab, see ®cben, n. m. P. 349. ^ocb, adj. high, lofty ; sublime, 

s. c. 180. eminent; great; -achtung, /. 

^lu'gtbcn, v. a. ir. to give away, esteem, respect ; -abctlg, adj. 

to give up. of noble extraction ; -gefc^macf, 

<&in(^e'c;en, conj. on the contrary. m. refined taste ; -t>erratt|. m. 

^in'c^c^en. v. n. ir. to go to ; pass. high treason ; -ttjfirbig, adj, 

^in'fiMiuncn, v. n. ir. to come, get highly venerable ; right reve- 

to ; become of. rend. 

226 «on 3^t 

^cd/Ilt*, proper name {of a •^cr'Aen, v. n. to hearken, listen. 

place). Here Frederick IL was '&c'ren, v. a. 6^ n. to hear, give 

attacked by the Austrians on ear. 

the night oj Oct 14., 1768, and ^6'rer, m. -t. pi, -,.«&c'retin,/. pL 

defeated with the loss of 9000 -neii, nearer. 

men, *&enjo!it', m. -e«. horizon. 

^cdMt. a<(;. <}• adv, highest ; most, «&crii, n, -e:5, ///. Corner, horn. 

at the most. •^crn. m. proper name, 

' »&ccl^ 'Hcit, /.;>/. -en, wedding, nup- ^iibf*. ad). 4" <'<'''• handsome, 

tials, marriage; -bett; n. nuptial pretty, fair, nice, fine. 

bed, bridal bed ; -t^^, m, wed- •^u'^cl m. -d. pi. -, hillock, hill. 

ding-day. '&u'j|i\ m. proper name, 

•pif, m. -t « ;>/. «&6fe. yard ; farm ; «&ul)n, n. -e«, />/. •Subnet, fowl, 

manor ; court ; -befacib, m. re- hen ; partridge. 

solution or answer of the court ^\xit, f, grace, kindness, favor ; 

{of a prince) ; fig. {ironical) a benevolence. 

polite, but evasive answer ; «^ul'cii)eii, v. n, to do homage ; de- 

-bui^ palace; -maun, m. cour- vote one's self; swear fealty. 

tier , -itviit. 7u, court splendor; ^iil'fe, see "^ilfe. 

household of a prince. ^lii'k.f. pi. -u. veil, cover, case. 

^DY'ftn, V. a, to hope, expect. ^iil'leii. v. a, to veil, cover, hide. 

^cjif'iiuni^./. pi, -en, hope, expec- .&unb, to. -e6. pi, -c, dog. 

tation. t^uu'tert adj. hundred. 

«&cf'lid>. adj, courteous, polite. ^unb'leiu, dim. o/*^unb. 

«&ef'linj;. m. -ee. pi. -e, courtier. «&iViie, m, -n, pi. -ii, giant. 

«^c'l)e,y. pi. -n, height ; highness ; .^un'i|cr, to. -^. hunger, famine. 

elevation ; in bie — , on high ; .^un^i^erig, adj, hungry, starving. 

up, upwards. •guH'^^rrn, v. n. 4* i^P- to hunger. 

•&c't)er, -c, -ce, attributive form of ^ur'&e. /. pi. -n, hurdle, fold, pen. 

l)cd^. «&ufar', TO. -en, pi, -en, hussar, ^^. 
^c'ijeit, /.;?/. -en, highness, gran- virago. 

deur, sublimity ; sovereignty. ^ii\6,y, int. hush ! quick ! at once. 

^rl)l adj. hollow ; concave ; ^wt, to. -e«, pi. ^nU. hat. 

itcb'le,/ ;>/. -n, pit ; cavern, den, ^ut'd^eu, dim. of^ui, 

burrow, cave. J^ufUw, v. r to take care, be on 
.&cl)n. TO. -e6, scorn, sneer, scoff. one's guard, 

■^c^'nen, v. a. to scorn, scoff, ^gu'ter. to. -d, pi. -. guardian. 

sneer, mock. ^ut'te,f, pi, -en, hut, cottage. 
«&cl, see «&c^l. ^ 

«&elb, adj. affectionate, kind, fa- «v* 

vorable ; graceful; loyal. 3*, pr,l; I* fclbjl, I myself; fcin 
.&o'lfn. t?. a to fetch, go for ; — eigeneiJ 3*, one's (own) self. 

laffen, to send for. 3d)neu'mcn, to. -d, pi, -«, ichneu- 
ftcl'lanb, n. Holland. mon. 

* &cl'ldnber, to. Dutchman, Dutch. 3beal'. n. -f«, pL -t, ideal. 

Icl'ldufcifcb, adj. Dutch. 3bce', /. p/.-n, idea, Ima^e. 

&olji, n. -c« pi, ^olger, -jiof , to. 3bm, 3^n, dat. 6f ace. ofix. 

w<H>d-pile. 3bt. pr, you, ye ; to her, of hei^ 
&o'nig, TO. -c«, honev . her ; their ; its ; your. 

5rt 3e8 227 

Sm, ecnfraction of In bcm. Srr't^um. m. -c«, /»Z.-t^umet, eirori 

5m met, adv. always, ever ; auf mistake, fault. 

— , for ever ; — ncd), still ; — 3prael, Israel. 

mc^r, ir ore and more ; -fort Sfraelit', Israelite. 

€idv. always, continually ; -' Sta'lieu, n. Italy. 

^iit; ado. always, no matter; ^ 

@ie mogen -^lii lad^en, you may '^^ 

laugh as much as you please. 3a, adv. yes, ay, yea ; certainly ; 

3ii, pre. into, in : at, within, to, of. surely. 

3u'bruiiftig. adj. ardent, fervent. 3a*t/. jd. -en, 3ad)t'rdiiff, yacht, 

Snbem', conj. while, because, sloop. 

since. Sci'gen, v. a. Sf^ n. to drive quick- 

Sn'bien, n. India. ly ; chase, hunt, course ; run 

3"bf6'' 3nbtf'feu, adv. 4- conj. in with great speed, gallop. 

the mean time, while. 3a'ger, m, -€, pi. -, hunter, hunts- 

Snfiinterie', /. infantry, foot-sol- man ; sportsman ; ranger. 

diers, pi. 3at)r, n. -eg, pi. -t, year ; -^uubert, 

3u'l)alt, m. -ctf. contents, pL ; te- n. century, age. 

nor, substance. ^aifvti'icit, f. season. 

3nmit'tcn, adv. in the midst. 3a^'tlg, adj. a year old ; often 

3n'nen, a(/v. within ; t)on — unb compounded with cardinal num- 

aufien, within and without. hers, as ; »ierja^rig, four years 

Su'aerC; adj. inner, interior. old-; acbtj^igid^rig. octogenarian. 

Sn'nig, adj, intimate, hearty, cor- 3Sf)t'lld), adj. annual, yearly ; 

dial, heartfelt. every year. 

3n«'brucf, n. Innsbruck. Sani'mer, m. -9, lamentation, mis- 

3u'fel,/. pi. -n, island, isle. ery, calamity, pity ; -gefd^rei, 

3iiggemetu^ a(/t;. genersdly, in gen- n. lamentable cry, lamenta- 

eral, in common, commonly. tion ; -»oU, adj. most miser- 

Sn^gefvimmt', adv. altogether. able, deplorable. 

Snjlrument', n. -e«, pi. -e, instru- 3cim'mern, v.n <Sf a. to lament, 

ment. wail, feel pity, pity, inspire 

SntelleftueU', adj. 4" «^v. intel- with pity. 

lectual. San'fau, proper name {of a place), 

Snteref'fe, n. -tf, pi. -n, interest ; 3du'ner, Sanuar', m. -«, January. 

usury. 3ciMd:)'i\en, v. n. to shout, huzza, 

St'ten, adj. earthen. exult. 

3r'bif(b, adj. earthly, terrestrial. 3a'»orni^ proper name, 

St'genb, adv. any, some ; ever, at 3e, adv. ever, always ; — nun, 

any time. well now ; »on -^er, at all 

3'ri3./. iris. times, always; — na(t)bcm, 

5|t're, adj. S^adv. astray, wrong ; according as. 

puzzled, confused; doubtful, 3e'Der, jcbe, jebed, every, every 

insane. one, each, any 

St'ren, v. n. to err, go astray ; be 3e'bermaun, pr. every one, every 

wrong, be mistaken. body, any one. 

3n'4i(t)t, n. ignis fatuus, will-o'- 3ebod)', conj. however, yet, never- 

the-wisp ; -weg, m. wrong way, theless. 

mistaken way. 3eg'li(t), see 3eber. 

228 ««{ Stt^ 

3e^o'9a(, Jehovah. Aajfi'te,/ ffl. -n, cabin, captain's 

3e'inaU, adv. ever, at any time. room. 

3e'inanb, pr- somebody, any one, StaW, m. -en. pi -en, calif. 

some one. Jtalt m. -ed, ;>/. -t, lime. 

3p'na; n. Jena. ^ait, adj. cold, chill, frigid ; fig 

Sc'ner, jene, jene<, pr. that ; yon, insensible, indifferent. 

yonder; that person; the Siam, from Stommen. iir, verbs, 

former. jtamcel', n. -etf, pi, -t, camel. 

3efuit', m. -en, pL -en, Jesuit. Jtamin', n. -e^» ;?/. -e, chimney 

3e'ttc), adj. present, novi9, exist- fire-side, fire-place. 

ing, actual. Stam'mtt,/. pi. -n, chamber, bed- 

3ft^t 3e'^o, adv. now, at present chamber ; cabinet ; -b tenet, m. 

Sect), ». -e«, ;)/. -e, yoke. valet-de-chambre, waiting- 

Scbi^hi^ proper name. man. 

Sc'tjann, m. John. JJdm'merAcn, dim. of^anxmtx. 

3ct)au'ni«, St. John, St. John^s Jtam))f, m. -e«, ;>/. jfedmpfe, com- 

day. bat, conflict, struggle ; -begier, 

So'fua, Joshua. -begicrbe, /. eager desire for 

3u'bel, m. '«f jubilation ; mirth. combat ; -fpitl, ». tilting, prize- 

3u'bfln, V. n. to rejoice, exult, fighting. 

triumph. itdm'pfen. v n. to c6mbat, fight; 

3u'v^enb, /. youth ; -freunb, m. wrestle, struggle. 

early friend. Jtam'vfer, m. -«, pi. -, combatant, 

Su'genolic^, adj. juvenile, youth- fighter. 

ful. St^wn, see Jtcnnen. 

3u'Uf*, projper name. jlano'ne, /. pi. -n, cannon, piece 

Sung, adj. young; youthful; of ordnance. 

new, recent, fresh; early. jtaiij'ler. m. -^fpl. -, chancellor. 

Sun'ge, m. -n. ;?/. -u, boy, youth; JJaM'Ie, see (Sapelle. 

apprentice. Jtap'pe, /. pi. -n, cap, hood. 

3un'get; m. -i, pi. -, disciple, fol- stoxl. Charles. 

lower. Jlarfl, m. -zi, pi. -e, mattock, hoe. 

Sung'fTQU,/. pi. -en. Virgin, maid. Jtarte,/. pi. -n, card ; map, chart. 

3ung'ang, m. -e«, pi. -e, youth, ^djl'Aen, RatVleIn, dim. o/Jlaften. 

young man, lad. JIa'jien, m. -«, pi -, chest, trunk, 

Suu'fer. m. -, pi. -, young noble- coffer, box, drawer. 

man, younkdr, country-squire. StQ:%v,f. pi -n, cat. 

Su'terborf, proper name (of a jlau'fcn, v. a. ^-n. to buy, pur- 

place). chase. 

jH Jtauf mann, m. -e«, pi. -leute, mer- 

^* chant, 

itabinet', see Cabinet. Staum, adv. scarce, sparcely, hard- 

^af fee, m. -*. coffee. ly. 

J^ahn, m. -e«, pi ^d^ne, boat. Jtauj, m. -e«, pi. Starve, screech- 

jtai'jer, m. -tf, pi -, emperor ; -* owl, fellow, chap. 

f rcne, /. (a plant) crown im- Jterf , adj. impudent ; bold, daring, 

perial ; imperial crown. hardy, stout ; lively. 

JCai'fcrin,/. ;>Z.-nen, empress. .^eble, y. pi -n, throat, gorge; 

itai'fevUd), adj. imperial. voice ;• flute, channeL 

Stli *na 226 

Jlc^'rctt V. a. to brush, sweep ; Jtlfig'If*, adj. lamentable, mourn- 

turn ; v. r. an ettuatf — , to care ful, pitiful. 

for, mind. iMam'mem, v. a. 4" r. to cramp, 

Jtci'Aen, V. n. to pant, gasp clasp ; cling to. 

^eim, m. -e«, pi. -c, shoot, germ, JJlang, »i. -e«, ;>Z. Jtlange, sound ; 

bud, sprig. tone ; clang. 

St^'m, {Uintx,Mm,ttm) Stiax, adj. cIcbx, bright, fair; 

no, not any, no one, none. -»,P^^"' ^^^^f^l' 

^eld), m. -e«, pi. -c, cup, chalice ; •JJ^'Tf ' see (Slaffe. 

calix .(ilau'fe./. p/. -n. cell, hermitage. 

.ieeld;1ern, dim. of StM. Jrk»lrr', n. -e«, pi. -e, harpsichord, 

J^cHer, m. -«, o/. -, cellar, cava pianoforte. . 

.^eu'iicn, r. fl. ir. to know, be J^lee, m. -«, clover, trefoil ; -blatt 

acquainted with; eincn — lernen, n. leaf of trefoil ; Jig. {tnfami^ 

to become acquainted with one. ^^a'* lansimge) a triplet, a com- 

^enm'Ucb, flrf;'. knowable, cognos- pany of three. 

cible, remarkable. ^^'i'^' «• -^^ P^' -«^' &^®"^' 

» *. c /• 7 IT 1 1 J dress, habit ; -er madycn «eutc, 

jrennf m(j /.;>/. -ffe, knowledge, g^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^3 birds. 

science, mformation, notice; j(iei'ben,t?. a. dr. to dress, clothe; 

cognizance. befit, 

.tevfer. m. -6 ^ .- pnson, dun- ^jtei'Dung, /. »/. -n, clothing, aip- 

geon ; -meiller, jailor. parol, clotfees, dress, 

^erl m. -e«, ;,/. -ii, churl. ^j^j„ ^^. ^^^j^ ^^^ ^^ 

Jtevn. m. -e«; ;^;. -e, kernel ; stone ; ^^^q^ ^ ^^^^ . .^^^t^^ ^^ -. 

grain ; pith;^^-. marrow, quint- pusQilnimous, desponding,dis- 

essence, flower, choice. couraged. 

Jtet'te, /. pi. -n, chain. jtlei'nirtfeit,/. ;?/. -en, small matter, 

^ett'leiu, dim. ofMdU, trifle. 

^e'|er. m. -«, ;>/ -, heretic. ^(tlim'men, ». n. ir. to climb. 

^eu'cbeu. see M^tn. ^liu'ge,/. p/. -n, blade, sword. 

^ie'fcn, V. a. to select, choose. ^lin'i^eu, v. n. ir. to sound ; tingle, 

^inb, n. -e«, ;/. -er, child ; infant. Mi\ne/f. pi. -n, latch, 

^inb'ljeit, f. childhood, infancy. ^lit'pe,/. pi. -n, cliff", crag, rock, 

^inblcin, dim. o/^inb. ^Ur'ren, v. n. to clink, clatter, 

^Inb'Ucb, adj. childlike, filial. clash. 

JTir'cfae, /.;?/. -n. church ; -ngefang, ^li'^ing, proper name (of a man). 

m. spiritual song, hymn. ^lop'fen, v. a. <Sf n. to beat, knock; 

^irfcb'baum, m. cherry-tree. tap. 

^fv'fcbe, /./?/. -n, cherry. ^luft, /. pi ^lufte, gap, cleft; 

^if'fen, n. -«, pL -.cushion, pillow. den ; gulf, abyss, 

^if tel m. -6. pi. -, smock-frock, ^lug. adj. prudent, ingenious, 

.Kla'J:^e, /. ph -u, complaint, lamen- wise. 

tation, grievance ; action, suit, ^lufl/^cit, /. prudence^ judicious- 
la w-suit. • ness, wit, cleverness, wisdom, 
jlla'c^en, v.a.dfn. to complain, Jtna'be,m.-n,p/.-n, boy, lad; youth, 
lament. -^"Cill, m. -e«, ;?/. -c, clap, crack ; 
iJld'cier, m. -«. p/. -, plaintiff, com- report (of a gun) ; — unb gall, 
plainant. on a sudden. 

230 Stxi ftuff 

ftiial^lrn. ©. a. 4*^. to clap, orack; Jtr&'^f,/. pL -n, crow, rook. 

give a report. strain, proper name. 

j^uap'pf, m. -n, pi. -n, esquire, Jtranf, adj. sick, ill, diseased. 

shield-bearer ; miller Vman. Jtra»'fen;bctt, n. sick-bed ; -laget, 

ituedit, m.-r0, pl.-t. servant, slave. see 'J^ranfenbett. 

JJiu'(t)t'fd)aft./ servitude, slavery. SttanVi}eit.f. jl. -en, disease, sick- 

^uie, n. -PiS, /}/. -e, knee, angle. ness, illness, distemper, ma- 

Jtiiup'fen. V. a. to knit, tie, join lady. 

closely. Jtran), m. -e«, pi. itrdnjc garland, 

J(ot^'ler, fit. -6. pi. ", charcoal- wreath; crown, festoon; circle, 

burner ; collier. society. 

Jt»t'be, /. pi. -n ; Jtcl'bfn, m. -#, pi, Jhreld, m. -fe«. ;?/. -fe, circle ; -lauf, 

- club, mace ; but-end. m. circulation, circular mo- 

Jtemmanbant^ see (Scnimanbant. tion; rotation. 

JCom'men, v. n. ir. to come ; get Jlrei'fcl. m. -*. ;>/. -, top, gig. 

to, arrive at, hit, fall upon ; Jhreu), n. -e^, /»/. -e, cross, cruci- 

happen. fix. 

jtompoiii'rcn, see (Somponireii. Jhrie'Afii, v. n. ir. to creep, crawl; 

^c'nii) m. -fd, pi. -e, king ; -rclc^, fig. to cringe, fawn. 

n. kingdom. Xxicc^. m. -e6, pi. -e, war. 

Sto*i\\c^u\,/. pi. -nen, queen. iJrie'j^cr, m. -«, pi. -, warrior, sol- 

^o'ai^lidv adj. royal, kingly. dier. 

ilo'uij]0mavt proper name {of a .ftrie'^crif*, adj. ^ adv. warlike, 

man). martial, military. 

Jtcu'nen, v. n. ir. to be able, be J^rlege^bebucfiiiffc, pi. requisites 

permitted ; understand, know ; for war ; military stores, pi. ; 

er fanii nxdflti bafur or ca^u, it is ammunition ; -gefe^, n. articles 

not his fault ; ids faun nid>t um« of war, pi. 

f)'\n, I cannot forbear, I cannot Jtti'ttfd); adj. critical, captious, 

help. precarious. 

J^opf, m.'ii, pi. Stcp^t, head; -* Stxi'ton, proper netme {of a man), 

pu^. m. head-dress, head-gear. JJrcfobil', n. -e€, pi. -e, crocodile. 

^crb, m. -p«. pi, Stcvbe, basket. Mxc'ne,f. pi. -n, crown. 

5t6tb'*eji, dim. ofStoxh. Jtru'dfe./. pi. -n. crutch. 

^cxnH', m. cornet. .Jtrug, m. -c«, pi. ^iigc, pitcher 

.^cr'per. m. -«. pi. -, body. mug. 

J^cr'pprUd), adj. bodily, corporal, Jtrumm, adj. crooked, curved ; 

corporeal. wry ; dishonest. 

^c\i'bax, adj. costly, precious. ^n'tnxin^, proper' name. 

JJe'ileii, V. a. 4* n. to taste, try ; JJu'gcl. /. pi. -n, ball, ballot ; 

cost, bear a price ; require. bowl ; bullet, 

jtofl'tid), adj. costly ; precious ; Jtu^l, adj. cool, cold, fresh. 

excellent, delicate, dainty. ^nii'U,f. coolness, freshness. 

Jtra'djen, v. n. to crash, crack. StWim, ». a. to cool, freshen, re- 

Stxa^lf. pi, .l^rdfte, strength, force, fVesh. 

vigor, faculty, power ; energy; ^uWc^, adj. coolish, somewhat . 

-le^, adj. weak. cool, 

itrdf'tig, adj. strong, powerful, M^'lung, /.;»/. -en, cooling, cool- 

vigoroua. ness, re&igeration. 


ia^ ian 231 

St\\^.)n. adj Oold, hardy, dauntless. Sadurlicb a<(;. laughable, ridicu- 

Jtfion'i)pit, f. pi. -en. boldness, bar- lous. 

diness, dauntlessness. Sacfei', m. -en, pi. -en, lackey. 

^utjii'Udv adv, boldly, hardily. 8a'bcn, v. «. ir. to lade, load, 

^um'nier, m. -i, sorrow, grief, freight ; charge ; cite, summon; 

trouble, distress ; -ocU, adj. invite. 

sorrowful, grievous. ia'omx^ -en. lading, loading, 

^um'niorn, v. a. ^ n. to grieve, freighting ; load, freight, cargo. 

afflict ; regard ; concern. Sat), see ii^iegeu, ir. verbs. 

^uu'be,/. pi. -n, knowledge, in- fia'vje. /. pL -n situation, -state, 

formation, news, notice. condition. 

^uh'£>ii^. adj, acquainted with, fia'cjer, n. -i, pL -. couch, bed ; 

versed, experienced, expert. encampment, camp; lair, ware- 

^unf tig adj. future, next ; in fu- house, magazine. 

ture. . ga'i^ern, v. a, to lay down, lay ; 

^unli^uu'ce. proper name {of a Warehouse, store ; encamp ; 

woman), found. ; v. r. to lie down, rest ; 

Jtunit, f. pi. Jtuntte, art, artifice ; be encamped. 

skill ; -ricbterlid). adj. critical, ga^m. adj. lame*; halt, halting, 

^uniteiei', /. nl. -en. subtility, gafai', see Sarfei. 

nicety, artificialness. gafe'nif*, adj. laconical, laconic, 

.^unliner, m. -« pi. -. artist, per- gal'len, v. a. 4- n, to stammer, 

former ; artisan, artificer. ijgp^ 

JtuiiU'lid^ adj. artificial, artful, 8amm,"n. -e«,;?/. Samnicr, lamb. 

ingenious. g^„j, „ .^^ . ^^^^^^ (g^^^^j^ 

luv'ier n. -(J, copper. j^^^ ^^^^^ 3^il ^^^^ 

^m'rurit. m. elector. auf ba« - qcf)en, fiber - gel,tn, 

«Mvj, flrf;. short ; brief ;in short ; ^^ .^^^ ^j^^ ^^ ^,,^ 

in ^urjem, m a short time, ^. *^ landgrave ; -mabdien; n. 

shortly. country -girl ; -mann, m. pea- 

rn^rn. .JTea,;^/.fiffe,kiss. ^^^^ ^^^j _„^m y J^^j^ 

^ui'icn, t;. fl. to kiss, buss. ^^ ^ province. 

^u'jle,/. «/. -n, coa8t, shore. o ,v •* * i j 

»%»/«/^i/ •» «^/v«^ •>^«»4> /'/,/• /. Xan'ben, v- a. d- n- to land, get 

jro'natt, m. proper name \oj a . j- T 1 " 

\„^fl^\ ashore, disembark. 

^^^^^^' «anb'fd)aft, /. pi. -en, province, 

ft. country ; landscape, 

fia'ben, t;. a. to quicken, refresh, fiau'bung,/.^/. -en, landing ; de- 

recreate. ®^®"*- 

ga'betranf. gatJetrunl, m. -e«, re- ^^Of^- <^dj. long, tall ; during, of 

freshing draught. long duration ; eine 2i^od)c — , 

^a'bung,/. pi. -en, quickening, re- for a week ; »or -et 3elt long 

freshing. ago, long since ; -mut^./. long- 

Cab^riutl)', n.-ei5,;?/.-e. labyrinth. sufferance, longanimity, pa- 

£a'd»e, / pi -en, slough, pool. tience ; -etDeile, /. tediousness, 

gd'd)eln, r. n. to smile; smile ennui; -toetdg, adj tedious, 

upon. tiresome. 

?a'dteu. V. n. to laugh, smile ; fian'gc, adv. long, a long while. 

laugh at. Sdn'ge, /. pL -n, length, ber — 

282 iavL £ei 

nad) or \an^. at full length ; in iau'ttn, HvrUn, o. a. 4* n to rmg 

hit — gie^cii, to protract, pro- toll (of bells). 

long. 8au'ter, adj, tlj- adv. clear, pure. 

Jaiiiurpeilf. Sang'U'pile,/. tedious- ?au''frffit,/. pureness, clearness , 

ness, ennui. integrity. 

Sanci'faiii, adj. slow, dull, heavy. Sau'Urn, ». a. to purify, refine 

Sangjl, adv. long ago, long since. clear. 

8drm, 2di'm. ii. m. -d. bustle, noise, ?at»r'ren. v. n. to laveer, tack, beat 

alarm. ^e'bfn, c. n. to life, be alive ; Icbe 

8ar'»e. ■ /. pi. -n, mask ; larva, »<?f)l ! farewell ! adieu ! n. -e, 

spectre, demon. life : vivacity. 

Xaf'fen, V. a. ^ n. ir, to let, not ^eben'big, adj. living, alive ; quick ; 

to do ; permit, allow, grant ; lively, active. 

suffer to be done ; fit, become; ie'bentfsabcnb. m. -c* pi. -c ; eve- 
look, seem to be ; gur 9(ber — , ning of life, old age ; -art, f. 

to bleed, be bled. way of life, behavior, manners ; 

8afl,/ pi. -en, load, charce, bur- -hinimer, m. grief, sorrow in- 

den ; weight ; ed xoax i^m ^nx cident to human life; -mtttel, 

— , it was a burden (burden- n. 4* pL provisions, victuals. 

some) to him ; rinrni etmad )|ut Seb'^afl, adj. lively, vivacious, 

— Icgfii, to charge one with ; sprightly. 

eiiiem gur — fallen, to be burden- ?e'ber, n. -»^ pi. , leather. 

some to one. Sc'blg. adj. empty, void, vacant; 

8df(|Vft, 2nd pers. sing, of (affen, unmarried ; free. 

see N. M. P. 360. s. c. 182. 8eer, adj. empty, void, vacant ; 

8a'ftcr, n. -6, pi. -. vice, crime. vain. 

£d'iliii; adj. burdensome, trou- ^fe'te,/. emptiness ; vacuum. 

blesome. iBee'ten, v. a. to empty, evacuate. 

Satcrnif*, adj. Latin. 8efe'»re, proper name. . 

^ater'ne,/. pi. -n, lantern, lamp. ^cgcn, v. a. to lay, put^ place. 

Saub. n. -ctf , foliage, leaves. ^t^nfmn, v. n, 6f a. to lean, recline. 

Xaifbon, proper name {of a man), Se^r'juncje, m. apprentice. 

^\i\iKnh\xx^ proper tiame{pfaplace). icif'xt,/. pi -n, doctrine, dogma ; 

Sau'ern, v. n. to lurk, lie in wait, instruction, lesson. 

be on the watch. ieb'ren, v. a.- 4" n. to teach, in- 

8aiif, m. -e0, pi. gdufe, run, course; struct ; profess. 

currency. ^e^rer, m. -<5, pi. -, teacher, in- 
8au'fen, v, n. ir. to run, flow ; structor. professor, master- 
leak, drop. Beib, m. -e^, pi. -cr, body ; waist ; 
£au'ue, /. pi. -n. humor, temper, bodice. 

whim ; freaky caprice. Seib'^aftiv^, adj. living, bodily, in- 

£au fdien. v. n. to listen. carnate. 

^ant, m. -e^, pi. -e, sound, tone ; 2ei'd:)c,/ »/. -n dead body, corpse; 

adj. dfpre. loud, aloud ; public ; -tibia p, adj. as pale as death. 

according to, in consequence Setd^'nam, m. -t, pi. -e, dead body, 

of. corpse. 

5fau'te,/. p/.-n, lute. £ct*t, adj. light, easy; fickle; 

fcau tf n, V. n. (part, gelaulen), to flighty ; -finn, m. ficklenesi*, 

•ound. frivolousness, frivolity, levity ; 

81$ iln 23S 

-finnig, adj. thoughtless ; fri- light, candle ; -fioff, m. lumi* 

voloiis. nous matter. 

I^eid^tlid), adv. etisily, lightly. Std)t'ben)o^ner, inhabitant of th« 

^ii^t'xoeq, adv. easily, off-hand. regions of light. , 

Seib, adj. sorrowful, troublesome ; Sicbterlc^', adv. blazing. 

ed ift mir — , e« t^ut mir — . I iic'tox, m. lictor. 

am sorry for it ; n. -e^, harm, iitb, adj. dear, beloved ; pleas 

sorrow, grief, pain. ing ; -er ®oU ! good God ! — 

8ei'bcn, V. a. 4" "• *''• ^ suffer, ^ooen, to love, like ; — getoin? 

endure ; — mogen, to like ; n. urn, to become fond of, like ; 

-d, pL ', suffering ; affliction, eincn - be^alten, to remain one's 

sorrow, grief, harm ; misfor- friend, continue to love one. 

tune. %k'hi,f. love, affection, 

^ei'bcnfcbaft / pi. -en, passion, Sie'ben, v. a. 4* n. to love, be fond 

emotion. of, like, 

gei'^en, v. a. ir. (Ue^ ; gelle^en), to fiie'bendwilrbig, adj. amiable. 

lend. IBle'bei^ adv. rather, sooner, 

^eip'jig, n. Leipzic. £ie'beisbli(f; m. amorous look ; -* 

^<v\t, adj. low, soft, light. glucf/ n. successful love, 

^crflcn. v. a. to do, render, per- Sicb'^aber. m. -d, pi. -, lover. 

form, accomplish, fulfil, exe- Sieb'fcfen, v. a. to caress, fondle. 

cute. I&ieb'fofung. /. pL -en, caressing, 

£enen> v. a. to guide, lead, con- fondling. 

duct ; draw off. fileb'lld), adj. lovely, delightful, 

8ei'ter,/. pL -n, ladder ; scale. delicious, sweet. 

8en fen, v. a. to turn, bend; direct, Sieb'Ung, m. -e«, pi. -e, favorite, 

rule, order, manage, steer, minion, darling. 

guide. Sieb'retcb; adj. kind, amiable. 

iBen'fer, m. -i,pl ^, ruler, disposer, 8ieb, n. -e^, pi. -er, song, air ; bad 

governor. — tjl aud. (familiar) the affair 

iBenj, m. -ed, spring. is ended, the story is told, 

fce'on^arb, proper name (of a man). iieb'cl)en, dim, of 8ieb. 

£eot>arb', m. -en, pi. -en; leopard. Sie'fetn, v. a. to furnish, provide 

ger'c^e,/. pi. -n, lark ; larch. with ; deliver.- 

iBer nen, v. a. 4* w- to learn. ik'^tn, v. n. ir. to lie ; be situat- 

Se'fen, v. a. (Ij- n. ir. to re,ad; ed ; consist in ; incline, lean ; 

gather, glean ; pick out. e^ liegt »iel baran, it is of great 

£e|t adj. last, ultimate, final. consequence. 

8eu, m. -en, pi, -en, lion. ^ieg'iiil^ n. proper name (of a 

8eu(b'ten, ». n.* 4* «• to light, give place). 

light, shine. 8leg, see fiaffen. 

8eu'te, pi. people, persons ; ser- 8i'(ie,/. pi. -n, lily. 

vants. * Sinb, ad^. soft, mild, ^e^ ©eltnb. 

^eut'cben, dim. q/'2eute, *cc n. m. Si'iiie,^/?/. -n, line, lineage, de- 

L. 68. s. c. 18. scent, race. 

iiVini)in, n. Leuthen. IBtnf, adj. left ; {ut Iginfen, to tho 

2mt'. m. -en, pi. -en, Levite. left. 

2id)f, adj. light, clear, bright, Stnfd, a^/v. to the left, on the left 

light-colorefd; n. -e0, />/. -e (-er), side. 

284 2ott aRa9 

tip'pe./ pi -n, lip. IBo'ice, m. -n, pi -n, lion 

£i0'peln, V. fi. to lisp, whisper. £&'be(f, n. Lubec. 

Stpfabon. n. Lisbon. @t. Su'ctd, St. Lucia's day. 

iift,/. p/. -fn, craft, cunning, de- 8uft./. ;>/. ^iifte, air ; breeze ; at. 

ceit. mosphere. 

£t'fttg, adj. crafty, cunning, art- Suft'd^en, n. -0, p/. -, breeze. 

ful, sly. 8u'fle, /. pL -n, lie ; untruth, 

hit see ^ftben, ir. ver&#. fsdsenood. 

£ob, n. -c^r praise ; commenda- Sfi'gen, v. a. 4* n* tV. to lie, tell a 

tion ; reputation, fame ; &cti lie, deceive, be false. 

— I @ott fei — ! God be prais- 8ui«'djen. dim, of 2uife, Louisa, or 

ed ! thank God ! Louise. ' 

fccd), n.-e0, pi. 8dd>er, hole ; ken- fcum'pid^t adj. like rags, in rags ; ' 

nel, haunt ; dungeon. shabby, sordid. 

te'tft.f. pi. -n, lock ; curl, ringlet iu% f. pi. ivL^t, pleasure, joy, en- 

ic'dm, V. a. 4* n- to curl in locks ; joyment, delight ; inclination, 

call, decoy, allure ; entiee. fancy, liking ; desire ; -garten, 

£c'bern, v. n. to flame, blaze. m. pleasure garden. 

£o^n, m 4" n. -e«, »/. idifnt, re- ^fi'jlern, adj. longinff for, lusting, 

ward, wages, pL, hire, pay, eager, desirous, hankering. 

salary. ivf^i^ adj. merry, gay, cheerful. 

9oiyi\en, V. a. einem ehoa^, to re- m^ 

ward, recompense ; v. n. ^r, ^^* 

to pay, be worth the trouble. SD'^aaf, see SRap. 

Scc0, n. -fed, pi -fe. lot ; fate, des- STla'cben, v- a. to make, do, fabri- 

tiny; ticket; share. cate, produce; represent; 

IBcr'bcer. m. -«, pi. -en, bay, laurel. form ; »a« — @ie ? how do 

£o6, a4/< loose, unbent, untied, you do ? how are you ? 

free; released, acquitted ; — 3Rad)t/'./>/.SKddJte. might, power, 

tDcrbeu, to get rid of one ; aof force ; forces, pi. ; -fprud), m. 

ctnen — get)en, to make up to decisive sentence, dictatorial 

one, go towards one. sentence. 

£c'fd>en, i;. a. to quench, extin- SD'ldcb'ttj, adj. mighty, powerful, 

guish. potent 

Se'tCf adj loose ; wanton, disso- iD'Idb'dien, n -0, pi. -, maid, maid- 

lule ; frolicsome, playM. en, girl ; lass. 

So'fegplb, n. ransom. 9Ragb,/. pi. SD'ldgbe, maid-servant, 

£d'fen. v. a. to loosen ; solve, un- maid. 

riddle ; perform. 99ldjb'lein, n. -t, pL -, little maid, 

ficd'laffen, v. a. ir. to let go, re- girl, lass. 

lease. !Dla'gettantfd)e ©trafle, straits of 

fiod'f*wfifen, V. r- ir. to free one's Magellan. 

self by means of an oath. 9Ra'gen, m. pi. SJldgen, stomach. 

SQ6'}likr}en, v. n. auf etnen, to rush 9)^d'^en, v. a. to mow, cut grass. 

upon. 'S)laf)l, n. -ea, pi. -c {'SflaifUx), meal, 

Sod'merben, v. n. ir, to get loose, repast ; mark, mole ; token^ 

get rid of; sell. sign. • 

2ott)'rin0en, n. Lonaine. SRa^'ien, v. a. ir, to grind ; mill 

Son'bon, n. London IDla^I'jett, / pi, -en, meal, repast 

SRat SRee 235 

Sflaf)'nt, /. pi, -n, mane. Tlaxlt, m. -eS, jd. fWarfte, market, 

SWal)'!^!!, V, a, to remind, warn ; mart, market-place ; fair. 

dun. , SWat'mor, m. -i, marble. 

SWd^r, /. news, tidings, pL SWatf *, m.-e«, ;?/. SJldi fct)c, march, 

SKd^'reu, n. Moravia. marching. 

SWai. m. -e«, May. ffllar'ter, /. pL -n, torment, tor- 

SWai^enblume,/. May-flower. ture, rack ; -^fa^l, m. stake of 

SWa^iejidt,/. pi. -en, majesty. torture. 

aflajetldtiiJ'ooU, majestic. SWar'tem, tJ. a. to torment, tor- 

SWai'inon^ m. proper name {of a ture, rack. 

man), 5Kar'tintf»anb, / Martinswall, 

SWd, n,'ii,pl,-z, time, bout; (name of a mountain), 

see 3)ia^L • 3War'tirer & SWdt^l^rer, m. -«, ;?/. 

SWal'cbi, proper name, -, martyr. 

a)kn, pr. one, they, people, men ; aWa f(bi'ne, /.;?/. -n, machine, en- 

— fagt, it is said. gine. 

SWan'd^er, inan'cbe, man'4>e«, pr, SWa^'fe, /: ;?Z. -n, mask, visor; 

many a, many a man, many a fig. disguise ; masked person. 

one ; SWandie, pi. many, some ; SWaf , n. -i-^, pi, -e, measure ; -re* 

aWand)f«, many a thing, many gel,/, measure. 

*^i"gs. gjifl/je, /. ^/. .„, just measure ; 

SKan'cberlei, adj, many, several, iiber bie SWaf en. beyond mea- 

sundry, diverse, divers things. sure, excessively. 

SJlancf/moll, adv, often, some- a«af'fe,/.y.-n, mass, bulk. 

times, frequently SWd'^ig, adj. moderate, tempe- 

SWau'Bel, m -^, p/. a^angel want, rate; abstinent, sober; mid- 

lack, mdigence. dling. 

SRan'^an, v, imp. to want, lack, JWd'glQfelt, /. temperance, mo- 

be wantmg; fail. deration; frugaUty. 
SRauier',/. pi. -en, manner, fash- SKatt, adj. faint, feeble, tired, ex- 
ion, hausted, languid. 
SWann, m. -z^.pL 5Kdnner & 5Kan* gjiafc, m. -e«, blockhead. 

nen, man; husband; person; gjiafc^m. Mat or Math, ahhrevia^ 

soldier, vassal. ^^o^ ^ mc>fe»tfmc o/ SWatt^d'u^, 

aWan'nic^fv-idb, aKau'nigfaltig, adj. Matthew. 

manifold, various. SJtau'er,/. pi, -n, wall. 

aRduu'Ud), arf7. male, masculine, gjijaul, n. le^/p/.' 3Rduicr, mouth ; 

^°^^"jy- , ^ J. . ,. -^^^ — *^^*f»i' to hold one'8 

a/canne'jumt,/. disciolme. tongue. 

a«aim'fcl)aft y. pl.-^n, collection !Wdul'ct)en",n.-«,o/.-, little mouth; 

of men ; forces, troops ; crew. kiss, 

gjian'tel. m. -«, pi, 2Jldntel. cloak, sWaut'wurf, m. -e«, p/. -tcfirfe, 

mantle ; robe, gown moi© ; -^gang m. mole-track. 

aJlari'a, /. Marv *JJlaufold'um, n. p/. SWaufolden, 

SWarf, n. -e^, marrow ; pith ; fig, mausoleum, tomb. 

strength. aJlarimi'Uan, m, Maximilian. 

SWar'farob, n. proper name {of a SWeer. n. -ti, pi. -e, sea, ocean. 

placed. aWee're«?pd(i)e,/. surface of the sea* 

2S6 aRff SRit 

-^cg^ /• wave of the sea, SRetad', n. -e0, ^. -e, metaL 

billow. SRet^o^bifd), adj. methodical. 

9Re^(, n. -ed, flour, meal. SReu'c^ednorb, m. -zi, pi. -t, atssas* 
SDli^r, !!((/. 4" o^t'* more. sination. 

3Jiel;'ren, «. a. «J" r. to multiply, SWic'iic,/. ;?/. -u, mien, air, look, 

increase, augment, grow more. feature, countenance ; faces. 

^^yxtxt, adj, pi. several. SDililbr adj, mild, soft, tender, 
Wlei'ttUf V. a. ir. to avoid ; shun ; pious, charitable. 

forbear. TliVoe,Jf. mildness, softness ; be- 
SWeirrei',/. pL -en, farm. nignity, clemency, charity. 

^ti'U.f. pi. -n, mile, a measure SDlil'bern, v. a. to mitigate, soften. 

of distance, about 41 English 3Ri[b't^d«flfeit,/. liberaUty, chari- 

miles. tableness. 

SDleiu, mefiif; mcfn, pr. my, mine. gRilitd'rifcfa, adj. military. 

SWei'nen. v. a. 4 n. to think, sup- gjlin'ber, a</;. less ; lesser, smaller, 

pose ; mean, signif> . inferior ; -jd^rigfeit/. minority 

mci'vA^i (hex, tie, ba6), pr. mine, mni'iitx, m. -«, pi -, minister. 

SUiei'imng,/. ;;/. -en, opinion, mean- ^[x, dattve of id). 

ing; intention; mind. gjli'fdjett, ». a «}• r. to mix, mingle. 

SKeritcnd, adv. most, mostly. SKlf /braudjen, v. a. to abuse, mis- 
*yc enter, m. -«, ;?/. -, master, ^^^ 

master-workman ; freeman ; sffn^iMden, v. n. to fail, miscarry, 

teacher. succeed ill 

SWeJand)o'lifd), adj. melancholy. g^jig/ijanbluug,* /. pi. -en, iUtreat- 
SDMben, t;. a. to mention, an- ^ent ; cruelty. 

nounce, notify, make known. •««.-.- . ^, .,, 

SWeu'ge,/. pi. -n, multitude, quan- 3»ifj'fe«nen, t;. a. tr. to know bad- 

^^^^ "^ '^ ^ ly, not to know, misapprehend, 

gjlenf*, m. -en, ;;/. -en, man ; per- 9»iS'.«cb, arfy. doubtful, dubious ; 

son, himian being. cntical. 

3Wen'fd)en^freunb. m. philanthro- aWii'Uiigen, a«if Im'gen, ». n. tr. to 

pist ; -freunblid), adj. philan- go amiss, fail, succeed ill. 

thropic, humane ; -gef d)led)t, n. aWif'mut^ig, adj. ill-humored, pee- 

mankind, human species ; -* vish, discontented, dejected. 

finb, n. child of man, human SWtg'tjerfte^en, v. a. tr. to misua- 

being. derstand, mistake. 

aKenfd)'l)eit, /. humanity ; man- SW**^ pre- with, by, at, upon, tm- 

kind. der* to; -einanber, one with 

SKenfcl)'lidJ, adj. human ; human«, another, together, jointly. . 

benign. SWit'bringen, v. a. ir. to bring or 
SWenfd/lidifeit, /. humanity, hu- carry along with. 

man nature. SWit'biirger, m. -«, pi. -, fellow- 
SKertwurbig, adj. remarkable. citizen, townsman. 

aWti'fen, V. a. to mark, note ; per- SWit'djcl m. Mitchell. 

ceive. observe. SWit'glieb, n. -ei3, pi. -er, member« 
SWef'fe, /. jd/. -n, fair; fairing; fellow. 

mass . 3!fl\tU\\', conj. consequently, there- 
'^ef fen, v. a 4-n. ir. to measure; fore, of course. 

^urvey. • SKit'Ieib, n. -ed, see SWitleiben. 

aRot SRut 287 

SKit'Ieibcn^n, -tf, compassion, pity; SRSr'bcr, m. -«,^/. -, murderer. 

au« — , for pity's sake; — f)obtn, SWor'berlfd), adj. murderous. 

to take pity, pity. STOot'^en, m. -«. pi, -, morning ; 

S){it'nei)men; v. a, ir, to take along mom ; Orient, East ; -rot^, n. 

with. -rot(;f, / aurora; -l&nblfd), 

SRit'fdJelm, fellow-knave, rogue. oriental ; adv. to-morrow ; 

SWit'tvig, m. -ci, pi -e, midday, -fru^» to-morrow morning. 

noon ; south. 9)lorgenb, adj. relating to the 

SWIt'ta^^mccr, southern sea. morrow, of to-morrow. 

Sflit'te, f, middle, midst, centre ; SRct'gen^, adv, in the morning. 

mediun^. Sl'linrij^, m. Maurice. 

SMit'tfl, n. -«, pi. -; middle, me- SWo«'fau. n. Moscow. 

dium ; mean, means, expedient; STOu'cf e, /. pi. -n, gnat, midge. 

remedy ; -md§ig; adj. middling, SRu'be, adj, weary, tired, fatigued. 

indifferent, moderate; -fianb, SDlu'i^e,/. p/.-n, pains, ;?/.; trouble, 

m. middle-state, middle class. toil, labor. 

SDlit'ten, adv. in the midst, in the SHit'^en, v. a, <!jr r. to tiouble, 

middle of. trouble one's self. 

SKit tecna(l)t /. midnight, north. SWii^'le,^. pi -n, mill. 

^\X'ti)i\\n\, V. a. to communicate ; ^uifiam, adj. painful, hard, 

impart. troublesome ; painstaking. 

SWij'raim,.;?ro/>cr name. SWitl'lcr, m. -«. pi. -, miller. 

SKo'^clh, V. a. to mould, model ; SDluti'cbeu. n. Munich. 

figure. SKunc^'ucr, m. resident of Munich; 

^Hii'ttix, m. '^, mould. adj- belonging to Munich. 

9)lo()cn, v^ n. Ir. to have a mind, ^DlunD, m. -ii, pi, !Dluubc (SJlunber), 

like ; wish, desire ; be able ; mouth 

id) mocbte gc en, I would fain ; id) 9]>lunbltd), adj. oral, verbal. 

tnodite (iebet; I had rather ; see 3)lun'ter, adj. awake ; brisk, ac 

mcgen, n. m. P. 325. s. c. 182. tive, lively, sprightly. 

Sflo^'iida, adj. possible, feasible, SD^ufmeln, v. n. to murmur; 

practicable. grumble, mutter. 

SKbg'Iid'feit /. pi. -en, possibility, SD'luncn, v. n. to grumble, mutter, 

probability. growl, snarl. 

SJloiiard)', m -en, pi. -en, monarch. SWu'fe,/. pi. -n, Muse. 

SWcnb, m. -e«, pi, -e, (en), moon ; 3Ru' Scud, m. pi. -jtcl, musician. 

month. aJtuitf,/. ;>/. aJlu'ftfen, music. 

SKon'oeulang, adv, for months. 3Jlu'ii!u«, see 3Kuftcu«. 

SKcnti'nmg, SWontur', /. pi, -en, SWuf'fcn, ». n. tr. must, to be 

regimentals, pi, uniform. obliged, be forced ; be to. 

SWoia'UfdJ, adj, moral. SMuf, see ir. verbs, n; m. P. 352. 

SD^oralhl', m. -en, pi. -en, moralist. s. c. 182. 

ST^ctaiV, m. -ed, pi, -e, morass, STlit'^ig, adj. idle ; at leisure. 

marsh, moor, bog. 9}lu f ic|gang, m, -e^, idleness, la^ 

JTlcib, 771. -ejJ, p/. -e, murder, -be^ ziness. 

gierbe,/. murderous disposition, SUii'giggangev, m. -^, /)/• -, idler, 

thirst of blood ; 'fud}t, see loiterer. 

SJlorbbeijierbe. SRu'jiet, n. -9, c/. -/ pattern^ 

fKor'ben, v. a, 4- n. to murder. sample ; model ; example. 




Dtuti, m. 'ti, couraee, spirit ; 
mood, humor ; — faffen, to take 
courage, take heart ; -ooU, adj. 
courageous, high-spirited ; -? 
wiilift, adj. (f *^*^^' petulant, 
wanton, pert ; mir tft fdilimm )u 
— . I feel alarmed, troubled. 

!D{u'tbuv adj. courageous. 

SWiit'ter,/. pi. SWutter. mother. 

SD{ra'trTli(l>, adj. motherly, mater^ 
nal, like a mother. 

SD'lu'^e,/. pi. -n, cap, bonnet. 


dtcid^,pre. after, behind, in, at, to, 
for, towards ; upon ; according 
to ; — ^aufe. home. n. m. L. 
23. 8. c. 57. 3 ; — unb — , by 
degrees. ^^ 

DZad/ vibmen, v. «. 4- n. to imitate, 

lWa*'abmung. /.;>/. -en, imitation. 

Slad^'bar. m. -i, pi. -w, neighbor. 

Dlad^'barfcbaft, /*. pi. -en, neighbor- 
hood, vicinity. 

91 ad 'rlicfen, v. n. to look after. 

9lad^bem', conj. after, when ; ac- 
cording as. 

9lad^'^cufcn. v. n. ir. to meditate, 
reflect, muse, ruminate. 

5WaM)eii. m. -^,pl. -, boat, skiff. 

Siaclj'fclgcn. v. n. to follow, suc- 
ceed ; imitate. 

9lad)'fol9cr, m. -«, pi. -, follower, 
successor ; imitator. 

92a>.t'^e()eu, v. n. ir. to go after, 
follow ; prosecute. 

Slactj'^cr, adv. afterwards, here- 
after, subsequently. 

Kadi'fomme, m. -n, pi. -n, descen- 
dants, posterity ; issue ; off- 

Kadi'lajfen, v. a. df n. ir. to leave 
behind ; relax, cease, abate. 

9la*'(dfitg, adj. negligent, care- 
less, slovenly ; inattentive. 

9lad»'ldf jxcifeit,/.p/. -en, negligence, 
carelessness, remissness. 

^aA'xiiiif f. pi. en, account, ad> 

vice, intelligence, information, 

notice, tidings. 
92ad^'rul)m. m. -e^, posthumous 

fame, fame after death, praise 

ailer death, 
^adrfe^en, v. a. n. <!jf ir. to look 

after, examine ; einem ettrad — , 

indulge ; take no notice of; 

give respite. 
9ladt'ftnnen, t;. n. ir. to meditate, 

reflect on or upon. 
9{a(^Tpui^en, v. n. to trace, track, 

9}dd)jt, pre. d( adv. next. 
9{d(^'fie, adj. nearest ; m. neigh- 
9lad)'jte6en, v. n. ir. to stand after; 

be inferior to, give place. 
9la6'ttur)en, v. n. to rush after. 
9lad)Tu^^n, v. a. ^ n. to search 

after ; look after. 
9lad»t/. pi. 9iac^te, night : -wanb* 

let, m. night-walker. 
9{a6't^eil, m. -e«, pi. -e, disadvan- 
tage, prejudice, detriment, 

damage, loss. 
0lad)'t^euig, adj. disadvantageous, 

prejudicial, detrimental. 
9la*'tigaU,/p/. -en. nightingale, 
^tddit'lld), adv. nightly, at night, 

9lad)td, adv. by night. 
9{ad}'ite^tn, v. a. ir. to draw after, 

v. n. ir. to march after, follow 

after, go after. 
9la'(fen, m. -9, pi. -, neck, nape, 

^adt, adj. naked, bare. 
9la'i)cl,/. pi. -n, needle, pin. 
JWa'gen, v. a.djrn. to gnaw, nipple 

pick; sting. 
5»a'f)e. adj. df adv. near, nigh, 

close; imminent. 
9ld'^e, /. nearness, proximity, 

neighborhood ; in bev — , near 

at hand, 
^la'^en, v. n. Sc'r. to approach ; 

draw near. 

9tet 9lie 289 

Kal^ct, eomp.\ ba« ^Oi\)t\t,fig. the 9le('bifdb, arf;. envious ; grudging. 

particulars, details. 9let'9en/ v. a. to bend ; incline ; 

9ia()m, see 9fie()me«. turn, bow. 

Sfid^'ren, v. a. <!jf n. to foster, feed, ^e'm, adv. no. 

nourish ; be nourishing ; v. r. 9len'nen, v. a. ir, to name, call ; 

to gain one^s livelihood. mention the name. 

D'idl/rerin, /. one who nourishes, 9le^>'tun, m. Neptune. 

provides for. • 9levD, m.-en, ;?/.-en, nerve ; sinew ; 

Sfia^'run^, / pL -en, nourishmerit, -enUi, adj. nerveless, efFemi- 

food, livelihood, maintenance. natc. 

iJla'me, m. -ne. pi -, name ; title ; IWct'oe./. pi. -n. see ^tvo. 

renown, reputation ; -lU, by Slcjl, n. -e«, pi. -cr, nest ; aerie. 

name, named. S^lefl'lein, dim. q/'9iefl. 

Kdni'licb, adv. namely, to wit, 9lctt. adj. neat, clean, fair, pretty. 

same. S^le^, n. ed, pi. -e. net ; caul. 

Karcif'fe,/. ;?/. -n, narcissus, daf- 9le'f en. ». a. to wet, moisten, 

fodil. soak, steep. 

fflaxx, m, -en, pi. -en, fool ; fop, Oleu, a<(;. new ; fresh ; recent, 

coxcomb, droll, buffoon ; -en* modern ; auf^ JWeue. »on JWeuem, 

-^au^, n. mad-house, bedlam. anew, afresh, again ; wad gtbt 

9la'fc,/.^/.-u, nose; snout; scent. e« S^cued ? what is the news? 

9la6, arf;'.*wed, humid, moist. "Rter, glerbe,/. curiosity, inqui- 

Dlatloli,/. ^d/.-u, nation. sitiveness ; -CjlerivV adj. cu- 

JKatn'r,/. ;0/. -en, natuje. * rious, inquisitive; -jafir, n. 

Slatur'lld), a((;. natural; innate; new-yearj -ia^rdnad)t/. new 

true, genuine. year's night, 

^lan'mann, proper name. DfJeun, adj. nine. 

*Jiau'tif(^, adj. nautic, nautical. Ulidit, adv. not. 

^^U. abbreviation of nm. S^licbtd /?r. nothing, naught; * 

9lc'bel, m. -d, p/. -, mist ; fog. beftoteenigcr. nevertheless, not- 

S^le'ben, pre. by, near, beside, be- withstanding. 

sides, by the side of, next to, ^il'cfen, v. n to nod ; doze. 

close to, with ; -an, adv. next 0lie, adv. never, at no time. 

door, hard by ; -bullet, m. ri- 9We'ber, adj. low, lower, nether ; 

val ; -^er, arfu. along with ; by •inferior; mean; adv. low, 

the way ; -Unie, /. collateral down, downwards. 

line. . 9iie'berbrucfen, v. a. to press down, 

Sfie'cfar, m. Neckar {river). , depress, oppress. 

Otef'fe, m. -x^.pl. -n, nephew. 9iie'berfa()ren. v. n. ir. to descend 

Sle'^er, m. -6, pi. -, r.egro, moor. rapidly. 

S'ie'flierln,/. pi. -nen, negress. Ulie'berfaUen, v. n. ir. to fall down, 

iftefi'mcn, t?. a. ir. to take ; re- IWte'bergang, m. -e«, going down ; 

ceive ; uber^anb — , to get the setting {of the sun), west. 

superiority, spread ; increase ; 9lie'betfniecn. v. n. to kneel down. 

frumm, or ubcl — , to take ill or S^ie'berlage,/. pi -n, defeat, over-. 

amiss. throw ; depot, warehouse. 
We^m'lid), see fWdmli*. 9lie'ber(anbc, Netherlands. 
Weib, m. -e3, envy, grudge, jea- Uiie'berlaffung, f. pi -en, settle- 
lousy, ment, establishment, colony 

240 91 un Def 

IRtc'berTesrn, v, a. to lay down, ^nx, adv. only, solely, but, 

put down; deposit; resign. scarcely; ever. 

5Rie'tn:f<Mai^fn, v. a. ir, to strike ^Vi^, 9luife,nut. 

down ; cut dovim ; dispirit, de- 92u'^eii. l)^u'^en, v. a. S^n^U} use, 

jcct, dishearten ; cast down. make use of. 
9{ie'i)erff nfen, v, a, to let down. ^ 

Wlf'berftiifen, v. n. ir. to sink ^^ • 

down. £>, int. oh ! o toel^ ! o dear ! 

tWie'^ertt)erffIl. v. a. ir. to throw £)a'fe,/.^. -n, oasis. 

down, cast down, prostrate. Ob, con;, whether, if; pre. on^ 
IRieb'lid), adj. neat, nice, elegant, on account of ; beyona ; over. 

pretty. Cben. €ulv. above, up-stairs ; on 
92iet'ri^, adj. low; lowly, mean. high, aloft ; on the surface. 

92tt''tnaU, adv. never, at no time. O'btx, adj. upper ; high, higher, 
!Wif'manb, pr. nobody. superior ; -felb^err, m. com- 

Slif'rcn, pi. reins. mander-in-chief ; -^err, m. su- 

flflic'ten, V. fl. to rivet, clinch. preme lord. 

fflil m. Nile {river). JDbgleidi', canj. though, although, 
9{im'tiur, adv. never, no more. notwithstanding. 

Slim'wegen^ proper name {of a Ob'r^fcit, -eu, magistrates, 

place). authority. 

Slir^enb, Sltr'genbd, 9ttr'genbtD0, Obf6on^ c(m;. though, although, 

adv. nowhere. albeit. 

fflo&^. adv. 4* conj. yet, as yet, nor, Dbfl, n. -ei. fruit. 

still; more. £)b»o^l', Ob§n)ar'. conj. though 
fflc^^'maU, adv . again, once again, although, sdbeit 

once more. Dcte'bet, m. -«, jd. -, October. 

Kerb, m. -fn«, north ; -li(bt n. Oe'be, /. desert, solitude ; adj. 

northern light, aurora boreaHs. waste, deserted, desolate, so- 
Sior'bifil), adj. northern. litary. 

9Uxh'lid), adj. northerly, nor- O'eem, see Sltl^em. 

them.' O'ber,/. Oder (river). 

9Zot^, adj. needful, necessary ; ed O'ber, conj. or; or else ; either, or. 

t^ut — , it is necessary ; /. pi. O'fen, m. -0, pi. jDcfen, oven ; 

92ot^en, need, want, necessity ; stove ; furnace. 

distress, misery ; calamity ; Of fen, adj. open ; sincere, frank ; 

-burftig, adj. needy ; scanty ; vacant. 

-toenbtg, adj. necessary, need- Dffenba'ren, v. a. d^r. to manifest; 

ful, pressing ; -wenbigfeit, /. reveal ; disclose. 

necessity, needfulness. £)ef fentlidi, adj. public, open. 

9lc't^ig, adj. necessary, needful ; £)fferto'rium, offertory. 

— I^aben, to need, want. Offijjier', m. -e^, pi. -c, officer. 

Sllo't^igen, v. a. to necessitate, £)ef' nen, t7. a. 4" ^* to open, unbo- 

compel, force, urge. som. 

S'iu, n. moment, trice. jDcjf nung, /. pi. -en, opening ; 
9lun, adv. now, by this time, at aperture, hole. 

present ; well, well then. Oft, adv. o% often, oftentimes, 
lUuii; m. proper name. frequently. 

9lunme^t', adv. now, by this time. Oef ter, adj. 4* adv. frequent, oftea 

Ocfl ?Pel 241 

Offterd adv often, frequently. CiClcrf; n. proper name. 

Oft'maU^ flf/u. oftentimes, fre- Oreiiftlcrna, proper name (of u 

quently. man), 

£^'lniin m - ^ pi. -e uncle. g^. 

D'»'nr ;?re. 4- a^i'. without ; be- ^* 

sides, excepted, but. $aar. «. -e6, -e, pair, couple ; 1 
dm'inad^t. /. pi. -en. weakness, few. 

impotency: swoon ; fainting fit. ^^abft. see ??a^)fl. 

OiMi'nuid^fivV adj. weak, impotent; ?Pvi(b'ter, $art>'tfr, m. -d, pi. -, far-. 

swooning, fainting. ' mer, tenant. 

£)(ui'n\it see Unwfit. ^acf, n. djr m. -e«, ;i/ -e, pack; 
Cfn- n. -c^, ;>/. -esi, eair; -feiije, packet; -fiie*t baggage-man 

/. box on the ear. (in an army), 

£)fte'b:r, m. October. $a'rfeii, v. a. to pack, pack up ; 
£;efoncmtt', f. economy ; agricul- seize. 

ture. ^alaiV, m. -e^. ;;/. -Idfte, palace. 

Col n. -e«. pi. -e. oil. ^al'labium, n. palladium. 

£Vve.f. pi -n olive. $allatV. see ^Jalaft. 

Cl'mat^, n. Olmutz. ^al'me,/. pi, -n, palm-tree. 

Ch)'ii'vjni m. Olympus. $anicr'. n. -r^, pi. -e, banner, 
Cvcr /. pi. -u opera. standard. 

CVrVr n. -^. ;/. - off*ering, sacri- S^^i'V-^' m. -«, ;?/. -^, papa. 

fice, victim"; -tcb. m. death by 5|apiii', n. -ce. pi. -c, paper. 

way of sacrifice, sacrificial ^^iVi^/ m. -t^. pi. -e, ^dpfie' pope, 

death. pontiff. 

Cv'kvu. r. flr. to offer, sacrifice, ^^ta^^t.f. pi. -en, parade. 

immolate, 5Ja'vafan(^e./. parasang, a Persian 
Cra'fcl. n. -^, pi -, -!pru(b, m. measure 0/ distance, about four 

oracle. ^f^- miles. 

Cra'nieit, Orange (proper name), ^Javbeii', m. -i, pardon, quarter. 

Cr'bcn, m. -0 pi. - order. ^l^arl^', ». Paris. 

Crb'iieu, V. a. to dispose, order, ^Ci^c'U,/, pi. -n. watch-word. 

arrange, regulate. ^^affvi'bel, (familiar) tolerable, 
Drb'mnui, /. pi. -en. order, disposi- passable. 

tion, arrangement ; class, form. ^viTlcn, v, n. to fit, befit, suit; 
Cv'i:<ol f. pi. -n organ ; -ton, m. ^.^^^pt- 

sound of on organ. ^Jafji'ven, v, n. to happen, pass, 
£)r'»ieii. proper name (of a man), come to pass. 

£)vliviieir. adj. original. ^afte'tc,/. pi. -n, pasty, pie, pa»- 
Crt. m. -«, pi. -e, (Deitet), place, try. 

region. Rafter. ?Paftor', m. -«. ;?/. -o'ren, 
£)ti vie, m. Osiris. pastor, parson, vicar, minister. 

£)ft» m. -eg, East. 5>-^^pf' m. father applied to priests 
£)'iien. m. -g, East. in tne Romish church. 

£)fter'rei(b, or Ceft'veich, n. Austria- ^vU» ict', m. -en. pi. -en, patriot. 

jDcft:r'reicl)er. m. Austrian. ^atrcCle, -n. patrol. 

Doficr'rci*if*. adj. Austrian. ^.itvcuirio, ^atrul'le, see $atroUei 

rft'inbifch, adj. East Indian. ^an'fe./ pi. -n, pause, stop. 

Deft livi}, adj. eastern, easterly. ^ein,/. pain, torment, torture. 

242 iPffl $oI 

5fefn1id» a^;. painful, toriQenting; ?P^fantafti', /.pl.-tn, fancy, fan 

capital, criminal, penal. tasy. 

$eit'f(t>c,/ pi, -II. whip, scourge. 9J()antaji'cen. o. n. to play fanta- 

5Jergamci;t'; n. -(6, pi. -e, parch- sias ; rave. 

ment • $^il^armt'ntca, philharmonic. 

!Pcr'le, f. pi. -n, pearl ; drop, bead. ^^ilofcp(>', m. -en, pi. -en, phi'o-< 

$ernVrfe,/ pi. -n, periwig, wig. gopher. 

$eT'jtrn, n. Persia. $^(lofo'pbif(b, adj. philosophic, 

$erfoii'./ pi. -eii. person. philosophical. 

^frfonMd), adj. 4* <'<'<'• personal, $t)6'uii, mi phenix. 

in person, personally. ^bp'ftfdi; a£(;'. physical, 

^e'ter. m. Peter. jkcclo'inliii, jroper name (of a 

^it'lo, (Ital.) breast, in — , fig. in man). 

reserve, secretly. $i'rfel^aube, /. pi. -n, morion, 

?pp^, m. -e«, ^/. -e, bear, bruin. head-piece. 

^fab m. -e«, pi. -t. path. $i'fe./. /?/. -n, pike. 

%\Ci\)\. m. -f*, pi. ^\(ii)it, pale, ?Jll'ger. m. -«, ;?/. -, pilgrim. 

post, stake. SPll'^rlmfcbaft, /. pilgrimage. • 
93fal^'^raf, m. palsgrave ; count ^^iu'KU m. -«, paint-brush, pen- 
palatine, ril ; fis. simpleton, 
^farrtjaud, n. parsonage. ^iftc'le,/ ;/. -u, ^4Jitie'(, n. -e3, ;?i 
^Jfcit'rer, m. -a, /?/. -, parson, cu- -en, pistol ; pistole, a gold coin 

rate. worth about $3. 60. 

$ft'i'fe*/. pi. -en, fife, whistle ; ^la'^e./. p/. -n, plague; trouble, 

pipe, tobacco-pipe. vexation, torment. 

^Jfei'fen, V. a. <Sf n. ir. to pipe ; ^la'gen, t?. a. 4* »*• ^o plague. 

whistle ; whiz. harass, toil, torment ; be trou- 

$feil, m. -etf. pi. -e, arrow, dart. bled. 

S^fci'let, m. -6, pi. -. pillar ; pier. ?pian, m. -e«, ;i/. ?pidne, plan, de- 

¥ferb, n. -c6. pi. -, horse sign ; adj. plain, simple. 

SJjlanj'fchute,/. orchard, nursery ; planet', m. -en. pi. -en, planet. 

seminary. $latt, adji flat, plain, even, level ; 

^Jffan'je, /*. p/. -n. plant, vegetable. low. 

?P(lau'jen, v. a. to plant, set. $la^, m. -e«, p/. ^Idfee, place ; 

$jia'fter, n, -«, p/. -, plaster. room ; seat ; — ne^meu, to take 

^pe'i^e,/. care, rearing, fostering, a seat, sit down. 

nursing ; administration ; edu- ^lati'^ern, v. n. to chat, prattle. 

cation. ^Ic^'tid), adj. <Sf adv. sudden, ab- 

^pf'ijen, V. a. to take care of, rupt, subitaneous, instanta- 

nurse, foster ; administer ; at- neous, on a sudden. 

tend to ; v. n. to be accustom- $liiu'Dern, v. a. to plunder. 

ed, be wont, use. ^^o'bagra, n. -3, gout, podagra. 

$jii*t,/'.p/. -en, duty ; obligation. $cbagrift', m. -en, p/. -en, gouty 

?pjliVcfen, V. a. to pluck, gather ; person. 

pick. 5^cct', m. -en pi -en, poet. 

?Pflu}i, m. -e«, pL ^Jfluge, plow. $c'len, n. Poland. 

^Pfov'te, /. pi. -n, gate, wicket, $cli'tifd), adj, politic, political. 

door. 5>cl'r.if(h, adj. Polish, belonging 

$fiil; I, m.-ed,/?Z.-e, pillow, cushion. to Poland; auf — , in Polisl^ 

SBro 0ta(^ 243 

after the Polish fashion, d la ?5ro\)iant', m. -e«, victuals, pro- 
polonaise, vision, store. 

$cl'fler, n. -6. pi. -, cushion. 55vo\Mnj',/. ;?i. -en. province. 

«Pel5Kdtv>'. m. proper name. ?PtiVfen, r. a. to prove, to try. 

^cmerauV/ orange. ^ru'fung. f, pi. -en, trial, exami- 

^l^cm'inern. n. Pomerania. nation ; temptation, 

$ci'»l}9r, m. -el, porphyry. $runt m: -eg, show, state, parade, 

$crt m. -ee, p/. -e, port, harbor. ostentation, splendor- 

$evj\rllau', n, red. porcelain, china. ?5u blifum, n. -«. public (audience). 

$pjttui', /. pi. -en posture, atti- i)u'bcrn, a.v. <5f r. to powder, 

tude ; figure. ^Jul^'fAlag* rn. beating of the 

$e'uen, m. -t\ pi. -. post, station ; pulse. 

. place, situation. «Pul'uer. n. -«, pL -, powder, gun- 

giJcui'ron, v. a. (P«l1irt0 to post, powder, 

place. $uiift, rn. -e«, />/. -e, point, dot ; 

5lUa*t. /. pomp, state ; splendor. period. 

jpidit'tig, adj. magnificent, splen- ^ui'pur, m. -f^, purple. 

did, gorgeous, pompous. ^u'^en, v. a. <5f r. to dress, attire. 

«Pvaj^. n. Prague. «l5vrami'be, /. pi. -n, pyramid. 

sjjra'j^er. adj. Prague, belonging ij. 

to Prague. Clna'bcnlein. m. -cd, »Z. -e, free^ 

«Pra!?lcvei', /. pi. -en, brag, brag- ^^^^^^ square-stone, broad- 

gardism. stone. 

«Pralat', m. -en, ;?/. -en, prelate. jQuabratl n. -p«, ;>/. -e, quadrate, 

5l5iai/sien, v. n. to shme, make a square ; -meile. /. square-mile. 

show, make parade. DuaL/p/. -en, pain, torment, tor- 

n^ra' cr, m. -6. p/. -e'ven. pretor. tureVpang, grief, 

^ri'ci^.n. V. a. 6f n. to preach. £iu-i'len, v. a. to pain, torment, 

^Pce'Dii^er. m. -e, pZ. -, preacher, plague. 

minister. , ^ . ^ Dnartal', n. -e«. »/. -e quarter (of 

iPreie^, m. -fc«, ;•/. -fe. price, cost; ^ ^^^)^ ^^^^^^^^ ^e^^ 

prize, rat^, reward ; praise ; iQuartler', n. -c«, «/. -e, ^juarter, 

— ^8ebcH, to expose, j^ive up ; lodging. 

^ abandon. Ducll. m. -e«, »/. -en, source , 

5>cei')cn, V. a. tr. to praise, com- ^.^^^^ fountain. 

^^'^^' Duellc, /*. »/. -n, well, source, 

jpveCfen, v. a. to press, oppress, fountain. 

^rg®. Duellen, w. n. ir. to spring, well, 

?Pteu'pe, m. -n, Prussian. gush. 

^veu'Sen, n. -f , Prussia. r^uitt, 'adv. quits, even ; rid. 

^4>ieu'pifcb, adj. Prussian. ^ ^j 

^Uiie')ler, m. -«, p/. -/ priest. '^^^ 

$vinj. ?w. -en. p/. -en prince. Olab'bi. Olabbi net, m. -«, j^/. -i 

i^Jriwilcc^i'ren, v. a. to privilege. rabbi, master. 

53trevr)eV, rn. -en, />Z. -en, prophet. JRabbn'ni, see Olcib^i. 

55rotec'tion, /. protection. ^<xhz, m. -n, pi. -n, raven ; -njleln, 

^Jroteflant', m. -en, p/. -en, protes- m. place of execution, gai.>)wa. 

tant. 9la'*e, /. vengeance, vindicatioiv 

^r«^teilan'tifcl), adj. protestant. revenge. 

244 81 a u flteg 

9ta d>en, v a. to revenge, avenge ; 9tau'nen, v, a. to roum!, whisper. 

V. r. to revenge one's self, Slaufcb. m. -etf, pi. 9{duf(^e, drunk- 
take vengeance. enness, inebriation, intoxica- 
^Ita'chcn. m. -«.;/. .jaws, throat. tion. 

9{ab, n -c0, pi. 9{d^fr, wheel. Stau'fdteiu v. n. to rush, rustle, 
fXa*niitrt', adj. refined, cunning. murmur, roar. 

9{a'^rn, v. n. to project, stand 9le'be, /. pi. -n, branch of vine ; 

forth . be prominent. vine ; -nfvift, m, juice of 

Staf^c'cv) proper name (of a man). grapes ; fig. wine. 
9lanb, m. -;^. pi. JKduber, edge, JRebcll', m. -en, ;?/. -eii, rebel. 

side border, brink, brim, rim; SR/iljenfdiaft, /. account. 

ledg i ; margin. 9le*'am. v, a. 4" **• ^o reckon. 

SKaiii). m. -e6. rank, order, rate, count, calculate ; depend. 

gra* e, precedence; dignity, dtecb^iumj^y. ;^.-eii. bill, calcula* 

qua lity. tion ; account, computation. 

UtaiA\ adj. quick, swift, speedy, ffttdit, adj. 4* ^^t'* fight; just; 

br*>ik. true, real ; in right condition, 

flit^'\A)\t, proper name (of a man). legitimate, fitting, suitable, 
SK a f'Kl II, r. n. to rattle, clatter. convenient; greatly, remark- 

fRci<i,f. pi. -en, rest, repose. ably, rightly, vwell, very; juc 

Sia'ftf a. V. n. to rest, repose. -ciu to the right. 

SRatI). m. -etf. counsel, advice ; fftedyt. n. -i'«, pi. -e. right ; claim, 

council ; (pi. JKdibc), alderman, title ; privilege, immunity ; 

counsellor, senator ; \n -e i)aU law, justice. 

ten. to take care of, be sparing ; dtedVii,f. -n, right hand. 

-baud. n. senate-house, town- 9ted^t6. adv. at or on the right 

house ; ~f(t^lu§. m. determina- hand, to the right hand. 

tion, resolution, decree ; coun- 9le6t'fd)ajfen, adj. righteous, gen- 

sel. uine, true, upright, honest. 

!Ra'then, v. a. ir. to counsel, ad- fftt'dm, v. a. to stretch, extend ; 

vise ; guess. rack. 

9ldth'f;l, n. -d, pi. '. riddle, enig- SRecrtit', m. -en, pi. -en, recruit. 

ma. ffit'bt, J. pi. 'W, speech, oration; 

9Sdtl/ff(^aft, adj. enigmatical, discourse. 

problematical ; obscure. SRi'^en, v. a. 4* n. to speak ; talk, 

fftaub, m. -ed, robbery, prey. discourse. 

SRau'ben, v. a. to rob, prey; de- Ole'Den^art,/. pi. -en. phrase, ex- 

prive of. pression, term. 

SUdu'ber, m. -«, pi. - robber, high- SReb'iid), adj. honest, candid, 

wayman. righteous, just 

SRauden, v. a. 4" n. to smoke, JRcb'Ucbfeit /. honesty, candor. 

fume, reek. 9lt'ge, adj. moving, stirring ; ac- 

fllau'fcu, V. a. to pluck, pull ; tear. tive. 
9^aub, adj. rough, raw, harsh, fRr'i^el /. pi. -n, rule, precept, 

rude, coarse. principle. 

?Raum, m. -cd, pi. 9ldume, room, SRc^c^cii. v. a. cf* r. to stir, move ; 

space. rise, be roused. 

Stdu'nun, p. a. to remove, clear, [Re'^en, m. -tf, pi. -n, rain ; shower; 
clean; evacuate.' -gup. m. violent shower of rain. 

aiei 9ttd^ 245 

FJltijeut'. m. -en. pL -en, regent. ffteU\'f)tit, /. purity, pureness ; 

Sli'i^fnt'fcbaft. /. pi. -en, regency, clearness. 

regentship. SRei'uij^eii, i;. a. to clean, purge, 

SRej^ii'ieii. v. a. djf n, to reign, rule, purify. 

govern. 9iei'fe, /. pL -n, journey, travel , 

[Rev^li'mii^. /. pi. 'in. reign, gov- voyage; -buubel, n. knapsack 

ernment ; regency. 9lei'fciir-». n. to travel, journey ; 

Slck^ijueiii'. 71. -e^. pi. -cr. regi- set out for; go on travels.. 

ment ; government, power. SRei'jigc, m. -ii. pi. -n. horseman, 

JRey^iou'./. J I. -en region. warrior, trooper. 

9li\Vil»^v', adj. regular. ^d'$in. v, a. ir. to tear ; pull ; 

Sto'i^mivV /. pi. -eii, motion, stir ; sketch, draw ; rush. 

emotion, agitation. Slei'teii, v. a. <Sf n. ir, to ride, go 

9ic(), n. -t^,pl. -e. roe, deer ; -bodP, on horseback ; break in. 

m. roe-buck. 9lei'ter, m. -6, pi. -, rider, horse- 

dtei'bm. V. a. ir. to rub, grate ; man, trooper. 

grind. Steitcrei', /. cavalry, horsemen, 

SRoidv adj. rich, wealthy, opu- pi. ; riding. 

lent ; copious ; n. -e6, pi. -e, 9'ieij, m. -e^, pi. -e, charm, entice- 

empire, realm, kingdom. ment ; irritation, provocation. 

SRciMu'ii V. a. to reach ; present ; SRoi'^eu. v. a. to charm, irritate, 

offer r V. n. to reach, e:xtend provoke ; entice, allure. 

, to ; Me ^Jint> — , to give the JKcfnit', see SRocrut. 

hand. Stelij^icu', / pi. -en, religion. 

SRi'iili'Iicli, adj. copious, plentiful, CReu'jien, v. n. ir. to run; race, 

abundant, ample, large. course. 

9lei*0';iatl), m. council of the SKe'cfiiiem, n. requiem. 

realm ; senate ; -tvup^en, pi. dtt\it>ii\^'\t<\tt, city in which the 

imperial troops ; -werfvinnnlun^; royal family resides. 

J. assembly of the states of the JRefpecta'bel, adj. respectable. 

realm; -i^clfer, />/ see 9leicl)^? SllefpccU'ren, v. a- to respect, honor. 

Iruvven. 9ieft, m.-:i, pl.-e, rest, remain- 

Stoi.! 'tbum. m. -e«, pi. -t()ftmer, der; arrears,;?/. 

riches,;?/.; wealth; abundance. fH^i'tcw, v. a. to save, rescue, de- 

IRcIf, adj. ripe, mature ; — mxf liver. 

ben, to grow ripe, ripen; m. 9let'ter m.-^.p/.-. savior, deliverer. 

-c^, rime, hoar-frost, circle. JRct'tun.v /. pl.-tw, saving, de- 

SRoi'fen, V. a. to mature ; v. n. livery, rescue ; preservation, 

to grow ripe, ripen. escape. 

JRii'he./. row ; rank, file ; range ; 9ieu'e,/. repentance ; penitence. 

order, turn; tie — [^ an mir, Oleuolution', /.;?/. -en, revolution. 

it is my turn. 9i^eln. tn. Rhine (river). 

SJii'i't^en v. a. to file, rank ; string S^iidU'i^ul)!, m. judge's seat, bench. 

together ; stitch. Slidj'ten, v. a. 4- r. to direct, make 

^i 'l)er, m. -^. pi. -, heron, hern. straight ; address, turn ; ar- 

SXei'men, v. a. 4* ^' -to make range, level ; aim at ; judge 

rhjrraes, rhyme. execute ; censure, criticize. 

JRfin. adj. clean ; pure ; clear ; SRicb'ter, m, -«, pi. -, judge, m9 

innocent. gistrate. 

1246 . 0lu« atuH 

fkiMx^f adj. right, exact, just, 9lfi'cfrn, m. -0, /»^ -, back ; ridge ; 

true ; direct, regular. rear. 
SRitf. see iRufcii. ^M'l^tix, SRucffunft,/. return, re- 
Si u'fe, m. -n, ;>/. -ji. giant; -nbau, turning. 

m. gigantic structure ; -Uylf* JRurf'iveg, -e«, pi, -c, return, way 

bivi^i'. a mountain range he- back. 

tween Bohemia and Silesia, fftud'j^nc^ m. -f€, pi. -^u^i, return, 

((iiant mountains) retreat. 

9li tee./, pi. -«. rind, bark ; crust. IRu'Derii, v. a. Sf n'xo row. 

SKiiKi; m. -k'i5. pi. -e, ring ; circle ; 9luf. m. -e^, p/. -e, call ; vocation; 

ringle. fame, rumor, renown, repu- 

9ii.»'j\cii. r. a. <Sf n. ir. to struggle; tation. 

wrestle, wrest, wring ; strive fRu'ffii, v- a. ^ n. ir. to call, cry. 

after. Siii'^e, /. pi. -n. reproof, censure, 

Siiiii^iv adi\ around ; -Ijcrum, -um, reproach, blame ; accusation ; 

round, all round, round about. -ijlcrfc. /. avenging or accus- 

9?ip from 9{fl§en. ing-bell. 

9iitrcr m. -5. pi. -. knight. Slu'j^cn. v. a. to resent ; reprove, 

9iirtcilidi. adj. chivalrous, knight- censure ; denounce. 

ly, brave, valiant. SRu'l)c./. rest, repose, quiet ; tran 

9iit icrfdMft, knighthood ; nobility, quillity, peace ; sleep. 

knights. JXu'l^ni «. n. to rest, repose; sleep. 

SRc'ilelu, v. n. to rattle in the 9tu'l)ii)/ adj. quiet, peaceable, 

tliroat; to have the death-rattle. tranquil. 

9iL'Cf,m. -16,;?/. Diocfe, coat; gown; 9{u^m, m. -e«, glory, renown, 

robe ; -fd^cB, m. skirt of a coat. fame ; praise. 

dtcij.'adj. raw; rough; crude, 9tiil/men, v. a to praise, glorify, 

rude. extol; boast; provincial^ say, 

dtcVU. f. pi. -n, roll; scroll ; part, tell ; v. r. einer (Sa*c, to glory 

character. in, boast of a thing. 

Didlni. V. a. Sf n. to roll; trundle ; 9iiibm'li*, adj. glorious, laudable, 

calender, mangle. commendable. 

9icm n. Rome. 9iu^ ten, v. a. 4* n. to stir, move ; 

9icnian'tifd\ adj. romantic. affect, touch. 

Dio'nuT, m. Roman. 9lub'ric\. adj. <Sf adv. agile, active, 

Die'mifdi, adj. Roman. nimble, expeditious. 

9{c'fe,/. pi. -11, rose. 9lfil)'iuiu^/. pi. -en, moving, rao- 

9it&. n. -ffcg, -f[c, horse, steed. tion, sympathy, emotion. 

9iet^. ddj red. 9iui'ne,/. ;/. -n. ruin. 

9{o't^cn. V. a. <Sf n. to redden. '9ium. abbreviation of ^erum. 

fRci'tcf. pi. -n, troop, band; herd, 9iuiu'pfen, v. a. to crook, wrinkle ; 

flock ; gang ; file. turn up, curl. 

9lii'be,^al)l, m. proper name {of a 9lu§'lanb. 7*. Russia. 

fabulous demon or spirit). 9iuf'fe, m. - i Russian. 

9iud/lo^, adj. profligate, flagi- 9luf'jifd>, adj. Russian. 

tious, vicious, wicked. 9lu'iien, «. a. <Sf r. to prepare, 
9lii'cfen, v. a. <5f n. to move, pro- dress ; arm, fit eut ; make pro- 
ceed ; push ; march ; arrange. parations for. 

®at ®(^a 247 

^ eat one's fill ; to have enough 

®* to eat. 

*®, abbreviation ojf e«. Sat'tic|inui./. satiety, filling. 

@aal, m -e^, ;>/. <£dle, saloon, hall, ©au'bcr. adj. clean, neat, elegant. 
Saat. /. ;>/. -en, seed ; corn, (gau'cr. adj, sour, acid ; trouble- 
crops, standing corn. some. 
8ab'batt), m. -c«, fZ. -e, sabbath. Sau'c^eu, t?. a. <}• n. ir. to suck, 
©d'bfl m. -^. ;?/. -/ sabre, fal- absorb. 

chion. - @du'lc,/. ;>/. -n, column, pillar ; 

©a'd)C. /. pL -n, thing, matter ; post, 
affair, concern ; business ; @du'men, v. a- to hem, edge, bor- 
cause. der ; v, n. tarry, stay, delay, 

(gad)' feu, n. Saxony. (Sau'fcn v. n, to rush, bluster, 

©acbt, Sad)'te, adj. soft, gentle. whistle. 
(Bad, m. -H, pL (gdcfe, bag, sack. (Sce'iie,/. pL -n. scene. 
(Sd'eii, V, a. to sow. ©cep'tcr, see Sevter. 

^a't^e, /, ;>/. -n, saying, talk, ru- (S*aa'lc, see @*ale. 

mor ; tradition, legend. (S*aar, /. pi. -en, troop, band, 

©a'i^en, v. a- i!f n. to say, tell ; throng, multitude ; -wadJc, /. 
speak. watch, patrol, train-band of 

@vi^. see (Se()en. militia. 

(gai'te./. fl. -n, string. @d)ad)t, m. -e«, joZ. -e. (€d)d*te), 

^atc'ino, m. Solomon. shaft, pit. 

©aluti'ven, v. a. <3f n. to salute. @*a't>e, m. -n«. pL <S*dben ; -n, 
eal'in»,/.;>/.-n, volley, discharge; m. -18, p/. ©il)dbcn, loss, dam- 
salute age, detriment, prejudice ; 
©am'ma, m. proper name. hurt, wound ; ee ift — , it is a 
©am'nulu.t;. a. to collect, gather. pity. 
(Sam'mct, m. -e«, velvet. @*d'bel m. -9, pi. skull, pate. 
@ammt, pre. together with. ©cljdD'Udi, arf;. pernicious, dan- 
@anb, m. -e«. sand ; -ul)r, /.sand- gerous, injurious. 

glass, hour-glass. @*af, n. -e0, «Z. -e, sheep. 

©anb't^, imp. of fenben ; n. m. P. €*df'd)en; ®*df' lein, dim. of 

354. s. c. 186. @d)af. 

©auft, arfy. soft, gentle, smooth, @(^d'fer, m. -«, pZ. -, shepherd. 

mild. @*affeu. v. a. ir. to create, call 

©dnf'tf , /. pi. -n, sedan-chair, into existence, make, produce; 

litter. procure, provide, furnish, 

©an^, m. -c«, pi. ©dngc, song; (S*af|'uer. m. -«. jo/- -/ agent, man- 

-weife, /. melody, air. ager, broker ; steward, 

(gdn'ger, m. -«, pi. -, singer, song- ©d)a'lc,/. pi -n, shell, peel, husk, 

ster. \ ' scale ; cup, saucer ; dish, 

©anf, see^infcn. (S*all, m. -c«, pi. -e, sound. 

@anft, adj. saint. @d)alUen, u. n. to sound, resound. 

(£du vjcttljum, n. minstrelsy. €*al'tcn, v. n. to rule ; dispose ; 

@ati're,/. ;?Z.-n, satire. act. 

65att, adj. satiated, full ; fig. @d)d'mcn, v. r. to be ashamed, 
wearyi id^ l)abe eg — , I have i&dJau'be, /. shame, ilisgrace, in- 
enough of it ; it(^ — effen; to famy, ignomy. 

248 efc^e ®c^i 

^d)Sin'htn. V. a, to disgraco, dis- ^dtetn, m. -ed, -t, shine, splendor 

honor; abuse. brightness, lustre ; appearance; 

Sd^ii'^e,/.;?/. -n. trench, redoubt, pretence. 

bulwark ; in bie — fdjlagen^ to @d)ei'uen, v. n. tr. to ?hine ; ap- 

hazard, venture. pear, seem. 

Cd^avf. adj. sharp ; acute; severe, ©(bei'tcr^aufen, m. -€, pi. -, fune« 

rigorous, hard ; strict ; - laben, ral pile, 

charge or load with a ball or @c^ri tern, v. n. to be wrecked, 

bullet ; -ji»w. m, sagacity, pe- wreck ; fig. to be frustrated. 

netration. ^d)rl, adj. 6( adv. oblique; squint- 

(S(barfleiii, see SAerflem. eyed ; envious, jealous ; awry. 

(Sdiar'la*. r/i. -ed, pi. -, scarlet ; @d»f Im, m. -e«, pi. -e, rogue, 

-rct^ adj. scarlet-red. knave, scoundrel. 

©dHit'ttfii, m. -d. pi. ', shadow, @d>e'men, m. -i, pi. -, shadow^ 

shade ; phantom, v phantom. 

©d\i^ wj. -i'C5 ;?/ ^Ed^a^e, treasure; ©*cu'fen, v. a. to pour, retail 

store. wine or liquor ; give ; present. 

@d>d'^en, v. a. to value, estimate; <Sd)er'be f. pi. -n, vase, pot ; frag- 

esteem, consider. ment, piece. 

©d^d'Cuiiij. /. pi. -eu. valuing, ap- ©d^ere,/. pi. -n, scissors, shears, 

praising ; estimation, estimate. claws. 

©dKiu'sbuDiic, /. stage, theatre ; @die'ren, v. a. ir. to shave (the 

-^?la^, m. scene, tlieatre. beard) ; shear {sheep) ; plague, 

©d^au'ber. m. -tf. pi. -, shudder- teaze ; care, mind ; concern. 

ing ; horror, terror ; -uoU, adj. ©dierfleln, n. -«, pi. -, mite. 

horrible. @d»er'mrjfcr, n. razor 

©duiu'cerii, t;. n. 4* »'"/'• to shud- @d>erj, m.-ed, pl.-t, jest, joke, 

der, shiver. sport. 

6d\iu'i II. V. a. Sfn. to look, see, ©dieu, adj. shy, bashful, reserv- 

behold. ed, coy, timorous, skittish. 

(EdviU'ir, m. -^, pi. ', shuddering (SAeu'djen, v. a. to scare, frighten 

fit, shivering fit ; horror. away, drive away. 

@d>viu\riiV adj. sheltered, snug; @(^fueu, v. a. 4* ^* to shun; v.r, 

awful, horrible. to be afraid of, be timid. 

@diviiim, m. -H. scum, froth, foaiii. SdJcu'ne, /. pi. -n, f, thrashing- 

©d^du'ineu, v. a. to skum ; w. n. to floor, barn-floor. 

foam, froth. @dJcu'fal, n. -e^, pi. -e, malkin, 
©diec've, see ^d)ere. monster. 
(Sdiee'rcu see f*cven. ^&ii^t, f. pi. -en. layer, bed, stra- 
ddle i'be.y!;?/. -n, disk; pane; target tum ; part, portion. 
©dici'bf, / pi. -u, sheath, scab- @d»i'cfen, v. a. <Sf n. to send, dis- 

bard ; cover ; -ttJej^, m. cross- patch, convey ; v. r. jidj in eU 

way, parting-way ; forks of »a« — , to accommodate, ro- 

the road, point where one road concile one's self to. 

divides into two. @d)i(f' Uc^, adj. becoming, fit. 

©d)ei'Den, v. a. dfr.lo divide, dis- @d)i(ffal n. -c6, pi. -e, fate, des- 

join, separate ; divorce ; refine; tin v. 

V. n, ir. to part, withdraw, de- @d)ic ben, v. a. 4* n. ir. to shove^ 

part. push, put in. 




6(b(cb«'mann. m. -c«, pL -mdnncr, 
umpire, arbitrator. 

@dneDe'rid)riT, see (^d^ieb^mann. 

©cl;ier. adv. almost; — nimmcr, 
scarcely, hardly. 

©dMe'pi'n, V. a. 4" »• ir. to shoot ; 
discharge ; dart, rush. 

Sdjijf. n. -?i8, pi. -e ship, vessel ; 
nave {of a church). 

€duff'lein. dim. of Bd^i^ 

Sd^ilb, m. -p«, ;/. -e. shield, buck- 
ler ; escutcheon, coat of arms; 
-ivad^e. /. sentinel, sentry 

^dMl'Deruiui, /. pi. -cix, picture, 

@diilf, n. -ed, sedge, reed, rush. 

(SdMm'mcl, m. -*. pi. -. mould ; 
gray horse, while horse. 

@d^im'lner, m. -e, glimmer, glit- 
ter, glimpse. 

©dMin'mern. v n. to glitter, glim- 
mer, glisten, sparkle. 

SdMiupf, m. -id. pi. -e, dishonor; 
abuse, affront, insult. 

^d>inrrfen, v. a. df n. to dis- 
honor, abuse, affront, insult. 

@rt)irm, m, -c^, pi. -t, screen ; 
umbrella ; -'^e^t, m protector, 

^dUadU. f. pi. -en, battle, action, 
engagement ; — orbiiuu^, /. 

©diladi'teu, V. a. to slaughter, 
butcher ; kill. 

©dUaf, m. -c0, sleep, rest, repose ; 
(pi. Sct)ldfe) temple ; -loS. adj. 
sleepless ; -tvuiif , m. sleepmg- 

SdjUVfeii, V. n. ir. to sleep, rest, 

©d^ld'feri^, adj. sleepy, drowsy. 

(Sd^laf'vig. see ^SdUdferig. 

Sdilac<, m. -f(J. yl. Sd'Idijc, blow, 
stroke ; stamp, kind. 

©d^la'^en, v. a. 6f n. ir. to beat, 
strike, hit ; slay; coin ; warble; 
build ; iud SDiittel — , to inter- 

Sd)lau'^e,/. pi. -n. serpent, snake. 

(Sd^Tan!, adj. slender, slim, lank. 

©dilau, adj. sly, crafty, cunning. 

©dilaiic^, m. -ed, pi. 'Sd^ldurtje, 
skin, leather-bag; leather-pipe. 

^d^ledit, adj. bad, base, mean, 
low ; the origmal signification 
r)/*fdUectjt w plain, even, simple, 
and is still retained in the 
phrase fd'lcdU uub ro*t. as : beinc 
^ad^e ifl — unb ved>^ thy mat- 
ters are good and right, 2 
Sam. 15, 3. 

©itlei'd^pu. V. n. ir- to sneak, slink; 
ijiove slowly ; v. r. ir. to steal. 

©*lei'cr, m. -«, pi.- veil. 

SdUiVpeu, V. a. <5f n. to trail, 
dra^ ; tow. 

©dUeiic!'., n. Silesia. 

(gdUe'fifd), adj. Sil^sian. 

Sd^IeH'bern, v. a. to sling ; hurl. 

(Sd^lid^t. adj. plain, sleek; smooth. 

(Edilid/ti'ii, 1). a. to plane, plain, 
smooth; fig. to settle, compose. 

^tblie'§en v. a <5f n. ir. to shut, 
lock, close; conclude, clasp, 

<£d>Umm^ adj. bad, evil ; sad ; 
arch; sore; unwell; e^ toirb 
niir — , 1 feel ill. 

(Bdiliii'ge,/. pi. -r„ knot ; noose ; 
trap, snare ; sling. 

@d)lep. h. ffe«, pi. ©diloif^r, lock ; 

(BdUct'tern, v. n. to shake, hang 
loose, wabble.. 

(gd^ludU,/. pi. -en, ravine, defile, 

^Sdiludi^Mi, 17. n. to sob; hic- 
• cough, hiccup. 

@d>hun'mcr, m. -«, slumber. 

@d>(um'mpni. v. n. to slumber. 

©*Iu9. m. -ITc^, pi. <Sd)liiiTe, con- 
clusion, resolution. 

©dUtif'fel, m. -d, pi. -. key. 

©d mad), /. ignominy, disgrace, 
blemish, outrage. 

<Sd)madvteu, v, n. to languish, 
pine, long for. 

<£d}mal, adj. narrow, small. 

250 ®(^o ®(^u 

^cbntiittd, m. -fe^, pi. ^c^mdufe, @(f)cn, adu. already ; even ; toenn 

feast, banquet, treat. — . though, although, 

^dnnau'fcu, v. a. 4- n. to feast, @ctcn, adj, beautiful, handsome 

banquet. fine, fair. 

<ivtnu'rfiMi, r. a. <!jf n. to taste; @ct)6'iif,y. beauty. 

smack ; savor ; taste well, re- ^c^lmicii. rl a. to spare, save, for 

lish. bear. 

8clMmi*elci', /. pL -eii. flattery, ®cl)6u'l)clt. /.;?/. -en. beauty, fair- 
adulation, ness, handsomeness. 

SdMiuM'itolbiift, adj. flattering; Sd^o'iiuiivj,/ sparing, forbearance. 

adulatory, coaxing. ^d^ccp. m. -H. pi. (Sd^og, lap; 
SdMn.M'dn III. V. n. to flatter, caress. bosom ; womb; flap, skirt {of a 
(StdMiiir^ii. V. a. <Sf n. ir. to melt, coat). 

dissolve. ^d^cp'fff* »»• -*' pi -» producer ; 
Sd>mci^ m.-tf pi. -en, pain, ache; creator. 

fig. afiliction, grief. ©d)dp'f«"g' / />/. -n, creation, 
8a nuv^'lul) adj. painful, afflict- world. 

ing, grievous. ©*c§ from fdiicfeu. 

Sd^m;i'aTii, V. a. <Sf n. to dash, <Sdiiaii'fe,/. pi. -n. bar, barrier. 

cnish ; sound shrill ; warble. ©*rc(f. m. -fd. pi. -e, terror, 
(BdMiiib. vErtunicb. m. -:«, pi. -c, fright, affright. 

smith, forger. ^ttnt'cfcn, v. a. to fright, frighten, 
^d^miicf m. -ci\ ornament, finery; terrify ; m. -6. pi. -. terror, hor- 
ary, neat, spruce, trim hand- ror, fright ; -v^eftalt /. a form 

some. or apparition that excites terror; 

(Bcl>mu'(fen. v. a. to adorn, attire, bugbear. 

dress, trim. SAiect'lict>; adj. dreadful, terrible, 
©d^mu'^i.V adj. foul, dirty, filthy, norrible. 

nasty ; sordid. @*ri'rf'nl$, n. -jfed pi. -fft, horror, 
©d>uau'ben, v. a. 4- n. ir. to snort; terror, fright, terrific object. 

breathe heavily, pant for ; (Sd^rci'ben v. a. 4- n. to write. 

snufT. Sd^rei'en, v. n. ir. to cry ; scream. 

Sd^nee, m. -i. snow ; -n?ci8, adj. 8d)rei'teu, v. n. ir. to stride, step, 

sno^- white. stalk. 

Sdiiiei'be,/. pi. -n, edge. €d>nft,/. pi. -en, writing; writ 

<&d)nci'Deu, v. a. 4" »• i^** to cut, <gd)ritl, m. -e^. pi -e. step, stride, 

carve. pace ; — vox — , step by step. 

©diuei'Der. m. -i, pi -, tailor. €*ul), m. -«, pi. -c, shoe. * 

@d;nell, adj. quick, swift, speedy, Sdnilb, /. pL -en. guilt, crime ; 

sudden. fault ; cause, debt. 

@d)nel'li*^feit,/. quickness, swift- ^*urbic|, nrf;. guilty, culpable; 

ness, velocity, rapidity. indebted ; — fein, to be indebt- 

^dMile'ben, v.n.'ir. to breathe, ed, owe. 

blow. @d>u' le, f. pi. -n, school. 

(Ediiio'be, adj. base, vile, scornful, @c^ii'(er, m. -«, pi. -, scholar, pu- 

mean ; injurious, offensive. pil. 

Sd)uur'ien, v- n. to rattle. @d)ufl, m. -ffe«, pi. (Sd)uffe, shot, 
"?*cHe. /. pi. -n, clod; flake, charge; shoot ; ^^. rapid ma< 

oiece {of ice).- tion. 

@(^tv Seg 251 

SdMitt. m. -cd. rubbish. Sditvergen. v n, to riot, revel, 

©dn'iftcln, V. a. 6f n. to shake. carouse, debauch. 

^ilni^. m. -e«, protection, guard, ^dm>rru,/. pL -n, sill, threshold. 

shelter. <Edm>elleu, «. n. to swell, rise; 

Sdiu ^e, m. -n, ;?/. -n, shooter, heave. 

archer, marksman. @din?er, adj. heavy, weighty, pon- 

Sd>u'^eii, r. a. to protect, shelter, derous ; difficult, hard ; -mutt), 

defend ; dam, shut. f, melancholy, sadness ; -mfi- 

^dm^'ling. m. -e6, pL -t, client, tt)ic|, adj. melancholy, deject- 

protege. ed, sad. 

6diwa'bifd>, adj. Suabian. (Sd^iveflid), adv. hardly, scarcely. 

S*tv»a*, adj. weak, feeble, im- (gdm>ert, n. -ca, pi. -cr, sword. 

becile. ^dnte'iler, /. pi -n. sister. 

Sdnv>d'die, /. pi. -n, weakness, s5d>UMf'9crpava. see <Sd)wlegfr« 

feebleness ; faintness. vater. 

£d)i»abrou', /. pi. -n, squadron, @d)it)ie'j^crt)ater, m. father-in-law. 

company of horse. ©diwitn'men, v. n. ir. to swim, 

6*wa'yV'i' ^1 '^' pl' - (<S*»ager), float. 

brother-in-law ; postillion. Sdwin'belfcpf, m. giddy-head, 

Sd>uHimm, m. -cd, pL @d)it»dmme, rattle-brain. 

sponge ; mushroom, fungus. SdMvin'bcn, v. n. ir. to vanish, 

Sd>\vamm, see fdnvimnicii. disappear. 

£ctv.rau. m. -ed, pL ^Sd^irduc, @cl)tviu'9e, f. pi. -w, winnow, fan, 

swan ; m\ jiuu^cr — , cygnet ; van ; wing, pinion. 

-.11 belt. p. swan-down bed. Sdnviii'i^en, v. a. . dif n. ir. to 

^.iUMuf. adj. pliable, flexible, swing ; v. r. ir. to swing; fid) 

slender, slim; m. -ed, pi. auf baS^^fevb orSteg — , to leap 

'«^diT»dnfe, merry tale ; jest, on horseback. 

joke, drollery. @d)w6'ren, v. a. <5f n. ir. to take 

v£d-n>aii'feu, v. n. to stagger, flue- an oath ; swear ; vow. 

tuate, waver ; hesitate. ©*wul, adj. sultry, close. 

Gdnvatm, m. -ed. pi. ®d)n>drme, ^diunVle,/. sultriness, closeness. 

swarm , crowd, throng ; flight, ©diroitng, m. -ed, pi. (SAwunge, 

cluster. swing, vibration, oscillation ; 

©d)n>dr'mcr, m. -d, pi. -, rioter, flight ; strain. 

reveller ; fanatic, visionary. @d)>T)ur. m. -ed, pi. @d)tt)iirc, 

©d)warj, adj: biack ; dark, gloo- swearing, oath. 

Ihy. (Scla')>e, see @fla»e. 

Sdiwe'Ben, v. n. to wave, hang ; be @ed)d, adj. six. 

suspended, be pending; poise. (Sed^'je^n, adj. sixteen. 

€d)n>e^be, m. Swede. ©ec, m.-i, pl.-n, lake;/, p/.-n, sea 

©diwe'ben, n. Sweden. @af)./rom »Sef|en. 

©d)n)e'bifd), adj. Swedish. @ce'le,/. pi. -u, soul. 

©c^tueib'ui^, n. proper name. ©e gel, n. -d, pi. -, sail, 

©djweif, m. -ed, pi. -e, train, tail. (3e geln, v. a. 6f n. to sail. 

©diipei'gen, v. n. ir. to be silent, <Sp gen, m. -d, p/. -, blessing. 

keep silence, silence. ©eg'nen, v. a. to bless. 

6d)welg, m. -ed, ;?/. -, sweat, toil, <S?g ringcn, proper name (of a 

perspiration. place). 


252 ®en @tn 

€e ^en, ©. a. 4* n. ir, to see, look, ©cn'ber, m. -9, pi. -, sender. 

view, behold. ©en'feii, ». a. to sink, lower, 

©e'^enaroertt). <£c'()cn0n?urbig, adj. ©erail', n. -«, /;/. -^, seraglio. 

worth seeing, remarkable. @erwja^', m, proper name {of a 

Sc^cr, m. -i, pi.', seer, prophet. man). 

©f b'nen, v. r. uac^ etirae, to long @ef'fel, m. -«, p/. -, chair, stool. 

for, yearn. ©e'^cn, v. a. to set, put, place • 

©etju'fudu./. longing, ardent de- fix, settle. 

sire. @cu'cbe, /. pi. -n, pestilence, 

©eljr, adv much, very much, plague ; epidemic disease. 

greatly, extremely. ©euf'jen, v. n to sigh, groan ; n. 

©ei'&cu, adj. silken. -«, sighing, groaning: 

©cin, (3euiev, ^d\\^, ©pIhc^), pr. ©cuf'jev, m. -i, pi. -, sigh, groan. 

his, of its ; of his, of it. ©id), pre. one's self, himself, lier- 

©eiii, V. n. djf aux. ir. to be ; ex- self, itself; pi. themselves i 

ist ; ee fit, be it so , id) bin ed, one another, each other. 

it is I ; road fcU \i\i^ — ? what (Si'diel /. pi. -u, sickle. 

does that mean ? bcm fei, tt)ie ©i'dier, adj. secure, safe, sure, 

iljm ivoUiv be it as it will; — certain. 

lajfcii, to leave off. ©i'd)fr^eit, /. pi. -en, security ; 

©ci'ueifeitp, adv. on his part, as safety, surety, certainty ; firm- 

for him. ness. 

©fi'nii^e (ber, bie. bad), ;>r. his; bie (Sidn'barlid). adv. visibly. 

-u, his family, his relations. ©idit'lid), adj. visible, 

©eit, adv. df pr.e. since. @itr, pre. she, her ; it, pi. they, 

©cit'fccm, adv. since that time. them, you. 

©ei'te,/. pi -w, side, flank ; front ; ©ie'bcn, adj. seven ; -ja^rig. adj. 

page, part, point ; bei — , aside, of seven years, seven years 

apart ; »cn meiiier — , on my old. 

part ; -nftiicf, n. side-piece ; ap- (Sie'beiibutgen n. Moldavia. 

propriate piece or act, match, ©leg, m. -i, pi. -t, victory, con 

©efte,/. pi. -a. sect. quest. 

©el'be^ see I>er|Vlbc. ©ie'gel, n. -^, pi. -, seal. 

©cl bcr, see ^elbft. (gie'gen, v. n. to vanquish, con 

©erbigcr, fribig?, felbiged,;?r. same, quer, get the victory. 

the same, that. ® ie'i^er, m. -^, ;;/. -, vanquishei , 

©ilbft, pr. 6f adv. self; even ; conqueror, victor. 

-j:|eful)l, n. consciousness; -- ©il'bet. n. -d. silver; -§aar, n. sil- 

beit, / selfishness, self, eg«>- ver-white hair. 

tism. (SUbcrn, adj silver, made of ail- 

(Ee'lig. adj. blessed, blissful, hap- ver. 

py ; deceased, late. ©iu'geii, v. a. <Sf n. ir. to sing, 

©c'lii^feit /. pi. -t\\, salvation ; chant. 

bliss ; beatitude ; happiness, (Siii'feu, v. n. ir. to sink. 

felicity. @iim, m. -i, pi -e, sense ; mind , 

©el'tcn, adj. rare, scarce, seldom. intention ; meaning, accept- 

©elt'fam, adj. strange, odd. ation ; -bilb, n. emblem, syrn- 

©eu'beu, v. a. reg. 4" i^. to send, bol ; -Ic^. adj. sense less mad ; 

dispatch. insensate. 

Son @))e 259 

(Siu'iien, v n. tr. to meditate, muse, <Scn'nc,/. pi, -n, sun ; -it^cH, «<(;. 

reflect. bright as, or, with the sun i -ii^ 

^inii'lidi, adj. sensual, sensitive, ftdubd)cu. n. atom, mote. 

sentient. ©eniiit), adj, sunny, sun-shiny. 

^inu'Iicbh it, f. sensitive faculty, @euu'ta(|, /«. -ed, pi -e. Sunday. 

sensuahty. Scnf!, adv. else, otherwise, 11/ 
^ipp'fd'aft./. pi. -en. kin, kindred, other respects ; besides, more- 
kinsmen, relatives. over ; at other times, formerly. 
(Elt'tc. f. pi. -i\, custom, manner ; @cp^a, see (£cfa. 

€itteu, pi. manners, morals, (ge^ge, /. pi. -n, care, concern, 

-iiletjve. f. ethics, pL; moral sorrow, apprehension. 

_ philosophy. Scrflpn, v. n. 4- a. to care for, 

€i^. m. -ee, p/., chair; resi- take care ; provide for. 

dence. ©orc^'falt/. solicitude, care, dili- 

8i'^cu. V. n. ir. to sit; be imprison- gence, carefulness. 

ed, be confined; fit ; be, reside, (gerq'fdllfq, adj. solicitous, care- 

I .iMiiit ja. proper name. f^l^ diligent. 

€faUe m. -n, ;,/. -n, ancient (gpaViu r. ». to spy, espy ; pry, 

Scandmavian poet ; scald. 3^^^^, exploref 

J:\Wj' rl' -H. sketch. gpaHiMi, v. a. <t n. to split, slit, 

€f(a vf, m. -w, pi. -n. slave. cleave divide 

(go. adv. 4- ro,y. so, thus, in that epa'nlen,'n. Spain. 

manner, m such a manner ; ^p^'nier, m. Spaniard. 

such ; so as, as ; fc, ic so, so. e^^'nifd), arf/. Spanish, 

©cbalb', atfu. as soon, as soon as. ^ ^ ^ . 

€ctauu, can;- then, in that case. ^Vamien, r. a. to span, stram, 

€c'fa, n. -&/p/. -«. sofa. r^^^?*" ' ^^.' ^^"^ I '^'*'^' • 

gcfcvr, flrfiT instantly, imme- ®^^^^'*' «^^- ^^^^^^ .^Pfl"^' 

diately, forthwith. parsimonious, economical, fru- 

Scaleid)', see ^cfcrt. ^ ^ , . , ^. 

€e?n, m. -e«. «Z. eot)ne, son. ^^^?^^^"' '^^ -^.iP/;^-' spar, rafter 

©eld) (@cr*tT, €cl'd)e, (@cr*e«), ^"^^" - *« ^'^^ ,^/^'^^"' ^^ ^^ "^^ 

pre. such. quite right m the upper story, 

(Sdt> m -e« oav wages (of brain-cracked. 

oidier ) ©par'faitifeit, economy, thriftiness 

ecbat',m.*-cn,;5/. -en, soldier. f Vat, flrf;. late. ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Ccl'lcn, r. n. tr. to be obliged, ^Spat'ling, m. -e«, pi. -e, backward 

owe, shall, ought. lamb, calf, &c. 

©ol'tcr, m. -«, «/. -; platform, bal- ^V^^^-m. -e«, ;?/. -e, sparrow, 

cony. @>)dji1eiu, rfim. o/SpaJ. 

€cnnncr, m. -«, ;p/. - summer. ©^Jajie'ren, u. n. to walk ; — gct^en, 

©ona'te,/. pi. -n, sonata. to take a walk. 

©LMi'bcrDar. adj. singular, pecu- ©pocuJaticn', /. pi. -en, specula- 
liar, strange, odd. tion, enterprise. 

^ou'bevliuci, m.-e«, pi -c. singular (Spccr, m. -tS, pi. -e, spear, lance, 

person, strange fellow, whim- Spci'en, v. a. ^ n. ir. to vomit, 

sical person. spew ; spit, spatter. 

"gou'beru, V. a. to separate, sever, Spci'fe, /. jl. -11, food, nounsh- 

sunder, disjoin ; conj. but. ment ; meat ; dish ; meal. 

254 @i)r ®ta 

Spei'ff !i. tJ. * to give to eat, feed; (Spriii't^en, v, n. tr. to leap, jump, 

nourish ; 17. n. to eat. spring ; spout ; burst 

@P'f»'i>»*H, V. a. to distribute, deal @prud), m. -c^, pL ©ptud)e, sen- 

^ out. tence ; adage. 

£p.i'bcr, m. -d, pi, -, sparrow- Spruch'rocrt, see epri*njort. 

hawk. ©pru'oclii. v. n to bubble, spout ; 

Spfi'liiivj, m. -e«. ;/. -e, sparrow. sputter, slabber. 

epu'.v'l, m. -€. pi. ., looking- 8piu';;eii, v. a 4- n. to sprinkle 

glass, mirror. in small drops; fly out in 

epie <\dn, reflect ; shine ; sparks, sparkle. 

V. r. to reflect ; be reflected ; ©priiii^, .m. -H. »/. €piunge, 

look in the glass ; fig. to take spring, leap, jump, bound. 

an exa raple by (gpur, / pi, .,„. trace, track, foot- 

^picl «. -otv pi -f, play ; game, ing, footstep ; vestige, rut. 

sport, diversion ; playing, per- gt., int. hush ! peace ! 

formance. /s* „ii ,- r r- 

epuln t,. «. ,}•„ to play; (gauft., holy. '*""', 

gamble; game; trifle; sport; ^.^^ . , -^ 

perform, act. ' ** ' €taar, w. -eg, ;7. -c. starUng. 

epiei /n. -ce, «/. -e. spear, lance. ^^,^^^' f ' -'^' l^'.:'''' ^^^^ J -^* 

epiu'ne,/. «/. -u. spider; -iiae. ^,T ' '^' ^^vil-officer. 

ivebf n cobweb. *^^^■^^ "*• Y^' ^^- ^'^^^' ^^^^ 

€pl|jT»i"le, / pyramid, obelisk. ^^'^ r^'/"- -^' f''- ""/ sting ; prick, 

€pi'^e./.;>/. -u. point, top; fig. P"^'^Ae, tongue, thorn. 

summit ; lace ; an bcr — \U\)t% f^^f ' /• P^' ^^abte, town, city. 

to be at the head; bic — Me. ^^^'^^' m. -e^ pL etaljle, steel; 

ten. to offer battle, resist •^^- ^^o^^» dagger. 

€pi'^fn, V. a, to point, sharpen ; ®t^l)'ip». v. a, to steel, harden, 

bie C^ljreu — , to prick up one's temper. 

ears. ^^^^h m.-e^, pi, ^taiU, stable, 

Spcrn. m. -e(5. pi. (Spc'ren, spur. stall 

%)pctt, m. -c<J; derision^ raillery, ^^'^nini' m. -e«. ;?/. ©tdrnnic, stock, 

scoff'. trunk, stem, stalk; race, fa- 

8vet'ton, V. a. <5f n. to mock, scoflf, , ™ilyj Progeny, clan. 

. banter, deride ; ridicule. <^taiu'meln, v. a. Sf n. to stam- 

€pradv see Spre*en. ir. verbs. ^^^^ stutter ; falter. 

€pva'*e. /. pL -n, speech, Ian- ^*^^"b, m. -e«, pL (gtdnbc, stand, 

guage, tongue. standing, position ; station, 

Spiactuiicifter. m. -i, language- condition, situation ; order, 

master. rank, class, quality, estate ; bie 

@praiuv see S^jringen. <£tdnbc (be^Oteicbe), the states; 

(apvfM^en. V. a. 6f n. ir. to speak, — ^altcn, to keep ground, 

talk, converse, say. stand out ; i* faon i^m — l)aU 

©prcu'j^en, v. a. to burst open, *^" I can stand my ground 

blow up ; V. n. to ride full gal- against him. 

lop, gallop ; leap. @tanb, see fle^en, ir. t erhs. 

€)>vid)'iDortn.-ed.p/. -sorter, pro- ©tan'barte, /. ;?/. -n, standard, 

verb, adage, saying. banner. 

®re &ti 255 

gtanb'l^afticjfelt. /. constancy, @tcm. m. -e^, pi, -e, stone, rock. 

firn\ness, stability, steadiness, ©tei'iiern, adj, stone, stony. 

Stan'ije./ pi, -u. pole, perch. ©teHc,/ pi, -u, place, spot; situ- 

^tavf, adj strong, stout, robust. ation ; office. 

@tar'fe,/. pi. -en, strength. ©telleii, v. a to put, place, set ; 

(Etdi'feii, r. a. to strengthen, com- arrange. 

fort. (Steriung /. pi. -en, situation, po- 

^tavr, adj, stiff; numb, benumb- . sition ; posture ; furnishing. 

ed ; inflexible, obstinate ; star- Sten'^el, m. -d, pi, -. stalk ; pole. 

jng. St:r'bebett, n.-^ pl.-iw. death-bed. 

©tai'reii v, n, to be benumbed, SU'r'ben, v, n. ir, to die, decease. 

to stiffen ; stare. @tevb'llcb, adj. mortal ; desperate. ' 
(Statt/. place, stead. ^tern, m. -cei pi. -e. star ; -uinunel, 
^tatt, pre. see 5?l!iftatt. m, firmament; starry heavens. 
Stat'te, /. pi, -n, place, stead, ©ter'nennacfot. /. starry, or star- 
room, light-night. 
^tatCli*. adj, stately, splendid ; ©tetei. ado, continually, always, 

portly; excellent. ever. 

Staiib. m. -t6, dust, powder. ©teu'iTn. v, fl. <}* n, to steer, pilot; 

©tdu'beu. V, a. to dust ; raise pay taxes, contribute ; check. 

dust, excite diist, scatter. ^tid\ m, -ca. pi, -e, prick, sting 

<gtviu'acii. t?. n, to "astonished, thrust ; stitch ; iwx -e laffea, to 

stare, wtjnder ; n. -5, astonish- leave in the lurch. 

ment, surprise. <St.'cfen, v a, <5f n, to embroider, 

<StM)eii, V. a, <Sf n, ir, to sting, stitch. 

prick, pierce, stick, stab, (Still, ae/;. still, silent, quiet, calm; 

thrust; strike ; in See — . to put -fd^roeicjou, n. silence ; -ftaiib, 

to sea*. TH. cessation. 

@t:'(fcn, V. a. <5f n, reg. <Sf ir. to ©til'le,/. stillness, silence, quiet- 

_ stick, put upon, set, stick fast, ness, calmness, tranquillity. 

be fixed, lie, remain ; in iBranb ©til'len, v, a, to still, appease, 

— , to set on fire. quench, mitigate, stop ; nurse, 

^tc'l)eu, V, n. ir, to stand, be, re- suckle (a child) ; silence. 

main, stop; C6 ftel)t bei 3l)nen, Ctim'me,/. pi, -n, voice; sound ; 

it depends upon you ; ed ilfel)t vote, suffrage. 

il)m 9ut, it becomes him ; einem Stini'mcn, v. a, to tune ; dispose; 

ftc^cn, to oppose, resist one. flut geftimmt, in good humor; 

^te^'len, v, a, ir, to steal, pilfer, v. n. to sound, be in tune, ac- 

rob. cord ; vote. 

St«f, adj, stiff, rigid, inflexible, @tirn, /. pi. -en, front, forehead. 

formal. @tocf, m. -tS, pi, vStocf e, stick, staff, 

@tei'gen, v, n, ir to mount, to as- cane. 

cend, step up ; descend, stalk, ©tclj'aen, v, n, to groan ; utter 

prance, increase, advance ; with a groan. 

improve. <5tclj, adj, proud, haughty : m. 

etei'geri!. v. a, to raise, enhance, -ee, pride, haughtiness, arro- 

increase. gance. 

©teil adj, steep, steepy. ^te'ven, «. a, ^ n. to disturb 

©teiii, proper name, trouble, hinder ; poke ; stir^ 

256 ®tr ®tu 

^tci. -ti pi. ^ioii, thrust, push; Streu'en, v. a. to strew, scatter 

shock; pile, packet, heap ; im- sprinkle, spread. 

pulse. @trt(f, tn. -ee, pi. -t, cord, rope, 

^U'ifix, V. a. <f> n. ir, to thrust ; string, halter. 

push; pound, bruisev; border ; ^trclj, n. -ed, straw. 

tnd ^crn — , to blow t^e horn, ©trcm, m. -e^, 7 /. (Stronie, stream 

@tra(f^, ado. straight, straight- torrent ; flood; current, course 

way ; immediately. -toeife, adv, in streams, stream 

(Etraff, adj, stretched, extended, wise. 

tight, straight. (Stro'iiicit, v. n. to stream, flow 

^trat)l, m. -10, ;./. -en, beam, ray. gush ; rush, flock. 

%txai}'Un. v. a. 4- n. to beam, ^ttu'enfee, proper name {of a 

emit rays, dart beams. man). 

^traiib, m. -ed, pi. -e, strand, Strumlpf. m. -e«, pi. @triinH>fe, 

beach, shore, bank. stocking. 

(E trail i). m. -e6, pi. <g' range, rppe, (Etrup'ptclU, see Stnippig. 

cord, string, skein. ^trup'pig, adj. bristly, rough ; 

Stra'Jc,/ pi. -n, road, high- way, rugged. 

street ; strait. ^tub'a;eu. €tub'(ein, dim. of^BtnU. 

(EtrauMulti.v.n. to stumble, make ©tu'be, /. pi. -n, room, apart- 

a false step, fail. meiit. 

^tiau^, see v^trvin§. Stfirf, n.-ti, pl.-f, piece, part; 

^traiiBm. -';^,p/. Straufie. bunch; fcagment ; air, tune ; article. 

ostrich, combat, flght. struggle, ©tud'leiii, dim. o/^tnd. 

@tri'bcn, V. n. to strive, struggle; ©tu'fe,/. pi. -n. step, degree ; -\u 

endeavor. toe if e, ado. by steps ; by de- 

©tvf'rf en, V. a. 4* r- to stretch ; grees, gradually. 

ju 33«'fccn — . to fell ; tie iUajfen ©tu'feuleiter, /. scale of degrees, 

— , tg lay down one's arms. gradation. 

(£trcid\ m. -c«, pL -c, stroke, lash, Stul)l, m. -e^, pi. @tii(;te, chair 

blow ; trick. stool, seat, pew. 

@trei'*en, v. a. ir. to touch ; ^tumm, adj. dumb, mute, silent. 

spread ; strike ; smooth. ^tumpf, adj. blunt, dull, obtuse, 

©ireif, m. 'CA. pi. -f. <Etreifen, m. insipid, weak, inflrm ; — ma» 

-^, pi. ', stripe, streak, track. (ben. to blunt, dull ; -jinn, m. 

St'ci'fen, V. a. to stripe ; strip stupidity. 

off; graze ; v. n. to rove ; (Etunb, see fle^en, ir. verbs, 

touch, graze. <Stun'be, /. jl. -n, hour, lesson ; 

Strcit, m. -cd. combat, fight, quar- league. 

rel, contest; -art./, battle-axe. (Eturm, m. -e«, pi. ©tiirme, stormy 

^tvd'teu. V. n. 4" ^- *^- to fight, tempest ; hurricane ; alarm 

combat ; contend, dispute, tumult ; assault ; fury. 

quarrel. (Stiir'uien, v. a. <Sf n. to^ storm ; 

Stici'tct; m. -«, pi. -, combatant, ring the alarm bell ; rush 

warrior, champion. ^turj, m. -e«, pi. (Eturje, sudden 

©tren^, adj. rough, strict, rigo- and violent fall ; plunge. 

rous, severe, rigid, hard. Stiir'jen. v. a. ^ n. to throw 

^tveu'tje,/. sharpness ; severity, precipi ate ; overthrow ; t-il ; 

"igor. tumble, fall, rush ; gush. 

SaR f^e 257 

©tiVl^c, /. pL -n, stay, prop, pil- Xan'^tn. v, a, 4* n. to dance. 

lar, support. ildu'iiet, m. -6, ;>/. -, dancer ; part- 

Stu'l^eii, V. n. to startle, start at, ner^ 

stop ; hesitate, be irresolute. Xap'^ex, adj, valiant, brave, valo- 

^tu'^cn, ft. a. to prop, stay, sup- rous, courageous, gallant. 

port ; t). r. to lean upon, rest Zap'^exUxt, f. valor, bravery, 

on. courage, 

^tu'^er. m. -«, ;i/. -, dandy, fop. SCa'fdse,/. fl -u. pocket, pouch ; 

©u'lti'ji, V, a, 4" n. to seek, -nbuc^, n.- pocket-book; me- 

search, look for; attempt, try. morandum, annual. 

@ucl)t, /. passion, mania ; sick- Xa'^en, v, a. 4" n. to touch, feel, 

ness. gfope. 

iSu't'eu, 771. -«, south. Xa'ljf./. pi -n. paw, claw. 

©fiD'lidi, adj. southern, southerly. Xaub, adj, deaf; fig. empty, 

©ub'ivdrtd, adv. southward. Xau'itoen, v. a. (i- n to dive, duck, 

(gul'tau. m. -(€ pL -e, sultan. dip, immerge, plunge. 

Cum'me,/. f/. -u, sum. Xau'fcii, v. a- to baptize, chris- 

Sum'meii. v. a. 4* n. to sum, sum ten ; dub, duck. 

up ; hum, buzz. Xau'i)en, v. n. to be good, be fit 

©umpf, m. -ed, pi. ^umpfe, slough, for, be of use ; ni*t« — . to be 

bog, fen, pool ; marsh, moor. good for nothing, 

©iim'fen, v. n. to hum, buzz. Sau'mflii. v, n. to reel, stagger- 

€)uu'&c, /. pi. -11. sin. Stau'fci^cii. v a. to delude, de- 

(Buii'ccr, m. -d. pi. -, sinner. ceive, disappoint, cheat. 

@ii§. adj. sweet ; fresh. iTdu'fdMiiig, f. pi. -en, delu.sion, il- 

©u'Siqfcit,/ pi. -u, sweetness. lusion, disappointment, 

©ug'li*, adj. sweetish. llau'fenb, adj. thousand ; -fadb, 

@^nH)l)ciuc',/. pl.'-tw, symphony. -fdltii^, adj. thousandfold. 


Xaii'fenbfappf rmeut I vulg. zounds! 
2!eid). m. -e0, pi. -e, pond. 

JCa'bel, m. -«, fault, blame; cen- Jtem'^jel; m. -e«, ;?/. -, temple, 

sure ; reproach. church. 

Jla'Delu, V. a. to blame, find fault Jte^'picb, m. -e0, pi. -t, carpet : 

with, censure. tapestry. 

Ha'ft'l, /. pi. -11, plate, table ; Jlermin', m. -e«, ;>/. -c, term; time. 

board. Jlcrraiu', m. -«, ;?/. -^. ground. 

Saf fet, m. -e«, ©/. -e, taffeta, sar- %t Bebcrbat). see 3*neumon. 

genet. ' 3:^al, n. -cd, pi. %\)<i\tx, dale, vale, 

Sai^, m.-e«, ;>/. -c. day, light of valley. 

day ; an ben — fommen, to be- ^^a'ler, m. -9, pi. -, thaler {about 

come known. 70 cents). 
Xa'gcrelfe,/. a day's journey. il^at /. ;?/. -en, deed, action, 
Xa't^edanbrucb, m. -e«, daybreak. fact ; In bet — . indeed. 
2;dii'llct), Jlat^tdci'lid), adj. daily. ll^d'tig, adj. active, busy 
Xaf'tif, /•. tactics. '2;fid'tij\feit,/: activity. 
Sam'bo'ur, m. -€. pi. -e, drummer. !ll)au, m -e«, dew ; -trcpfcn, m. 
5;anb, m. -e«, trifle, toy ; idle talk, dew-drop ; -winb, m. thaw- 
prattle, wind, thawing-wind. • 
Tanj. m. -e;5, ;?/. 3!dnjc, dance. Zi)iiU m. -e«, ;i. -e, part, share, 

258 %it Xxi 

portion ; deal ; — an et»a« ne^. S^i'ger, m. -c«. pi. -, Jti'gert^iet, ft 

men. to take part ; take an in- -t€, pi, -t, tiger. 

te»*est in ; \M — roerbeii. \o fall Xiranii', m. -en, pi, -en, tjrrant. 

to one's lot or share ; -ne ^menb, Xif*, m. -c«, pi. -c, table ; board ; 

adj. participating, sympathiz- -freunb, m. table friend, para- 

ing ; -nebme c, m. partaker, par- site. 

^'cipant. 3;i,j^( ^ .^^ ^^ . title. 

t()ci'leii. V. a. to dmde, part, Xituli rcn, ». a. to title ; call. 

share. Xi'tnS, proper name (of a man). 

tb.iljJ ado. partly, in part. itc'ben, t?. n. to rage, din ; rant, 

f^bt'cbpr, m. Theodore. bluster ; storm. 

Ilu'ieTuv/ Theresa. Xcmcx.f. pi. 3:o* tor, daughter. 

Iftoii'crfl^^. dear, costly; eipen- Xcm^riein, dim. of Xahkx. 

sive, beloved. . , , ^ Xob, m. -«, death, decease. 

5,l)ier, n. -e6. »/. -e, animal, beast, «. ,^ ^ ... , ,. j r • 

brute ^ ' J£o'be«*mut^i(^, death-defying; -* 

ITbic'rif*, adj. animal, brutish, <>. "'**/• 5®"i ^^^i^.^f^' 

bestial ^"^ * ^'^^^^ ^® * 1^^®^®^^* 

3'()ir',vi, /:' Thyrza. 3:5^ ten v. a. 4" n. to kiU, put to 

Xi}[x. abbreviation of Xf^aUx, ^ ^f.**?* ^ u iu * u 

2l)er, m. -en. pi. -en fool ; n. -e« Job en ^au«, charnel-house, tomb. 

77. -c. gate; gateway. Xob'hnneib, death-dress, winding 

2:bcr'l)eit./ pi. -en, folly, foolish- ^ f^^^^;, ... 

ness, silliness, foolish action. ?^^ f '^^^^ ' ^*; ^?^^"f.^^- . 

Xm-m. adj. foolish, silly. ^"f' «*, "^^^' ^^^"^^^ ' ^^gj^^g- , 

Xbra'ne,/. y. -n, tear, drop. S:el'patf*, m. -e«, ;?/. -e awkward 

^l)ron, m. -c«, pi. -e, throne. fellow, blockhead. 

i£i)un. ,,.a. ir. lo do, perform, 3:on, m. .e«, ^/. 3:cne. sound, tone; 

make; act, put, ca^t; ed tl?ut accent ; stress ; fashion ; tint. 

mm, it is no Matter; e« tljut 2:c'nen t; «. 4- n. to sound ; give 

^ctf), it is necessary; e« t^ut <v !? ^ 7 c^-^r 

mir l.ib. I am sorry; toe^e --, 3:cpf, m -ed, ;,/. JTo^fe, pot; top; 

to hurt ; sometimes used as an ^^ .-.^ / , - 

auxiliary, tx t^ue tcae et t^u\ 2:ct'itejiton, ;^(>per name (of a 

let him do what he may (do), ^ TJ^'*^' 

whatever he may do. J^'f^"',^" ^- *° ^°^} ^^^'^ , 

«. , . err- /. / / \ J ilwbant', m, -en, »/. -en, guard, 

Xijnr or a:f)n xej. pi. -en (-n). door; guardsman ; satoUito. 

-fte()er, porter, door-keeper. jj;,^^!,^, f, pi, -en, costume, dress. 

X^utm. m. -e^, ;?/. Xi)urmc, tower; 3;^^^^^^ ^^j ; ^ ^^ endeavor, strive. 

steeple, spire j;^^, ^ ^ ^ ^ -^ t^ ^^^ 

^ )u'rnigen, n. Thunngia. ^^^^ j^^j ^^^g.^^ rt! 

Jl)urm'*en, n. -«, ;,/. -, turret. 3;,^,^,, ^ _g^ ^^ .^ bearer, car- 

Ilff, flrfy. deep, low; profound; ner, porter. 

high; -finniiv adj. pensive, 3:ra'i^ifcb, iwi;*. tragical, tragic. 

thoughtful ; profound ; melan- jjranf, m. -e«, pi. XxanU, drink, 

choly. beverage, potion. 

5 le'fe, f. pi. -n, depth, deepness, 3!rdn'fcn, v, a, to water ; steep, 

profundity, deep. soak. 




Xtam)poxi', m. -e^, pi. -e trans- 
port, conveyance. 

Jtrat, see S^reteii, ir. verbs, 

Xrau'bf,/. pi. -n, bunch of grapes; 

Svau'en. v. a. to trust, confide in, 
have confidence in. 

Urau'tr,/. mourning, grief, afflic- 
tion ; mourning-dress. 

Jl^raii'eni, v. n. to mourn, be in 
mourning ; grieve, be afflicted. 

irdu'Klu. V. a cj- n. to drop, drip, 

ilraum, m. -e«. pi %x^\\mt, dream; 

ilrau'iiicu w. a. 4" «• dream; fancy, 

Xx^m'- ij^, adj, sad, sorrowful, me- 

IvauMi^feit. /*. sadness, grief. 

Itrif'feu, V. a. <5f n. ir. to hit, 
strike; make ; meet with ; n. -i, 
pi.-, division {of an army)^ line; 
battle, fight, combat, action. 

%xn beii. V. a. 4- n. ir. to drive ; 
put in motion, move, push ; 
carry on, exercise, perform ; 
da ; press, urge ; force ; be 

Xrcu'to, or ITrlent. n. Trent. 

S^rev'pe,/. pi. -n, staircase, stairs. 

S^re'ten, v. a, df n, ir. to tread, 
step ; appear, rise ; ndl)er — , 
to approach, draw near. 

%xi\\, adj. faithful, trusty, true ; 
-bwdi, m. violation, breach of 
faith; -l^evji^, adj simple-heart- 

%x^vJt,f, fidelity, faithfulness. 

Xreu'Udi. adj. faithful, truly, hon- 

%x\ih, m- -e«, pi. -e, motion, move- 
ment, instinct, impulse. 

S^vhi'feu, V. a. 4" n. ir. to drink. 

%x{tt, m. -e^, pi. -e, step, tread, 
pace ; trace, track. 

Hviumvl)'. in. -H, pi. -e, triumph. 

Xviumpl)i'veu^. adj. triumphant. 
Svo'cfeu, adj. dry, arid ; barren ; 

cold ; fig. im Xxodxaix ft^eti; to 
be in security ; in6 irorfnc 
brimjeii, to put under shelter, 
to put in a dry place. 

!J^; ccf' iien, v. a. Sf n. Xo dry, air. 
JJvo'Dplbube^. old clothes shop. 
%xcm'md. f. pi. -n drum. 
iCrompe'te. /. pi. -n. trumpet. 
21rc^)'fen. v. a. df n. to drop, drip, 
run ; m. -€, pi. -, drop. 

3!rcp^d'e,/. pi. -n. trophy. 

%XQ^, m. -ffei^/ crowd ; gang ; bag- 
gage {of an army). 

Xroft. m. -od, consolation, com- 
fort,* encouragement ; -Ic^, 
adj. comfortless, disconsolate^ 

%xe'^t\\, V. a. 4* r. to comfort, 

!£reft'lid). adj. consolable, con- 
solatory ; comfortable. 

2!re'|hiniV /. pL -en, consolation, 
comfort. . 

2!roJ. m. -e^, defiance, scorn, 
spite, boldness, obstinacy, in- 
solence; pre. in defiance of, 
in spite of, notwithstanding, 
equal to any. 

3!vc'^eu,r. n. to dare, brave, defy. 

2;ro'l^ic|, adj. daring, defying, in- 
solent, froward, refractory. 

2^riib & J^tiVbe, adj. troubled, 
cloudy, gloomy, dull, dim, sad. 

3^rU;V m. -t^, deceit, fraud. 

%x\\o^. see ttacjcn. 

ilriini'mer, pi. fragments, wreck, 
rubbish, remains, ruins. 

%xvL\\l. m. -e«, drinking ; draught. 

3!ruti'fen, adj. drunk, tipsy ; in- 

Xxnw'Unijnt, f drunkenness ; in 

itvu))'pen, pi. forces, troops. 

Xviii), n. -er, pi. Xu*cr, cloth, 
drab ; handkerchief, neck- 

iJud^'tici, adj. 4* (idv. apt, fit, able, 
qualified ; «olid, large, stiong. 




hard, hearty, well, soundlj, 

$ud>'tiiffeit, /. aptness, fitness, 
ability, qualification ; solidity. 

$u\jciib, /. pi, -en. virtue ; -Ic^re, 
/. morals, ethics, pi. 

S'ii'k^piibl)aft, adj. virtuous. 

^uiu'iitf In. V. a. to exercise ; man- 
age (a horse) ; v. r. to bustle, 
hurry, make haste. 

ItumuU. m. -fd/ pi. -e, tumult, up- 
roar, noise. 

:Jui'lMii. m. -ce, pi, -e, turban. 

Tuv/fe, m. Turk. 

iur'fenbunb, m. -t^ipH. -e, turban ; 
many-flowered lily. 

^Qranu', see iliranii. 

%XixcV, n. Tyrol. 

^Iprc'Ux m. Tyrolese. 


U., abbreviation of nnh, 

Ue'bel adj. 4" odv. evil, ill, bad, 
badly ; wrong ; sick ; — ne^^ 
men. to take amiss, be dis- 
pleased at ; n. -<5, pL -. evil, 
ill ; mischief, injury, misfor- 

Ue'bcn, v. a. 6f r. to exercise, 
practise ; execute, do. 

lle'ber, pre. <Sf ado. over, above ; 
beyond, at, besides, about, on, 
upon ; 'during ; past, across, 
concerning ; — bie 9){a^n. be- 
yond measure, above measure. 

Uebevall', adv. everywhere. 

Uoberbcm', adv. besides, more- 

Uebcrei'Icn, v. a. to overtake, 
overhasten ; hurry. 

Uybeifall. m. -e«, -fdUe, surprise, 
inroad, irruption, invasion. 

lle'biijlii§. m. -JTe^f superfluity, 
abundance ; plenty, profusion. 

UebtTffit}'rcn, v. a. to convict, con- 

Ill 'bevi^aufl m. -ctf . ;?/.-<^dn<^f , pass- 
ing over, passage ; transition ; 
turn, change. 

ttcBcrge'Ben, v. a. ir. to surrender, 
deliver ; commit. 

Ue'benjeljen, v. n. ir. to go or pass 
over ; turn, change. 

lle'ber^anb^nei^men, to increase 
(too much) ; prevail. 

llc'ber()dnijeu, v. a. to hang over, 
cover over. 

Uebcr^fwiupt'. adv. generally, in ge- 
neral ; altogether. 

Ue'bcrirbifdj. adj. superterrestrial, 
celestial, supernatural. 

Ueberlaf'ff H; v. a. <J- r. ir. to leave, 
give up ; commit to ; yield up 
to, resign. 

Ucbcrlc'beu, v. a. to survive, out- 

He'bermaAt./. superior force, su- 
periority, predominance. 

Ue'bcrmaJ, n. -ed, excess ; super- 

Ue'beimutl^, m. -ed. haughtiness, 
arrogance, insolence. 

Ue'bermut(;tt). adj. haughty, inso- 
lent, presumptuous ; wanton. 

We'hnw. for fiber beu. 

Uebeviie^'men, v. a. ir. to take 
possession of, accept ; under- 

UeberneVmung, /. pi. -en. taking 
the charge or possession of. 

Ucberra'fcbeii. v. a. to surprise, 
take unawares. 

Ue'berreft, m. -e«, pi. -e, remains, 
remainder, remnant. 

llcberfd'en, v. a. to sow over ; 
over-sow ; strew. 

Uebetfd)rei'en, v. a. to outcry, out 

Uebevfcbivem'men, v. a. to over- 
flow, deluge, inundate. 

Ue'berfdnreni^lld), adj. superabun- 
dant, infinite, transcendent. 

Uebcrfe'heJi, v. a. ir. to look over, 
survey ; review, muster ; pe- 
ruse ; overlook, omit, miss ; 
to notice ; connive at. 

Uc'b:rU'^e«, v. a. to transport, 
ship over, ferry over, pass over. 




ncbetfe'^eii, v. a. to exact from ; 

Ucbeifpauncn, v. a. to oVerstrain, 
overstretch ; exaggerate. 

Ue'bciiuii^eu, v. a. ir, to step over; 
Ueberfh i'j^cu, v. n. ir. to pass ; 
overcome, surmount, surpass. 

Uebciftro'meii. v. a. to inundate. 

Uc'lerirvij^eu. v. a. ir. to carry 
over, transport ; Uebertra'^en, to 
charge, commission one with ; 
confer upon ; transfer. 

llobertveffcu, v. a ir. to surpass, 

Uebertrei'ten v. a. ir. to overdrive, 

Uebcnviu'beu, v. a. ir. to vanquish, 
conquer, overcome. 

Uebcv^cu'c^cu, v. a. to convince ; 

Ue'brik^/ adj. resting, remaining 
over, left. 

Ueb'vlvieu^, adv. moreover, be- 
sides, for the rest. 

Ui'bUMi^./. pi -en, exercise, prac- 
tice, use. 

U'fi v. n. -d, pL -I shore, coast, 

lU)r /. pL'iw. clock, watch. 

Ultima'ium, n. ultimatum. 

Um. pre., adv. df conj. about, 
round, near ; at, for, by ; past, 
over ; as for; — uiib — round 
about ; — ju, in order to ; — 
fc nif l»r, the more, so much the 
more ; — ©otted SiUeii, for 
God^s sake. 

Umarmen, v. a. to embrace, hug. 

Um'brel)cn. v. a. to turn, turn 
round or about ; twist, wring. 

Um'fauci. m. -ed, circuit ; circum- 
ference; extent. 

llmian'i^cn, %u a. ir, to embrace ; 

Unifapfen. v. a. to clasp round, 
embrace ; comprise. 

Umflic'pcii, V a. ir. to flow round, 
run round. 

Um'^auij m. -f«, pi. -dangc, inter- 

course, commerce ; company, 

Umcie'bcn, v. a. ir. to surround, 
environ ; enclose. 

Um'i^e^eiu v. n. ir. to go about ; 
go a roundabout way ; haunt ; 
mit eincm — , to associate with 
one ; deal with ; er iveif mit 
fold^eii (Sa(t)eu umjuge^en, he 
knows how to manage such 

Umi^ur^ten, v. a. to gird round ; 

UnU)er'', adv. aroutid, about, round 

Unil)ul'len, v. a. to envelop, wrap 
round, wrap up. 

Um!e^'rrn, v. n. to turn round, 
turn back, return. 

Um'fommeii. v. n. ir. to perish, die. 

Um'Ie^cu, V. a. to lay over ; bend 
round ; put on. 

Urn'refBcn, v. a. ir. to pull down, 
break down. 

Um'ieittMi. V. a. ir. to ride down ; 
ride over; ride around ; v. ir. ti. 
' to ride out of one's way. 

Umrin'^en, v. a. to surround, en- 

Uin'fcl>auen, v. r. to look about, 
look back. 

Umftl)lin'9eii/ v. a. ir* fig. to em- 
brace, clasp round. . 

Umfclnve'bcu, v. a. to hover round. 

Um'fel)cn, v. r. ir. to look back ; 
look about one's self. 

Uin'fciii. V. n. ir. to be over, be 

Umfcuft', adv. gratis; in vain^ vain- 
ly, to no purpose ; without 

Um'!lanb,m.-e^.pZ -ftdnbe circum- 
stance ; condition, situation. 

Um'jle^enb, adj. standing around^ 
surrounding; bie Uiu)le^eubeU; 
the bystanders.' 

Umfti I'leii, 17. a. to surround, beset 

Um'llurj, m. -e^ downfall, over- 
throw, subversion. 

262 Un6 Ung 

ttnt'ioenben. v. a. ir. to turn round, Uit'betpc^tid), adj. inunovable, mo 

reverse ; invert. tionless. 

Uunrcl'feiu V. a. to envelope in ttn'bil(ii|. adj. inequitable, unfair^ 

clouds. unjust. 

Ui/abMd: (\\(^, adj. independent. Unb. conj. and. 

Uii'aiii^cnebm adj. unpleasant, dis- Un'taiif m. -fd, ingratitude. 

agreeable. Un'c^rfn. v. a. 4- n. to dishonor, 

Uh'aH^ctviftft. adj untouched. not to honor. 

Uii'.irti.\ a^'. ill-behaved, ill-bred, Un'eind. adv. at variance. 

rude. Uirtnipfiittlid), adj. insensible ; in- 

Un'aiifhaUfam, adj. incessant, difTerent, cold. 

unrestrainable, irresistible. Uiieut'lid;; adj. endless, infinite, 

Uu\niflu'rlid<, adj. incessant, con- eternal. 

tinual, perpetual, everlasting. Uii'cntfd^tcbfn,a<(;. undecided, un- 

ttii'aiiefpiid l.d\ adj. ineffable, in- determined 

expressible, unutterable. UtiTrbeblid), adj. inconsiderable, 

Uu'iu'boutciib, adj. insignificant, unimportant. 

unimportant. Unerme^ltd^. adj. immeasurable, 

Un'bebiiii^t, adj. unconditional, immense, vast. 

implicit : unlimited, absolute. Uu'ermubft. Unermfi'bct adj. un- 

U'.'bifvuiiifnhcif /. absence of pre- wearied. 

judice ; ingenuousness ; sim- Unrrmublid^ adj. indefatigable. 

plicity. Ua'erfd^cpfli*, adj. inhaustible. 

Uuh\u^i)'li*. adj. incomprehen- UuerfteiD'ltd^, a</y. inaccessible, in- 

sible, inconceivable. surmountable 
U 'btorfi:;t, adj. unbounded, un- Uinrtrcii^lid^ Uiuvtvaglid). adj. in- 
limited, tolerable, insufferable, insup- 
U:;'bcbaolid^folt /. pi. -en, dislike, portable. 

un comfortableness, uneasi- Un'enrartet, adj. 4- adv. unex- 

ncss. pected, unawares. 
Un'bebilfli*, adj. helpless; awk- Un'faU, m. -c«, pi. -fdttc, mis- 
ward, unwieldy, clumsy. chance, misfortune, accident. 
Un'bet^iilflid>. see Uubet^iiflidi. Uni^arn, n. Hungary. 
Uu'bifviuiit, adj. unknown, unac- Uu'()cbcteii, adj. unasked, unbid- 

quainted with. den, uninvited. 

Uu'bfiucvft. adj. unnoticed, unob- Unc^ebruiiflfti, adj. not forced, not 

served. compelled, unforced. 

Uir'beiiii^t. a^;. not used, not ta- Un'^ebulb,/. impatience. 

ken advantage of. Un gefd^rbet adj. not endangered, 

Un'ocf*dti^t, adj. unhurt, unin- safe. 

jured, safe, sound. Uucjebeuet, adj> huge, immense, 

lln'befriKitfnljcit. /. want of mod- vast, enormous, monstrous; 

esty, indiscretion. Un'(^p^>cuer, n. -6. pi. -, monster, 

Un'bcfd^cnft, see bef*enfen. prodigy. 

Ui/t»efd>rdti!t, adj. unlimited, un- Uu gefitii^elt adj. unaffected, na- 

bounded, absolute. tural. 

Unbcfdncib'l.*. adj. indescribable; Un'j^emad), n. -e8, discomfort, fa- 

inerpressible. tigue, adversity, calamity 

Inbefcrgt', adj easy, unconcerned. Un'fleniein, Ungemein', adj. uncon^ 

Unm Unt 263 

mon, extraordinary, exceed- humor, displeasure, indigna* 

ing, wonderful. tion. 

Uui^chui^famfeit, /. insatiableness, Un'mut^ig. adj, dejected, ili-hu- 

greediness. mored, low-spirited, displeas- 

Uii'i^vved^t adj, <Sfadv.\mi\xsX',\m' ed. 

righteous. Unmuj^, adj, useless, fruitless. 

Un'jverertjtli^feit./. pi. -en, injustice, Un'red)!, adj, not right, wrong ; 

wrongfulness. unfair, unjust ; n. -e«, wrong ; 

Uu'^efdtinit. adj. unseamed ; im- injustice, injury ; fault, error. 

mediate, prompt. Un'reinli(^, adj, uncleanly, nasty, 
Uu'gertort, Uiij^i'florf, adj, undis- dirty. 

turbed, unmolested. Un'rul)tg, adj. unquiet, restless; 
Un geftum, adj. impetuous, vehe- uneasy ; troublesome, turbu- 

ment, violent ; tempestuous, lent. 

stormy. Untf, pr. us, to us ; each other. 

Un'^etiubt. adj. untroubled, se- Unfd^'lid), adj, unspeakable, un- 

rene, clear. ' utterable. 

Un'itewig, adj. uncertain, doubt- Un'fanft, adj, not soft; rough, 

ful. harsh ; hard. 

Uu'ge»i§^clt. f. pi, -en, uncertain- Un'fAulb. /. innocence ; chasti- 
ty ; doubtfulness ; precarious- ty, purity. 

ness. Un'fcl^ulbig. adj, innocent, guilt- 
Un'^c\t>e^nt, adj, unaccustomed, less ; chaste, pure ; inoffen- 

unwonled. sive. 

Un'plaube. m. -ii«, incredulity, un- Un'KV, pr. of us, our, ours. 

belief, disbelief. Uii'n*tbar, adj. invisible. 

Uirrtlei*. adj. <}• adv, uneven; VinxX'ixh'Wd^, adj. immoiVal. 

unequal, unlike ; dispropor- Unfierb'li*feit, f. immortality. 

tionate ; odd ; amiss, by far. Un'fttafbar, Uuftraj'bar, adj. irre- 
Un'glucf, n. -c^, misfortune, mis- prehensible, irreproachable ; 

chance, ill-luck ; disaster ; ad- innocent. 

versity, calamity ; i^um — , un- Unflraf'Ud). see Unjlvafbar. 

happily ; unfortunately ; -^' Uu'ten, adv. below, beneath, un- 

ftein, m. unlucky pianei or star. derneath. 

Un'fllucf licb, adj. unhappy, unfor- Uii'tcr, pre- under ; below, be- 

tunate ; disastrous ; -ev 2Beife, neath ; among, amongst, be- 
unfortunately, unluckily, tween, betwixt, amid, amidst ; 
Un'i^ut, adj. ill, amiss ; niditd fiir by, during. 

or »or — ! no harm ! no of- Unterbvc'cben, v. a, ir. to interrupt. 

fence ! Unterbep', llntetbef'fen, adv, in the 
Un'l}eil, n, -ed, mischief, hurt, meantime, meanwhile ; while, 

harm ; — anricbtcn, to do mis- whilst. 

chief. Un'tergan^, m, -e«, sinking, set- 
Uti'iutereffant adj. uninteresting. ting; West; fall, ru;n,dechne 

Un'meufd^Iid), adj, inhuman, ty- Uuterge'ben, v, a, ir. to submit, 

rannical, cruel. commit. 

Un'inot)U(iv adj. impossible. Un'ter^alt, m. -ed, maintenance, 
Un'miiiibig, adj. under age, minor. sustenance ; livelihood. 

Uu'mutt;, m. -ed, dejection ; ill- Uuter^artcn, v, a. ir, to male tain. 




su^ain, support ; continue ; 
entertain, amuse ; v. r. to 
amuse one's self; converse. 

Untctt)diit'lfr. m. -i, pL -, nego- 
tiator; mediator. 

Unterir'tifd) adj. subterranean. 

Uii'tevfleiD, n. -e^. pL-n, under- 
dress, under-garment. 

Uii'ieiUi$, m. -iT^'6, intermission; 
c^ne — , continually. 

Uuttrlaf'Kn. v. a. ir. to intermit, 
cease from, discontinue, omit, 

Untt'iiu>l)'inen. v. a. ir. to under- 
take, enterprise, attempt. 

Uuti'ri.fl)'iuun9, /. pi. -en. enter- 

Un'tt-rvidjt, m. -e6, instruction ; — 
i^eb 1,-11, to instruct, teach. 

U terrid^'ieii, v. a. to instruct, 
teach ; inform. 

Unterfd>ei'^t*ii, v. a. 4" n. tr. to 
distinguish, discriminate, dis- 

Un'terfilMcb, m. -e«, pL -c, differ- 
ence, distinction, discrimi- 

Uiitcrftu ^en. v. a. to under-prop, 
support, uphold, aid. 

UiUevnu'feunj), /. pi* -en. under- 
propping, support ; aid, help, 

Uutevfu'dmnct, /. pi. -en, inquiry, 
examination, scrutiny ; prob- 

Uu'tert()an, adj subject to, depen- 
dent; m. -en. pi. -en, subject. 

Uu'tert^dnii^, Untcrttjd'nig, adj. sub- 
ject ; submissive, humble. 

UnterroCgce, Unterwege', adv. by 
the vvay, on the way, on the 

Uiiterwei'fen, v. a- tr. to instruct, 

Uu'terwcU,/. nether- world. 

Un't()dtii3, adj. inactive, indolent, 

\uti6iVbav, Uutrefi'lid), adj. incon- 

Un'i>eranber!l*, adj. immutable, 
unchangeable, unalterable. 

Un'»erdntert, adj. unvaried, un- 

Un'oerantujovtlid), adj. unanswer- 
able, unjustifiable, unwarrant- 

ttn'Dcr^ojft, adj. <5f adv. unhoped 
for, unexpected; unawares. 

Unoermeib'lidn adj. unavoidable, 

Un'iHtf6l)ulicft. adj. implacable, ir- 

Un'wenwanbt, adj unmoved, fixed. 

Unoerweirii*, adj. unfading, im- 
marcessible, imperishable. 

Un'tcnveit, adj. not decayed. 

Unoer^uc^'lidt, adj. 4" <^dv. imme- 
diate, without delay; forth- 

Un'voUenbet, adj. unfinished. 

Un'»crbercitet, adj. unprepared. 

Uu'»crt()ciU)aft, adj. disadvan-. 
tageous, unprofitable. 

Uu'ivat)tt)cit. /. pi. -en, untruth, 
falsity, falsehood. 

Uu'welfe, adj. unwise, imprudent, 

Un'roeit, pre. not far off, not fax 

UnttJiberlle^'UA, adj. irresistible. 

Unipillfui'lirt) & UnwlUfii^r'Uc^, adj. 

Uu'ivurbig. adj. unworthy, unde- 

Uujdl^rbar, adj. innumerable. 

Unjd^'lii^, see Unjd^lbar. 

Un'pfrieDcn, adj. discontent, dis- 
contented, dissatisfied. 

Un'jugdnglid), adj. inaccessible. 
Uep'pig, adj. luxurious ; wanton ; 

Urbar, adj. arable, productive. 
Ur'qutU, m. -ci?, pi -en, fountain 

head, original source. 
Ur'fcJd»e./. /?/. -n, cause, reason, 

Uv''(l;el, see Urt^eit. 


8Ser Ser 265 

Ur'tl^eil, n. -ti, pL -t, judgment,' aScrbiftern, o. a. to embitter, ex* 

decision, sentence, verdict. asperate. 

Ur't^eilen, v, a. 4* ^- ^ decide, Serble i'cben, v, n. ir. to grow pale; 

judge. fade ; die. 

Ur'^eit, f. primitive time. 93erbleu'beu, v. a, to dazzle, be- 

a> guile. 

'*'• a3crb(en'bung,./dazzling; illusion. 

SBa'tei, m. -i, pi. lOdter, father ; SBerblu ^en, v. n. to lose the blos- 

-lanb, n. native country; father- soms, cease flowering; fade, 

land. decay. 

fBa'tcrltcb, adj. fatherly, paternal, ^Berbrei'tett, v. a. to spread ; di- 

as a father ; bad -e C^rbt^eil, vulge, diffuse. 

patrimony. SSerbren'iten, v. a. ^n. ir. tp bum, 

SiiVUn, proper name {of a person). destroy by fire ; scorch, ncald. 

fflerab'fieuen, v. a. to abhor, SScrberf' , n. -c«, pi. -e, decK. 

abominate. SSerbe'cfen, v. a. to cover ; hide. 

Skrab'fdieuung, /. abhorrence, ©erber'beii, v. a. ir. to corrupt, 

abomination. render unfit, spoil ; decay, go 

S36ra(t)'ten, v. a. to despise, scorn, to ruin, perish ; n. -6, ruin, per- 

contemn ; disdain. dition, destruction. 

S5iract)'timg. /. contempt, scorn, ©erber'ber, m. -«. pi. -, spoiler, 

disdain. destroyer ; corrupter. 

SSevdii'bern, v. a. to change, alter, aScrberb'Ud), adj. corruptible, de- 

^t raiKafTi'ii/ v. a. to occasion, structive, pernicious. 

cause, induce, engage. SJerbevbt', adj. corrupted, corrupt 

SBerau'la^ung, / pi. -en, occasion, S3erbie'neU; v. a. to gain ; earn ; 

cause, inducement, motive merit, deserve. 

93erant'ivorteiu o. a. to answer for, SSerbtentV, m. -ed, gain, profit, 

account for. reward, lucre ; n. -ed, pi. "t, 

S3erarnien, t?. n. to grow poor, merit, desert. 

impoverish. IBecbienft'&oU, adj. full of merit, 

iBerbaiuien. v. a. to banish, exile, well deserving. 

proscribe, outlaw. ®eibol'metfd)cn, v. a. to interpret, 

SSerban'nung, /. pi. -en, banish- translate. 

ment, exile. 9)erbo^'peln, v. a. to double, re- 

fljerbcrgen, v- a. ir. to hide, con- double. 

ceal. SBerbor'rcn, i».n. to dry up, wither. 

93erbfU'9en, v. r. to bow, make a SScrbrle'gen, r. imp. ir. to grieve, 

reverence. cause disgust , to vex. 

aSerbie'teu, v. a. ir. to forbid, pro- SBerbrfeJ'licb^afl?;. morose, peevish, 

hibit. troublesome, irksome, vexa- 

ffletbiii'tcn, v- a. ir. to bind up, tious. 

tie up ; unite, join ; oblige ; fflcrbrui'lld), see SBerbricgUd). 

engage. SUctbun'fcIn. v. a. df r. to darken, 

JBcrbin'bung, f. pi. -en, combina- obscure, eclipse. 

tion ; conjunction ; relation. fficretj'reii; v. a. to honor, venerate; 

©erbit'ten, v. a. ir. to beg to be revere ; adore ; einem tixooi^ — , 

excused, decline, beg to dis- to present one with, make or-« 

continue ; deprecate. a present 

266 Set fBtx 

Serei'nigen, v. a, to unite, join, pi. -, pleasure, diversion, de« 

associate, reconcile. light ; comfort. 

S^erfrntgniig./. pi. -en, union, as- S^ergufigT^m, adj. easily satisfied 

sociation, alliance, accord- frugail. 

ance, agreement. ^ergiiugf, adj. deli^hted^ pleas- 

^Bereint', adj. united, joined, in ed, cheerful, merry ; comfort- 
concert, able. 

SBerei'tedi, v. a. to frustrate, dis- 9)ergorben, v. a. to gild. 

appoint, baffle. SSergonTnen, v. a. to allow, permit, 

©crfal'len, v. n. ir. to fall, decay, jrielfl. 
decline, go to ruin, be forfeit- ^exqxfi'$nn, v. a. to enlarge, ag- 
ed, become due. grandize ; magnify ; v. r. to 

SBerfiii'ftern, v. a. to darken, ob- grow larger, increase, 

scure, eclipse. IBergrc ferer, m. one who increa- 

SSeijlie Btn, t;. n. ir. to flow off or ses, enlarges, magnifies ; mag- 
away ; expire, pass. nifier 

SBerfcl'qen. v. a. pursue ; perse- SJer^al'ten, v. a. ir. to keep back , 

cute ; continue. retain; withhold; n. -«, re- 

S3:vful)'ieii, v. a. to corrupt, lead tention, behavior, deportment, 

astray ; mislead ; seduce. demeanor, conduct. 

93en3af'feu t;. r. to be smitten, be- SBer^ang'nii n. -ffee, ;>/. -ffe, fate, 

come enamored. ^ ^f ^^"y* ^^^^l' ^ , 

^crqanVii.arf;-. gone, past; last. 25er^^«'*"»' r. a. to exhale ; ex- 

ajn-AdnVli*; flrf;-. transient, tran- Pire^ breathe forth. 

sitory, perishable. 9}etl,ce ten «. a. to devastate, de- 

so I ate destrov 

5Bet.,d..,,'Ii*feit. /. transitoriness, gser^ei'geii. r. a. ^. to promise. 

pemhableness. aSet^tiSuna./. ;rf. -en, promise. 

JBeW^ see ©.rgcffen, h. m. P. «Ber5rtrti(^uJt9, /. ni.-ea, glorifi 

oot>. 8. c. loo. cation 

SBerge'ben, v a tr. to give away; JOerljiu'bein, v. a. to hinder, pre- 

forgive, pardon. vent, impede, cross. 

gSert^e beii^, adv. in vain, vainly, sgej-t^fii'ien. v. a. to veil, wrap up, 

SSeriicb'li*, adj. venial ; vain, idle, cover over, conceal. 

fruitless. SBc rbun'gcrt, adj. starving ; fam- 

iBtri^e'l^en, v. n. ir. to pass away, ished. 

elapse ; decay ; perish. gjerir'ren, v. r. to lose one's way , 

gStrgd'tfii, V. a. if 'o requite, re- go astray, go the wrong way. 

compense, reward. JBerirtn adj. strayed, straying; 

\8erqertttiig, /. requital, retalia- erring. 

tion, remuneration, recom- ajerir'rung./;)/. -en, losing one's 

P®"^^' way ; erring ; aberration ; 

93erc^cf'fen, v. a. tr. to forget; error. 

omit, neglect. 93erjun'gen, v. a. to make young 

93erc^ie'§en, v. a. ir. to spill, shed. again, renovate, reduce to a 

»lUTi^(e!'*en, v. a. ir. to compare, small scale ; p. n. to grow 

settle. young again. 

^Deti^niVge n, v. a. to please ; v. r. fBerfau'fen. v. a. to sell, vend, di»« 

to be delighted with ; n. -i, pose of. 

aSer aSer 267 

fbexUfjX', m.'t^, intercourse, com- 93c.rlleg% n. -cd, />/. -e, dungeon, 

merce, traffic, communication. keep. 

53erfet)rf. flrf;. reversed, inverted ; ySerlo'ben, v. a. to afiSaSSf* ^®" 

perverted, perverse, wrong. troth, espouse. 

SBeifeu'uen, v. a, ir. to mistake, SSerleb'te, m. 4'/« -"' />^« -«/ be- 

misapprehend, take for an- trothed. 

ether. 93erlo'cfeu, v. a. to allure, decoy^ 

iBerfla't^en, v. a. to accuse. entice, mislead, seduce. 

JBerfniVf?"' v- a, U, tie, bind, 93crlc'ren, see 33eriifren. 

unite, combine. S3crlm)^)t', adj. metamorphosed, 

ffierfrie'Aen, v. r. ir. to creep disguised, poisoned. 

away ; hide one's self. SBcrluU', m. -e^, pi. -e, loss ; da- 

JBevfuii'Den, iBerfuii'bigen, v. a. 'o • mage, disadvantage, detri- 

announce. ment. 

SBeifurVn, v. a. to shorten; di- sBema^'nuug,/. «/.-en, admoni- 

mmish. ^jjjjj exhortation 

fficrlauYn, r. a. Sr n. to ask, de- ajermd/reit, i;. a. cj- r. to augment, 

mand; desire, long for; e« multiply; increase. 

mlangi nu* ^u ^f"' I long ©ermei'. 4'; t;. a. ir. to avoid. 

toknow;eruerIan9tnad)SRul,e, jOetn^effenljeU, /. presumption, 

he longs for repose. temerity, audacity. 

aJerlai'icii, t7. a. tr. to leave, quit; m ,ru, . • • i 

forsake, abandon, desert ;v. r. 3^T"^'f*^«' v^ «• to mix, mingle, 

ir. auf cinen — , to rely upon, «, ^'^'^^IJJ^ix- 

confide in, count upon, depend ^Sermif'fen, v. a. to miss, want; 

on ; adj. destitute, abandoned. «, ^^^J^^' . • . i_ 

^erlauf /m. -e«, subsiding; ex- 93ermo'acu, ^. a. cj- n. tr. to be 

piration, course. ^^^^ *^.^2' ^^7^ ^^^ P^^l'^.J 

gSerldufl uung. see 93erleuqimiig. accomphsh, induce , n -«, abi- 

fflerle'ben, t;. a. to Uve, spend. ^^^\S?'^^^Z ^''''''^^ ' ^''''""®' 

gSetlfVn. «. a. to transplace, wealth, nches. 

transfer ; misplace ; publish ; ajcrmu tl)en, v. a. to conjecture, 

disburse ; adj. embarassed, suppose, presume ; n. -«, ex- 
puzzled, confused. pectation. 
gSerlei'^pn, v. a. ir. to lend, let SJernach'ldffigen, v. a. to neglect, 

out ; invest with ; grant. slight. 

©crlei't)er, m. -«. pi. -. lender. 93erna* laff!(^ung, /. pi. -en, neg- 

JOetlcr'nen, v. a. to unlearn, forget. lect, negligence, slighting, 

fflerle'^en, r a. to hurt, injure, 93ernel)'men, r. a. ir. to under- 

vlolate. stand, hear, perceive ; ex* 

SBerleug'nen, v. a. to deny, dis- amine. 

own, abnegate ; v. r. to re- ^nmi'qtn, v. r. to bow, make a 

nounce. • courtesy. 

SSerleug'nuiig, /. pi. -en, dental, SBernicb'ten, v. a. to annihilate, 

disowning, abnegation, renun- annul, cancel ; destroy. 

ciation. 93trnld)'tung, / ;>/. -en, annihila- 

l&erlie'ren. v. a. 4* n^ t>. to lose ; tion, annulling, destruction. 

))ft(cren c^e^en, to be lost ; v. r. SSernunff, /*. reason ; sense ; judg« 

ir. to disperse, disappear. ment. 

268 Sef aSev 

SBrmfinf tig, adj. rational, reason- SBetfc^fe'ben. adj. different, va- 

able ; sensible, judicious, dis- rious, diverse, seveial, sun Iry. 

creel. SBerfdiieben'^eit /. pi, -en, d.ffe- 

SBerc'tin, v. a, to lay waste, deso- rence, diversity, variety. 

late. fflerfcblel'ern, v. a, to veil. 

^cTCYb'iien. V. a. to order, dis- SBerf(Mie'|en, v, a, ir. to shut up, 

pose, prescribe, institute ; en- lock up, close up. 

act, ordain. 93erfd^(tm'mern, v. a. to make 

93rrcrt'iiung,y!/i/. -rn, order, or- worse, deteriorate; v. r to 

dinance ; prescription. grow worse, get worse 

SBer)>fdu't)en, v. a. to pawn, pledge; SBerftblin'gen, v. a. ir. to entwine, 

mortgage. twist ; devour, swallow up. 

5Bcr)?flc'i^ciu V. a. to take care of, 9)erfdUu'(fen. v. a. to swallow, 

provide for, nurse, feed, foster. choke, suppress, slur over. 
SSerrtytben, v. a. ir. to betray; 93erfd)lum'niern,v. a. to pass slum- 
discover, bering. 
93errdt^eTei', /. pi. -en, treason, SBerfc^maA'ten, v. n. to faint away, 

treachery. pine away, languish ; starve. 

93errid>'ten, v. a. to do, perform, S3erfd>m&'^en, «. a. to disdain, 

execute. despise. 

It8errtn't)em. v. a. to diminish, les- 93erfd)d'iieni, v. a. to embellish, 

sen, reduce, abate. beautify. 

95erro'*eln. v. n. to have or give SJerfdsrei'ben, v. a. tr. to prescribe, 

the last death-rattle; see rod^eln, assign, attest in writing. 

to expire. SSerfdml'ben, v. a. to involve in 

fflerrc'iUn, v. n, to rust ^^^^ do wrong, commit an 

IBcrrud)t', adj. nefarious, godless, ^, offence ; be guilty. 

abandoned. ajcrfd^wel'gen, v. a. ir. to conceal, 

©er«, m. -fe«, pi. -fe, verse, ^^? close, keep secret. 

strophe, stanza. ©erf dj»en'ben, v. a. 4- n. to squan- 

»«f2en.».«.<f».todeny. re- ffle^^wttC/lT:".- prodi- 

Je W; see „«M«.. aJefS^i/^ ^TV. U. di«p- 

UJetfam meln, v. «. r. to assemble, ^^ vanish. 

meet, congregate, convene. gjerfc/^en, v. a. ir. to overlook, 

iOerfamm'lung,/ pL -en, assembly, omit, mistake, furnish, provide, 

meeting ; congregation ; con- administer, regulate, dispose. 

vocation. JBcrfen'ben, v. a. r. d- ir. to send 

93erfdu'men, v a. to neglect, away ; convey, forward, dis- 

slight, miss. paten, export. 

COerfd)affen, v. a. to procure, pro- IBerfeu'ten, v. a. to sink, sub- 

"ide ; V. r. to obtain, acquire. merse, let down. 

Q)rtfd)an')en, v. a. to intrench, 93erfe'|^en, v. a. 4- n. to misplace: 

fortify. remove ; pledge, mortgage , 

^erfdiei'bpn, v. n. ir, to expire, mix ; v. n. to answer, reply ; 

die, decease. einem einen @d)lag — , to give 

Cerfc^rr'jen, v. a. to trifle away ; one a blow ; fam. id) ))erfe(^t# 

forfeit i^m ein0, id} 9etfe(ie t€ t^1^ 

iSer aSer 269 

I g;ave him one, I gave it to Srrfluminen, iff, n. to become 

liim. mute, silent. 

SBerfi'cDern, v. a. to assure, ascer- 93erfud)', m. -c«. pL -e, experiment, 

tain ; insure. trial, proof, attempt. 

SDerji'^erung,/;?/. -en, assurance, 93erfu'(beH. ». a. to try, attempt 

insurance. experience ; taste ; tempt ; en- 

©erfie'ijcu, v. n, to dry up ; decay; tice. 

disappear. S9erfu'*cr, m. -i, pL -, tempter, 

fCerjiu'ieii. t?. n. ir. to sink down ; seducer, 

be swallowed up. SOTerfuJen, t;. a. to sweeten, make 

S3eif6l)'nen, v. a, to reconcile, sweet. 

conciliate ; propitiate ; expiate, ^ert^ei'biifen, v. a. to defend, 

S^^rfiygcit V. a. to provide for, maintain. 

take care of, sustain ; main- SJcttl^oi'bigung, /. pi. -rn, defence, 

tain. apology ; maintaining; -dbiinb^ 

a3er|>et'Tcn, v, a. to bar, block up, nip, n. defensive alliance ; -6* 

barricade, obstruct. fricg, m. defensive war. 
a3erfpre'(hen, v. a. ir. to promise ; SScrtrag', m. -cd, pi. -txat^i, con- 
engage, tract, agreement, convention, 
93erfpri'^en, v. a to squirt away ; treaty. 

spill, shed. SBertra'i^en, v. r. ir. to agree, be 

©en'tanb', m. -c*. understanding, compatible, agree well one 

intellect ; judgment ; sense. with another, live in harmony. 

©erftdu'bifl. adj. sensible, intelli- CBertrau'eu, v. a. 4* n. to trust, 

gent, judicious, clever. * confide ; rely upon, confide in; 

S3cTftar'fen, v. a. to strengthen ; n. -i, confidence, trust. 

reinforce. 93ertraut', adj' confident, intimate, 

SSerftdffuni^, /. pL -en, strength- familiar, trusty. 

ening; reinforcement; corrobo- ©erttciben. v. a. ir. to drive away, 

ration ; supply, succor. chase, expel, 

ffioijlat'ten, v. a. to permit, allow, 93erlre'ten, v. a. ir, to tread down ; 

grant. mediate ; etnem ben Si^eg — , to 

S3erfte'(fen, v. a. to hide, conceal. stop one's passage. 

93i?rllc'()cn, v. a. 6f n, ir. to under- 93cttrc(fnen, v. n. to dry up, drain; 

stand ; apprehend, conceive ; wither. 

mean. 93er»c(l'fommnung, f. pL -en, per- 

SSertlci'i^en, v. r. ir. to climb too fection, improvement, accom- 

high ; lose one's self. plishment. 

18crftei'nen, w. n. to petrify, change JBctwal'ten, v. manage, ad- 

to stone, to cover with stone. minister, 

©erjlei nern, v. a. 4* r. to petrify. 93ettt)an'beln, r. a. to alter, change; 

iBeri^im'men, v. a. to put out of transform. 

tune ; out of humor. S3enranb'te, m. -n,/?/. -n, relation, 

SSrrj^ot'ben, adj. defunct, de- kin, kinsman. 

ceased. SBern^c'i^en, adj. audacious, teme- 

93erftc'§en, r. a. ir. to drive away, rarious, daring ; rash. 

expel, reject ; repudiate. SScrwe'gen^eit,/. pi. -en, audacity, 
S^erftreu'en, v. a. to disperse, audaciousness, temerity; rash- 
scatter, ness. 

270 iBic Sot 

SenoeVren, v. a to hirie^, keep ^idtxUi, adj. many, various, di- 

from, prohibit, forbic. verse, different, 

©enrcie'. m. -fe«, jjI. -fe, rebuke, ©ieUeicbt', adv, perhaps, possibly 

reproof, reprimand. may be. 

^CcniH'i'feii, V. a, ir. to rebuke, 53ier, adj, four ; -jaf^rig, adj. four 

reprimand. years old, quadrennial. 

Sbcnvcii'ben, v. a,ir. to turn away ; SBier'te, adj. fourth. 

apply ; spend. SSier'tel, n. -<, pi. -, fourth part, 

SLU'vu't'ien. V. a. to administer, quarter. 

manage ; » n. to moulder, pu- 93irtuc0', m.-fcn, pi. -fcii, virtuoso, 

trify. performer. 

SBiTiiM'cfdn. V. a. to entangle, im- Vis a vis de soi meme, opposite 

plicate, complicate, involve. to one*s self, with one^s self 

93oruMi'rtMt, V. a- to complicate; for company, alone. 

confound, embarrass, puzzle. IBifir, n. -ed; f'/. -e, visor ; aim. 

ajcnvir'runc^,/. yl. -cii, entangling, ffliji'tc, f. pi. -w, visit. 

confusion, perplexity. ©itriol', m. -« vitriol. 

9}rnrun'ten, v. a. to wound, hurt, IBi'uat. live, long live, vive. 

jycnriin'octn, v. r. to wonder, be SSc'j^cI, m. -6, p/. iBoi^el, bird, fowl ; 

surprised. -jiellcr, m. bird-catcher, fowl- 

fflcriruu'fcerung,/. wondering, sur- er. 

prise. So'gelcben, SSog'lem dim. of 53ogel. 

SDerwu'ftung,/. p/. -en, devastation, JOclf , n -e«, ;»/. 93olfer, people, 

destruction, desolation. nation ; crew. ^^ - 

93cvja'i^eu, v. n. to despair, des- 93clf tljen. dim. of 93olf . 

pond. ftjell, adj^ full, filled ; complete ; 

JBcrjctgt', fl<(;. faint-hearted, dis- entire ; -id^Ug, adj. complete. 

couraged, dispirited, despond- SBcllbrtn'gen v. a. ir. to accom- 

in^. plish, achieve, perform, exe- 

SBerjar'teln. v. a. to spoil with cute ; complete. 

overfondness, cocker, fondle. 93cUen'ben, v. a. to end, finish, ac- 

93eriic()'reii, v. a. to consume, complish ; perfect. 

spend, waste. SBoUen'bung f. accomplishment, 

SBerj^oi'^fii; V. a. ir. to pardon, achievement, termination. 

forgive, excuse. SBol'lig, adj. df adv. full, whole, 

SBer^ie'^eu, v. a. ir. to draw complete, entirely. 

wrong, distort ; v. n- ir. to 93oirfcmmen, ScUfom'men, adj, 

stay, tarry, delay. perfect, accomplished, con- 

SDcrgtvei'felit, v. n. to despair, de- summate ; complete. 

spend. SBoUfom'menfteit,/. pl-tn, perfec- 

ajergwel'jlung. /. despair, despe- tion, perfectness. 

ration ; in — gcrat^en, to fall flSon, pre. of, from, by, on, upon. 

into despair ; -dooU, adj. des- ^ox, pre. before ; from, of, on, 

perate. forth, ago, since. 

i8c;^icr, m. -e«, pl.-z, vizier. 93oran', adv. before, at the head, 

SSi'ccjabmlral, m, -c«, pi. -e, vice in the front, ahead. 

admiral ; -tonlg, m. vice roy. 93orau0', adv. before, foremost, 

^\d. adj. df adv. mncYi, many, a by anticipation, in advance; 

y^reat deal. beforehand; in perference' 




|um — , tm — , in advance, be- 
forehand ; — i^aben, to have ... 
over, in advance of ; — fefcn, 
to suppose, pre-suppose. 

©orbfi'. adv. by, over, past, done, 
finished ; — ge^cn, to go over ; 
pass by. 

Ibcr'bereitcn, r. a. to prepare ; 

iBcr'beif itung. /. ph -en, prepara- 
tion, preparative. 

flL^cr'beuc^en, v. a. to bend forward; 
fig, to prevent, obviate. 

ffloi'bucbftabirin, to spell or pro- 
nounce before or in presence 
of, teach to spell, teach (one) 
the letters of the alphabet. 

©cr'bcr, adj. fore, anterior, front ; 
-fu§. m. fore-foot, instep ; — t 
tbeil, n. fore-part ; head. 

93cr'brinflen. v. n. ir. to advance. 

fflor'fabr, m. -en, pi. -en. ancestor, 
forefather, predecessor. 

ffierfall. m.-ce, pi. -fdUe, case, ac- 
cident, incident, occurrence. 

Serf alien, v. n. ir. to fall before, 
happen, arrive, occur. 

93in'ful)ren, v. a. to bring before, 
lead before, produce ; lead 

SScr'c^anc^cr, m. -«, pi. -, leader, 
predecessor, antecessor. 

93cr'i)tben, v. a. ir. to put before, 
advance, pretend, feign. 

SJer'i^ebadjt, adj. fore-mentioned. 

SSor'getjen, v. n. ir- to go before, 
precede, stand out, have the 
preference; happen, occur. 

JBor'^aben. v. a. tr- to have on, de- 
sign, intend, purpose. 

fficr^an'ben, adj. 4* adv. extant, 

SSer^er', adv. before, previously. 

JBor^ev'ge^enb, ad. foregoing, pre- 
ceding, former. 

SBo'rig, adj. former, last, preced- 

ffior'reljtung, /. pi. -e i, predisposi- 
tion, precautioK . provision, 

preparation ; -en trejfen, to take 

SSor'fommen, v. n. ir. to come or 
get before ; happen, seem, ap- 

SBor'ne i;nt, adj. ^ adv. distinguish- 
ed, noble, of rank. 

93cr'ne^nien. ». a. tr. to take be- 
fore one ; take in hand, under- 

35cf rat^, m. -c«, pi. -ratje, store, 
stock, provision. 

SSi^r'riicfen, v. a. 4- n. to move 
forwards or before ; march on, 

aSor'fa^, m. -e«, pi. -fdfte, design, 
purpose, intention. 

SBor'fdU'in, m. -ed, appearance ; 

93ov'fd)ief en, v. a. 4" »• «^. to shoot 
before another person ; dart 
or rush forward ; jut out ; 
®elD — , to advance money. 

93cr'f*macf, m. -eg, foretaste. 

S3or'fe^un(^./. Providence. 

S3cr'jid)t,/. foresight, circumspec- 

SSoi'jtditig, adj. cautious, circum- 

SSoi'jingen, v. a. tr. to sing to or 
before ; er fang mir ein 8ieb »or, 
he sang me a song. 

93ot'|>;elen, v. a. 4* n. to prelude ; 
play to or in presence of 

93or'jlc^er. m. -6, pi -, inspector, 
director, president. 

JficrTtetlen, t?. a. to place or put 
before ; present ; introduce ; - 
to represent, personate. 

93ov'|lvUung, f. pi. -en, presenta- 
tion ; representation ; remon- 
strance ; imagination, idea, no 

SBcr'tljeil, m. -c«, fl. -e, advan- 
tage, profit, gain, interest. 

93cr'tbeill)aft adj. advantageoua, 

SScttreff'lic^, adj. excellent. 

272 Sa^ SBan 

SBor^treten^r. n. tr. tosteporwalk election; -Vfaft/ w». field of 

before ; step forth ; come out. battle; -fprud), m. device, motV>* 

!8oru'ber, adv. by ; past, over, ^a^'ien, v, a. to choose, elect. 

gone, finished ; — fa^ren, to SBa^n, m, -ed, illusion, miscon- 

drive by ; — ge^cn. to pass by. ception ; presumption, fancy ; 

93pr'n>4rt«, adv. forward, for- -Rnnig, adj. frantic, mad. 

wards, on. flQai) nen, v. n. to fancy, presume^ 

^cr'melt /. former age, ances- think, imagine. 

tors, ancients. SBa^r, adj. true, genuine. 

93pr'n>urf, m. -e«, pi. -tofirfc, re- SBd^'ren, v. n. to endure, last, 

proach. exprobration. continue. 

a3er'^iel)cu, v. a. ir. to draw for- ffld^'renb, pre. df conj. during, 

ward ; fig. to prefer. while. 

93or'4iminer. n. -«, pi. -, anteroom, SBa^r'l)aft, adj. true, truthful, real 

antechamber. ffia^r^af'fig, adj. positive, vera- 

i^cv'^ug. m. -p6, pi. -guge, prefer- cious, certain, genuine. 

ence ; superiority, prerogative 2Ba^r'^eit,/. pi. -en, truth, verity. 

93erijfi9'lt(b, adj. preferable, excel- SBa^r'UdJ, adv. forsooth, in truth. 

lent, exquisite ; adv. chiefly. SBa^r'ue^men, v. a. ir. to perceive. 


ffia^t'fager. m. -«, pi. -, fortune- 
SBaa'rc. /. pi. -n. ware, merchan- teller, soothsayer, diviner. 

dise, commodity, goods. • 9Bvi()r'fd)cmUd), adj. probable, 

SBaA, adv. awake. likely. 

9Ba'*e,y. pi. -n. guard, watch. ffiai'fc,/. pL -n, orphan. 
*ii^a'dieu,v.n. to be awake, watch, 9Balb, m. -ed, pi. SBdlber, forest, 

guard. wood. 

SBac^'feu, v. n. ir. to grow, in- SGBall, m. -e«, pi. SBdHe, rampart, 

crease ; einem getoadbfen fetn, to dam, bank. 

be a match for one. SBal'lcn, v. n. to bubble, boil up ; 

2Ba*t. /. guard, watch ; -tt;utm, undulate ; wave ; wander. 

m. watch-tower, beacon. 2Bdlfd), adj. Itahan ; strange, fo- 

SBddVter, m. -^, pi. -, watchman. reign. 
aOa'rfer, adj. brave, gallant, va- SKdlfcb'lanb <w Sclfcblanb, n. Italy 

liant, stout. (any foreign country). 

aBvif'fe,/.;?Z.-n, weapon;;?/. arms. SBal'teu, t?. n. to manage, rule, 
aBaf'KUjbruber, m. brother in arms, fd)alten unb — , to rule, domi- 

comrade ; -ftitljianb, m. truce, neer, govern. 

cessation of arms. aOdCgeu, v. a. 4* r. to roll ; wal- 

aBajf'ucn, V. a. to arm. low, welter. 

SBa'v^e, /. pi. 'W, balance, pair of SBanb,/. pi. iBdnbc, wall, side. 

scales. SBau'bcl, m. -6, conduct, behavior; 

9Ba'9c^a(0, m. -fe^, pi. -l&dlfc, bold traffic, commerce ; change. 

man, fool-hardy person ; -jiucf, SBan'belu, v. n. to walk, wander ; 

n. rash action, risk live. 

SSa'gcti; V. a. 4" n. to venture. 2Ban'bclrci(b, adj. much traveled, 
S^J'^eii; m. -5, pi. -. waggon, fickle, changeable. 

wagon, carriage, coach. 2Ban'berer, m. -d, pi. -, wanderer ; 

^^al)l, /. pi. -eu, choice, option ; traveller. 

SBeg ItBei 273 

ffian'bem, v, n. to ivander, travel. SBe^'gc^en, ©. n. »r. to go away 

SBaii'bret, see SBanberet. go off. 

^an1>te, see n>enben, ir, verbs, SBfg'Ugen, v. a. to put aside, put 

^an'^e.f. pi, -n, cheek. away. 

SBan'fen, v. n. to totter, reel, SBeg'rauben. v. a. to take away by 

shake, stagger ; hesitate. robbery, rob. 

SBann, adv. when ; bann unb — , SBce'liofen, v, a, ir. to push away. 

now and then, sometimes. aBcg'ioerfcn, v. a. ir. to throw 

SBaii'nen, see tt)ol)er. away, cast away, reject, 

^av'pen. n -6, pi. -, arms ; es- ^if), adj. 4- adv. sore, aching, 

cutcheon, scutcheon. painful ; mir toirb — , I feel 

SBapp'nen, v. a. to arm. ill ; — cud), wo (be unto) you ; 

SBav, imp. of fein, n. m. P. 354. — t^un, to ache, pain ; hurt. 

8. c. L. 32. ®c'^e, int. wo ! woe ! alas ! O 

SBarb, imp. o/werben, v. m. L. 36. — , dear ! 

8 c. 32. SBc'^en, v. n. to blow, wave, 

9Barf; see werfcn, ir. verbs. float. 

SBann, adj. 4- adv. warm, hot. 3Bel)'mut§,/. sadness, sorrowful- 

SBarmtrunn, proper name (of a ness, wofulness. 

fjlace). 9Be()'niut^ig. adj. sad, sorrowful, 

Sffidr'mc, f. warmness, warmth. woful, mournful, 

jffidr^men, v. a. <!jr r. to warm. ffie^r, /. pi. -en, defence ; bul- 

.SBar'nen, v» a. to warm, admon- wark ; weapon ; -Ic^, adj. un- 

ish. armed, defenceless. 

SBar'tcn, v. a. 4- n. to stay, wait, ffie^'rcn, v. a. to check, restrain ; 

> attend to ; nurse. obviate, prevent ; einem tttoai 

ffiarum', adv. why, wherefore. — , to keep one from, forbid. 

aJBa« ;>r. what, that ; — fur eln, ^^^^ ^ ^^^ j^ .^r, woman ; wife. 

what kmd of, what ; — immer, ^^^^^ ^^^ g^^^ \endier, weak. 

y^hatever. aBei'cl;en, v. a. to soften ; v. n. ir. 

®a'f*en, v. a. 4- n. ir. to wash. to give ground, make way ; 

SBaffcr, n. -i, pi. ©dffer, water ; yield, retreat, pass. 

-(rug, m. water-pot, pitcher. ©eid^'llng, m. -c«, pi. -e. weak- 

ffiebeu ,;. a. <Sf %r. to weave; y^g^ voluptuary, effeminate 

work. man 

©ec^'fel, m. -«'//.-/ vicissitude, ^,^,^,;,^ ^ ^. ^ ^ y^ ture 

change ; bill of exchange. ^^j^ graze. 
9Bcd)'feln, v. a. <Sf n. to change, Iffiei'gcrn, v. a. 4- r. to refuse, de- 
exchange, cline. 
ffie'cfen, v. a. to wake, awake. Sffiei'^en, v. a. to consecrate, de- 
©p'bft, con/, neither. vote ; ordain ; bless. 
2Befl, adv. away, gone; iW. be- ^til, adv. <Sf conj. while, during, 

gone! as, as long as, when; be- 

2Beg. m. -f«. ;?/. -e. way, passage, cause. 

walk, path, road ; manner, ex- giki'lvanb, adv. formerly, once, 

pedient, means. deceased, late. 

ffle'vjen pre. l5ecause of, on ac 5Qei'le,/. space of time, while. 

count of, for, by reason of. Jili.i'leii, v. a df n to stay, tarry. 

274 Sen SBil) 

0Bctii, m. -e« pL -e. wine ; vine ; ®er, pr. who, he who. 

-trau&e./. bunch of grapes. 2Ber'b«n, v. a. 4* ^« ^r. lo recruit, 

Jffici'nen, ». a. 4* >*• to weep, cry. raise. 

fBci^, adv. ehiem ettt>a« — macbfn, ffiet'bunfl,/. ;?/. -en, levy, levying; 

to make one believe, impose a courting. 

fiction upon one. SBer'ccn, u* n. tr. to become, 

©ci'itj. adj. wise, sage. grow, turn, be, prove ; hap- 

aiJei'fc. /. pi. -11, mode, manner, pen ; wa« toirb ba^ — ? hqw 

way, fashion, method ; melo- will this result ? what will be 

dy, tune. the end of this ? le^ — , to get 

©» i'feu, V. a. ir. to show, point rid of. 

out ; direct ; teach. SBcr'fen. v. a. 4* n. tr. to. throw, 

©iii3'l)cit,/. wisdom, prudence. cast. 

29eid'lid). adv. wisely, prudently. 9Berf. n. -ii, fl. rP. work; action, 

ftlU ig, adj. white ; clean, deed ; -\\QiiU -ftdtte, /. work- 

QDoif, see iviffen, tr. verbs. shop, work-house ; -tag, tt*. 

®eit, a</;. 4- aifi;. distant, re- working-day, work-day; -jciig, 

mote, far, far off, afar ; wide, n. instrument, tool ; organ. 

large ; — uiib brelt, far and ffier'fcUa^. see ^i^crftag. 

neai ; -Idupg, adj. distant, dif- SBrrt^, adj. worth, worthy, de- 
fuse, prolix, circumstantial. serving, valuable ; dear ; er ill 
©t'i'te,yt pi. -11, wideness, large- ee nicl>(^ — , he does not deserve 

ness, width, amplitude; dis- it; ber SRcbe — , worth men- 

tance, remoteness. tioning ; m. -c0. worth, value ; 

ffifi'ier, adv. farther, further. price, rate. 

3iWl'*cr, SBelM^c, a8fl'*c«. pre. 3Bt'fcn, n. -d, pi.-, being; sub- 

who, that, which ; what; some, stance, nature ; reality ; cha- 

any. racter ; behavior, conduct ; af- 

SBelf , adj. withered, faded, wrink- fairs, concerns ; noise, ado. 

led. 2Bc§l)alb', 9fie«^alb', aScfwc'i^cn, 

Sfiel'fen, v. n. to wither, fade, adv. wherefore, why, for what 

dry. reason. 

SBel'le, /. pi. -n, wave, billow, SBe'fle, f. pi. -% waistcoat, vest. 

surge. SBefl'liA, adj. western, westerly. 

9Belfd), see SBdlfcb. IBett'eifem, v. n. to vie, emulate, 

SfBelt, /. pi -en, world ; -olVL, n. contend. 

universe ; -gcfcMAte, /. uni- Sffiet'ler, n. -i, weather ; storm, 

versal history; -getiimmcl, n. tempest. 

bustle of worldly affairs. 9Bid)'tig, adj. weighty; impor- 

SBi ii'J'cn, V. a. 6f n. to turn ; di- . tant, considerable, of conse- 

rect to ; jid) an eineii — , to ad- quence. 

dress one's self to one, apply ffiidi'ttgfeit./. pi. -en. weightiness, 

to one. importance, consequence. 

SQBea'bunq. /. pi. -en, turning, turn. Sffii'ber, pre. against, contrary to, 

SiW'nig, adj. 4" <idv. little, few. in opposition to , fur unb — , 

ilBe'nigftctt^, adv. at least. pro and con. 

aUiMin, adv. dif conj. if, when, SBiterfa^'ren, v. n. ir. to happeni 

whenever; — fd)on, though, befal. 

although. SBi'ber^aQ, m.-ii, re-echo. 

aSU UBiT 275 

SSBi'tet^adcn, v. n. to re-echo, SBien, n. Vienna. 

echo. SBie'fc./. ;>/. -n, meadow ; -t^ai, 
©iberle'gen, t?. a. to refute, con- n. meadowy vale. 

fute, contradict. SBiemo()l', con;, though, although. 

ffii'bevfc^)ein, m. -e6, reverberation, SBIlb, arf;. wild, savage, uncul- 

reflexion. tivated ; fierce, barbarous ; n. 

HMbcrfpve'(t)en, v. n. tr. to contra- -cd, gsime, deer, venison ; -^ret, 

dictv^ainsay. n. game, deer, venison. 

^i^i berfprud), m. -ctf, ;>/. -ft)tu(^e, ffill'be, ih. 4*/. -n, pi -n, savage. 

contradiction, gainsaying, op- UBilb'^elt, /. wildness, savage- 
position, ness, fierceness. 

2Bi'ceijianb,m.-e«; resistance, op- SBilb'nip, /"./?/. -ffe, wilderness, 

position. desert. 

aBiberfte'^en, v. a. 4* n. »>. einetn SDil'^elm, wi. WiUiam. 

— , to resist, withstand ; be SBiU, see tooUen, tr. verbs. 

repugnant. SOIl'lc, m. -n^, will, mind. 

aCi'bcrwdrtigfeit /. pi. -en, adver- ffiil'llci, adj. willing, voluntary. 

sity, disappointment ; reverse SBiUfom'men, adj. 4" ^^' wel- 

of fortune. come. 

SBi'brig, adj. contrary, adverse ; SBIU'tur & SBilCfu^r, /. arbitrari- 

repugnant, loathsome, nause- ness ; discretion, pleasure. 

bus. SBim'meln, v-n- to crowd, swarm, 

^ie, adv. 6f con), how ; as, like ; aBim'mern, v. n. to moan, lament; 

sometimes used after a compa- n. -i, moaning, lamentation. 

rative, instead of dU, or benn, aOim'pel /. pi. -n, (m. -S, pi -ii), 

than. pennon, pendant, streamer. 

Sffiie'ber, adv. again, anew, afresh, 2Blm'per,/. pi. -n, eye-lash. 

in return ; back. fS&'mh, m. -e^, pi. -e, wind, air ; 
©ie'bererfenneu, v. a. tr. to re- -jlille,/. calm. 

cognize. , ffiin'ben, v. a ir. to wind, wring, 
SBie'betgcbcn, v. a. tr. to give twist ; v. r. ir. to wind, writhe. 

back, render, return. ffiinf, m. -ci, pi. -e, wink, sign, 
ffiie'bergibt, Zd. pers. sin^. of tOKf hint. 

bergeben, see geben. tr. verbs, f[Qi\\'ten,v.a. 4-n.toheckon;nodf 

N. M. P. 346. 8. c. P. 180. wink, make a sign, 

ffiic'ber^att, see aBibcrtfaU. aBln'tcr, m. -«, pi. -, winter. 

aDIe'ber^ailen, see tribct^aUcn. ffiip'fel, m. -«, pi. -, top, summit. 

aBlcbcrVolen, v. a. to repeat ; re- SBtr, pre. pi. we ; — felbji, we 

hearse. ourselves. 

SBie'berfc^ren. v. n. to return. SBir'beln v. n. to whirl, warble , 
2Bie'beTf(t)ein, see aBiberfdietn. beat (a drum). 

aiJie'berfcbenfen; v. a. to give in aBir'fen, v. a- dfu.Xjo work, effect, 

return, return as a present. operate, perform ; weave ; 

SOie'berfe^en, v. a. ir. to see knead ; pare. 

again ; meet again. fSiixVii&i, adj. actual, real, gen- 
SBBie'ije,/. pi. -n. cradle. nine. 

aiUe'gcn, v. a. to move the cradle, SBir'fung, /. pi. -en, effect ; ope- 

rock ; cut. ration ; ~^fxti9, m. sphere of 

aBic'^crn, v. n. to neigh. activity. 

276 SBo^ Sun 

®trt^, m. -ed, pi. -t, host, land- ®c^ii'ft|^, m. -S, pL -e, domicii 

lord ; master of the house. abode, residence. 

aSirtlj^'^aua, n. -fed, /;/. -Ijdufec, ffiolj'iiung, /. pi. -en, dwelling, 

inn, public-house, tavern. habitation, mansion, lodgings 

2Bi't(hi55iiia'f*l, wishy-washy. residence. 

aiJif 'fen, V, a. ill;- n. ir. to know, SBolf, m, -e«, •«/. Solfe, wolf. 

have knowledge of. ffiol'fcnbuttel, n. proper name (oj 

2Bif'fcnfd)aft, /. ;?/. -en. science; a place). 

knowledge, intelligence. SBolf 'gang, proper name (of a man)' 

SBitt'roe,/. pi. -n, widow. ^cVU,f. pi. -n, cloud. 

^ii^, m. -f0, pi. 'tf wit, sense, ^olf'd^en, dim. of iBciU. 

wittiness. SBol'fig, adj. cloudy ; wavy, curly. 

SBi'^ig. adj. witty, ingenious ; SOol'fid^t, see wolftg. 

em -CT Jlcvf. a wit. aBol'len, v. a. djrn. ir., see ir. verbs. 

9Bc, adv. where; when; if, in case. to will, be willing, please; have 

^ebet', adv. whereby, whereto, a mind, intend ; desire, wish, 

in which, at which. want ; be about. 

QBc'dse. / ;>/. -n, week# fflomif, adv, wherewith, by 

aUe'ge,/. pi. -n, billow, wave. which. 

2iJol)cv', adv. whence, from what SBcnacb', whereafter, after which, 

place. according to which, where- 

ai5cl;iu'. adv. whither, what way. upon. 

fBciji, ado. well ; indeed ; pro- 3i5on'ne, /. pi. -n, delight, plea- 

bably ; -be^alten, culj. safe, in sure, bliss, rapture. 

good condition ; -befannt, adj. SBoii'utg, adj. delightful, blissful. 

well known ; -erfai^ren, adj. SBorau', adv. whereon, whereat, 

well skilled, expert ; -fell, adj. at what, in what, where ; ict) 

cheap ; -gefallen. n. pleasure, ti^et^ mcran td) bin, I know how 

delight, satisfaction: -ijeruc^, I stand, what my prospects are. 

m. fragrancy, flavor ; -t)abcnb, SBorauf, adv. whereon, where- 

adj. opulent, wealthy; -ried)enb, upon, on which, on what, upon 

adj. sweet-scented, fragrant ; what, whereto. 

-t^at, /. good action, benefit ; SBorln', adv. wherein, whereinto, 

-t^dter, m. benefactor ; -t^dtig, in which, in what. 

adj. beneficent, charitable ; -* Sort, n. -ed,;?/. -e, (2i36rtcT), word; 

tl^dtigfcit,/, beneficence, chari- expressign, term, parole. 

tableness, charity ; -t^uenb, QBoruu'ter, adv. under which, 

pleasing, pleasant ; -tooUen, n. whereunder, amonff which. 

well-wisliing, benevolence, fa- SBot)ou', adv. whereof, of which, 

vor ; -wcUenb, adj- well-wish- of what. 

ing, benevolent. SBcju', adv. whereto, whereat, 

Iffic^lan', int. well ! come on ! wherefore, for which, for what. 

^ct)lauf', int. well ! cheer up ! 9Bu'*trer, m. -«, pi. -, usurer. 

fBci)Vti}m\, V. n. ir. to do well ; 9Bu'd>ern, v. n. to practise usury; 

do good, benefit. luxuriate. 

2Bc()n'ort, m. -e«, pi. -e, 2Bc§ni)(at, SGBucbd, m. -e«, growth, shape 

m. -ej, pi. -pld^e, dwelling- size, stature. 

place, abiding-place, habita- SBun'be. /. pi. -n, wound, hurt. 

tion. SBun'bet, n. -«, pi. -, wonder. 

3«* 3« 277 

miracle, marvel ; -rd)6n, adj. 3an'!en, v. n. <!jf r, to quarre!, 

wonderfully fine, wonderfully wrangle, dispute. 

beautiful ; -ti^atiq, adj, per- Qaxi, adj, tender, soft ; delicate. 

forming miracles, miraculous. Batt'Iid), adj, tender, soft, deli- 
SBuu'berbar; adj, wonderful, cate ; effeminate ; fond. 

strange. 3&tt'Ud>!eit, /. s/. -en, tenderness, 
SBun'Derlid), adj. strange, odd, softness^ delicacy, fondness. 

whimsical. Bau'bcr, m. -t, incantation, witch- 
SDtntfcb, m. -ti, pi. SDnnfd)e, wish, crafi ; charm, enchantment, 

desire. spell; -pote,/. magic flute. 

9Bun'fd)en, v. a. to wish, desire ; 3au'bern, v. n. to loiter, linger, 

®lucf — . to congratulate. delay. 

aBur'bf . /. pi. -n, dignity, honor ; 3e'ct)cn, v. n. to drink, carouse. 

office. 3e'^eM, adj. ten. 

ffifir'big. adj. worthy, deserving. Be^ra, proper name. 

sffiur'fcl. m, -«, pi. -, die ; cube. 3e^'ren,^v. n. to consume, waste; 
aBflrQ'cngcl, m. -«, pi. -, destroy- eat and drink. 

ing angel. 3ci'c^en, n. -6, pi. -, sign, token, 

Surm, m. .c«,«/.2Burmer,worm; « ?|g"^* , . j j 

vermin ; maggot. 3eid)'n.n, t;. a ^ draw, de 

2Durmacin, dim. of ©urm. ^ }]^^^^ J "?"' ?*^*^- . 

aiUiv'j I. /. ;,/. -n. root. 3". 3^"' ^- «• to show, pomt out 

mx'^tix'v.a. to season, spice. ^"^'/- P^' -^"' t*™®' ««^«"i "«/; 
aBiift arf;. desert, waste, deso- "*'^' ^- contemporary ; -^unft, 

late ; wild, dissolute. f ' P^^"^ °^ *^™®' ®P°^^ ' -^^/* 

QBu'ue. / ;;/. -u, desert, wUder- ^ ^"^ m. pastime, amusement. 

jjggq -^ ^ 3elt^ei', adv. smce, hitherto, 

rti, ..^' - J Bett'lana, time, little while. 

^« J' /^/*g®'/^ i madness. 3,^^ ^ .^d, ^/. -e. tent, paviUon. 

aiJu'tl)cnb, oJ^. furious, raging, 3,,^^^!,^ ^^ .^^ ^;^ .,^ ^^p^^hyr. 

irantic, mad. 3ev'ter, n. -«, p/. -, scepter, maca. 

^^ 3erber'jien, ©. n. »r. to burst 

en A* <v 1* asunder. 

3)acDt, see Jac^t. 3eibre'(bcii, v. a. 4- n. ir. to break 

^; to pieces, fracture ; jtd) ben Stopf 

■ — , to rack one^s brains. 

3a gen, t;. n. to tremble, be in 3erfanen, v n. ir. to fall to pif - 

ri r t^^V t !_ . 1- ces, fsdl to ruins. 

3aW..//>/. -en, number; cipher; 3erjlie'fen, v. n. ir. to melt, dis- 

-reicD, adj. numerous. solve* 

Sah'len, v. a. 4- n. to pay. Scrmarmen, v. a. to crush, bruisCj 
Qaii'Un, v. a. to number, tell, grind. 

count, reckon. 3etrei'bcn, v. a. ir. to grind, tritu- 
3a{)'luiig, /. pi. -en, paying, pay- rate. 

ment. 3ettei'f en, t;. a. 4* w* if t^ rend, 
3al)m, adj. tame, domestic ; tear to pieces ; dismember. 

gentle. 3efren, t;. a. to pull, tug. 

3d()'men, t;. a. to tame, curb. 3crrtn'nen, v. n. ir. to melt, dis- 
dain, m. -ed, pi. 3a^ne, tooth, solve. 

278 3ini auf 

Serriffen, im;i. ;>/. of jetreipcn, see 3imic./. ;>/. -n, battlement, pin* 

relf en. n. m. P. 352. s. c. 182. nacle. 

Scrfd^erien. v. a. <i- n. to dash to 3m«, m. -fe«, ;>i. -fe. (Sin'fen), 

pieces, shatter ; be smashed. rent, quit-rent ; tribute ; inter- 

3eihVl»i':U*tt' V. a. tr. to beat to est, use. 

pieces, break, dash. . Sit'fcl, m, -9, pi. -. circle. 

Si'rfplit'tern, v. a. <5f n, to shiver i\x*ldxi,v.a. 4* n. to circle, meas- 

to pieces, break into splinters; ure with compasses, circulate. 

scatter, dissipate. 3iT*en, v. a. 4 n. to hiss, whiz. 

3eri'tie'ben. v. n. ir. to fly away in 3it'tern, v, n. to tremble, quake, 

dust, be scattered. shiver ; shake. 

3evjt6'rfu, v. a. to destroy ; de- 3c^, see 3iel;in. 

niolish. 3p'9etn/ v. n. to tarry, delay, lin- 

3«^vnreu'cn. v. a, to disperse, dis- ger, loiter. 

sipate, scatter. 3oll'ner, m. -«, pi. -, toU-gather- 

3ertlrcu'ui^;/. pL -en, dis^pation, ©r ; publican. 

dispersion ; diversion. 3o^>f, m. -i^,pL 3o\)fc, tuft of hair, 

3crtre'ten, v, a. ir. to crush, tread pigtail, cue. . 

<iown. 3oru, m. -c^. anger, wrath, indig- 

3crtrimi'incrn, v. a. to destroy, lay nation, passion. 

in ruins 3or'ni9, orf;. angry, wrathful, pas- 

3enT>ub'Icn, v, a. to root up, de- sionate- 

stroy by rooting. 3u, pre. 4* adv. at, by, to, for, in, 

3eu*. m. 4" n. -ed, pi. -e, stuff, on ; too ; shut. 

matter, cloth. 3ucl)t, /. discipline, education ; 

^CMA n. '(S, lumber, trash ; uten- chastity, modesty ; breed. 

sils, implements ; see 3cu*. 3udV%iu v. a. to chastise, dis- 

Scu'y^e, m. n, pi. -n, witness, de- cipline, correct. 

ponen 3u cfcii, v. a. d- n. to draw ; shruff, 

3euflen ; n. to witness, depose, gj^j^j,^ ^l^. ^^^e a short 

testily. quick motion, move ; quiver. 

OiP^cn. V. a. to draw ; a./. ^ ' \^ 

pull, lug, tug ; breed ; culU- §" *^"' «^- «; ^ <^a^' ^hrug. 

vate: bring'up, educate; march, §«'f ^i' "* -^' ^ugar. 

oo migrate 3u'be(fcn, «. a. to cover. 

3itl n. -el «/. le, term, limit; aim, §"55^^' «^''- ^^^tly, first, at first. 

butt, scone: ffoal : -bunft. m. 3uraU, m. -ee, ;?/. -taUe, chance, 

hazard, hap, accident, casual- 


3{e'nicn, v. imp. to become, be fit, ^^ adventure. 

be suitable. 3u'fdlU(^, adj. <5f adv. accidental, 

3ict./. ornament. fortuitous, casual ; not essen- 

3ic'rvit^, m. -eg, pi. -t, ornament, tial, casually, by accident. 

decoration, finery. 3u'jlu*t /. refuge, shelter, re- 

3ie'ieu. V. a. to adorn, decorate, course. 

set off, garnish. 3ufor9c, pre. according to, in 

3u v'lidv adj. elegant, neat, nice, consequence of, in pursuance 

fine. of, by virtue of. 

3ini'nier, w. -9, pi, -, room, apart- 3ufric'ber.§eit/, contentment, sa* 

ment. tisfaction. 

3ur 3uf 279 

Sug, m. -eiS, pL Suge, pull, tug ; Surficf'fcrbern, v, a, to reclaim, 

draught ; train ; passage ; pro- recall. 

cession ; expedition ; linea- 3uru(f fu^ren, v. a. to lead back| 

ment, feature ; move ; trait ; bring back, reduce. 

-brucfe,/. draw-bridge. 3urucfgel)en, v. n. ir. to go back, 

3ufle'gcn, adv. present- retrograde. 

3u'i^c^cn, V. n. ir. to go on, walk 3urud't;alten, v. a. ir, to keep 

on, move forwards ; happen ; back, retain, stop. 

proceed ; bad ge^t nid)t mit red)^ 3urii(ffe()ten, v. n. to return. 

ttn 5)ingen gu, there is (witch- 3urucf'fommen, v. n. ir, to come 

craft) something wrong (su- back, return. 

pernatural) about that. 3uturf'laffeu, t?. a, tr, to leave be- 

3u'flel. m. -ed, pi. -, rein, reins, ^ ^^^ / abandon. 

«/. bridle. 3urucf'laufen, t;. n. »r. to run back, 

3u'getie()en, v. a. tr. to concede, ^ flow back. 

grant ; allow, permit. 3urucf Iccjen, v. a to lay aside, ay 

3uqleid)', flrfr. at the same time, ^P"^ ? t^^^?} ^^®^i """^ ^^3 

it once, together ; withal. ^ T'^o gp » distance. 

^ ,,. .LI 3urucri)raUcn, V. n. to recoil, re- 

3« ^oren, v. n. to hearken, give bound. 

ear to, attend. 3ttriicf ruf en, r. a. ir. to call back, 

3u funft. /. future, futurity, time recall 

to come. 3urucf fd)rccfen, r. a. to make one 

3u'laffen.f;. a tr. to admit; grant, start with horror, frighten back. 

3 iul^' J . 1 * 1 *i A 3urucf fefeeu. v. n. ir. to look back; 

^^W'Odv- at last, lastly, after ^ ^o reflect on tne past. 

0-. V""^^' / r 3urucfTp^en, v. a. to put back; 

3ul pid), n. proper name (of a ^^^^J^^ disregard. 

place). r,.. v.,„ 3urucr\t)eifcn, t?. a. tr. to show 

3um, contraction of^n bem. j^^^j^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

3umal,arf(;. especially, chiefly, 3uriicf'n,erfcn, v, a. ir. to throw 

together. ^^^j^ . reflect 

3a'nel)mcn, r. n- ir. to increase, 3uriicralJ(>en,r. a. fr- to withdraw, 

augment ; improve, thrive. ^^^ y^^^^ . ^ ^ ,y ^^ retire, 

Suu'ge,/. ;?/. -n, tongue. retreat. 

3un'9eld)en, dim. o/ Bunge. £„ ^u^en, v. a. <Sf n. ir. to give a 

3uv, contraction of IM bcr. call, acclaim. 

3u'ieid)cn, v a. to reach to ; v. n. 3u'rtiftung,/. pi -en. preparation, 

to suffice, be sufficient, be fitting out, equipping. 

enough. 3u'fa9cn/ v. a. to promise ; v. n. 

Suf ncn, V. n. to be angry to answer, correspond, agree 

3urud', adv. back, backward. with. 

3uriicf bcgcbcn, v. r. tr. to go back, 3ufam'men, adv. together, jointly 

return. 3ufam'men^aiig, m.-e«, connexion. 

3wtu(f bleiben, v. n. tr. to remain 3ufam'men!unft, /. pi. -funfte, 

behind. meeting, assembly, congrega- 

3>*tiicf brdngen, v. a. to drive back, tion. . 

push back. 3ufam'mfnne^mcn. v. a. ^ r. ir. to 

3urucf etUti; v. n. to hasten back. do a thing cleverly ; collect 

280 SuD Qwl 

one^sself; er nal^m aSe Jtr&fte Svtntiltn, adv. sometimes, at 

gufamoen, he concentrated all times. 

his energies. Buwt'bet, pre, df adv. contrary to, 

3uram'menf6nimvfen, v. n. to against; offensive. 

shrivel, shrink. Bwan'iig, adj. twenty. 

3u'(*auen, t;. n. to look at, be- ^^<^\ ^^>- certoinly, it is true, 

jjjjjjj to be sure, indeed. 

3u'fd)irfen, v. a. to send to. ^we*'. *»• '^^' P^ "*' *"°}' /^®P«' 

3u'f*iieibcn, v. a. ir. to cut out. ^®s}?'^' purpose ; -lo«, adj. 

3u'f(tmuren, v. a. to lace ; tie, tie ^ without design. 

' ' 3»een, see 3»ei. 

3u'fe'^en, v. n. ir. to look at, look -•^^jj' ***• ^^ 5. -^""f «' '^^^ ^- 

upon biguous, equivocal. 

3u'tV^en, i;. a. to add, adjoin; set 3»ri'fel, m. -0, ;rf. -, doubt, ques- 

on the fire ; press hard, press ^ ?^\ ^ ^^^^ * j u. 

close, attack Vigorously. *^ 3tDei/feln, r. n. an ehi,a«, to doubt 

o jc^ J. ^ * of a thing, question. 

3u'fpnidj.m.-f«, encouragement; g^^j ^ \,^^ ^^ .,^ l^^^^h, 

consolation ; call, short visit ; \yj^g^ twig 

customers. 3^^^!,^^ ^y^ second, next. 

Su'jlaiib, m. -e<, ;>/. -ftanbe, con- Stoel'fcbe,/. ;?/. -n, plum. 

dition, state, situation. 3»etfd)'ge, see 3»etfd)f. 

3u'traum. v. a. to trust; n. -«, Btrm'gcn, t?. a. tr. to constrain, 

trust, confidence, reliance, de- force, compel. 

pendence. 3»iu'ger, m. -6, pL -, space, pris- 

3u'oerfi(^t. /*. confidence, trust. on, enclosure. 

3u'oeTftcbtItdi, adj. confident, sure. 3n)t'fd)en, pr. among, between. 

Buoct', adv. before, first, hereto- ^xoc, see ^toei. 

fore, formerly. 3n)oIf' te, adj. twelfth. 


IBcbrc'^cn, to threaten. €*efl oblique, envious ; — |e* 
rr. f ^ , ^itif to look displeased, 

©aul. m. -c«, nag, horse. @j,j^ ^ ^^ g^^|^ material. 

ScJ'jlurmcn, to rush forth ; auf (gtra'fcii, to punish, 

etttja^ — , Jig. to abuse, over- Xxtn'nen, to separate. 

tax anything. Vimiu'dtn, to dart around. 



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